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The Advocatei
Buffalo, New York
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Wfo Sfltwait: and the damilg. OVEN IMPERISHABLE. (tj and Vicinity. AYER'S CATHARTIC MARRIED: At Bowinansville, on the 5th inst, by Rev. Glezen Fillmore, Mr.

JAMES K1PP, of St Johns, Michigan, to Miss PYRENA W1LTSE, of Clarence. Ik this citv, on the loth instant by Rev. W. H. De Puy.


The author1 mofft popular L'SDaT SCHOOL SINGING BOOK, Is now radj Price. $12 Per Hundred, Caih IVWO.V. PH1NNEY CO, NEW YORK id f.oir Red Stamps- fora specimen eopv, to WM BRADBURY. 421 Broome Street same way brick are laid. These are all firmly fastened by large spikes, thirteen tons of which were uned in the structure.

There are in all fifty six bins 41 feet deep, each bin having a capacity of about 8,500 bushels or an aggregate capacity of 200,000 bushels. The walls abote the stone work and the roof are covered with corrugated iron. The engine room is on the outside of the building, and is fire proof the roof and doors being of iron and the walls of brick and stone. The spouts from all the 56 bins, centre in a receiver in the centre of the building which is used both for the receiving and delivering of grain The elevating capacity is equal to 5,000 busheli' per hour, or 120.000 bushels for every 24 hours. Mr.

Bradford Clark 7 E. Capt Reuben Heacock. 1st Lieut G. W. Gilman.

2nd Lieut Wm. Ellis, and 101 men. F. Capt E. W.

Haines. 1st Lieut W. Bullymore. 2nd Lieut C. H.

Bidwell. aud 48 men. G. Capt J. Drake.

1st Lieut P. Stevens. 2nd Lieut J. Thompson. 101 men.

II Capt. H. Moss. 1st Lieut A. W.

razee. 2nd Lieut. H. D. Hall, and 4a men.

I. Capt R. Dickson. 1st Lieut E. D.

Hall, and men. K. Capt L. T. Bowman.

1st Lieut W. F. Miller. 2nd Lieut W. J.

Robb, and 35 men. L. Capt. Marsh, and 101 men, from Jamestown, did not arrive in time to march with the Regiment. Tbe column was a brilliant one, and comprised full thousand men, whose gay or sober uniforms, flashing arms and resonant tramp made the dullest heart beat quicker and keep step to the music.

It passed from out the beautiful camp ground and crossed over to Niagaia street down which it debouched in close order, thousands of people following and flanking it and repeatedly cheering the men. At Niagara Square the Continentals, Major Fillmore, with their band, took the right, and tbe column marched up Court to Main St, down Main to Exchange, and down Exchange St to the place of departure, near tbe intersection of Michigan with Exchauge St As the head of the splendid procession of plumes and bayonets borne by gall en men, wheeled into Main street St Paul's chimes rang out the Star Spangled Banner, and a vast crowd thronging the street windows and roofs of buildings, shouted mingled applause and farewells. The street was flaunting in drapery, and flags flying from the roofe of the buildings, while every window for many squares was crowded with fair women, who came to smile upon tbe brave soldiers and to wave adieus to many a beau. The pavements were thronged, packed, with the crowd, while the side streets were a regular imitation of Bull Run of Civilians from point to point to observe, and again observe, the passing column. Tbe regiment at the cars was rapidly embarked, the men being afforded a few minutes for leave-taking.

The scene was affecting, many a volunteer dashing away tears, that did credit to bis manhood, as he parted from wife and children, sweethearts or parenU. Often the leave-takings were boisterous between the men, and more than one volunteer got a tossing, to be followed by a band-wringing that would have ruined less iron muscles. As the train of 16 cars moved off, those remaining gave a series of cheers that must have made the stars close their ears and blink at the thundering echo. Aud so tbe second Buffalo Regiment went to the wars. Fills.

A RE yon tick, feeble, and complaining der, with your ivstem deranired. and vour feel in a ncom fbrtable. Theae symptom are often the prelude to us ill new. some di ni ncioeai i crremne anon I Id lie averUd by a timely use of th right remedt. Taki PUh and cleanse out the disordered humors purifv the blood, and the fluid move on unobstructed in health again.

The. ti ulate the functions of the body into vigorous activity, purifv the system from disease. A cola settles somewhere iu the bod v. and obstructs its natural functions. These, if not relieved, re act upon themselves and the surrounding organ, producing general aggravation, suffering, and disease.

While in thi condi tion, oppressed by the derangements, take Aver Pills, aud sec now mretly they restore tne natural action oi tne system, anu with it the buoyant feeling of health again. What is true nud ho apparent in this trivial and common complaint, is l-o true in many 01 tne deep-seated and dangerous distempers. The same purgative effect expels them. Caused by similar obstruction and derangements of the natural functions of tbe body, they are rapidly, and many of them surely, cured by the same means. None who know the virtues of theae Pi Is.

will ner ect to emnlov them when suffering from the disorders they cure Statements from leading physicians in some of the l.nnciut cities, and from other well known public penton. From a Forwarding Merchant of St Louis, Feb. 4, Dr. ATKK: Your Pills are the paratron of all that i- rai in medicine. They Imvr cured my little daughter of ulcernu res upou her tuui'ls and feet that had proved incuraJde for tier moiner nas been long grievously atniete.

with Motcfcei and pimples on her nkm and her hair After child he al her. tried, four Pill, and thev hare rurM ASA MOrttiBIIH.K As a Family Physic. From Hr. K. W.

Cartwright, New Origan Your are the prince- of purfren. Their excellent en mirpaKH an, cathartic we pOKnesn. They are mild Ku ffeutnal in their action on th luuhle In the dailv treatment of Hea.acli riiok Headache, Foul Stomach. Dr tdaard Boyd. Baltimore.

DkAK Hho A.t.K 1 cjiDUi't aOKver tou luit cuij-iamt ive cured with ur Pill bettor than to say ail that we treat with a pnrtratiie 1 place ereat deindi-nee cat hurt ir in mv dmli cmtcut with lirn-a-e. and 1 Dga I that iour Pill, afford the ha. I lalue th-oi hvirhh PlTTl 'a I ha leeti repeatedly Ij ran half liy a dose nr tn a full Kt'mach. which rured of tit of Pill with area reect.

PKK1U.K Clerk of Slertme: Disorders Lier Complain Bili. Knim lr. Thevnl! Not OH it aibpted t.i nl thoir elfects op an aieenent, I ih, theV-iif-r ven ed mi. re efT- ked indei hae in l.ractice iro al for the rui in coniplaintH than any one -ejoU'C that we Ua at leiiil nfidence of the I c.r ntion 1 of THK 1T Ii K. i.

mv ifeueral al id cannot h- Their Wa-hiugtoi our Pill in nu nuifte them. iiartic re emploi Add decided. Cor ik I 1 practice ever m- i are llie i on the liver i iiin eBtlv the' mirahle reineot 1 derauir' ntK that i ae of l-i 1 adilv DVMJIltc'I Diarrhea, Relax, r. J. i (ireen.

