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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York • Page 2
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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York • Page 2

Binghamton, New York
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March on the Lam-h WltTHM SUftlAU FOMCMT Fair and cold tonight. Low 15-20. Thursday, fair followed by Increasing cloudiness. High 38-43. INOHAMTON TIMMRATUMI m.

11 m. 11 m. P. m. it I a.

Nm Minlht IS m. 17 I m. S4 a. m. II a.

m. I p. m. it vening Press Read It In The Evening Press, Hear It Over WINR, See It on TV 40, 75, 78,81 THE HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER OF THE SOUTHERN TIER ISinghamton, N. YM Wednesday, 31, 1963 Volume 86 299 68 Pages 7 Cents EE Bown 4 Uo So Copters Cong Peace Rules Rights Corteges By Press Wire Services Killing Jets Raid Nort 1 Embassy Security Tight, Toll Hits 20 Montgomery, Ala.

if I Some evidence of a change for the better in the racial climate appeared in the cities where the voter rights march began and 29 Jungle Heat Too Much 1st Move: Build New Embassy By the Associated Press Washington Informed By the Associated Press Saigon, Viet Nam Viet Cong gunners blasted down four U. S. helicopters today in a savage fight in central Viet Nam. Three American crewmen were killed and 15 wounded. I ended and where services were held for a civil rights worker slain by night rid ers.

The action was one of four; by ground fire. Six armed army i I -k major operations of the day, 7 sources discounted today State troopers and sheriff's possemen were not in evidence yesterday as black-robed women walked behind black-draped wooden caskets bearing the helicopters also were engaged in the fight, which still raged at dusk. ON THE BRIGHTER side, the Navy reported today the rescue of Cmdr. William N. Donnelly of La Jolla, whose plane was shot down during an air carried out as U.

S. embassy personnel returned to their bomb-battered offices in Saigon under the protection of tighter new security measures. About 45 American and Vietnamese fighter-bombers attack names of persons killed in the any immediate U. S. attack on Hanoi, the capital of North Viet Nam, after the U.

S. Embassy in Saigon was heavily damaged by terrorists' explosives. Officials said a statement by AssocitM Prt WIREPHOTO. JEFF, CRAIG AND MIKE Helicopter Pilot Really Didn't Hear Them civil rights struggle. There were no incidents.

Only a few white spectators ed four radar stations in North watched in Selma and Mont V. 171.4 XT. Viet Nam. A military spokes- u6o ul 1UB Is? i A SSI I UcyjA ll gomery. ti Hlillll i3.

President Johnson, denouncing man aaiu une u. o. Air orce The 10 empty caskets were Donnelly, who took off from F100 jet was shot 1.2' the Carrier Coral Sea and was ''Come In, 708 the pilot parachuted and was placed on the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps leading to the slate capitol in Montgomery when Mills Cowling, head of the department in charge of state property, ordered a halt. the attack on the embassy, indicated no special action was being planned. In his statement, issued late yesterday just 18 hours after the embassy attack, Mr.

Johnson announced he would ask Con By the Associated Press Anaheim, Cal. Jeff Do- The report was relayed to the inquisitive school chil rescued uninjured. IN A RELATED ACTION, U. S. Navy jets from the Carriers Coral Sea and Hancock attacked the radar station at Cape Ron and a military complex at Vinh Son with loss of one plane from the Hancock.

(A Hanoi dispatch broadcast from Peking declared 12 of the raiders were shot down and many others damaged.) South Viet Nam's official press agency announced the fourth operation a strike by 100 U. S. and South Vietnamese flying escort for bombers, was picked up in the water on a raft off the coast. He escaped injury. Donnelly, who had been listed as 'missing, is the husband of Mrs.

Mildred Donnelly of La Jolla. Another Navy flier was killed in the raid against a North Vietnamese radar station. He was listed as Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth Hume whose widow, Mrs.

Caroline Hume, lives in San Diego, Cal. There was no indication that the raids on North Viet Nam were in retaliation for the Viet THERE the caskets remained during a prayer and some talk. The marchers' parade permit expired at 6 p. and they left without the caskets. A state truck carried them away.

