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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York • Page 5
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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York • Page 5

Binghamton, New York
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April 19, 1962 TRESS, Binghamton, N. Y. 5 Cams' Work 'Upsets' 1 1 ITS eaman. iays urns 4 Mayor John Burns taid to day that Republican Supervisor JS .7: Douglas W. Seaman "is upset" because Democratic Councilman January, credit for it was given to Mr. Cams, Mr. Seaman said. He cited the incident as an example of the Democrats' use of "practical politics" a game which he said the GOP should learn to play. Mr. Burns said today that Mr. Seaman was "confused on the facts. change was mailed to Mr, Burns on Jan, 2, 1958. It was last Jan. 24 that Mr. Cams announced that the change had been made by the Public Works Department at his request, Mr, Seaman said. "The ltght should have been changed four years ago," he added. Francis J. Cams is "doing a good Job getting things done in the 13th Ward." Mr. Seaman represents the 13th Ward on the Broome County Board of Supervisors, and Mr. "We don't change state traffic installations," said the mayor "They control their own." Cams occupies the 13th Ward seat in City Council. Ordway Dies In reference to a Seaman state the mayors comment" was ment that the State Traffic Com prompted by a statement made mission had sent an order to by Mr. Seaman at a Tuesday Elder of West meeting of the 13th Ward Re Mayor Burns in January, 1958 asking that the change be made Mr, Burns said: publican Club. 7 4 Vi Iff 2 4W JJ MR. SEAMAN had accused the "THE STATE couldn't possibly Presbyterian Burns administration of a four year delay in getting the state have asked us to change their traffic light. We would have no control over it." He said Mr. Seaman "could r. -1 1 tun n-J to establish a stop light at a Brandywine Highway exit. When the change was made last Stephen R. Ordway, an elder of the West Presbyterian Church of Binghamton, died yesterday at Lourdes Hospital. He lived at 432 Ferndale Drive, Sunrise Ter have gone to the State Public Works Department, as Mr. Cams did, and ask that the light be race. changed." Prea Photo. WEST JUNIOR LEADERS Ninth grade students at West Junior High School have selected Mark Melamed of 36 West End Avenue as president and Kathleen Vavra of 139 Crary Avenue as secretary of graduating class. Mr. Cams said today that he Mr. Ordway was employed by the Universal Instruments went last January to Roger Ben 139 East Frederick Street, at the time of his death. He was Press Phoio. a past president of both the Sun nett, director of traffic in the State Department of Public Works. "I asked him to change the light and he said, Mr. Hospital Shifts Bank Accqunt General Hospital has corrected rise Terrace Association and the Sunrise Terrace Fire Co. He was a member of Otsenin BONNETS AND BUNNIES A pair of "rabbits" line up with a quartet of young ladies modeling Easter hats. The youngsters, all members of the kindergarten class at Lincoln School, modeled in a school Easter parade show. Left to right: Jan Parrillo, Leslie Thornton, Florence Dickinson, Betty Dillon, Carol House, 5, and William Herrick, 5. Cams said. "In a few days, the change was made. STETA Fund go Lodge 435, Free and Accept ed Masons; Otseningo Consis "He said the change had been tory; Ancient Arabic Order of on their list of things to do," a financial procedure which drew the Mystic Shrine, Kaiuran Tem Mr. Cams said, adding, "my visit ple; and the American Society fire from state auditors in a re' cent report. me nospitai nas closed out a only jogged him on it." The councilman said he talked yesterday with Mr. Bennett who, he added, authorized him to say, "there was no politics in GENERAL HOSPITAL INCOME UP $7,170.59 account in Binghamton of Tool and Manufacturing engineers. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Gladys C. Ordway of Sunrise Terrace; his mother, Mrs. Florence Not Budget Savings Bank and transferred the it." Ordway; a sister, Miss Emeroy THE TRAFFIC signal referred! Ordway, both of Binghamton; a brother, George Ordway of In to by Mr. Seaman regulates southbound traffic exiting from Brandywine Highway to State money to a new interest-bearing account with the Marine Midland Trust Co, of Southern New York. The transaction was reported to the Board of Managers last night by its Finance Committee and approved by the board. State auditors had said it was illegal for the hospital to have money on deposit in a savings bank. The Southern Tier Education Television Association (STETA) program has died a quiet death in the Vestal Central School District. In budget figures released yesterday by P. Paul Street. Occupancy Hike Called Vote of Confidence dianapolis, and two nieces. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. tomorrow at the Ernest H. Parsons Funeral Home, 71 Main Street. The Rev. Samuel Colman, D. pastor of the West Presbyterian Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Vestal Hills Memorial Park. Mr. Seaman had said the North Side Civic Association in 1958 recommended that the blinking yellow (caution) light be Gimmie, district principal, no funds were allotted' ctitt a last month from a panel of changed to a blinking red (full Mr. Gimmie reported that JOHN H. WURTS, president of Marine Midland, reported the Board of Education had de stop) light as a safety measure. cided against including an ap the transaction to the board, He said a State Traffic Commission order calling for this propriation tor sieta at an substituting for absent Com Vestal school principals who scored STETA for unannounced program changes and a lack of written material explaining program content prior to broadcasts. Nearly all the principals, however, said that STETA should be extended for a second year at Vestal. The present Vestal Finance Committee. Awards were: mittee Chairman William Chittenden, an officer of First-City National Bank. earlier executive (closed) board meeting. The supervising principal did not report the vote on the decision, but indicated that two New lighting in Phelps Hall nurses residence, $1,273 to Gleason Electric with the only other net income for the year so far $102,099, Mr. Schmitt said. THE BUSINESS manager noted that the hospital has not yet drawn on its city subsidy of $196,000 for the year, earmarked for capital expenditures. The board last night awarded Dia trom Miske Electric school budget allots $2,500 for Mr. Wurts said hospital board members were not aware of the provision of the State Banking Law which prohibits savings dark room equipment, $1,575 to General Electric with a second Teachers Big Item In Budget Vestal teachers accounted for the largest single increase in the school district's proposed budget for the 1962-63 school Percentage of occupany of General Hospital was up 6 per cent last month over March, 1961, despite the deaths of six infants last month, that were blamed on accidental substitution of salt for sugar in preparing infant formula. Wayland W. Schmitt, hospital business manager, reported the figure last night to the hospital's Board of Managers. The board saw the increase in occupancy, at least in part, as an expression of continuing public confidence Minister, Former City Man, Dies bid of $1,731 received from Picker X-Ray and oxygen and other medical gases, contract awarded to STETA and the acquisition of TV receivers. Roughly half the figures represents subscription costs to STETA at this year's 20-cents-a- welders Supply Co. with an aggre throo rnntranls tn Inui hiHHorc nn Sate low bid of $4,561.20. Other as pupil rate. banks from accepting deposits Of municipal corporations, regardless of whether the deposits involve endowment funds. He said Binghamton Savings Bank officials should have refused to accept hospital deposits. Mr. Wurts started to move recommendation of Administra- grS fT- board members were not present when it was taken. Mr. Gimmie said the board believed the educational television program was "too much for us to handle right now." The school official estimated that STETA would have cost the school district $7,000 for the academic year beginning in September, Some $3,000 of this would have represented the costs of subscribing to STETA programing at an increased xor uernara a. ft.remos ana us 753.04 from Ohio chemical Co. The Rev. Bernard C. Clausen, year. in the hospital. D. a former Binghamtonian and a well-known Baptist minister, Instructional service is more Iluliison Staff Mr. Schmitt said the hospital board approval of the transfer, but checked himself, saying that he believed he should not act on than half of the new $4,214,000 budget. At an allocation of was filled to within 91.6 per cent of its capacity last month, com Press Bureau Washington Edward J. Han- $2,206,723, the appropriation for the proposal because of his posi pared with an 85.5 per cent oc teachers' salaries would rise near More Evidence Heard In Chenango Zoning Supreme Court Justice Daniel J. McAvoy has admitted additional evidence in the Albert S. Williams- died April 10 in Philadelphia, it was learned today. He was 70. Dr. Clausen was the son of the late Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Clausen, who lived in Lincoln Avenue. His father, a physician, was ac- tive for many years in the Prohibition cause in Broome County. ly $220,000. tion as a Marine Midland officer. ANOTHER BOARD member rate of 50 cents for each pupil to the district. The remainder, Mr. Gimmie commented, would have been needed to provide The following is a breakdown of where the increase will go. made the approval motion, and Mr. Wurts abstained from voting television sets for nvpimn nnn tnr saianM tn additional ley of 208 East Edward Street, Endicott, has joined Representative Howard W. Robison's staff as a part-time assistant, the Owego Republican announced yesterday. Hanley, son of Mr. and Mrs. on it. The son was born in Hoboken Auditors also criticized