Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York on November 15, 1958 · Page 5
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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York · Page 5

Binghamton, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1958
Page 5
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His Ears Were Red United Nations IRD So viet Delegate K. D. Levychkin charged In t UN committee meeting yesterday that Italian Delegate Mario Majoli had made "slanderous remarks" about the Soviet Union. Majoli said he had referred merely to suppression and distortion of United Nations news by "totalitarian governments." "If the distinguished repre entative of the U. S. S. R. thinks of Identifying his government system with what we described here, he says so, and I can have no objections, Majoli said. The committee guffawed. Le vychkin kept stilL LET'S FACE IT Chicago aTD Leslie Lubash ad vertised: "Six-foot male, 26, with mustache and goatee, desires in teresting employment." He explained: "I thought I might find some discerning employer who is not suspicious and doesn't mind what people do with their faces." FRENCH LINE Paris (CPD A new "woman's car" introduced by French designers has an electric sign at the rear which may be switched to read: "Pass, I'm not in a hurry," or, "When will you stop following me?" or, "Skunk:" COST PEANUTS Santa Fe. W Expensive proposition to run for governor? The expense statement filed yesterday by Democratic Governor-elect John Burroughs says it costs little more than peanuts. Burroughs is a peanut processor Our Stutp Holdup Man Killed New York W One of three men who held up a Bronx grocery last night was stabbed to death with his own knife by the store proprietor, police said. Authorities gave this account: Herbert Brewer, 54, and an-; nounced a holduD. Brewer grappled with Willie; Stuckey, 36, the Bronx, after the latter stuck a knife against his side. Stuckey died of a stab wound in the chest. Blocks rnli of Reservation . S. Appeals Court Stalls Niagara Work Washington () The New York State Power Authority, after receiving a major setback in the U. S. Court of Appeals, began another round today to get 1,383 acres about one-fifth of the Tuscarora Indian Reservation in western New York. Yesterday, the court blocked, for the time being at least, the seizure of tribal lands for a storage reservoir for the $625,-000,000 Niagara power project. Authority Chairman Robert Moses in New York immediately began anotbei tack aimed at the tribal lands. PROVISO STANDS The Court of Appeals sent the case back to the Federal Power case uai.iv m mc , 1 u"1' r.n,m:inn Tho i.i.ri caM fhp commission could not license alj.0ted n favor of a recapitaliza-; reservoir on the reservation less it could find a way around reservoir on the reservation a proviso of the Federal Power Act. This provides that the commission shall not issue a license for work within any government reservation without first finding that it will not interfere with the purpose of the reservation. The commission made no such finding, the court said, before it licensed New York to go ahead with the Niagara project. SEES CONFLICT Moses said this decision conflicted with that of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the second circuit in New York, which af - firmed the authority's right to; condemn the Indian land without such findings." "In order to end this confu- Sion Once and for all, he Said, ,:; : rv,mrr u.inn tn rnmnrvi.P,." .enis ana Prwcsslonai M' Power Commission to comply with the order ... to make the hndings immemateiy wunout!stantially, and directors decided immediately tunner cieiay. ne saia me tri, to recommend the plan of re-promised to expedite the matter, 'capitalization to broaden the The court said it did not ap-!base of ownership of these in-pear that the Indian land onlcptive shares." which about 700 live was neces-j Miller