The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1933
Page 2
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two BLYTHEVtLLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY. OCTOBER 28, .Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Historical program, women's .Auxiliary First precbyt»rbn church, at church. 2:30 p.m. St. Stephen" Episcopal Guild, Mrs. O. P. Moss hostess. Miiiion study W. M. S. First Wilson Society — Personal HES , The Rev. and Mrs. H. M. Uwls Methcdlsl cliurch, 2:30-p.m. at llw : tnterlnlncd ihe cltlccrs of (he Wll- Methodisi chinch and their church. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Junior High Hallowe'en carnival, Armory, 1:30 P. M. Young Matroiu Brldgo club, Mrs- Max Bl Reid, hostess. Sudbury ssho;>l Hallowe'en rarnl- val, at srhool, 7:30 P. M. Tdesdny Cemlrnrl rlub, Mrs. Chester R Babdohk, hostess. WEDNESDAYS EVENTS Curionl Events rlub, Mrs. P'arus vorlh Black hosless, 7:30 P. M Antique display First Presbyterian church, socbl room, in after noon,- followed by tnd proiram. wattle supper alves at dinner Tliursday night at the community house. The long table had centerpieces of fall nov:ers. and white taiwrs. The place cards were baby pictures' o[ each guest which Mr. Lewis had .vc-curcd secretly.. Following the dinner the Rev, Fam U. WlgEins of Jonesboro, ! residing elder, conducted the quarterly conftt'cncu. Later Mr. Lewis outlined a program of work lor the coming year. This was Hie last quarterly con- terencc before Ihe annual district OSCtULA I'llKSWVTEBIAN CHURCH '.1.1 rJi M. Callavrjy, Minister Sabtatli school, 0:45 a.m. Joe Crojner, superintendent. Special lessons arc Arranged for all ages. Communion service tatlon-s, 11 a.m. with mcdl- "I viis ijlad when they said 'lei S go Into Ihc house of the Lord'.' FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K. Lallmer, Mlntaler Church school, 9:45 a.m. •cads, "Let Truth uncover and lestroy error In God's own way. «)<] let human justice pattern the Jlvinc" (Pagq M2). The Christian Science „._...„ lioom Is open Tuesday and Friday irom :i lo 5 p, M, at Room Hotel Noble, All are cordially Invited. 108 Recipes From Courier News Cooking School BROILED STEAK 1 Cook until liiick and clear, putJH, salt and pepper. Brown in fry- Select a porter house. T-bone, or] Utween layers o.' cake. Decorate birlolr. steak tint, is "well marbled (up with sweetened whipped with fat. Prc-hcat the oven to 450 Holv Communion and horinon. 11 preach. CHURCH OF NAZAUtNE Dr. J. C. Mensem of Little Rock district superintendent, will con duct service* at 11 a.m. and 7:3 p.m. FIRST I'KKSBYTEKIAN CHURCH Sunday school. 9:45 a.m. Church, -11 a.m. Tlio R«v. William F. Orr, of Memphis, will degrees. Placa (he broiling pan three fourths from Hie top of burner, grease well; put steak on E.nd broil for 10 to 12 minute 1 ;, turn, broil on other side. Put on hot platter spreading the top with butter mid se.uonlng well with salt and pepper. I'our the Juices I torn broiling pan over it and send to the table piping hot. Do not servo tough erd>, save ihe« to mike meal pie the next, day hereby makin? the cost of the meal for two days very reasonable even with the luxury of havi% hact a Steak Dinner. FRENCH VHIEU ONIONS Use the large sweet onion omcllnudf called Spanish Onions The FRENCH COFFEE French like collce made icry strongly by allowing (ho wa- cr to drip through i!ie very flnc- meeting, 3 p.m. DJlpliian. Fiiw Arts club, Hotel Noble, 9:30 A.' M. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Thursday Luncheon club. Mrs. J. A. Leech, hostess. Mrs. H. A. Smith hostess Mid- Week Bridge elub. Thursday Contract club, Mrs. Baker Wilson, hostess. a.m. by minister. The Girl Scouts vouni will be guests of honor at this m. .s, i.uv. VC.^IKT service, G p.m. A cordial welcome always. peoples meeting. 0:« p. -— . ., „ _ eunfcrencc lo Ijj held at Jonesboro Executive &o*rd Sudbury P. I. ,, cxt v . eck Tlu , gl | CbLs included A. meeting. 