The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
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VOLUME XX'XIV—NO. 209. ~- mE D ° MfflANT "^SPAPEU O* NOKTHEACT AHKAN8AB AND 80U7BW8P MJSSOOIU ^ tnP I'll l/i /^niir-ln. TVI..H 111 _I .. '".'. ....----.' —*~—— " ' ._ •»»* 1 J»JW1V* vllle Courier Myltiedlle Herald Blytheville Dally News Mississippi valley i*aa« KUTHKVILL ARKANSAS, TIIUUSDAY, NOVBJIHKK IS, UW7 MB^ •^•"••Ml'" A "~ " ~~ —- - • C ° PIES FIVE CENTB TO PUT COMPULSORY CLAUSE IN FARM NIL Only Two Embassy Officials and 'Die Hards' Will Remain SHANGHAI, Nov. 18 <UP> — American citizens and other foreigners fled today from Nanking us Japanese armies spread over llic Yangtze river valley and prepared to lay sieije to the ancient capital of the Mings. Of the Americans only United Stales embassy officials and a. small group of "die hard" Nan- ninji residents. Including - doctors .-nid missionaries, remained behind. The American gunboats Luzon Ounm. and Oahu. were enroiite to Nanking t o remove Ambassador Nelson T. Johnson and all but two of his staff as so as the nationalist government formally announced removal of its ministries. Americans Hoarding Boats Americans were boarding crowded river boats in defiance of the refusal to sell even deck passage l hey carried blankets and meager personal elVccls, leaving most of Iheir possessions with the few who elected to remain. Despite the imminent departure of the embassy slafr for Hankow, Burglars Make Big Hauf j P In Theft At Hollywood! HOLLYWOOD. Nov. 18 (UP)—A S20.000 burglary of the mansion of l-otils D. Ughtoi), motion picture producer, was reported by police I today. . Tlie home was ransacked of Jewelry, furs and silver. To tarry awuy their loot the burglars stole un ex pensive automobile owned b George Templeton. also a produce and a friend of Llghton. IJgliton makes pictures for Parn mount studios. Among his recen films was '-IJves of a Bengal Un cer." Most of the toot was jewelry. In chiding diamonds, expensive watche and .strings of matched pearls. On) 4750 in cash was taken. calm gave and Am- nssuratice the embassy bassador Johnson that routine business was proceeding as usual. George Acheson Jr., ana J. Hall Paxton, secretaries, will remain in Nanking. The first Japanese assault was' expected to come from the river The Japanese army west' , of Shanghai. resumed its advance' and foreign military experts believe that Nanking wa.s doomed, *BS£* i '&*-**;F**sx3! Keveals Sharp Increase In Truck Tags Issued LITTLE ROOK, Nov. 18. (UP —An increase of 16,106 motor vehicle registrations for the first 10 months over the same period o 103C was reported today by Revenue Commissioner D. L. FVjrd According to Ford the larges' was in the II- 1 gam in registrations truck division, where 57,239 censes u-re sold up to Nov while for the same period l year only 48.023 tags were issued Passenger car tags showed rin incr rease of 4,392 over the registra- , tion of last .venr when only 354 licenses -were sold durin» the nrst 10 months of this year. Trailer owners bought 12,682 while Ir 1926 for the corresponding period only 10.19B licenses were issued. Baby Girl, Weighing But 2 1-2 Pounds, Born Here A two and one half pound baby Birl was born to Mr. and Mrs P L. O.swell at their home at 819 yesterday SouHi Lake morning at 4 Street, o'clock. No doctor attended the birth of the child who despite her small size is tier-' fectly formed. Mrs. Oswell did not ask for a. she physician yesterday because o... and the baby were gelling along so well, she said. mvR - BCB -< BURNS There is nolhin' so misleadln' as hearin' somebody quote just a part of somebody's speech, because whoever is doing the quoting has picked out the part of the speech that suits him. Grandpaw Snazzy had a bitter enemy who ran a grocery store down home and one time when Grandpaw walked Into the grocery store, the proprietor came U p to him and says "If you hate me so much, what'ta you come into my store for?" and Grandpaw Snazzy ' "—' ' ome Into 3 f I can gi Township Committeemer Will Be Chosen In Meetings Next Week Meetings will be held thro!»