Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York on September 18, 1970 · Page 24
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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York · Page 24

Binghamton, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1970
Page 24
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. f-'-if.-.a.-.-j.. 4-q PRESS, Binghamton, N. fCy Believed Rethinking U.S. Visit WASHINGTON (AP) Nixon administration officials say Vice- President Nguyen Cao Ky may now be reconsidering his visit to the United States to attend a "march for victory" raily here next month. The , opposition of key Republican and Democratic senators on both sides of the Vietnam war issue is expected to . be a persuasive dissuader. In addition Vietnamese friends of the vice president have been advising him the situation is not favorable at this time for a U.S. visit under the auspices of the Rev. Carl Mclntire, a fundamentalist radio preacher. Adopting , something of a , "don't-call-us, we'll call you" attitude,, officials were vague about the Ky visit. According to one knowledgeable source, Jne Ky visit has been left dangling. "We, still have had no formal application saying that he is coming and requesting appropriate consideration," explained one official. ? State Department officials have taken pains neither to .welcome the visit nor denounce it. Instead they are looking the other way, obviously hoping Ky would notx make an appearance here that could sharpen opposition to the Vietnamization program. , Mclntyre flew to Saigon last.; weekend to persuade Ky to stand up under what he called pressure from the White House and State Department to stay away from the Oct. 3 rally designed to encourage support for an all-out military effort in Vietnam. Some State Department spokesmen said they are hope-ful Ky might reconsider , the visit which they fear would sharpen domestic divisions ' over the war. Meanwhile, Senate critics, who include supporters of the Nixon policy, were explicit in condemning the trip. Inastrongly worded speech, Sen. Gordon Allott, v R-Colo., said Thursday Ky's ' acceptance of Mclntire's invitation can only intensify U.S. dissent over the war. Allott, chairman of the Sen-j ate's Republican Policy Committee, often echoes the President's views in the Senate. 1 iVo Reconsideration ? Ky Aide Contends ' SAIGON (AP) - A senior aide to Nguyen Cao Ky said today the South Vietnamese Vice-President is not reconsidering his visit to the United States to attend a "March for Victory1" rally, and his decision right now is "irreversible." "He will tell the American ,' people why we are fighting," said Col. Phan Van Minh, i Ky's chief of staff. "He is not 1 reconsidering. He is all set to go. We are working on his s p e e c h . AH arrangements have been made." Indictment Of Niarchos Is Rejected ATHENS (AP)-A panel of lower court judges rejected to- - day a public prosecutor's proposal that Greek shipping multimillionaire Stavros Niarchos be indicted in connection with the death of his wife. The prosecutor said he would appeal the decision to a higher court. Prosecutor Constantine Fa- - foutis, who has been handling the case since Eugenia . Niarchos died on her hus- ) band's private island last May 4, said he would file an appeal within the next 10 days in accordance with Greek legisla- tion. ' The three-man lower court panel rejected a recommenda-' tion that Niarchos be indicted :,on charges of causing bodily injury leading to his wife's death, ' A spokesman for Niarchos issued a statement in London that said: "It can now be disclosed that the leading British expert Dr. Donald Teare, professor of ' London University, who has ' f specialized in forensic medi-1 cine for 32 years during which he has conducted no less than ' 8 5", 0 0 0 autopsies including . some 1,200 cases of barbiturate poisoning, was invited 'to comment on the Piraeus district attorney's report to the ' judicial tribunal. "In a signed statement, Prof. Teare said that he is in full agreement with the findings of his Greek forensic colleagues . . ." - A board of medical experts had previously ruled that Mrs. Niarchos, 42, had died from an : oerdose of barbiturates. Y. Fri., Sept. 18, 1970 uui.ij jiiiii-li' 0.'. Hwi Fifuro Stew Uw Itmptntim Associated Press WIREPHOT0 Map. SHOWERS are predicted for most of the South, the Southwest, the Northeast, the Northwest, the Great Lakes area, and in the Dakotas and Montana. Cooler weather is expected in the Northwest and Northeast. Warmer temperatures are ' forecast for the South and Southwest. 