2:30 p.m.; regular; Mr oml Mls n E L Wilson, 11 Jr., Mrs. R. E. L. Wilson. Mrs. IJ. A. Merrill. M-. nnd Mm. H, R. Ui-lllviui. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pcr: tins, Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Cullum, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cullum, Mr. -nd Mrs. K. P. Cullum, Mi. and Mrs. J. II. Crtiln. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bird, Mi 1 and Mrs. (Jus Frazler, AVR-. and Mrs. -Robert To H»v« Hallowe'en- Flay. • There-will be" a Hallowe'en pluy at the Number Nine school Tues- cay': night with several playlets also given by dirferent classes. Refreshments will be served, i f this will be free. All I-'HIST BAPTIST CHURCH UVilniit and Eighlh Streets Alfrnl S. Harwell, Pastor TilWe tchool, u:45 A. M., Alvln Hollcy. superintendent. Pastor speaks at H A. M. and 7:45 P. M Morning subject: "Taking Sides" Kienlus sul)Jc;i.; "The Life ol Trust 11 . Prayer service from -2:30 to 3 Bib oj Ne .Mostly Personal Misses' Marguerite and Rutf Matthews, Dr. W. M. Owon anc 1 Fred Fleem»n were in Memphis last evening for the play "Nina Rosa". MifS Edna Garret!, of Chicago, who formerly resided in this city, •> the guest ot Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McMullm mid other friends for :i short time cu route to Tallulah, Ln., where she will again be connected with the Chicago Mill and Lumber company. Frank Y.-Loyc, of Poplar BhifT Mo., \vas In IhJ city » short lime today. Mr. Love, who has been district managsr of tho Phillip 5 Petroleum conimmy for Miveral days, and his lamlly,.arc moving o'clock. B. Y p. U.. ii:3fl P. M., Mis Luna 15. Wllliclm, director. Orehcstra music fifteen minute incccdiir-! evenini; sermon, Everet McDowell, dlrcUoi'. mx-lc l ot Ihc W. M. tc host (o the other circles n the church, Monday. 3:30 P. M. Deacons meeting, Monday, 7:li Douglas, Dr. an.l Mrs. N. B. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Woodslde, ?nel the Rev. nnd Mrs. Snm B. Wiggins. The Bible class entertained 50 thesis al n party al the Hapllsl parsonage Thursday night. Mrs. Oscar Harksdalo. t.ifs. Albert GUuroo mid Miss Waller Dell Ringer were hostesses. Mi's. J. IF. Craln ciilcrlaincd the Tuesday Contract club nt her home Wednesday nflcnioon. Mrs. John Enochs and Mrs, Walter Card were guesl.s. Mrs. F. P. Jacobs of Cirldcr held high .score. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Painlon of Painton, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. John McKlnncy of Forn- lelt, Mo., were guests Tuesday ofi , AK ,. STREET METHODIST Dwlght Anderson. CHURCH J. R. Cullum left Friday on a „. , UR Paator business (rip to Chicago and In- 1 i'crl and out about inch 1113 pan using about two Isble. peons of shortening. Pub meat ,n small waste;-, add a little wa- irr in pan the meat was browned '.n and pour over the meal and c.ike In 375 degree oven one hour, on nolnis of toast with a y and very freshly ground coffee liapcr frill on each ste&k. This ccordlnR to this method allow J ur,t once. This is known as the Method. For collce mad: onr.diiii; tablespcon to the cup of ficshly boiling water. MEAT H£ If the tough ends from sleafc 're used, or if otlier meat is used, ircipe makes six servings. Use SPANISH CORN whole kernel com. To each can of corn pautc In one tablespoon of shortening, 2 table- ijioons each of finely cut onion, tiecn pepper and pimento. Add corn, salt and pspper to taste, 1 Lifted dry ingredients. Add raisins cut and floured. Put in thrsc one pound bak'ng powder cans, well greated. Slcam 2 hours and dry In oven IS. minutes. MACARONI AND CHEESK Cook 1 package of macaroni in bollins salt, water until tender. . Drain and le 1 / cold water run through it. Mike a cheese sauce c-I 2 tablespoons of shortening, 4 tablespoons of flour. 