>h North Mississippi county next week to elect members of communitj comniulccj,, who in turn will ad- mlnioier the 1938 agricultural program on which congress ts working at this lime. All farmers, both landowners and tenants, in the program this yeni or who plan to be in the program next year, can vote. Three committeemen and nn alternate will be selected from each community and this group will elect a chairman who will become n member of the county board. The county board will then choose a county committee from its membership. On Monday night, "m^tinss will be held at these places: Hlckmrm township, 40 <S: 8 school; Half Mcwiti. school, and Chickasaivba, number one, (Blythevilie court house.' , TuBflar night/Clear Lake will hov/^i.nlsctlngVat'the New Liberty school, and Big Lake residents will meet at the Manila agricultural building. Wednesday night, Hector town- shin, number one, will meet at the Dell agricultural building; Neal, number two. at Carter's Gin, and Chickasawbn, number two, at Yarbro school. Thursday night, Neal township, number three, will meet at Pawheen school, and Bowen. at Gosnell school. Friday night. Hector township,number two, will meet at Lost cane school, Canadian, at Armor el school, and Neal, number one, at Leachville. school. All meetings, which are to begin at seven o'clock, may be attended by producers, regardless of the township In which lie lives. Osceola District Meetings OSOEOLA, Ark., Nov. 18.—Meetings will . be held throughout South Mississippi county Tui!sday night for the purpose of electing community committees for the farm program next year. It has been announced by -the county agricultural agents that local and county committees will probably be more active In future oroerams than they have been in the past, making It important that all communities be well represented. It has been pointed out. These meetings, which will begin at 7:30 o'clock, will be held at these places with these leaders in charge: Bnrdctte. Jim P. Tompklns: Luxora, D. V. Ma loch- Osceola, E. H. Burns; Kelser, R. H. Robinson: Etowah, R. w. Harrell; Wilson, Phil McRae; Marie, Harold Splcer; Dyess, J. E. Terry; Joiner. Grant Collar; Whitlon p' J. Deer. Christmas Savings Club Checks to Be Over $6,000 Checks totalling more than $6.000 will be mailed to members of the Christmas Savings club of the Farmers Bank and Trust company, on Dec. 10, it was announced today. This sum is slightly larger than the amount saved last year by Blythevllte people throu»h this -ub. This bank's club has six classes, ranging from, 25 cents to $10 weekly. Labor Leader Found Deac After Columnisl Reveal Mis "Tip" MINNEAPOLIS, Minn,. Nov 18 (UP)-Patrlck J. Corcoran, u m-om inent northwest, labor leader vra found slain today In strange fulfill ment. of a newspaper columnist' prophecy.. His body was found near hi Jiotnc. under snow which bega: falling last ni s ht. He was shot owe behind th e right ear. Ten (Jays ago Cedric Adtxms columnist of the Minneapolis Stor hart carried this item. To Go "For A Hide" "1, I met 11 very clos c friend oi mine in the loop last ni»ht (Nov SI. He's given me scores of iu-ms in the past, some of them have been little scoops, too. and he's never been wrong. Here's one he dropped last night—you can tnke it for wlmt it's worth: " 'A prominent labor leader in Minneapolis will' be "taken for n ride" within two weeks'." The information. Adams said came from an unidentified labor leader. Police questioned Adams who went to authorities as soon ns he earned tif the slaying. Adams did not reveal the source of his iuf nation. Blame Labor Union Dispute Corcoran was a chief of labor iremps comprising; approximately 2,000 men, all affiliated .with the American Federation of Labor, -argest of these is the Teamsters lolnt Council, of which he was sec- el nrv treasurer. Police Captain William Forby. in :harge of Investigation, said the iltler struggle for supremacy be- wecn A. E. of, L. and Committee or Industrial Organization xinimui n the Twin Cities was "one of the angles we are checking." Police eliminated robbery ns si motive. Corcoran was the third to''meet eatli at the hands of assassins in Minneapolis in Ihree years. Oilier ictlms—Walter Ijggett nnd Hov,-- ird Giiflforfj/. crusading editors— iresumably were .5lain because of rticles appearing in small liews- apers published here. Neither laying ever was solved. "Two More to Go" ST. PAUL. Minn., Nov. !8. (UP) •A warning that "two more arc o go" after the assassination of 'atrfck J. Corcoran, Minneapolis abor leader, was telephoned to the rife of a St. Paul leader shortly efore Corcoran's body was discov- red in Minneapolis today. After Head Slips Into Shark's Jaws THURSDAY ISLAND, Australia UP)—Tona. an Island native Is elieved to be the only man who ver escaped alive after his head ad once passed into a shark's uoulh. lona was dlvint; for iwarls whei lie .shark attacked. Hcmemberiii! n island tradition that a shark ill drop its prey If its eyes arc •oundcd. "the diver succeeded in hrusting his thumbs Into the mrk's eyes Just as his head passed nto the man-eater's mouth. The mrk released him. but not until it ad inflicted severe wounds on his ace,_chcst and neck. The attack shattered another tra- ttlon that sharks will not attack ark-skinned persons. Business" Before Romance •When I feel,, leave the business „ f cw days, we'll take „ bridal rip, announced 19-year-old Jesse Lhwmore j r son Street plunger, from his office; at Slmuford, Conn ' of Mrs. rb,,d is bride of a few Evelyn Sullivan, the Wall e lie re- :lays, the beautlM young Baltimore divorcee, In a very uubuslncss-llkc olllcc scene. nfected Tooth and Intestinal Trouble Keeps President In Bed WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 (UP)— 'he White House today revealed hat President Roosevelt is suffer- ng from slight' Intestinal dlstiir- ance. In addition to mi Infected ooth. For n third consecutive dnv ir. Roosevelt was confined to Ills ed In the White House. Mr. Booscvelt was progressing apidly toward recovery Dr Ross Kcliilyrs, While House phvsl-' inn, reported. He Ims virtually're- WPA Party? Beg Pardon, Republican Is Sorry EL (UP)— While a members of a WPA party Inspecting a new air- PASO, Tex. tendered . Now Just that little speech sounds like a pretty high recommendaton, but Grandpaw went on to say "i have'ta mix some cement this mornin' and 1 want a little bit of saiid—gimme five pounds of sugan Wllke, who was standing oulsldo and asked: "What's going on fn there?" "This Is Just a little party Jor WPA officials." Wilke replied. ;: "Oh, pardon me," said the woman". " turning away; "I'm a Republican." Stock Prices NEW YORK. Nov. 18. (UP) — Short covering today brought stock prices up from losses of one to throe points. Trading continued duel I. Most bonds were depressed and grains turned down with wheat oft three cents or more a bushel. Cotton lost a few points A - T. & T. 148 j. 4 Anaconda Cop 281-4 Assoc. D. G 83-4 Beth. Steel 50 5.3 Boeing Air 24 3-4 Chrysler gl 1-4 Coca Cola 117 Gen. Elec 33 7.3 Gen. Mot 35 Int. Harvest 631-2 Montgomery Ward 37 1-8 K. Y. Central 18 7-8 Packard 5 Phillips Pet 42 Radio 73-8 Schenly DIst 28 1-2 Simmons 24 Socony Vac ....... ,15 1-4 Std.