The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 3
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L i;LLK. neir Acts -Can Well Lead To War K. :«-X Motives of Countries In "Anti-Co m m u n i sm" Pact Apparent KY MIT/TOX BKONNKIU S'KA Service l-'uropean Manager l-ONDON, Nov. 18. — Go-many, llaly and Japan have bound Iheinselves inlo a pact whose ostensible purpose is to fight the, .-(iiend of Conimunism. Coninnmtsiii is a blessed cover lor their designs. If there had I been no Communism, they would )mve been constrained to invent U Ho one of the three Tillies Is threatened by Communism. In Germany and Italy today'a ; declared Communist stands good j -chance of execution or of very long imprUonmcnt. In Japan nol only Conmnmism, but Socialism! and even trades unionism have' been kept down by the., military clique. ' The new pnrtncrshlp of three! powerfully armed slates, in which ihc people have no voice in their destinies, has within it wide 1m- i plications ivhieh may affect the history of thc world for n good many years to come. ITALY XOT SATISFIED 1 -Japan's war upon china without declaring war Is nothing but nn enterprise to gobble up the best parts of China, particu- :oal find iron Italy with her conquest of Ethi- j opia, is not a satisfied state. She possible. If another \\ni- conies It may well hme its migln V in tlio set-He pictured bctow, enacted in Rome ns uivojs of lliiee lullons signed a pact—nbvloiibly •"ma! .it Husiij—pledging unceasing eiioitb to ,< Ounniiiimni. bhowu ,ne flciminy's Jo.iclum von Ribbenliop (1) signing; luu.m Foi- eisin Minisler Count Galea^/.o Ciano (2) anil Japan's Musaaka llolta (3). ' return o f her former African col- Conies, particularly those England • holds. . V TKOUELE IN BKAZIL «•.—INTERFERENCE fn (lie affairs [j of other stales. The new allies loudly proclaim that the Bolsheviks arc constantly Stirling up trouble in other states. The. Fascists have repeatedly said Fascism was not an article for export So have the Nazis, But a'u over Europe, where there there arc Nani nests COURIER NEWS Oseeola Society — Personal ' are Germans and in man been passed to stop their machinations. Up to now the most glaring example of interference is in Spain when? Italian and German "volunteers'! have, 'largely won the victories -.for. >Frahco,' IHe-^r^b' leiider.,;^!^ ;;%J.%«si,« -.•n-y::-.-_ There-is 5 !!'danger that some daj something of the sort may happen m Latin America. Tne.n Uncle Sam will sit up and take notice, brushing the dust off the Monroe Doctrine. In. the old knlscrltm dny; Germany always had n covetous eye on the rich southern states of Brazil where thousands of Germans were settled. Those Germans are still there and most of them are now Nazis. And now Brazil has n dictator . . . and „ gov _ eminent leaning; to Fascism THREATS IN WARTIME -I-THREAT to England and France and danger lo Russia The new alliance means that 111 any war, Russia would be engaged on two fronts—Germany to the west nnd Japan to the east Germany covets the Ukraine with its wheat, coal and oil and its outlet to the.Black Sea. Japan covets Russian possessions which front on the Pacific. It loathes the idea of the Russians having i n Vladivostok a port whence submarines awl airplanes could imperil Japanese fleets and Japanese cities. The threat to France Is no less real. It will be greater if the Fas- Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 Miican possessions. Finally, there is the threat to 3rit«iii. A hostile Italy and Spain :lock her way through the Mediterranean just as effectively as '•fcoy do France's. Outside of the .