Your Pill ha had a louir trial in nn pnurtic. and 1 ixM them In esteem one of the be-t aperients I have cut touml Their alterative effect upon the liver maken them an excellent reined v. when eh en iu Hmall dose for hiliou dvneuterv and di arrhoea. Their iirar -coating maker them very acceprat.U- and ivenient Tor the of women and children DyspepRia, Impurity of the BIoimI. From Rev.

J. lliiueis Pastor of Advent Church. Biloii. R. ATBR: I haic used vour Pill with extraordinar.

-succe-s in my family and among thoite 1 am called to visit in dixtre- To regulate the oriran of digestion and purify the blool. thev are the very best remedy I have ever known, and I can conti dentlv recommen'l ttnm to my inena i ours. J. V. HlMEa.

Waksav. Wy Cu-. N. Oct 24. 1456.

DkarSir lam m-ioft your Cathartic Pill in mr nractieeand Snd them an excellent purgative to cleanse the eygtem and purify the the Mood. Constitatiou, Costiveness, Suppression, Rheu- j-i i -v- i I a i riiaiiiii, vtoui, neuralgia, urupv, Mrai ifs Fits, fec. From Ir. J. P.

Vaughn, Montreal, Canada. Too much cannot le said of your Pill for the cure of couth e- neaa. If others of our traternitj have tonnu them aa emcactoas an I have, they nhotild join me in proclaiming it for the benefit of the miiltitndeK who suffer from that complaint, which al though bad enough in itself, tn the progenitor or others that are worse. I believe costivenesa to originate in the liver, but your Pilla affect that organ and cure the disease. From Hn E.

Stuart. Physician and Midwife, Boston. I find one or two larre dose of vour Pilla. taken at the uroir time, are excellent promotivea of tbe natural secretion when wDOiiy or partial iv Mippreftseo. ana aiso very enecsuai the Htomacb and expel worms.

They are ao much tbe best phy we nave.tuat i recommena no oiner my patient. From the Rev. Dr. HawVea, of the Methodist Epia. Chureh.

Pi laski HorSK, Savannah. Jan. ft, 1S6. HoxorxdSir: I i-hall be unorateful for the relief your skill ha brought me if I did not report my case to you. A cold settled in my limb am) brought on excruciating neuralgia pains, which ended in chronic rheumatism.

Notwithstanding 1 had the beat of physician, the disease grew worse and worse, until by the advice of your excellent agent in Baltimore. Or. Mack en tried your niii. rneir ertecu wre hw, dux sure, oy per- ftevering in the u-i- of tnena, lam now entirely wen. Sksatk Cu amber.

Baton Rooge. Dec. 5. lH6o. 1r.

Avkr: I have been entire Iv your PillAofRheu matic Gont a painful di-eane that had afflicted me for years. VINCENT SLU.KLL. flMoat of the Pills in market contain Mercurv. which, al though a valuable remedv in skiLful haDds. is dangerous in a mbllc pill, from the dreadful consequences that frequently follow its incautious use.

These cod tain do mercury or mineral subatance whatever. Price 25 cent per Box, or 5 Boxes for 91. Prepared by Dr. J. ('.

AYER, ih Lowell. Mas. T'isold bvHollbiter fc Laverack. and all the Pruggiato a uffalo, and all Druggists everywhere. CHINA, CHINA, CHINA, 17S Main Street.

HOMER TTAVE iUiit received bv bhip Havre. 10 casks of French Chi na. comprising new itylei of China and Antique Lava Va sea, BuS and Gold Dining and Tea Setts, Card Baskets and Match Boxes, New Parian rirure. aod a great variety of rich Bohemian (rlasa, making the best assortment they nave ever fered in thin city, and of their own importation. Buffalo, Jan.

1861. INSTEUCTI0N IN VOCAL MUSIC. TH undersigned is prepared to receive calls as Teacher of cal Music, both iu ELEMENT AitY CLASSES and MUSICAL CONVENTIONS, in both city and country. Terms reasonable. Having beeu gaged in tha profession for the last fifteen year, abundant erencei can be given to any who may inauire.

For further information, addresa, 3iu60o A. 3. RAZE. Buffalo LEONARD WILSON, FIKE AND LITE INSTOANCE, neat Estate ana if a I Agency OFFICE No. 3 SOCTH DIVISION STREET XT' IKK INSURANCE effected in first la New England X.

pauies Also. Life Insurance, in the New England Mutua Lite Iiumm'e Coinpuny of Boston. aith an accuinulateil capital of neari Tu Millions op Dollars. Particular atten tion given to Selling. Buying and Renting Real Estate.

Collect ing rents, making Tax searches on City Property, and also Albany lor returnen i onrjiv iax and paying the same opt MORTGAGES NEGOTIATED FOR CASH. By I. WILSON. CHURCH ORGANS. rilHE Suhftcriber.

in prepared to build Church and Parlor I gans, of almost e.ery description, on a short notice. T' if year experience, and personal application to the subject o. oicing. Tuning and make Reed Pipes, together with good fa cilities, and complete workmen, enable him todo his work in the most thorough and satisfactory manner. Tuning and Rejuii ing done on hort notice, and warranted to please.

HOUSE. Clinton opposite the new Court House IV. -Specifications of different class Organs, and the price will be sent to an one oh application to the Sul-scriber Jan "lttil. BUFFALO TYPE FOUNDRY, VNlt Printer's Furnishing Warehouse, Nor 18 and 30 Wt Seneca N. LYMAN.

Proprietor. Kxin(r recentljt enlarged and improved hi Foundry, now on-atitin; two large four slory buildintrs. and added many di st le to his asairtment of Book. Job, and Ornamental Type. Borders.

Rules, Scripts, kc. would respectfully call the attentinn of printers and publisher to his establic bment. Enjoiuy ample facil ities for executing orders of any magnitude, he hopes, by promptness, to merit a continuance of the favors heretofore be atowed upon him. believing it to be for the interest if priotei in the Wt ami Canada, to make their purchase here. AT NEW YORK PRICES, Hereby sa.iug the expense and tnconvenieu tion Hoe Co Celebrated presses, always oi at short notice, at manufacturers' prices.