- OI1-.N. J 47 1-4 Texas Corp 40 U. S.". Smelt 60 U.S.'Steel 54 1-4 overed from the Intestinal iipset Jclulyre said. The Infected lower molar was re- noved today by Lt. Commander Arthur H. Yando. Mr. Roosevelt's dentist. Yando nt first Imd hoped to save the tooth. Mclntyre reported that the tooth obcess Jisd been "rather large". Ford Cautions Against Liquor Law Violations LITTLE ROCK. Clarence Knight, Warclell Instructor, Dies; Jack Lynch Seriously Injured OARUTIJERSVILLE. Mo., Nov. 18.—Clnron. er In the ice E. Knight, 08, Icnch- Wardcll, Mo., consoll- school district. «ns fatally hurt and Jack Lynch. 50, of Hny- tl. Mo., was seriously hurt when their cars collided hcr 0 laic yesterday. hend-on near The accident occurred on Highway 84. wtst of Caruthcraville. Both motorists were driving at ilibul 50 miles an hour when the accident occurred nbout dusk. A limber on a heavily loaded truck was said to have fallen on the highway in the path of Knight's car. Unaware of the obstacle he did not check his speed nnd when his machine struck, the timber tl veered directly Into the pnlli of Lynch's auto, traveling in u, e opposite direction. Knight sustained interim! Injuries ns well ns Injuries to his chest, head and legs. He died 1 j liuru within n , s i,ort time. Lynch . Nov. 18. (UP) was rushed to a Memphis Tc n -Revenue Commissioner D. L.i Hospital. "-mpnis, lfnn., : Ford today mailed • totters to all I retail beer and liquor dealers cautioning them to comply with the Inw In making .sales or to suftr-r the revocation of their permits. "Numerous complaints have readied my office of dealers sell- Ing to minors and habitual drunkards fn violation of (he state it- quor and beer law," he said. "This practice must stop and violators when caught will lose tholr licenses." According to Ford visitors of the !nw may be fined a maximum of $250 and a year's Imprisonment! in addition to forfeiting licenses Rain Tcihitjhl Muy Be Followed By Hard Fr«r/.< Friday Night lly United lYfits The current cold wavo In Arkansas continued today with iiorlhwst Arkansas due to have another snow mil tonight and tomorrow. The mercury rose nbovo sul freezing temperatures In most fcc.- Uons today with, another drop In temperature scheduled for loiilijli! In the Ozark region. Tho eastern portion of (h c Mali, will have slightly warmer weather tonight with some rnln, according fo the I.lttlc Rock weather bureau Fret-dug and sub frce/liitf temperatures with some snow In the western half of tlic 'state, was the weather prediction for tonigiiU'hlk the eastern section wns promta lehiiwrnture.i ;i feu. degrees iitjove 32, accompanied by rain. Thermometer readings ranging to 32 and below wcru general over tlui state Insl night. 'Hie following temperatures for last night wer nortect by the IJtIJe nock bureau: Northwest—28 degrees. Southwest—30 degrees, Northeast—M degrees, Southeast—32 degrees. Central—29 degree.?. Mrs. Mattie Jane Bishop Dies Here Early Today Mrs. Tirattie Jane Bishop died Rl her home, SOS Wc-st Kentucky n venue, at 4:40 o'clock this mom- Ing after having had nnralysls Tuesday, she had been 11 stroke of In a critical condition ,nlnce thai time. 