The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1933
Page 8
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m.YTHEVlUE, (ATIK.) COURIER NEWS KRIDAV. UCT.iRKK 27. Rubber-Tired Gasoline Train Off For Service; in Texas Congr ressman ,0river Prin-j cipal Speaker nl Sh;-.\v-! nee Las! Nighl. { - JOINEK Aik.. CHI. 27. - Bicssniiiu \V. J. Driver •-'! O: cli'iivercd the ;;rircij>:>! :idilK'-'S| dcdicatir.™ m'.v a^j-idiUm 1 .-;! ami. hotr.e economic-, l;'.:i!'K::<:s tn- the! Sbavnee CoiVrOiicl^tf-ri scho.'l C;M:!-; jws hive L'sl ulnlit. \ The dedicatory )ir.i> wiii Iw-UI. :n the school aiiiliniiii:!)) foilo'.vini. j a banquet attended by more ihr.:i 1TC persons. ' Cll'.cr :£uerike:-s rm ihe pj'flsrnin [ "\vi-:-e Mivs ftantcs H-nley o! • "" lte:-k and C. R. Wilkiy of .lni'.rs- bcro, both icprcHrma'.ivfs ol 11.c stale departmeML of t Tho nvo bulMsni's. by n community commil'.Ci which G. L. Salmon wire presented to IM Slmvnce j.c'-icol bocrd bv Mr. Salmon and aci't-r.teit Ijy n.'. H. .1. president of tlu 1 board, vho m turn l! 1 :; by tM^nllm-. I'lili o ui; li, |i ....... mil- tins nii>! ran snaki' 7. r > r;ir. .ilr-(jo!i<ljijoii:'il railraiii train, jiiutiuvd a; I'hil.Kiilpliia In-fore IIKIK |H K Fort. Wouli-'l'p.i.irlciiiu run. will and irl. Loni-j nn Ihc trip ucst. mill's nil hour! Tlicso ai-q the mica-Minn realities in lllis new uio-j tin- dcllvrry trip lo Hie' Texas .ind IMirillc ullrond. Tin- trsiiii. llonici'svillc Society-Persona tjc- placnl on i-xlilWtlon In Cliirnuo. Auror;.. III.. oncjr'r.: stud::!)!.-: c! the Acceptance o! uv homo <-'"o cu;UH:e on tho pint »1 tlv v.-as by Naunia MrrV.rid aiiU RcbL. Andttv 1 s ;:trt'i>tctl the acrhuldral ljuildig:i; [or Hip ;tu- ilc-m r . of vocul-luiial :i£ncnltmv. L'olU (\re sttiilchls. Sui:c!in'.L'iiilout M. W. Mcltun ncted as master of ceremonies, the mcelinj opracd and closed " ivltli rraycr by the Hcv. 1'nul Gullowp.y ol Joiner, and m'.i?iCiil mui;lJCTS VL'ii coulribntcd by M:^s R^lmrlle Muticlr. uifinipt. luul F. S. Witi- foi'd, vocal soloist. Among tlii' !!:ir\«!.'i wa^ Hnyh A. J]roik c . of, Mi'i^rMv, hecrciary of ilio M.-'nealia Cuiii!;,' Club and Mr. French ol" Memphis, a member of the cli!l). wliirli coii!;-lb;i'.ed from the ;-ltib preserve .south of Joiner the cypress lo^s ti.-ed in ccnstnic- tlon of the ivo' builrtlni',5. Mi'. Unnks niacit- a rhort t:ilk cspi-e^- irt? the cutinij club's InU'ri^t in I'nc bulidlni; wlio c-r thai :ii A. 'tfis. L'.ivc-rne am! Maty 1/Jii. sliup- lie:3 in a lr;v flriys Jirsl of i!ii! work. Mr. and Mrs,. .1. Chicn'j,' Mrs. Sadie Ci'llt'. 1 : rbu-<]iter. Mrs. Cieorge rnrina, vKltc;! llieir M«r Mrs. W. W. Cn(c-s. last Friday. 11. ['. Parks :.)ii!iit Tuesday iind on l)iii.ii:eti.s In St. IxniLs. N'. Taiikcisley ol n n d of i.ucy, i nnd nil JAMKS IirtY.'.NT CONA.NT Is the ptvskK nt of HJrvard University. lll'SSIA b;'.J all army Of i: l!ill!iu2 UiOtt. TCKIK-I- Ralpa Is I' » .