said today, in comment-sary for the project but was de-jing on the stockholders' action: sired solely for economy. "Proxies were received from "We fail to hna anywnere an Inclination of the Congress to preferred stockholders eligible barroom when someone from be-6ave costs for its sole licensee to vote. There was not a dissent-hind knocked him unconscious ior mis enormous power projecting vote, rnis was gratitying to at me expensu 01 iiiuidns living! an oi us. 11 is piannea mai some on an Indian reservation," Chief snew shares will be issued by Judge E. Barrett Prettyman said i in the court s opinion Gas Finn Asks Rale Increase Houston, Tex. W The Tennessee Gas Transmission Co asked the Federal Power Com mission yesterday for an in crease In gas rates equal to 3.2;5eV V ll.uu .J TSS im cubic feet of its gas sales. , The company proposed tlTat the new rates become effective! Dec. 15. I The firm sells natural gas for distribution in a number of states, Including New York. Bullfights are still the most popular attraction !n the Roman amphitheater at Aries In southern France. FLASHES OF LIFE The Eyes nave It 1 w& Associated Press W1REPHOTO. STAR AND PET ATTRACTION Kim Nrvak, one of Holly-wood's movie queens, shares top billing with pet cat Pi in her Hilltop home in Bel-Air, CaL from Portales, N. M. He passed His total exDensp for trip ram out bags of peanuts as advertising aunng nis campaign. The other two men fled with about $30 taken from the cash register. Glass Works Calm Corning JP) Life at the plant, disrupted for two days, bv a ohonv hnmh threat u..sim rh a iwge oi nisi back to normal today, The bomb threat, received in the mail, said the blast would occur vesterdav afternoon But iu,v.o,, tKin i,, a . Ja ,w..v .w.....s milieu ui - Gannett Stock Plan OK'd Unanimously Binghamton Press Bureau Rochester Stockholders of P....,, t . , Gannett Co., Inc., yesterday un-!jon . P,a" 8 recommended Investigation of any vice and crime un-!"u" "- yccomme lth?TnbIrd f rerCt0rS' Under the plan: ONE The number of author- ized shares of narticiDatine preferred stock will be in- creased from 15,000 to 32,500, and TWO The 15,000 shares of participating preferred now issued will be split or changed Into 22,500 shares at the rate of 3 for 2. The prevailing repurchase price of participating preferred has been $150 a share. The price will now be reduced to $100. In explaining the plan, in a caU for the meeting issued on Uct. 22, Paul Miller, Gannett president, said: wnen mis siock was created; in 1940, it was sold to directors, :PvPP,Hvp nffirprs hoarie nf r1.J,.,.. r,-.u t...:j itui ...1.1. visers. mi t i i np rnmnanv nas prnwn si in- approximately 93 ner cent of March 15, 1959." 1,000 to Get Typhoid Shots Glassboro, N. J. OJPD Typhoid fever inoculations were scheduled to start today for Program resumed from a" typhoid; out break in wriich one woman jZ'S and tun rWlHn S' sirickcn in;:-? ;st Tanker Out Quincy, Mass. Bethlehem Steel Co.'s Quincy shipyard today launches the largest tanker ever built in the United States, the 70,000-ton Princess Sophie. -A paign $836. Of that, the cost of peanuts was $750. by Grocer hour evacuation was ended and work was resumed. Fire Death Indictment Buffalo W) A 40-year-old man who admitted starting a fire n?t killed a neighbor has been gree murder, The man. Burton Strons. told,1" glass, crying, "More juice." Police he set some trash afire near a staircase Sept. 13 after ouarrel with hk uifp MrsJLeroy Mraignt, 20. Mrs. Jacque- - )? - - - - " ,r. V , tana cniau, 11, wno uvea in the same apartment house, was asphyxiated by the smoke. Woman Drove Gelawav? New York (fl1) Police today i quoted a "confidential source"! as saying a woman was at the wheel of the getaway car in the $11,500 Queens bank robbery yesterday during which two bandits killed the bank manager. In the unconfirmed report the woman was described as a young "good looking" brunette wearing