The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVII.,LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, Steele-Cboter Holland Society — Personal ter Mr -niM M, ', 8 i?"i?1i 1 i 8 :i 'J?'l P s ' Ed "'"••J" 3 "' of Osccola,: Yarbro aixl Osceola were present * • SKI ^i'JLIS 0 ^! M 2f dasr I- 811 "* Following tlie meeting the'"* U. well known lie e -M,-. and Mrs . A . j,. G uthric. Mr. were entertained at dinnr. A meet- relatives '' ° IC " W " h i"" Mvs ' Pied stotts i>n<1 daughter.! ing is planned at the office of u » v,-, > ' ii.-...,. ' ! PJ'"dalyn..Ml5s Eunice Gulhrle mid ' E. c. Robinson Lumber cbriipaiiv iii Mlss«s Hilda Plumley, Miirie Lit- Major Griffin, nil of Uikc City, Ark.. BMJievllle on Nov 23 Ircl!. ahrt Eula Gray, Mrs. chas. '.verb the dinner guest-i of Mrs Social Calendar TODAY'S EVENTS JJrs O W McCutchcn and Mrs, Kdfctr Bonitn enleitalnlug with a fiesscrt bridge at the McCutcheii home foi Miss Margaret Keck, n bride elect. " j Music, department of- Woman's Club meets 3 o'clock at building SATURDAY'S EVFNts ,' Chaptci N" of P CO (o have ] o'clock luncheon at home, of Mrs. Elton W. Kirby: FLAPPER FANNY - — i-^—i — — - — s«f nU , INC. T.ft. «> By Sylvia Ii •A. orr.— -^- —' , - - • i Mt$s ( Miis felliatietli Crews 'lo t Wcd H F, iiahiell Jr. Pie-hfd3rng pairs' for ntzatfeth Ciews of \\hase marriage to Horace F well jr.. also of Memphis, will Uc j solemnized Tuesday afternoon, be- ! gill toiilgin at Memphis at th : e| home of Mr. Harwell's mother, -i Mrs. .Baker Wilscii wciil to! Memphis . llils afternoon to stnV ! until after "'liie wedding niici nt- ! tend, Die several parties for her sis- [ ter, Miss Crews. ' i Miss Crews lived here for some time with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson; se'vtral years ago. For (he past ! . revefnl years sile .'has made her liome with her au'rit, Mrs. dbdrijc Boite. of Memphis. Mr. Harwell was reared in Memphis and later attended Soiitli- • ivestein University there, where He hecahie a in'einfer of Sigma' Alpha Epslton. iyntcriiify. ' The wCtldilig. whlcj) is !o be lielcl at 5:30 o'clock in the afternoon at Mrs. Bone's, homo, , will be At- 't cndeci by the Immediate fanvilies and a few intimate friends. Bits of .News Moitly P*r4dh*l Tlie Missionary society met In 11 he liolnc of Mrs: A. D. Abernat'hy Monday afternoon with Mrs, | Vlckrey as co-hostess. '; The meeting was opened with : iinfyer by Mrs. o. A. Dunlvaht and 1 Ihc devotional whs given by Mrs. R. C/Stccle. A leaflet on the World Outlook program was read by Mrs. ! P. E., Pctulcr. The society will be G. If. DeLong and son, Billy, were entertained In Ihe home cf Mrs. In Memphis yesterday to- sec Mrs.' J. H. 'Workman next Monday. Dclxmg, who .Is in the baptist libs-' pllal. Mrs. DcLong, who Is sick Mlcliic, Mrs. Cooper Matiiles nnd K | ng MrSi Mrs. Hubert . Burns were hostesses to a bridal shower In honor of Jtirs. H. C. Gib- from pneumonia, Is in a very serl oii5 condition. Her contlltloii toclny M". nnd Mrs. T. c. Thornton j *''• 'spent Saturday In Memphis where l,. attended the football game at J. p. j .son, formerly Kettle McCracken, at Ihe Steele Hotel last night. Miss Ruth McDanicl has accepted a position In Biylheviltc, having left over the week" end to tnke over her duties. Henry Patterson of Kollniul has entered the Veteran's hospital In Memphis lor treatment. Archie Richards. Misses Nina . . Brbolis niid Margrcte McGlure were ' o'clock (lltinc-r guests of Mr, ..... Rutli Lawlion Stinday. Miss Cuthrfc remained here for a longer visit with her sister. Talliaierro Is Host To Lumber Dealers OSOEOLA. Ark.. Ncv. 18.