2 cups of milk, '-j teaspoon salt, dash of cuycnno pepper, and fi cup allow It to cooi: slowly until ill tablespoon of butter. Bake in Liarts to get lender, then add an '575 degree oven or cook slowly onion, a few stalks of celery, a or. top of range 15 minutes. • - • M., J. !•'. Toiupklub, chairman Sunday school ofllcers and tcu chcrs, Wednesday, 1:15 P. M. Devotional and business meet- Ini' of (he chur.-h, Wednesday, 7:46 P.~M. Ctioli 1 rehearsal Wednesday, 8:30 P. M.. Mis. Paul U Tlpton, director. \Vn luvito (h 1 ) public (<j all services. dhura polls. Miss Mildred Frazler and Ur. James Fall were dinner guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Rllcy I). Jones I Wednesday night. I J. H. Grain and W. F. Wilson made a bus-lues, tvlp lu Little Rock Wednesday. Mr. mid Mrs. ,1. C. Perkins, „";., Miss Elolse Wright. Charles Hugh- ej. Albert Field and Melvin Ores- hnm nllpndcd I Vie dancr- hi Q'ceola Thuiselnv night. Mrs. H. C. Davidson, Mrs. Waller Caret and Mrs. Robert allies- pie. of Luxora visited In Blythe- \lllc Tuesday. lo Jonesboro where he will be agent for .(his company. They formerly resided there. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hasseu spent yesterday in Memphis. Jack and M.'.ry June Cauijioy. accompanied by thsir uncle, Put. O'Brien, left last night for Chi- i L!>.go. Jack and Mary June will ,, ... ~_ , . . ioin their mother, Mrs. Mary] Mr- and'Mr,. MB. Lewi., spent O'Brich Wells. r.nd Pat will return t"° week-end at Caraway, Ark. hom'e after attending the fair. The] ^ Jewel Lewis spent Ihins- rhildrcn .r,pent the summer with ""y nl ' rt *ntoy nights their, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.] "McKana. Zeph O'Brien. Sunday school, 9:45 A.' M., Iver:.on Morris. suiH-rlntendenl. Prciichiug. 10:50 A. M. Subject: •Beginning nnn Endine". T | )is mpssng,, | s onc interest to every one. Henr League union, 2:30 P. M. Young people from all Llic churches in Mississippi county will eet nt the Luke Street church 2:30 P. M. . . .". Preaching, 7:-)5 P. M. Subject.: olin 3:10". This easily is the entcsl texi in the Bible. The stor holies to make it (ho best cssago of his four years pastor- c. _, All 'members and all friends arc l'lt()R!M IIJTI'K.HAN ri'IlllCII II. J. Klelndltn&t. Pastor Sunday school icacncr's mating 8-30 A. M. Sunday school session, 9 A. M Divine warship, 10 A. M. Eer- iion topic: "Lu'hcr's Reformation j '• Work as Pictured In the Cleansing' of tlic Tempi;." The Reformation ol Luther profoundly ailected the whole of human life. While the Reformation irovcmenl, both In its inception tnd In Its dcve'opment was definitely religious, Us influence may be traced In our modern theories ot education, of polities, and of tcience, both natural and social. The centuries skico Luther, with Ihclr tremendous progress in every cr-hcrc, wou|d not Imvo been what tney were, had It not been for the Reformation, so modestly ushercc In oil (he 31sl c.f October. 15'17, On thifi day Luther nailed hir ninety-five theses of protest agalnsl papal Indulgence on (he -door o! Ihc castle-church at Wittenberg His hammer blows caused the but warks of human authority to- tot ler. Hla courageous act restore! Iho Bible to Us rightful plac as tho sole and sufficient, authorlt: :n matters of filth and doctrine and Christ, as the all-sufflclen Scvlour. Hear more of Luther's work the great reformer of the churc it our Reformation service tomoi 1OW. slices, allow to r.oak In sweet milk ? hours. Dra'n and separate Hie tiiiKS, roll into to which has l.een ndded salt and pepper and 1 teaspoon baking powder to a cup of flour., Fry !n deep fat 385 deuces or when a cube of bread troivns in 30 seconds. Drain on Hraggadocio Midway /Votes I " Miss Lorn Louu is attending buEiness college at Memphis. The followlns boys who signed '- fi-r the Civilian Conservation Corps ! left Thursday morning for 51 E. M. McDonald lus recovered | Louis: Clinton U.illnhcr. Clco r-fter a few d»yc illncts. \ Kretwcll