The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 7
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•THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1937 JLYTIIEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVER FRUIT CUKE IS il SI) (Ml Luxurious Looking Cake Can Be Made With Economical Recipe Have you ever thought of preparing the candled fiiiit for your holiday cakes yourself? Cranberries can be made to look and even tn.ste for nil the world like candled cherries, and thin apple slices cooked in a green-tinted syrup will have tlie appearance of citron when the cake's cut. Whltc- candied dried apricols, pears, prunes and orange peel impart s delicate fruity flavor that's distinctive and unusually delicious combined with the traditional misfits i;nd nuts. It makes a fruit cake of "medium" complexion—neither very blgnde nor. very dark. And tlie slices, when it's cut literally Tilled v.ith fruit—bits of red cranberry, green-tinted apple, golden apri- cols anU'orange 1 peel, luscious dark prunes and and the crisp, c-runchy nuvs. As to the kind or nuts—you may take your choice —walnuts, almonds, pecans, brazil nuts or' hazel nuts—or even a combination of any two or three of these. Whichever kind you choose, toast them in the oven before you cut them inlo fairly large chunks. They'll add much more flavor lo Ihe cake. But before I give you ;•' the recipe for the cake—I'm going to tell you how to prepare the candied fruit. As you read over tlie amounts of fruit, and the ingredients for the cake—remember that these amounts will make foul- loaves of" fruit cake! Then you'll realize that this is really a very economical recipe for a truly luxurious-looking cake. Directions for Preparing Candied Fruit 1-4 !b. dried apricols • 1-2 Ib. dried pears 2 large apples Peel from 4 medium-sl/ed oranges 1-2 Ib. cranberries 1-2 Ib. dried prunes ... . .... L Syrup - 5 cups-sugar " - i 'i cups water. Green coloring Wash different fruits In warm water. Remove cores from pears. Peel, core and slice apples thin. Place orilnge .peel In "cold water and cook until soft. Remove'while portion with a spoon and cut yellow part In strips. Remove the Mis. of slem froin the cranberries and .tlte. pits, from .the prunes. Make a.syrup by. cooking 2'.i cups of the •sugar with one ,ciip of the water. (Use a small, sauce pan to prevent' "quick 1 .'evaporation.) Cook each -.fruit in syrup, one kind at a lime, until it "is Iransparent. Do not a I Urn riitit to boll'violently as that tends to break it. Remove each fruit from -.syrup to a strainer nnd drain well. Cook apricols first —about' "IS 'minutes,. 'Cook pears .second., about .20 minutes. Then color syrup green, lit will require quite a- bit of green to color the fruit.) Cook apple slices in this green syrup' about 30 minutes There, will be very little syrup left as it cooks down and the fruit absorbs it. Therefore make a new fyrup using the remaining 2'.-'. tii|>s of sugar and one cup of water. Cook orange peel first in this new syrup—about 25 minutes. Then cook the cranberries—about 20 minutes. And last cook the prunes—about 15 minutes, As Uie different fruits nre drained, spread them to dry on buttered plates. Let stand 24 hours before using in fruit cake. This amount of fruit after it is candled and cut up will measure the amounls given In the cake recipe. It is easy to candy additional fruit for Christmas boxes nt the same time. But for use as a confection it is necessary to dry the fruit more. After it has dried once, roll the fruit in sugar and Jet it dry another 24 hours Repeat. It will take 3 days to prepare the -fruit this way. Syrup left ' after candying fruit can be used in apple sauce. Pineapples or pears can be soaked in It and used for 'meat garnish or salads. I Ilomc-Ciudicd-Fruit Cake i 2 cups seedless raisins 1 cup candled cranberries 1 cup candied apricots 1 cup candled prunes 1 1-2- cups candled pears 1 cup green candied apple 1 cup candied orange peel 2 cups mils, coarsely cut 1 cup shorlening 11-4 cups sugar 4 eggs 4 cups all-purpose flour 2 tsp. baking powder 2 Up. salt 1 tsp. cinnamon 1-2 cup milk 1 tbsp. brandy or sherry flavoring or elder Wash