The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1935
Page 6
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JEERS in w IIS5E _ Rogers Could Use Heavy ' Hilling Oullielrlers and Pitchers 'EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an- ollifr of a sprlfi of ar/Jelrs on llif) l)lf league training camps. II tlpals with III,- St. I,oiits Brovm. nv HARRY ORAVSON Sports TJilcr, NBA Senli-c WEST PALM BEACH, Flu.. Mnr. . 14.—Even tile Chicago Whtlo Hn wouldn't finish last in .the America League If .the. St. I/Jiils Brawns were not mstttg'd by Rogers fiorns- by. : Tire manager)!)) skill of Horns, "ny, who perhaps was HIP. finest right-hand ItUtr-r'vftn ever pla baseball, Is HIP hlggest, asset O f tlie fliih (hat. plays a jxx>r .second nd- nle to the rip-roaring Cardinals in the fine old city on the Mississippi Rivfr teiikE. Tim Texan g?l,s the most out of his men, and his qnU-k declslohs under fire win probablv 10 games a spa.son for Hie ehib 'n» is directing. Tlie Browns iiavn only 35 athletes in eamp liew, inelmllng lioms- by, wlio, at an, hopes tliat (he Aeliil- Iss heel that drove him to (lie sidelines will permit htm to finlsli earncs In which he pinch-lilts. • Hofnshy would like to laixi two pitchers and a.s many onlfielders; tliat Is, ir ho could flml them nnd the Hrowhs had the money. The Rsja.h wonli! pay a reasonable mice' for Gerald Walker, of the Detroit Tigers, who also Is soiifilit by the New York Yftnkces, The St. Louts club is owiied by the/ e-sttitc. of the, Inle Philip <le. Cale.sby niill, and. ns Vice: Presl- rteiit : L. Carlo McEvoy explains, it is difficult. I to' gel n probati* court to approve expenditures In n business us uncertain as taseball. r. * a •fn-o. Trades Helped Club llonisby made two splendid deals during Hie off-scnson. The Wash- i)iglo;i senators paid the Brawns $20,000 for Bump Hadley, a rlglit- ImiKl pitcher who couldn't dm! the Plato with a surveyor's inslinments a good deal of Ihc time. Tlio Cleveland Indians handed over Bob Wei- laiHi. huge left-hand pitcher m- flclder Johnny Burnett, nnd $7500 for Oulli«]i!e;- Bruce CampMI .;0r tin. $33.500 thus derived. Hornsby says :t'hat $17,500 went lo San Anton.'o for Roy mean) liell ft raw-boned 28-year-old rig)it-} mll d hitting who COTIIPIM an avMago.of.337m.tiie T( , xns L ^ m '"'-J.^vTiwt w« like l,ho Browns taking tlie^ambuht oiit or one nccl;- •Jtjaml aiiolliei-. -'iscll starred ar, ah all-around fithlelo at TV:Sfs A. r.nd \r.' Jlbrhsby Is optimistic, and hxses "« ^«P™ 'or,n. better showing tn : Tlii! addition of Wciland and a Pjir:.of .29-year-oW veerulLs Piv Thnmns ami Ashlsy ll!ll| n . to lj,i hurling, corps. .Toe'good behavior of Hcmsley ^™ e _"'"!'•" •"> batting for,,, of Plntl Dasenwii Trvln? Burns, who flgima lo hit mofe'. limn (h c 057 he. recorded m 1!)34 ' '"• .Iprovement, "f "ie youn» In- : -T>i~U~ •"£"'•"" " lal Uw wa-soned : . Johnny Biirnell adds to (he mneld ; Burnett, .who swings from the,left 'imfl t , he P ' atC ' hiC ' 293 for "1C .Indians last season. Slrnngc will ;|' have to skyrocket his .233 mark of 1934 or nnd himself replaced bv Burnett at shortstop. J -The lon»-range hlltinj of noil. : ° • . * .Ntwsoin May I^ia Hurlers Hornby has nn idea that Buck wflhT' l !' C lflree rl S"t-"»nder with the windmill windiip. can ling 20 games. An ann infection, which may .prevent the south Carolina from obtaining a Hying start, has Hornsby worried. .