The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1933
Page 6
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PACK SIX BLYTHEV1LLE, (AUK.) COWMEN NEWS Chicks and Bulldogs To Enter Game ' y r ^ Ik^iC^ti'^ ^ Y^'^'tM^ "'?' • With Regular Line-up Practically Intact Chicks Ready (o r Paragotilcl. With the assurance lhat Hlyilie- villc's Mi-onsen line-up will lake the field almost intncl lonitlr. after reports of injuries ar.rt illnt'.v, | had !ove;-ort ihe slock of ih" Chii-kiFaws durhifi the week, odds which have appeared lo favor the] nude-feme:: Parayoitld llnlhlogs vanished today anil a dins-dons baltlc was anticipated. The return lo form of Moslcy, Chick <n::r.-ttr and sparkplug of ihc locals' aerial atlack. has mui-li to do win, the rise of the Chh-ks' .'•locks. ?-foi!ey hns a weak anV-.b but will be iii [here when the opening whistle blow.-, and Hie ;.aim' F.ocs fo.- nnrt Wilson, pass catcliln't end. 'who hns been faiorlnt; a tricky knee. Charley Bio^don. speedy -little halfback, will be on the sidelines with an Injury lo- ni'ht' as will Ular.kurd. a tackle who has seen considerable service. But 'otherwise the locals will lie ready, for action.. Developments this week have result™ in a shiftins o! Robert Tishc'r, speedy end r.nd back to a i,ua:d Kosilion. r'isher's speed is expected to bolster the Chicks' bloekhie on er.d rims. He is fiisl i-ucut'i to v;hi]i out of the line ami picvitle interference, snineth r.tluv tiuards have no; done ven . .••iicccp-fiilly this season. Wikon and Tipton will start at the; em: positions r.nd Llndsey and Fciul- '•«• MI lackles. ivlll be at the other guard while Parlle will [ be Rl'tbc pivot post. Byron MoiM'. half back, will b: captain of the tcaiiy Knirht :ind will open Ihe game.- BLickwell wil be at the other hnf and Mojiley .it qunrterj v.-ilh Locke, a llslu hut i;co<! 'run- ninp- carrier at the fullback post. ' Heck, line plunging fullback, will set. Into Ihe fray bill has a tronb-' Irioaii 1 to? Hint may k«e|i him on I th<- sidelines for a wliile. The ParagouM club will be out to Jtccp- an unblemished record clean iiut-.the Chicks appear to he . Ihe ':tran;e£t team and the Bulldogs have faced this season. The visitor. 1 ; a two touchdown vlc- iory over Rlmvucc to their credit but since llien have lost alxuu a • - half dozen men-who have been dp- <-!.!:cd|fn:libib!c. They have ccui- linuedi to win but not with the ci>tc they did before and did nol lock impressive in beating Piggou. a tcst'n thai Blytlicvillp trounced v!thon°r. trouble. Tonight's game will .start • 7:45 o'clock with Bill Meriwcthrr handling the referee's whistle, and Frank \Vhiiworth as umpire. B:- twfjn^hatvcs. if the weather permits, the local fchco! will crown fco'.liBJl iiui-en. TEST YOUR FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE! jc A) II — • - —- ' —^ii UililiUi Dull i- Kentucky runllmm-Af ibama Omela-N. V. I 1 . 1'ICKS Dull i- sl'dlti'S IIIIITOK Diiki' Ncir'w !•»( i-Olii:i (irtiri;i:i • Dm limiutfi Dili.i Stall- n.inanl r Oklaho On-. Sl ma-NVbMs. Nebraska .. A.-Urutnn 1'. f. [.. A. ilc-Wasb. S. Washliiijlmi Stall- TCIIII Mli-liii;.™ Syrncusi 1 Iowa Nebraska Million Mlmirsuli'-Ir.wa Kan.-Ivan. Slali- V until iliilt-l.. S. \'. \V. A .l.