In Selma, two civil rights leaders called off mass meet-! gress for authority and funds to build a new U. S. Embassy in the South Vietnamese capital. The request may go to Congress today. There is no reason to doubt that Congress will do what the President wants swiftly comply with his request.

IT WAS not known if Mr. Johnson's statement was the extent of the American response to the attack on the embassy. "The terrorist outrage aimed at the American Embassy in Saigon shows us once again what the struggle in Viet Nam lngs and demonstrations for the rest of the week. They urged the bombers at a munitions depot and training center of a VietjConS bombing of the U. S.

Em- Cong regiment at Boi Loi, iniDassy a Saigon yesterday. miles Tay Nmh Province 55 (Continued on Page 15) Ala. Union Group Wants Check Back nofrio, Craig Lestmann and Mike Hadsall, fellow fourth-graders at Central Baptist Day School in Anaheim, ran outside at recess to play with Craig's walkie-talkie. A helicopter flew overhead On its fuselage was the legend: S. Marines 708." Suddenly Jeff heard a voice say: "This is 708 calling Central." Quick as a wink Jeff answered: "Go to San "Shall I call Peterson or will you?" the voice said.

"You 'call, Jeff answered. "Okay," said the voice. And off buzzed the helicopter. Next day yesterday the school secretary became concerned when she noticed the same helicopter hovering over the schoolyard. She called nearby Los Alamitos Naval Air Station to find out what was going on.

"Oh, that aircraft is investigating ground interference with our radio channels," a voice told her is about," the statement said. northwest of Saigon. "The Boi Loi area was engulfed in a sea of fire," the agency said in a broadcast dis dren, ultimately reaching the apprehensive ears of Jeff, 9, Craig, 10, and Mike, also 10. Fearing the worst, Jeff surrendered himself to school authorities and confessed that he'd ordered the helicopter on the unauthorized mission. A Navy spokesman exonerated the boy, however, explaining that the helicopter was investigating radio interference caused by a metal garage door nearby.

The pilot was exchanging calls with three radio cars on the ground the day before and talked with no one else, the spokesman said. Although Jeff heard the pilot and thought the pilot was responding to his orders, the pilot's replies were simply coincidental, said the Navy. He never heard Jeff, the spokesman said, and never went to San Francisco, either. But he didn't say if Peterson ever got that call. THE TARGETS were all in the area of Vinh, a coastal city about 160 miles north of the 17th parallel and the same distance south of Hanoi.

CahII, lr.vt- t. It added: "This wanton act of ruthless- patch. "Pilots reported all ness has brought death and tTiluLT be engag dT safely to the Bien Hoa Air fh serious injury to innocent Vietnamese citizens in the street as well as to American and Viet Associated Press WIREPHOTO. OFFICIAL COMFORT-U. S.

Deputy Ambassador U. Alexis Johnson and Vietnamese Police Chief Pharrt Van Lieu, right, comfort children of policeman killed in yesterday's embassy bombing in Saigon. namese personnel on duty." Before it was issued, Mr. TWENTY -FIVE American helicopters and elements of a iwajui uaiuc Willi i ij Communists for the hilltop redoubt at Viet An, commanding the approach to Tarn Ky, capital of Quang Tin Province. In Saigon, more than 2,000 Vietnamese staged a rally denouncing the embassy attack.

Johnson conferred for 2Vz hours with Secretary of State Dean Vietnamese government regiment were heavily engaged by Viet Cong forces three miles Rusk, Secretary of Defense Birmingham, Ala. (UPI) Petitions were to be distributed to members of Teamsters Union Local 612 today requesting union boss James Hoffa to ask Dr. Martin Luther King, to return a check for $25,000. "Jimmy Hoffa has stabbed us In the back," a rank-and-file member said last night after north of Viet Nan, a strategic center south Robert S. McNamara and Mc-George Bundy, special assistant to the president for national security affairs.

The four meet ui uic ua liana air base i'iiu'imj jjcisunnei returned Two U. S. Marine helicopter men died in their craft and 16 rv LZ ugn were wounded, one fatally. haif IhT 0n Framtientarv rorts inHirin half of.the embassy staff was China Taunt: Get the Idea? 0 or wnrlr anrl many of those one of the downed helicopters was salvaged. Of 19 marine helicopters in the action, all were reported hit Hoffa presented King the check to aid in the Negro civil rights movement.

