The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1933
Page 7
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FRIDAY, ociobfiR 27, 1933 PAGE SEVKN (AEK.) COUMBI RXW8 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per lint tor oonsecu- line) 08c , WL 05c We are exclusive acenU for orli- approved wcurlty. to secure thfc uui Genuine stunievauo Cu<u payment ol the purchase money, im Sips), Arkaiuoa AoioraciU! wiu and it lien will be retained upoft ihone 117 Kentucky C<uU*. E. F. Fly Wonder City Co»l Compwiy tKJ Kll-S ihc Insertions: (Five average words to a One Umc per line Iv.o times per !Uie per day I nret tunes per lln ' ; l Kr dll > r faix units per line per day . Month rule pel Line Miniiiiuiii charge 50c Adi oidered lor three. or su times anu stoupua Delore expiration vail be chargei. for the num- tcr ol tunes '.re ad appeared ana aojusimem ol bUl made. All Classified Advertising copy vuLnntteu oy Arsons reaiams out- s.os ol the cily must oe accum- PHONE 107 BUCHANAN -uur Coal Is Black Bui We Tieat You Wnite." 80 Kll-a FOR SALE said properly as addltlonBl security for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the soal of said Court, .on this, the Mlh day of Oct., 1933. R. U dairies, Commissioner in Chancery. 10-20-27, WHO'S WHO In the Supreme Court slslt> iii W»sliliigton thai he plans' verted Ihe Julc* into «omoll>lns C, M?U«yuoMs by cash. Hutus may compuri-c Irom uuove la ]<o responsibility will be la Ur mun. iiuiu one mcoi'ieci itilion ol um cuobiiuju au. be . COMMISSIONER'S SALE AUSTIN COUPE, perfect running NOTICE is hereby ghen tha condition. O. M. Morgan, phone the undersigned commissioner, Inj 293-j. 23ck27 compliance with the terms of a • i decree rendered by the Chancery MULBERRY and CATALPA posts' at 709 Lake Street. 21p TOR SALE—1932 Chevrolet Sedan. Good condition X, Courier News. 7dh tl Pure bred Stonevllle \ irregu- uie one min- New and Ustd Furr.Uure £>uusiii una soiu Stovco ji-i*utu— /»"> make \iu iiJiuj an w. A Court for the Chlckacawba District of Mississippi .County, Arkansas on the 26th day ot September, 1933, wherein E. B. Conway was Plaintiff, No. 5565, and First National Bank of Blylhevllle. Jlg mcu „„ ™ number 4'et al., were Defendants will sell Cotton Seed $18 ton. See Me-1 at public auction to the highest Dcrmott or Black at Blytheville and best bidder, for cash, on a Gin 25pkl. credit of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 9th day of Novem- I ber, 1933, the following rtal estate, to-wit: North Half of Lot One <1) in Block • Five (5) of Davis Third Addition to Blylhevllle, Arkansas. . Bald. Sale • will be had. to, satisfy said decree in the sum of S2,«63.00 with 8 • per. cent interest from REAL ESTATE Come in, list your real eslate See what we lave to s»ll E. M. Terry Licensed DtalM Tetrj-Worthlngton Title Co. BljthevUlt Phone 617. 23ckll-23, Typewriting-and AUduii, 21CKU-21 L. G. . BlJtheviUe's Cut Kale Undertaker Waeon aud Truck Covers made to ordtr, any sue, 94".xl2' 51.10 up 8'4"xl5' 55.50 up. Carney Awrui,, Co 113 S. First St. Biytbevtlle. Ark CLEANliKH, TA1LUKS rw Quality cleaning rnone. 130 Barnes NuWa Cleaners 12CIU1-1 It Pays to Look Nice Send 'Xour V.oclen Lttesses to Unique Cloning Service Wioiit 171 1 FOR RENT ovtmber 1st. 5 room house with heat, South 10th St.' Telephones 07 and 571. 