and Hnymond Gallaher. Mrs. Dink Maxwell returned to i Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Grcer, Mrs niythevnlle this week after nurd-1 OUve LasEiter, Mrs. Maude Agce ing Mrs. A. J. Hill, who has bcenji-.nri Miss Zuli n. Circer o ill. I rrieutlshlp, Tcnn.. vlsilctl Mr. am Mr. and MIT. Jim MrKcmicdy \T.n. W. if. Lemmid Tliuiwiay. Bil onnouncc the blrlh last week ol I Lcir.ond returned with them. a taby daughter. '. E. M. McDonald attended to! Two of the leu iv-osl valuabl Uis:ne-'s ill Blythevillc Tnesdny.'1; s-rccls of real cslutc In New Yor Uily arc localcd where Droadwn The koa parrot ot Hew Zealand i.'.fct:: -12nd street: tliey arc va kills fhcep. |vcd al 523,000 n Ironl fool. H>- HELEN WELSH1MER TOIISSV JONES iroond Ihe eotnir JOHNNY JONES is 19. )»n Jff, And vttd to hate »ll *omcn; IS bj he let* *ft sIUTibnrn And ir.iuls it iin' He sav-i "Oh Kep.-»nd sosh tnd darn. You ttiinU tou'rc making up • }arn. 1 asV ; on. faa't R g-jv TilV to prts or tnythtnr When they're nisrioy b; 1 !"" The} interfered i And marbles, (time?, and swimmi lint now hr't found • pair of e)e That looV Ms cay heart bj surpri llr didn't pre i rap About His manner* 3 esleriJi)"— Hat no* he lips his eap. JJF/S iarninr. wmerjaulls, he toaiU D»»n »ny kind of hill: ITe l»kii his [life movt any pl*tc Liixora Society ~ Personal FRUIT COFFEE CAKK 1 tablespoon shortening 4 tablespoons sugar I 2-3 cups Hour 1 egg ' M cup milk 2 teaspoons baking powder \~ (caspoon salt Peaches Mix In ordev given siftins dry igrcdienl!, together, adding them Hernately with milk. Put in oll- d pin and cover top with peaches 1:1 in quarters then sprinkle over lie peaches Ihls top: Crumble ncly ', cup of Hour and 1 ta- lespnon of butter, add !; cup su- ar and 3 tcasiwous of cinnamon. Bake :(0 minutes 315 degree oven ' PJNK I.AnY SALAD Allow two small halves of pears or each serving and one slice ot lucapplc. One package of clean' hcese xvill make six .screvlngs lake Ihc cheese soft by adding a iltic cream, a tablespoon ol lein- o.ii juice. Add f.M and a dash o couple of carrots, all cut finely. Proton well, thicken a very little. Pul into' a baking dish and eov;r top with Chef's Pastry. CIIEP!) 1'ASTKY ?; cup shortening 2 cups flour l teaspoon salt '.{• teaspoon baking powder 5 tablespoons v.atcr 1 well beaten ess yolk Chop shortening Into sifted dry ingredients, teat egg yolk, add voter to it and mix into dry mixture. Roll out about incli ;hick. Cut with doughnut cutter cayctte. Add cup nut meats lush over with egg yolk diluted Ith a little cold water. Put this •astry on top ol meat and bake n 400 degree oven about 20 min- (es. BEET SALAD 1 pkg. lemon flavored gelatine 2 cups hot water 1 teaspoon salt 2 cups cooked beets, chopped 1 cup cabbage, chopped '/* cnp onion, chopped fine 1 cake cream cheese Pour. the water on the gclaiine Add salt. When cool and begins tp congeal, add liceti,. cabbag ano. onion. Season the cheese- with salt, a dash of cayenne, and "little grated onion. Add 1 table- trated cheese. Into a well greased casserole, put a layer of macaroni, a layer of used. Put sauce, until all are buttered crumbs on spoon cream, well and line PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES 1 cup shortening 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup brown sugar ?i cup peanut butter 2 eggs 3 cups flour ",i teaspoon rait j 2'~ teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla Cream shortening, sugar and ggs together, add peanut butler, •nnllln. and sifted dry Ingredients. Shape with hends into small balls ^pul on greased cookie sheet, flatten and decorate with tines of silver fork. Bake in 400 degree oven. Makes about 3'.2 dozen cookies. GRAHAM CRACKER CAKE % cup shortening 1U cups sugar 3 eggs 1M cups milk , 3H cups graham crackers 1 teaspoon -cinnamon 4 teaspoons baking powder '.