The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOVKJim?K 13, 193V BLYTHBVILIE,- (ARK.)' COUKlMll NEWS Stars Gleam in White at Film Premiere Returns From Eight Day Survey Are Sent lo Washington U1TLE ROCK, Nov. 18 (UP)— Kmnloycs of the Arkansas WPA today consolidated to send lo Washington tile returns from tlicir eight day .survey of the needy unemployed in (lie stale. The survey was completed last midnight. Stale Administrator Floyd Slini'i) announced today that liis ollkc is I not authorized to release figures obtained from Hie siin'fy. He said during the survey the WPA obtained narrative statements of economic nml employment trends lor the coming months Irom hundreds of business men and -industrialists in the slate. PAGE FlVfcl Rabelais House In Metz Turned Into Museum by lilmsrtf. When Unit ambition wns realized he stinted on Ills' next one— lo become n liccnsi/l pilot. Eddie nlrcjHi}' iius his next ain- : hltion nil plHUncd-lo uutniu ft transmit. licenst, thi-n attend n .svlicol for iustructun; and Uien to osluWlsh ii'iiwu whonl of nvla- 1 lion in UK- soulji. "TluTi' an- .scv-i cml In tin- north hut none in' the south. 1 nndmlund. imd I i waul 10 In- me Mm'," lie! Hi' lion i.s cm-i>ma;;r(l In Ills !<ml)i-i by :< friend who IIHS prom- lo Ijiu-k him llmincmlly in 1 Ills Jl'liwl, wllril III! teams CIKXIIllli to Mail (his venture. i An I'kTlric IIIHVCT shovel \v!lli ;i dipper (luil |>oii!jrs out iii'iirly 1M Icn.s n( cm-ill in one tiite !•; n:,ccl in ilu- mmi-nit iiiliilu>> of nml in the :,t»( t . o( Illinois. METIS. France (UP)—The house wliere Francois Uabtlais lived in Met/ in 1547 tins just been con- \rrled into a museum. By a resolution of the Mctz munidijal cctincil. (lie will te rrstorixl s'.nd architects arc studying an- j splendor in white fur as modeled ky !hrce of movlriaiid's fdiiiiiliK- slais, .set the style at the Holly- oicnl nccumciUs and cngravmcys i . co( , ,,„„,,,,,.,, Qf C!oldwnVs "Hurricane." Center, Dorothy La incur, heroine of the .stormy Him. ar- 1 rives in a victoria, to startle premiere fans. Joan Crawford, right, looks her mast sophis- bcbt in a gorgeous evening wrap, and Sonja Hcnic, left, with long braids, mixes an atmosphere of Ihe Far North with a South Sea picture, One MiMrcmely yoort prcscilptlmi for rheumatism. si'liUli'a, neuiHls •ijui hmib,tf>o—whc'i caused or itj;- tiiuvatrd by excess nrle iwltl 01 ollnr (liailiUmu poisons—and most "t il Is—Is ivpll and favorably .known to live phnnunclsl.s nil ovoi Ann'hcu. Just us!; lor n uimecs Alleiirn luvfcription inul take »i Oivcclctl- il Is swift and safe-ot- K-J (hat (he structure will be actly as it was when Ihe writer! inhabited it. j ticatccl A ralleetion of relics, passibly! the ciirrrnl |i;\s:,c» '.iiroush a con- ticllcr unit. c ; jTry To Curb Small Pox lii Craighead County: manuscripts, and ancient editions; of the works ot Rabelais Is iKins asscnihlcil for the new literary .'•Ininr wliicli is expected to M- Iraet tliausands of visitors in years to come. Rabelais li^cd in Ihe house wliilc serving as a physician in Mctz. After the death of Francis! 1 the writer became municipal: 1 doctor in that city and there he; JONESBORO. Ark.. Nov. 18 (UP) cchi'eutratcd en the fourth book j —Craighead county health officials of "The Heroic Deeds of Gargan- "'is w?ek started taking precau- lua and Pantagruel." ' lions to curb ihe spread of small | pox in the county. Dr. L. L. Path| et-ee. hen<l of th c unit, reported lliat nine cases of the disease had been registered. The first cases were discovered about it month n«o in a family near here. Ail but one of the other cases have ijeen traced to that source, in which three members of the one family had been stricken. The only reported case in Jones- WHY BUY The UNKNOWN and unbranded itVerchahdise wKen ive are offering you nationally known, reliable merchandise backed by our reputation of 35 years standing, iit the low prices quoted bfclow. Cotoe in and see these Wonderful Clothing values before you buy. Ladies* Coats, Mum's Fall Suits Men's Overddats Sensational Sale of ATS ten the piiln anil agony leave hows. Costs »l)ont 85c. Cut Mils onl and s»v« It. in 'Shine Boy' Is Only Negro Air Pilot In Cily Electric Fence Marches Along With Progress HERENDON, O. (UP)— America 's farm fences arc going along with the march of time. A single strand of tlectricallv- elmreed Imbed wire is displacing out," this desire \vas rekindled. •Up asked Bill crews to t;ikc him up and nficr Unit Eddie shln- cd shoes with a lltlle more vim sonic day he know he would fly one of those ships all , six strand j boro, officials said , nlii_ictm-t_ ! ,1 r.. n .. + , *,,• . ! on a business tiii> to St. Louis. tile old type four to wire fence and other i cd barriers. The controller unit is automatic.' Neither rain nor snow afreets !isi qicration. Through a highly per-! < novwr campaign Mapiicrt fcctal serifs of electric apparatus-] DALHART. Tex. (OP) -North es the current-from a Hsht sock-). Tcxas - r/anhandlc ami adjacent ct or battery is_ foiitrojled m.volt-1.areas in/ northeastern New Mexico .igc. n inay te> turned high .or; have started mmiyinz campaigns low. on or on, thus allowing tor, against grasshoppers next .spring. safety and cfTectiveness in hold-: — --_ __ ing livestock. j 'Ihe wire is rigged high enough 1 so thai cattle may graze for weeds' underneath or the weeds may be! cut with a mower, eliminating; fence-line weeds. Expensive fences, too. are eliminated. A sinyls! wire thc width of a jvnle. .1 gale hook and spring arc all that are needed. Actual operation of the fen MniDle. The livestock tench ..„, wire, establishing a contact witu! Ilie (,'i-oHiid. and after finding out) tile wire's potency rarely havei Kgain the desire to "wander." | llic iinc fence is dangerous only! when connected directly to a poT-i er line. There is no danger wli-n "The Flying Shine Boy," Blylhc- ville's only negift student pilot, will' cUain his license for flying within a short time. Eddie Washington, negro porter at the Prevost battier shop, has 45 hours of solo flying to his credit since hi.s lirsl night February 10, and will obtain his private license when Ue has completed 50 hours. Eddie, who Is believed to be thcj cnly negro pilot in this .section, has wanted to fly since he was , ., - , » I'tllc pickaninny and saw the from the nfflictMl's being exposed j MS white birds speed overhead. When he began working at the barber shop, ivhcrc n number of local aviation enthusiasts "hang Sufferers t>f STOMACH ULCERS to HYPEjRACI DITY DEFINITE RELIEF OR MONEY BACK TniJ IVILI/AItDTIlKAT.MBNTIiiw brought iironipl, dcflhUo relief in Iliousaiids of Lout's of Stomach and Duodenal Ulceri. due la Hyperacidity, and olhi-r form.* of Sltminrii fllj- tresi dun 10 r-.Vrf^s Acitt SOLD ON 15 13AYS TRIAL. 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