21CH2U (. dern 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartments, newly dec- rated, over K'rby Drug Co. Also tore building adjoining Roxy 120 W. Davis. 27c klO-27 'heatre F. Simon, Cail 1C4. September: 26, 1933. THE purchaser at said sale will be. required .to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional 'Security for -the payment 'Of iuch purchase money. to resign In the ne»r future. K« has taken, llltlc p*rt in recent df- llberalloiis of the court, jostle* McReynoMs was appointed lo the supreme court bench in IBM by I'rej-ldenl Wilson. Blind Man Earns Lirinf A» Track Firmer much stronger. Most of tlie urapei grown In ttilc fglon arc the concord grapes, «m«d fpr the delltl^is wine tticy iroduo*. The «ug»r content Is oLwul 22 per coiit. with « r*l»tlvc- y high alcoholic content in the wine. A (on o! grapes usually produces 1W to 115 gallcne of juice. Prices for Concord grapes list year fell ROCHESrER, N. Y. lUP)— Uiv daunted by lire fact he \t totally ilind, William Eastman of Rochcs- cr suppo'rls a wife and six-year old dttuiftiKr. To do this he has .urncd Jaelt-of-aU-trades. Most ouliUndlnK atnoiig Ms many efforts to keep the family larder full Is his role of truck farmer. Allhimgli hommcd In by the boundaries ot his own small yard, Eastman managed to nlse enough vegelablcs this year to be the envy of the iwlghbbrhood. Uimided »"d tnlirely on his own Initiative, he tilled the soil, laid onl 20 rows of corn, planted tomato beds and finally brought to fruit R bumper crop of carrots, beets, squcisli find many ofher vegetables. In his own way. he proudly "watched" the garden grow. Every morning he felt Hie tiny sprouts with his sensitive fingers, HJs wife, vho Is partially blind, explained her husband planted the Burden by means of stakes and cord, wing thenc' as n guide for his spade. »s low as 115 to »50 per Urn. Pres- cut prices u« from $35 lo MS, with 1 some growers Mking u hljh u UO, "Remark" Ended L«f Sitace oi Couple HEADING. Pa. (UP)-Kvcrythlng was "quiet" In the home ot Mr. and - „ ... „ - v -, Mrs. Albert Lukerlti for 13 years.'hearing before judge Forrest Shin-* The couple, It »8s Icstlfled In human after the couple saparated.- Non-Support OouH here recently | Tlic lunge granted a temporary had nol si»Xen to each other si allowance. th.e dinner table oiv;« during that ' time. . Th«n ohe'day a remark brought'^ •; R eharp reply, while the two »ere : sitting at tho table enjoying ' an 0 evening meal. It ended In a heated^. argument. '': ";^, Charges and counter charges •' were flung at each during; OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aherti STORE, 4 room bungalow 'with acre of land at North Sawba, \t mile west of cemetery. E. P. Pink- rton, Route 1, Box 86. • 24pkZ7. ~~WAN'fEJPTO RENT Wanted 1 or 2 Furnished light housekeeping rooms. E. E. Rich, i Frisco Station. 24ck27 XVANTEt> •WITNESS my • hand and the i ujtr'g-conbervalive is the claisln- SSfl ^.'.. 5 ! i , d ^ r , t n,, bn thk ' ihC cation of James Clark McReynolds ol Tennessee, associate Justice ol the United States supreme court, 20th day of Oct., 1933. R. L. Galnes, Comriiissioner in Chancery'. 