The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Take : Time Out From .Fighting Food Costs On Next Thursday •BV MHS. GAYNOK MADDOX NEA Service .Staff Wrtlcr On Thursday, Ihc 25th cf Novcro- her, we'll take time out from fighting tlie High Cost of Living and hnvc a. feast of thanksgiving lie- cause prices aren't, any ; highei'. They might hava been, you know. So as *,ve plan ouv Thanksgiving dinner let's sing a song of plenty, I stopped in to ask Louis -Cintrat clrel of-a well known restaurant, what lie had to say about cooking" the liirirey this' yenr. "I'd select a 15-pound bird," he said, "and I'd roast "it . for. 3 hours. During the first 21-2 hours I'd keep the par covered,;but .during the last hali hour, then live Rah would be the bird could turn a delicious', crispy broun." Chef Cintral's Turkey Stuffing Two. founds bread, soaked in water'for a fe\v minutes nncl thei squeeze^ fairly dry, 1 finely chop pcd onion,' 1 - pound -pork fflusngi meat,.'pinch sage, pnch Ihynu 1 , ) •-i?Doon salt, pinch pepper. 1 tablespoon chopped parsley, 2 whole eggs, 'l-2 cup cream. Mix all ingredients together an;' stuff tlie noble bird lightly. Having settled the turkey problem, I.visited the menu dep:irtnu>n' of another restaurant where tlie; pride themselves on the finest o' American cooking. The}' gave mr their secrets for three of their best Thanksgiving dishes. Street I'ofato I'ufr nil Itakcd Apple (C servings* Six firm baking apples, I qiitvri mashed siveet potatoes. 3-4'cup hoi inilfc, 2 tablespoons butter, 18 toasted sailed almonds, stilt and pepper, Cnt'apples in half .crossivlw. core and bake as for baked anples. To freshly; cooked mushed sweet potatoes, hdrt milk an;l butler. .Season and beat vigorously until fluffy and not very ;dvy. Put a rosette of mashed sweet potatoes on each apple half, using pastry bag or star tube. -Be careful to leave 1-4 inch cf apple showing around edge. Baste potato : \vUn juice from apples left in pan..To .glaze them slightly, replace, pan of dc:ornU'il apples In the oycii nhdei- tjie broiler, brcvvu- ing yery slightly. ' Remove, and decorate each rosette with 3 toasted almoniis. when serving on diniisr (&RK.) CDU1UEH NEWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1<J3T Steamed Fig Pudding The Alexandra Room Steamed wlille bmndled hard sauce- Fig puddings invnlt the -blessing i •a perfectly sullcd compariloathip. spopns now, Z cups milk, 3-4 cup cheese, 1-2 teaspoon,, salt, 1-2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 1-2 ' •"•noon mustard, i teaspoon paprika. . Melt butter, mill lloiif and blend well. Add milk, stir 'until smooth, add cheese «n<l seasonings, stir nn- Ul cheese melts. Battle of Tall Corn To Inglorious £Kd . iTOBf ATKINSON, Wis, UJP> — Now that .It's all over,—Ihc battle of the tall corn involving the governors, of Illinois, Iowa and. Wlsrr.n- sin—a Wisconsin farmer 'has mi- '.. covered a stalk more .than three (eel higher tlian the contest, win-) ncr. ' , The winner nl the irl-state com contest, in DCS Moincs July 20 was an Iowa entry towering'18 feet, C| Inolios, but William Weiss reported 1 lhal on his farm near here he lias stalks more than 20 feet (all. Wisconsin's best In the competition was only 13 feet, 2 inches. Occasional Vegetable Dinners Help Maintain t>o- meslic Harmony BV MKS, GAYNOK