raisins In warm water. Leave cranberries whole and cut remaining fruit .wllh scissors (not • ,'jpo fine). The fruit Is measured Bftor it Is cut up. Add raisins and nuts lo other fruit. Line bread loaf pans with, 2 thiduwwes of Thanksgiving Carving Takes Eclgo-icalion To make csrv- tag easier and more graceful, try these 1m- plemenls, Center rear, a clamp in chromium to hold the roast, poultry scissors and a knife sharpener. Bolh sets of carvers rttown In'tnc were made for duly. The st't at Hie right was designed for small fowl or small luv- kcys; Hie. other set, for larger lilvils. (Cullory from Hamrnacher .SchlemincT, New York,) PLEIOTOF Forget Frills, Provide Substantial Meal For Men Only BY BETTY CROCKER Every now and then the men folks ilke lo get together by themselves and have a party in their own way with the.sort of honest-, to-goodness he-man food they en•joy.; No coy sandwiches or frilly, salads for them. They don't 'even crave the best table linen or silver or china. The keynote or their parties must be comfort and enjoyment of hearty substantial food, bountifully provided. Fathers, grandfathers—c o 11 e g c youths and even high school boys are alike In this desire for an exclusive evening with their o\vn kind now and then. Sometmes they'll even undertake preparing, all the food. thetaselves. but more often that part of the parly'is left to mother and the girls—who willingly take .it over because' they love to see father and the boys having a. good time with their own friends. It may be a political group—or the Sunday School class—or the boys on the football or baskelbair learn —who are to be the giiesls. Whoever they are. the host is just as anxious as any woman that the food be particularly delicious nnd out-standing—as-good, if not heller than the grand supper the crowd had at the Joneses last time they got together. One woman I know 1ms made a specialty of Baked Stuffed Spareribs and Sauerkraut for her men when (hey want to give a strictly stag affair with no woman nearer than the kitchen. Here is her complete menu with the recipes. Can't you see the broad happy smiles on Ihe faces of the men or boys who sit down to (hi: 1 supper? Baked Stuffed Spareribs Sauerkraut Hot German Potato Salad Dill pickles Rye Bread Deep Dish Apple Pie Cheese Beverage Baked Bluffed Spareribs 2 matching sides of Spareribs (3 to 5 Ibs.) 2 cups soft bread crumbs 1-2 cup celery, diced 1 small onion, grated "l cup meat stock 1 tsp. salt 1-4 tsp. pepper •Stock may b c made by dissolving one bouillon cube in one cup boiling water. Make a stuffing by mixing together bread crumbs, celery, onion, meat stock and seasonings. Spread stuffing thickly on one section of spareribs. Place second section on loo of stuffing, and sew the. 2 sec(tens together with a heavy thread or piece of string. Sprinkle with heavy paper and grease well. Cream shortening, add sugar and cream well. Beat eggs until very light and add to the creamed mixture, sift flour once before measuring, sift flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon together. Add to creamed mixture alternately with the milk, adding fruit and mit.s with the last addition of the four. Add flavoring and mix well. Fill pans 3-4 full of baiter and bake 2 hours in a slow oven. 300 degrees P.. keeping pans covered with heavy paper for the first half of the baking. Test center of cake with cake tester before removing from oven. Size of pan: Pour a bg 1-lnch bread pans. salt and pepper, and lay on a rack in an open roasting pan. Do not add water. Do not cover. Bake 2 hours in a moderate oven (350 degrees FJ. Remove stitches, and serve on a bed of sauerkraut. Garnish svllli sprigs of pnrslev Amount: 10 servings. Ifof German Potato Salart 8 medium sized potatoes 1-2 small onion 1 1-2 tsp. salt 1-8 tsp. pepper 8 slices bacon 1 thsp. sugar 1 cup mild-flavored vinegar Boil potatoes with skins on tin- til tender, but not mealy. Peel, and slice into a bowl. Slice oirfon very thin, and add to iwtatoes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cut bacon Into small pieces and fry until crisp. Add sugar and vinegar, and heat to the ' scalding point. Pour over the potatoes. Mix very 'caro- ; • fu V'y_.. to . avoid, .breakliig" potato slices.