BrrrAL. Jan lKril HINSDALE'S COMPOUND CONKECTION Ifcliiiul Moss Candy, roa col IIS AND COI.1S. Maiiiifactun Sold all I JOHN HK Street. I.ittfsl Ifenerally ECONOMY Economy, economy, like diligence. When well applied increaseth wealth rpHE Old City 1 soiled articli mr Establishment is the place M-nd wearing apparel, whei or dyed to vie with uew.

Indies! remember Mr. CHESTER has just returned fnnu New York, with a choice lot of Chemicals, aod Dye Stun, aud improved machinery. Increased beauty of Colors will re -ii IV Straw work Bleached. Pyed and Pressed. Mwurniuir Good done in Three Day a The only place in the city where Steam ts used in all departments of the business hrect all articles to No-18 Batavia street, Bufia- Near the Bell lrtW TREMONT HOUSE, NO 9 11 SENECA STKEKT TrilK Sulmt-riU rears, and rt-rit ti ae above bimsr fur a term of furnihed the name, and will edanl newl open it loe'lay Mar This houe is centrallv located.

being nearly the I'ost Office A liberal patronage netted Buffalo. April -itith. ISol B. THORP, Proprietor. 390 tf JEHETT ic HOOT'S COMBINATION 1 First Class CookingJitoTe, for Coal or Wood, WITH THE BRICK 0VEH! Tin; peculiar bake of the "brick oven' is admitted the Heigh th of Perfection.

A the mot essential Qualification in a cook store is its baking properties the BRICK OVEN will take the preference. Another Important feature of the Brick Oven la its 1H KABILITY. Special attention is directed to the Superior Hkoilim. Facilities of thin stove, a feature very difficult In most stoves. THE COMBINATION has all tbe Modern Improvements-such as Hot Water Reservoir, Warming Closet 4c.

For Water ihumiuu nupuuai. ioi saiiBiaciorv oneration in every re- nt? ed. BUY HOME MANUFACTURE Jewett fc Root's New Coal Cooking Stove, THE ILLINOIS I For burning Hani or Soft Coal. Coke or Wood. This is very desirable Stove, conveniently arniDged.

and afforded at MODERATE PRICE THE COMPEER COAL COOKING STOVE With furniture Only $13. Warranted. Operates perfectly A xplendld pattern Large Oven. THE IMPROVEMENT F1rt Claw Cooking Stove. Price.

(V1 or Wood, at COOKING STOVES P0E WOOD. Clipper, Statesman, Harvest Home, 13 Compeer, Rotal Oak, 12 15 15 Ctt.tinKtKxtra Heavy Oten4 Large Furniture ELEVATED OVEN STOVES. The Best JEWETT ROOT'S HOTEL STOVE Surir. than an other. funicular attentic-nliR ealleil ti Jewett Root's RADIATOR Hard Coal Burner.

In all the great variety of Coal Heatioi Storea. the "Radiator" Htandx ore-eminent a an Economical Air-Tight, (la and Smoke Burner. A continuous tire can be kept, with any degree of heat required. Rooma warm and comfortable, day and night. Buy Jewett Jt Root RADIATOR.

There 1 nothintr in tbe Stove line can euual it. All ize. suitable for any room COAI- HEATING STOVES, of ever description, cheaji BCY HOME MANCFACTVKK. and Sa Honey. WOOD HEATING STOVES, in almost endleiw variety.

Greatly Reduced Price NEW. YORK PARLOR Coal Hods. Parlor Coal Vas eft. Coal Steve. Coal hoveln, Aoh Paila, Blower Stand.

Fire IronB and Standardm Umbrella Stands, Hat Stands. Iron Bedsteads and Wash Stands. BIRD CAGES Very low. Plated Ware. Cutlery, Tea Tray, and Housekeeping Article in great profusion, cheap.

Stove ripe. Ctnc, fy JOBBING lne to Order JOHN JEWETT'8 Stove Store aud House keener a Emporium. 359 Main ktreet opposite the churches. jr (U jKt ror Jeweu kooi now Dodged PATENT GRATES! New Orate very flue wltb Dodge' Patent! OLD GRATES RESET WITH DODGE'S PATEN OPEN FIR DODGE'S PATEBT. IS A RAUK COMFORT.

Ageui'i fn Iliidge I'ateitt l.nit" aud Stove at 31 1 Iflaln su. II. C. BROWN. -lOAJ Coal cookin; stoves, the ysi'ldniiiv at 311 Main street.

AMKRICAX IS H. C. BROWN Mala eti PATKNT liRATKS AND STOVKS. onlj at 311 street. It.

u. MK( DAYIOSOS-S K1KK Plto trret. -AFKS. wild DOIMJK-S l'A 7 00 TIIE lMIKHKN nnlv at 311 OKNT ia a fuperinr ml cooking BR Main street. T-VOIKIK PATKNT ORATES DOOCES PATENT STOVES.

XOpcn Fire. No. 3 a street H. BROWN at 311 Main THK EXC 311 Main IVK ACKNTY tRnODfiE-J PATENT, H.C. BROWN.

Htreet. 601 NEW STORE FOR HOUSE KEEPERS WK have junt opened at No. 217 Main Street a laigv stock Evert Vakiktv of HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES of the best quality. Every Houhekeept-r Li pie a prominent posilio tlw Very Best Cooking bat the COOKlNtl STOVE oocu mieftic ecuuomv. and therefore.

tbecbeapest one to buy. Such STEWART STOVE, its juihiiiis br orer Tweitt Years can testify, on account of its snrpassin excellence, it ha been extensively imitated, but hkhk Combination of Imitations can le an Improvement on STEWART STOVE. We kave al-o a line assortment of Heavy Silver Plated Ware. Planished Briltania Ware. Cutlery.

Wooden Ware, I -amp-. Coal Oil. Burning Fluid. Houne Furnishing Hardware. Plain and Ji-iianned Tia Ware.

Parlor and Conking Stovas of all kind. kc. ke. kv at the sign the STEWART STOVK, Xo. 217 and 119 Main Street.

that th nia, al.i tn infiii-iii tlie iiulili hert-I'lfurt. i tlir ol.l) STANIV No. 1 1 i Main Street. Englinli Hard- Anierifun, (-rermaii, and ware. Nails.

Cla. Slovt-s. Tin Ware. Cual Oil Huming Fluid. A'C Ac.

Camphei f. MADLEY A HL'STED. 591 Nos. 119 and 217 Main riliwl SPRINGVILLE ACADEMY. ERIE CO Y.

Fa 1.1. TERM Aug 1.1 lil. and contiuMe. foi week-. A tki.r.iiwli I.Ridiuttinif Cour-e A compM- para Ury Collegiate Course.

Ample facilities preparing tor Teaching and Businens Six Instructors empbiv ed. Tuition from $4 to $0. Incidentals 50 cts. Music mid in mentaJ Branches extra. Hoard.