-G teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla Cream shortening, sugar in i'2g yolks, add crackers rolled cinnamon, baking powder alter lativciy wilh the milk. Fold li ceaten egg whites. Bake in layers in' 350 degree oven abou 35 minutes. ndlall.y le last invited before to this service Conference anci ,aybc the Inst cue as yom 1 -pastor. The P.'T. A. met'at' tlic Wg Lrhool auditorium Wednesday a tcrnoon. The president. M Richard Revicr, reported on the county P. T. A. meeting at Whit-ton the previous Friday. The subject of the program was "Preparing Cliikliu-.i for Citizenship.' Tlic following took part: Mrs. Her- F1RST METHODIST CHUKCH Main uhd Seventh Streets V. Q. Korle, I'.istnr Worship and sermon. H A. M nd 7-.-15 i'. M. Church school, 3:45 A. M. Junior choir will pradtice Sun ay evening al 7 P. M., at the ;irsonagc. Fourth quaiU-r!y conference, 2 P. M. Woman's Mltsloiury Society .londay, 2:30 P. M. Board of stewards. Tuesday, ', '. M. 'Prayer meeting. Wednesday, 7:!' ?'. M.. Mr. A. O. Hudson, leader. Choir Wednesday. 8:15 ?. M. North Arkansas Conference will meet Wednesday at Jonesboro. Next Sunday, Nov.-Sill at 1 V M., Hon. Ben H. Sprnce, journ •list of Toronto Canada, will speaV p H the First Melhortist church M|s subject: "Canada Dry ane 1 Canada Wet.". FIRST ASSKM'H.V OV (;()D CHURCH N. U. Rhodes, Pastor The licv. Daniel burrlcr. of lius- sellvillc. Ark., district, mperinten- denl, will preach nt (he cliurch beginning Tuesday for a tcrics of meetings each evening at 7:30 o'clock. All are invited. ,nan Spiccr. Mrs B. O. Wilkini and firs. n. C. Langaton. Mrs. L. L. McDearmau and daughter, Mrs. E. S. Crlhfleld, shop- xA In Memphis Wednesday. Dr. TITOS. P. Hudson and daugti- 01. Mrs. Spencer McHcnry. wsri. n Memphis Wednesday. Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Kimbrough ro spending a few days in Jack .;on. Tenn.. ns guests of relativ . nd friends. Dr. Kimbrough is Iso attending the "Homecoming" olebralion al Union Uncurb.,.,. Misses Eva and Rosa Lou Cooki ire the guests of their slste'rr, Mrs. Clarence Vollmer and Mrs William Wuiiderllch »l blythe- Miss Louise Turner has relunici rom Delroll. Mich., after spend ng several week,; visiting there. E. R. Bogan. D. o. wilians Fred Olascocfc. Herman Spicer 'anc r. Thos. F. Hudson attended the asouic meeting at Osceola Thurs ciiy evening. Mrs. Maude rimilyu of Mcmphi. •ns urrtvsrt lo he with her fa her, H. W. S]>r.nii, who k crlt rally ill. Mrs. G. C. TiwmjKOn of ^tcm •his left Friday morning nftc pending n. few days here .is (h i:cM ol Mrs. Howard How en au- Mrs. C. P. Powell. Mrs. S. E. Hlmonsoii o! Arka iflphta arrived Thursday nisht t ,T with her brolher-ln-l;m. W Spiinn. win is verv ill finely cut. Color a very delteat pink. Put the two halves of pea together by spreading 1 table •jioon of checi'; mixture on on half, pressing Ihe oiher half Int This, allowing- the pink mixture t come out between the two. Le '.hill thoroughlv Arrange cris rhilled lettuce on salad plates. Place on lettuo* a slice of pine- 'pple. Insert the bottom end of lie pear Into tlic center of the oineapple. Po:i: over it Golden Iressing, top with a bit of .mint lelly. Serve \; iih crisp crackers .r your fnvoritr- quick bread as lie main dish ior a luncheon. GOLDEN DRESSING 'i cup sugar 1 egg 2 tablespoons corn slarch Juice of 1 l:mon Juice n[ l orange l!-i cups [ri:it juice Beat cge and iugar together [he mold into which Ihe salad If to be molded with the cream mixture. Put the vegetables in. Let set. Uninold on crisp cold lettuce. Serve with mayonnaise. POTATO PUFFS 1 cup mashed potatoes 2 eggs 'i cup flour '.-I- teaspoon sel! 2 teaspoons baking powder Add beaten eggs to. potatoes, rid sifted dry ingredients. Seaon well. Drop into hot fat by Ijconfuls, when a cube of bread rowns in 40 H-conds or 390 de- .Me pulls her t And doesti'l k .She lir >nd thro«» ftno«b«iU r her vhcn vht call]; sHeitandjthe [Ml. l il> Ihe «ay he sho»l lit nail)- likes tier best! SECOND RAPTIST CHURCH .1. t. NcuSom. I'aslor Sunday school, 0:45 a.m. Sermon. 