The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1933
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Served by the United Press BCTIHEYILLE COIMER NEWS HONE EDITION THR DOMOTANT KEW8PAPSR Of NORTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 192 HlyUMVlB* • U»Uy, Newt. uliwlaalDpI V»U«y Leader. BiytbeTlllt H«ld. | VTHPV11 I l.« I, i I Hl'.VIIJ.I',, I <MTTinrtAV a, o.-\ I L'UDA i , oo' 28, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS I FARM STRIKE CLAIMS Fi IN ALL 1 SIEtl Says $37.75 a .Ton Price on BI« Order Result of, Colkision. , WASHINGTON, Oct. ->Z. tUP>-- Federal Coorcllnaloi- o( Transportation Eastman lodav rejected bid:; for more limn 1.000.000 ions of .<:teel rails which were to have boon used to relay the tracks of th'- nation's railroads. hi a let'.cr addressed to presidents of several large steel com- i nanies Eastman said the price oft $37.50 a gross ton "bore unmistakable, evidence of prior consultation and collusion and absence nf competition." Eastman had requested steel r-minanios to submit bids tor 844..W, tens of rails and 245.221 tons r-f fastenlnPs. The purchase of tht 1 rails wos to have teen financed - i''n ni.iblic works fiinds and was divi>ned to slimidate business and cinoloyment. In icjectins tliu bids Eastman said: "The Electric Range Goes to Mrs. Lou Richards Mis. Lou Richards. 110 Sycamore, received the plrcliic gf yi\ p on ye-stfrday at the flnn! session of the cooYimg rchoo] sponsorod by the. Courier News mnl a number or mer- 'hants. It mis her lucky dny, foi- .she nlso received a bug of groceries. Amonsj the other.-, to receive prizes vere: Mrs. Harry Klrby, ice box dishes; Mrs. J. W. Shouse. congoleum nig; Mrs, Max Miller Jr.. crisco: Trfr:-, Roy Walton, Mrs. A. RiLshini; and MRS. Claude Kolkyck, groceries. m mm facts that, these letters bear a common date, that they an identical price • for the name B1P.U. SlftT[J[ c JINE Record Attendance Predicted for Convention Roosevelt Backs Johnson in Controversy With Fordj WASHINGTON. Oct. 28. IUP)-' NVk'oliatlons be.iwecn the Ford Mo-' tor company and striking workers in Kisu-rn plants .seumed today (o hold the key to n mount- liipt controversy bchvee.u Henry Foul and ilu- Roosevelt administration. President Roosevelt nave full .support lo Ueccwery Ailministra- lor .lohnson'.s drHr-rintnallon to institute proceedings uyainsl the bll- licniure molor manufacturer the moment he has evidence that Ford Is violating the automobile code. Ford claims to KO the code one better us lar as liour.s und wall's are ci.nrerned and NRA evidence to the contrary. no at Fort Smith. The state convention of the Baptist Young Peop!e's union of Arkansas will be held from November 30 to December 3 at the Immanuel Baptist church, Fort Smith, according to a. recent announcement of thy executive coin- price is the odd figure of $37.75. pmru unmistakably to the conclusion that thc letters wore the result of consultation and collusion. In confirmation of the statement it is noted that thc letter from the. U. S. Steel corporation concludes with the followlnt sentence: -.,-. -' .v.r competitors file a lower price than thc above we will of course reflle to meet their prices'." When he asked'for bids on the I.COfl.