—E. L. Talliafcrro, president of the Home Lumber Company, was host to the lumber dealers of the county In the offices of his company on Tuesday evening-. Ai'oiind sixteen, representatives frorii Blythcvilie, Manila. is slightly Improved after two blcbd criimii Stadhmi Irnnsfusfons.yesterday. Mrs. Bert! Mr, and Mrs/Ji. A. Stfenc, ng of Maldeii. Mo., mother of' • - GcLbi; Mr. DetjQiig. came yesterday Ib stay liefc whlie Mrs. bei/jiig Is at the Afnong tlifec from liei ; e wlib . I. 1 !- iuiminl traffic club dlimbr iii Memphis Tuesday higlil iiii-'e R. h. histcs, .;. R. kollHiiciJ W, J. Wmidtrlieh rthd tfray ttiid- Mat'ciis Evrard is iiUeiidiiiij lo :e were visitors In Memphis Friday Mi-, and Mrs. J. A- Bboiie and ilniightbrs have returned lo their hbjiie In Norlhport, Ala., after a visit here with Mv. and Mrs. O. W.' Cobk. Announcements have arrived hevc of the arrival of ah 8',1 pijunil daughter to Jvfr. and' Mrs. S. P. ScPatk of Concord. N.. C.. on Nov. e. Mrs. Scpark Is Hie fov- Merc than 1000 tons of imlpluirjc aciit arfi disciiargcd Into London'.? atmosphere each day In the sriibke from chimneys. REDUCE SAFELY Sitys Nolcd Aiithorily Go to Kirby Bros., and-get a box of Rock-A-Water Tablets. Reducn 10 pounds in 11 (lays. Thirty-day treatment only «2.coi and gunfan- 1 't teed to make you out dieting. lose fat w'ilh- -Adv. J To Have l.lltle Theater Sleeting; There will be a incHlng of the Little Theater at 7:30 o'clock to- nighl, in tile court room of the city lirtll. ' "~ SO'CIETY \Vii1 ilajb An ' !nSL»!> Program Mrs. : .Wilson Me'niy wlll ram on . :ing of tii'e "S'ini Iciihil 1 1'iii mil 'tjoiiV lo'nirn :lrbiiild ivlicli you whistle! If ytlii want hii to Uop.un't 5'un yclljiolilclj-?" nt wlilch Mrs. Cniidill ivill review "Tlie Bulwark of the Constitution." ',•; Club Nu'ws Notes . lialph and A. A. Farl'al 1 were In! Meiiipiils .vostcrday. ' H. 13. ittdgcwny Bf jiicksoii, T-eiiii.. i arrived v'cstSrdaj to spsnt'l Ili6 win-i ter syilh his diniGhtcf, xirs. 6. L.' noydsbii. aiici Mr. Boydsoii. Mi', and Mrs. Charles DbFrbh, ot i Cnrtitllersi'ilie. were liert yeslcfday. j .. Mis.. Arthur MctJaiilel hiid Mrs. Tom iioiiglass, of s'bhatli. and Mrs. Gharlcs b. Ross, of Cariith'ersylllc, ;vcrc guests of br: and iirs. Paul L. Tiplon today. • .Mrs, J. Cecil iibwt; is Sick from liiflu'biizh at hfcr hbiiie nt 311 Ndi : lh SLvth stfecl. At Hie mccUng of. Ihc W •Inc Hoiiic bsriin'iislfaiib'ri ! Nine Ccntrnl Wahl P. T, A. nie'rts Pupils of the>Ihlrcl grade nt Central school had charge of thr program at the Central t'arent Tc.icli- ei'S Assoblatidn inciting yesterday which w'ris held iir Ihc auillloi'liiin of (he juntcrlilBO school. j Wednesday afichio'oh hi tiifc hWe i have Tlie cnsspresencd two skits per- of MrSi B > -^ ^^ - A $^nM. • .- ,,,-,.-,:., > i-,- . v .---. .