the additional teachers in the dis- Wellal sc00s- trict next year. Eleven of the The, scho1 0ficlal ald Vestai new instructors will be ele- schools, PscnUy make use of mentary teachers, chiefly for each school If the added funds had been N.J., April 5, 1892. He came to Binghamton with his parents at Town of Chenango zoning dispute. hospital for a noncompetitive purchases and for using private collection agencies to try to bring in overdue accounts. cupancy in March a year ago. THE BUSINESS manager said the high rate of occupancy, continuing a trend established in the first two months of the year, paced hospital operations to a $34,096 profit for last month. Income of $305,930 was more than $16,000 above budget estimates, while operating expenses, despite more than $4,300 in extra costs stemming from the salt poisoning episode, were more, than $1,300 under budget esti-; mates. Mr. Schmitt said hospital op an early age. He was gradunted from Binghamton Central High The trial, which ended last Friday, was reopened appropri- 7Z iV" yesterday afternoon to permit school in 1909 He was graduated from Col A hospital spokesman said ated it would have provided groupl whh sends to the capital each year tu 4 for a semester of observing A total of three sets in any government one school, Mr. Gimmie the new $1,250,000 Glenwood Elementary School which will receive its first classes in September. TWO About $60,000 to- pay for a $200 across-the-board increase most hospital purchases now are two new witnesses to testify and a witness who previously testified to be questioned further. The justice reserved decision gate University in 1915, from Union Theological Seminary in Williams was using the lots. Mr. Flanagan, who was called to testify by Casella, said Mr. Williams parked trucks on submitted for bid, and that it is 1918, and received his doctor of not practical to buy foods and portions of the lots in 1958 prior still would not be adequate to take full advantage of STETA. for each salary level approved! divinity degree at Syracuse Uni versify in 1922. after the last witness left the stand today. to adoption of the ordinance. some specialty items by compea tive bid. The spokesman said collec naiuey i eLfiiuy utiveu in me Navy's Office of Employe A graduate of Seton Catholic High School in Endicott, he is a junior and a member of Phi Delta Theta frater- erations so far this year have MR. WILLIAM, a trucker and During World War 1, he served as a chaplain on the North Carolina, making 26 MR. FLANAGAN also said earlier this month by the Board of Education. THREE $40,000 for normal step increases for Vestal teachers. tion agencies are used for bill He said that three sets in each school building "still wouldn't do too much for us." STETA received stiff criti- shown a profit of $110,358, more and and gravel operatori seeks collecting only as a last resort Mr. Williams filled a large excavation on one of the lots prior nity at Colgate. man wree nines u.c uuuS to use four lots zoned residential, mate of a $33,713 operating prof- He claims he was using the lots and have proven to be effective. to the summer of 19o. 3 AT THE "SAVING CENTER" Capital expenditures so far Light-Passer Fined However, on cross examina this year, exclusive of the $3, transatlantic crossings. He served as pastor of the Baptist Church, Hamilton; First Baptist Church, Syracuse; the First Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, and the Euclid Avenue Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time of his death, he Jeffrey R. Herman, 19 in connection with his business prior to zoning. Town officials claim he was not and Is violating the town zoning ordinance. The new witnesses were Philip Smith of 326 Carmichael Road if absolutely NO defrosting of 1081.U tion, Mr. Flanagan said he did not observe any stock-piling on the lots by Mr. Williams prior Chenango Street was fined Le.d 500,000 modernization program financed by city general funds, have totaled $8,259, making the in City Court today when ne Term Stayed In JC Youth Drink Case to the fall of 1958. Dleaded guilty to a charge Mr. Williams has claimed that drivine past a red light at Che and Thomas Flanagan of Windsor, i YOU'LL NEVER was a member of the American formerly of 311 Carmichael Road. nenas society in Philadelphia.nango and Eldredge streets Mr. Smith, who returned from Tod to bottom, you'll nvr ha to meu with defrotting (in! Thii nn Norft 1 3 automatically bamthct all frost buM-ua. I ONLY If iCaday Florida yesterday, told Harold S. DEFROST IT! he used the four lots in conjunction with his sand and gravel business as. well as for parking of his trucks. Witnesses for the town and Mr. Williams have been wide apart in their testimony. Taylor, Town of Chenango attor Execution of a six-month jail sentence against a Johnson City youth was stayed for one year ney, on direct examination that he did not see any commercial activity on the four lots prior to adoption of the zoning ordinance in October of 1958. on condition of good behavior