&OO ton. order Commissioner Eastman suggested that the steel comnanies cut their price to $35 a ton from the S40 which they $31.75 bid was in thc nature of an attempt by the manufacturers to effect a compromise. attendance tn the mittee. The largest, history of state B. Y. P. U. con- v. Billions is expected to be reg- Meied for the meeting, since tr.tre. was no Arkansas convention c: the body ir. 1932. Last year the meeting wft> scheduled at the Immanuel church but was postponed of an Influenza epidemic in the convention city. The executive committee then gave this year's meeting to Port Smith. J. P. Friend, of this city, president, is head of the publicity ind transportation cocrimltteea .for the northeast district : and .Misaii- sitpiufpiWlv -?i:y_-Fisnd announced that the district and county are being oricnized to promote'at- Commissioners Find Law Doe? Not Make Voting Qualifications Clear. Drafting of Instructions to i'lcc- tlen official-; for Out St. Francis levee board election Nov. c was delayed by tho Mississippi county election commission yrslrrdav im-j Hrarborn. Mich., dispatches in- til an opinion coukl be obtained M cs.ic(.\ the Ford Molor company from Ally. Cen. Hal Norwood wou!( | submit operation reports clarifying sections of the statute w j lcll ^v ara requested formally. providini; for the first election of| J members of the board. | Members of the commission and several of the candidates engaged in a lengthy discussion of Hit:' qualification. 1 ; of voters in the coming election. Finally, after thc statute providing for the election had been termed vague and an opinion from the attorney (general's office had been called "ambiguous," it was decided to delay drafting the instruclions. Charles R. Coleman, who is opposing J. Lan Williams, president of the levee board, for the third district directorship, said he would secure au opinion from Mr. Norwood clearing up the controversy. Tin; board was unable to agree to where an elector living Mrs. ,.l. E. Townsend of Leachville Injured in Accident Last Night. WILSON, Ark. — Mrs. J. F. Towusend, 30, or Leai'hvlllc, was scrioiily Injured Friday night 1 whtn the automobile iii which she one district In the county and^ 1 "- 1 h " hushand were returning owning land in another would be' frn " M*-' 1 "" 1 "* WA "> ""»•« thc entitled to vote. Tho board also :urvc on Highway Gl about u mil" Confesses Murder He Committed 19 Years Ago . , , , admitted It was not satisfied as to «»«h of Menpshn and turned over the course to pursue in Ihe case l lrce times. of foreign corporations owning Mrs, Townsen:! \vns broirelil-'to land, K beUii! claimed on the part """. James Pali's oflic<> at Wilsoi of some that th£ resident man- ^rc It was found that, she line agev of a corporation would be Mismlned a fra?iure : of tho^splnc. entltlert to a vote. "' "" """' " ii'lnc C. R. Keck \vi Oocn Fnll Term lleie Monday Morning. Trii.l of Mr. and Mis. Hnvmoml I'i'uilt of Armprit allied baby nmdiTCi.s. will pmbably In- the no-t liuivrirhtiit Vase at (he fall •fun of criminal court nivnltii; ii'ri 1 Monday. Hit 1 tvo weeks term will be 'Ki'-vde.'. with an arrav of cases. CJivculi Jm'.'c (i. B. Keck of this. •-- u-ui nvcsiile. In addition (o trial of (he Pr»- ius cases lioUlim: miblli ilui:.. 1 of Autrev M! L >ourl convict, chaiKOil v*fth a slatuton- offt'.W' for which thi- supreme penally Is death: Harmon I owrv. Gosncll farmer, accused of tin- .same- offenM-; Finch.!!- l.cttfr. chareed with the ki.hiapiiiK of u f.u-mcr's fiunilv; Sam Thomas, former sccrelatv- tvcasuror of the AtivicuHurti! Finance cornnriilion. licenced o( i'in- hmlnnetu. nnd F.IIls Wheeler. Kncbfi'. aliened to have civ.'lm-er- ed :i 4i irx) rn'iberv at a loral Qro- FLASHES y..uui«)i-T iNSiu.i.'s AN*;I:I, ATIII:XS, o.