•Hornsby' telieve.s George nine- hoWer and Jack Knott can win 15 games apiece, onrt that Dick CotT man shoviM l» good for a dnz°n In-WcllaiKl. the Brown.-; for Ihe ^{."""•'n.wvernl years have a southpaw who rales slartinc ns- s'snments^nioniiis^ni'i H iutn cop- Bnrron Service StaT ABK, HO. STATS i.vtfp 'p«a BS'gafcej Between them'in (ho 1 minor? ]n J9.34.-ft7 Paul Andre-s _and Eitoi) Walfev.p, a youn? risht- iisnde^ from Mll?;si;J:pi? rr,;»;;,j c;;l the start. Toiiirny Heath once rr.oie hns been brought up f/o,-n Ssn Antonio to niske If. wtain (hat i!ie oiiini sill .have s t-stehfr a ( all times. Hemsley wasn't content with fijht- ing ssilor.s slone lasl siimnifr. "lie took Ihe other ealrhfr, PC/IBk Clrnhf wltJi Jilni. Hemsley is nnoerweijjjii, hy Iho way, surl suffering from 'n pullrd ligament nnil a maslied loe, f?e dropped an automobile JneK on Ihe O.scar Melllln does evervthini,' well enough to I;- a, star n i .seer/lid hns* and Aloyslns flejina Is enunlly ni liome at second, short, or third He lilt .271 lust spiismi. The Browns' sinrlins, oinflrjil ivilj hs eomposfd ol Hav IVjiper W'-sl nnd Hell. Deb flsnns raiilrtti'i lie ffti'rie-.l If Ifomsby could llnd ony- lw<ly else of <tort)). l.arry nptlenronrl. |s ,sal-| |r, linve cured lilntself of ilir h,,[ii! nf rlni^. Jng cnrv halls to llrsi |,. K( , ;„ n,' 0 Tosns Lfagiif, and l : - to ],o jiven Homsliy ,.„„ ,, r; , m( m|) ami Pf|,ji? r | fl j] 1P oiilfielil With iniv dfgi'pp of nisnninfe linr fvft; ulifeli Is why he ,11-11 lii h>ij OPdneKed u,,> vei m ,i, "(.t^,..,,,,, Mueller In majnr livery Hornsby hr,?.ii'l nm.'li r,i „ | inlll | hill, hf'll ina( :? f fw nii.'liilv' ni Playing ii • ' Ha LTV Graysori Yon WOII'L ilnil him In mi A. A. U. Umnmmem,. but, vht IKSI, liamllnll player ot nil time I.s a Mexidin-lmrii lad from sun I'Vaiii-l.wo. -Alfivd Bannet hy name. So «iys Arlhllr M. Wchriiian, chairman of the Metropolitan A. A. 0. hnndbnll rannnillri: nml famous as a re.fp.rec. Ho also mvs llto recent, national chnmpinn, An- fislo Trnllo, of New York. BnmieL broke out in 1D5D nml wns stnr in ti-.j natlonnl four-wall championship'tn New York. IK: Nvent on to (-real triumphs nnd was apparently headed for o Ion? fll^lit In the IKulnr division when ' he droppsd o\it of sltthl. An ordinary laborer, re wns without money, and without n job. lie was buck in Prmictec'O. looking for work. Unnlile lo ue.l It, h;> decided to turn tn the. rlnff. He became it fighter In mi effort lo muku some money. He fought once, nnd won Ho fought again, nml won. riien he was knocked out. He tried twain nnd wns knockcjl out iignln. Thai, convinced him \ r had no future in thu ring. , l.'/^.j ,. Damiet derided io'^p in for hiind- Ixill' again. If n was now n pro, wi lie asked,.for rclmtaleinciu. ills application .wiis rc-fuwj by till! A. A. If. And lie. was through. . TJiil Bnnuei hud made lib; mark pn the fjBtitri.'lint) his flnneh li'all :H!ver«l with n clowd list., whltih lie in smno liicninju-c'licrisml'f! manner was nbln to conlm). WH.I a |ji-'r,f phenomenon. . : | '••••. I Simirl fli-ack by Casey I . 