$1,75 per week. Ktr eontiti ning lull tmrticularn. aniln 3wvl 1AV1I COPKI.ANP. A. M.i Princiin BOOKS 1 BOOKS BOOKS 1 TiroTLF.Y-S History ftbe I'nited Netberland.

t.00 1XT IT its and Beai I Society. 1 iiO Atkinsoa B-(rions of tbe I ri Atitoor. 2.50 American Ain.anac for ISol. $1,00 $1 50 Even-body's Lawyer, by rrank nby. l.oo The Hore hi" I'iseasrs.

by Jenuiny. 1,00 French. German. Spanish, ltin, Italian, ithoot a master, 1.26 The Yonig Farmer's Manual, by TimM. 1.2A The Attornev, bv Irving- new l.2h Elsie Yenne-r.

Oliver m-ndell Holmes, All Agricultor recei oon as published, nl kept oaitjttl 10 East Seneca street, Rt-rrarn. N. Y. 58i E. J.

EISELE, A I a 1. 1 No. 66 nuhawk SU, Niagara A I. Irv all kiuds. ei.Decia.lU iDcludimr Hair Jew oud .1.

fro IV. elry made to orde: short notice, in th Jewelry, Clocks, Watches. 4c. repaired ou ie bi--t MiMble manner, ami 1 rarte I omnU) solicited H04 from both city nn GEO. REESE, AUCTIONEER Commercial Auction Commission Rooms, NO- WK.ST ST NEAR AIX GEO.

REESE CO. tniA. ciTe tkeLr personal attcntioD to the sale of Real Es YY tate. afercbandi of ever; description, aod Household Fm either at Private Sale or at Public Auction. A share of the public patronafre is respectfully r.rRefirular Sales.

Tuesdays and Fr licited. ridaya. let BTFFALO THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 19. 1861.

Railroad Time Table. AOOPTKD MO.VDAT. MAT 6m. 19G1. NEW YORK Depart X.

Y. Day Express. 4 00 A Ac. to Rochester, 5 30 A -Steamboat Exp. 8 00 A 14 Mail 2 30 PM Night Express.

5 00 Tin. Express. 10 SS II Arrive. Night Express. New York klail.

Accommodation. 5 30 A 9 30 A 2 00 8 00 10 00 1 30 A Steamboat Exp X. Y. Express. Mail.

NIAGARA FALLS DIVISION'. Lock port Wav. 6 00 A Chic. k. Det.

Ex. Chicago Express, 00 A Lock port, A ffv. Toronto Accom. 2 30 Lon Lew. Ex.

Lockport Wiv. 4 30 Del a Chic. Ex. Drt. Chic Kx" 8 30 Lock port.

Way. BUFFALO. NEW YORK AND ERIK. Accommodation to Y. "'jfht Ex.

HornaUsrille. 4 00 A Phil- Bait. Tn. Steamboat Exp. ft 15 A Hornellsville n.

Bait. PhiL Exp. 3 46 do Day Express. BUFFALO AXD LAKB HURON. 9 00 A 9 40 A 2 15 6 25 9 00 11 00 A 11 00 A 11 00 A 12 00 12 00 Dt.

ft Chic Exp. Mixed. Night Exp. D. AC.

8 SO A Night Expresv 1 60 Mixed. 10 25 Day Express 5 30 A 12 00 5 50 LAKE SHORE. 6 30 A Night Exprs. 9 30 A Accommodation. 4 00 Dav Mail.

10 00 Cincinnati Exp. Mail, Day Express. Accommodation. 3 20 A 906 AM 4 25 PM 10 25 on all the Night Express. Traini on the Lake Shore Road run by Buffalo titm other roads by New York Time.

my oil Tharadar Next. Iw view of the National Fart services, which air to take place on Thursday next we shall date our next number a day earlier thaisuisual. Our carriers will serve subscribers in the city on Wednesday evening. The arrangements of the several city churches for their Fast services win be announced in that number. Sabbath Services at Camp Porter Caft.

Dbaxe again preached at Camp Porter, on Sabbath last. In consequence of the sudden and hurried order for the men to leave camp, the previous Sabbath quiet of the men was not observed; but we are assured the sermon was one calculated to do much good, and will not soon be forgotten. Visit from Rev. nr. Kuowlea.

Rev. J. H. Knowles. of Lima, spent last sabbath in this city, occupying in the morning the pulpit of the Peart St M.

E. Church, and in the evening that of Grace Church. Until about a year since. r. Knowles was a member of the Newark Conference.

He is greatly esteemed both in his pulpit and pastoral work, and during his brief residence in Western New York has secured a host of friends. Orleaus Conuty Teacher's luatltiite- This Institute will meet on Monday. Sept. 23d. An able array of instructors and teachers is presented.

Buffalo mercantile College. We call the attention of our readers to the Adver-twement, in another column of "Hick's Mercantile College. We are pleased to learn that Mr. Hicks is receiving excellent enconragement in his College. We hear many speak of it as a most excellent institution, and fully worthy of the highest confidence of the public.

Iii low Quarterly LoTefeal. A Union Quarterly Love-feast will be held at the German Methodist Church, corner of Sycamore and Ash streets, on next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A general invitation is extended to the many christian friends of this church, in the city, to be present. Corn Crop In Niagara Co. THE Niagara Con nty Intelligencer says: "A week or two more of the fine weather we are now having will pnt the corn fields entirely beyond the reach of tbe frost We notice some fine cornfield': a little way east of our village.

Letters from the Second Buffalo Regiment. A gifted and prominent young officer of the new Buffalo Regiment, has promised us frequent letters from the camp We hope, therefore, to keep the readers of the Advocate constantly advised of all tbe movements and incidents of interest which shall transpire in the Regiment 11m Twenty Flrnu I tenia. Private letters state that the health of the Twenty First Regiment has greatly improved. Sereral officers of the Regiment are now in this city, on a furlough. Among them we have been pleased to meet, Maj.

Drew, Quarter Master, Clinton. Captains Strong, and Layton, and others. Recruiting for the Regiment is progressing finely. Capt Layton left yesterday with several new men for Gamp Buffalo. A considerabla number of recruits, however.

Is still needed. Our readers should remember that those who enlist in this Regiment will be required to serve for only about twenty month. that being the remaining period of the two years enlistment. Harper for October. Hakpkb's Magazine for Octoler a cupitul number may be found at Breed.

Butler Co's. Patriotism lu the Spriugrville Academy. We learn that several students in the Springville Acudemy. have recently caught the spirit, of practical patriotism, and left for tbe war. Our literay Institutions, we are glad to be assured, are everwhere ready to contribute their share of sacrifice fbr theCn-ion.

Dedication of the New Church at Alblou. Thk new church edifice erected by tbe M. K. Society of this place will he dedicated to the service of God by His permission on Thursday the 10th of October next, services commencing at 1 1 o'clock A. M.

