The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1933
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27.-193S . BLTTHgyiLLg, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FAOlJWt ffffSHB MI NKKKLI France Has Wall -of Fortification Across Whole Eastern Border. BY MOKRIS GILBERT KR* Strvfc* SUM Corr»sp«ndfnt PARIS.—The nrresl of "la Belle Sophie" Drost—cross-roads Mata Hari who t-ried lo sneak a new-type French machine-rifle into Germany In n tfueicab—unveils a widespread nci of espionage whose nucleus is the Sarre. The plump secret, agent—her title "la Belle" is pretty sarcastic, and she is mote widely known in hpi nelgliborhoort as "fat Sophie"—is by no means the firit to be captured by the French counter-spy system in thai region. In all, It Is stated ibal there have been 400 arrests on accusations involving espionage The territory Is ripe for spying. AH along the eastern border of Lorraine as well as Alsace the French are completing a massive lino of fortifications. This gives employment to hundreds . of laborers and scores of minor executives, .divisional engineers, supply cierks, electricians, section bosses, all 'of •.vliom know more or less about the "hecrels" ot their own sections. Dotted throughout tlie terrain ore barracks, munition stores,' warehouses, troops galore. 'Just over the border lies the S*rre Basin—the still debatable land. Nobody ycl knows whom the Sarre bo- Ibugs lo. The French g=L the coal from its mines to be sure, but tiiat may stop nexi year when the Sarre is to vote (it the League of.Na- tions program goes through) wlietti- er to be French or German or to continue to be governed by. a commission 01 the League. o * * START CAFE NEAK BARRACKS Sophie Droft wns no sleek'Pan- thprlilfe Oarbo-csq'ue lady of mystery. She and her'husband "Jupp" Jirivcd In St. Avoid in 1928. There's a blc; "caserne" or barracks there hence the bar which they acquired in the public square was a likely place for customer*. The "Cafe rtcb Shorts 1 ' prospered. It. .prospered loo much. A year r:so; "'Jupp;' was invited to leave Fiance. St. Avoid couldn't shut its eK£ to trie behavior of the establishment's pretty barmaids. It was bad for the-morals of the soldiery. But Sophie stayed on. shrewd and In Readiness For the Next War Scenes on World War baltleileliU? No, these arc pictures tnktm in tin' of today. The l)ivl)c4-wlre entanglements, below, [prin n new No Man's Land" on' the border oj .inwnnted "visl- jcglon whcrv twlng erected, an unfinished mn- mplaccmeiil In the =\VEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON^ World's Temperance Sunday duct -with' whM* 'i '?8 ppt Tcxl: Konmis U:IM«; 14: 15-Z1. The Inlfinatlonul Uniform !>• School I.tKson Ur Oct. 49. BY W'M. K. (ilt.KOY, I). «. nf Tlic o( ivitts. • ' ' Tin 1 rnoWi'ins o( tlic- world mid ways of inoellutr iliem mny 1-8,'eviI rauw thru, cnnnot, In some way [(ultlllmciu I seek tu uphold and defend Itself j . . . Sun- by the Bible. EnHy'ln our history! llui. Paul Is iiQt conVpiit simply | Hi? institution of slavery was i|c-iw|tii »' in^iulvc purity.