The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1935
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 1935 (ABE.); COUBE3K ITEFS ISE POTS SUES 1 \ovicles for 'Adding Per Cenl Levy lo of Goods Sold Two Price JEFFERSON CITY. Mo. — The House passed tin amendment to the sales tax bill late Thursday to pass the tax on lo the consumer by providing th:u (he equivalent of tin' tax should be added tO'lhe price of Hie anicle sold or the .service furnished. The vote on the amendmejit was 07 to 42. the Republicans furnishing thc principal opposition. Representative I'aic of 1'emiscoi County. Demoi-rnt. also ;Utr;n|Jti>d to strike out tilt: term "equivalent 01 the lax," hut this was defeated, proponents of the bill feaiinu it would make Ihe measure unconstitutional. The House also defeated an amendment which would have ex• emoted sjilc.s or services selling for less than -to cents from the pm- ''visions of ihc hill. Propel ty Tax Kepcal Vnli-d An amendment lo the bill irliMi would repeal tho State 'property "tax was adopted almost unanim- .ously. Gov. 1'aik had rccommend- . ril the repeal of this lax in the event other revenue measures were .passed to offset the loss in rev; enue. Tile administration forces, which were successful yesterday in gain- iiiR adoption of tin; '2 per cent rate. held firm and passed the amend• iiienis suggested by their leaders with only a few minor changes. liars Absorption of Tax The House, defeated im amendment which would have permitted • manufacturers, selling goods ov .retail, to absorb the tax. This amend men l was offered by ; Republican Floor Leader Presley, who said his purpose was to put . Missouri manufacturers on an : equal basis with those of other .-states. His amendment, would not '..have Included utilities or other :_ concerns .subject to regulation by ; Htrite commissions or boards. ' : The allocation amendment as 'ioriginally drafted, provides Hint :- 30 per cent of the new revenue ; shall go to relief, 10 per cejit each " to old a«e pensions and care of .the Insane poor, and 50 per cent r-.for :,chools ol wliicli hair will Bo rinlo the general .schcol fund aiid ;.; the other half lo a fund for school faid to reduce school taxes. First Love Best, Missouri's "Peggy Joyce" Proclaims Ben Franklin Will Hold Formal Opening in Enlarged Stove-Saturday Enlarged lo twice 'its 'former size, ill? Bon Fianfcjin store located in (he Lynch Buildup nt the corner of Main i-nd Broadway will hold its formal opening to-' and redecorated nndTlle \vali"'sTp- aratnw it from the former location of Unit Sisters Simp 1 ins been removed, giving it „ 48 foot from and approximately 3,000 ! square 'eel of noor space The disuliv windows in me old Hall sisters .-hop have been remodeled ana made similar .to those in the ori Binal lien Franklin store, II- S. stiritz, manager of hie. store for the pasL year.'said tile sales force has heen increased incl the new .store, will . have several departments not heretofore ble because of restricted space. A derailment has been added for tho i sale of pet foods of all kinds Tile I dry B oods department lias been enlarged to include a more complete line of Indies h«=iorv rave.,, goods and girdles. " '' The si ore was opened here two years ago by Kirby Bros., and has neon operated by them since that Contractors for. thc exterior \v r, £ the Anrtcrs °» Bros., and U'opJTlclil, !!):«, NEA, Service.) BROWNING. Mo.—Mrs. Frances arrlniilon Carter McQlll Cartel- Smith Wnthen Smith Curler, slim and attractive, after BPUIJJ married mid divorced six times, has decided that lir.-n love Is best. She has remarried lu/r earliest husband. Porn Caiter, mid the UTO of them Imve settled down in the .small town of Browning, population /53o. to live h:ipp!ly ever after. Mrs. Caitor, nl 34, has been married in throe states, divorced In thr.'e and is more contained now, she says, limn she has ever been in her Jifo. "I was always in love with F<?rn," she tells coiiKnuulalmi; friends, proudly exhibiting her new wedding ring, flanked by three diamond .solitaires, "only 1 was so young when 1 married him Unit r didn't- know it. Besides then; were a lot of Interfering wtotlvc-.s wlm tn'Ml to nub; trouble niid sii«yed°'l " First Married ' . > \Vlien Only IK Mrs. carter was only 13 at tile time of her first marriage. Eight months afterwards she uot a divorce, That was In October, 1S19. T'ni-02 jean Inter she went to El Dorado, Art:,, lor a visit and met Ciover McOlll. That morrlagc lasted two years. Her i,m hiisbruid, encountered also in Arkansas, was a Caner, too, James this time and no k:n to Fern, grie divorced him m 1927. Hale smiib, husband number four, "ad been a friend of number one. The fair Frances married him in Milan. Mo., twenty "miles from her old home, ami this time sin; stayed married six monihs. Then she got a divorce and moved on to fresh fields, m Denver. Colorado, shr- met and married an Englishman, •John n. walhen. she 'divorced Wu- tansas, a state which had already furnished her with two lmshan:ls It save her a third In w. D Smith no relative Hi nale, fourth ,,, |', e ,' series. Inherits Share Of SSII.ilOG i'M.