sun glasses and a camel s hair coat. Big City School Group Buffalo W School boards from four of the state's "big six" cities have formed an organiza tion apart from the State School Boards Association. School representatives from Buffalo. Rochester, Syracuse and Yonkers formed the new tion yesterday. Albany and New York were invited to join. Utica Panel Complete Utica (IP) A 23-member special grand jury is ready for an in- m uuca. The last jurors were selected yesterday. Fifteen men and eight women make up the panel. The jury adjourned until Nov. 23. Harriman Is 67 Albany W Gov. Averell Harriman turned 67 today. The governor will observe his fourth and last birthday in office with a dinner party for friends at the executive mansion tonight. Falls Domii Shaft 'ew York D A maintenance man in the Universal Pictures building at 445 Park Avenue was seriously injured last night in a two-storv fall to the bottom of the freight elevator shaft, j0hn Nolan. 47. of Queens, was Possible shoulder fracture and other injuries. Sliifrarod in Kollejy Buffalo Wl-The president of a jSTAL-'g Country" at 6:42 and Polish-American club in suburban! J Depew was slugged yesterday by a robber who got away with $3,350 in club funds, police said. The victim, Joseph Len, 4s, told i witn a beer bottle. Negro Woman OK'Il for Board Houston, Tex. (IP) The Houston school board yesterday formally certified a Negro housewife as a winner in last week's school board elections. Mrs. Charles E. White, wife of ton's first Necro public office hWcr since Reconstruction days, A board canvass showed she polled 36,348 votes, about 8,000 imore than her nearest opponent incumbent Dr. John Glen. Bust Honors Teddy Balboa, Panama Canal Zone dPD The Canal Zone climaxed Roosevelt centennial week today with the unveiling of a bust of Theodore Roosevelt. 2dFestival Has City Reeling New Orleans (CPD Orleanians today rested up for the second time this year from a gala Mardi Gras, although the second one was only Hollywood's version of the real thing. The carnival festivities were brought to life last night, complete with costumed participants aboard six decorative floats. Movie stars tossed trinkets to the crowd along the six-block parade route down Canal Street Passengers on buses and trol-! leys quickly emerged to join the swelling throng, estimated by police to be 150,000 persons, who witnessed the unexpected event. Last night's Mardi Gras was staged, with the blessing of the city fathers, to ballyhoo the world premier of a motion pic ture, "Mardi Gras." The parade, under the direc tion of the Krewe of Carroll-ton, one of the social organiza tions formed to celebrate the genuine festival, was such a success that movie stars brought here were almost lost in the surging crowds. Pat Boone, Gary Crosby, Sheree North and Christine Carere, a French actress, none of whom had ever attended a real Mardi Gras before, were on! hand. Pat handed out only a few of nis recordings to the screaming teenagers pressing near his open convertible. The blonde Miss Carere. flown here from Paris for the occasion, flung "diamonds" to the crowd's outstretched hands chips worth! about $500. Guzzler, 2, Proves Pair Not to Blame San Rafael, Cal. (iTV-Gregory Martinez, just 2 years old, grasped eagerly for a glass of wine ana won acquittal for two baby sitters charged with having got him drunk. District Attorney William O. Weissich said he placed the wine on a table and Gregory clutched a(? eissien aroppea cnarges against lommy Preston, 24, and !l! M.Win,, I,, W "" """"" "au iLl- vncgujy ltn them recently while she went house hunting. She found her son limp when she returned. A blood test showed high alcohol content. The young men said the infant must have drunk a glass of wine they left on a coffee table while! they prepared his supper. After his test, Weissich agreed that must have happened. Liz's Il;ilv lias Pneumonia Hollywood W)- Sobbing Elizabeth