The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE POUB BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1933 THE BLYTHEVIfcLE COURIER NEWS ': 'THE COURIER KEWS CO., PUBLISHERS ' . , 0. R. BABCGCK. Editor ft W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager ' " ssl'e" National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc.. New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, K.uiivii City. Little Rock. i~'- f Published Everv Altcmoou Except Sunday. Entered us second c!a. c .s matter nt the post office at rilyllicvillc, Ar- k«nsas. under act of Congress October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION HATrr; By carrier In we City or Ulyiliuvllle. 15C- per week or $6.50 per year' tsi advance. . By mail within a radius oi 50 miles, $300 per year tl.50 lor six months. 85c tor three months; by mail in postal zones two to six. inclusive, $«.50.per year, in zones seven mid eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. ;.-.:'. Parents Responsibility • ... '.Once' more Hallowe'en is upon if; Land oricfti inpru weary lioiisuholdc'.-s 'find themselves faced with the un- pkpsant pi-obloin of try hut In ilcdilc- where healthy youthful oirevvcsccnre ciuis aiki- plain rawdyism IICKI'MS. -.} That youngster* should go about Uie streets on Hallowe'en Hunim; doorbells, tapping nl1 window panes, and so on is natural and liavmle-s finni;;!'. That they occasionally should upset ll'.i' dignity of staid citizens is only lo hi' expected. But the antics that accom- taxation is apt to prove a pretty difficult sort of job. Longing Toward Prosperity A Witsliingtou coiTCspciulunt points out thai olio of the devrlopnu'lils of the business revival has been a great increase in (lit: trade <>( public laundries and cleaning and pressing establishments. There is a very neat little moral in lhal bit of news. The years of dqn-essiim, evidently, failed to destroy Hie seH'-rcspcct of the man who had lo go without work. Tor it looks as if his first thought, on getting a new job, was lo fix up his personal appearance. He might go about looking seedy when he didn't have any money, but ho had uOt lost lhal regard for his own looks which i- parl if Ihe ordinary mortal's self-respect. And as soon as money was coming in regularly once inure, lie hurried to spruce up and make liim«lf look like a responsible, steadily employed cili- y.on again. pany Hallowe'en there. . To smear' the don't bodies ami windows of automobiles wilh wax, thereby casing the owner a couple.' of hours of hard work, isn't ijuitc as screamingly funny as it might be. To begin I ho. Hallowe'en parade two w.eks ahead ol time, as some youngster.* do, is carrying a good' thing just ir little loo far. To . destroy properly and create a neighborhood disturbance hardly come* under (lie head of harmless childish fun. :,: The remedy is up to parents. It's laboiii' time some of thorn began kec|i- mgjihcir children from milking m '' s - -ances of themselves. • ••• l -FmJing the Tax Lirgil ' . "cltt'y cs-'".- nintter/ Ui be numbered in . instead of months, legislators : v everywhere are titrninf their' atlen- ;.tibn'..t6 the question of taxes winch can v be' levied 'on the trait ic in hard liquor. ,';;,;'Ujj([ue.stio.n:ibly one of the reasons * which' impelled Americans io' vote prohibition off the books was Ihu fact that federal, and state governments ; can get a good deal of revenue by taxing this traffic. H is cipially muiue:-- . tionablc that the traffic can stand a tax; unquestionable.', also,' that the various'- taxing' todies involved need Ihe money very much. But there is a chance to make a bad mistake in this connection. The one thing all 'American.