The Ithaca Journal from Ithaca, New York on December 1, 1925 · Page 7
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The Ithaca Journal from Ithaca, New York · Page 7

Ithaca, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1925
Page 7
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fyj)r."Erl Bates on "Indian Lore" . Bates of the College of . mrnell University, ad- !tur woman's Club yes- K-tMlin' . " First Unitar-' Ufte n '-Xew York State In-rafch. 0 th0 m0st interest- the club has been privll- fc:clfartnows the Indian perhaps frj:B" other man In the L'51 And therefore Is fully U JUnt him as he really V- 'sentence when he re. L-w 'Un will hear the legends U4fCn . Vreet cars, and then as ! word 10 icii .if"' . much has been M to pre-"" that dred years from id ondience with tron i" itenci hunt will eet c ard t J hOW mUCIl lias ?v. Indian and might be -J ! Zui folklore. Dr. Bates 4 Amer a, man learned to travel h0ffTian were carried about "rf -hev lost nothing In the ? 3 hot was thought by many Indian folklore. rfa. Dr. Bates pictured . aCnPr il iv- s un itlnntic Coast, was a - nerson. The eastern ? .Tid. were maize or corn- iSf nc I,., ,d were entirely au- fir? ;ho western Indians. The s" T " in Vew Tork State were otne" . rpase(j to be anu '"" - minds were sat- and had " . H 1 I LI peaceful es In There were three right here, the hTtnken up pen 3 !llorp ' !hese M one at the head of the .wsaid. one . where the r""" . in ss and ne at Butter" 3Fi!L interspersed his facts with f- tStln- the humor and the a!uSt f the Indians, told . -na nicw . fsau r.e Ti-tiion ne master. He told of tne in rT tie ouaint if51 ;IIT nnk him on a nsniK ih0 t0h- thov returned, ex- 'yj, failure to catch more than ; nr -Rates had two. by Atod taHs (Bates) on both Had a ( indiar.s :is of the Unf ,. had a William Tell in relating the Dai" '- f. rU. how. when a huge rcp- 4;d devoured all the people ex-jbadaeTuui nrriipd with an -.killed the sei pem. xnc ''"' are found in abundance ,,;.,...-- - tv.e the lake snore v,,.v "i fif the siai" F"!"1' . , . TV. Indians am rave MM hnt through the years mcu, ,,4. v, been aDie to siiiiuu t, flitter from many of our people, the speaker said. In that nnt trV I" "is"" U into their children. In con i0n with this tnougni ur. Zn tfcat Ithaca parents teach their Viren such stories as that telling fT the redheaded wooapecwer came t his red head, rather that the fairy -ith wrhfrh some children are "tvliar. Vse our own local folk so. he urged, rather than something r-i-v, ic fnrpitrn. and has no real satin. Tse Indians, Dr. Bates said, be-x-ii, and do to this day, that corn s The eift of the Great Spirit. He bribed the ceremony of planting first hill of corn in the spring. :ow the first kernel was for the :eat Spirit, the second for widows ad orphans, the third for the crows iai several kernels, for the family, ie asmber depending on the num- in the family, and finally a ker-sl for the dog. Always, he said, is dog kernel was planted. He also ti interestingly of the Indian fflca, celebrating some of the Im-M events of the year, such as 'is snow dance, the maple sap, th ttTberry and the corn dance. The -Sans, he said think the white man icsgrateful, since he has only one Saaktgtving Day, while he has been Biven J ITHACA JOURNAL-NEWS, TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 1, 1925 SEVEN Committees For Annual Charity Ball inany more fhino-a the Indian, for which to be thankful. o ot Keruse Himgrj The Indians hold. Dr Unt.. that one of the most evil thin rJ " " JkI 13 TO Turn . ' asks for food, and as a result th. Formal Function on Nevf Fr!. ,.T.l 13 sometimes Infested! vnth tramps. The Indians ha af.t rerent worlds ahm.t ihm . ..J East Wind which hrim. 't, and is the source of hope, the West fit . u brings he ripened rruit and harvest, ffce c:.v. txr which means warmth anri fh m.. Wind which Is bad? tvon the honeymoon world, or the world of man and his wife, the world of me vjrreai ssnirit an . the Evil Spirit. Indian tsates declared morals. The rio. i "ccause tftere was no Christ. mas. yet they alwavs nnt nnt - tree pieces of tallow for the birds. squirrels. The name the Indians have rin ChaUty Ball. "WhS'tni51" BateS Sald' meansl MUs Gertrude Dean is chairman of world of tales, "Dr. always have rood Indians had no Santa nuts for the day Night, December 4, Promises to be Most Successful Ever Given by Spon- sors, Hospital