-i. m. tun—siv llasil /.aliuroh', Kurort's mjsln-y liwti. Is IllKlllrlni Salliurl ln- >' '1 in iii'W t'ntrr;jrit.«"i, lllMill\ alloini.y 1*1,1 Udliy in Ills Illinl lilr.i for liisull's rotra>i- fnm. i'\lr.iilltli>n di.ifti'-, hniuel.t hy I In- I'ullfil ,Sla(fK. I.ITV1XOV IN ItKKMN IIMIUN, Orl. 2tt. IIJIMJInv- (in l.livliinv, Russian forriju minister, arrived at »:41 a.m. '" ilny i-ii to Washington to Mi' K c>|. iliiiloiiulK, rrruxnlllua with I'rrsldrnl linosevrll. CliAT AT WASHINGTON WASI!iX<!TON, Oi'l. '48. —'!'!,!• <!r.if Zfiirwlln ilrclrd over WiMilnelini at 2:30 'inlay in l.rldil autumn skits. Thuu>amls of Kim-rnmrnt workers, (raving their unices for thr Satiirday Disorders Increase in Havana and Provinces HAVANA. Until. Oct. 'J8 <UP>li i.|fi..--.|.[| iiiswili-r in iinvami win; >'ii"ini]iuiilid t'xi.iy by n.nvs nl llo.iiks w:-r.. icjujrti'd :it :-.rvor;ili [.!:!.us uhi-ic svtiki'i-s rifit.-il. i A !.i-:if ll.i.lii- \v;i... i-iiD-u-d [III j Iii ivmi-al lfiiM.i|..i di.iirkt Ian-! I vl snvhl nl.rn an imku-ntlll.-d j v;in Mil.!!-' imlsid' n cafe, lln-tl, .!',l:i I!;.' ulMi-is (,f Ihc m \vspnpi-r. | I M:!i-In:i. whi.-ii »-us rcMinihiii iiubll- iiit\i:ii with non-union lalxu nfl.T u Ilvi- uirks ::hul ilmvn lir-ratirr >l n MI Ike. J< • > 1'idiis. ,'lilcf <,r th,- uMtv.; romn. \ias \ui'. Sims PICE rom- ini»vrsli | 1:1 |[ hiilKl:iy, chrirctl thf'air- STKliET CAKS COU.IW. Ulll.I.AIItH, O., Oct. 28 llll'l — MOII- tliiin 20 persons werr In- .iiircil, sunif prnbubljr fatally, here tcilily wlu-n .street curs i-n i cute '.'.i u hi^h scllufll fool- luill gillie rollIOcU hpud-nn. Kvrry iimbulauee aiut ure fulfil ili the c!tv was ruslitil tn Ihc ^^Clle n[ the utcldMil. tendance at the convention wlth.or more of real estate, as required the Associations! B. Y. P. U. by the commission in a general presidents actiiv; as chairmen, order .yesterday, except John E. They are given the "co-operation tTzzell of Pecan Point, who de- tf 'at least one leader from each'ciared hLs intention of • withdraw- chtirch..' Members of the trans-c irig from the District-Five race. rushed to Out of Race i Cfiuic at Memphis in a Swift- am- The board was to meet. a?ain bulance. this afternoon to close the ballot. The accident occurred about 7 bat did not expect to draft In-jr. M. slruetions to election officials until latpr. ...-,... ..-.: -., . .,._. ., "All candidates v;ho had filed, prior to noon yesterday produced affidavits of ownership of 40 acres WAYNESV1LLE, N. C., Out. i8 (UP)—A fugitive from justice lor i? years, Henry Fultz, 48, confessed to Sheriff Jacob A. Lowe today that he rm.rdered Mack Gib- ton. 25. on Christmas eve, 1914, -. i Jackson county. Kentucky. Fultz. now held In Hayward rrLiily tail, said that after he had fled from the eery store. All have Iven held. to .the i!ram! jurv und Indlci-menl-: bv t>uii will be necessary thc trial slaue IE reached. Failure | to Indict wrnMd result in dl.sinu-sal! of cbnrpes. Tu-r. neorfjcc Steveu^on I and Richard Clarke face murder! cluitges. i Bahv Thrown in Illvcr ! Thc Pruilts arc accused in the dcatli of an Infanl firl born t" Mrs. Pruill's sister. Hasten. They are accued o( remnv- ins the baby from Hhc Dlylhevllle honlla! and drownin<r It in the Mlssteinni river. Officer? claim Hi" pvnlus cnnfp-«secl after the body vjns found bul thcy,,ria\^>. in-,i dicnted Ih.e nnroortcd confe: - he rcnurlinled. Altornivp for the Prnltls fnclne whal W. Leon Smith deputy prosecutor, has de, fcrlted as an "air-tight" case, have [held their silence, promising nn 'unusual dcreuse. Mrs. Pntlti.. nn