Rev. J. M. Reid D. D-.

President of Genesee Col lege is expected to preach on the occasion. G. Dk I.a Matyk. N. V.

Sept. lti. isa. Hermit for the Twenty First. Ox Saturday morning last Sergeant Irwin relumed to Washington with thirty recruits for ihe 21st Reiri ment.

Military miiiatry. Thk ExpTctt has the following: The toivn W'est-tMd. Chautauqua County affords a rnon sinking display of patriotism and military -pirit in the pulpit than any other that we know. One of ii ministers. Rev.

J. C. Prake. head? a company. raUed by him-elf, in the regiment that left our city on Monday lat.

under Col. Bidwell. KKler Knapp. the palor of another church in the village, is one of the prime movers in the wonderfully successful effort to hum. a regiment of cavalry in Chautauqua County, and will undoubtedly hold one of the commanding offices in it when organized.

A third clergyman, trf the -uuie religiously patriotic community. Key. Mr. Musev. is going with the cavalry Regiment in the capacity Chaplain.

In these three minister the leading churches West-field send their pastors lo the field of war. Sternberg's New Elevator. By accident, we omittt-d last week our notice of thi-cajKicious and finely built fire proof building. We copy the following description: The building is rhoin-bmdal in form, being H3 feet on Ohio street. Tfi feet on Columbia street SCi feet on Buffalo Creek and feet on the remaining side.

The foundation are of stone 21 feet high, and rot upon three rows of piles. Each of tbe stone foundation on which the posts for supporting the centre of the building, rest on nine piles. Tbe superstructure is of wood, and is forty one feet high, the walls and bifis being made of plank from six eight iacbee wide, laid so as to break joints in the in DIED: In this city. the iiut, Mrs. Mary J.

llinsou, aged 70 years. The deceased was an old and respected ivsident of the city of Buffalo, and her friends and acquaintances were numerous. Surrounded by children and grandchildren who loved and cherished her for her affection and solicitude for their welfare and prosperity, she glided smoothly down the stream of time, "till she arrived to the age of three seore years and ten. She had for many years been a member of the Niagara St M. E.

Church, and adorned the religion she professed by a consistent life, and godly conversation. She loved the courts of tbe Lord's house, and enjoyed the privileges of the sanctuary. She died us she had lived, calm and serene, in full faith and confidence in the efficacy of the atonement and in the assurance that 'for her to die was gain. Her funeral took place at the church she loved so well, on Monday last and was largely attended. Com.

8PECIAL NOTICES. ER fail to destroy and exterminate all kind of In testinal Worm. Are perfectly reliable in all eaaea, and far ku-perior to any and all of tbe Fancy Worm Cod fee lions and naus-eouB Vermifugen which are in ae Ther may be taken at all timee with perfect ufetr, a thev contain NO MERCURY, or other deleterious drug. Mothers should ala aj purcha-e them, and give their children no other. (No Cathartic whatever, i necettary to be given.) For sale by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine- A.

I. MATHrwS Uueral Agent. B04 Buffalo, N. and Fort Erie, C. W.

,1000 VOLUNTEERS WANTED TO BUY TICKETS in Conn 's Circulating Library, which contains 000 volumes of History. Romance. Biogrspbrand Trav els, to which all new works of interest are added as soon as published. Tickets $1 00. For Catalogue of at No.

r.ast street, opposite the rost wince. iwouu. MrW. WINSLOW, AS EXPERIENCED NURSE and female pbvidcian. has a aoothina- Syrup for chil- tcvthinir.

which orreatly facilitates the orocesa of teeth inn by softening the gum, reducing all inflammation will allay all oai ii, and is sure to re mi late the bowels. Depend upon it, moth ers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief to your infant renectiy saie in an cases. ee aavercisemem in auoioer col umn. lyoJ7 OUGHS. THE SUDDEN CHANGES OF OUR climate arc sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial, anil atbmatic Affections.

Experience havioz proved that simple remedies oftn act npeedilj and certainly when in the early ta- oi me aieate, recourse anouia at once oe naa to Drown a ronchial Troche." or Loaenirea, let the Cold, Coach, or irrita tion or the throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Singers will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voice. See Advertisement. HEAD THIS. N.

H. DOWN'S ELIXIR- THE Great Northern Remedy lor Concha. Colds. Croup, Whooping Co1 hooningf Couch, and all throat and lunc'com plaints. Can now be found at all the principle DruJ Stores.

This valuable Medicine has many friends and patrons among our first citizens. Clergymen ase it physicians use it all use it and pass it to a menu. Any Clererman troubled with a couch or throat disease entitled to alioc trial bottle free, by callinc on a recular ajrent. If you find the relief you expect, please pass it to a friend. Mothers will find this Elixir of great service for Croup in Children.

It is soothing, and gives immediate relief. Try one bottle, and if not satisfied, call and get your money, The genuine is put up in fancy prescription bottles, and has N. H. Downs, written vith pen. on outside label, and retail for 25c, 50c and $1.

J. M. Henry Sons, Waterbury, Vermont, general depot to whom orders snould be auuressea. nee circular around each bottle. Beware of Jasper CurtiR.

Sold in Buffalo by all Drucinsts. and A. 1 Mathews, Wholesale. 230 Main St. jr Clergymt n.

trj it ly5ol CENTRAL MERCANTILE COLLEGE. 7" RvntfmlMT the place of entrance, directlv opposite the Metropolitan Theatre, over Cone'x Emporium. No'. 114 Main St ar" A Scholarship issued from tha Buffalo College will 1m. (rood to the holder, without limitaUon of time, for completing tiie course or rr lewlne al any subsequent time.

BOOK KEEPING, Partnerahip Settlements. BUSINESS ORNAMENTAL PENMANSHIP, COMMERCIAL. ARITHMETIC MERCANTILE LAW, Tuught day and evening In the splendid Hall of HICKS' COLLEGE, BUFFALO. The only College ia Buffalo that is managed by a Practica Accountant and Penman. Full course, $30; Complete course.

$40; Extended course $SO. We are enabled by vi nr' practice in the profenaion. to lv efore the student ACTUAL BUSINESS, Which makei! him practically acquainted with everv variety oi accounts. We discard tbe u-e of printed ookf. and ue ooljr a MANUSCBIPT DAY BOOK.

composed from oui own esprieoc-- id Hicksonian Penmanship on the Annl tical Syate in pre em nentlj the mot Himple and easy to attain of all syBteniB do i use. Laugh without the aid or a Lithographer or Engraver On Law course ia complete, ha inr Seen nelerte oxpreis Ij 1W 'li Counting House. Thin count of ntudj in managed on au -Original lUu. Kntire satisfaction warranted to the attentive, Thk Col-rhs combines with Practice, aud secure- the ntudent a perfect knowledge of arrounti. Kor further information, plase call at the College Kooiu, send for Catalogue or Circular, inclosing a letter tamp.