Aid Society Committees for the 13th annual Clarity Ball which will be held on natt Friday night, December 4, under th auspices of the Young Women's Hospital Aid Society, were announced totfey. The affair will be held In the nev Savings Bank Auditorium and promises to be the most successful socal event In the history of the city. The Serenaders will furnish the mu sic. Last year over 500 attended the then Transfers of Realty trusters of several pieces of real we in the county were made boa today at the County Clerk's The list: kis C. .and Florence A. At-r haVe sold a part of lot 213 In Emvood Park Tract in Qroton FdH. Morton. Cavton L. and Mabel L. Brown "wra B. Morton, lots 206 and 2 07 5 a Elmwood Park Tract in "(Son. M. and Jennie M. Cutler 1 -aroiine to Elmer German, prop- frr on the Slaterville Road, tmer and Edna German to Jud-3 M- nd Jennie M. Cutler and an Duzer, 10 ax:res along the -'ll Turnpike. aie Goodwin to John R Good- Properrj- in Danbv. "rgaret Kephart to Floyd N. Oak- M. Shoemaker to Starr U and -Hi Michael j t- . . oiiu I'. 7ohoTTi rnrclr If TO I r. Ba"on, property on West 12 iret-t. citea a verse of inriinn nt ran like this: "Even the lake is married. Even the lake has a wife; . He Is, married to the lakeshore. He beats her whenever he likes." An Indian axiom wblch It would beweu for everyone to ponder says. Never criticise a person unless you have walked a mile In his moccasins." Stage Success At Lyceum Is Well Received A . . - sincere, lovable performance fit iane Cowls great stagre success, "Smilin Through," is given by the Lyceum stock company as their offering: to Ithaca the first half of this week. The play is. very well don?. Those who liked Jane Cowl in this immortal story will like Jane Hastings in the same role. Those who look for uniformly capable acting and expert stapre direction will have little fault to find with this presentation. And those who are susceptible to deep pathos and plowing romance which includes us all cannot but weep and laugh at this sweet story of love and hate. Ralph Hayes and Jane Hastings are certainly the most salient factors In the decided success of the performance. Hayes comes to the footlights with a surprising display of dramatic ability, and plays up to the full capacity of his role as John Carerct, the aged uncle who is nursing an old grudge and an old love. This Is prob--ably the most "appropriate vehicle he has yet been given in Ithaca, and his portrayal of it is superb. Jane Hastings rises to new heights of histrionic power and captures the affection of her audience, as Kathleen Dungannon, and again as the Moon--eyeen Clare of a former generation. She has a subtle ability to reach deep Into the emotions arid bring out almost forgotten throbs of the heart. Her char-actristic sweetness of demeanor, her charm of personality, her ability to put youth and sparkle into her lines, explain in large part the success of this her latest achievement. Miss Hastings, too. has been most appropriately cast. James West plays onnosite her as Kenneth Wayne, ana does It with a praiseworthy accent on the oualitles of n masculine lead for which he is so well fitted. Military uniform, be is said, becomes mm unusually well. Douglas Hope has become a favorite with Lvceum patrons, and maintains that status with no let-down in the part of Owen Harding, crony of John Carteret. "Smilin Through" is a romance or pathos, of enduring love, and of hate that, in the end, gives way to love. Because an old man mourns the love of his youth and harbers a family feud for the loss of that love, two young people are kept apart. In the storv is just enough of the mystic, of the 'odor of old lavender to sever it from stark reality"and make it a true r0mhrcostumIng of a half.century ago. the beautiful lighting effects, and the scenery of the play contribute greatly in effect and are a tribute to the tage management and direction "Smilin Through" will be presented again tonight, and tomorrow matinee and night, at the Lyceum Theater. von ran telephone your classified ads to The Journal-News- Dial Z77 Mr. Leon D. Rothschild is chairman of the General Committee and she will be assisted by the Mesdames William A. Dillon. J. S. Barr, Lionel E. Mhtz, F. M. Molleeon and James F. McXinney. Othr committees are as follows: Patromss committee: Mrs. F. M. Mollescn, chairman; Mrs. Harvey Van Pelt, Mrs. Hudson Wilson. Mrs. Eric Howell, Mrs. Alfred