exnei-tpnt mother. Is out on bond ting trio). FCt.'It IIIJUT IN ACCIDKNT WKS'l 1 >iKMriI!S, Oct. 2S (II I')— Tlmi! men anil a woman were L'trlously liijurev) In un iiu- (omi:bil<- .icddiT't nine mllrs \ al liprc. this afternoon. They \vfrf en route from tllflr hoiitr in Carbondule. Kock. 111., tn FOR TflXES Ye; Storm Center Shifts to Wisconsin as Iowa Officers Gear Highways. MADISON. Wls., Oct. 23. (IIP) One man wns slain ami seven nitlc-. others injured us violence replaced peaceful plckelinK In the national farm strike today. The center of activity shifted to Wlscon- I .--in as the strike entered Its .sec- I ond week. Oundar Fellnnd, farmer plckil, was shot to death when lie attempted to halt a truck on si hl'h- wuy near here. Three of-tho-soV- , en men Inlured In separate tlls- l ordcis in Wisconsin were In a ar s Rxlciision Granted Wlio Pay Half of UllC Years lax. attempt- i ccnsln and arrested at 'ea*t 20 person. 1 !. Picketing vlrtunllv had OSCEOLA. Ark.-Land owners in ccasc<1 ln Iown bllt ln WLsconsin C.rafsv Uike nnd Tyrouza Drain- farmers attempted to halt rnove- <u/e District No. 0 and Sub-Dfs- mm ' " f nlt Pro |lll <:e to market, (rlct No. 3. who are able to pay Fl!llnntl wtls sl:>ln b V "• trU ^ liftv per cent of one ymr's ilclln- llvlvcr wll ° flretl illU> II B rol 'P..°f <iuent. taxw will he free for » about.3D plckc-U. The truck find year frum the thrent nl foreclos- nn nulomoblla apparently accom- lu-,' lor unpaid drainage (axes, ac- imnylns U then sped past tho rordlnir lo nu nrdei- made Tnes- Pixels. Mand was unarmed.'._ day 'by Federal .TudRe .lolui K Three brothers. Prank, Jack and Miirtlni'nii nt I.ltllc Hock anil filed »->rvoy ^fcCorlRon were nrresjed In the olllcc of Die chancery court '" mnnccUoii with thy choo Ing clerk here today for the clerk's "' ^ '"'"^ They were laken into Buldnncc In the collc-cllon of dc- ™ slol) >' ln -' Judge Allows ,30 Days for An oner in behalf of Drainage Eurnette, Miss Pauline Pruitt, W. 'J. Wallace, Bud Wilson, First ' (Continued on Page Three) church; Biytheville; Mrs. J.. L. MSI, Miss Clara Bell Kin- Miss Mar/ Louise McLecrl, id Baptist church, Eilythe- Burl Pruitt, the Rev. J. Cib?on li :'ccne through a blinding snov,-; ^.'comiurnere't'o'llve 1 «S£\™««* Caldw,,, Armorel; Robert sr-ipS 1 "^?'ss. £E Fitzgerald, Vance Henderson. Dell; Mirs Martha Ray, Mrs. W. A. Osccola; Dwight O. Ander- Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T Anaconda . Copper Bethlehem SUel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General MotO'-s International Harvester ^ont?om?ry Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum — Radio Corp Simmons Beds St. Louls-Eau Francisco Standard of H. J Texas Co U. S. Steel 115 1-2 ton, Mrs. O. Br.rksdale, Wilson; Kev. A. P. Gathright, Manila; Miss 14 1-8 28 1-2 40 7-8 2 1-4 95 1-4 29 19 1-1 2ii 1-8 31 18 5-8 31 1-8 3 1-8 1 17 1-4 2 1-2 41 3-4 25 39 1-4 forinne Eelby, LcachviHe. "The Empoweiing Christ" will be the keynote of the convention. J. I'. Edmunds. Little Rock, stale executive secretary, is In charge of arrangements for the conven- ticn program. One or the CiiHribiuing factors 10 a record-breaking attendance v. ill be the fact that the co:iven- '!on is being held during the 1 haiiksgiving holidays. giving ninny students on opportunity to attend. Mr. Friend said. : .. son City. Mo., prison, where It i.'i District 17 of this county to set- clnlmcd he had orcvlouslv served tie its $4.000,000 debt at 32 cents i v n terms for criminal attack. on the dollar