'njp'jlcy. Alfred Gii-p tor' of the First Bout nter,.j>ns- :onductcd funernl services 'at the iioiiic this afternoon nnd ij, (,i )0 nornlng the remains will be taken lo Pontotoc, Miss., for burial. Mrs. Bishop, who had lived lere for a number of years, v iu years of age. She Is survived ).v three daughters, Mrs. Clyde Bishop Nicholson, with whom she nude her home, Mrs. IvTnud Brown, also of here, and Mrs. Vaudlo Wnr- ren of Troy, Miss,, and three sons, Wnller Blslioji of here, Fred Bishop of Pnscogouliv, Miss., nnd •Icrmim Bishop of Tupelo, n sls- er. Mrs. John Bishop, of Tupelo, uul a brother, John Lafayette, of Ttnndolph, Miss,. Oobb Funeral Home Is In charge of funeral arrangements. Duchess' Ex-Husband Weds In United States PAIRPIBLD, Cotln., Nov, 18 (UP) -Efiost Simpson', dlvtorced husband of the Duchess of Windsor, was married loclay to Mrs. Marv K Rnffray. Justice of Peace Ned A. Oslmark jerformed the ceremony nt Brook- awn country club. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. HI, Nov. 18. (UP)—Hoes: receipts, 10000 Top, 8.50 Average weights. 8.35-8.50 Bulk sows. 7.50-8.75 Cattle: receipts. 3,000 Steers, 6.75-10.00 Slaughter steers, C.00-1550 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 5 50-8 00 Slaughter heifers, 5.25-11.00 Beef cows. 4.75-5.75 Cutters end low cutters, 3.50-4.50 Knight wns W ell known throughout Pemlscot county. He had lived In this county for n years, having recently moved here and having lived at Portngevlllc ond Warden Funeral services will be held Friday morning nl 10 o'clock at War- dcll with the Rev. D. K. Foster officiating. Interment will be made nt Portagcville cemetery. Ruth Elder to Have Residence in Florida MOUNT DORA, Fin. (OP)-Lnkc SI y * l ° ^ the ''^Idei" of Ruth t-ider. famous avlatrlx, whose attempted trans-Atlantic (light In 1927 ended In disaster when her plane. "The American Girl", plunged into the ocean near Rotterdam, she was flying from New York lo Paris. Miss Elder, now a resident of California, plans to build a home for her mother. Mrs. J. o. Elder, and her aunt,' Mrs. Susie M. Odum, In Mount Dorn, where she herself expects to be a frequent visitor. Her uncle, Richard T, McClellan, now lives In Mount Dora. License Erasure Easier Than Obtaining Divorce COQUILI.E, Ore. (0P)-A. happy couple watched county clerk L. W Oddy cntor (heir tmmes In the marriage license record book. Several hours Inter they reappeared and nskcd to have Ihe names rcmovui. Ink crodicaiur was useU In Inrce quantitfe-s and the fee was refunded. "This," said the man as they sauntered out, "Is easier than obtaining a divorce." New Orleans Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 18 (UP)-Cotton closed stead}'. Constable Of Pemiscot Township Drops Dea ~ ~, Mo., Nov. I —John U. Moore, constable of i' tool township, dropped dead \vlill standing In StHllmm's store at Cot lonwootl Point Into yesterday. II was 49 years of ago, A velerau of the World Wa Moom was gassed while wrvln overseas iind ho frequently ha "dirt (tttiioks, believed lo have bee caused by the gns,'' PiincriU nrmiijiemrnls ure incom WMfl pending the arrival of rein lives, lleslde.s his wife !u> Is snr vivwl by throe sons, clnrencp, trur mon nnd willliun. of cotloiuvoot Point, torn 1 stslern. MM. Don I'lercc of Kolscr, Ark., imother win llve.s nl Dcorlng, Mo., mid two win reside In Oninden. Tonn., and ton brothers. Oeno Moore of limnetic- Ark., Iiiiclnil Moore of nirkiunn and Willliun mid nay Moon of Caindcn. Acreement Reached in Dispute Over Side Track And Crossings The niytlilevlllc clU council ho Frisco railroad "di-ovc" a bar- naln Insl nlxlil. to settle their corn- Rented dispute over a nldntrack the Frisco wants tp-lnstall between Ash ami Mnlu streets to serve i wholesale grocer nnd opening: across (he Frisco for dlencon slrcc (the alley between Asli and Main) and Noble street (tho alley betwcei Main and Walnut). TJic acliml completion of the "bargain" remains to be coiisum- iuUed will) E. L. We.stljrook of Jonesboro. Arknnsas couiiscl for the mllremtl, to Iho federal rc(iucst permission o dLitrlol court ut St Loula for the rnllaxul, ' .111 fedcrn