- tet's'fand 'over'hot'Tvater for a few minutes.until ready lo.serve. Amount: 10 servings. LIGHT DESSERTS AID IN Keep Waistlines T r i m While Appeasing Reducers' Appetites BY MRS. GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Service Sl.ilt Writer If you ivate'h your waist-line, watch your desserts. Keep them within bounds and use as many fruits as possible. Combined into colorful combinations fruits, mils and frujt juices can become safe company for the overweight eti- joyer of good salads and desserts. I'runc Sponge PudrtUif « to 6 servings) Pour tablespoons quick-cooking tapioca. 3 tablespoons sugar. 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1 1-3 cups prune juice anil milk, l tablespoon butter, l-a teaspoon cinnamon. ) i-^ [ teaspoons gratc-j orange rind. :! i tablespoons orange juice, 4 tea- j spoons lemon juice, l cup finely' cut. cooked prunes, 3 egg yolks,! beaten until thick ami lemon-col-' oreri. 3 egg whiles, stiffly bealcn. Combine lapioca. sugar, salt, prune juice and milk in top of double boiler. Place over rapidly boiling water and bring to scalding point 3 minutes, stirring frequently. Add butler, cinnamon, orange rind, orange juice, lemon juice, and prunes. Cool slightly while be.iting eggs. Add egg yolks and mix well. Fold into egg whites Turn into greased baking dish'. Place in pan of hot water and bake in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) 50 to 50 infiuiti's, or until r.rm. Cranberry anil Orange Salad (4 to C .sc-ri'lngs/ One package oninee-flavoved gelatin, l 3-4 cups hoi water, l medium orange, peeled mid settled, 2 cups raw cranberries, 3 tablespoons sugar. Dissolve gelatin in not wnler Chill until slightly thickened. Put arasge and cranberries through food chopper; add sugar. Fold into Slightly thickened gelatin. Turn Into individual inolrts. Chill until firm. Unmold on crisp lettuce. Serve with mayonnaise. If you wnsl indulge, try this fruit candy. TuKi-fruIti Fudge Two squares unsweetened chocolate, 3-4 cup milk, 2 cups sugar, dash of salt, 2 tablespoons butter 1 .teaspoon, vanilla, 4 tablespoons' each candled cherries, candied pineapple, flgs and raisins (rinsed thoroughly dried, nnd finely ciilo 4 tablespoons blanched pistachio meat.":, Add chocolate to milk and plnco over low Hume, cook until mixture is smooth and blended, stirring constantly. Add sugar and salt urn! sUv until sugar is dis- : solved and mixture boils. COH-I Imuo .boiling, without .stirring. ,m-i III a small amount of inlxlure forms (232 degrees P.). Remove from Hie. Add butter and vanilla Cool lo lukewarm (no degrees F.); then beat until mixture begins lo tr.icken and loses; its gloss. Add fruit nnd mils. Turn at once inlo greased pan, 8.vl inches. When cold cut in squares. Makes 18 large pieces. If desired decorate each square with o blanched pistachio half Inserted in center of maraschino ci-.ern ring, But Nol So Easy For Bo fimwn Sharp Knife .Very Rsscnlial « v "US. (JAYNOU MAD1IOX NT..Y Ki'i-vlir Klair H'rllir Tlif iir s i nun.. ] s ,i j (mnl| , (,,,(. <!PJ- (in-key, -(lie noxt inosl Impor- Unl h-atinv of Urn Thniite'jlvlnu •' i ; a slmii) knifo. Ami how r.;'iH «,nc wli-Jd thill kilifi- to make " • "' liri'iis 1 mid luuik.s of rii-h 'lii'i-. meat lull ID (he plutler In perfect lorni? 1 .M-t out I,, 11 10 best ptsstble InslriicMcms. R,st I took a lesson from C-M-ar nt the Waldorf. "It's easy," In- siild. shnrixuiine the Inn? beautiful blnde a waller' hntl Just laid belore him. "but not unless lh« kiille is peifeclly sharp, u the first, stroke of Die carvltig knife is made jnsl where It will. -Jo Ilie most good, the carving from then on is un easy mutter," l.i'f (,'omrs Off First "Cut the leg off first." he said, moving (lie knife «-ttl) Ills worlrt- fiunoiis skill. "Cut it olf at (he '""'•iid iolnt. then disjoint the drumstick. 