11 a.m. Subject, "The Killed Man." R. Y. P. U. 6:30 p.m. Sermon, 7:30 p.m. by 0. C. Cooper of Lake Oily. -.iM. 6. Monday al '2:30 lit the home of Mrs. Graves in Pride addition. Vrayer meeting Wednesday. <:30 p.m. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY "Everlasting Pnulshiiirnl." Is (he subject of the kbftOii-scnuon lo be rrad In the Chiisllan Science service, SunelKy mo'nliig nt II oVIock (he Hotel Nchle. The Oolelcn Test: "Tin- Lord Double Headed Turtle Exhibited at New Orlean NtAV ORLEANS lUl'i— A lurt with two heads Hint apparently .hink as one ts tlx- Vel the corn tiarch with a little f the fruit juice add to eg: .ire. Heat the juices, pour over mixture. Cool: until thick- /icd. TRUM: PIE (Crust) '•: cup shortening l'i cups liour 1 teaspoon call '.: Isaspoon taking powder '.i cup water Sift flour, sal 1 , and baking now cr together. Cut the shortenin i to Hour in large flaky pieces dd water, slowly, tossing 111 : our and shortening over eac ddllion of valer. Roll out one -alt of dough am! bake on back of tedium size ph pan in 425 de- ree oven. Mate iatts of reinaln- er of elough by cutting with a omid cutter. Cut a hole in the niter of half ot them and bake, 'ut jelly on the plain pieces and over with the cues with holes, •itlira— Pll r : cups cooked prunes, cut ri slices; place in the baked pic hell. Mix 'i c:ip ol scgr.r with 1 ublesixjons of com slnrch. Moisei> with a llttl" prune juice then TEA AT FOUR Up and down tho avenue, At the weary hour of four friends, both old and new, Come knocking at my door. They know t cup of good tea r.waits them and always it Is made just, like this: Use a teaspoon of tea for each rup and an extra spoonful for the pot. Have the water "mad boiling hot." Scald the pot. Pour dd 2-3 cup of [.rune juice. 1-3 cup f orange juice, tind 2 tablespoons ?mon juice. Add I table-spoon ii'tler and 1-8 tr-nspoon sail. Cook ntll thick and clear, stirring con- tanlly. I'our over prunes. Serve fid wilh a lopping of whipped •ream. Wh»l The Tea Cup Tells Look inlo ivy lea cup And lintl what you can tee A lovely amber beverage Holding jo;- r or you and me And hrrc I s - how lo make it >.ees. These are delicious and a] no way to use left-over mashed otatoes. ...i NUT .COOKIES 'i cup shortening (melted) 1 cup brown sugar 2 eggs !J cup milk 2 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 2 cups. chopped nut meals Melt shortening. Add sugar, beaten eggs and milk alternately with sifted dry ingredients. Add nut meats. Drop by small pconful on greased pans. Bake n 375 degree oven. Makes three Jozen cookies. srice CAKE 'i cup shortening I'.i cups sugar 2 eggs 1 cnp sour milk '!: teaspcon soda 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 teaspoons cinnsmon 'i teaspoon cloves '= teaspoon nulineg 2'i cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder '.; teaspoon sail Cream shortening, sugar and rgs (ogethcr, seld spices and va- ni'la, add soda to pour milk, add iHcrnatcly with Hour and baking <;cwder ar.d sail slfled lo°elher Bake iu obloni pan 35 minute: !n 350 degree oven. CARAMEL NUT FROSTING 1 cup sugar (granulated) 1 cup brown sugar '- teaspoon baking sxwticr '.•; cup waicr 2 egg whites Cook sugar.' water and Ijakin; •owder until It spins a long sjrong IV.rsad, 240 degrees. Bent egg vhiles still, pouring over them slowly the syrup. Seal until rhe water on the tea and allow to ilraw for at [east flvc minutes _ Strain off into another teapot iready to serve. top. Bake in 375 degree oven for thirty minutes SALMON 1'UFFS I can salmon 1 cup cracker or bread crumbs 1 cup sweet milk 2 eggs Salt ar.d pepper Flake salmon, remove skin and ones, add bealen eggs, milk and rumbs. Drop by spoonfuls into ot fat, 375 degrees or when a ube of bread browns in 40 scc- nds. Serve with a snappy salad 1 a Taitar sauc^. Delicious Refrigeivitor