Kittler, Mrs. David Lobb. Mrs. Carl Crandall, Mrs. J. M. Chamberlain, Miss Ariel Be-ment, Msa Rowena Morse, Mrs. Helen Dean; fhance committee: Miss Mildred Majee, chairman. Ticket Committee: Miss Florence Shevalier, chairman; Mrs. S. Delavan: Mrs. Willam Dillon, Mrs. H. Liddell Miss Catherine Higgins, Mrs. J. B Urband, Miss Ann Cleary, Miss Elda Van Vost. Mrs. Wester Baker, Miss Florence JIcKenzie, Miss Althea Tis- dell. Miss Agnes Sullivan. Miss Jessica Holland. Jtiss Edith Wyckoff, Miss Elizabeth Treman and Mrs. Genevieve Clifford; Hefreshment Committee: Mrs. John Kinney, chairman; Mrs Reginald A3en, Mrs. Wester Baker Mrs. -William Ballard. Mrs. W. E. Barnard. Mrs. F. L. Brown jr.. Miss Winifred Bryant, Mrs. Howard Boyn-ton, Mrs. Lawrence Butler, Mrs Henry Care?, Mrs. Mark Chamber lain, Mrs. Hury Clark, Mrs. Herbert Cobb, Mrs. T-ouglas Gillette, Mrs. J. E. Godfrey, Xrs. V. B. Ilolton, Mrs. Eric Howell, Mrs. J. F. McKinney. Mrs. Charles Lueder, Mrs. Harry Mayers. Miss Mildred Moakley, Mrs. Leslie Pierce, Xrs. E. S. Preston Jr., Mrs. A. A. Rei4, Mrs. David Robb. Mrs. E. A. Rorapaugh, Mrs. Leon Rothschild, Miss Mercedes Seamon Mrs. Henry Schnetk, Mrs. Leslie Scott, Mrs. Murray Smith, Mrs. Clarence Snyder, Mrs. A. F. Sturm, Mrs. J. E. Van Xatta, Mrs. Leslie Wilson and Mrs. Wilbur Winant Relay Committee: Mrs. Joseph Barr, chairman; Mrs. Helen Dean. Mrs. Clarence Mofte, Miss Louise Tarbell, Mrs. Carl Crandall, Mrs. A. YV. Crowley. Mrs. Leon PTitchard. Mrs. Ellington Xeill and Mrs. Paul Gillette: Decorations Committee: Mrs E. Morgan St. John, chairman; Mrs. J. E. Godfrey, Mrs. Reginald' Allen, Mrs. William Hoffman, Mrs. Fred D. Brown, Mrs. R. C. Osborn.- Mrs. Harry Mayers, A. E. Milliken, Stanley Perez, and Fred D. Brown; Checking Committee: Miss Mary Emma' Card, chair man; Mrs. Helen ueai., -Mrs. uari Gilbert, Miss Marjorie Mabee, Mrs. Doylemarx Harper, Mrs. A. P. Bart-lett, Mrs. R. M. Vose and ilrs. Wester Baker: Music 'Committee: Mrs. Law- rence Butler, chairman; Mrs. Leslie Wilson, Mrs. Donald Card. Mrs. Ralph Mungle, Mrs. L. D. Kelsh; Publicity Committee: Mrs. Bert Patten, chair man; Mrs. Henry .Carey, Mrs. Gordon Begent, Mrs. Lawrence Mintz, Miss Elda Van Vost, Mrs. Philip Sainburg, Mrs. A. F. Sturm; Mrs. Ralph mith. Mrs. L. E. Cady and Mrs. Clifford Johnson; Poster Committee.-Miss Winifred Bryant, chairman. Floor Committee: R. E. Treman. chairman, J. S. Barr. W. W.-iBuckley. L. J. Conger (Groton), Walter O'Con- nell. J. Dall jr.. Lionel E. Mintz, Fitch H. Stephens, Daniel Crowley, Dr. A. H. Sharpe, Prof. E. P. Andrews and Leon Rothschild. t Farm Bureau Elects Staff For New Year The Tompkins County Farm Bureau launched forth on another year of activity yesterday when the members Oi the executive committee, representing each town in the county met at the Chamber of Commerce and elected officers for the ensuing year. Jay Phillips of Slaterville Springs was elected president, Merrill Curry of Jacksonville as vice president, Harvey C. Loomis of Dryden as secretary and Fred Dorn of the Coddington road, as treasurer. During the business session which followed a number of policies for the coming year were adopted and the program of activities outlined in a general way. It was decided that the annual membership fee should be re duced from three to two, dollars and a goal of at least 750 members in 1926 has been set. Personal service is to be the motto of the bureai next year and "special emphasis is to be given to poultry culling, much the same-as it was given during this year to tuberculosis erad "jation work Every member of the bureau will be able to have his flocks eulled free of charge during ana it Is hoped to examine at least 25.-000 birds. As a follow-up to the Intensive tu berculin testing which has been under way in the las few months, the bureau plans next year to carry on an extensive v advertising campaign to bring attention to the clean animals in this county and in an effort to build up the dairy industry here. Alfalfa Demonstrations. In addition to this service, it is. proposed by the bureau to establish In each of the towns of the county at least three or four practical demonstrations with alfalfa, makiftg use"of plots ranging about three acres in size. Cow' culling clubs fors the purpose of getting rid of "boarder cows" will also be fostered by the bureau, to replace the old cow testing associations, and further improve the