'Ilie next step In the carving operation Is Ihe cnltlm? off of Hit- ivini». NOIV the carver Is reaily to slice the breast meat- thick or thin, accordliu; lo the cus- lom of the household. Slice the breast downward." Before me lay perfectly cnl slices Of turkey, nnd the ficnifil O.scitr smiled as he lurried the bird around. "Now we start on the other side and do (he same Uilng. Didn't I (ell you II was easy?" Oscar of (he Waldorf Is generally regarded as Hie field marshal of all hosts, and Is not inclined any more lo spend tlme-cnrviiig turkeys. Therefore Ihe favor he granted me Is deeply winrccialed, and I pass along his generous inslruclions with his good wishes for a wonderful Thimksgivln^ dinner. Auolher wise friend of mine !s Billy Ockcndon. belter known as Billy the Oystcmiau. His talents with food have made (him famous •; He's)A--big man. well dressed always, nutl" ruddy. "No multcr how v .-cH your knife liu-s been hhnrpi>ned In the kllchon »<> turkey should be rnived without i\ lust mlnule slmrpr-nlni; on u sti'ri at the tnbte," ho snld. "Tint not only Insures yon the blndc will be right, but Is also u (rrm-lnus fjpslwc iirrmnrv at siK'h u ceremonial and restive occasion," Slli'k l-'nrk In llwisl "I'liico Hie tuitey on u, |,:ick on a liui-n nlal(i>v....don'l i-ron-d |i, onto a smaller nlniter—wllh (he leijs In Hie risiht of the ciirvcr. The -cii'-i'- Ing fork Is then Inserted InUi i|m breast to hold the bird [irmly nnd to Insure no nilslmm. Houif riii'vern prefer lo use n roiwl elnino nr i-ir- ver'.i asstslnht wllh prouijs. No'v you arc rcndv to oil. Push Ihe lea newly with tho knife to avoid k-ar- Inif Hie meat, Tlu-n <:nt through Ihe ilil^h Joint, which when severed should be placixl on n service plal- ter which is nl hand. S>.>|>,irnlo Ihe drutnstii-k rrom Ihe thlijli. The wlin comes HI-XL and is removed by cnl- llna (he (olnt whrre the win* and body milled, Wine and IhitUi n>- iiioved, Hie breast ti free nnd allows you lo ml the while meal easily into Ihln slices. The ilvirk meat is usually i-»l In cliiinks because most people like II tlvil «-nv " Billy (he Oyslcrnmn nnlshed his lesson wllh u bit ot serving advice. "Serve a slice of white'meat flml r< hunk of dink meat lov cnoli of your iiiiesls unlcv; lh">' p-^vr;- n desire for a special selection of their own. Cover the meal ivllh islblct gravy, add a generous holp- ln« of cranberry sauce, a larfcc'por- tion of mixed yellow imnlos and mashed polatoes. and yon have a dish fit lo serve n king." Now you have two sets of Instructions from two famous carvers. They differ very lllllc, so you nre doubly Instructed In Uie way lo carve Ihe Tlmnk'sglvlng Inrkey. Red rain fell al L,nko Oarda. Knly. The phenomenon was caused by (lusl picked up by slancl-sloriiu In the Sahara Desert. But Family 'Iwibly Ask For HV MUS. (iAVNOK MA»I)()X NBA Service SlufT Writer flrnpefnilt offers good citrus b.-ir- KBlns now. Usii lots of them In Ihe family menls. wild orannes. lomnto Juice, they belong In the health nuisl.s. Here's n new mnllln Idea np frou; Florida. This muffins nre so full ol iipprecliillou for the- tnrt urape- rmit llmt (hey Just wrap their HR|I( i bow] and add 1-4 Cl ip fiusar . lct slant! while preparing Duller, cream shorlening until light and fluiry | add 1-2 cup sugar, email amount , "t a lime, blending 1 thoroughly af- 1 lor each mldlllon. Add beaten eggs ' lo mixture. Slfl flour, measure, and ! slit nsaln :) (lines together wilh bakiiiji powder nnd Kill. Add milk, and dry Ingredients ttUcrimtely lo sugar mixture, healing wcl'f after each luldlllon, Drain swcclenc-d Knipefrull si'imjeulu ami &l \$ '1.4 teaspoon bnkinjj soda lo grapefruit , pulp; combine with muffin batter. Pour Into wc'll-grcased imiirin tins and bake 30 minute* In a moderate' mm O50 degrees p.). In Honolulu,!where entertalnlm? Is Ihe major indoor sport, they combine pineapple wllh grapefruit as a llrsl course for dinner, llwullmi <;rapctrult Six perfect erajx'fnill, 2 cups Mireddetl fresh or canned: 'line- apple, « Muttons tangerine, 'with . . l " > J" 11 - »">i' uiuir iiRiiu iipiiiir, ii Muttons tangerine with •lough around llus B niuoiriiH. .hi'il I membranes removed, « Wilts'susav an old Florida custom, maybe. | Cnt RmwfrM ,„ hlUr| C1 . OSS . W , S5 (.niiicfuilt nrmilns I Remove P»lp and llbcr membrane;. • •I to (I serving i leaving a clean grapefruit shell.,' Separate- membrane from alt pulp.i. then mix pulp with shredded pineapple. Return