The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 4
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II FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARKJ COURIER NEWS The Dope Bucket By J. P. Friend Definitely Refuses To Undefeated Blythevtlle Team B\ j FRIEND' net jicraU-hcd willrin the loop. Doth brsilns and lif.iwn Hopes for Ivq post season 1 games of tlii undefeated and untied Bly- Uicvillo Ghibks received n. crushing Wow ii llli the announcement yesterday thai the execute c' cotmuHtcc of llt'f Arkansas Athletic Assocla- lion Was \\itliout authority to' grant n request for permission.' to play such games In a lettei to stipferiiitemtcnt William D. McClurfcln, ProsUfcnt L. M. G'oza', ArkadelpVii'a. wrote: "Wish to' advise dial I have no authority to .grant permission lor a posL sen- son football eaiiie. The qoveiuing board of the A. A. A. has set n time for the closing of Hie season ahd 1- liaVc. nt> rtiore authority ot change this regulation than I wciiW !H\e to change Ihe ige limit of students, or. any other rule In (his organization Under tlie regulations games may l'"' nlnyrrt not later thniv the Snl- uidav following Thanksgiving. Just «hat effect, tint ruling will ha\4 oh the piopo5"d game \viUi Memnhife Tech in Memphis. Satnr- daj nighb Is problematical. Since Early Maxwell spoils promotion director of the Memphis Conmier- einl Apbeal, under 1 nliosc sponsorship the gumes are lo be singed. ha<J planned to use Ihe winner against Austin 1 High of Chicago as He did last year. It is not likely that flic Chicks will gel the call, Ooach , Jos Dlldy has been iu- fotee'd by dfflclftls -it Forrest oily -on the house tha't their TurtceV Day gailic will be lilayed at night Instead. of the af- tenioon, as originally scheduled. Keeping JoViftboro iu Mi'irt FoU season game 01 iio post sra- s6iV gahie; the attention of the Chickasaws is centered on their conference clash with llie Jones- iid'riy Golden liWricmib tomorrow night at JOhesboi-o They linvc been bearing down all veek and will taper off tonight They arc expected to leave cail\ Iu the morning for the scene of the conflict, The game look on a new aspect witli'the announcement from Jones-. boro that with one exception, all cripples have thrown away Ihclr r'nifchps:- Wheelchairs, and medicine and Vi'ill be ready for the opening whistle. It' had been reported that Drehei giant tackle had the flu; that Mutt Alexander had been ruled out because of scholssticidifi ficulties, 'Flinging Fat" Pharis buck, -was rendered hors do combat because, of. a Couple of b.tisted ribs, and several others. All were on hand al\d in uniforms yesterday. vWllard Tilley Is recovering .-from an atipcndectoniy and Is definitely •out. Tickets for the special train go on sale ^at the high school . nml , at the .Cotton Belt depot today. Mr. McClurkin lias' guaranteed at least •200 tickets at $1.08 each. Football tickets will remain at the drug stores until 8pm tonight, arid can be purchased for 3oc and GOc. a saving 61 fifteen Cents on each over prices at the field The train will leave 'promptly at 4 45 and \vill return shortly after Uie giuiic. Dan Wamnglon star right end. injured In the Greenwood. Miss.. game, and forced out of the Hope and Searc> clashes appears all set. Dildy has announced thai ho will be