Addri D. CLINTON HJCKS, Bl FFALO, N- THE NEW Y0BK TRIBUNE. NEW VOLl AN the Ttb YHK WEfcKi.Y TKI- VuiM'' commenced tlie twenty rat year Its exiftteiK-e The Daily Tribune beinr some month older and The Semi Weekly Tribune fomebat younger. For more than twenty I yearn, thin journal ha" labored in what it conductors have felt to be the caime of Humanity, Justice and Freedom, endeavoring to ameliorate the condition of the oppressed and unfortu nate. to honor and encourage useful exertion in whatever sphere, and, to pro Uj all tneanH the moral, intellectual and material advancement of our country.

It haa aimed to (e right rather than popular, and to eppoutte and commend to day the truth that other may not be willing to accept till to morrow. In pursuing thin course, mistake hare aouhtlena been made anu fault coiuniitUdT but. having in all thingit incited our reader to think and judge for themaAren rather than adopt blindly our own or others' conclusion, we believe we may (airly claim for this journal the credit of having qualified its read ers to detect and expose even ita own errors. To develop the minds of the young by the moat general, thorough and practical Education, and to encourage and stimulate Productive Industry, through free grants of Public 1-ands to actual settlerHand cultl vators. an aluo through tbe protection of immature or peculiarly branches from too powerful foreign competition, are among the aims to which thi.x journal b.i- adhered through good and vvil report, and which it t-tendfaatlv commends to American patriotism and philanthropy A to tbe Civil War now devastating our country.

hold it tn have originated in a Rebellion more wanton, wicked. inexcuK able, than wan ever before known a Rebellion in the interest of the few aguinft the niani a Rettellion designed to raise higher the wall of caste and tighten the chains of oppression. Having done all we could without a imtTeuder af vital principle to avoid this War. and witnessed the forbearance, meekness, and long-suffering with which the Federal ttovernment sought to vert ils horrors, we Uola it our clear duty. ith that ot every ther citizen, to utand t.v the nation and its fairly chosen rulers.

and to second ith all our energies thei efforts to uphold the I'nioo, tbe Constitution, and the supremacy oftHe Iaws. And. though the Rebellion has tecome, through usurpation decep- i. terrorism, and spoliation, fearfully strontr, we lieheve the American Republic far stronger, and that the unanimous, ear nevt efforts of loval hearts and hands ill iusure its overthrow. But on all questions arTecting the objects, the scope.

nd dura tion of this most extraordinary contest, we defer to those whom the American People have clothed with authority, hold ing unity of purpose ani of action indispensable in so grave nu emergency In a crisis like the present, our coluinu" inunt le largely eu grossed with the current history of the War for the Cnion. and with elucidations of its more incidents. We shall not. however, remit that attention to Literature, to Foreign Affairs, to Agricultural Progrctvi. to Crop.

Markets, ic. tVc. which has already, we trust, won for The Tribune, an honorable portion among its c. -temporaries. Our main object if and shall be to produce a comprehensive newspaper, from which a careful reader may glean a vivid and faithful hintory of the times, not merely in the domain of Action but in that of Opinion also.

As our facilities for acquiring information with years, we trut that an improvement in the contents of our journal is percepiiMi and that, in the variety and fullness of in teUigence affornM. ulav still hope to 'make each day a crit ic on the last. In tlii--hope, we solicit continuance of the gpnerwu mi-aiire of bitherto urcorde.) to our jour nal TtKMS DAILY TKlBt NE. p. ruuuumj 6 (liH issue- per annum) 93 WEEKLY iaxues er annum) $-J CtrBs-Senit Wi-rv: Twocopie IS: flw for 11 25; ten copie; to one addre.

for any larger number at the mtvj rate. For a club of twenty, an extra copy will ba sent For a club of forty we send The Daily Tribune gratis one year. Week.l Three copie- for eight copies for $10, and any larger number at the rate of $1 IW each per annum, the pajver to bed'lreNse'l to cch suhecriber. To clubs of Twenty, we send an extra copy. Twenty copies to one addresn for $20, with one extra to him who sends us the club.

For each club of One Hundred. The Daily Tribune will he sent gratis for one year When drafts can be procured it is much safer than to remit Bank Bills. The name of the Post office and ytate should in alf cases 6e plainly written. Payment always in advance. Addre.

THF TRIBrVE. No, 1M st New York planned the building and superintended the construc tion of the machinery. The engine and boiler were constructed by the Eagle Iron Works Company. Messrs. Sternberg fc are entitled to great credit for their energy and enterprise in erecting so large a building so perfect in all its parts so quickly.

Auotlter Buffalo Surgeon. We learn that Geo. Sweet M.D., of this city, has been appointed Surgeon in the Navy. Until about two months since. Dr.

Sweet had resided for some years in Arkansas, but. was driven oat soon after the Sumter affair. He was a member of tbe Convention of that state, and aided in defeating tfae secessionists their first attempt to get the state out of the Union Being from Western New York, his presence there became a matter of suspicion to the rebel leaders, and he was soon compelled to leave. He started northward in a covert manner, leaving his office open and bis effects untouched, thus deceiving his enemies, who supposed he would return. He succeeded at last, in reaching Louisville, from which place he journeyed difficulty to tbW city, where his friends reside.

Several years we knew Dr. S. as a student in the Seminary at Lima, and believe him to be well qualified for the post to which be has been called. The New Becraita, and the "Three Year" Qnestlou. Tub following correspondence sets at rest a very interesting and important question: "B1FPAI.0.

Sept. 7, 1M61. To the Adj. Gen. U.S.

A. Washington. D. C. Sib: Lieuts Baker.

Wallace and myself, have been detailed to recruit for the 21st Regiment N. Y. Volunteers, and are here for that purpose. This is one of the regiments that was sworn into tbe service of. the State for two years, and into the service of the United States (at Elmira) for three months The term of the enlistment of the men now in the regiment will expire in May, 1863, and thekquestion now arisen whether tbe term of enlistment of the men who are now enlisting, will expire when the term of the balance of the regiment does, or whether the recruits must be sworn for three years? We have supposed that all who now enlisted into our regiment enlisted for the balance of the two years.

Please inform me immediately, and oblige Yours respectfully. JAMES STRONG, Capt. 21st Regt, X. Y. V.

The above letter was endorsed as follows and returned to Capt. Strong: -l Recruits for tbe regiment should tie enlisted for the balance of two years By order. GEO. D. RUGGLES.