'Neitf Paris Peace Plan Looks Old WASHINGTON (AP) - The Viet Cong's "new" eight-point peace plan has a familiar and unacceptable look to Washington of ficials: . , Under the enemy ' offer, presented in Paris Thursday by Viet Cong Foreign Minister Nguyen Thi Binh, Saigon's Thieu-Ky government would be replaced and the United States would have to promise: to get its troops out of South Vietnam by next June 30. In return, the Viet Cong would refrain from attacking the withdrawing allied troops and would discuss future peace arrangements including release of prisoners. U.S. authorities here and in , Paris have agreed to scan the Binh proposal carefully for any possible new openings. But in general, they said, it appears to be a retread of past offers. Although a-Viet Cong . spokesman said the plan con-, tains new points, the text received here showed Mrs. Binh . herself described the material only as an elaboration of the Viet Cong's previous 10-point proposal. Officials here noted the enemy already had proposed a time limit for U.S. withdrawals. Last December the enemy offered a six-month limit. The 10-point plan and other North Vietnamese-Viet Cong proposals have provided for negotiating a prisoner release after the fighting ends. And ouster of the Thieu-Ky regime is standard fare in enemy demands. U.S. officials said the American ambassador at the Paris peace talks, David K. E. Bruce, is willing to talk with Hanoi-Viet Cong envoys about any point they may put for- ward as part of unconditional discussions. But the United States, they said, will not accept such demands as conditions for the beginning of serious peace negotiations. Thus, the prospect for progress toward a negotiated end to the Vietnam war does not appear any brighter now than when the Paris talks began Vh years ago. Humorist Quits U. S. for England NEW YORK A(P) - Humorist S.. J. Perelman," 66, best known for his sardonic commentary on the American scene, says he will move to London next month permanently. - , Calling England "a far more rational society than our own," Perelman said, "Today, the news in this country is so filled with insanity and violence that the newspapers, from which I derive many of my ideas, have scant room for the sort of thing that turns me on." No 'Transplant' Pilots WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled a heart , transplant patient is not eligible for a pilot's license. Candy Manufacture Halt Follows Bacteria Warning CHICAGO (AP) - A candy company has halted all production in the wake of an announcement by the Food and Drug Administration that some Oh Henry Nut Rolls manufactured in June were possibly contaminated with potentially , hazardous bacteria. . - t A spokesman for the manufacturer, Williamson Candy Division of Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Co., said Thursday the decision was prompted by considerations of "pubhc confidence." K The FDA announced earlier in Washington that more than a half million of the nut-roll bars manufactured June 18 and June 26 were possibly contaminated with the bacteria UX WfA'Ht WttM - I H so ifw r"'.'''.i Fliifritt By U. S. Weather Bureau . Binghamton and Vicinity Cloudy with rain ending early tonight, followed by partial clearing late tonglht. Low in the mid 50s. Tomorrow variable cloudiness, . high near 70. Rain chance 30 per cent tonight, 20 per cent tomorrow. Sunday fair and mild. . Interior of Southeastern New York Cloudy, occasional showers ending tonight followed by partial clearing. Low near 50 north, low 60 south. Partly sunny tomorrow, high in 60s, upper north to low 80s south. Western New Yrok Mostly cloudy, few showers tonight. Low in 50s. Mostly sunny tomorrow, mild. High in 70s. Western New York Mostly cloudy, occasional, showers tonight. Low in low 60s. Mostly sunny tomorrow, high in low 80s. Rain chance 30 per cent tonight, 10 per cent tomorrow. , Barometer reading at 9 a. m. palling 30.02 Mean temperature yesterday (Airport) . 57 68 62 50 72 76 .8 Maximum temperature yesterday (Airport) Minimum last night (Airport) Mean one year ago today it was Two years ago today, it was Five years ago today it was Precipitation to 7 a. m. Sun rises tomorrow at 6:48 a. m. Sun sets tomorrow at 7:07 p. m. Temperatures in Other Cities H L 70 55 60 58 66 61 85 65 82 45 71 65 80 71 TO 74 82 60 60 52 85 78 H L 58 47 89 72 76 65 81 67 86 70 82 58 . 69 58 86 70 92 73 84 73 Albany Boston Chicago Cleveland Denver Detroit Harrisburg Jacksonville Los Angeles Massena Miami B'ch Minneapolis New Orleans New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh San Fr'cisco Syracuse St. Louis Tampa Washington EXTENDED FORECAST Extended weather outlook for upstate New York for Monday and Tuesday: Cloudy Monday with chance of showers west and northeast. Clearing northeast Tuesday with a chance of showers west and southeast. Daily high will range from the 40s northeast to the 50s southeast and west. . Catholics Ask Larger Layman Role BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) A congress of leading Born a n Catholic theologians called Thursday for letting laymen share in the selection of popes, bishops and priests. The resolution was approved 14S to 20 at the six-day meeting on the future of the church. The theologians did not; agree on how laymen should take part in the election of church leaders. For centuries, popes have been chosen by the College ' of Cardinals, The Pope appoints bishops and priests are ordained by bishops. The conference also voted, 156 to 19, to call on the Church to fight for freedom and guard carefully against any link with "the powers of oppression." Christian communities must act to free the oppressed, whether victims of racial discrimination, industrial societies or totalitarian regimes, the resolution said. Other resolutions approved included one denouncing discrimination against women and another stressing the importance of small Church communities. .The latter was considered important because of