Cuokles 1 cup brown rugar 'i cup shortening 1 egg Hi cups flour 1 teaspoon baking powder Vt teaspoon call l teaspoon vanilla "; cup hut meats Crcaiii sugar a n d s hortening i-n.d egg together. Add sifted dry ingredients and nuts. Roll up in- lo rolls. Let etnnd in refrigerator several hours. Slice, put on eookic sheet and bake In 400 degree oven.' TOSSLD SALAD The backbon', so to speak, of ony salad. Is lettuce — have it crispy and cold. Cut it -into the talad bowl. Add tomatoes cut in pieces, cucumbers, young onions, diced celery. Sprinkle with salt and combine with French dressing or Mayonnaise, tossing .he, vegetables ever and over un- .11 well blende-l with the dressing. Serve very cold. DUTCH APPLE PIE CRUST !6 cup shortening 1 \<i cups flour '.; teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspcon salt '.i cup water Sift flour. t',<Ung powder and MOCHA CREAM FILLING 1 cup milk 2 tablespoons coffee 'i cup is'jgar • • • 2 egg yolks 3 tablespoons flour "' •'.; teaspoon vcnilla CcoV coffee in milk five minutes. Strain and pour over sugar and flour mixed together. Cook .11 double toiler 15 minutes. Pour iver beaten egg yolks, uook just i lillle longer, add vanilla. PRALINE ICING 1 cup brown sugar !-3 cup milter l cup powdered sugar : S cup pecan nuls !i cup milk Bring brown sugar and butter a boll, then add milk and cook minutes. Let cool, add powder- d sugar and nut meats broken I n pieces. PEACH SHORT CAKE 1-3 cup shortening 2 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder li teaspoon sail 1 egg About 'i cup milk salt. Cut the Fhorlening into the. flc-ur hi large flaky pieces. ArM v,-atcr, slowly, tossing the flour! end shortening over after eactf I addition of water. Roll out and- line a large sije pie pan with the crust. , FiH with tart apples cut in eighths and pour over ihem this mixture: I cup sugar 1-3 cup flour It cup cream II cup milk Pinch of salt Mix sugar, fiom and salt. Add. milk anei cream, beating hard for about three minutes. Buke-| in 375 degree oven 45 minutes,covering the pie the last. 20 minutes. MAKING GOOD TEA AN AKT . Making good tea is truly an art Even the men know it warms the hearl. This Map of India that I show to you Is your assurance of the best toa loo. Use a teaspcDn of tea for each • Ci-p and an extra spoonful for the pot. Hav ? the water "mad boiling hot." scald the pot. Pour-1 the water on the tea and allow draw for at least, live minutes. Sift dry Ingredients, chop m the hortening, beat egg In a cup, fill Slrain off into- another teapot : ready lo serve. Lt.uis and LandrU Louvicrc of Nat chez, Mfe>. The bro-.hcrs e»iigli!. the turtle in a saaiup and uro-.iaht It lo New Orleans where it placed on exhibition. Normal in all other rr-.spccls, two small head* rtncnio when (lie invllc comes out of his shell, when il looks arcund hi unlion. \ it minillis oi)cn kuowelh how lo deliver the godl.v r,nt of temptations, and to re-verse tlic unjust unto the day ol judgment to be punished" ill Pclcr Among thr cilallons from the nib!c Ls the following. "Search me. O God. and know my hcuil: try me. and Know my thoughts:. And ^ce U there be ivny uickrd way in 11,0. and Icael mr in llw way cvcr- lasllne" iPsahus 139: '2-'JH. The le.sson-seimbn nill also m- heads move cats. Uvo Ihc lurlle \sas thrro urcks old M-hoii found, but it will bn -nanv vcnrs before U allnins [i,u cause ot tl-.u i-low "ro-,viii llr*. IS."> Stair l>; lr ks In 0[r ;im SALEM. Ore. .UPj-Oicson has 8j st;ilr ]«rk^. ^:o;^,pl-j^| 1 .... ,3535 croi.. Tim jilaic p ;>lk „,[,„. : , :r.ilcd in l!l'\i ' Unless you ha\e Mwcci im-s In a moth-proof bac. or taken other Use a teaspoon of for each an extra i-poonful for Hav» the water "mad oliuTe iiafsagrs from the Cl'.ristlnn prccauticns. they should bo brought Science texlbcok. "Sclencr and | into the sun twlw or tlirro times Health wllh Kcv to the Eciiiilnr.'