after he pleaded guilty before Here's what we do when YOU order a "LUBE" at Union Justice of the Peace Carl Leaders to Plan British Role THE ELDERLY witness, who ton E. Popple to a charge of endangering the health of a minor, a misdemeanor. Kids Vacation Tonsillectomies A by-product of the Easter season and school vacations was in evidence in the operating suites at General Hospital today. Dr. Jason K. Moyer, medical director, told members of the hospital's Board of Managers last night that, of 18 operations scheduled today, 14 are tonsillectomies. "Happens every year when the kids are out of school for a few days," he said. Frank A. Miller, 18, of 2 Rut iEiillifil land Street, also was placed on London JP) Prime Minister Harold Macmillan announced to probation for two years. Sen day that a meeting of common tence was imposed by Justice Popple yesterday, when the said he is "80 plus," also testified that he heard Charles N. Pollak, former owner of the lots, say that he had not given Mr. Williams permission to use the lots prior to zoning. Mr. Pollak had previously testified that he had given Mr. Williams permission to use the lots in 1957. During reexamination yesterday afternoon by Louis J. Casel-la. attorney for Mr. Williams. wealth prime ministers would open in London Sept. 19 to discuss youth was arraigned before him mum Britain's entry into the European Justice Popple said young Common Market. Miller was accused of buying a Macmillan told the House of pint of vodka for a 14-year-old Commons the commonwealth youth last Friday. The younger CHEVROLET leaders also would make theiriboy drank part of the vodka while at a record hop at the Mr. Pollak denied review of world affairs IBM Country Club, became sick to a town official because Mr. at the session TfSi and required medical treatment. 7 Swim Class at Boys Club Vandalism At 3 West Side Homes Reported Z5 Car- 1. oil generator 2. oil starter 3. oil distributor 4. oil accelerator and clutch linkage 5. check rear axle, transmission and steering gear lubricants add when necessary 6. inflate tires to correct pressure 7. add water to battery 8. check power steering add fluid if necessary A free course In swimming! Parental permission Is The accompanying ctart mv st the Bineham- sary from each by entering the blank may be used for this pur- -rOP TO BOTTOM-IT NEVER FROSTS n- course, according to Boys Clublpose. Halloween came In April for ton Boys Club. 257 Washington) 'three West Side householders, a Street. It will be open to boys police report indicated. 7 through 12 years old. CLIP COUPON AND BRING OR MAIL Vandals smashed two trellises Ths HoaHiino tnr pnrnllinff in I knocked down a bird house and The deadline for enrolling in New Cold-Lock 98 lbs. frozen I TO THE BINGHAMTON BOYS CLUB, 257 WASHINGTON ST. BY APRIL 27 MAGNETIC DOORS! compressor for year of Food Storage! i tra performance! threw it high in a tree and tore down a child's swing and its supports. i The incidents were reported to police at 8:27 o'clock last night. A smashed rose trellis and the bird house were located on the Leland R. Post property, 71 Helen Street. The swing set, which was hurled over a fence, was located I on the Albert L. Pichette prop- has my Deep Handidor shelves-both doors My son STOP IN AND TRY US YOUR CAR WILL APPRECIATE ITI permission and Is physically able to take part In the learn-to-swim campaign sponsored by the Broome County Red Cross and the Binghamton Boys Club. Please enroll him In Butter and egg storage In the door Two fingertip Glide-Out shelves Twin 37-lb. porcelain crispers Color choice-white, turquoise, pink, yellow, or coppertone the course is April 27. The learn- to-swim campaign Is being sponsored jointly by the Broome County Red Cross and the Boys club. Boys taking the course will be divided into two groups. One group will meet from 4:45 toJ 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the other on Wed- nesdays and Fridays. The course will end the first; week In June after each class has completed 10 lessons, ac- cording to Robert Carson, the club's swimming director. Boys must supply their own swimming trunks and towels. Mr. Carson said he plans to limit the classes to 50 boys each But he said one or two more classes might be added if there is a big demand for the course. Any additional classes would a meet from 4 to 4:45 p. RqrgI 3 Model 723-470 rJ Tuesday-Thursday class Wednesday-Friday class age erty, 77 Helen Street. Ji A damaged grape trellis was located behind the home of Mrs. Florence Mabey, 79 Helen Street. She said the vandals also tied the rear door of her home shut with a length of rope. The incidents were investigated by Patrolman Joseph Delia Rocco. Ii Fraternity to Meet I Chi Phi Kappa fraternity will meet at 7:30 p. m. Saturday at the home of Marshall Bradley of 23 Stever Driver, Chenango HOUSE OLD SUPPLY aaaress CHEVROLET 171 FRONT ST IIRdAtTOK, I.T. MOKE: II S4I71 124 WATER STrffiSS Binhamlon, N. Y. parents signature I Bridge.

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