- agree on is that bootlegging must slop; and if ' liquor taxes are put too high, bool- leggers will be able to operate after i prohibition ends just as they did bo-' : fore. Finding just the right ligures for American Goods Prtjtrred No higher complimunl CVIT lias heun piiid American industry .iiicl American workmen limn tilt' eaccnicss with which officials of Sciviul Ku.ssia luuk fonvar:! In placing heavy orders in the Amei'icim iniii'kel, il' ;uifl when diplomatic rc'intions between two countries are resumed. There are plenty ol' industrial nations much closer lo Russia than America is. Kussin cnnld Liny tlic miicliincry she iiriods in Germany, in France, in Czecho-Sloviikif., or in England, and set ([tiickcv delivery and lower freight hills than she can it' she buys in America. Hut American goods arc; preferred— largely, it ^oems, because, they are bel- ter (roods. The fact is a most striking testimonial to the reputation of American industrialists and the skill of American artisans. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Krom Uu file* of the BlyUxrtlle Coarter - THIS CURIOUS WORLD ~ Saturday, llct. 27, 1923. With $45.000 pledged j>y citizens ol Blythcville lor the support ol .he public Echcoh of tli; city, the schools, which closed three days igc because of lack ol funds tor ipcratfon, uill icopen Monday. A YOUNG FUR SEAL 19 A . •flt/fi " WKEN A AnAljJ GROWS . UP HE IS A *3A£H£LOK TuNTrL HE TAXES A/AATE/ HS THEN IS CALLBO A *BOiLf SEVERAL V COIWMARRIED TO ONE ~&Ut.L "AftE KNOWN AS A "//XUGf/M," ANO THEV OCCUCy A Simon P. Lee artl Casey Smith vtnt into training, at 7 A. M., Saturday lo get in readiness for :i tig boxing match 'A-htch they propose to stage Thanksgiving day lor the benefit of the school fund The Good Roads Construction Co. has ccmple'.ed the sap In the ad from Shonyo to >3ig Lake distance of cue and one-hall i!es, which will be open to the ubllc Tuesday, and arc now work- IB on the (jnp near Dell. These acts slill malie me a liltie .IITVOHS." Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria and Measles Coining Undci Control 1!Y lilt. MOKK1S FISiinEIN I dren immuimc:! by this method tlitor, Journal nf the American. Uccou:e tree from ihc danger o "Medical Association, and nf Ily- ' catching .scarlet fever. F.cla, the Ilculfli Magiulue i More recently, sdentis'.s hav Medicinal scientists, nt least, have been able (o prepare a toxold (ha ecu doing things lately that will is free from the possibility lake the world safer lor your chll- . scmitization Co scvum. such rcn. They have succeeded, to r. occ-urs when the toxin in serun or.idrterablc extent, in bringing hree of the most serious children') kraees—measles, scarlet fever, and diphtheria—under control. Since [lie lime when s?rms wire 1'iroverccl ID i:: tin* causes of in- fc-clious diseases, atli'inpls hnvi: made repeatedly lo nnd tlie soww/i Literary men' cannot wiitc plays. ShakcsiHiare was first of all an actor nnd n dranmtist. His hei'.uliful laugimge wn:; just .something thrown In for yood measure. —Daniel Frohman, theatrical producer. t » »= Japanese mlltlnvy power v.iii nev;r be tisril except morally. —Lieut. Gei.. Saclao Aral'.l. Japanese minister of war. , * *• * I am running my* job and Roosevelt got nothing to do with inc. —Senator Loni>. lorthwestcrn University Offers Aviation Course EVANSTON, 111. lUPI—North- wstern University is" offering sev- ral courses in aeronautics this all, Dean W. c. Daur of tlw Engi- nec-rins School has announced. Lieutenant L. A. dousing. Unit- States Naval Deserve, has charge of the courses. The first course ofMcd deals f.'itli nil technical and non-technical matter relative to aeronaut- cnl engineering; it Is open as an elective to juniors, seniors, and Ifth year students in th? engineer- up school. Airship engines and air- )!ane structure will IK studied the it-corn! temebter. A general course .n internal combintion engines is offered during the first semester lo ifth year students. 