10-20-21. STUDENTS to sell Brilliant and Kentucky coal after school. Ap- •>lv BARTNICK COAL YARD, R. R^ & Ash, Phone 179. 24pk27 AUTOMOTIVE- aniu Glass All Kin*. Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. WHECKER SERVICE il us when you need a wrecker. i)ay and Night Service. Call 63* Shouse-Little Crcvrolel Co. lOckll-H .-BLACK Yearling Steer, weight about 370 Ibs., has split in lei .M. Last seen on Ed Parish place ,,le norlheast ot town. Any infor- fition phone 102 or 28S. 25p k2d LOST Grape Vineyards Along Lake Erie Hum Actively SANDUSKY, O. IUP1—Tons o! Kg. juicy grapes ere being tukei in the wineries here by vlnyanl- bts, happy because they once more have a market for their cro; alter many lean „., „ ...... K,._. M „..,. ------------ ^ who is shown here in a new pho- With prices double those of tograph. At-times, in his opinions, I year, the huge pressing mncliln? the Tennessean has shown. a flash ' nre kept busy nlghl and clnj • - ' •'• crushins the' grape* as the juio Hows into.heav'y casks. Most of this year's crop is bein: converted into grape ]iitce. B Although having 9,500.000 cus . imeri and a yearly turnover of ot liberalism, but =. ~ ,ore than a half billion dollars, he Is fouhd arrayed against the British Postoffice Savings Bank , Brandeis-Stone-Cardozo vl«»T»lnt. '•=*« on'ly about flO.WO 4 'i'earj Justice McReynolde is past hrough fraud. I years ot age, and the report per- mid-winter, .nature will have con " LADS HERE WERE TELUu TAUGVAl I "RUH fV\fc THW NOU LOOK UKE rAE, WITHOUT VOUR rAOiySTACrAE ? MY MOUSTACHE OFP "BY ^AV3T^Kt I -BY A NEW BARBER •BUT. AFTER TAKJNS. A STARTLED LOOK AT YOU, I'LL HAVE TO WEAR A MA^K UM11L rVW rAOUSTACVAE GROWS I LOOK LlKt VOU, I fV\ TAWN THfe TACt OF TO ATENt>ER-SHOT>,TO WAVE X EM STRA\GHTEV4 OUT AAIS"TA\<E YOU TOR hAt WIUV. TW 1 CUFFS OF MY •REPUTATION Mnrtir Boston terrier, brlndle. Perfec marking. 10 months old male. Re '.ard for return to Hotel Noble. 23CK6 PERSONAL ' AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install ("lass in your car wiiil' you wait, call us for better ser vice. Phone 033. Shousc-Little Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-lf i M 3fiR—Red's Place USE. Main Fnr ADto I'ainlin^ BiKty ant! Fender Servuc formerly with Shonse-Little Co 2tic klU-i LARGEST S100K USED PART Be'wren Msnphls and St. Luu AUiO Aulo tUass — Plione Cii JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2c kll- "'"es Cleaned, repaired, inspected Work euaranteed. W. W. Book- r. Call 100. 13p kIl-13 '•CCOUNTANT cpen to take care rets of books Tns'talla'ion of '•st™ for any busin»ss a specifll- •y Box 132. Blytheville. FRO At » AMI It !<!«* GOLD RUSH! BT\T aii-1 .!-'• .iNY ^iri .1. M. O. T.ONSDV-F,. Prepare Vonr C^r for Winlrr Willard natlerlrs-Ewrcady Preston. Arvir. llcawrs - A. C. Spark Tlus HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dept. 17C k31 Day & Night Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton Steinberg Phone 605 15c kll-lS BATTERIES Batlcry ft Radiator Senn« We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on ne«- and rebuilt baU°ries. Call G33. Shoose-Little Chevrolet Co. 10ekll-10 New FOK! B^Ueries Kcntal - Recharging - Repairirg 777 TlIiE & BATTERY STATION 25c kll-25 .•'m) 5 t Wwliinetnn D. C.. .r joint iu"-n!