-(rent yk«^-f traded widely by miolliiK scripture, n H(c thai Is tlic result of nioiill nnd In recent yours i-crlpuirf I in." prohibitive illscliilljirs. The Chrlij- been qnoicd ngnln mid agnln In, linn life uocs foinc quarters In defeune of the ' ' cluingo In fnnii mid In degree, bul In llidr essential nature-titty-term nlivnys (o be u-ftli us. In ilip undent world Ihc enrlj' Clnlsllnns lopvesenied puniest groups devoted to rlulil living hi coniiict. with licentious cities whore VCM of every fort were rninimiil. U is uimirlnt; tlnit nlwuy-s Uiroiigh hl::iory tlicre hnve liceii so uiiuiy nun \vlir) luu'c given (liciiiKcUv.s to detrndatloii. 1'or Uic inosi part we lm\v re- ui'.cpd lodny the doctrine of Hie Inherent or lotnl depravity ol man. Ida* that nlcohol is "a Kood cm- line of Ciod" Intended (or man's litilllmnU' HSO. Pliiln nnd iinmlitaknblc, however. Is Hie tcnclitiif of scilpline against every lorm ot vice uml cveijllilm; Hint can weaken mini In Ills mastery over nlmselt nnd In bis relnllonslilps to his fellow illl'll. Paul calls upon the.* Ciiilstlans, llvlnt! In the midst, lemutatlon and surrounded with lhi> deur.idiuv Influences ol licentiousness, to cast off nil the works of darkness nnd pul on the whole jirs. iiirllitr limn tli»t II Is 11 life of po»l{lvc'rc|nll(Hi- shlps, of nidu'fl Investments of li|s Infliiciice.s nnd churncter In tt>e lives o( his fellow men. "No limn lo himself uml r.irlv H'c strong, s,, ot consider H nnd yet we me apt unit nf the evidence Hint doctrine was based to forKct n armor of light. Hf .snj'b there ciin ut»n which lw no icnuwrlztns "V compiomls- ' Ing with evil. 11 is the suprrmn duty mid prlv- iinl wlilch mi niiclcni realist con-'llcte of the. Clulsllnn "to put. on lilbiitfci 10 the scriptures, there. Is Ilir Lord Jesus Olirlst," that Is. to Iho tru'j and polnlc{l confession, Mirunnul his life with the pro- Whcn 1 shnll awake I shnll seek . lection of the Savior ns with n ear- It yi'i aRaln." inionl.' The mail wliu thus Is do- In the sad picture of Hie drunk-1 WAKE UP LIVER BILE- WtlNT' "' no nmn clletli to Himself." We members one of nuoihcr, and It Is ilils thst tilves our iicllogVand In- Iliienccs such resixiiulblllty. 1'aul points out, oLw, tlint we aid In u world of weak men. ulicic by their willingness to Hie situation of llwlv weaker bvclliwn, may do mucli to protect them nnd help iliein. Pnnl Is strong for the liberty of I IIP Clirlslinn. lie Is very Insistent U|Kin thai, bill lie U equally Insistent. that the Chris-linn may uw Ills Illicrly lo help and 'strengthen ollicrs, rallirr Ilian tp weaken or destroy (heir faith nnd their sph II of resistance to evil. . .. . All tills applies In common sense ways to Hit; problems of IKe today quite as much us II npplled [o tin: And You'll Jinpp Out 9? voting himself to Olirlst. Paul soys, question of entiiiB meal offered to There Is, apparently, no noo<l on will not mnke provision' for the Idnls mid other 'questions, of con- pynk, rfw^nrilkw; knd Zif*4 tlwtt (o P»*k» i . _ Md biwyMt m4 foil ol »uoi_ r , , Vot ihiy ctn't do [t. Tbty otily ln>w«t«"Mfi * rsci* nMVMMot i thiirju»f.Tb« rf»»oa tor jrwr U you* l[v»r. U itiouU MOC •» ol l^ttU bit* dto your >MNk. ... t ,r a Fr r »chit »a4 yrt-4 feri <!(« •yiUvi* pglioofd. It UkM IkM UTtaTWEI MU«dl»lbM Uri \p «»J W luinlMi^BHtt* vitftftbl* ntmb wlin It nraw t« B>U>( ft. HV( ( Bu^o.'tuitaUwKMi.A** Utu>Umni>.L< CittflCiUnttUni fw«. subterranean cotmnuuicntion. • I)lspo$pd of Crop. In One Day Another gfoup demanded lighter' Passn^es -underground link the | CEDAR. SPRINGS. Mich. (UHi — "pill-box"- and machine .gun -nest principal pesls. Telephone and tele- j Clinton .