at his regular post Tlie remainder of the starters will be the s'aViic as the last tno games, with the possible exception of center. Hildred- Bunch may' get the call over BUI -Godwin. Don't wake me ui> . . . Let me drcnin . . . Pine Bluff luus actually agreed to a home and home agreement . . . Coacli Dimawuy luis offered lo play the Chicks September 17 In llie Zebra lot next yenr . . . They return here for a return name In "ffl . . . Probably will be taken ii'|) . . . Allah lie praised! . . . The Chicks uiul Hurricane celebrate l!:c slenlns of Armistice by declaring pigskin war In '39 Comparison: Joucsboro and Uly- (hcvlllc have sliidium worries . . Bl.vthcville is in a quandary over Belling one . ready hns liers i.~c brow over what lo name if . . . "No wonder Pop \Viirncr Is advo- ; more emphasis on scoring His Temple Owls have play- NOVEMBER 18, 193?; 1 (ILL- Jonesboro al- and i.s wrinkllm Kilgrow and Monksy Named ; Ki'hart!, G a' f ( o, Hihklc Oil First T^arn . . liV WAY.t.ACK \VAltt! Ifca<l ('aath, Diilic lliilrm-ily (Copyright. 1037, NBA Service. Inc.) UURIfAM, N. C.. Nov. 18—Again It wns ,-i dlfncull task to'select three All-Southern teams, let alone one labeled "First," but after numerous coaches and critics were consiiKcd and the star-dust had been sifted, we finally arrived at the accompa-' nyliig first, second, ami third Dixie honor squads of J937. I Halite. The fact lhal unbeaten nml im- od torn- coprcloss names out of AM llll ' cc lmVo everything— Iliic- eifihl ... It could be worse . . II1C11 wll ° ™' BO In either direction Consider (do chai'i'in of Prcsby- j alKl wno !U ' C 1PQcks °" U)c <!<Tci>se. tcrian Coll?i!c They have' nn ^ " le mos '' versatile backs Imngl-' lalll:.l only 10 points in 8 games ': and hnve had 250 counted againsl' Hum . . . Aim .Kipic-ss Bcwaiice tied Alabamtl. with two. Is Ihc only . . Not only have lailcd lo win ' o\ilfll winning more than ojie po- ,! c-cnfcrwir<: lilt, but • also have sltloii indicates the even distribution ot .strength among southern major clubs. Practically every back on all three teams Is a triple-threat. Elmoi-c Hackney of Duke is an able field genera!, a gifted passer. Birminnbam has figured out a iviiy lo slop ticket sculping . . . Arc nmkiny lickelccis shell down the 30c occuphllon tax . . Wow! , , . - . Tlidiiias N. flusii, who claims : k <*"'• ? n<l cnrn , cr - a , ml ™ c of ih . a ablest hands at returning punts thai I Imvc ever seen. I would not, hesllatc in naming him for nn Alj- Woman in Politics 1, 6 Secretary riiul wife of the dicta'tor of China. 1) Air tovs. 12 Duel. U Backbone. 16 Frozen <lcs- 1" Cliesls. .. Arig\Vgr to Previous, ^.U 20 To jiccom- Misli. 'I One who protels J.lKosKl. '•!5 Moat. 1C To help. ?." ,-'o prevent. '.(OTel'licimK i-iKl. :>2 !?ocif_ of rocufh. I C'-i lAvjiuj oul, ; rtocl.-y range 'J') Sr,ulli AnVoi'icn. •II Division ol ci mulin. 1 Marmoset'. riialivu 2: Devoured. 47 Epcounlorixl. 1 Lllio. SO Apportioned. 5'To pi'opare "' " '•' ' for piibJira- lioii. fi Folding beds. 16 Amidlc-. whci). S3 Urn-overs. S7 Noise. 5(i Fvcnv.y 58'Slic is' a nicmher of a promiiienl . - family. 59 She was educated' in -- . from _ . 13 To consume. 15 Limitlessiy. 11 Mounlain pass. lastrcet. 22 Woolen lining. 23 QHcnla''. 25 Pprialiv'iii! to Ihd vr-ium 27 Ciiail.'-.'