The union member said the petition would be distributed throughout Alabama. "We supported him (Hoffa) when he was having his troubles with Bobby (Sen. Robert) Ken every week, and their luncheon session had been scheduled in (Continued on Page 15) Thieves Really Cleaned House Trento, Italy (UPI) Businessman Benito Antoniolli returned to his house here after the winter and found Airliner in Ocean, 51 Lost, 3 Saved were heavily bandaged. Two more Vietnamese died of (Continued on Page 15) Taylor Out By Weekend By VP-International Communist China today described the bombing of nedy ana now ne is sucning a knife in our backs by giving the U. S.

Embassy in Saigon as "a stern warning" that check to King," the mem ber said. Terrorist Acts Feared In Thailand Tangier, Morocco (UPI) A Spanish airliner a group of Scandinavian tourists to Morocco en against the continuation of American policies in Viet Nam. I He said neither Hoffa nor the International union had any it gone. Thieves had taken everything, walls, doors, water pipes and furniture. Peking stood alone among1 any heavy propaganda hay of countered heavy fog on its landing approach today and crashed into the sea, killing 51 persons.

Three persons Communist a in makine tne terrorist attacK authority to support King or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. survived. North Viet Nam reported the bombing more or less factually and said it was bracing for a possible American counter-blow, NBC Says Washington (UPI) Both the White House and State Department today emphatically Bangkok, Thailand Thai- perhaps against the capital at ianrt. anH COPllrif Hanoi. umro nut nn olof tno.r Tivo Quakes Cause Panic In Athens Two women and a man were plucked out of the water by a fishing boat and rushed to a Tangier hospital.

They were reported suffering from minor injuries and shock. A fleet of rescue vessles, mostly fishing boats, picked up 46 bodies. Five other of the 49 passengers and five crewmen THE SOVIETS limited their in8 the bombing of the U. S. Em-immediate reaction to an articleibassy Sai8on and a rebellion in the newspaper of Russia's i rightist troops in neighboring denied a report that Gen.

Maxwell D. Tavlor will U. S. ambassador to Viet Nam Young Communist League This Calls For a Call Pittsburgh d'PD William Schlag, 20, made a startling discovery last night when a drugstore was locked up while he was still inside in a telephone booth. Schlag called police.

"Don't shoot me," he said. which said "Americans should Premier Thanom Kittikachorn by the end of the week. blame themselves" for the embassy bombing. Athens Two strong earth were missing and presumed said yesterday he feared Red terrorist acts, similar to the Saigon embassy bombing, would be The White House described the report as "completely untrue." State DeDartment Press quakes created widespread HtoQi Tho nocconftore warn The Moscow newspaper said mncMv SwAHee anA nanos- tho Panic in Athens today and killed Officer Robert J. McCloskev the United States "has violated staged in Bangkok.

American all norms of international law sources privately have expressed aircrew was Spanish. ric 7 UU1C1 tw. I- the central Greek tobacco throughout the long years of theisimilar fears. said "There is not a shred of truth in this report." Rnhprt flnrnlclr! Cfo Vrr nnt Knrular llicf apt mP Pnniir ih Thorion Airlinocl UCl Vl UllUU dirty war in Viet Nam." A military source said a radio National police said the violent out of here." Samuel Heyden, and was flying from Malaga Communist China's comment message, uuerceptea irom a Dartment r.nnrtpr interceptea irom a tremor at Agrinion destroyed 150 in southern Spain to Tangier. communisi msurgem in norm- Br 11UIU1- t- was vitriolic, Moroccan authorities said it reihousescand damaged 1,000 oth- east Thailand named air bases! 8 sa a t0: "It is a fresh and stern warn the owner, was called from his home to open the door.