-ili; In January of this year Franel's divorced Smith. On February 23, slis remarried Fc-rn Carter. Mrs. Carter has recently inherited :. share in the $50,000 estate of ner late srantlmother, Mrs. j A- Mails, widow of nrowninu's physicmn for more than thirtv years. M,-. and A( rs . carler live In the comfortable, typically small- town old home of lier grandparents which has been made over and divided into two ii|).artmcnts. The Carters occupy one and in the other ivcs Mrs. Carter's uncle, lien Mairs the town druggist. Mr. Carter works tor an implement IIOIKI; in Brown- I»U. 'Hcf never married again afUn- Frances, divorced him. He says he was walliiij, tor her to come twk "e m J.ovc." Advice, to llrliies "Be sure you're in ibve." is (lie chief clause in what little ndvlcc Mrs. Carter Is willing to give to Piospeetlvc brides. She also warns against, letting relatives interfere and cause trouble. -••Husbands are not hard to get" snc asserts, "and it's n o honor to Sfl mnrried seven times, and pet divorced six limes "BW. if it takes lliat. to nnd out' that really true love lasts, it's been worth the.price. "I never loved by other luts- banfU.ite.j did Fcm. Always I nlcd. to get back to him bin I •n't know it until last b-cc-m- nor Tiicic other men—i thoujlit f loved them _ but f didn't I haven't a thing jn the world against any.of them, i never woiild have divorced Fern Carter lv,«l it not teen for relatives wlio constanlly were mtroding into affairs. They virtually forced me to get a divorce. ! got the rest of them on stiggestions from some of mv folk.?. page- where you're mipposerf to set (town things nice Mint," Mrs, Carter's mother was Helen Harrington, who was a firoivdwny actress early In tho century. In 1903, Helen Harrington supported the famed David Warflehl In OIK- of his besl known productions. "TUe Auctioneer." In 1912, she dleil in a (ire (hat, destroyed the Hotel Rerlin In HI. I/nils. "This marriage Is KOlnK lo last," Mrs. carter confidently says of her reunion with husband number one. /«ml nrowjiing, which ts quite accustomed u> the doings o[ lh« recont-brcaklng resident, unit not fit nil .shooy.od, says: "U>t ns hojwl" Mrs. Caller . Carter Divnrcii Ituns In Hie Family "Divorce sort of jims in my ily. My mother had four husbands. My father hnd three wives. If you ligure that up, you'll find that amojiif tiie three of «s there have jbecn fourteen marriages and thir- I teen divorces. The family lllbln s ago ran out of siiacc on the Giant Illinois Youth Still Baffles Scientists ALTON, III. tUPl—Allan's most "uromlnem." citizen, Robert Wacl- jlo'.v. the giiini yonnostfr who has battled medical science with his phenomenal urowLh, hns just celebrated hi.s 17th birthday. He mensural up to the following .s]iee!fleal!oiui: Height, eight feet, one and one-half Inches In his stocking feel; weight, approximately 390 pound. 1 ; (no ordinary scales will measure his weight!: shoe si/e. 3<i. DuriiiB Die past year he has grown three, inches. Robert, now n senior nl Alton High School, hopes to become n lawyer, and probably will enter Slnutleff College here. Aviation Is his hobby. Physicians attribute his extraordinary size to overactivlly of thc pituitary gland, a tiny endocrine elniid at the base of the I'i'aln. Pa Okehs A Dem Prelly Bride MGE Has Same Shop 50 Years LOWELL. Mass. (UP) — James Callahan. 72. has worked as n blacksmith in thc some shop here for 5(1 ye.nrs. Commit I cnincn of Oscoola Distvicl Will Receive Acreage Agreemejits Ixical commitleenlen win begin taking 1935 cotton acreage reduction contracts In thn cncuolu district of tho county tomorrow, It has beon announced by jc< K, Walker, county agent. I'Vir (he c6iivpiHf!ii(?n of jjrosjwc- Ivc xlijners thn coiumllicemcn will )0 near thr .school election polling ;ilne.cs tomorrow. Monday, Tuesday. WniiiMdny nnd Thursday of ni!