.sctL 20 Mo'ver'j truck. •H' Cofl'riir.a::fc. 37 M'cafiur?. 40 Oriental nurse-. •12 To' yi'.'M. •13 Japuhbsv .fish. 44 Anil lione. 45 Rigrif. 7 B.\isl.< S Serving to , open 9'Nolhih'ir. 10 To sf.n'rl. 11 She daringly rescued her f>5 r>1y^e'l' hiftbimd P>7 l,:iv;i •tSSIIUivorni. -10 X. f)l Aiito. VJ CucliotJ. 53 Before Ciinsl to have thrown the first curve ball, 1809, l-i 116 years old and a cnr|)eiil«r in Loiilsvlllc. Ky. Tlie husky \vlio pushed fans over Ihe fence at a buck a throw had . The Chicks have a' special incentive lo wind up nmlcfraljd . . . Cliuicfe King, Palncc Cafe prop, has premised lo put on Ihe feed bft£ . Mas murdered Bossey In anticipation . , . results: Wilmlnghnin, Del.—Mike Mnwlii, W, New York, awarded decision over Joe Cox, 221, Cleveland; Cox disqualified for attacking referee . They go In for that sort of thins ill oilier places, too. It's dollars lo domils Hint "Whtzzcr" While, Colorado College's sensational quiirtcrbAck. will land a terlh on this year's All- American . . . ncns&n: Mr-ny of llie big X-pcrl's faces arc still red for Ignoring the clahns of much Clark, when he was running the Hockey Mountain boys dtay . . . Hasn't, pluyrfl against anybody, they argued Heard that cruel:? Where have we It's his- lory now thiil Cliirk turnc<l oul to' tc one of he Rreaiest players wK6 Cvcr pulled oil a clcated slloe . . Harry ThOliias, Chlcflgo unknown, lins fonic forward with the statc- ncift. that he'll hnng up Ins gloves for good if he doesn't whip Heir Mnxlc Sclimelling . . . "Position wanted by ex-pug, Harry Thomas, Chicago, III,"—ad iippcnVini;' liv Windy morning after light Cll.y papers American berth, nnd I sincerely believe that he should be placed on Ihc second or third notional array in the cveiit that, lie misses the first. Kilgroir anil Wood' ted Attacks ,Tc« Kllevow and Babe Wood, sparks of the Alabama and Teiines- ••••> itiarks resoec.tlveiy. are given the lop halfback pbsl,s. but with no disregard on tlie part of the committee of tlie capabilities of siiih worthy yolllig men as Toiii BUr- nctlc of Noiih Carolina, Marlon Koncmanii of Georgin Tecli, Eric Tijiton of Duke, Berlinski of North Cai'ollnn State, Fred Mayberry of Florida, Bob Davis of Kentuckv, J!nM«y Fentou of Auburn. Marshall of Vnndcrbiit. and some more. John Andrews of Tulmic Is llie first-stvlng fullback. He Is a lin'rti gia Tech FULLBACK—Holm, Louisiana State Third Team ' END—Shoemaker, Alabama TACKUS-i-Russell, Auburn GUARI>-Smllh, Louisiana Stale CENTEIV-Wood, clcmsbn GUARD-Hall. Tulanc TACKLE—Barlos, North Carolina END—wyatt, Tennessee QUARTEEl—LitUe, North Carolina 'HALFBACK—Tipton, Duke HALFBACK—Berllnski, North Carolina State FULLBACK—Holm, Alabama Porker Gridder Phi Beta Kappa X 01 . 1 s ' Icixk ° r n '' sl lt!ilnl cc "' ' driver \vh°o usually can be deiKiVd- lei's you'talk only of Car! ffiukle. '' upon to pick up those precious"' ynwleiWRX brilliant leader, other good pivotmeu in Dixie arc Bools two or three yards required for down. Not far. if any, distance bo-' hind Andrews, must be listed Pinky Rohm and Milner of Louisiana 1 Stale, and Charley Holm of Alabama. Aiidy DerslWk", North Carolina's outstanding performer, is placed nl one end without a murmur of opposition. Indeed, I shall be. disappointed If this lad is not named or Antley Of A'libiirn, Wood of Clemson, and Hinklebcin of Kentucky. Stars Are B«rii Every Saturday Aiiuiim perhaps has the finest line til Dixie.