1! ihc demand for courses of tills type becomes large enough, el THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT COLORS USED IN TRAFFIC SISNAt-'V- ARE THE COLORS /AOST COMMONLY OC3NFUSEO 6Y PERSONS WHO ARE COiOR. BLIND. <57O, 72O, OOO OF WATER. FEU IN NORFCX.K COUNTV, ENGLAND, IN ONEOAYTflAfN! IMM1 DTM> In rome forms of color blindness, only black' and white can. .bo recognized, but the large majority or color blind persons are.blinci to only one or two colors. To soir.e of these persons, both red and green frequently appear yellow. NEXT: ttamps? How many women have been pictured on I'. S. FUSMJC :ortb will be made to establish a|in(:. division of study coverin» the en- 1 On an average, it lake.'; a Lon- tire lield ot aeronautical engineer- -don taxicab driver 10 years to pay for his cab. vast is used. A!i'.ou£ children injecte with the tcxoM, 03 nor cent game the immunity v.-l:ich prcvente their catriiinj tlw disease. The premium agaitir. cliplithcr prriL'tica'.ly is complete. 'I'l:erc is available a toxoid for maculating children ,-n that they will not catch ipeclik-. germ for msas!cs, bsit thus diphtheria. Theie also is an cxcel- :ar the seiirch Iras been unavailing.' k'lit antitoxin which, if given enrly Nevertheless, because cf the. es- • i" Ihc.' disease and in snlTicient labllsli=d inlcc'ious character ot ! closagn. will prevent :isath and the disease, methods'ha,vc, bc.ei( d'.-- MIions complicacies in th c .• ep cl v hich seem to he helpful in [ majority of c?.ttb. irc'vonling Ihe disease, and,' also in i • Heating cases. I For instance, it is known tin'.-! when a person develops au injection, he is likely to build in his! blocxl a protective .substance against I Ihc disease. Tr.urcfore. one of the j measures thai lias been Mi^'.'St'J i for the prevention of measles i.; th? taking of blcocl from a ri:ild! who . recently l:as recovered from i tlic disease, and the injection of I thi; blncd into a child wha h.isl the disease or who has teen exposed to it. CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo. W. Barrmin ain't Hucy I think that employers us a body, and in their own inteivsl, should l't>pe that labor organixjiti=i« realize their amblliims. —Edward A. Filcnc. Boston merchant. * * * We must .star', now on America's next task. This is to provide 5elf-respec''.iig security for every American. —Dr. Abrah.un Epslcm. .s;cic- tnry of the American Assoclalion for Social Security. 5oincliir.cs the whole blood is injected. Somctluiii the red b'x.d Onr Saturday N'iglit Club :-:cenio to be slowiiu u;> a. bit and I must get up sotr.clhhu; llial will put new- life in it. Sister is down with the measles and Junior lins a severe case of '.vhoopinii cough FO 1 v/ill not have to worry about some one corpuscles of tlv solid materials of; 10 tltke l!l '' I; ' ( o church, and SISH- Ihc blood are allowed to filter out! <In V S"" 11001 [or sometime tlioinh I and only die fluid of the blood h. mllsl kre » n lookout for a suilable Injected. j person. I have heard o! a new Men I called Ihe "shuddering sliuffic." I ilJ'l UUK NVAY By William, MOT -rue VOD MISSED TUErA—MOT 7.'. 'I DID MV PART /\T -TrtF. STOVE — DON'T S STUFF SNiTW y\F. \ vour? BUT MV I!:at certain terms of Elrepictfcci arv the cause of srarlet [ever. As a result, II has teen visible to -Jioparo nil aulitoxin against scAr- k't fever by injecting a house with thc. streptococci and then obtaining I lie serum from ll.c b!ocd of the horse. In the hospital for sick children In Toronto, all patient.