\iwdletoii. Cedar Springs graph lines reach everywhere. I farmer, set a new recorci - for dis- Roads tic the whole machine to- ] iicslng of his bean crop this year gether, and, where possible, rail-! He pulled, hauled, threshed" nnd road communication is also ready j marketed the crop in one day. -lor-war,. Parks for mobile | — :—_— u-e*pcms nnd troops are arranged The largest steam turbine in -'""-• ' ,-on Henry VIII of England and ll:e v;orld Is situated at Phllo. O.; The-work has proceeded to Hi? j H has a capacity of 185.000 kilo- at which former Premier I w.itts and supplies a • thousand ' to'.ms and cities with-, electrical forced concrete, from sea to sea.: < construction. The decision, according to fqrmer Minister of War Magnlol, is a combination of .both ideas. • - - , ' - r • • \ COSIPtEX - SYSTEM There.are six import pejm.- ««•»«« '» rusMnj matem, and nent works in .the region'of Mct7, which the French bellevc'to'be so heavily armor-plated'.as .to be invulnerable. Tbis -orgahiiation of big forts is-dotted with roofed ma- ciiiiic-suh pests - cleverly". camour Bcged. and with- emplacements for fixed Bull's bigger' than' field artillery, but. not ..en a/.scale. of real "heavy" /artillery. ' The work permits the :whole;-terrain' in Iront'to t-cinixjtciit behind her-.'cbuhlcr: sizing up her clicnls .--killfully. walliiip '•fcr'hcr moment ."'. . nn'd her man. '•"•ilresomly he •turned up. in the per- '4011 ol Alphonse ChopiK. yaung work-boss of Bloc No. 1 in the for- Ufical-lons being buili at Coume. Alphonse did two little jobs with Sophie. Both involved plans of the forts where V.e was working In each case lie won the princelj 5iun of 10,000 francs —S-iOO ai par Tral ivns nil very well, hut Sophie r.rr-jdcri a machine-rifle, one of the new t)pe, numhcred '24. And lha was a hard job for a civilian. Hcnc? Enter Rene Plestan. yoiing cavnl :'>inan. • li WAS Plf.stau wlio left his Jor- mUary on tlic night or Oct. G to 30 A. W. O. L. for the evening, as he told his mates. -Somehow he got 'rold of a machine-rifle, hid II v.n- dei his overcoat. Klipjjed it through Ihc liors of the fence which surrounds llic barracks. Then he jumped tl:c wall him- .Tlf, met Siphic, changed intc civilians. Together tl'.= two piled the gun into a taxicab and l-.cadcd for. Garrcbriick. FKEXCH TRACK PLOTTERS The French' counter-spy service functioned smoalldy. Thr.y ler Ihu plotters slip through to Sarre- bruck and reach the house of'Jupp. Next day. llwy arrested Plcstan and later SSphie. MeanwhilD. in feme way yet i.ndivuUjed. they got the rifle back from the Sarre. bringing evidence against Jupp and another man. Confessions by Choppc and Picstau completed the job. Sophie, of ccnr.M 1 . won't share the f:itc of MaUi Unri. There's uolhinf ."•o tragic about her case, since she caught .in peacetime wher courts martial don'i sentence to be ihot at bunrifc for Mich oflcnses 'Itic capture .of "la Belle Sophie" UkOsl and her unhappy swain; sheds a blinding searchlight on UK vast importance, militarily Awaking, of France's new chain of tor- lijicallons extending (rom fr.e Mcd- iUTranean hear Nice right around lh:' edge of F..ance to the North Sea. lii Hie. last century General Here de Riviere continued the historic line. ItriLD VOR "Tilt FUtURIi"' When .war broke out in 1914. It » 3f. found lhal Sere de • Rtvlcvc'r '^'Ora.s were inadcrjualc. BuliL in Icnrtcen years between 1873 and 1887. ihcy were already antiquated when (ho German Invasiot. started. Now ihe whole Job Is b:lng done over again. 