'Hin best line thus far this sprln" ' ivas uttered liy Ciisey Rienqel, of tiic Brooklyn Dodsers. . . . case.y stihi lin would be less likely to make « mistake on a rool:i c if ho watched Die Imy in action all day Ion:?. Ohe.rles I-'. Sfeley, of Wllllnnis'fi'oll '«e, is the oldest Intcfe.ollcgiat" track coach. ... no ] 1!w iji.en'ai, it for 52 .WIMOM, o r i fi a-nsons . Super Shell Gas a I Missouri Prices Frances 1 Sandwich Shop In connection JOiijer Ihsn the famous Jsclr Moafc- ley, of Cornell. . . . George Mo:i- aity, the umpire, Is getting the to;™ In the ofj-.t?o?on 3s Initiator atid director^ of fiw Ameriean I-ifagiiE 1 "* hasfball promolio'i movie, Play Bali, \\hirh demonstrate:; how Ihe jiesl f.iais of Ihe fiismnnfi pr- Tfsl fni II. S. Padillm Uncle Ssm'.s .swlinnicrs. wl,o Kfl ? ehollengeii lor worhl-v.'ldo suprrm- ncy by Hit> ,Inp;mese In n lr , i»;j2 Olymnli^ unint>s, nre j;olng In rurrv tlir nghl i|.;hl. lo ifirli- rlv/tk. A (Win of Ainrrlenn wnlfr slurs i"ill Invade ih<. .lapaiicsp empire nnt, Tiie sound, nrfonlljj^ to prfs-nt plans, will number ir>, !nrlii(|| n:! in fie°-sly!e swimmers, li.n for the uack stroke, iwn for the |,|..-"u:i. fitroke, nnd !t funey. dlvei. Hoi) Kllphiith, w'lo has inrnl' n flue reeord In tlevr-lojilnc ciiiiiiipioii- •"hlli Yale I rums, :,ml who |.. rlmii- iniui of ihr- A. A. II. poiniiilii, . <M ^ He l^i:« V e.'. tliat Ilir hi,, ,,.n[ tlf '"S (In- Ainr-rlran i,-. a m m n, s fieale.';!. efr,M|i.=np^ ; | 0] - :)„. imj •_-Tlie innjoilly ,„ ,„!,. i,| v ,,|,.,|i. Klfihnlh poiiiLs' <,m! "lOiii' lii™"^,v Ixidly In i,- H i 01' Ii,/, ,eii.-.oiih|./|.'i!,V , "on. fn .hiprui Ihi-y W ]|j ,„•,! ,,nly [lari; «oild slurs, t, al v; i|| u n fl f. li '- f I I'.^lorr- hiii'.r'' erowilr', lirJi.ij.. iiLr^ j II 10 jive i"lir-m ennfidejic.--'" " : York Co f ton . L,,-, ,., ._ i. Villon r|r.srd iil.°ady. ""'•« liiKli low M'"'- 1 !' •! IM MM | mil ii-:i M "V HS-I Illlf, llfifi inn •"I'V IHfl | HO IIH lias Orl I|(V) mo wi:>. i win "f' UN llir, |(,7li 111!) •'"" 'HO til!) IfjlfJ HDD Hpnir, i'li,H'iii s ir:n|y ,,i i K,O. up 5. '\'c.w Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. H U)|')_ Cotton eloKcd stendy. own lii«li low dose March uio inn ino 1 1 lob M»v i i:ii) linn non ii"-i •'"'y MSB nan IIH nan °<=t DOB jinn urn uiflo n ' M IHl Mill 108(1 Iftflll J" 11 IMS 111:1 inn? 1102 Spol.s closed steady at 1HII. nn- ih:ini:ed. Stock Prir.fis A. T. mul T Anaconda COJITMI- Hc-lhWicm Steel Clnyslcr Cities Scrvlw ...'.'.'.'.'.'. f-'oui Cola Ocn, Amnviyan .Tiuik . Otiernl Electric ' General Motors '.',[ Tut. llnrvesinv McKt-M;on-l?ob))liTs '.'.'.', MnrilKom^ry Ward New • Vnrk Central Packard Phillips' '' nmllo Corp. 'Si. Wnls S. R ...'.'.. Simmons lied Stnmliti-d of N. .1. 'IVxas Cu U. K. .Sijiu)lln s tl. S. Steel .... lf)2 ' . II S3 :n no i s-n 1-8 12 . :i H : . -i . i • . ii :iii Hi: ii.i an . :i Wheat ••niwn high low doss May rw 7-B 94 92 1-1 02 3-3 83 3-4 (tfl 7-8 88 ;t-8 88 1-2 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSlJUIfCI DEFT, 43% More Non Skid Mile<ig« The "Goodyear Margfn of Safety" Blowout Protection in ALL Plies TRIPLE GUARANTEE! 