Taylor learned yester day fliat her 15-month-old daughter has pneumonia. The baby's condition is "serious but not necessarily critical," the UCLA medical center reported. The actress and singer Eddie Fisher took Elizabeth Frances, her duht" b,,y "J1? sh?,w; Mlke Todd' to the hosPltal Wednesday night. Movie Timetable ART "The Case ol Dr. Laurent" at 7:25 and 9:20. CAMEO "High School Confidential" at 6:30 and 9:29; "Law and Jake Wade" at 8:03. CAPITOL "Queen of the Outer Space" at 1, 3:50, 8:40 and 9:30; "Legion of the Doomed" at 5:15 and 8:05. CREST "Party Crasher" at 4:24, 7:10 and 9:52; "When Hell Broke Loose" at 5:52 and 8:38. , ENDICOTT ELVIN "I Married A Monster From Outer Space" at 2:20, 5:10 and 8; "The Blob" at 3:45. 6:30 and 9:30. ENDICOTT LYRIC "The Whitetail Buck" at 4:12, 8: "The Big Country" at 2, 5:15. 8:33. ENDICOTT STATE "The Key" at 2, 5:40 and 8:15; "Tha Brothers Rico' at 4:13 and 7:54. ENDICOTT STRAND "Andy Hardy Comes Home" at 2, 5:05, 8 and 10; "Man of the West" at 3:20, 6:25i and 9:30. 1 ENJOY "Flame Barrier" at 2, 5:51; and 8:22; Cartoons at 3:14; "Return of Dracula" at 3:56, 7:05 and 9:36. j JAR VIS "Harry Black and the TiRer" at 5:43 and 9:43; "Wild Heritage at 8:25. RIVIERA. "The Dnfiant Ones" at 1:20, 3:20, 5:20, 7:20 and 9:20. Late show at 11. STRAND "Party Girl" at 1 20, 3:20, 5:20, 7:20 and '9:20. CEDAR RESTAURANT NEW AIRPORT ROAD ED BENJAMIN, PROP. 7-06647-9825 PARTIES BANQUETS CLUBS STEAKS and CHOPS Specializing; In CHICKEN IN BASKET nANPINfi EVERY FRIDAY UANMNU , SATURDAY 9 P. M. 'til 1 A. M. Uonuetti i opera in i acti JliiCiG di JlatnmeltnaM, MASONIC TEMPLE, Binghamton I Mor Performance November If, 3:30 All Seats Reserved 11.50 $2.7$ $1.75 (OulU $4.7!) Box Office 4-4031 TRI-CITIES OPERA . J j i r Steers Clear of Crosbys Cathfs Singing Only Link Left By VERNON SCOTT VP-International Hollywood Cathy Crosby (Bob's daughter, not Bing's wife) makes her movie debut this month playing a singer an, old Crosby tradition. But that's as close as associate herself with the Crosby clan. ' She left home In a huff almost two years ago and still is feuding with her parents. The raven-haired beauty rarely mixes with the other branch of the warbling family (Bing's brood, that is). "I've never met my Aunt Kathy," she said. "Maybe I never will. And I haven't seen uncle Bing for four years. Gary and the twins are busy with their own lives, so we never bump into one another. "Maybe there were a lot of things wrong about my being so independent and leaving home but it took me away from the little world of the Crosbys, and it's good to be away." Cathy is a striking beauty. Her soulful blue eyes and clear, white skin turns heads all over the MGM lot where she recently completed two roles in "Beat ; Generation" and "Night of the j Quarter Moon She sings in both films, but doesn't speak a line of dialogue. "That's because my drama coach, Jeff Corey, says I'm not read v to act vet." Cathv ex- plained. s0 i'm waiting until he gives me the word "I turned down acting roles to concentrate on a night club tour, but I've been a pretty sick girl for the last couple of months and had to cancel the tour. Now! I'm concentrating on acting "If my career doesn't work out me way i nope u win, maybe I'll fall in love and get married like the rest of Crosbys. But not in Las Vegas." Cathy says she's cut down on her dating and free-wheeling girl-about-town activities. Her! romance of a year ago to which her parents objected violently is over. "My voice and my name are God-given gifts," she said, "and I appreciate them both. But it takes more than that to reach the top of the ladder. "I've been living alone for, quite a while now. I'm not dependent on anyone financially or emotionally. I realize I could get help from home if I needed it or wanted it. But I m happier ; paying my own bills "If and when I become a big I success I'll know I got there on my own, and not just