-, who arc Icunrt by the Dick test, wl-.t-n tliry rrivo in llu 1 liospital. lo b? i^- pliblr- to scarlet fever rcemr a •:r ot scarlet fever antitoxin will-, view lo preventing theni 'rmn Ucliins lne disease. Tl-.c figcnes show tin! Cher-. 1 invo! interested. H:n just one-tenth a^ many r-.-rs suppose the big trouble about this is we v.oulcl have lo have some- very special music. Of course. I ; won't about the mn-sic until T learn something nlKMt Ihe step, vhere il originated nnrt all aljout il. I expect to write for | of the congressional records i that arc piinlcci in tittle phamp- lels sent out by j-oir.c of the congressmen. I also mean to write thc palonl office. There seems lo be :-o many new things coming out or Wnshlnglor.. il may be where thh new step started. You can get some Idea r.ow just how hard 1 must v.ork to Uccp our members m:<;ix 111:111: TODAY .10AN \VAItI,\U, nrclty Hrul|ibl> clrj, and UUII U'U.S'l'O.N. MUH uf » Acir Yurk tuilllonalTC, meet In .Mrmphli nnd fall !• love. Thronsh (hi- x-hrmiiiE o> HAUIIAHA cmiHT.VUV, ^rbn {• irytnfr to tnke llnl* an-U7 from Jonn, the? become cutrnn-rd. 1*AT WAICINC. Jo:m'j» TOanccr Kimttr. l» in on nultiiunblle ncrl- ilrnl In >«hirh JEICIIV FORnEST- l-:il. htr c.irnrl. 1.1 killed. They linil JUKI roiLic- trnm n road house nnri Jerry hnd licrn drlnktBC- Iftnrlklfk. I'ot riiTi?i airny to NeiT Yurk. Jom» fellows rind rieslo» ti\ii *tenry »enrr!\cs»—• nenrch tor l f ni nnd n «rnrrh fnr a Jut). Jonn f» ciiKiiKrd to *IBK :.i a nt^lil rltili <mncJ hj banilMinir IIAt9k'i:v III.AKtJ, who proTts a Ktr.^dfnHl frlrrtd. l(i^r» hrr io!t ai n model In n nholeaalr hnnbf. Barney \"-r- ntiiiOc* Jn3n IM move into the Kvn. A fr*T %Tcek«' later Jor»n i;ml« I'nt in a »linljliy rooming lu)ii«r, very ill. Hnc recorerji nnd tlnriiip Nrr conTnleaceace Ilnrnry n^d Joan are dr**Tn clg*cr :u- ^i-lhrr. Jonn rcad» Ihnt UarbJirn l« In ,\rw York -nni "HI be Ine cn»t ul konor •« • »»rlT piTrn l,r llnli'M fnthCT. ISnTney a»k» .l.'-^ii to mnrrr hliu. neHevinrr llob i» |H»SI In her, »he ncccpt» Ilnrwer. NOlVfiO 0\ WITH THE STOnT CHAPTJER XXVI . TO.VN told ' Darncy, "Wo ' cau't j «J make any plans now. \\'c miist [ ucl I'.it well and strong lirsl." / "We'll liavc Tat fit as a fulille in no lime," Baruej- assured her. ••Am', tlien you're going lo marry no." Ac soon as I'at was well enough ;i;c was moved to a light, airy hospilal ronm llial 'was always , wilti liarncy'3 flowers. Lois ai.r. Jane sent (lowers too. Joan'e roses were tlicrc. alao, but IJarncy's ir.nsulllcent big baskel was the oi:c I'at's eyes were always Beck- arcij'l uy ! a ]nU. «rc ic. u:i il Tlll3 JOlj WOL1 I !::"I'll .-Kllll.- <<.|| liaril the woi-li break!" "Call it a i-e Barney said, Mi:ii'.i!-. tlmsiasm. "Miss I 1 .,'«:« JEO little time «::rs"fK: I ' married." "I'll never du t'li,;i.' i "Vou've 1 I'.arney .id rough, v one." ! tun;,li." ril!0 MHI like." n htr cu> likfcd it ins 10 b2 I'.it.sniil. ;j iccrc'iiry for lifu, "Tiiree IUO;-L wei-k.: tliua," Barney said. '"l'lial'i ; \viua Miss Kosis leaving. U;- a KOO;| girl and trailed off uelp- "Go on." "Baby," P.-il finislicd lamely. "Yes, I know. Crying for Iho moon," said ilcrney. w and then lindinj I don't—" He dlclu't finish, now | Ho was appalled as lie realized Ihnt it a j no had been about to say "clon't I want it." A queer silence Imug between them. I'.it began lo typo furiously, die mclrjltc click-dirk .sounding .straiise lu the. jieavy stillaess. After a moment Barney jot Ills hat am] departed. lie spoke curtly to Vauce Nidi- ulas, a very rich, dull yoiius ua:i who frequented tbe Jigaaw. Spok? curlly for no r-\-ison ot'i'.er tliaii tbat Vance lia;l been uanglr^ •i get litrong and we;. Dy that lime." j around llic office lately v.