-l'ar. '1'ri-h \Visfnr,siu-l'iirilui' Vale-Army 'Irv. A i M-llaylur Calif.-S. Calif S. M. I'.-Aikansas I.. S. I!. (..'arm-sic Ti-rh I' U 111 111' 'l'r\as A. i- TuUnr {'allfcriila S. M. I'. SI.IIUIILU Caiili'sir T«h t'linbii' .\iiny 'IVxas A. * JI. Tvlanr Suutticrn Calif. They'll Face Raxorback? Help Hold Razprback Line Hooks and Slides fy Bill Braucher Hrilo. 1 Jackl jacj: Kcarns. who joleinnly an- ncunceri his rctirei'.ieiu from the rin r _- :ind its roidid affairs a fe'.i months ego. .suddenly has become unretired. It is very hard lo retire a.iran liVtr Keanis. whose chip Chattel Grid News and Views From D. II. S. The i'aragoulcl l!i.ll<lot!s arc one of the o'.dest rivals of the Chlcka- £'iws in football. Thu rivalry goes brick lo the inception of football a! the two schools. The results between lilt; l.\vo schools have been fnirly evenly clisl: ibutcd. Paraijonld j was the winner' last year for the i llrsL time in several years. Mustangs, Who Play Pork-1 crs, Have 12-Game 1 Marathon Schedule, By N1-:A Servile O/UI.AS, Tcx.T-When they hand- ! id Co.u-h Ruy Morrison of Sou[li:•)» Mt'iiiotllsts' Mustanijs his sched-1 i ir lor this year, he forthwith demanded t«o extra sets of uniforms , for his st[ii;td and had a long sss- ' j'.oi-. NRA officials concerning ovf-rliu;:; for his jilaycrs—for tlial : .srlitdule, starling Sepl. 23 and end- | IsiT Dee. 0. rontained 12 game.s. : While tlie average collese .schedule calls for elshl or nine games. Morrison's team was faced with a narathon—iind not ati easy one at that. ! ihc coach polished up hi.i l;asres--ihe Mustanss have always Iho inosl exlciiblve list o[ pass . plays In ''.e country—r:ol himHelf a lot. of iron men and started >;fl ; UK- suasw—with. a defeat Tiiat 7-0 selbtic>; at. the hands oi Demon Teachers didn't stop the .Mu.'.lah'gs, however. They went litiui'^h ihrce to\igh one.H with Texas Tecli, Texas .Mine.-. ,ind Rice, u inning all three, and (hushing in i. 7-T tie with Oklahojna Agsies. Tomorrow the Morrisonites face Arkansas, ihe surprise team which ti<ps the Saullnvesl conference heap I with mo wins and no losses. The 1 Mvstaiigs will be tou^h for Ihe |h-;<!ers. even though Arkansas holds .•a decision over Texas Christian. Three of the reasons why S. -M. I', will be iinti-nder are llltie Bob V.'ilson. "Iran Man" Wctael, and Ciiarlt-y Uaker. The former is a i. r iO-|X>tind half| l:riek. one of the fastest and besl b.ill carriers ever turned out by; whole schi'dnlc' wiihout |Mbrrison. His running a'.ta'jk con- the season is a ['jihirr. [luins more sidesteps and fco', move- Cavley Base:- i- a 'niints than the repertoire of a who will <ju p!a(":.-> • tallet dancer. Once in the open o; experience, liu ,)>.: fi?Ul he's tougher 10 inrner than : mw but, .steadied dc-.'.-;i a greased porker. j Moirison influence, lie Twelve lough panics Southern Methodist, urn: San Francisco. D-.'C. 3. ball; "Iron Man" \V >!.••: ir.or-j back. ujipiT r:^:r.. ker. That baby is a thinks thai unlcs.