Asst. Adjutant Gen. Adj General Office. Sept. 12.

18M." Dr. Harwell 111 mem or lam. Dit. Bryant Burwki.l, whose recent decease, after a long ami painful sickness, we noticed last week, was a man whose position and character demand something more than a brief ohitiiarr notice. In big profession he commanded universal respect; dignified, yet courteous and affable, he maintained Ihe most cordial relations within professional brethren, and was ever ready to advance their interests, and sought the elevation and increased usefulness and influence of medical science.

While he stood in tbe front rank of his profession, he found time to cultivate a literary taste. Few men were so familiar with the old English poets as Dr. Burwell. He possessed a vivid imagination, and. but for his modesty, might have shone as a scholar and an author.

He was one of the most liberal of men, ever affording aid to the needy, and among his most noble charities may be reckoned the numerous incidents in which indigent young men have been aided by him in obtaining an education. As a Christian, Dr. Bur-well was decided in his opinions, though unobtrusive in their expression. His example in his family and in the church with which he was connected was always such as proved the sincerity and power of his faith. He had a large and catholic charity which embraced all the true followers of Christ of whatever uaoie or denomination.

To him death came as tbe angel of mercy, releasing him from the "broken house of his tabernacle," and oiening up before his dying vihiou a ''bouse not made with hands, eternal in tbe After his protracted sufferings, the shad ow ot the wing of the dark messenger was a shadow of a great rock in a weary land: the jrrave a city of refuge where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest." Departure off the Secoud Buffalo Heglmeut. Wk copy the following from the Courier of Tuesday: It must hive been gratifying to the brave volunteers who departed from Fort Porter yesterday, to witness the grateful enthusiasm of our people, and to feel that (heir fellow townsmen and countrymen appreciated the sacrifice they were making for our cause. If it were possible, all previous demonstrations were quite eclipsed by the display yesterday. Jnj vast a crowd, no genuine tbe enthusiasm, so bountiful the decorations, and so enthusiastic tfae demonstrations, that the coldest could not but be moved to feel, and to permit his heart to beat with the pulses of the opu-lace. The rapidity with which the new regiment was got ready for marching, and the excellent bearing and deportment of the men iu column, reflected the highest credit upon the officers who.have for the past few weeks been assiduously preparing them for the realities of war.

The day was spent in completing the arrangements for a sudden departure. The marching orders were read at morning parade, and received as earnest and patriotic soldiers would receive such intelligence with cheers and enthusiasm. The entire Regiment was uniformed and accoutered, with tbe exception of knapsacks, which will be furnished at Park Barracks. New York city, the new quaflfrs of tbe Regiment. Everything was ready for moving early in the day, but the men were kept under proper discipline and within bounds.

Baggage was packed ready for transportation, company elections to fill vacancies were held in some instances, and all the animation alluded to, consequent upon a new organization and radden march. The men were in the best of spirits, and eager for departure, as they conceived the meaning of such peremptory orden. and so abrubt a movement, to be real work on short notice. Three men managed to procure liquor and to attempt to desert while drunk. but were arrested and finally taken off in the ranks.

All the afternoon great wagons were employed in carrying off the baggage of the Regiment. The troo8 took an early substantial supper, and a) tout four o'clock fell into line facing their escort, but it was about five o'clock )eforo the column moved The following was the order of the march: Major General Randall and Staff. Union Cornet Band. 74th Regiment Col. Fox.

Companies B. D. and K. Band. Tigi-rs, Capt Ernst.

Fredonia Zouaves'. Capt Corrigan. Eagle Zouaves. Capt, Cottier, racket! Zouaves Zouaves Juveniles. Tbesecoud Buffalo Regiment.

Colonel I). I). Bidwell. Major G. W.

Johnson. tjuartermaster H. D. THlingbast. Company A.

Capt. II W. Marsh. 1st Lieut. P.

S. Cottle, 2d Lieut TomCluny and men. B- Capt J. Piogstead, 1st Lieut F. Von Gayi.

2nd Lieut. TVm. Wirtz, and men. Capt. Ed.

Drew. 1st Lieut. W. G. tfeeley, and men.

-Capt. Wm. F. Wheeler. 1st Lieut.

G. H. Selkirk. 2d Lieut P. A.

Taylor, and 47 men. a ITXAIR DYE. tThia celebrated Tye was flrat prepared in 140; aince that time it haa been rsan bt Tiociisia, and in ic intanc has It failed to give mrvrr unwirnov THE VENETIAN DYE Is the chcape! In the world. Iu price ii oxlt nm rr-NTs, and each bottle contains docblx tm QraxTTTr i-r dvf conlaiQcd in ihoee ntnaJly told for oji ixillal The Venetian Dye Is tbe safest composition ot lta claaa. It ia waaaajmn kot to iNJcr.E the hair, or the acalp.

In the slightest degree. The Venetian Dye Wi.rk with afi Dm ajrn rrariTT. Ii caoaes no annoyance or trouble to those who tue lt. The Veneti-an Dye Produces any shade that may be desired one that will fade, crock, nor wash oat: one that is as perma- ii'-tit a the hair itself. The Venetian Dye I iiol, in any manner, interfere with the kitfui M.nTs.

or th e'ii ara it neither scorches nor dries U. The Venetian Dye the best. eheaTest, safest, most convenient, eful. and wt frmanent Dye ever used. The Venetian Dye II i.

me gained an extended retmUUom, the public ar i 1'Th'N ED agsinet purchasing any prepared In tha same style, under the same or different name, aa Lhey nr- mere iniitaiiona, and liable to do Injury. Ff all DruQgUU. Prepared only by A. I. MATHEWS, ltsffalo.


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Gloves. Pocket Raad kerchiefs. Snspendera, kc. te. Comstock's, OS MAIN ITBEET, OUE STORE AND GOODS.

STATIONERY, At No. 165 Main Street. At No. 1 85 Main Street. At No.

165 Main Street. Bankbooks, PRINTING, BOOK BINDING, At No. 1 65 Main Street. For all kinds of STATIONERY, PRINT ING, and BOOK-BINDING, at satisfactory pri ces, call upon TOnVC, LOCKWOOD Sc CO, Priiitert, Stationers, and Blank Boot Manu facturers, 576 165 Main Street, GEORGE B. BULL fe 00.

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Kinf. Pbttoix, Lion, Hathaway, and other varieties. Parlor and Parlor Cooking Stoves, for wood or eoaL Cylinder Coal Stoves, of varioo styles. Ten siaei of Plate Stoves. Potash Kettles.

Coolers. Soap and Oswldro Kettles, wartantW Be re and Lake Huron Grind Stones, asnail and laxj( silts Roe Boxe. Sleizh Shoes. Sewer Trmaa. Pluabsrw Kattlaa.