•unericun. thc British naval fleet' s .«!!! the strongest in the world. But if Britain had simultaneous .rouble with the three gangster .tales, her navy would not be actc- i luate. . . . . ' It must be remembered that Britain has things that the three. | I'. T. A. Tenches Safely In line with the national safety education movement the local P. T. A. observed a safety program »l it's monthly meeting at the high school yesterday when Mr.s W. w. Prewitl presided. A playlet entitled, "The A, B, C. of Safety" was given by thc flrsl, « the re also - «....vv. prizes were won by the flrsl and twelfth grades. I'. K O. Meeting Mrs. w. J. Driver Jr., was hostess to twelve members of the Os- eeola chapter P. E. O. nt her home yesterday afternoon, when the program on cottcy College, Nevada, Mo., was led by Mrs. Wclby Young. The club voted to purchase a five dollar tuberculosis srnl bond. Plans were discussed for (he iinnuiU Christmas party in the home of Mrs. Charles Low- riuice in December. Miss 'Hortense was n guest. ll " e! -™"- :olo , n( . s wants her E - W. Packard s ,«ke on safetv . iu j on Italy, with an army in Libya, is ; on saf ely from the teacher's view, lot averse to dominating Egypt She still remembers while Joe Rhodes presented anger thc sll >>J«t from thc lawyer's an' — ..^...u....} >lllu illlgur *--• -.u... ,.,1%; mw^'cl ft till- .hat^thc French and British did , gle - Geol '8e Barham of Blythe' " ' jvillc, county chshman of the Tub- jerculosls Seal sale, outlined plans which begins ,.iot, keep their promise about sjv-1 ,«S .her p$-t-of. Asia Minor, and i erci ' : k,«!gf.-rnind?taking" a" "crack'at for - ""? -.campaign fmo ;icxt week. •Palestine? In : thc Far v.'lth suspicion East Japan eyes at the tending ihc annual bridge luncheon given at the Hotel Peabody yesterday by the William Strong chapter D. A.- H. were Mrs. J. H. Lovewell, Mrs. C. E. Bullengcr, Mrs. H. J. Hnle, Mrs. E. S. Driver, Mrs. w. E. Hunt, Mrs. S. I,. Glad- Ish. Mrs. MnsBie Barblers, Mrs. John. Edriiiglon, Mrs. G. Hatslll Banks, Mrs. R. .V.' Madden, Mrs i Hiigh Craig, Mrs. D. H. Black' | f --—o" "-^'"'fji j"jj. LJ, n. i>ji(CK- looks j A cash gift of $40.00 was voled; w6od . M >'s. L. W. Walters, Mrs. * ••• i-/vj tit tiit, JUItl- acR,,ions of Singapore. And there lc pt lying about. Hong each of tile schools foi a library fund. Thc organization also voted to request school zone signs to be .ioiig for instance or Australia, j Placed on streets near the school Mid the rich Dutch East Indies, | buildings. Beginning January 1 .iow practically protected as rrmch tl! e regular meeting day of the >y the British navy as if they p - T. A. will be on thc second . . . . , R. C. Bryan, Mrs. G. B. Scurayes, Miss Jnlln Llllard Craig and • MUa Louise Hale. „ J •••' " i-"^j i • "- •••" u( - wn me secona long Bull's own Possessions. | Wednesday instead ol the third, who County Youths Enlist In United States Navy Two Mississippi county youths •lave enlisted in thc United states Army through the Memphis office it has been announced William Troy Price, of Kelser signed up for the air corps and Jasper Edward Clay, of osceola, for the field artillery. McClellan Ala., lhc™™lM with several hundred others from —.-. ,. ..L j,._, i ._-u 'jiners Charleston, s. C., for Hawaii. Attend Grand Lodge Osceohi members of the Masonic lodge and Eastern Star chapter arc in title Rock this week IM! l.odi 1 ! 1 cillcl Grand ampler arc Mr, niul Mrs E. It. Held. Mr, mid Mrs, Claud Thonmson. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. I-'ov> i>r. Mrs, George Hulnes, Mr.s, W I). KHI.v, Mrs. T. ].;. Scimolor Mr. iLtitl Mr.s. J. 1). Hinui, J T Coslon, I,. ,?. smith, Mrs. It. l, Mnxwcll. Mrs. ]inrry Miller nml Mis. Hill Miller, Mr.s I! o Uunrly, Mrs. R j|, st<>|>ln>m, Mrs' E. H. Smith, Mrs. Monu Moore J E. Coiml.s. Members or the liu'ln- bow (ilrls Assembly who went to lUtcnd (he (Jrniul Onler of Huln- bow (iiri s wi'iv noils Counts, .ii-mi 'Chiles, Bmnii June Slovnll, lau Ellen .Stevens. I,mUne Wilson Dorothy culdivrll. Sue Owlnii mid Kvn WiiL'c-s byes* 'Sealers' P| ail Sieele N«|w'» Auto ' Thanksgiving Festival Stolen Here Last Night PAGE THREE , 1l ' N " Vl l "--'»" 1 "<"<!, A ""* '« I'liii r>yi%s, «mi()o.xe<l or Ilio si'iian, owned by ,..iu.... i. _. . . . . <>(.,,» K. J llrst 111 families brought. |iwe In Oclouer 10:15, nre planning iin till <luy Tluinksgfvinx lostlnil for November M. Invited miesls will bo Airs. DnilU T ', .).' K, 'l"'™ RCr f,mii miuuiKcr, und Mr.s. Terry, j. K. Mc- Onlre, .superintendent of schools, niul Miss Helen shiuv, llbrnrlun. K. I,, siilyprs of Little- Itoek, 1ms- tiiunl ol the Jute Mr*. Pom Snlyers. funncr home urononvlsl .for ui c Colony, who prepared homos for th "- of the first Iimillk's, ! - O "• n *IJ Ml riV iUHHl ll 1 , 1 ), tt'ill r ,. . ! >><•' present, uml will present a iilio- ll,«<"',"' .""IT™ wl » * l '°»- l°8'-nph of MLS. snlym. t<> |," ', ,^ lined to I,K h,.,i for several days In the Fmi Snlyers School. wl,l;h from mi inj my le In- K'tdv Ml 1» inoblU'. K'riiK- 'We of Memphis or j, o. Srm-lock, )ms ur- | o Ms k[U , 0 11( ', (1 ycslerdiiy wlion from mi unlo- nleco , . cciiled a position here, Dr. "'id Mrs. C, M. Harwell were business visitors In llnrtlett Teini., Tiiestlii}'. Mrs. 0. W. KnlKlit Is It! I'onlo- .', Miss., foi- n visit to her mollirr, Mrs. T. A, Donelsoii Arrest Follows Parade With ISO-Year-Old Gun SYRAUIISK. N. Y. lUI'l—Tnllng u 150-yrnr-old musket, tielieved to bo H relle of Hudson liny tiir-trad- ing ilnys. i-esiilti'il In Hie nncsl of Siunurl Dose, 31. of Syracuse. Rest 1 |))cii(j«| guilty' to n charge of public intoxication mid lie received 11 suspended sentence. He said lie "borrowed" the glm from (lie lioin c of Miss Joyce A. Merchant, ijiiu atiM (lie undent flronrm WHS used by her great- grandfather ns a fu'r-tnulcr Quebec 150 years ago. . I.s loi'iHcd In ihc nelnhboiliuod where, most of HIM,, fanillleji live. Mrs. Salyers lost her life In m, HUtomoblle accident on 1'elll. Jenn Moiiniiiln 11 year IIRO, The Htv. T. K, Tlirolkeld. first minister on the colony, will npi'ii (ho meetlii|{ at ten o'clock with n prayer uml pmlse w-rvlce. 'i'lie col- . MO.; ...„ oil 1 Ilii! slreots The Missouri blnek Plymouth Walter Smith, wn.s stolen from of nlythcvllle insl 1 number Is [tend Tno courier Nnws wnnt tid» ony ovclie.strii iifihom Hi,, will piny |i tv ue<t (jiu'sts and curly settlers will speiik. comparison or tho flrsl -nm, and now will lie imule. iuties' Hmiill UvcI Cups r, c ItubbiT Heels I'm- \\'(IHICII Jt Children 'tf )f When lletk'i- l,;nthcr is Tunned Hinllli Will Buy H SMITH SHOE SHOP (ilriirne HM,.. Read Courier News \Vmit A<ls. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES T),i, Old Treatment Often elief ?'»H}- lilffcrcis trH, iVllV 5 '',"'"'?, 1 '"''' lli>lx) " : ' ^'"""'i.'i r r ,i •I I'.el.ii'"! '?