in cash with pro- j A stow of n father's relentless ceeds nf a $1.312.000 R. F. C. loan, F earch for his children is back of wns placed before representatives Fletcher Lester's arrest. The fath- of holders of the district's bonds 01 - trucked tester, accused of lur- ssion'i Wealthy Man Shot Dead in His Automobile In Front of Theater. CHICAGO, O-H. 28- HIP)—Can? activities of Louis Covven, former banker and ;iondMnan of the Capone siui'S and wealthy publisher of the Clcwo. III.. Tribune, v.'ere Investigated today for a clue ;o the Identity of his slayer. Coivcn, one lime newsboy wlro Lecame wealthy throitRh his connections with (he Capone nan? during the .height of its power, uiiii-ni, taxes The order, which war. made fol- • ..... ^ :m agreement, reached n thort lime ago between land i owners of the district, bondholders. and receivers, provides that 'he bondholders will hold off pros- »<-utio:i of tax suits until Novem- bcr. 1934. ir hnlf oft the taxes of the earliest del!nciu*nl year [arc l«frirn the :m *ttovncv. ' la .., short timf in Federal Judge John E. Mar- , u le children away, through tineau's court at Little K.ock yes-,several states before, his meaner 1 tcrday. Judge ; funds gone, he found his former Martir.cau allowed a f nrm \ mr ^ ani \ n, c children on an j I Pi Hit' • bondholders protective committee. Illinois farm. Lester is said (o have JaCKSOn LOUlliy UlllCeiS organized al St. Louis several admitted n more serious offense Are Seeking " ' "' c """ in ''"'" "' "'""'' '" ' : ~" Run Driver. . . ..,, Driver PeriSnei When TIT 1 lailK IfUCK . JASPER! Ala., Oct. 21 (OP)— . ' .shot to death as he jat. In \ which time efforU; Land already forfeited for fnll- ings. '\Vero "tn- its-hes- today'-follow'-' "re lo nay taxes will be returned it;? an explosion of n tank truck f o the tax rolls if this ivyvnicnl containing 200 <~allons Of gasoline. , Ir. made and the receivers are Norman Snoddy,' 35, driver of. thi» : i.»Hncd from selling for (axes mick. was burned to death whsn tieiiivnucia Dvmicrtv nnt. yi>i. fnr- ;, )3 mnchhm-went'out of control' felled, where Ihe payment of filly aii'd crashed Intu" n laundry, where per cent of otic year's made. The rule applies forfeited lands on which the po- rlfirl of rcdemutlon 1ms expired. | nearby'mnclilns shop." Both bul^ The order stipulates that the j !nfrl bmncd lo earth. full amount of thc delinquent tax- • as will remain q lien on the lands, subject to eventual payment, hut, the Injunction will give proosvlyj owners relief for ft vcar during: tnx Is i| expiotled and took liame. also to Blazing gasoline' drenched the'. Uiildlna. Flames, spread to it Hoodlum Given Death;; for Alabama Slaying ...... ... time efforts will be pushed _. „ ... ,: . .. .._•• front | to obtain refinanclm; of the dls- TOSKEOEfi, Ala., Oct. 28 (URV Uriel's Indebtedness tlirounh an R.I -Charles Spencer, reputed New three shots 1 P. C. loan similar lo thai recent-' Vork lioodlum. said to have spent ]>:.-•• expensive automobile c-l a Ulccro theater. Thc assassin fired fvcm u shotgun at close range andjly obtained by Drainage District °' > and months ago. 30 days in which to involving one of the children, a ll-rtiiu obtain from bondholders definite girl. scccptance or rejection of the of- j There is a possibilitv thai ,'. B. Icr. If a definite answer is not Ridmrdson. sentenced by a jury lo T Ark Oct 28 lUPi— f<)rthcornin B from tllc protective:five years iinprlsoiirnciu h'St imtv aiitho-ities todav nnmittce ln thnt tlmc Jllu § 0 !foi' robtery, may face trial i U.H} nllMlW" IlLt.l l< - n - l "J . TlTn^illlnn.. rnt.l ...lit lln .T-nlll^ ocV'iUI- *_11 t-,t_\ I. \*f.r fall wain then escaped in a small aulomo- '-lle. Joseph Corngokl. reputed Lodyguard of f'cwcn, was slightly wounded. He \vas held for questioning by police. Police Investigating the slaying were balfled. no; by lack of motives, they said, but by the large rimibei< of rcasors \vhy his c:iem- I tie B. A. Lynch, C. W. Afflict: and | cnse | nst mil.