Collision Kills 2 in Korat and Talki and the Cap-: JL be replaced by U. Alexis John ing to the Johnson administra ported into the Tangier tower minor eann but then failed to answer a sPread alarm- Thousands query. Rescue operations were if11'0 0Pe1 squares or the coun- ital Hotel in Bangkok as possi now deputy ambassador to Saigon. tion," the Peking regime said tarets of the bombing in its official A large tryside and feared to return to number of U. S.

serv- 'H fe IT1' 1 i ((Tf 1 TT their homes. The NBC correspondent said launched immediately. The Convair fell into the At ncwsuauci. uie u. o.

aneres-: i tu Syracuse Two women were killed and a man injured in the collision of their automo- sors hang on in South Viet Nam rSJ Uiat Taylor would.leave the posl Greek Army units were sent to In nfio r-rt mi lac rff Kn nnrlh otUU I i they will end in utter destruc biles last night. Police identi-j Afrkan near the western the scene with tents and blan- houses several hundred tion." men. There are about 6,000 U. 11 entrance to the Strait of Gi- eis sei UP camPs tor the homeless. servicemen in Thailand.

THE STATEMENT said 1 1 i T-. i pi i VI Uilal embassy bombing was "heart Moroccan British. Spanish, nirs. neien c. lajiui, aouui ou, of East Syracuse.

The Agrinion quake was the second in Greece this month iuiuuii out ui-son last summer, and no policy dispute was involved in the decision. Taylor returned to Washington last Sunday for consultations with State and Defense department officials. and U.S. planes and ships!" fh iccihi "iat caused fatalities ening news to revolutionary people throughout the world." Phouma: Shoot 'Em It declared that the attack was Billions A vailable For Foreign Aid "added proof that the South JJ 11 IV VI Vl 1 V. CV.

Cli VI IUI pwOOIU4l, survivors although officials said "there is little hope of finding any others alive." Among the listed passengers In Athens, today's earthquakes sent thousands of residents fleeing outdoors. Upper floors of downtown buildings swayed and rocked. The earthquakes' epicenter was near Agrinion, which is 155 miles northwest of Athens. I Vietnamese people, whether in the liberated or enemy-occupied areas in town or in the country, are fighters determined to An amount totaling more than was Virginia Coleman, an Killed by Crane Rochester im A foreman Vientiane, Laos (v Reacting 10 per cent of the entire M-jAmericant Her home town 'was with unprecedented severity, rral budget is available for not given. struggle to the end until the last Prince Souvanna Phouma's gov-at a construction site foreign aid spending in the cur U.

S. soldier is driven out of South Viet Nam." cent fiscal year. How this came about is de- 1 1 1 II I fiUsHM! ernment ordered today that mea yieraay wnen a three colonels who led the three- Pressed him against a day military revolt in Thakhek steel girder. Police said William In Japan, the Tokyo Shimbun, mass circulation newspaper, Wlint IJoos I'p Must Conic be shot in front of their men ir-' 91 neay Bv President tailed in today Allen-Scott report on Page 21. Also on the inside: if captured.

said the bombing "may further Churchville, was driving rivets when trapped by the machine. the situation in Viet the situation in viet Halifax, England (UPI) worsen mis measure win oe ap-Nam." plied to any officer who in the Washington iff President Page Page Society 32 Johnson accented with reluc-iTwo men and two women got Abbv Sports 54-58 tance and unstinting praise, the into the elevator of an uncom- future attempts to foment an Plans 23d Store SS?" nCUtraliSt Prmier Garfield. N.J. (UPI) Vor- Thakhek, a town of 5,000 on Theateri 44 resignation of Secretary of the P'eiea ib-story diock oi tiats Monday night to see the view at Associated Press WIREPHOTO. CAUGHT (INFRA) RED HANDED-A 10-year-old boy is caught in the act of ringing a false fire alarm at night in Burlington, as his 12-year-old friend stands by.

Picture was snapped by automatic camera set up by police photographer using infrared film and infrared light making no visible flash. 21 52 62 0 31 20 10 6 Let's Chuckle There are two kinds of peoplegood and bad. The classifying Is done ly the good. Comics Deaths Editorials Financial Gallup Helois Lentea Letters Tier News 3. Douglas Dillon today.

IS. 35, 3. 39. The effective date will be 46, Henry Fowler, whom Mr. TV 4 Johnson has named to succeed nado.

yesterday announced the Mekong River, 160 miles it will open a new "Two of Vientiane, was re- the top. Home-going workmen switched off the electricity and the four department in Schenec-! captured yesterday without a tady, N. in May, bringing fight by 100 government para- Weather iT''on, assumes the Map post Cabinet, remained trapped below the 13th i floor for almost 15 hours. 1 the total in the chain to 23. i troopers..

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