£ ''' "''"' lill "i». A i nree Oays* Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how mnny mcdiolni'.i you hnvo tried foi- your cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irriluliou, you c;ln eel relief now with Crcomulslon. Serious trouble muy bo brcwlnir and you ciinnol ulfoixl lo t«l:e u chnnce wllli uny remedy ICM notont limn U-ooitiiilKlon. which cpc3 rj(jht lo the Kent of tha troublu and tiidr, nature to f.onlho nud hcnl tho Inflamed mucoiin mc-mbraiiCT und to IOO.TOI -ml expel lhp,i;enii-)adKi plKii. don't bi> di.wournucil, try Ortoiiuil- 1,1011. Yovr (Irimtjlst J.i nulliiir'liscd lo refund your money If von 'nee. not Ihorouiihly ratisncd v;U!i;ilic bcne- niscbl,ilncd from (t!i>-A-cry-Jli'it bottln. Crtomulslon honu'word—not, livo, mill n IIM no hyphen In It Ask f<>r It plulnly, sec Unit tlio name M 01 " 1 (i (l i lll ° U l '""lno product nnd ,' tho relief you v.-unt. (Adv.) f 0r yoa r enter- tuinment and comfbrf. last Time Today /Use J'aramoiml * Comedy Admission Matinee l<te '& 2fio ' .Ailinlsslon Nliibt ICc &. 30c Friday - Pal Night 2 adults ailmHU'rt for the prlno of one. 19'A.M. lo !) FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY HRINtt THIS (,'OIJI'ON WITH AND SK1.KCT A 'llKAUTWII, 1-ADIKS 1 OR (JICNTS* Del Rio Gem Ring us bnvu :ill Die lit:)li- of Ke.niiliu> (UiimnmK l coliir. They sCand mli'ri].si'[)|il(. tests. 'KIIT CAN TKI.I, THK l) lire roit \.IPK Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Safe, sure and with less fliscomfotl. All diseases and conditions of nervons orffln, foot ailments and skin cancers treatfd and cured at our cllntc. DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathlc Physicians 514 Maln Phone 88 Blythevllle, Ark. T FUN T NEW NIGHTSPOT GEORGE The South's finest hotel invites you (o ils new CADET ROOM . . . soft lighting .'. and music by r 9flPR08F . m WHBHET IS 2 TMRS 3 HONIKS mo HIRSCH DISTILLING COMPANY' MMSTOWN 1 . KENTKCKY ,. HAMILTON And HIS MUSIC BOX ORCHESTRA (He «ro(e "Hetty Co-Ed". Appeared in Gcorrje Whiles Scandals. Has been heard over all the ntajor networks). HOTEL PEABODY Frank R. Schnfi, Genera) AJgr. ROOM RATES FROM S2.00 day per person Double S.'i.OO day per person Single BIIITHSTONKS-WEAU VOUKS-IIK l.DOKV FRANKLIN STORE A.M. lo !) I'.MJ onnouncES FOR \m THREE nELU TRUCKS wifb CliarJes "JJiiddy", ..„„- ei's, Hetly Gra bie, N ed Stmrka, Kihber Mctice and Molly. . Swlnjc liitu line and' follow thtso iniisltirs of mlrtli und melody) Also Selected Stiorls Adnilsslon Matinee 10c &• 28c IGo & ' 3fic • ROXY , Alw'ayi lio 4 ''tec .Show tvery night. Mallnees Kri- •lay, Saturday i. Sunilfty Only, Friday i Sunday MHatliicei' slarl *'•'•» p.m. Saturday : Con«lriuouii "liowinj from 1 to' 11:30 p.m. ~'-- allows stari TM p.m. Last Times Today PflL NIGHT! 2 AdaKs Admitted I or v anon FULL LIHE /zTO 12 TOPS • CMC. offers (or 1938 thre« light and "light-heavy" models— a new 3 /4-ton, new 1- ton, new l'/«-ton— built for lowest-cost service. CMC also offers full coverage in the medium and heavy duty fields— including a full line of lowest priced standard cab- over-engine models, capacities 1V5 to 12 tons! See the 1938 GMCs now— get the new low prices. See, try, buy GMC, the newest in trucks I Tim* paxmtnfi Ih'Oug Plan cf loweil a our own Y. M. A. C aiiablt ratli LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 307 E. Main Phone 329 GEMERAL MOTORS TRUCKS C TRAII.ERS CESAR ROMERO BROOKS as AUo Selected Shorts. Friday - Saturday THEY CRAVE ACTION Cavoli»n of lway» r*ady for a flght 'or a frolicl THRILLS' n Wm."Col», MacDonold't^ grcattil i matt ng yarn! A MPUMJC PICT Iso cartoon * serial "'Radio Pi- rol" with Grant Withers. Contln- ous showing SalanUf,

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