quality of stock here. A complete explanation of htese clubs will be published later. The annual membership drive of the bureau began today, with bureau workers busy throughout the county in lining up 1926 members. The bureau officials point to their record of the past year in behalf of the dairymen and others, and are confident that this exhibition of real service to farmers will result in an increased membership in 1926. "; ; Bacteria Thrives in Moonlight. Growth and activity of bacteria can be speeded up by moonlight, T. F. Morrison, graduate student of Princeton UniverJyty, has discovered through experiments on the kind of microorganisms that cause dead fish to shine in the dark. When You Feel a Cold Coming On Take Laxative. BROMO QUININE Tablets to work off the cause and to fortify the system against an attack of Grip or Influenza. A Safe and Proven Remedy. The box bears the signature of E. W. Grove. 30c.-Ad-vertisement. r lll.JUIIUWHl gJllMIIUWIIHM " Arctic Is Better Why? 6 Cleanliness Have a look at Arctic's delivery trucks. They are neat and clean too clean for any parasite to hang about. They are as spotless as we can keep them because they reflect the policy of Arctic in and out of the new plant. A R C TIC Ice Cream & Milk Company 402 Taughannock Boul. Dial 4630 . A. Shaw, property In Esty rn0T SPECIALIST ADVISES MAKING APPOINTMENTS NOW tv Henry Williman, graduate chir-opodris? who will be at the Liberty hoe Store Wednesday from 9 to 6, advises that owing to the demands innon his services ap'""""" -4 UP"" . .HVer hv nhone be made in aa., fc": 'M21 nr bv letter. A phone call via 3921 mi arrange the appointment. Dr. W liman beiJg a graduate of the N-e v York College of Chiropody and Orthopedics and a post graduate of uunuu' exoert on rtPilevue. J. " -a i rn EYES ARE OBJECT TO CHANGE Sjs that were correct may Z J. ear or so ago not nt your eyes now. fead long since you have Jour eyes checked up? M-E.Van0rden OPTOMETRIST n:.. ? Eas State Street " 7134 Opp. Mayers Advertisement. 30-1 foot troubles for 12 Long Weary Years I .uffered with STOMACH DISORDER ... .irprythins th Doctor pr- 1 KomeUmeV I would et a little ibed sometime, elief. but it j r.jjoYAXi D1GESTO" I Jbree bottles m terribl complaint. 'eCl 1 ZsTtoimS this wonder-: am P fo U Sufferer of Indication. option. Co. inc., Pharm- $125.00 i. Seven Day Tour To Winter Haven THE CITY OB 100 LAKES FLORIDA and rettrn. LEAVING ITHACA DECEMBER 8TH PRIVATE DE LUXE TRAIN of AU-Steel Tdlmahs. Trip includes through Pullman service, all meals and first class hotel accommodations. Three days in Florida with private automobile tours through the Jake region and the west coast, including Tampa and St. Petersburg. Winter Haven is in the heart of Imperial Polk County the richest county in the world, the center of the citrus fruit industry. Our Free Tourists' and Homeseektrs' service will insure transportation and living accommodations for -you at any time. 5rO A I WW Uaten Co Bans. thout Tel. obtii atioir Haven Ithaca, on my part, free Tour. Information tfttne oty Street State At FOR SALE One of the best located and most sightly; lots on CAYUGA HEIGHTS - ' Consult GEORGE S. TARBELL Trust Co. BIdg. ' Dial 2123 YOUR GARMENTS can be made as clean and fresh as new by sending them to a MASTER CLEANER. It saves money for other uses. W. F. Fletcher Co., Inc. MASTER CLEANERS 103 Dryden Rd. . ' 205 N. Aurora St. NOT HOW CHEAP BUT HOW GOOD 114' East Seneca Street Dinner . . .:. . . . , . . . . . . . . ... . 11 :30 to 1 :30 Supper . ... 5:45 to 7:00 Sunday Dinner .12:00 to 2:00 Home-made Sauerkraut and Frankfurters 1 Wednesday, December 2. Year After Year This gift will bring happiness and lighten the burden of the one you love. Give Her a 1 CASS WASHERl For Christmas Buy It On The Club Plan If She Has a Washer Give Her An Eureka Vacuum Cleaner 8.50 Set of Attachments FREE! 126 South Aurora Street Dial 9258 BEN MINTZ, Inc. M ens Overcoats SPECIAL SALE ON HIGH GRADE OVERCOATS THIS WEEK Featuring an unusual assortment of All-Wool Overcoats in grey, tan, blue and plaids in all sizes at, the special price of $22'50 We recommend these for the man who desires a good overcoat at a price within reason. You will be pleased with the attractive values offered. BEN MINTZ, Inc. hone Classified Ads to 747 e Srow becaus se we serve ' r-rlXBrooks Son, w. ''1.n.e;,.i,. fcSon.- i

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