flUODOX NEA Scrvlci- Staff Writer Most neoplc like'an occasional •egetnb'.c dinner. When It Is served -o K family, (he housewife must Brovide siim=lcul. toed to satisfy mimy children and weary husbands, she should remember thai WP ul] require a certain amount of protein dully, a good part of which i.? usually furnished by the meat nt dinner so that in .planning her vegelable meal she must provide » substitute. Here are three dinner menus 'II.' Vegetable Plate — Baked stuffei Potato with Cirated American Cheese String Beans. Grilled Tomato Bnkcd Bnnann Cottiigc cheese and Olive Balls •on Lettuce with French Dressing •Apple Turnover Coffee or Milk NOTE. Cheese Is used on the potato and on the salad to make up for the absence of moat. III. Canned Consomme with Toasted Crackers Buttered 'Baby Lima Beans slutted Egg Plant Oi'iired CRITOIS. siJiiinch with Chopped Hard Boiled ; Eip Pound Cake with Chocolate Smice Cone? nr Milk Lima ISciui l.naf H to B servings) \ Two cups dri;d limn beans. 1 1'-' onions. 2 carrots, y cups bread crumbs, ? teaspoons salt. 1-2 ten, spoon mustard, 1 teaspoon paprika 2 eggs. 2 tablespoons ^butter, 2 tablespoons bacon fnt, 1 cup boiling water, 4 .phneiitoss. °nak 'beans over i\ighl In cnovigh Science Pities tie Dog H Bitten By Man ROCHESTER. N. y. <UP)_lf a man bites a dog, -It's news—but 1 It's also more clangorous la the dog. than It would be to (he man if the clog bites him. The dog might, die. while the man would probably recover. , That human bites arc definitely more dangerous than -those of ,i>n nnlinnl v.r.s the conclusion reached al a joint meeting of the -Rochester dental .society and • the Rochester section .of the Jntewiatlpnal Asso- cintlon of Dental Research. Mrs. Sidney Barnes, research worker at the University, oj .Hocii- ester, cited case records oh Infections following human' biles. The average man .carrlbs move virulent kinds of ba.ct.cria ."n:l greater numbers of tlicm -In .his mouth than the averh'ge animal,she said. using vegclnbles as the nmln course, ' co ' ( ' wnter to.cove.i-; In :the mornln; yet meeting the protein require- .<h'aln, cover with tolling water, adr famllv: mcnls of nil the 1. Hnlf n Grapefruit Limn Bcnn ;Lcaf, Cheese Sauce Diced Slimmer Squash, Buttered Beds Chocolate Nut Blnnc Mange with Whipped nream plate.ydecorate' v each with sprightly f-_\'_ bit of'parsley.'.-. . ";'... -.,.'-.. . i'tun coffee or Milk .„-.., - ! stcnifiei'. you may substitute a Jar°e . One cup tailed French cluslmits, j kettle into which a wire rack tins 4 clips .brussels-sprouts, boiled, then \\~ m ,,i nccd on vH ,^ „ ma t sauteed in butter, 4 .tablespoons • the ciislsrcl cups. Fill the 'bottom of butter,-4 tablespoons Aour, salt and : u, e kettle with wnlcr, and nlaee a pepper, 1 cup milk, paprika ,.tc laste. i ,-pvev on lob. Keep the heat even Cover shelled .chestnuts -with boil- ' '-- •• . . ,! ing salted water. Boil gently for 15 "minutes or a little more. Melt but- terin. sauce 'pan, bland In iloiir. onion tmd cnrrols, Mid cook uhti beans .ore tender. Urain :aud gi'liu' through a Jood oUopper. Adc crumbs, slightly beaten eggs, sea- sohiugs, melted fat, boiling wate: amli chopped pilnentoes. Mix well bake 'in a greased loaf .pan ,fo thrce-foiirtlis-of an hour hi ,a mod criHe oven (tlSO degrees P.). Serv \vitl) cheese sau^e., . , Two tablespoons butler. 