% he 1 ' e I away to stardom You piobably can guess why oi'er. Wctsel go', th.nt "tro nMan" inoni- Pacifl: t^n-t This year the Greene, connl-y lads have Jack Dale, 'former Joneslioro I A. >t M. College mentor, as coach. Dale lias ll-.e uiB?cst squad In ycnts p.t I'aragcukl. Interest hns been niicmcnted by the formation of a ; Clt'l/ens Committee to supixirt the j team and gridiron stock is rank. ing high at I'aragould. . Despite the large si/c of t'ns'local ;.t|imd. Ihere is a scarcity of seasoned material. II looks good to: 1 the future but olfers fuw replacements to the harrnsscd coaches. Hay Meek was the whcelhorse in the running aliack in the Shnwncc game and be shewed plenty of |».v>:•; in his olf-lackle imastes. Tonight's came will be the fifth slrnigltl uiificr !he local floocllighls ' an:l tni- Chicks hope to ini]>rovc i liicir p?]'ccnta:^o ol wins. J W. Purtle. tbe lanky center of ' Ihe chicks, has been n bulwark in i the Illyllievllle. line. A three year . m:\\\. Hurtle has furnished most cf. ! the experience in a new and inex- 'pciienced line. He is a capable j |:i:.'--c-r and in a pinch is a n; I kicker. Tilii M iclirer.'.ent of Ki a arrival VAYE1TEVILI.E. TJI-.O \i'trr,iu. twt t s and two sop-omcrer dciiendiiblc liiicui:n.!. gained all-state hcnur.s while member cf the Momicello A. & Alton Hoed, a newcomer ui the ro.uad il:is year, has clone vahubie work as a siKvd. Although i.iliiei .small, llixirt has fought his way n : >. cf hi^ Pfp to date leaning with his! : ' r: - ™r;lyce: Robert Ui.sheroon.; elwibilily of Junior coita- itans-[„„,„-„,, , llc i njl]r( , ( i Bpn F , s i 1( , r c-iin bir a f.ict !!k« t'wi does no; '. »=: Sprint^: J"k iladen. Fort; u-rt went into cITccl an:! w.i.s re- b5t , vcck anrt was on thc lnrDwillg disturb thc enthi'.si.-.stk- Keanis [v.'ovth. Texas; Jo:m M;avl. Her- • quired to piay n year an tin- fresh- c]1( ] 0 ; (],„ TOS s (b n t lv0 n the Trainuvltsso: and L'l}.'. Fre.-'nian team. < lni 5^' gAtm al Jollcsbo , o . u-.'iit. N'cbr. | Srhlueter. blond «iul ueiphlng | Brown is young anil still gro»iii!r. Bontcn au:l M.^ascl. both ISJ-lb.. 195-lts.. is a transfer Iran Kcmncr' He. should make the Chicks a coo-,1 Hrar, Hear: "Give us three men the .s.nv,? niEht" says Jack, "and my Peili- fcr vcili pin their cars. Game! and can" he! And can he lake il 1 I'isl wait upiil vou SPC him! "He's a track Mar. too. You wouldn't think a bloke tin; bip could g;t nrcunri so fast. But lie can do 100 yards in under onds. An all ..s an «. Just the kind of a guv ' " ln| tackles. i;:'t thr call Military Academy. Olb!'.?ro~n and man in she near fiilnre. . lo: the starling hr.cup. In his las: Iladen ore sophomores. ;hc frriU^; j y-nr 0:1 t;i; Ra?orback team. Hi-n- vrjnn l:;n has developed into one of the 1 200-lbs, ?20-lbs. and iattel Uifcr fomcliiini: like K ards in under VI sec- „ igh inches -round athlete. Snoiv: ! ! ; '. "' " * , ' ' " -" » cl«'s on „ , ,, Vcititer's chin. and ,,'« show you. Give us anybody. Give pt;'i?r.-\ and you'll see a new champion." This writer's first imoulse woulil : l;n (o I'ive the Ifessrs. Pcltifcr and [ Kcanu a eny named Max Bacr loi k'io-k around. But Mister Kcarns ' doesn't mention Daer. What hi 1 ; probably means to jay is, "Give us • nnvhodv else." the suggestion that' , his PeUiter be placed in the rmc ' ••••ith P.acf w^uld find no favor with bis jaw." says Petcrseu. "It teol: me ain:o.