The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER li, 1940 PAGE SEVEli They're Setting Styles U*V»vsw' '^ il&wui Holly w o o d's Resort Clothes Are Gay But More Practical By LUCIE NEVILLE NEA Service Staff. Correspondent HOLLYWOOD.—You don't have I to worry about next spring and hummer's clothes. They'll'be \von- Iderful. 1 have just seen the new resort I tilings, made by the West Coast designers,;'and I'll-go on record 1 that they are honeys. Since they are, spring and summer clothes |are sure to be, too. : ' Of v course,- after seeing such Ispectacular foolishness as jingle j [bells on the toes of. evening slippers and a slithery hula skirt to Tear over a bathing suit, it may [ ?em like a new low in enthusiasm ' o shout about twin skirts for i host; weekend, three-and-four- )iece outfits. But I think it's smart? |>i the designers to give you both li short skirt for day and sports lind a long, full one to wear at [light, in combination with the bolero, bra and shorts costume. They're doing it in every- jhing from cotton'play outfits to |,ilk jersey posing-costumes. Another skirt idea that hifsn't been done before is Agnes Barrett's rbroonvitick" skirt, copied"- from The Navajo ones of giddy colored, Ismail-figured, cotion. Nine yards for li skirt with a deep, pleated hem- Tuff le. They aren't hung up in your Lloset but J^have their waistbands heaily rolled round a broom or hop handle, so that, the narrow bleats stay, in; looks just like a baper umbrella when it's stood in |i corner. Besides the cotton skirts, there Is a solid red, very soft' thin silk Kne.'Either .the short or the dinner length will look fine with a plain, Low-necked, short-sleeved white linen blouse. If : styles don't seem to,.be set, |3r to follow one nationality, don't |;hink the west-coasters- are wan- Bering around in a daze and don't jaiow what their rivals are doing'. JLcuella Bellerino's cpllection in- bludes ideas from Mexican, Ha- j.vaiian. Mayan. Chinese, Hopi and Jpclish costumes, _ because each iNew York store' jealously demands "something different" from her. I liked best the coats 'and jack- Ms, which 'she adapted from some hative costumes she .bought from ,;hc/ Polish Relief Fund people. Irhey're soft \vhate»jy.'pol, lined in red cotton, bonded" in silk braid jind- embroidered in woolen wild- J'lowers. biKNDLS ARE BEING'EASED OUT I'm happy 'to' report...that dirndls being eased out,.by a peasant ,-ess thac has-a Iqhgv princess-line jdice .with the skirt "'attached .low hnotigh so that the; "bunch" • starts In the hip,-bones. Generally, lines lire slimmer though I'haven't seen liny of .those sausage-casing tunics bxcept in ultra-ultra dinner suits. •Shoulders' are padded' but" don't look like' muscle-machine • ads— |iust squared and" Tairly broad. Suits use the push-up sleeve a lot, and many play-/:esses have livrist-length sleeves for non-sunburn ing. Shorts are longer and (straight, without pleats—don't ask how they cut them but they're [marvelous—or full and gathered Ito look like skirts.'-'Slacks aren't las straight tailored, but this year's |:lon't transform fat. girls any more I'.han last year's did'.-*. • • One change that ought to please •women is the switch from dusty hades to' clear, bright ones—pep- ' permint and pimento red instead Dr. Albert To Talk *At Garuthersville CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Dec. 11.—Dr. Allen D. Albert, veteran newspaperman, will present the fourth and final lecture of the Caruthersvillic Rotury Club's Institute of International Understanding four-lecture series here Thursday night, Dec. 12, at the Methodist church. His topic will biv. "Wlm't, Ahead for Business. Agriculture. Labor?" Dv. Albert began his newspaper career as u reporter in Washington, D. C.. was a war correspondent in the Spanish-American War, was chief editorial writer Tor the Washington t.D, C.) Times for 15 years, published the Columbus, Ohio. News two years, and - was editor and associate publisher of tlu» Minneapolis Tribune for five years. He is a