- He wns convicted ', R. C. Rose, commissioners of Dis-' 0 r nnoiner robbery but members mules Ferrell was| tr i cl ' 17 , John W. Meyer, the dis-Lf !::)ied instantly when the truck j tri t . engineer, 'and "c." o. Red- knocked him from the animal. . the jury later petitioned the governor for his release, declaring . — : ...... ----- •--- — — --: - (man. its auditor, were the Blythc- i ncv were convinced that n "man The driver of the truck did not : v|11c mcn prescllt n t the court Umiilnr in stature and auneamuce Thirty Slain as Arabs ! Protest Jewish Influx . a description of the vehicle, | scss | on _ j lld¥C Frierson of JoiKs- ito pachartison" realiy committed attorney for the bondhold- |ers protective committee, and sev- j eral St. Louis men, representing New York Cotton JAFFA. Palestine. Oct. 28. <UP) j —A death list of 30 with more than ! NF.W YORK; Oct. 2S iUP> —UOO others injured was reported' today as serious clashes continued »t . . O "i eral al. ijOUis men, iejJic.-*:iuuis 1 113718 Attest BntOn | the committee, were also presort r< • f*\ f Over Inner distance telenhone Mr. Cotton closed steady. open high low 963 959 956 Dec Jan Mr. roll KTiy July Ocl 978 990 1005 1017 1020 978 990 1005 1017 1020 382 976 990 1001 1020 Close 956 962 917 9D1 1003 1020 Spots closed qtiel at 975. off 10. l\cw Orleans Cotton NKW ORLEANS. Oct. 28 <UPf— Cotton closed hirely steady. open high low close Dec Jen March May Over long distance telephone Mr. ! Scott told the Courier News that ' it was impossible to say what the LONDON, Oct. 23. (UP)— Brit- \ bondholders would do. Repress- Espionage Charge! between police and Arabs dem- ish-German relations, already'tativcs of the bondholders who rc- onstraling against increased Jew- strained on the disarmament ques- j celved the offer did not commit Ish Immigration. tlon, were made worse today by | themselves. No. n or this county. It Is un-||'"s, ' ..... " 33 years behind prison Terms of the order must be taken advantage of. however. Inside the next sixty days. "No land- li'tscc in Ine fatal shooting of • W. A. Reynolds. Tuskcgec pollce- 1'ian. last February. Sp;ncer, who pleaded not guilty. tVs might have ithed his death. «' v « shn " enforce Inn law owner shall have bcncfll of this'«as convicted In a verdict, reach order who does nol lake advnn-|cd after Iwn hours of delibera- tnne of the same prior to Jan. l.i'ion. Judge W. B. Bowling sen- 1934, and nfler said dnte the rc-ltcnced Spencer to dlD in the elec- acalnst all lands lhai • sold or may be delinn tric chair at Kilby prli«J-on Dc- the act. Wants "Promise" Pulfllleil Jiunnie Jones will be on hand io see if Denver Dudley, nr in^ attorney, carries out u "promise 1 " made .11. Cfreola la^t week Dudley is snid lo hive told a jury 'rylna Jones for robberv that if it failed to convict he would dismiss every case aeainsl Jones on the Mississippi county docket. The have been may be delinnuent a'lth- : out abatement ns to any part of said taxes, penalties or costs," the . order reads. I The amount of delinquent land Is not known. The districts however. are $20,000 In default on principal, wllh past due Interest | amount ng to SG5XMO. Oiitstumllng 2 . 