1, Against road hazards Against defexita for life 3. Our own guarantee and all year local service SHOUSE LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blythevllle, Ark. Two 'Threats" Are Needed for Execution ol' "S This Is fhc sreond nf six arll- rl.'s Jn ivhieli WHlfnni K. Mr- Kentiey lells how In recoenlje. and rvrriifn Die squee/e play. < « i liV \VJ1. E. MrKRNNKV Srrrrlary, Amr-rlean nrid^e l.eagiip Having ulv?n yon the Tapd Formula, in my last artlclo, and explained ILs live f.wmlal elrinents. 1 fJiall \irf\n lodai' with p consld- iTiitlon of Hie first elf-me/it J/i the fojnmln— two Direat cards, or losers, must b- Hie foundation for every r.nuej'/e. No*, what do we iii'Tin Ijy "Ilireal. enrds'"/' A ihrent rard I.s n losing itard whirl i Torres mi" r<p|xinent lrj"guanl thai lose]', if both opponents can gn:ml I ho sauir- J.isi-J 1 , II raiiuot Iw « rirrai. There can lie a one-card Ilircul. ii Iwo-cnnl Ihreaf. u thrcp- r-anl ilnv-iil' ; : ,oi| ::r, on. II .".pl'lr.s A K Q iv MABCn 14, i?E5 OUR BOARDING HOUSE Alien i A ruir'-canl tlnriil Is n cull of one or more eiii'ds In lenglh In v.'hic-li lh|. TOP rnril i:: n loser nnd only one opponent hold.., ,i|| (he winners over Una low. in tiuit, Ml'... HO ton« us yon lelaln Ihe loser, \i l( . opponenl. riinnnl dlsrard hl ; ; contml over It. In Ihe example above, the club njireii In tlio hand l ;i a loser, fnrclng West to rra-.iin Ui" elul) king, fin loii(. as the club t]ii?:!:i ,e- inalns in (he South (Kind, w.-.t cnii- not lei (jo Ihe club. l:ini;. A two-cnrd tlucat is a suit of (wo curds in which Ihe, lop card is n winner and the second card is n loser. For example: Suppose you have In dummy tli c spade ace-jack mid West holds (he spiiJc ):Hi'i- qneen. The spade no].:;-:: is n Ivi- CIIKI Ihreat. and «.o Iniv/ us the spatltj nce.-Jauk rcinnliir, in' dummy must retain the spndc Itlng- Or siippmo you lioid in dummy Ihe ac"-l:ln«-seven nnd West held Die spade (iiiwin-Jact-ieii (I.M.SI lioldlns not more ihan a doiible- ion). Now the spade ncn-kliiic-sevtiii n a three-card threat (Ihe LVJO Inp ••mils .ire winners nnd tile Ihird cin-d Is a laser), and so lon.i ,-,-. n;;. spade nr.p.ltliig.scvftn rem'ilii? !u Corn open high low e inly l!> 7-ii tn 74 i-n 7^ H>mi' > . i > '> t :i fffiirhi (lummy, West must relaln Ihe spa:t> v.ln Ihrr-e spade trleks in.slead "at tmly livo. l.lkewt'.e, a fonr-rard ilireal h a .Mill nf four rardn In length In rhlfh liip lliree top cards nvc v'n- )i»r.s ami tile fourth eard Is a lovr. liicieljy forcing one opponent lo ;e- lain four cards In that suit in or ter ii pieveni ih> fourth enfd In diirn- my Irorn l/voinliig n-winner, In lli(i hnrul iiDove, the spnrt.? ar-e- I;|IIK-(|||''PII-«IX In (inminy | s a four, i-fii'd liireat, forcing lo r.-dilh foui spades to prevent iiif> s|-,ndf •.! In wry Rmimt play i l]fre ,, Hlst he mo Ihrcals. Oil" must, Ijr- a cme- ni.'d ihi-'al. and HIP oihrr n '.. I In- lirsL step In the development' ol i In- Miner/f play, unless Kiev j ih.--:il.'i ev|..l, jinn r-nii n«vei' IK, T.'ifje eannol, be u f.qvif-'/f u // ; alv.iiy.-; lt» n oi.e-c,irrl thiw,!, l,,"oiie .-.nil. iijui a Iwn-ar-nnf.f3tt] thtatl in iiiiollifj. suit. V',',:.'iievPi- y,)n • | ;(1 ,, w |j llH iij.,<. tli)*-ai. ajninsl. ji t|- ^jifjniirni, yon ;mi>;i rilwa^v n i''".'i" :.iiot.hfr ilireni. i n "mmthFi'l M:II :ii/;iiiisl Ilie Minr- opr.onfin n'. llif louiidfitlon fr.j- Hie .:,-|ii r --.xf- '•'.