-----. "o loNaUom"'. Book Week, live, om K (16 - ^ ..; fc . . . , music at the meeting of the Music | fourth guide 'choriis 'siiiig two'soim's I pinrind -rhrt, Si- (ii\ <rni, ' rWoart,iieht:of the .Women's club and .Harry carter Pnrr nitil Finn- i „ Shi. \fl c -I Vb' ^l\. tomorrow, nftcfhodn 'at 3 o'clock 'at' ces Shbiise presented an excei'pl .| ,"" S,!, s ' LOIS - cork ' the club lioiise. . from the operet'lti to be given } Mrs.-Henry will give a pi'ol6^\ie day night'sbohsoi'.ccl bv the i. ... „-,.,„-.. . , , and aii -epilogue, The rest of the A. Mrs. Max'fl. riei(l rbad the prtsl- ! . "~. }s m ™>' cts <""! eight visitors i.bst I'oliJ- l-ials frlkSH ftrcad CLEyEtjANp (OP)"— Wlidii, a stray white pony they hhtl cbrraicil neighed. f6r hay. pbilce bl on biilly- liig precinct station we're 'p'nzfllctl by a feciliiig problem, until one Stiggtiled n lohf of "prlsoii brciitl". iir j Thp ponn rellsjied tt. Mrs. secre- c. E. and contests In lirogrBm will b't miis'lc-> iitimbere tient's message. —---.--- pmyed _ games on'the'stage set'as ah tndlah ! DuVlng (lie !).._vii!a?e. All of IL wiu be in costiime.' members Voted to buy shrubbery for i j,.,. ,...••.. ,"-- " ----- .- A.. ...... J ' Benii was given l> shower. Mrs. given on message ••. • ,.- ......... -. — ........ ni. Hit lius'iiic'ss mbdting tlw i ™ 1 . c , il , Mvs - Mullins alid Mrs. M. C. r ' ' Gvul «uleh won prizes. Mrs. Fred Mrs. Hiisscll K. Farr and Mrs. | thd scVibbl lawn. E. M. kegeriold .will. be IVos'tesscs.' = ,. '-'•': • •:. V *' ' • Itave.Meetiiif of ^hllarei^ of CdiifeficficS-' . THe"Chltaren of the ciet at the hoihe of: Miss- Mollic i Tilfiier served j>liiefl|io!o snlitcl iinS ; cilke. - ' • Guard Saturday with Miss Eilginlii Crawlord-as co-hostess. , After a short business meeting presided over, by -Mrs..'O'tt.o Scrap's (iurjng whicii 'the ^irls plahfied'a ' The"CoiYdltlon of Mrs. ney, who is serltmsly 111 r.frews.. NOTICE tlie parlies that took lily t«o plir'ses nfb' known, tf returned ho riufsttons will be nskcd. If not returned, arrest will be made. Mrs. J. W. Shouse 855 Wallkil Clia- at the Christmas patty for the 'inember aiia a dance to whiih they will in- j vile; guests from here ami mil of i Blyihcvillc .iioSpii»l foiiowlnj the birth of a baby daughter Tuesday night while tlie mother was chroutc to the hospital. Ls ihiprovctl tcklay: The bn'by has been Betty " " round ,'table revietr of.. __ _... _. DaviS .Owen Dcda, Arkansas' boy hero.. • '. , iikses , CraVford.. Ruth .Palter- sbni Mary Jeanne Affllck :aiid Gilarfl read sketches cf fhe battle of 'Pea RiSge. At thb tlosb of the progVam the hostesses served a 'plate liluch. L£ii Chancy. K^rs. Sylvia pattcfsoii, of Tyler, i j uridCru'ent an operiitioh last night! mm o | al t [ lc Blvtheville hospital, ; life 'Of ^> rt *^J^LL :...._ .-_;--.. ... C. G. Hires, wiio was rimovdi\ i from the BlytheviHc hospital VeSlbr- ,' day in a Cobb riihbiilaficc. became i worse and « : ns retuiiiccl fo Hie hoi- j pital last night. He is 'snftei'iiis j from liimorrlins'e of the upso. i Loxiclla \Vorkman. who wsis se'vl- j ously injufeti when striick by aii ' \ automobile «s she walkwl along ' I Highway 61 ten days asb, was re- 1 i moved to her honic near Stcclc j [ yesterday iii a Holt, aihbulahce. i Otto Bra:lbcrry is a patient in hospital. Edwin R. Lnngdbu, of liorners- villc. is in the Baptist ivospHa] in i)elpbiiii Fine Arts Club Meets Dr. Edna ,Nies'presided in the busine'ss session ill the meeting of • (!l the Delphian Fine Arts club yesterday morning at the Hotel Noble. The members voted to buy a $5 i ., ,. lubereltlosls.lboiia. titter which Jlri. i Iwem l'-"James B. clart led the members! . ' in 'a parliamentary Hrlll. South Dakota has 4192 miles of Mre.