'Ihc tctal ri»s ot forts is divid cd Into six big general sections atccrdliij to lhe naUlrc of [hc landscape i n , v |,lch they arc bc built. These sections arc; Tlic A pine region, beginning near Mcc; the Jura region: conlroiHUlg Switzerland; the Verges; Alsace Lorraine: aiid-ihc Northern trout extending lo tlic North Sea. There was a ng i,i | n t | lc defense foinmlltce over what,.-type ol {or (Ification should be gencVally adopt cd. One party held for a conlinu cijs ' Cliiticsc Wall" of defense, con-1 with the heaviest of rcin-j be sprinkled'thick with fire. men to any contested point. point Datadier,. coming away . from lour of inspection, could utter a Spartan epigram. . "The shield is in place," he said. power. ..Mi. Texas.. < UP)--Old pals i: aie the best pals.-according to \V. j- bihsmore. photographer. He is I i wtiirlng a 17-year-old iiair of ten- 1 1 -Connecting this-complex of. de- [ nfc. shoes and ai 23-ycnr-cld tea-j rnsc in an -inlricats 'vabbi.t-warren thcr. jacket. G. G. Caudill General Insurance 106 N. Broadway I'hooc .707 our sRowroom... * ' i T • •' the n^w rrigidaire that uses'no more current ( / o tha^ a l^rmp bulb ECONOMY Here i> * new tttndard of economy. A genuine Frigidaire thai operates on M little electric current as one ordinary lamp bulb. CONVENIENCE Autotriatic defrojting—ice , leaf» th»t slip out' of the freezer at * touph of the 'fiiiijrr—-extri room for tull •iutunen—twl f compsurt- for frozen ilonge. BEAUTY This new Frigidaire'intro- duces a diitinctive style in cabinet design, with a finish of white Dulux and handsome chromium hardware. r»TT»TT1*V J /4 MORE FOOD SPACE A highly fSkitoi, »pi«-Mring iniu- Ulioo gitrs the «biiwt ^vr^llcr out- •tde diprotioiu, but miKh gtttttr food itorage npicity. Set the new Frigidjircj «t our showroom. - JJB SO»Bn.F*KIDAIRr; I.INB INCLUDES SIX NnW 11RU1XC .M.L-PORCCt.MN .MODCLS- «*•" ., i'....... ExciDjlVE FEATURES-TUB TINEST rRKilDAIRCS CVn?'llUlLT ' With porcelain interior, every deuil reflects that quality.whichhajraidcFr'i • idaire the choice of a million more buyers than W other electric r'eftigcr.Uor. HOTOKt Everett B, Gee Sales Co. Phone 67 408 W. Main 5/. ENJOY DELICIOUS 7)///S7t ClCft COOKING AND CAIN NEW FRE^&OM FROM YOUR K ITCHED llfre's x';c range thai duplietifftj uialclilcs.i'Dutch Oven Cooijng . . . ihat turns onl incuLs cooked to the same nourishing dcliciousaoss as those of two hundred years ago. The rcnson is simply that a \Vcslinghousc Flavor Zone Oven c<x)ks foods in a retained licnl that f-railnally rci-c<lcs, iniprisonifig t!ic luscious juices and moisture thal.arc olhcrwisn losu \3id it cooks thosn raciils autoniatkally, \vit!iout the slighlfsl allcntion from yoiu Jiisl place cold foods in the oven and make two sim'pln sellings. No basting, no tending, no watching— no'ta 4-glekil<;hcncarc. OUI«-COO!t 1(nil fait'f pl*lf.>rni nofik- II T,I 20% «*xf rfl- M'r.rn- unit dve* ><*! DC f Mrs. Geo, Thiirn Highly praised thu West- '• - injchonsc Electric T Rangc in' her lectUrcH this'.week.. .'. ' Yoa, too,-will enjoy cook-', in^' with this clcclric mnr- vct. . YOU HAVE SEEN THE NEW ELECTRIC R/VNGE !)L'ninnslr;iU'(l this week ;il (he Cooking School . . Now Id us -tcll'-you m«rc iilionl its economy of oprr- .iitiiin >UK! law insliillaHiin cost. At Your Service

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