-It's scncdiile was'-onc ct the touglidst in the country, and the 'Plainsmen were the victims (if sonic tough breaks. My Up is lo w'a'tch theni in 1938. j Louisiana State has a powcr- WHli his election lo Phi Beta Kappa, highest .scholastic honor, Riilph Rawlines, Eararback football star, has rounded out. an astonishing nll-nronnd career on the University of Arkansas campus. The Waldron, Ark., boy who plays (niarlcrbiii'k led the Arkansas team in .scoring last season, Tliis-year he lias gained a tolal u. oici 2t>u yards Dy means of ] niT-lackle dashes and pass completions. He is ijlso the star dash man on the Arkansas track team. He is president, of the University student body and has made straight "A" grades for three successive semester:;. He is 24 years old and a senior in the college of arts and sciences. QUAKTER-^SIms, Georgia Ted HALFBACK, Biirncltc, North Carolina j James Appleton, father of pio- HAtFBACK—Konemann. Gcor- hibition, was born Feb. 14, 1186. I WANT 2 WHISKY the lirsl All-America. Bio BUI j'of- hoiissc,-but it's in heft and numbers, j dan of Georgia Tech Is named Her- and, not' much in individuals. . Tc-miysoii's InuiiorUil bi'ook, tlio Dnsek, bfiys arc still carrying on in the rnsMing same Rudy and \Vnl\y recently appeared on llic same card Hale lo linve and Foi'dhnin arc . The Hams have . Lou- Off Road Work RICHMOND. Va. (UP)— Tiic JliCte highway departmeiit, is now ng llie Inst of Us mules—once close friend worker—be- niRdc lliom regarded as man's and indispensable caiisc machines hHvc obsolete! The united Slates has 1-1 lio- . Catholic archbishops bishops, and 31.G49 priests. 107 any one of Ihcm soi'c at me. i O T A little bird just told me thai VHIanova \s a likely shot for tile New Oilcans Sugar Bowl . . , Same bird rcrcalcd that Vanrtcr- tlll will cet Ihc other call If she topples undefeated Alabama Santa Clara next in line . Rose Bowl aspirations isiana State is anxious lo rub out and stint nil over . . . nrnlen twice in the N. p. classic, once by T. C. O. by n baseball score. 3-2, and by a one touchdown margin by Sanln Claia, (lie Tigers are itching to redeem themselves . . . My, have football gnlcs grown In rixty-llirec ycnra . . . Mr. A. A. Slags in his book. "Touchdown," records |.i:nt, tlie first Rugby smne in the U. S. was played at Cambridge, Miss., May 15, 18'M Air. Stage's first year was in 189'J . .. . In 13 irmiirs (hat year they look iii the iiiirax.liiR sum of 5732.!):! . . . fn lOMi. the foudwll receipts, ; which I'cpic.seule;! ciiliMuo's sliurc slink's running mute by the closest ' of innrgtns over Tut Warren mid Perron Shoemaker of Alabama: Franklin of yanderbilt, Wyall, oi Tennessee. Ed Jones of Georgiii 'f<>"ii. and Gains of ctcmsoiv. Kluarrt anil Gal'lo 'r6ri' Tackled Frank i Bruiser) Kinard of Mis-'. sisslppi and Eddie Gatto of Louisiana slate, each scaling more than 200 nountis. were bulwarks at. tackle all the way along the route, lint, it would be unfair not, to give Brii- nasky of Duke. Friend of Louisiana State, Jim Ryb'a of Alabama. Bo | Russell of Auburn, Bartos of North I Carolina, and nichelsou mid Hoy i of Vnmlcrbill considerably more i than honorable mcniion. ! Leroy Monsky, a fast-movino 