<t li ro-inds to knock him out." \Vell. is >our answer '.i'.rrc? Made More Civic Minded . ing .th 2 man for his meal tckcl. • Off the Records NEW ORLEANS. stan:tni[; men. who formerly \verr]* Keanis. H would be just like ask : • concerned only with llieir o'.v:i .T.CCC:.-, now are axaliabW !>r public positions because of ihe dc. . . . . . ):ressi:n. accorcini; to Mrs. Jtwell Aside from Keanis' comprehcn-IE'-oflord, chili man of the United sivc claims for his importation SUies Employes' Compensati5:i from - Llmehouse, htere are a tew | Commiition records in thc book which he forgets to mention. Not so long ago, Pettifer was placed in a London ring with one Jack Peterscn, an- er terms, and it won't be Ion? be- rtvei ether of the great unknown British fore politics is raised to the status! fountain's Dance Aided Colorado Town D0RANC.O, Col. 'UP'-Carbcn A7cunlain. the moving p.\ik tour miles from here, put on a dance 'hlr vear that has ncltcd Dnrango ?5i\o6o, according to ,1. i>. chan- 'lell, secretary of llic Chamber of Commerce. Approximately 5.000 persons from 4! slates watched the phenomenon ditriii'; the summer. Chanusll estimated (his tourist trade to be worth I atom S50.CCO to Dnranso. A new board fence, built cf capped material from the foe'.b.ill field fence has been ?reclcrt i itttcn the Alumni .store and in? l-.ijh sebool. Through the courtesy of Arkmo Lumber c-o:npaiiy. f.. Robinfon Lumber company. ,md Hiibb.nil ihndware who contributed li'.e paiul. a sign has be:n pjiin- cd on [he lencc. "Haicv FiclS. Ihun,' of the Chickasaws." Paul Nrvin*. i who has C3titribnlc;l the .sign v,;::k.; has also painted an Indian hra.! the fence. UP) -Oul-j cjrlxni Mountain slowly is .slip"' '" " downward into tlir Animao Kiver callcy. The movement is caused, scientists believe, by the burning of coal veins. Few tourists were difip;>ointcd I hove will he mr.nv a (i will prevent you from school, nncl thcrn \vi!i you aren't in the moot newsy lettey. Send thrm ihc D News at our ne\v reduced collet] like getting six lottrr.-: only b-j nianv a tune lO \\TiiC thci'il P. D;:ilv Co; li-.r.'. rn'e. vorn -co Boston University Dean Defends Chorus Girls! Per School BOSTON-, chorus girl i i UP) - Th? b;.v,i:irul almo:-l certain lo be ' intcllisont. according to Dr. Knd- \ crick Rand Rogers, dean of Bsxton Univeisity'.s Depirtmrnt ol Stud'-ni Henllh. "The catch phrases. 'bi.i:i:irnl| on their visits to the mountain. It, but dumb, 1 'a siror.» back. Stumbles most of ti:« day and night and occasionally puts on r- She believes the depression has spectacular show, pouring forth vol- o, ra:ied the plane of politics. Peo- umes of sulDhuric sn-oke or rslens- n'pie generally are thinking In bread-1 "n? L B taanch o? lo^ks 1-io the - «- l brmr ««J 1, ...^-.* V. _ , .. - »- Jn U * a« Ol TOCKa imO 111C valley. heavyweight champions, Petersen, of a profession, Mrs. Swofford Mid/ Read Courier News Waul Ads mind.' 's!ow, but sure,' are mere .>u- j perstitions." iays he. ' •"In tlis long run «o:xi thin^j lend to go together rather than I otherwise. ThU is. in fact, a pre-' requisite to evolution, in busbicss and social life, as well as in n.i- tnro." cou

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