the Catholic Church's traditional emphasis on unity and universality. Council Asked As -Executive SANTA BARBARA, Cal. (AP) Replacement of the office of the president with an ''executive council" of several persons is proposed by author Harvey Wheeler. Wheeler, coauthor of the novel "Fail-Safe," suggested the many-headed executive at yesterday's conclusion of a conference on the presidency, held at the Center for the S t u d y of Democratic Institutions. salmonella. Such bacteria may cause stomach upset and dysentery dangerous to infants and the elderly. . Williamson Candy agreed Aug. 27 to recall any remaining Oh Henry bars of the suspect lot from nationwide trade channels. It halted production and shipment of the nut rolls Sept. 4, pending review of quality control procedures, company spokesman said. Production and . shipment were halted Thursday on three other candy brands Choco-Nuts, Salted Nut Roll and Nut Clusters produced in Wil-' liamson's Chicago plant, All four brands, including the nut , rolls, bear the words "Oh Henry." -. - HUH Buffalo Police Ask Protection BUFFALO (AP) Campus police at the State University at Buffalo demanded the right to carry sidearms today In the wake of a knife attack on two fellow officers. Two men vere arrested on first degree assault charges, and two others were being sought in connection with the Thursday evening attack. "You men are not being given the tools of your trade," a campus police union official told a meeting of officers. Many of the security guards refused to go on patrol Thursday night. Campus police are allowed to carry nightsticks, handcuffs and spray cans of the chemical Mace. Officers said they were forbidden under threat ot arrest to carry sidearms. The two campus officers were slashed in a scuffle In front of Hayes Hall, the university's administration building. Four men, being questioned hv five unarmed cammis oa- t r o 1 m e n , suddenly pulled knives and attacked the officers, police said. The four were being questioned about an earlier knife attack near an edge of the campus. William C. Robertson Jr., vice president of the campus police union, . said the labor group would not order a halt in patrols. He added that the union would support any officer who refused to go on duty. ."If you feel your life is in danger : going out on that campus, the union will back you all the. way," Robertson told the officers. "This trouble today is not an isolated case," one officer said. "We have things like this happening three or four nights a week. Just the other night a guy came at me with a tire iron." Another officer said banning sidearms might work for smaller , schools, but law enforcement at the University of Buffalo required them. V "This university is a different situation. We're not policemen at a small college with a bunch of farmers who want to just study. We have revolutionaries here," he said. Robertson said Dr. Robert Ketter, the university president, told him the university system's central adminis-t r a t i o n ' ' w o n 't p ermit sidearms at this time." $1$00 Lost As Cornell V. 'Riot' Staged ITHACA, N.Y. (AP) - A 24-year-old waving a wine bottle turned out to be the highlight of a "riot" called for Thursday night on the Cornell University campus. However, a crowd of 200 gathered near the campus store, threw rocks and broke three plate glass windows worth $1,500 as well as smaller windows in at least two more buildings. False fire alarms also were turned in during the "riot," scheduled in posters and handbills for 9 p.m. The man waving the bottle talked "double-talk" to the crowd and asked "Are you concerned with the v revolution? Raise your hands." "Are you concerned with the Mets?" he queried. "Raise your hands." ' University officials said advertisements for , the "riot" were circulated on the Cornell campus and at junior and senior high schools in the city. They bore the name of no sponsor, but listed four reasons for a gathering and told participants to add any they wanted. T ., They were: President Nixon's speech on violence delivered Wednesday at Kansas State University; 7 To protest the arrest Wednesday night on campus of David Burak, a Cornell graduate and activist' leader, who had been threatened with arrest if he ventured onto the campus. To honor Walt Disney; To "get" the campus ' safety division director. There were neither arrests nor injuries and campus police said the crowd dispersed after the rock throwing. Forgets, Takes Cake MIAMI BEACH (ap) - Gabriel Heatter's 81st birthday yesterday caught him unawares, his daughter, Maida said. But the nationally famous news broadcaster of former years zestfully ate a piece of the birthday cake served at his home. Judge Orders Ottinger's Conservation Party Back on November Ballot ALBANY (GNS) A ruling by a state Supreme Court judge Thursday put Senatorial hopeful Richard L. Ottinger's "Conservation Party" back on the November ballot. The decision by Justice A. Franklin Mahoney of Troy was a reversal of a ruling made a week ago by Secretary of State John P. Lo-' menzo, who claimed the name "Conservation" was too similar to the already-existing "Conservative" Party. Although Justice Mahoney's written opinion wasn't immediately available to the press, it was reported that he reversed the