Dumb Bella. Hatha.wmy'B Patent. Hot Air Hote4 Cookinr Stoves, withowt z- ceptiou tbe best, most durable and economical stove for botal pur poses eiuaL iney are ia general nse in soi nzsa rur Boasts thro nr hoot tbe coantrv. Sad Iron Heaters for Hotel Laandrie, heats 34 irons atasaoa. Mott i Patent Furnace and Cauldron, seven use, from 10 to 120 gallons, the best boiling apparatma in oat.

Refrigerators and Water Cohleri of the most approved styles Wooden Wape, Jappaned and Tin Ware, Cutlery, fce. AM of which we offer at reduced rate. OBO. IL BTLL. 487 Ji'O.

M. RoCXTtU. BREED, BUTLER 00., (Successor to Phinney st Co.) SO 1SS MAIN STREET. Kr KKP ci-nstantl on hand the Publications of the prindpa PuMi-ben-in Nc York. Boston, and PhiiadsJpbia, AT Pt BLISHERS PRICES BREKD.


Saw York F. RETT'S LIFE OF WASHINGTON The Lift- an) Letu-r -f Mrs. Emily Judson. Bj A. Kea AU.

a ire npral assortment of Books ik Stationery, all of which II be sold at rk price. Cll and se before boytnj 63 BREED, BCTLER, Ca eUewhere FURNITURE BLOCK-CABINET, CHAIR, UPHOLSTEEY- WAREHOUSES ox THE CASH SYSTEM AGAIN ENLARGED HAVTNft added Store No 201 Main Pt. to the Establtahmeot it is as the largest of the kind in th Stat, and the undersigned, thankful for past favor, invites the attention of th public to tbe largest. Cheapest and Best Assort man of Plain id Klegant New Stvle Cabinet Fiiniitnre Ever U-fore offered, embracing almost evvrv article that can named, all of which ill t-e sold at prices that cannot fall to suit those who ih. painf Caah.

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JACOB METZGER, No. 34 71 a In Street, Buffalo. THE suliatcribcT has just returned from New York with lbs largest and compMe assortment of Gools ever broaght to thi- mat k-t. In his EXTENSIVE STOCK ever) rarietv of GENTLEMEN'S COATINGS, C.ii-Uiini of all cob.r- of Bearers, (both plain and Knutdt-loth Ac. -elides every variety and style of Goods to i Sjiriiii Summer Cbdhing Alsi the richest styles of Goods PANTS AND VESTS That he has ever oflered to the public.

He has taken on usual pains to make this department what the wants of the public demand, and to it he invites the attention o' all who can appreci -ate good Goods. His Goods were selected bv himself, from among the LATEST AMD NEWEST KINDS In market, an examination of which will satisfy my etutoaaars that thev are equal in richness and beauty to any to be fon In this or ao other market. Al-o a full aupply of Gentlemen's Scarfs, Handkerchief, SHIRTS. COLLARS. SfSPEVPERS.

GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. 1 have a CUTTER who cannot equalled, and all mr work la made up under my own superintendence and warranted ta glvw tV, a. mnil imi-Tm i tt.Tiii.n to mv on lstritiaoat PROGRESS OF THE WAR. SKIRMISH AT LEWINSVILLE. An important reconnoisaance was made on the 11th a large number of the National troops from the vicinity of Chain Bridge.

The force, which included cavalry, infantry, and artillery, went in excellent order to Lewinsville, about seven miles from the Bridge, and recon-noitered with a view to tbe occupation of the place, remaining about three hours at Lewinsville, and gaining the information sought, they returned in good order. The Rebels fired upon them from their batteries, but the guns were quickly and repeatedly silenced by our artillery. In the course of the afiair we lost three or four men, had several wounded slightly, and some missing. The reconnoissance was considered highly successful. NOT DEAD.

Jefterson Davis, it is now evident, is not dead. The silence of the rebel organs on this subject, has been broken by positive contradictions of the reports of his decease, which at one time obtained general currency in the Free States. A REBEL FAILURE. On Friday night the rebel steamer Yorktown, desiring to break the blockade at that point, ran down to Newport News, and opened fire on the Savannah and Louisana. She fired twenty five shells, none of which, however, did any damage, and nearly all fell short The guns of our ves sels could not reach the Yorktown, but two shells from a Sawyer gun on shore compelled her to leave; she now carries two large pivot guns, and six heavy pieces on each side.

LATEST NEWS. Washington. SepL 17. There i a rumour to-day that the offer of our Government to accept of the proposition of the Paris Conference, in reference to privateering, has been rejected by the European Tne report however is uot yet confirmed by any competent authority The Government has purchased all the wckhIb which border on the railroad from Washington to the Relay House. The timber was cut down and transported to Washington to be used as fuel.

A large num ber of men are now employed in felling the trees, leaving the track of the road perfectly clear on both sides. Hartford, Sept. 17. Hon. Daniel 8.

Dickinson addressed an iin mense Union meeting here to-day. It was i grand effort. Thomas F. Meagher who was al so expected, sent the following despatch "I cannot go to Hartford to-day. I go to the war, talking is over with me.

Fight is now the The loyal sontiment of the State is aroused Peace meetings which have so disgraced Connecticut are at a discount. Traitors have no place among us. Cbiro, Sept. 1 7. The gun-loat Concstogo, captured the relnd stcamem Stephenson and Gazelle on the Cumberland river yesterday, one of I hem contained 100 tons of iron.

A deserter from Jeff. Thompson says the force opposite Columbus numWrs 23,000. They were ragged, shoeless, and short of provisions. The opinion was expressed that his command would disband. Jeferson Citv, Sept 17.

A man named Griffith arrived here to-day, and states that on Saturday last Gen. Price, with 14,000 men surrounded LexiDgton, and sent a summons to Col. Mulligan to surrender. Colonel Mulligan refused, when Price is reported to have sent word that he would give him until Monday, at 4 o'clock, to Mirrender, and if he did not, he would march on him with a black flag. It is confidently thought iu military quarters here that Lren.

aturges has hy this time reaches) Lexington from St, Joseph, and that Price will oecut ott or torccl to retreat. A special despatch to the Memphis Appeal says Gen. Braxton Bragg has leen apiwinted Confidential Secretary of War, vice L. T. Walkor resigned.

In Kentucky, the tocsin of war is now sound Ihe rebel forces have been commanded to retire Having refused to do so, the Union troops are preparing to th-m. Thrilling newn nr expected. THOMAS KENNETT. DRAPER AND TAILOR, AND DEALER IN Gents' Furnishing Goods, kfain SUBCFFALO and tbe continued patromsgs of the pablte la gg J.4A.OB uTZwaa A DW A LLIPU lytUS obo- aaasa..

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