30 f ^ ^ bonds total $050.000. | ^^ Qf ap p voxim!l , cly 40 mem .. bers nntl a full representation o! the board !s expected as this 1s the' first meetliiH of the assocla- tional year. County Baptist Mission Board to Meet Sunday: The Mississippi county Baptist Mission Board will mesl Sunday Former Blvfhevillc Man. Accompanies Urscheli 22,832 Homes Saved Defendant to Prison. j by Loan Corporation MEMPHIS. Oct. 28. (UP)— Cass WARHINGTOtT. Oct. 28 (UP) — Coleman, who pleaded guilty to A tola! of 22.8:12 home foreclos- „ •. T -~, conspiracy in the Charles P. Ur-' rrcs. aflcctins :>o5.271.951 In inort-j - on Uncle 10!H S ?chel abduction was en route to series, have been avoided through Lcavenworlh penitentiary today. r-peratiO"s . oT 'lie federal home! HOUSTON. Texas. Oct. 28 (UP) A squad of British airplanes ar- the prospect of a British report- j Bonds of the district have been I j ury vo i C( | acq uiital and Dudley rived from Egypt, ready for an ci- being tried by the Nazi govern-, seiim? at considerably less thnnJKolle. pressed other rases nt Osce"'• I! emergency. Police patrolled the menl on an espionaie charge for!32 cents on the dollar, city and all government buildings which the penalty may be death.' U. D. C. Winning Fight . Coleman, brought here to les- owners loan corporation. II wan an- tlfy In the trial of three men ac- nounced today. cused of harboring Cieorge "Ma- Turin? the 'u?st week the cor- rliine Gun" Kelly, left last night ixjration tentatively approved 11.- —The United Dnaghters of the Confederacy appeared today to have won the first skirmish D. Panter. Munich corre- of (he London Daily were under close guard. At 6 p.m. Noel curfew was imposed to prevent «widi>i further looting of Jewish shops by Telegraph, was arrested after he night. reported a storm trooper demon— stration at Kelhelm, Germany, as of a military nature. in custody of three federal agents. jola and may do the Fame here. | Coleman will serve' a year and r.c applications for urban home 'where July 967 983 991 1000 963 967 985 998 1010 951 960 974 988 1000 9S1 958t) 915 IShot by Police Halts Speeding Automobile Guardsmen Keep Order in Carolina Mill Area 1000 Spots closed st.ady at 940, off 11. Chicago Wheat open 87 1-2 90 1-4 high 88 7-3 91 2-1 low close 86 3-4 88 1-4 88 7-8 91 3-8 Police fired one shot Into a ar on Highway 61 last night, when the driver failed to slop afler an BATH. S. C.. Oct. 28 <UP>- a'lcmpt had betn mado to halljrjomh. Carolina national guards- i-im, officers said. men patrolled this section today Police were on the highway seek-; c:ter state highway police had ii.E a stolen car when a car pas-j to resort to (ear gas to repel a :co, driven in a reckless manner, i disturbance among textile workers according to officers. Warned to Thc strikcrr, some 4.000 in all, •lop. the driver persisted In Jin (he Horse Creek Valley sec- FOOTBALL Third Period Army 14. Yale 0. Harvard. 7, Dartmouth. 0. Princeton. 6; Wash, and Lee. 0. N. Carolina, 0; Georgia Tech 0. Ohio State. 12; Northwestern. 0. Second Period Arkansas. 0: 3. M. U., 0. Fordham, 2;' Alabama, 0. Colgate. 0; Lafayette, 0. Penn., 0; Navy. 6. Columbia. 13; Penn. State 0. vpinnova. 20: Manhattan. 0. Auburn, 7; Tulane, 0. First Period Boston College, 6; Boston U.. 0. charge. 