•:: i-'"• H.-<-M:! 1 T i i' j ),Vfifrn«nl. In ill,, .-itiiipr-zt. jilny-ih? assuniniion Hint rniisi. IIP mini!, m fvny ^n=f;f l-iivoffrGirlft TV. Play For Siah- Basknihai! Tide Tin! l.nxoru h|(j), .Ht-iiool f>| r ] s i/,. ; . Jji'Lliall Iciiiii. tll t > rf-i,-;it (lislrici loiirnnniciH ;it Tyi-on/ii will ff.;vfs3iiL Mtal,wi;i;)| county mill , »o!-[l:rii-.t Arkansas hi tlio aniiunl .Mills Ifliirinnipnt . u i M]f ||()1 , k '•'rainy "i)d Salurdiiy ,,f (life wci-k <:•»(•)) Jl.=rl)sr;. Schwnrts, nbm to Hko 12 itirls to Miilc Rotx' | or ttlr . l»iir:iiim3iil. Those who «.||] make (IK- trip ore: Meredith c.iahnm Mnrcai-ol RlchanJs. A di;I| <-;,.or»n '•'"'Ml Ocorgc, Kdiia Cif:oi-»p Vivi-ni l.j-iu-ii, Vii-iriiiln Willlnins, nixln, iwsiril. Ihihv Uy»l, Vcrnel liyrd r-.i-nlyn Mc'llnnlf! nnd itm] e Ar .\ as Hill- in ^Wl v X-Cl'.t. rruin l 'In linlil (lie, full His ftla <if hr N'nw l.c.en(ci) nl .101 .N'oidi' Scroin) ADDJNG MACH1N1' & TYPEWRITER'"'-' SERVICE BUREAU IION KDVVAItnS, Prnprli'lnr All makes of rebuilt Typrnritei-s, Adding ,Maehiues and Cni- clilatur.s— Kepairing^-I'arls — IMlilinus DENTIST GETS MORE MILES TO THE GALLON WITH NEW-VALUE DODGE ENJOYS C.'G-CAR LUXURY-VET SAVES MONEY EVERY MILE ••T'VE DRIVEN big Cats and smalt I cats,"—says Dr. Donald L. Davison, B Cliflon, N. J. denlisi. "Bui for flie f.isl lime, in (his 1935 Dodge, Ihctc is reat big-car hi.rury nnj per- fotmanct —yet less paid fot g£S anj ell than in I6wer-priccd cars." Owners everywhere confess amarc- ment at (he gas anil oil economy of the N«w-Value Dodge, They lay ii acuially costs less lo run Ulan ihe lowest-priced cars! Yelfor all Us advantages—in slylf, comfort, safety anj dependabilily— the new DoJge now delivcts for jusi a few dollars more than the lowest- pticcd cars. CHRYSLER MOTORS DODpK DIVISION NEW-VALVE EODCE «« anj „,, /la pri«J /; 0. 6. fitlarp. DrUail, «uy e ct (o tAtntfe irrt/louf nolj'te. Tioio pjjmenU lo HI your turf/f/. Ast for Ihe offiti.l W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES.! 117-119 Alain 81. . . ALCl.H./aiOMS 10 Tl-tt; T-RA.CTIOi, ... '//,f LU.SHT SPPr.ED ptR &KCOND -I H«/E •7/\ V'/ORKEO /•ArXVHEWWiCM.VROn.EIA^ ' : I ON TKE TOUKW DINNfeWSlON-'ftm C\ ' TM1S WILL 'D'RWE ME D/^FT I ~<- /' u'REVENUE- -•REVE-NUE' 1 SPUT-T- E6AT>, 'I CANf'T <-., SCORE: &HEF.T,IAU1- IT "BV THE 5F.R\«i. VUiWBCP. OF YOUP. 1NSURWMCF. R31XY, 'DNtDE n "BY TVA'sat OF rOUP, COLLAR,THEN CiO OUT AH" "BUST VOL1R TOTAL IS Ol TH" BAD6E OF COP e.s.s men Uton/.-'Proper Fit- All-Wool Fabrics—-Fine Tailoring V I on ae/ ihrm fill in .wil HA RT SG H A FFN ER & MARX VfO .\|AKI'U{ over spcciali/i-d ' so oxlr-nsivrly or .so sue- in Iho so-c.-tlloil iI'- ir sixes. lio you lull, short, ov .^loul, or iniv ono of Ihi> tlozpn "in hphvcpiis" \vy ("in 111. ynn. All llavl Si-hnlVnor & Marx suits ;nv nll-wonl. ^ Ui}!:i<l tests iii'ovonl finy f;il»rics nrlultornlod \vilh flionp snljMi il tilos lYoni civon. i»K in. Tho nrw nnin in lino laitnr. i"ff is Din plianl. coiisli-iiction. «ivintr soft Inpols. votling ,-oal 1 ||(l «r suits arc fix conifovl;il)l,. j, s , m 0 )d -Mil When yilll |)||| IllpH) • 11 :iiul jis siiinrl as a now snil aftor ninnllis of \voai 1 . MeaJ Clotking Co.

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