receivership, to cariiy oilt It's part of- -the <Jein.;',-,--'''''-->, : ,-'<;;'.,l. ;'•• , In HID fictllemejit of tholr diffcr- mces the city council ngi-ccd, for ts part, to walvn all oblrcllons t nstallatlon of, the 'side truck. The railroad, through Mr. Wcs'bro'i'- ""i-ccd, If nermlsslon can \ie ob- alned, to open uj> crosslims over •he Frisco tracks to extend Qlcncoc nnd Noble streets and to open ut or use as n public street that nnrl of the Frisco's right of way from Haiti street south to Olencoc street vhlch has been referred to ns the Frisco's "flower garden", city oin- clnls clnhn opening of Inn now rossliiiii will RO tnr lownrd nlle- mtltig eoii?csted traffic conditions n (Me business section. Presumably the agreement curries with It dismissal of charges of vlo nlliiff a city ordinance lotted calnst two Frisco crnulovcs, They were accused of breaking up Ash trect pavement without nrst ob- alnlng a city •permit. .Tho Frisco Is lo complete Inyliw w side track on Ash street today lit Iwcause of n. "gentlemen's a«rec- menli". collnlcral to the wvillcn einenl, Is to stop work on Its Ide track after comnlottnK Us Ash IreH crossing nvalltn« outcome of Mr. Wcstbrook's |iroml.<scd apucal to he federal court for permission to ircpare the new crossings. Ouenlnir no of the crossings will •cqulrc Installation of additional afety gates, such ns now in use on . Main, Walnut and n. The agreement cnme last iftcr prolonged discussion. Inler- pcrscd with frequent clashing olulons as expressed by Mr. West- rook, members of the council and Roy Nelson, city attorney. The Frisco recently obtained a emnorary federal court order rc- lnlng the city from requiring the ailroad to prepare track crossings t Qlcncoe and Noble streeLs. The greement reached last night vir- ually ends this lillgation. Committee Chairman Pre- icls Crap Control Bill Report Monday WASHINGTON, Nov. JB (UP) — Chairman Kllison D, Smith (Com,, fi. 0.) of (he senate agrlcullurhl coimultlct! announced today that n furm bill will br; reported to the senate Monday.' Smith announced thai he will ask Majority Loader AlWn w. Darklcy (DPiii., Ky.) to move for n recess until Ntondr.y to permit tho committee to work full time on the bill, Smith sold lira t he will move for tho recess on the floor If ho Is unable to vouch an agreement with uarkley. Smith said tho comniltteo hud nsrccd t o the demand* of southern sciinlors for n scparnto title in tho fiu'ii) bill providing compulsory control for cotton. The committee voted (o hnve Km fioiitliorn bloc, ncndcd by Senator John H. Bank- iid (Dem., la,> -\vrito this section. Suli-c,'onimlt(fe IVorks A sub-committee of soulKerh KciV- ntors was to renew Its tlcllbcmtlotw nl 2:30 p.m. smith sold there wns 'an understnndhie" Hint the bill • will be reported tp.the senate- Monday. He Indicated Hint lie did not feel It necessary to submit 'the question (on .vote. Senator any M. Gillette (Deiii , In.) reported that the coimnltteo md made "rcmnrjinble progress" today. Asked If he felt Hint the sonnlc (lllbiister on antl-lynclilnir l>nd speeded the comnilltec's dellbDra- llon smith replied: "1 llilnk 11 had Its eftccl," . 'Smith donouiiccd reports that "I vm trying to block, legislation." '" "My objective is to get (ho most money for fanners and. I will support-any^an that -will >doVffla(t'-r"' ivlll go ntoiig K-i'th'-tlio majority of Ihe cominlUcc," hc : sa!tl, ." , : Wreak Senate Filibuster ' WASHINatON, Nov. '' ! ongrcsslonnl demands for immc- - I dato old to business broke (lie se'n- !e filibuster ngahist tho imti- yndilng bill ngaln today, cotnol- ent with ctaims tlmt a senate ma- orlty favored Immediate .repeal 'of ho undistributed fronts tax, Senator WUIlnin K. BoAili (Rej)., da.), Senator. Pot Harrison '(Dem., vttss,), elmlrman for the financo oniinlllce, niiri Sehnlor .foslah W Bailey (Dem., N. O.X Joined In the cbftte on the necessity pt'cncour- gcmcnt of business expansion .ns Bnlley resumed Hie obstructionist rntory directed nt (he antl-lyrieU- ng measure. jovernor May Undergo An Operation Soon LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. IB. UP>—Relinble sources this week cvealcd Hint Governor Carl E. Bailey had been ill since his re- urn froih tho east and that a hyslcnl examination disclosed Hie net (lint hc might have, lo under- o an operation in the near future. Close friends of the executive aid tlmt the operation If performed Jcforc complications set In, would ot be dangerous, but serious noiigh to keep him from his office or several weeks. Employes of the governor's office •ere quoted ns saylnj that all so- al engagements for the next two ccks had been cancelled and thnt e was confining his office cngage- !c:its only to the most Important nea. Dec. Jan. Mar. Jul. Oct. open . 768 . 771 . 173 . 785 . 790 799 high 777 774 781 786 78! 800 low close 763 770 712 777 783 793 768 770 777 782 Arrest Two In Drive To Enforce Health Law Aaron Bvrcl will be given n hearing In municipal-court tomorrow after having been arrested on a charge of failure to comply with the city ordinance Jor employes of paces handling, food to obtain Chicaffo Wheat ! Invita t">n Car<fCarved Dec May Dec Mtvy ope" high low close 92 3-8 92 7-8 91 1-8 91 3-4 82 1-2 93 91 1-2 92 Chicago Corn open high low closa M 1-8 54 1-2 S3 3-8 53 3-8 In Wood Scales ISO Lbs. CANBKRRA (UP)—Prime Minister Lyons has received from California what Is believed to be the heaviest Invitation card In the world, it requests his presence at the 1939 Golden Oat e International - The invitation, cut In a .„.„,„,„.„-- block of California redn-ood 4 by 1-8 57 1-2 56 1-2 56 1-2 Uu feet, weighs 150 pounds, health certificates. His employer, '«' Buford Mariln, was also arrested tVo \ oil ft C^ ~ Spots closed steady at 783. off 3.1 continue ' out securing n health certificate. V/ii-t- r>nU*~ ' T 1 ' 15 b nn aft «rmath of n recent / OTK IjOllOn Qflvc, headed by Dr. C. E. Wilson, city health officer, nnd George Shamlin, sanitarian of the Mississippi County Health Unit, to have nil employes of such places be given Membership Drive Of Dud Cason Post Opens The members of. the'Dud Cason Post of the American Legion'start- ed their membership drive todny with Bryant Stcvrart acting as chairman of the drive. They will try through personal solocltation to oblain a membership lory. through large terri- NEW ORLEANS. Nov 18. (UP) —Cotton eased and closed steady two to five points lower. Declines In stocks and grains were Influencing factors. open high low close Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. 786 785 788 7S2 798 80S 786 786 789 7B2 799 807 781 779 781 784 791 800 785b 785 781 790 794 803 Spots closed steady at 784,'.off" 2. physical examinations. Viscount Cecil Awarded 1937 Nobel Peace Prize OSLO, Norway, Nov. 18 tUF)— The Nobel peace prize for 1937 has been awarded to Viscount Cecil of England, It was announced tonight. WEATHER Arkansas—Probably rain tonfeht and Friday, changing to snow in northwest portion; warmer In extreme e'a,st and colder in west portions; hard freeze in northwest portion tonight; much colder Friday and Friday night with hard freeze. Memphis and vicinity—Rahi tonight and rain, probably turning lo light snow, Friday; warmer tonight; lowest temperature, 33 to -to- colder Friday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 4S. minimum. 30. clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer.

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