— "'•-> r" i'<-.i._ UUHAS. pie pie Kcneroiisly with sliveiided I ((K-oanui before putting on Hie Hil> fi'iihi. They ndd coconniii io uinwrbrend. They combine sliced ' manges, pineapple cubes and >)ircd(tnl toconiuii w make simple Mussolini Gels New TvDE and delicious desserl.- i — Fiom florldii conies the follow- ri'ci|M for eocoamiL pudding. <'i>eoaiiut 1'uddtti^ One nnd one-hull cups .shred:-d frreii coeoapnt, 1 tup brciul •crumbs. I cup cocoar.ui milk, :!-•! •ii'jiir. l-:i cii|> melted bultcr, 'i oi!« yolhs. l teasiKXin vniiillu. Heat yoiks of CKCJS until very with HIBSII-. Heat In bultev iu:d add bread crumbs, cocoanut,, \aiilllL'. urn! tnilk of eoeoanui. Pour i:)lo LI butlei-cd linking dish, place- in a m a and tomato sulad. pt-ars v,"lih coconut bred. milk, coffee. Of French Chicken!j LE HAVRE (UPl—A nn- lyp-.- of'- eiiicken lias been bred by ihc i '.vcjrld'.s mo.-il ari.sloeraiie c-liieken- i grower, MaiquLse dir Don!:; de C/rf.ville. \vho has sent one hen Irom Die neu 1 family lo .Mussolini lo permll Hie bleeding In Italy. Tilt L'hlcken i.; called i!;-_' "Man's fO'.vl," lnien;lc-(l to be the (Invsi I'.nd [attest (if pro-jncts destined lor the roasting spil. Her Friday &, Saturday MAT. "and N1TK—10c - 25r SISTER MARYS KITCHEN I man's mother. M.->. it. K. Anderso:). -Mrs. Audloy Allen and daiiglite:'. ! tell Tm-v.lsy kr St. L'Jiiis. home of Celeste, and Mrs. Ho^coe Ciolf. vllh I Ihr WL'!!I-..IUS. .'.(tcr sjjtnding tv.-o tl-i'ii (!«csf:, Mr. and MrJ. I-'ay ] week'; wit!) rei.uive; lie:-.'. "aimer of l-'llnl. Midi., visited! friends in l!ro«nsvll!i' nurt Coving-I ^^ (on. Trim, lau -xc:-f. returnlsis ( if~*~T~l r~\ honi^ Sa'.urJay. Mrs. George Plefce returned to lu-r horn:' a 1 , f::o-.vah. Ark.. S:ilur- (!ay filler soeudiinx a Te-.v ilays \vltii lit'i si'/ier. Mis. p. i'. ilryant. The R"v. C. N. dailies, for Ihe •• four years Melliodist pastor at Thayer. wns assigned lo llw llor- neusvilie church i\t ihr tneetliii; of llje St. T,ouls cflnforcnrc at Slkes- icn last week. He succeeds the Ilcv. Ni. A. Masscy. pastor here lor four years, who \vas assluned to the iluirch nl Steelc. Tile new puslor will (Kdi])y the pulpit. Sunday morning. Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Klllinn, who lian c,f i'ji vaiei' and bake exhibit m tbe recent Rome Inter- moderate oven for one hour, national aviculture exhibition uls: Cover with mcrineiie made willi hn; . [,„.„ bought bv the Freneli »l i'i!g.s benten mull stiff Avimitnre Society and it is umlcr- lal.lespMns sugar. B.ike , tooll also ,,.„, b ' e „,,„„, e.iu it, mnmlcs in a slow oven to MM a .. lll= rfe , t VreaAl puff and color Hie mmnguc. ('«. whites wilh •! w iianuL Salad TV, o cups grated rav.