past president of .Rotary International. dogs, valued lit $1,000 eueh, have j been added to I ho. force of 16 watchmen eng»gc$ in guarding dynamite production at the Atlas Powder Company plant, which" is j working on national defense orders. MWM/*VI Help Guard Munitions SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Eight police-trained Dobcrmann Pinschcr Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion rolicves promptly be- cnusc it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ larion phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Gouehs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis VUGGAGE. . . q t 1 . Peggy Moran's simple white silk jersey drtss is lopped with a oolor- ful Polisiv jacket, embroidered in wool and natural flower shades. Her striped hat matches the big handbag. of tired pinx. Newer than faded blue in denim is a clear "Quaker" gray, especially if the gray is a demure playdress with a 'saucy pair of bright red short pants under it. There are some cool'dark'greens, a brick-dust and a deep French blue that'will be nice for hot 'days n town. Big splashy flowered prints, are back in pique; pastel plaids' are lovely in celanese sheers for afternoon and hatless- dirmer frocks. Also, there arc more soft silks in small prints and "pretty", colors than I've seen in years; they call for straw hats and iced lemonade. Read Courier News wane There's Many A Slip I But Her Favorite is 1 Exceptional Fabric And Fit! 'She'll appreciate the fine smoothness of the Bernberg rayon and silk satin, and the sleek slim lines of these slips. Exquisitely trimmed with froths of lace or dainty embroidery. All this and more too —they wash and wear beautifully! GAYMODE HOSIERY 79c pr. For everyday! For dress-up! Sheer 2-threudK. crepe Uvlsl- rrl for stmiRth and dullness Hluh twist, 3-Uu'Ctuls, loo! [(a yon Pa 11 Ik's Gloves . . Knit Gloves . . Sut. Slips Satin A'.) NIMes Colton Six smart fittings in the HdlRugged wood frames with woven striped covering! Rayon lined I WARDROBE CASES Showerproofed covering in woven stripe design! Includes foldaway/rack and three deep, roomy pockets! MAKE-UP CASES In alligator effect or iwoven stripe covering; Four fittings in removable tray I WEEK-END CASES Matches wardrobe above. Has four roomy pockets. Stun- _ ring rayon lining. AB Men's GLADSTONES Rich-looking — low Split priced! Has shirt fold Leafher and three pockets on divider! Sturdy steel frame, polished metal .parts, leather straps. •Re' 0 :;U. S. Pat. OR. Hoirsr Slippers 1 ' Slippers . ; .'.» iMiinicurc Sets ....!) Rayon Gowns and Pii- juinas . . l.i» 3 1'c. Toilet Sets . Kmist- Coats . RAYON 49c Luce or 01 n- b r o i d e r y trimmed! Housocoals 2.98 Rayon s n t in beauties! Wrap rtrovind und styles! U N U I E S FOR FATHER SHIRTS $1.49 Cabinet Kucfc . Satin Pillow . Sheet A. Ctrsc Set in OH M ' .1)8 ZM 1.17 SLIPPERS 98c Mules, d'orsays, b o o t c os! si mirl;cst styles, rubrics! 98c nc\v .sh'upss, types in simulrttccl lea- Sanfori7>ed broadcloth with woven - in patterns! Proportionately sized to- fit perfectly! Niicraft collars!- G IF~f~~^n E~S~ FsUamas" .."i.98 98c Stripes, p a n- elis, HSUI-KS in n«\v tones! PAJAMAS 1.49 Rich broad- clotli in fast color patterns. Sanfori/.ed S H T R r r S Razor Pen Sols 55 for 25c & Pencil Leather Be!IN . . ->l9c Smart Kill- folds . . 98e Gift 98c Pino broad- cJoth In smart fast colors I Gift Gloves 98° lD 2' 08 Fine cnpeskin in lined nnd unlincd style !)8c Evcrctts . !)8<r Dress Hose 25c Carters . 25c *G»ft Tics .49 Last Through fhe Years ^ Rayon Tilfela COMFORTER EVUllYONE ENJOYS GOOD CANDY! Try Our Delicious , MARY ESTHER CHOCOLATES cf the purest ami best ingredients ohtaiiialik'!' trcsli from the kitchen 1 ; Atti'iKiUvt'ly l>ox«dI 1-POUND BOX ASSORTED CRCCOLATES , ' 2-PTJONt) BOX ASSORT ED CHOCOLATES ..,, ....., 1-POUND DtjLUXB' . . . METAL BOX . . . ASSORTED CHOCOLATES "I-POUND BOX CHOCOLATE GOv- ERED CHERRIES V-POUND BOX CHOCOLATE COV- wr- T7J-): TRIN M^'TS'. . for Tics: Revolving ic Racks Kelts . . .'19 Wood bury Shave .set .49 Bi life Ids .!