195- pounder, and Raijili slvcll of An- i But why go inlp individual teams? fn a -section where the brand of ripbt'baU is exceptionally fast ' ami brilliant, arid where, new stars' hob up Saturday after, Saturday/l' repeal that It. Is difficult to name threi honor' leaink', .ICt alone oifc, But football followcVs seem to insist upon them; so some of us elected to do tli'tse. things arc made to suffer flarqbacks from dissalis- ncd' supporters: Anyiv'a'y, there they" arc. Virsl ' E^fD— Bcrslmlc, North Carolina ,TACRL,E— Kirtard.. Mississippi GUARD — Monsky, Alabama CENTER— ffinkle, Vaudcrbilt GUARD— Slvell, Auburn TACKLE— Gatto, Loiilslanu Slate END'— (Tordan, Georgia Tccli " ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FMM & CITY burn arc posted in the first-str'iii" I QUAp/JTER—Bncknoy, Duke guard slots, wilh Hays of vandcr-' ™'""" *>" --bill, Buckner and Hall of Tulanc. and Smith of Louisiana stntc rlic'lit' of the iu,come. totaled S3D3,GSl.-t3! • • . That year the Army and • Navy played in Chicago 'before 111.000 people, and the gale represented the sum of $653000 1IALFBACK— ICilgrow, Alabaiiiiv HALFBACK— Wood; Tennessee Second Team' END— Warren, Alabaiiia TACKLE— Bnmasky. Duke GUARD.— Hays. Vanderbilt CENTfiR— ANitlcy. Auburn GUARD— Biiekner. Tulanc TACKtE— Ryba, Alabama END— Franklin, Vanderbilt Low Interest Rates Payments-long Terms f: closing service of any loan company business hi Nlatcs.' FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Insurance I'irc Insurance Sccinitic? OSCfiOM, ARK. IN RED' BALL BAG'/" Anfiourtdiftg mi PRICE GRO. & KI.YtirKVffj.E, ARK., AS niSTRIBUTORS ^ ot>- HAPPY FEEDS IN UK I) ISAiJ, ftA'CJS GET HAPPY-STAY HAPPY It PAYS t Sioi'k ;i Complclc Line—All Sr/.cs—Kcsl i'viccs. KXTKA HH HXHSS THAT TAKES MORE TIME AND GRAtN TO MAKn ftUAIJTV KimiKY AVKISKY SLOW MASH' SPECIAL /fft/IC PRICE NOTICE Sewer Dis(ric( Number 2 fax wilf be delinquent if not paid before December 1st, 1937. 1'ay !)cfore that date and .save penatt.v. Tax bwk at office of Holland and iferham. Cotnm'ijsiohers Sewer District No. 2. KENTUCKY STRAIGHTBOURBONWHISKr BROWN-FO'RM'AN DISTILLERY COMPANY IOUISVIUE, KENTUCKY • • . Since 1370 * PR Q &U C T SILBKllNAULli i COiU'ASV, lixoluslvc Distributor for Arhaii LiUle Kock, Puic Blulf, Ucrmott, . J1ort Smith A Suit with a ¥ e Personality «/ TIMELY CLO.TIIES . . . steps from behind' ;i desk, info a couvcrl:- ii)le coupe, oul into iicld or grandstand, and back for cocktails - looking equally dashing and proper, at every lu'rn. That's your Timely SPORTSWAY, a suit with multiple: personality! The fabrics arc ruggcilbul not hillk'y; patterns are fresh and stiinuJatirig - and their cut aud tailoring offer a subtle .blend of swagger with proper: restraint. Merit Clofc $22L5d up A MAN'S BEST FRIEND THE IYEAR-ROUND This ira'lopcoalinjrmsn, lh*tju»tr Doesn't come out o( (fie fabric "pound*. It'sUulyj P«di3f««d, «very fibre of it. Decried and woven ,froifl pedigreed yarns by the most pedigreed in woolens, Kenwood Mills — «nd re!e««'d to the pedigreed itilors of Timely Clot!ie» exclu- lively for their f«mou» CLIMATEER TOPCOAT. W«ir It «ny*here, in any we«tffer. ll't your bei« :ln^t topcost, your truett friend jn price! Oliver Coals $22.50 up R.D.Hudies & Co.

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