- cfirrots. II tup crushed plneaiiplc. I cup I shredded cocoaniit, 4 tables|)ooiis e I llla ' 1: ' 10 '''' have tiem living at Manila :Uu hv; | fo::d I»Y S1STKI! JIAKV \ \i;A Scrvli'i' Writer We seldom consider coc.oanut in: i'rni^ of fonrl value and use H | :'.oie as a parnislJ on delicaie: ake:i and cci-Jkie-s. Nevei'theless. its j sii'iuld nl bi 1 oveiloo!:- I Mic cotton vacation, visile;! Irieiuls here Sunday. Mrs. Ilayden Olascock ol Odk- 'snd, Cal.. and Charles Bowdy ol Ol:ran. Ark., visited Mrs. Charles V. l.angdcn aver Ihr. wci'k-en;l. Mr. nnd Mrs. G. A. Qnlnn, Mr. Miil Airs. J. o Mnlthra-s. Dr. nnrl Mrs. E. a. Cope. Mrs. 11. K. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Gocch attended Uic Sundny session of the tint to a Washinslon creum pie or St. Louis conference a: Sikeston. any other concoction, we add both Th2y henrd Uisliop A. Prank Smllli noiivLiliim'iil and caloiles. Roitthci'n cooks use cocoanut to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. \Velmon make many of their famous delicu- d liulo son. Hay. with Mis. Wei- cirs. They sprinkle an uuspimi all- One cn]> shreridcfi c.ocoanut i \\elyhim, r about three ounces con- | inins 2t) calorics of proleln, 414 of • and 101 oi carb^jhydratcs. milk- j ini; a total o{ M5 culrlivi. It is | a j;uod .somco of vitamin 13," bill Inv; in A. I C'onscmiently, we add n cup of ciK-oaiuil or of canned coi'ca- ciiopiK'd saiietl altnoiuls, mayonnaise. Combine carrots and pineapple. cud chill. Add cccnnut, when! ready lo serve. Arrange on leaves • I'"" of head lettuce, nuibk with innyon- j <l!lr nalsc and sprinkle with nuts. "" Anolhcr very good salad com-! bines cocojinuL wltl\ nppte, celery I and MVCCI green pcp|X?rs. Either. fresh or canned pineapple is used, j Tntnnrrciw's .'Menu i BREAKFAST': Graix; juice - ; , with lemon juice, cereal, cream, j country sausage, poiatoes Im^li- ! ed In milk, crifp loast. milk, ' coffee. S LUNCHEON: Cniilinower in i sauce, coconnut nnd carrot salad, rice pudding. sweet, cider. DINNER: Swiss sleak with brown gravy, maslied potatoes. creamed lurnips, iiead. MUlco'. Shnnii lilami'd fi:r M.Uarhi NEW OHLKANS. lUl'l—The de- |)|f-L5ion another crime at its dc::r. The Ix)nislana Stale Board o; Hcallli rtjiorv-:! an increase in malaria ca.sos caused by ec-dinj in gutters and other not kept as clean as usual. to the ero:i2iii!e depression. Paving and Sewer TAXES I'or 193^ nre nnw tine Jitirl payable G. (J. CAUDll,!, Cullcrtur Ollice Hext IDS N. Uroadsvay (-v.- ! J osto!Tice Last Time Today MATINKK 2:30—1 Or - 25t NIGHT (ji-lr.—lOc - ;i5c itark drama told in a now way ...NARRATAGE .MAT. nntl Nite—lOc - 25c SKKIAI. - - CARTOON Sunday • Monday . & N1TE—lOc - 25c A poranounl Picture with GARY GRANT BENITA HUME JACK La RUE GLENDA FARREU ROSCOE KA-^IS SERIAL with Buck Jones COMEDY vtith SPENCER TRACY COLLEEN MOORE A Jesie L. Lasky Production Olr«tt«d by W I III AM K. HOWARD Sennett Comedy Cartoon " SUNDAY-MONDAY MATINKK ;mi1 NICHT—lOe - 'I0e Medicine was hii profession but his hobbies were youth, romance, humor and human nature Sad moments, glad moments . . . they're all here in Iht story of immortal Peg thai has won the heart of the world! with ONST.OW STKVENS J. I-'ARRELL