1 ! range from liquorj n day at Lcavenworth for Mies-1 lo robbery. cdly allowing tlic notorious Kelly 1 Appeal cases holding interest include chaises of false wciehts and j measurements against Liberty Cash ! Grocers and a charge of drivln? j. B. Cain, Jonesboro, Ark., c-lec- whllo Intoxicated against Oscar Elliott, fovnier police officer. Forrest chisholin' nnd Hozen Hall arc accused of robbery In fl safe robbery nt n Barfield store. I to conceal n portion of the S200,- II Q Affain Advances 000 Urschel ransom on his Texas u> *' rt s al " ""Bonces farm. American Gold Price trician, sentenced to three years' WASHINGTON" Get 28 (UP)— 1 on a charge of counterfeit.!!*, was Tlle government today raised its their .battle to prevent tho Rice Institute dramatic club from pre- :or.tiii-j Undo Tom's Cabin. While refusing to surrer.dsr r ••'-rl-telv. the rolleic players apparently were driven to cover by jury of the U. D. C. attack. Storm Off Nantucket placed on the same train. | price on newly mined American' WASHINGTON, Oct. 28. (UP>- Both ire ex-convicts. Indictments chcrping slander along and the shot was|i:on. were quiet today, but, strike Holy Cross. 1: Brown. 0 ' ' ' • ----- •- •••-'- J - - - • - ........ Chicago Corn Dec open 47 high 47 3-8 low Mav 52 3-4 63 3-8 SS 1-8 f,t 7-8 i fired Into the roar of tho car at an angle after uvo warning shots • 1 ad falkcl to bring (he driver to close a halt. Police s,ud no charges were 46 7-8 preferred against tht occupants who were local youtlit, and llbol against J. W. Creed i preacher, alleged tn have made false statements against Mrs. Harmon Seford. former Red Cross officer, will probably not be brought up at this term. Courl officials have Indicated that the matter will not be rc-opcned. , , . . gold to 831.82 an ounce from the The weather bureau reported to- Caln formerly lived In Bijthe- $3178 cent lavc i o( ycs t c rday. day that a storm which orlginat- vllle. He was salesmnn for dec-, Tne prlcc was nn ove rntght ad- rd in • the tropics Is central about '-'" *"" ivancc of six cents on ounce. To- 250 mlies southeast of Nantucket. day's Washington price was Sl.35 Msss.. and Is moving northeast- .._ ,._ ., . leaders stood firm to their 'demands for fair treatment for union labor by mill managements,! tv-lter working conditions, and elimination of the stretch-out system. Georgia. G; N. V. U.. 0. Minnesota; 0; Iowa, 0. Notre Dame, o; Pittsburgh, 0 Rutgers, 0; Lehlgh, 13. Wisconsin, o; Purdue. 0. Kentucky, o; Duke, 7. Walks 2 2-3 Miles in Buililiii BOSTON. (UP)—Delivering mail n all the office.; in Boston's new 22-story federal bulldtns, a letter carrier walks 2 2-3 miles, a pedometer sho«d.i trtcal equipment here. New Georria Camp Will ab ° TO thc world l >ricc Mt '" Lon-.wanl. attended by gales. End Chain Gang System """ M *- ! WEATHER ATLANTA. Oct. 28 ;UP)-Thc end of Georgia'.-, widely criticized rliain gang syitcm ft'iis foreseen 'cclay witli Ihu completion of Ihe i;rcpObCd $1.303,000 new prison (amp In Pp.lnau county from fcd- ^.al public v.orks The loin has been approved by Public Works Admlntslrator Ukes. Murder Case Continued j ArlC(msas _p arU y doudy . warmer —:— 'toni?li( nnd Sunday. OSCEOLA, Ark—The case of the. Memphis and vicinity—Mostly • sidle against Archie Olsen, Whit- f n j r Banner tonight and Sunday, ton farmer, charged with the mur-j Q;V cf C. T. Lonj, Tj-ronzA farm- Thc maximum temperature he_« tr was continued (or the term ! yesterday was 57, minimum 53, prior to adjournment'-of comt,cloudy, according to Samuel P. here Thursday. Karris, ofllclml *e«ther oi«nrtr,

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