mixture to shell and, IVg Leg Into Itcvrrse DALLAS <UP)—D. E. Iledgecock, of Dallas, was laken to an emergency hospital after his car hit a lelephone pole, and Dr. Schricberg was startled to see his leg turned around, the toes facing backward. But IMgecock wasn't worried, it, was his wooden leg. Canada's 193C total i)ack of vegetables was 9,2-11.000 cases, as compared with 6.583.000 cases the preceding year. "Today our healthy Dionne Quirs had •^ — — ™ ™ •^^^ mm -mm. mm •mmmr says Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe, their famous Guardian! r; —r «, , ._, Famouj Siller,, now in 4thyear, thrlv- ^ "' ing on Breakfast of Great Americantf • Here,mothers, is (he greatest breakfast bargain ever!... A whole serving of Quaker Oats-rich in food-cocrgy, rich in.flavor-costs only 'A cent! No other oatmeal like it! It's the mainstay of millions. And gives everyone a rich supply of Nature's Vitamin lithe vitamin you need daily to combat nervousness, constipation, poor appc- titcl Take advantage of your grocer's prices todayl | —.—* ** JT «-t^ P*4 0 _W«rWC^.»tt. VW^ROATS/JS _, f / *•* N.S.A. S«rTk*Joc,* BRACES-VPNERVES & P/Gf$n<M-wM GROCER Y& MARKET "Wtiere Everybody Trades" IM K. Main St. Phone Ifil Pure Pork Sausage. Lb. 20c Bologna, all meat-. Lb. I5c D. S. Meat, best grade Lb. I8c Oleo Lb. I8c K. C. Steaks Lb. 30c Home Killed Steaks Lb. 20c Fresh Dressed Hens FLOUR Money Hack (liiiiriinlcc While Hisciiil 2.1 !l>. <«)c, hli!. S7 Cookcasy, 24 Ib. 8(k; hill Jli FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS Glazed Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Citron Lb. 48c Glazed Cherries Lb. 65c Glazed Pineapple Lb. 60c Shelled Pecans , . . .Lb. 60c Shelled Almonds .Lb. 75c Pecans, paper shell Lb. 17y 2 c Almonds Lb. 24c English walnuts Lb. 20c . - . . 12c Celery, Jumbo stalks ]3 C Lettuce, lar?e Iceberg head 5c Grapefruit, Texas Seedless Ea. 5c Green Beans, Texas Lb. 13c Grapes, Emperor . Lb. 8c Tomatoes, fresh Lb. I3c Kfifja.c/c Your T-hanksgivinff Turkey From Us Sugar ... 10 Lbs. 54c Shortenine; ]... 8 Lbs. 95c Brooms, 4-string £a. 25c ^»«ee 2 Lbs. for 25c Macaroni or Spaghetti 3 for lOc Meal Fresh 24 Lbs. 40c Vanilla Extract 8 oz. 10c Washboards, Lutes Snecial 23c FOUR DELIVERIES DAILY One clip Krnjwrnill si-Biucnls, 1-4 iii> Mifnr, 1-2 cup Ijutler or other shortening, 1-2 cup siiRiir. 2 eugs, 1 ' ' ••mm inning, \-i cup siiRiir. i! esgs, I »l'l»c. ueuirn mixture to shell and, cup milk, 3 cups Hour, 'i Ica.spoons >\ mv ^ llglilly. CHirnlsh each half baking powder, ] twispoon K aU, 1-4 wltl1 » bright ornnt'o Mellon of Icasiioon baking .soda, lni«rnHnn WIUi a sharp knlfu, cut Ihtck iycf off top (UK) bolloin of fruit; l>ci'l around deep cnoucli move nil while mcmbrimc, cut on to re- either side of each dividing inem- brnni" and remove moat, by .wgiiieul. i>ut sennit tangerine. To ^ut the sweetness of any breakfast Juice, such us grape Juice, tomato or prune juice, mix with half grapefruit Juice. Tooit cannot be turned Into liv- n Ing (issue successfully without sleep. TRY A SUPERFE Without £osi or Obligation! \Ve will install a Sunerfex Hc.'iter in your home subject (o your approval and if you arc not 100 per cent sntislieil with its operation the insinuation will not cost you one penny. Terms 12 OJ18 Montis Beautifully Restyled SUPERFEX HEATERS rrooucr OF piMicnoK iron COKPAHT E NJOY the new comfort and convenience .of clean, steady heaf with the attractive new Heat-Director. Burns low-cost fuel oil. No machinery. Gives radiant, circulated and "directed" heat. No other heating stove can give you all these advantages. Patented adjustable shutters direct heat where you want it. Floors quickly warmed. Modern design, rich two-tone brown porcelain enamel finish. Also radiant type heaters. Several sizes, heating capacities 2,850 to 9,770 cu. ft., depending on size and climate (equal to several ordinary rooms). Lef us show you the model best suited (o heat your home, store or office. Six years' successful service, and "made by Perfection Stove Company" are your assurance of dependability. PHONE 32 18 Years of Service and Square Dealing

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