because. my name is Crosby. O DANCE SATURDAY NITE, 9 to I In Our Beautiful New Rustic Indoor Dance Pavilion at PENN. AVENUE RIDING STABLE Edward3 Dance Hall SVii Miles from Vestal Avenue up Pennsylvania Avenue Watch for Sign Real Live Musle SUNDAY SPECIAL NOVEMBER 16 Pineapple Juice Fruit Cup Tomato Soup Barbecued Spare Ribs Grilled Pork Chops Boast Beef Scallops Relish Tray Mashed Potatoes French Fries Molded Salad Corn Peas Brown Bread Rolls Sponge Cake Ice Cream Pumpkin, Blackberry, Apple Pie Tea Coffee ' Milk $150 Corner Restaurant GREENE, N. Y. Served Noon - 8 P. M. TONIGHT AT THE PARAMOUNT VOCAL STYLINGS BY MARLENE MECHEAL Past Enjacempntj at Merry Go Round, Rochester Latin Quarter, New York City NOW Yon Can See Her In Person! For Your Dancinf Pleasure MAJOR r.llflORS The STEAK FOR 2 $4.85 No Minimum No Cover COMING NOV. 24th "THE INK SPOTS" Call 4-9608 for Christmas Party Reservations Between 10 and 3 o'clock. PARAMOUNT Lounge Upper Court St. Dial (-9601 Plenty of FREE Parkinx Uiu 9 T S n 5 in :: p I ? 19 - year - old Cathy wants to y V i CATHY CROSBY 1 If I 1 UJUtnds Tonight Plut In Color 'THE LAW AND JAKE WADE' ENDS TONITE J ; jfl V-i ai iJrl 'HARRY BLACK and the TIGER' 'THE LAST FRONTIER' CiiiunaScope, Color StarU Sun., 2 P. M. Thru Wed. 'Wild Heritage' 'Scope, Color 'The Searchers' Color Ends Tonitt 'WINCHESTER ?3' 'And Baby Makei Three' Sunday 'Harry Black and the Tiger' Reform School Girl' 1 a" HELD OVER! ZT WANT THE FINAL IS MINUTES! FEATURE PRESENTED AT 7:25 and 9:25 P. M. WE ARE I-ROtU IO I'KtSENT T f sunt I ZM I OURINfi I h ? iTHE Hill COUNTHYj Oni riD TFfM-lMlD AMA Uilll JEAN SIMMONS, CHARLTON BESTON BURL IVES AND THRIUS OF THE irrffcaii-1 ii n ' , THOMAS M1TCHIU 13 IVJ Vl u iiuiiLb mm At 7;40 P. M. STARTS SUNDAY JOHN WAYNE, 'BARBARIAN AND THE GEISHA' BETSY PALMER, 'TRUE STORY OF LYNN STUART' NOW PLAYING GREGORY JEAN CARROLL CHARLTON BURL PECK-SIMM0NS-BAKER-HEST0M-IVES WtUMM WYlfR'S in TECHNICOLOR ENDS TONITE A PARAMOUNT RtUASE STARTS iia mh F fx I (-1 v2 J A Parimount Presents BINGHAMTON PRESS 5 Sat., Nov. 15, 1958 O DANCE Every SATURDAY NIGHT NORTH FEXTON GRANGE HALL JOHN HAYES ORCHESTRA TOHTWOK GU3RIATM.B0TT STARTS SUNDAY PIDV If WUIL RANT INDISCREET COLOR and . . . Sweet 'n Spicy . . . 3 jmsBAJpprSEUNG n. vm mm w mb ENDS TONIGHT 1c Top Caliber Drama . . . with Suspense, Mystery, Romance! I SOPtlUlPREN (Tonight at 5:40 and 8:15) Plus SIN. Thru WED. Re-Released . . . M. Brando's Best! win LEIGH M&K10I KtfDO 5ACAMM? AWARD! PLCS is kxuun TECMNicoLoa i ; I rpt LAST TIMES TONIGHT j-g IrU'l 2nd CHItLEB I II kill I III II ! VMS EEMMAN I V!:IJ fT'll--- gjffa RICHARD CONIt ' HV" " "ti PIANW FOSUR (At 4:13 and 7:54 P. M.) WHY DOES THIS BEAUTIFUL FRENCH GIRL1 HER BABY BORN THIS WAY 'Tho Case of Dr. Laurent 1 :h rj VESTAL AVE, TeL 4-2114 THEATRE South Side of Binghamton SCREEN TIMES: 'THE BIG COUNTRY' 2:00, 5:15, 8:33 THIS TRILY GREAT PICTURE IDCflADV PM!K . . DEER TRAILS! w, ticmnicoio Harry Black and the Tiger 'Wild Heritage' nn and TE,CHN1RAMA. Hmain 1911 SUNDAY ns rem n a v m i A- Feature at 6:42 9:42 Mi- I NOW... IN COLOR r v IWl CFTIIE WIST PLUS-MICKEY ROONEY 'Andy Hardy Cemtt Horn' Lafe Show 1 1 P. M. Tonlte TONY CURTIS SIDNEY POITIER Now . . . tha Town'l Big Gay Hitl 'PARTY GIRL' RobertTAYLOR Ctd charisse Lei J. COBB JOHN IRELAND but stum mk our cost mw im m COMING SOON 'HOME BEFORE DARK' i i- ENDS TONITE 'Queen of Outer Space' AND 'Legion of the "Doomed STARTS TOMORROW 2 BIG ACTION PACKED FEATURES! TOOHOLTOOBiGJORTV! THE MANHUNT THAT HAD TO BE A FULL-LENGTH MOVIE r" FEATURE! twrmf ELI WALLACII -ROBERT KEITH HER ANDERSON PLUS CO-FEATURE THE LOW-DOWN ON TEENAGE LOVE! atI7 lllirrftf MM Etfirari BTOS TIOSA-OW&SO-TONITE WHITE WILDERNESS' MM ENDS TONITE 'RETURN OF DRACULA' Plus 'FLAME BARRIER' II j I M UN. x5f COLORS l 3 Tj I , IT ft I r STARTS SUNDAY JOHN WAYNE 'BARBARIAN and GEISHA' Plus 'GUN RUNNERS'

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