^mentfl[ aoDlira- fT a ;'?rlrfi-?.te trmt-the nres- r.Tc c .v : tv uennit the abnr.Hon- iH l>v them of the K^'tidqk: L:C'I nf the Si. l.oiiis-S^n y-ar.- n p^iln-nv \\liich ext°nd5 from 'i-rn-ilip in n general iiorth- f:n£trrly direction to E^'julnle lunol ; rm. :» rtJb f nnrp of iflt mile. 1 ;, •''i p.->iiis»tl and Mlssi^inui Coun•«!=. Arkansas; and on October 16. ^ibsMuiUiie J. M. Xurn and John n. Lonsdale. Trustees of Hie St. T -mns-SaTi Francisco Railway Com- nanv, Debtor, as applicants, in place of J. M. Kurn and John G. Lonsdalo .Hrc-ivcrs. ST. I.OUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RAILWAY COMPANY nnrt J. M. KURV and JOHN G. LONSDALE, ils Trustees. 27-3-10. I & \$ OKEKTEP. PROSPECTORS R^C£4 M1LE5 TOGOLOSTRiKE ON*DRY GULCHr OLO TLHEfJS V*tP FORJOV. FI&HTS 6W-ORE MAO SCRAMS. FOR GOLD KMOWS UO CLAIMS frOK CAW66T, M>IO CROWD ro \UftSH,EhW AMD 6WU ftS THeV CAW. Vl.KSM \N «.»M ' ME--/. SfttA, OUT FRCHT et.OWIM' " SAM'S A LITTLE SOLVER 1 . SMM.t. For Prompt Batltry Service Phone S' Ben Clnni- 2ckll-'i DOGS, I'ETS For Healthy Dogs feed Miller's Ration i Quick Lunch HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. uckii-n ~~SI > ORTING GOODS Vou will find a complete line of NEW MODEL BICVCLES at Hnbbart Hardware Corhpinj. 16ckll-16 BUILDING MATERIAL WALL PAPER Sinsle lots $1.00 :>,OCO lolls old patterns at 6c 19?4 MAYFLOWER line 100 to 20c E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. S9c k!0-'-!9 COAL & WOOD Before you s.ivc money buv Coal—You can Phone 179, Comer COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the unders'rnert commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba n!;- tricl of Missis-ropl County, Arkansas on the 26th day of September, 1933. wherein East Arkansas Lumber Co. and Emmett Morris, trustee, were Plaintiffs, No. 51*0. snd Mrs. Doc'na Mick, ct al., were Defendants, will *ell at public auction lo the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three months, at the froht doc* of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by raw,. in Ihe City of Blytheville. Arkansas, on the 9th day of Novembers 1933, the following real estate, to-wil. Tlic dwelling house and out houses owned by Betty Mick Haseell, located on five acre tract north of Pemiscot Bayou mid cast of highway 61, In East Half of Northeast quarter of Section 27, Township 16 Norlh, llangc 11 East. >« Mississippi Couhty, Arkansas. Said Sale will fce had lo satisfy iiild decree in the sum of S983.34, with six per cent interest from SfV/. I CO^WtJP, <»IV ft PltftL. IM 3binT- WHERE. Kim so FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS STEALING THE ttLORY! I'.Y HLOSSKI n Railroad snd Ash Sts. Bartnlck's Coal Yard. n klO-iffl February 1. '932. THE purchaser at. tnid sale xrill be required lo execute bond wttli LON5PASS!! ^5 REACHES IS OttWEMTfe TUBB& YARD UIWE, AFTER A Jpvf HAS TVhj M1MUT5.S 75 £COiZE .-M .DW.VN , BERJize TOE . TVER TCU:H- I TH5 BAIL IMSSL If GLEAN fOOTBAU> JOCK SUTHERLAND fMOtePirr COACH _ ay, A is ia n cp«. The, 'J fit IK** " lU»T r«< If Le P Van ol Ihe IwWo J»i ccniMn m fc 1>T <« "« tk mono - / ix tcnCTon m Bra 1>T« « UCH{ ' ara , Iw . l " r v~ il<il.t«lt}pel*tVkr»A'«loi«.''™"- |! '. 1 ^S , iii bee t Ac 1*^'* »

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