-itr, tils 1'at grew strong anil well. Imp-1 admiration for !>at llv':ilv cli> piuess. s;ootl fooil, rtsl nuil fresh r S"isO'i. air workhiB a complfte cure. She wllp " '"imey lirard from Joan was Ilirivin^ in her new environ-| l' m « "'S 1 ' 1 th:i! |1;u I'"' 1 * llat » gained >hcd as iwtorc. » » • Thc .scarlet fever antitoxin :'.\rn i this manner protect 1 -, tV.c rhild or otie or two month?. It i> pr.i'* ible, however, lo prolucc :i;:i;n^'. cattcl (ever for n longer tnr.c 1 by S? c( the Dick tcxii:. 1C Ins been i\-:.iblisl:rd. Hawk, Dropipng From Sky, Missed Cop bT. LOUIS, i UP i.-Police Fcrjl. Mirlin Flai'iaean. standing on a b;:.-:y meet t-crner. n.-irnv.viy reaped bciiiR slnsck by a dead hawk which tell hcni Ihe tkv. well, infant. 1 believe you're fakir.:;." or "(Jrcut Scott, liow Ions; do I liavc to keep tliis up?" I'm sparkled and glowed o\cr CLC-:-. mesEage. pnltins the cards na;.;- carefully In licr liamlbsg. U'lica ciie was stronger flic v/ns i ' !•„> vc<: to a sun porch for a wbib ' •"- "And I like ro-ss. | Appurentiv Hying afler i: had a i l-cm wound?:!, iho hawk was IK- crir^ o! caws stutlfrd us c.iu.uia. ' licicd (3 hav? become; exhausted hat from CO lo 70 per c-.-nl n( i'.i;- ' n!1t i fallen. A bullet bad pierced I thr bird's body. The hank nir.istirod five fcrt. October ^y^ ^eid... -, diplomat, torn.. Theodor , Roosevelt* born! -i^ew 1 York I1EEG1JESSB t:.cii clay, from her vanlaso place i.var llic door slio woulil wateb i-L.perly for H:c tall lisurc lhal liri^ciilly woulil conic Elridini; tiow:-, the corridor. II came to 1'nl . shock one day lu realize it llarn^v for whoni she watched uol Joan, or r, moiacnt snc fslt a ipiecr ie of disloyally, but In. tbDii;lit away Inipatlci si.rt:. Joan was au niigel. l.u.-elt slie coulcin't do J u ;.r.'s visits, lint Baruey with Vanec he found his sliclit coutcni|)t for Ihe yomij; man aucl- dt'iily rc;fk'.fed Ir, 1 aclivc <M-^lii<e. 1>U1' Pat. Kiititlonly. was ap^ar- eutly voiy i::r:-!i imcrcEied in Vance Nicholas. I-'cr a few days 13iiL-iicy scctsicfl lu IJL- alway3 ac Joan's dbov,-. He tulJ himself Ilia; he had bCL 1 :: u^lx-thi!; her. Joaa had been leaving liim toe mucli tJ ;hiE own device;, i He called Jon;i 0:11; afterncon, ! tllgsc?;ini; :i driv^. | x "U!i, Uarrjcy!" Juau's voice •sounded troublctl. "I'm • tcrrlbly ! Horry If you're plr.nrr:! somctlna:;. ; I've promired lf> go for tliose flc: tii'ts." ai;c i:iv:itlDncii tbo iiam-j o f . a tlicairic-al r;z[ii:nc ilCE'-^n-T. "I was sitppos-d to go yc3ienlay : ami I couluVi. ™ I'.vc simply sot lo gn tcdr".-! I'm awfully sorry Uarucy—:" "Don't v.-ovry ahout if." ',ic ciiiil.' ' "If you'll wait I'll tonic over und drive you down." . "Tumorruw." Joiiri lolil Jiirn '.ialC an lionr later as lliey tlrovo iilon.: "If the roses arc lor you. Pat.' tno crowdcj ilioi'ouslilarc, "«•«"; 1 Unit's dilfercul." Barney said . have lunch nt un'. ol llic places 'slowly. After that be would help i "o lik". IC.i liccu a lonf lime ment. Mho h::d gained back the; lost pournli-. Her eyes were liko j blue stars ;ig:!in ami licr voice had ! lilt. ; "Tlie kid's a glutton for work," . liarney told Joan on; ilny. "Kat= it i: : ,i. And she's ellicier.i too." "! l;now," smilcil Joan. "Klic w,i3 atwnyo like Iliac." "Just a lilllc etcam cuaiiie," said Barney, smiling indnlgeiilly. lie liked to sco 1'at'f ^nlhusinsm over things tbal huu bccoi::e commonplace to him. H WEIS pleasant lo n-ateb Pat. Pat thought thc Jii-tiiw was tlie most wonderful place 11: Mew ^ Tk In". The liis basket was followed anil Uarney lnj most inipuiiaTit ii- others with card? bearing iui- | mail in llic whole nictrorolis. Stic [indent messages iu Uarncy's bold | railialcd pricio and sali;.faclion In haiiclwritins—"Hurry uv and set i lier work. ' " "Little ijiol." said Ihirncy ouc '..