-G. G. CsiViill read a dis->'"nilways within its boundailbs. cussibii of "The "Raw Materials of! Modern Culture", including in it a .' review of the Teutonic invasion and ' the begining of monasticisin: Mrs. j Dixie Crawford gave the history of fejdtlisiii and reviewed the M'V of Charlemagne. The members made plans for a : luncheon tz be held Ih; first of next ' \Ve Specialize in if PRESCRIPTIONS* •'P/iWiC 141 FOWLER DRUG ftliy Buy a Phblb-Cnujioii frnin iilftcrint crews when WK 'SOtiTHWORTh STUDIO will ISsnc you due A'SSOMJfEkV FT5EK, givin* yon BETttit I'llbtOGF.Vtllfe, t)'VtCkkf< SElt- VlUK ANh nEIJVbSY niiU an absence of to increase joiir- brVJer. ' - ^ATROJilStE VOUR IIO^E ' SOUTIIWOKTM, .Mitscr Of Fiiic Soybeans - WANTED , ,- Soybeans \Vc 1'ay ilighcst Market Prices '-Fir i\H Varieties AV. O. Sa K. ft. St.. Next (o MagnoIW DAY ruoST: 555 i'bnl— Kl.vllir.viHe, Arn! Niunt ntoNi: JS 'Row' txicattil 'at loi North ADDING & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARftS, PrnpriilOT All makes ot HcbolH Typewr'lttrs, A6iihit Machines »h[i FREE G1PTS FREE GiFI'S Given ' A\viiy Until 'Christmas Only a ShuH Time Left (b t'rtparfe for the STATE ftUTO TEST Save--Money. On Auto I'nrls nnd AWAN AUTO PARTS , BOLOGNA; Kcx, Ih. KUKV -HACON- all.-, Ih; l*OftK , CHOI'S, Icy:, Ih. 1'oii SsTlsii^j pure, ll). Fresh I'orU Shoulders, IJi 1S'/ 2 c Fresh >Mi\ed SiuisHgti, Ih. ..Iflc ..Dl-Csstjrl^ I'uuitrv.— Oysters .25c ...20i: Camp, timiato .Imcfij 50 «tjr Sle 1*oi-k & tteaiVs. 30 o-/ ..... life Craiibcrry Sauce, 17 »/„ ..I5c . ....... TpjSlATO PASTii. 2 -carts CAMI3RIC DRESS\V,\y FLCUR. Gniirnnt'ccl (he best money can buy. tiic rni»c of to\vn and .country. -Ask your iiciglibov if this isn't Ihe test to be had and the sack's tire .TO handy to us: lor quilt tops, pillows, cVcsscs, clc. Lay in (he winter supplv now. Socclal Wvi* on • .5c His. Ills. 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Main in Hi-lliO'viUc. \V ( . llojivr-v , v ,XJu;illf>- Milbr. al lilflii 'Prftcs i; vc i.v- »«)• III (lie IVcdi Ladies' Fur Coals RKiifleiHid iii- Altered Shortened iir For Cozy Coiiifort on Chilly Pall ami Winter Nights— We Have the Rif/ht NIGHTWEAR LADIES PAJAMAS GOWNS $1.69 MISSES PAJAMAS $1.69 night MOWS from Muiisiiigwcar! Bciiiilii', lino, soft, iiiiKlily-knit pajahias ;Uid night gowns— (no kind that keeps you snugly warm yet looking your bwil. i-'latlerijig- colors . . . designs as smart as ..your I'avoi-ito dress . . . tome in new Ripple-Knit balljnggiin and fancy pleutect Tiick-Stitol, slccpiiiB- aiid-loiinginpr ganiients. They'll wash, wear and stay beiiiil it'll! lincausc they're l>y aUihsingwcar Si»s small, liicdivmi, large and extra large. Out They "Gill We Are Unloading Stocks of Merthan- dise at Special Prices Rii> ; ht When Vo\i NEED Them Jlfisl. We iMusl Make Room Kor .Siirila. R E D U C E D I zoo DRESSES UBPRlCKD FOU QUICK CLOSE-OUT All From Hcgnlnr Stock! 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