The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, MAY 23, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUNTER HEWS PAGE NINE Flight Terrorized By Gear Grinder Air Force Veteran Pulls Gun on 25 Persons on Plane FRESNO, Calif.. May Q9. John O'Reilly, 28, meek gear glurt- er from Los Aiiseles, terrorized 25 jpersons with a cocked automatic tileh over California yesterday. The Air Force veteran ranged the length of the Oakland bound jirii — ..... Dal! all hour waving his weapon. Teri'i. . passengers cringed. One woman fainted and fell to the plane's floor. IK let her lie there His reign of terror ended when the plane in a d c an emergency landing here. Deputy sheriffs carted him off to the county phyclio pathlc ward. His German war bride, Magda line, 22, waited around and apolo gized to the passengers and plain cr w after the incident. Clie drmstic incident occurred 01 a. flight Irom southern Caltfornt to Oakland Half an hour out of Fresno. O' Rcilly, an Air Force veteran, be Ban acting strangely. Complained (if Music 1 . Stewardess Joan Hcrron and passenger, Mrs. Dorothy McKcnz or San Francisco, pieced togethe the story after the harrowing ha! hour. They said O'Reilly first complaii' ed that music on Hie plane's lou speaker was too loud. He refused coffee and sandwiche saying they were drugged. Then he complained of gas odoi and accused Miss Heron of tryin to shut oft the air when she p a blanket to block off a draft be tween the pilot's compartment ai i\>e passengers. W" Jaycees Attend State Board Meet Seven members of the lilytherille Junior Chamber of Commerce attended a meeting of the stale Jay- eee board at directors yesterday in Little nock. Arkansas' representation at the national Jaycec convention in Chicago June H-11 and a proposal to stage another contest t» select an Arkansas Maid of Cotton entry were among the topics discussed. Attending from Blythcville were Charles Moore, president of the tab; James Gardner, member of lie board; Billy Boone. state dlrec or; Jack Hawlings, national rtireo .or; j. T. Sudbury. Elmer B. Smith and Rouse Harp. W. n. Nicholson ol Osceola. past president of the state organization, also attended. who voted, one wai against the oan, The Wallham loan was crlttcljecl by Senator Fulbrlght when it was irade. Yet politic*) pressur* from ATOMIC SPLIT — Five-year-old Frankie Sherman of Chicago appears ready to take apart this spectacular "atomic pile" sundae. The oversize dish, calculated to produce "alomic ache," was a prize winner in a contest to determine Ihe most startling ice cream sundae in the nation. EDSON congressmen plus Governor Dever and the Waltham community— all seriously and rightly concerned over local unemploy- mei't— forced the loan through. Six months later the plant closed and John J. Haggerty, the Boston RFC official who had gone with Wal- Ihnm as an executive, was back In Washington as an adviser to the RFC directors. Think RFC Should Chart* Rlfher Inttrnt Senator Fulbrlght declares It hris been difficult to get the facts straight about RFC operations. He cites the argument over bookkeeping methods. According to RFC books, It showed a profit of $1.345,000 foi the last fiscal year. Theodore Herz, subcommittee staff dl- recto , says It really hfld a loss of $G.«8,OMI. The difference is explained by the fact that RFC pays no Interest to the U.S. Treasury on the money -iseei to make loans. Sen- alor Fulbrlght thinks RFO should charge higher Interest rates and pay Interest to the Treasury. The Fulbrlght subcommittee Is studying the fact that Interest on a few big RFC loans—like the $18,000,000 out to B. & O. and tho first Kaiser loan of $96,000,000 — carry the losses on some 5000 smaller loans. What this amounts to Is ft subsidy for small borrowers. Maybe this Is all right, since there are a lot of other subsidies around here. But If It Is, Congress should authorize. President Truman's new proposals re RFC raise more doubts. Would It be a good thing to put RFO under Department, of Com- merce? Tills might moke the directors even more subject to political pressure. Instead of proposing to tighten HFC operations, the President would, relax them. He would hav» Congress reduce collateral requirements for loans to small business and extend loans from the present 10-year