Lomenzo ruling on the basis that the pubhc understands "conservation" and "conservative" as distinctly different words. It is expected that the Con-servative Party, which brought the original challenge, will appeal Mahoney's .decision. If it's allowed to stand, however, Ottinger will appear on two lines Democratic and Conservation on the November ballot. The new party's symbol will be a leaping fish. Do something for your environment this very weekend Now's the year's best time to improve your lawn -and the price is right ! J o J Turffc&s Turf Builder Applied now, Scotts famous Turf Builder helps grass bounce back from the ravages of summer. It encourages sturdy root development so your lawn will "winter" better too. Clean. Lightweight. Easy to handle. An extra-special bargain now. ; $2 off 15,000 sq ft bag (60 lbs) Also $1 off 10,000 sq ft bag (40 lbs) .938.95 v BINGHAMTON J. R. GARRETT CO. 1175 Vestal Ave. HILLSIDE GARDEN CENTER 1441 Front St. KOVARIK HARDWARE 284 Clinton St. ' LOU RAPPAPORT, INC. 1 1 49 Front St. It was not clear what effect the Mahoney decision will have on candidate Adam Walinsky, C Democratic nominee for attorney general. Walinsky sought; to get on the Conservation Party line, but was ruled off for different reasons. Local candidates, such as congressional hopeful Richard D. "Max" McCarthy, (Dem., Erie,) who are also seeking . to use the Conservation line, aren't affected by the decision. State Campaigners Focus on Drugs , . By The Associated Press Political ' attention in New York state focused Thursday on the drug problem in all its facets, as candidates for major statewide office discussed, and sometimes differed on,' narcotics addiction, corruption, sources, suppression, and the drug culture. ; Conservative James ' Buckley, who had earlier suggested cutting diplomatic relations with France over heroin processing, declared that, under White . House pressure, -the French government is making The few weeks of late summer and early fall are by far the best opportunity to upgrade your lawn. Days are growing shorter. Dews are heavier. The soil becomes cooler as nights grow longer. It's the one time of year when Mother Nature has all the odds stacked in your favor -.the naturally right time to make real lawn progress. And this fall Scotts helps out with special savings on fertilizer and grass seed during their 100th Anniversary Sale. It's truly a "once-a-year" opportunity to make real lawn improvement and save money too. ScottSJ mth ANNIVERSARY SALE Windsor The sun-loving grass. Windsor, the improved variety of Kentucky bluegrass which roots vigorously to develop thick turf. Also available in a 35 Blend. $2 off Windsor 2,500 sq ft box (3 lbs) Also $1 off Blend 35 2,500 sq ft box (4 lbs) 356.95 ENDICOTT PAUL J. HANAFIN, INC. 701 North St. WATSON BLVD. V & S 1600 Watson Blvd. v JOHNSON CITY NEWMAN BROTHERS ; 257 Harry L. Drive RIVERSIDE GARDENS, INC. 1 65 Riverside Drive a "new and serious effort" to control heroin flow to the U. S. The senate contender made his remarks following a briefing by Consul General Henri Claudel in New York, where Buckley recommended economic boycotts against nations failing to curb the flow of narcotics. ' ' Buckley's Republican opponent, incumbent Charles Good-ell, lashed out at violence and the politics of despair , in a speech at Queens College, blaming the drug culture, in part, by saying "the drop-out, drug-in syndrome proves nothing." He called for "progressive change" through "nonviolent pressure." ; Governor Rockefeller opened a day of campaigning upstate at a community drug abuse hearing in the Syracuse suburb of Liverpool. His ap-pearance, preceded by a request from striking broadcast employes to prohibit filming of the forum by non -union crews, was later marked by the arrival of Democrat Adam Walinsky, campaigning in the area for the attorney generalship, x Walinsky asserted that the narcotics fight should begin with a state investigation of reported corruption in the New York City police. Drugs even made a side-door entry into the campaign of Rockefeller's rival Arthur Goldberg, who picked up the endorsement of hospital workers in Local 1199 of the Drug and Hospital Union, a labor group that backed Rockefeller in 1962 and 1966. Union president Leon J. Davis said the union changed its support as a result of state medicaid and social welfare cuts, among other things. Rubin Said. Using Tax Law WASHINGTON (AP) -House -Internal Security Committee Chairman Richard H. Ichord says Yippie leader Jerry Rubin is trying to use tax legalities to finance a revolution. He urged yesterday that the tax-exempt status of Rubin's foundation be revoked on grounds that it did not file a required annual report. hflder j ! t Super Turf Builder If your lawn needs extra greening power, you'll be especially pleased with Scotts new Super Turf Builder. It provides Vz more greening power than regular Turf Builder, without any increase in weight. An excellent buy at these sale prices. $2 off 10,000 sq ft bag (40 lbs)' 12.95 , V Also $1 off 5,000 sq ft bag (20 lbs) J7r956.95 VESTAL HOWARD'S FLORIST & GARDEN CENTER Vestal Parkway E. BOB MURPHY, INC. RD I, Old Vestal Rd. WESTFALL V & S HARDWARE 1 12-1 16 Vestal Parkway I

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