3 Irible BOSTON iUP>—Game -)n>vs >ln the United States date frcm ICfl*. It was in 'that year that Massachusetts first declared a closed.season, on deer. • ' . 'ANT-ADS i for (he required time < Brnmllccl Hard' Snucr , .One-third cup butler, crenmc:! gradually «-itli I ciiu' brown . si S nr artd milk gradually .and -season. Add am j 3 tablespoons brandy, mlded bll .chcstiiuts, «ut In halves .or : thitds, ; -by 'bit. Serve In large spoonfuls and whole -caokeS and sautaetl:brns- ; a to|) each serving of the R» rurt- Or pile I A lovely heap in scls sprouts. Sprinkle lightly .with .paprika. .Serve in vegetable dish. Alexandra Krjcm Stcnmcd 'Fig . r ,v Pudding 16 servings) Cnc and-onofourth .pounds boef mel.'-l-a nounct figs, finely chopped. 21-2 pounds bread .crumbs, soaked in 2-3 cup milk, 1 cup brown sugar. 2 eggs, beaten well. 3-4 teaspoon salt. Cream Usether tlw chopped suet and ,thc figs, then add the bread crumbs sba!t:tf in milk, then the brown.-suBitr-nnd salt and the beaten eggs.~ Butter -individual custard din the center of a large round service plate, as In the pliotagrnoh. and arrange the Individual fig puddings around It. To serve. Garnish ench Individ- j ual fig pudding with a gla:c i cherry and If possible liny leaves i of angelica. If arranging several! servings of the pudding on n j : large service plate, place halved I glace cherries between the serv- j ings, for color contrast against ihc j .plate. .Serve uraiulie;! hnrtl snucsr | in n pspnvnlc bowl with lemon if i deiircd. CHECK THESE ITEMS IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR BARGAINS SISOEB BACON Pound •Haiti, Su>>', Cur. sli. Koysl 'JJaby ticcf Ib 17'/ 2 c Uot'k Chops, fvcHh & le;m, Ih. a«c' Jlcef Liver,, fresh. Ih 15c Sail iVlca't, slreak-,o-le,in Hi, I7i/ 2 c I'ig Hrains, 'fresh. Hi. 15c C'tr.y Hork Satislt.tre, Ih 20c Choice Uiihy Hccf -Rtunul or Loin, I SH1«LE\"S HBST 12 ll)s 15f 2-1 Ins S3c •IS His S1.H8 iibl. «i..|5 MTTI/E 12 I1>K l()e 2.1 His .7!)c IS lljs SI .56 B1>1 -S5.S6 MEAL, 2-1 Hi. sk. 3!)c Rice, 10 Ihs :tfv Kice, 100 Ills. S3.<!f> Sweet I'.olalocs.' Hi. .2'/ 2 c Beans, mi crop G. N. 10 Itis. l!k-. 100 His S1.2I) Tuvnips, Sweet & Juie.v Pound 2c Onion.=. Ib. :lc. sk. SI.-15 I His. :>iH- : S !bs. S1.K1; 25 llv^. S;Uo; TiO Hi. Stanil S6 .25 I'uvc Vegetable, :| UIH. •|"K; S IbF. Si)c: IS Ib. SI Syrup. Slciimbonl. '/ 2 S" 1 2!K-; Gal ...5:ic SPINACH. No. 2 ran. 'i cans JSc; c;isc ..SI.Ko Tomalnes. 2 cans 15c; «isv Sl.To Corn 2 cnns l.V cast- S1.7o Sweet Peas;, can 10c Swcel Corn, can ....Ulc Sardines, tall can, 2 for 15c : ; do/ : .. .X5c Hcd Polalocs, . 11) 2c; pk. 29f, sk SI.oil fifiFFPF Wc (iri " (l if l '' rcsh - ! b - ]5c " Cl S»V» i fai. 2l)c. 2r n -. Special 7 His Tor $8 Pumpkin. No. 'i can . . Klc Corned l?ccf A-rnionr's Ih. c»n .......... -t\ c Salad l)resrfin.!,v.full pi. i: u . Soti.r or Dill Pickles, (nil •quart ............. )5c Peaches or Pears. 2 1/2 wn I3c Hananns. fancy fruit, •dozen ir>c (irapzfruit. Tex. Sccdlcs-s, . J for |-, c Phone 225 C. K. Viniliiblicr .Mil s. r-'Miiiiin. •WAY GHOCKIIY & MARKET \\'c Deliver LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Main SI, Every Item In Our Store Has Been Marked Down Prices (ioo<l. For Fri., Sat., and Mon. Phone 182 Ark. BLflCKHAWK HAM Half or Whole Pound 27c Si/.i; 15c Cauliflower*u 12!c 'HOUR' (Jrown, J,lj. 5c Cocoauuts, F.uil Milk, eacli., ,Sc iLtfttuce, Large Head. 5.c ;Carfots, large Bunch. ...... .5$ tomatoes, Firm, Lb. . ... . Greens, Bunch iibby Fruit Salad, 2V 2 can. .27,c Libby Pears, 2% can 19c Cut Beans, Kn. 2 .can 7fc Jeiloj All Flavors, package.. . 