limit to 15 year*. Continued From Page 6 loan made. : Hearings ocjore th« Fulbrlch committee disclosed tint the Tex- mass Petroleum loan was made in 10 days hy n vote of oiily two RFC directors. One was absent, another disqualified himself. OJ the three Hrre'i Oar New Phone Number 6817 CITY DRUG CO. The State Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! Before you have an accident, call 3:iCl for autonio bile Insurance protection, For smnll premium, we include $10,000 Personal Liability. W. M. BURNS insurance Agency Four Memphis Men drown O'- from if* Winj fter locking himself In the Btory for half an hour, O'Reil came out, again complained of g; funfcs, then smashed two windo\ with a fire extinguisher. Pilot Is Summoned Miss Herron summoned the pilot, Joseph N: Nuccitelli. As Nuccitelli turned the controls over to copilot Don Deto and stepped into the passenger compartment, Heilly pulled the automatic his pocket. Nuccitelli jumped back Into tlie pilot's compartment, locked the door and radioed Here asking police to be on hand when he made liis emergency landing. Meanwhile, O'Reilly waved the pistol at the passengers, shouting,! "Nobody's going to get me. I'll kill you all." Mrs. Cecil Lyons, 12, a passenger from Los Angeles, fainted but no one dared touch her. '. Said the stewardess: "He ordered us not to." Baby Was Crying "The man's •, (nine ' months old) y wa's crying 1 ," 'said Mrs^ Mc- izie. "I think it knew something terrible was happening—hearing its mother shouting: 'Johnny, what are you doing?' And its father shouting back, 'don't be stupid. They're trying to gas us!" As the plane stopped, O'Reilly Jumped out Into trie waiting arms of officers. He was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Distict Attorney Richard Shepard said O'Reilly would be arraigned today unless his family prefers to have him given a psychiatric examination. O'Beilly's mother, In Oakland, described her son as "a good 'boy" who "goes to church. II he had a gun he was worried about something." "He believed that somebody was trying to steal a jet motor plan that his company had devised. He had been off his rocker for two or three days." O'Keilly, himself, told the district attorney "a gang of desperate killers" were out to get him. He said he had sat up with a rifle over his knees at- nights waiting for them. He said he was fleeing to Oakland "to hide out" with his brother, Edward O'Reilly. MEMPHIS, May 29. (IP) — Four*— Memphis men—one a partner in a laige cotton firm—drowned over the weekend in niotorV>oat accidents. The bodies of three were slill iniss- ing today. Two men lost their lives on nearby Horseshoe Lake, Ark. They were James Conlan Scruggs, 57, partner in Cook Si Co., and the firm's bookkeeper, W. J. Helms, 33. Scruggs' body was recovered. The other two drowned in the Mississippi River near here when their molorboat crashed into barge. They were Ernest Manning, 21, and Kills Smith, 26. They were starting a fishing trip when the accident occurred. .Both tragedies took place Saturday. Scruggs and Helms were thrown from a speedboat when It swerved sharply on Horseshoe Lake. Six per sons were in the boat, all attending the annual party for Cook & Co employes given by Scruggs. Ballot Theft Case Closed to Federals May 23. (IP')— The three-year-old Kansas Cits ballot theft case is closed to federa irosecution — except : for one loop ole. The statute of limitations on fed' al prosecution expired ycstcrdaj uthorities say, however, that if th heivcs fled the state federal pro cution still is possible since th atute could he suspended for as ng as they remained outside Missuri. p Truffles belong lo the fungus family, related lo mushrooms. Helped Tells How HADACOL Her Pale Run-down Nephew who sulfcml from Vitamin B t , B 2 , Iron and iViacin Deficiencies Mrs. Edward Newton, attractive matron from Cincinnati,Ohio,wants readers of Lhis paper to know about Bobby Newton, her little nephew. Bobby was pale, run-down, had no appetite. After she had given Bobby UADRCOL, he had a grand appetite, color in his checks and Is healthier si\\ the way, HADACOL is great for thin, puny kiddies who a re nervous, have easily upset stomachs and poor appetites feccatise their little systems lack Tf&recious vitamins Bi, Bs, Iron and niacin—elements