\(, week they will be nt the following co nmlty centers: Whillon township: fl. A, Looney elmli'iiinn, nl community house; I.. Dcnton, 'nl Diinlon store' W. W. Hurt, nt Chelford Oin Co,l. A. causay. I'ct'nn, Scodanit McOnvnck townships: K. n. Chiles, chairman. Uz?ell'.s store at 1' 1'olnt; I,. E. Everybody hnppy? You bet! OCOI'BC II. Bern, Secretary of War, bestows the parenlal bleulng on his newly acquired duugH,lcr-ln-l<\v;, Helen McCollum. whose father Is a bricklayer, as bridegroom Wll- Jiam Dcrn beams approval. Thc .scene was enacted nt the wcddhi B I'hyxlclam Can lie I'ltiril MONTPELIER, VI. (UP) — A physician can be fined $200 for prescribing liquor needlessly In Vermont,. The .second offense carries a fine of $.100. Positive Relief For itchy Skin Cootins and sontlnnc Blue Star Ointment melts on Hie skin, senriinrt tested medicines deeply i n « o poms <«lcrc it (illicitly kills'itch, letter, rasli, craniu, foot itch, ringworm, etc. Honey back if first jar fails. tllc vvas for w „ r. with 11,0 enlargement, of th »"> iT-iuklm store the last vie in """ e ovk of Miumala, in thc S al r,m D<£cr ' tve underground. The cnrtous v u Inge of tunnels was construe fcd nV n drfrnsc against rov , p , ' "CIRCUS NIGHT »n SILVERTQWN" Bill WnnderJicli I)"IC Atlopled Kltlciu GILLETT, Wls. I UP)—Peggy, n do? own«r"T-y Joseph Bcp]iel here, adopted Felix, a six months o!( kitten; nnd suckled It dally nfter her litter of piipple. 1 ; d/r<l. Speck, J. M, speck and company, Prenchmtin's Bayou; W. B, Burkelt, \V, E. Hnrrison, Jack Uraell and A. S Catchlngo, BSH- sctt Mercantile Co., Bassctt • j n, 'Wilson. ' Troy nud Golden Lake town- slilp.'i: 0. J. Lowrance, Jr, c. E. Lynch, J. R Oraln, Iff Wilson nnd compnuyVi office. ' Monroe township: ji. 0. nryan • chairman, nnd C. C. Ermen, Os- ecola courthoitsc; R. n. Robinson, W. M. Tnylor and w. W. Ifnll Dank of Kclser. Mltlc lilver lownshlp: J. T. Lee, chnirman, West nidee store; Cnrcy f.'ason and Coleman Crews, Swift's store; Rufus ctny and M. U. Slsco, IStownh; W. S. Cockcr- Inin and Sylvan Glrdley, IlcrroiVs Oln and Shady Bend school/ ' Fletcher and Swnyne townships': rrnnk Anders, n. C. Langstoii and \v. c. Howard, MiminVslore" at I.uxora. ' •. ;• • Otirdctlo township: R. T. Sc- avf.s, chnirman; J. E. Davis, }f. 1'. Uslon ami II. c. Weather* llurdotlc commissary. ;' Cnrson I^ke township: R. ; A. ' Cromcr, chali'inan, cni'son Rtore; -. P. M. rcrgu.son and O, M. mil, Marie store. ' •• Road Courier News Want Adi Proclamation and Notice of Election TO: Tlip Voters or. the Cities and- Towns or Mis- MSKii>)ii County, Ark., inn?!;," 1 ! 1 Cftt ' 1 ,' n ! y " u ' ftrc lini ' ol)y not!l ' iet| llint ° n (lie ^i(| day ol April, 1085, thorn will he held « election in oaeli city and town of Mississippi' l>Urp ° RC ° f olod! " B thb ' Dutotl tlii.s (lie nth <lny of March Clarance H. Wilsan. Sheriff The New 'I 5 >\ :J i'; i J llsn l-Yaiit:liii—Amrrira's Apostle of Thrift FRANKLIN STORE Announces Its Grand Opening SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 16th, 8 A. M. Same Location-Corner Main & Kroadiva)/ hn /'' T Wl1 ' enlar ,W (l si <>™ Saturday morning h a vastly larger stock of fresh, neio merchandise of character^ Ben Franklin value.. We invite "onto ir/oS n •' a » d -* t < tck -ty:«>Me U«*e remarkable val- uei Iml Our store is now doubled in capacity . . . our Blocks larger and more complete ... our sales force adequate to insure everyone prompt attention. In this a<l- verwnwt we list a few of our Grand Opening Ipec- Salad Bowls 9'/o inch Salad Bowls, handsomely decorated, 25c values, we offer them as a special at 15c Dust Mops 50c Dust and Oil Mops with a 15c pint bottle of furniture polish, Complete 39c NOVELTY CURTAINS Full length Novelty Cmiiiiris, suitable for Bedroom or Kitchen. All fonind new stock. While they last! 25c Pair flume 7H Main ami .Hip CASH FEED STORE; 112 E. Main LADIES' HOSIERY lilies 300 Needle Cliar- donb.e Hosiery. All new Spring shades, sizes S'/i to 10. - While then last/ 19c Pair Mens Rayon Plaited Hose, fancy patterns, 3 pr. 25c Ladies Rayon Panties & S tep-Ins, 2 for 25c Rag Rugs, 18 x 30 inches, very pretty 10c Fresh Orange Slices, Saturday Only, Lb. 6c Salad Bowls, 81-4 inch. 25c value. Sat Only I for 2Ec Complete New Art Dep't, Embroidery Pieces ICc to 25c Each J5AI5Y RUTH AND'UUTTER FINGERS IN THB NEW PACKAGE— fi— Sc RARS TO TIIR HOX - - Radio Special 19c

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