•ll!i ilio day when ho came tl.iily roi-cj which l'3t Insistc:! '.vorc (I»itc as necessary tvr the o[b':e ns the night club. "'Vim ever beard of a pretty wince.-:" "Well, f slay lu tlic ofiicc," said T" KP^ lier iirraus',- tiicm. Boinctimes his clumsy lirown lingers would touch licr slim, white cars. brushed Ily. Ab- Tat loltl i witliuui ! was /mi. lb=re v.-rrc shorl drives Kill: Jean and liarncy. And one ii;.y she was moved into llio Park | <t Lvsr.uo ai-.irlmcnt with Joan. i^ Tlirec more v.ceka passed SJii I ~ I'iil b:B^n to fret asainbt the]' Li.f«ri-eil idleucss. A faint color' bcsinnlug to show in her r\XCK ivlicn this lii-.ppcncil' tiu ^ii:c'.v liia iiaucl away i-.brni.tly, so iibniiit!;.- tliat llio vase, tilted and only I'at's ipiict;uc?3 saved it from Inruins over. S'.ic wipst! Uic ilropt of v.-iler from lier liairl. «as c!i>;cks. Tlic checks wero romidltis cut, and strenstb VMIS .coniins as l\il s "Wlu-ii I'll have lo get something to d i'iit said. "I can't r.ioiuid doius nothing' aU day." improvctl. 1 feel a lilUc stronger "Chnnsy!" slic sr.'.il. "Can't yen oven put roses in n -ja?c? My., ycu'l! make :-. lielpkvs blisbanil." ; 'Jaracy c!!«l not anawcr. ils ac^kcd luc!: lo lii= cl«sk, tooS his and apparently became ab- sorbcc! iu 1113 business ot reading lib mail, arranged io tbe Deal stack In front of him. Tlie Glass-topped desk was shining. The brass =sh irajs were kept (rea of aslica. rublwd lo an extra brightness. I'at's desk was equally neat. Tlie llglit with the iinco ->s-e'vc t!on-j Ilial. U-mn't HT' "Yc-3," I l :irney sal'' *:y!nc 10 make his volfc seen- casual. "Ki:t t:c'rc sohi£ to malic UP for all 111?:'." lie r^.iroi-.ccl -lean nuivc away Into tlic i-rov,d.' tbcLi ret: .'ted to !>l i ofiico. He vvas i^rcetca by l'ai'<. "Wei!, wlio wciilil have thought jyu!i"« com:: targiiiB bnek so eufly!" . Vsnro N'lcholitr a swift exit. ; "Hasn't a man Che rislit 10 come i lo liis o'.vn ofl:c:" liarn.-y i!c- tiianded \vltb iKi-rc fceliiis thau u;;,j "\Vliy of course!" fald Pat. "It's oaly lint 1 dldu'l cxp:cl you." "Next tirjc I'll send you a ^Iri so 1 won't lind tlis plac: dultcreJ up, wlli) a lot ot useless uiaki." "Vance Is r.illicr ufelCEE," iMl ; agreed, busyin:; hcrstlf at licr desk, [ "But H doesn't make to much difference when a man is as onia- et something to do," KreC n shade, whlcb Elic usscl wlicn ' mental as he i=. ijin'l bear this silling sn(! worked late, was at ouc slUc. 'looking, isn't he"" Vance Is good' A notebook la? open on tho oilier. | "Do you lie awake n^iits tlilnk- • • - i an arraj ot sharpened pencils! ins «l> briglil thlnj: to say?" JT WAS Barney who carno to llio'rcacjy. .. "N". 1 was lorij wltb a liriglil ^ rescue. "Eo you waul to so to] "So you liiinV I'll make a bum • mlnii. \\ii> arc you Eiarlus => o! ' wori" do'you?" he £ald. "\Vaut lojhciEbaud," EalJ B.irucy after a mo- "I was'thinking \ou never ino»- bt t'ccvctary lo a rising young i meal. ;iboul slrlj. Tbcy look like angels I'ii.-uiCfS ii-aii? Want lo bo brow-1 Pat wbirlcd arou'nO id licr cl.air wlicti tlicy'rc really dcvllj." L;.-'.iui ".inU iworu at If Jo'i ^if :| to lind U.trucy starliip at bcr. "An: 1 a devil, BaiDay!" ''»' •i'C'l KCrJa »a<i put connect lu ll:<!''.'\Vcll. for ^ooJness =aXcs:" tlio (avci) iiiin ;iu v -.i-jiuglo v run phtCs:' 1 't»c.luimcil. "I clUHll tli-crtUl >\-;:,; Hi.::.,: I- .: • Mjic:. J'al'» ««s ict liis. A il'isl! . «ci'B su 5 i;u=itUc. Just a sical I ilo L-,- L'untiuucdJ U

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