so vital for growth and to maintain good health. HADA- COL even helps build up the hemoglobin content of red blood (where Iron Is "heeded) to course through their bodies, bringing unbelievable new strength and energy. Sold on a ttrict money-back gnaranlee. Seven Arkansons n Naval Class ANNAPOLIS, Md., May 29. The 1950 senior class of the U. S. \ Naval Academy here includes seven i Arkansans. | Absolute clearance on graduation will not bo given by the academy until a. day or two before the com- ncncement on June 2, hei sevon Arkansans are" Amarose J. Blatz, Jr., Pocahontas; Gene Trayscr Dunn way, Pine Bluff, Charles Rench Galloway, Jr., Augusta.; David Dupuy HeerwRgen, Pay- etlcvttle; George Donald Moore, Jr., Searcy; John Henninger Reagan, Texarkana; and \Yilliam Bristol Thompson, Jr., Little Rock. ARE YOUR FIRE INSURANCE RATES TOO HIGH? : lf You Insure Your Farm Property With Cotton Farmers Mutual Insurance : Association Col. Stoopnagle III BOSTON. May 29. Wj—Chase Taylor, Known to thousands of radio listeners as colonel Stoopnngle. is "very, very ill" in the New England ^S^ptist Hospital. < A hospital spokesman satcl Insl niglit Mint the South Norwalk, Conn., comedmi! ei tercel (he Lahey Clinic Uvo weeks ago for treatment. No details of his illness were available. 1. No membership fees 2. Strong financially 3. Prompt and fair claim service 4. Standard policy 5 Low rates for broad coverage 6 20% Renewal dividend for past eight yeart Your Local Agent 1st Phone: 2266 Raymond Zachry 508 South Lake i Blythcville, Ark. , Sponsored by. MJD-SOUTH COTTON GROWERS ASSOCIATION b'DV DRUG I K D I STORES ANHYDROUS AMMONIA Don'l t»k« ten th»t> «l« btltl Wt can supply the Fertilizer and apply It the wily the job should bfl done. For prompt service call 8581 or 438ft. Lowest Appllcating Prices Available. SCRAPE & WEIDMAN Agricultural Service South Highway Hlythevllle ftlcre5s the mower ) for every Imm/J Dried Gulf of Mexico shrimp arel xported to Hawaii, the Philippines re exoprtcd from the Gold Coas' f West Africa. Hearing Device -Has No Receiver Button In Eat Chicago, III.—Deafened people arc \ailing a new hearing device that ivcs them clear hearing without making them wear a receiver jutton in the ear. They now enjoy ongs, sermons, friendly companion- hip and business success with no ielf-consclous feeling that people ire looking at nny button hanging on their ear. With the new almost nvisible Pltantomold and Bel tone you may free yourself not only from deafness, bxtt from even the appear- ince of deafness. The makers ol BeHone, Dept. 40, 1450 w. 19th St., hicogo 8, III., are so proud of their achievement they will gladly send | yoji their -free brochure (in plain ' wrapper! and explain how you can test this amazing device In Ihe privacy of your own home without risking a penny. Write Heltonc today COTTON GROWS FAST Our. Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. Delicious PLATELUNCH 3 Vegetables & Choice of Meat Every Day 500 With MIXED FERTILIZER — RESULTS OF COLLEGE EXPERIMENTS Results of careiul experimentation by colleges show that: • N/TROGfN in fertilizer promotes plant growth. • PHOSPHOROUS hastens maturity. • POTASH keeps the plant healthy, prevents rust in cotton, prolongs the period of productivity, helps bolls to open well. TOM'S CAFE 419 West Ash Anhydrous Ammonia FertHixer Custom Application Chas. Brogdon Phones 6847 — 6284 Vi Mile South on Highway 61 That's Why Yo4 Should Side Dress Your Cotton How It's not too late to use mixed fertilizer on 'our cotton . . . and phosphorous and potash are import int to your crop. Plan now to side dress for an early-mt taring, bigger crop this fall. All Regular Grades of Mixed Fertilizers Ari Available BLYTHEVILLE FERTILIZER CORP Vwtvr Uwn Mower lytheville Machine Shop 1 1 So. 2nd. 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BLVTIIEVILLE FLOWER MART Mcmphii tliwij Phone (002 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Collihon 110 So First St.. Rlythfvillc TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO. South Highway 61 BlythevUlc, Ark. GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL - KKKOSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Of rice: 116 W. Walnut Bulk Plant: Promised Land

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