>H & 1.38 Boxed •'Craftsman" Shirts, x - Siiorls . . M!) Corduroy / ! Walnut nnish! Kitikle p 1 ntcd JVF-n's R0» IDS Rayons p.1)8 FOR SISTER CbiHrtn's All Wool SNOW SUITS Simply beautiful! Wonderfully worm! A cloud drift of fine moth-repellent down covered with luxurious rayon satin. Cut size 72" x 84". Boxed—ready to give! t Luxurious PERCALE SHEET & CASE SET They'll be her pride'and ]oy for years to comfel Silky-smooth fine combed' cotton percale—the v\- Tnost sleeping luxury! Two cases, : "42" : x SB 1 /*", one.sheet 81" x 108". Three ueauf/es in o Boxf HANDKERCHIEFS Sheer linen with 3 for emb'otdery and jm ^^£ lovely lace! A lux- fL^jl ury gift! ^* ^^ Handmade HANKIES Exquisite decorations ^JCh^ on sheer linens! mm^J Gaily EMBROIDERED 1 A* Sheer cottons, linerul • " WOMEN'S BPWd,! Enbroldered hankies I Your rosy cheeked yotmg ; 'Un will 1 be SHUT; all winter in one of Lhe^e wnrnv rsutls of- 24 cz. \vool —it's .specially processed !,o re- pal 1 moisture! All Kasha lined! RAYON CREPE FROCKS' Adcrable prints and 1'.J)8 fclid colors! Smartly tailor-1 ; cd! ' • 'SUP AND PANTIE SET Lovely rayon satin! Slip with lace ruffle, .panties with lace trim! "Dutch" SUPPERS Kiel with .simulated patent. Split leather cush- .011 soles. Bluo, Eccl. SKATING SKfRTS Bright jaunty styles with ^cnfrastinj linings. MANICURE SETS f imu3ated : leather "case with xipper. Fitted! DRESSER SETS Ccmb, brush and mirror in pretty pastels. 5 YEAR DIARY Geld cmtcssed leather cover. Lock and kcv! •HANDBAGS Smart "grown-up' 1 styles. Knit Gloves. Mittens Little Girls' Pifiafores Snug Knit Parkahoods Defineffve/y Sly/ed/ Men's Handkerchiefs Smorf/y Bo^ed/ Of sheer linen or cotton! White, .plaids, or with colored borders! Smart Handkerchiefs White or colored! Give dash to his out- Ma'sHANDXERCHIEKCt Soft colton! Cdofil V TWO SN A BOXJC* Styled for etcoanctl «w- , FOR GRANDMA-GRANDPA Coals / . i.?)S Club Kits .08 "Trxas ' Ranger" Kelts . . . ' i: J1S Zipper Truv- ling 2.!)K "2-Suitcr"" Ward rote v Bag.s .,. $1'!.75 3s • -•. • ** ±. % . j * ^ -4fr •5*»ArV v -4|l3P For Comfort i'u.ry son, s' Ir fi ar 1 1'n ^ fHnpcrs! MEN'S Expensivc-lbokiny rics and fins L IN KN HANKIES Every sLitch by hand, rvcry one exquisite! MKN'S COAT SWE-ATKR AIL-AvooU. .Tulon front! *i.i)» 2 BED JACKETS Lainty \vami styles; 50% WOOL DOUBLE BLANKETS ExLrn deep knap! JJ) Ltixniicnsly warm! flP IX)WN ? FILLED' COMFORTERS n lovely solid colors .md reveiTihle colors! »•? J • FUnuclctlc Gowns ......... !)8c Wr tn. n's Knft Gkvcs ....... 79c FOR UNCLE-AUNT* Lace Table CLOTH BROTHSR Hoys' AH Wool Plaid Jackets ' $2.79 Heavy 32 oz. woo I ! N c n t Tnlon n t, ,-iporLs bncki BOYS' SPURTS Expertly tailored! F:\sfc »7Q s color patterns on flne per- I */1. cnlc. Get him several! BOYS' SLIPPERS ' .'ndian moccassin style! Cushion sole! BOYS' PAJAMAS Fiust color stri]3ed broad- clcth. Snappy styles! Boys' BOXED TIES Neat stripes and rich plaids for dress-up! Boys' Cowhide BELTS Ctocdlcoking and sturdy! 1 ^ Nickeled tongue buckle. FOR BABY Christening Set 2.98 Dainty batiste cr rayon hat. coat, dr^ss & gertrudc! "• WOOL -SWEATERS- Dainty pastel knits, nicely hand embroidered! 't PC. BRUSH SET hand decora Led pastel comb, brush, ratlin, how! 5 PC. .JAR "SET Wood Hay with carrying handle, 1 ;. 4 jars! CANVAS SWINGS White or pastel colors! fncludes hooks & screws! EABY WALKERS $1.98 An exquisite ecru cloth lor so little! Size. 12"x90" ECRU Lace Cloth- at 2.9S Make a Kit With Kim! ALL Men like Ffnc Leather TRAVELING CASES EMBROIDERED CASES "his" and "Hers" or "Mr." and "Mrs." nicely embroidered on smooth, t. snowy white muslin! BRIDGE SETS . Multicolor embroidery on crash! 35" sci. cloth and 4 napkins, boxed. LINEN GUEST TOWELS Natural linen crash, daintily embroidered! TERRY'TOWEL SET %c j BATH TOWEL SET 1.9SJ •J hey're a ccnveriencc travelers appreciate. Of topjrain . leather' in'several good looking styles. All havn c o m p I e t e • fittings. Cheese from .several prices: .*.3.

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