5c Libby Pirieipple Juice, No. 2 13c Grapefruit ^ lOc Dog Food T«sl 'No. 1 Can (i Li mil 4c Pickles Lihljy 22 O/. ".liir Sour or Dill 12!c Squash,, white or yellow...... lOc Cranberries, Lb. 15c Grapes, r«(, tb 7V 2 c Cucumbers., 'Lb Iftc €abbag«, li> .£%£ Corn, Standard No, 2 can.. l l / Z f. Graham Crackers, 1 Lb. box ll.c Tomatoes, No. 2 can 6y 2 c Apple Sauce, No. 2 can 8c Cranberry Sauce, .can Beets, Bunch ............. 5c String Beans, Lb.. . ....... IGc Celery, Large Stalk ....... lOc Apples, York, Lb ..... ____ .3 C Potatoes, No. 1 Red, Lb ..... 2c Miss. Co. Peas, No. 2 can ____ 5c Grtpe Nuts, package ...... 17c Candy, AH Kinds, 3 for....!0c Hershey Cocoa, 1 Lb. can. .13c Three Minute Oats, Ige pkg. . 22c ScMeal Pig Ears, Pound 1 Oc Boiling Salt Meat, Lb lOc 'Spare Ribs, Pound. 19c Catsup, 14 oz. fcottle. .."... .9c Mustard, qt. jar 9c Nigger Head Oysters, .can. . . 12c Thompson Malted Milk, can.23c Pure Lar^, 8 Lb. carton. .$1.09 Krushy Peanut Butter, jar. . 20c Pumpkin. 2% can '. . ,9c K. C. Steaks, pound. ..... .32c Pork Sausage, pound. .... .20c Mackerel, each 5 C Coffee Miss Liberty, Lb. pkg. 21 c Matches, Searchlight, box. . . 4c Apple ftftter, qt..... . ... ,I3c Humko, 1 Lb. carton.... 12%c Ovaltine, Large size 61c Miller Popped Wheat, box. . . 8c Pumpkin, No. 2 can. . 7c Mixed Sausage, pound lOc Kraut, Loose, pound 5 C Fork Chops, pound, 25c Octagon Powder, small box 2y 2 c American Sardines, 2 for . ...7c Salad Dressing, ,qt .22c Pure Lard, 4 Lb. carton 55c Ovaltine, small size 33c Eagle Brand Milk, can 20c Dime Brand Milk, can lOc Beans Great Nor-lhern Peas in Hulk , N'avv Ucans ^^ lilaeU Eyed -Pctis^Tp Pound — 41c Corn Country CO.I on i a) No. 2 Can 9!c Flour Miss Liberty .1.2 M>. Sack 21 Ih. Sack ...IRe Hominy Supcrlxi J', tan 5c Milk3g6"20c Pineapple '"•'. 7!c 'Gum, All Kinds, 3 for lOc Apricots, Evaporated, ib. IZVaC Macaroni or Spaghetti, box. .3c Tomato Paste, can 2 a /2C Date Nut Bread, can 12V 2 c lotted Meat, can 2V 2 c Ark. Spinach, 2 can 7c Ark. Spinach, 1\/% can lOc Shaving Soap, bar 4c Crackers. 2 Lb. box 17c Ret? Heart Dog Food, can.. .8c Prunas, Nice size, Lb iVaC Pork & Beans, 2V 2 can. . . . .9c Campbell Tomato Soup, can 1^/z Royal .Gelatine, box 5.c Calumet Baking Powder, Lb. 22c Pimento, 4 oz can 6c Mother Cocoa, 2 Lb. can.!5V?.c Scott Tissue, 2 rolls 15c Vaniilj. Wafers, 1 Lb, box. .14c Pickles, Sweet, 7 oz. jar 8c Spices, All lOc size 5 C Arm & Hammer Soda, box.. .4c Syrup, Gem, y 2 " gal 24c Libby Peaches, 2% can. . . :20c life Buoy Soap, 2 for I3c A & 1 Sauce, bottle 25c Pimento, 7 oz. can .9c Asparagus, 2y z can 27c Marshmallows, 1 Lb. cello bg I5c 22c Sc 3/6.. CRISCOSSc 21s Mops, !2 oz. each.lOc Broom, Kitchenette 19c Salt, iy 2 Lb. sq. bx. 3c Mackerel, No. 1 can 9c FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS Citron, Orange or Lemon Peel .Lb. 25c Glace Cherries Lb. 37c Glace Pinespple Lb. 35c .Shelled Pecan Halves' .. .Lb. 39c ^unmaid Raisins, Seeded or Seedless, pkg. Lb. lOc

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