.s." Mary Baker Eddy, one of which! llgl.lly «:iii Miinnier a cane. ;up and he pot. roiling hot." Scald the pot. Pour ho water on the- (ea and allow c draw for at hail Ihc minutes. Strain off in'o another leapot •cady to smv. riNKAi'ri.t: CAKE '= cup s'liortenliiK 1 1-3 cups si:tar '; cup milk '•: cup pineaprk JIIKT 2 1 ; CUPS flOIH- 2': leaspooir b.iking pnucler '•j tcn,s])coii vciillln 3 egg whllcj Cream jhoraMn; aiiel «igar. rift flour, bakh z powrtei- and salt. Add alternately with the milk fci-.d pineapple Juice. Add vanilla. H)]d in Ihe Liatm rsj; while, L'Hkc in Inn well fiir-awel aud floured cuki- pinv. lor ;<u iniiuilcs i:i 350 degree even. 1 illlnf— 1 small c;m ot thrcddcd pineapple V cup sugft" 2 tablespoon* o'nn -"lurch Pinch of ,-iili i enough to spread. Sprinkle finely cut mil mca!. 1 ; over top after .spreading icing on (lie cake. CHOCOLATE MINT CREAM I cup cream 1 cup after dinner mints, crushed in chocolate wnfrrs. crumbled Be-at cream and fold in crushed mints nnd criocolal? waters. Chill n one of the. freezing compart- r.itnls of electric rcfrigcr.ilor. C servings. Quickly prepared and delicious. TEA TIME The charming grace of a lea (able V/llli a cup cf lea well brewed Is a credit to any hastes'; Even with the simple-M food. Use a tcasi»o:i of lc;i (or each CUD and an exln; spoonful for Ihc l'.oi. Have Ihe water "mad Ixril- in? hoi." h'culd the |X>1. Pour the water on Ihc lea and allow lr> draw lor at least live mlnulcs. Strain olT Inlo another teapot ready lo serve. BOSTON STEAKS I i>ouiid round sleak 1 pound veal steak V, pound suet Skewers Cut meat, in nw:ti 3 inch '.fiuares -— pound each piece on i.clh sides wllh rough edge meal In miner. Then place a piece of veal on a piece of beef and pound J3»in. put a small piece of Micl m the center and roll up—em in two nnd hold together with skew •i. Dredge 111 flour with a (cn- ;|:oo:i of Uahlnj pov-.dcr r,:»'l utli milk -Ti full, add lo flour nixturc. Toss on board, roll out, ut wilh large culler and take T greasrd cook'.e shcot In 375 de- .rec oven. Split each one and ;:ttcr well. Put fruit on lower :irt. Turn uppsr piece upside aOttii on first layer, cover with c^sary, reaches, top with whipped cream. CRANBERRY SALAD l'-j cups cranberries 1 orange, (whole) 1 package lemon gelatine ';- teaspoon snll 2 cups hot water 1 cup sugar Put cranberries and whole orauge through food chopper. :over with Hie sugar. Dissolve trlatlnc wllh v.aler. when il- be- i-ln^ to thick;n add fruit. Mold n Individual melds, serve on crisp r.'lucc wllh nihyonnalse. BAKED BEANK I 1 .- iwunds navy bsahs 1 found toco:i 1 Icnspoon biking ponder •! lablc^iwons iv.olosscs 1 IcasiKWii dry nutstard 3 tflblesiwons Hour | Salt and pepper ] Look over the beans, lei them, ?oak over night. In (he moraine.! them on 'o coak in enough Peppermint Candy Ice Cream !-; pound peppermint slick candy 1 cup milk 1-16 teaspoon salt 2 cups whipping cream Dissolve -candy tn milk. If nec- hcai. «]|£lilly in top of r.euble toiler. Add salt. Cool. I our into mixing bowl and P.-'Jn^ into refrigeratov to chill. Ade! -,'iB v hipped cream. Pour into tray &ro freeze. If higrcdinnl^ settle, j ttir with a spoon from front to lack of l raj- anr! allow to finish freezing withou 1 , stirrin?. G. G. Caudill General Insurance IOC N. JBroadtray Fhonc 797 water to cover well. Add c;ikltig powder and cook about 30 minutes. Drain, cover wllh hot water, aguln, put bacon In. t.ilt and pcpjjcr, and cook for thirly minute?. Then place In an Jar. add molasses and mustard, sprinkle flour over lop. Bake iv, slow oven fur five lo six hours. STEAMED HKOVVN BREAD 1 egg 'A cup sugar ',; cup mola&sis 2 cups sour w buttermilk 1 cup raisins (If liked) 2 cups graham (lour 11 cup while Hour '; cup corn meal 2 (ablesixwns baking iwwdcr 1 teaspoon scx'.a 1 teaspoon salt Beat eggs add susar and mo 'psses. Add soda to sour m|lk. Add lo mixture- alternately with

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