MacDONAI.l) .MJI.IE1TE CO.MPTON CARTOON - - COMEDY with \ MARIAN NIXON . RAIPH MORGAN AHOY DEVINE Olr«it«d by John ford NEWS — CO.MEDY with Xasu IMtls and 1'hclma 'i'mlcl A nationally domestic science lecturer SPEAKS HER MIND" concerning COFFEE 1' ' VK hern :i Kiiosl at moals which, whih 1 carefully :»n<l \vell prepared, were ruini'il because of one thing . . . hail coffee. .Most coffee lovers actually derive pleasure from a good meal only when the coffee is fresh and cor- rcctly made ... A point of- fen ns'crlnokcil by hostesses. Too much emphasis cannot he placed on (he importance of serving coffee that will not "(Tend your guests tastes." — Mrs. Ccor^e Thurn. Four Lea/ Cofjee \Vas used for I lie olh consecMtivi; year in tli<: ("ourier News Cooking Seliool e.ondueled by Mrs. Thurn this week. Slie highly praised its freshness and goodness. Roasted and Packed by CENTRAL COFFEE CO. Hlylheville, Ark. Good News for Old Hats We havi- ,i»st made aiinlhci- iinprovomeiil in our service by install- iiiif Wiw Ui|iii|)nieiit I'or clcuninj: :uul reblix-king fall :u;ii whiter liat^;. This is in ktcpinK with our policy of inniiitaininK l.lic hu-t possililu .sc'i'vice in every dcpartinoiit of our business. . S.-iiul us your hut work and wu promise you will not. be liisapjiointcd in the i-esulis. Unique,Cleaning Service "Raises the Standard" 411 W. Main St. Phone 171 You have learned the latest in Cookery this week at the Cooking School . . . now, we want you to ct>me to our store and see the newest stove to aid you in carrying out the newer ideas for preparing food. T he Latest'" Lav ov;n type, PorceS.iin Bi:.» i in Cteam-Ta:i R(p- plctone cflecc MODEL 914 tipc range finished in Snow- Whin Low ovre, 3-burner 9 finished in gray porcelain enamel uxl baked black Japan- Modern Cookin "for Any Home, Anywi TJTERE are the new wonder stoves that bring •"- ••• you the latest in modern gas cooking service ... no matter where you live. They light instantly, just like gas! They ccok like gas. They make and burn their own gas from clear-white untreated gasoline. In the new Coleman Satety TS are found every modern {ealure for safety LIU! continuously dependable service. Mew consnuc- [ion features and new operaiing convenier.-rt-s make it possible for you always to have better cooked foods. New Styles, Nev# Finishes Several new models have conceded iusi tanks. They are stiiking in style and beauty as handsome as the finest city gas range. Yi ti li like their modern lines, their gleaming finish in smooth and Rippletone effects. These new stoves cock better and quicker They save you work, time and mo.iey The average meal for a family of five can be cool:ed with 20 worth of fuel: Before you select any stove, be sure to see the new Coleman Instant-Gas. It will solve your cooking problems at once and for all time' MODEL 93O unth CcmctaW Furl T.rA, la Ciwrc.-Tan Ripplttooc pcrcclain

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