The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1933
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Served by the United Press BETEHEVILLE COURIER NEWS mTT^ nsMf TV AUTT* wrtron i n«m n«* vT*"\t><mv A tj*n * n*r ...,-..' . . ._ '" ' • ^^*^" THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 101 i neville • Daily. Neva. Iliythertlle Oourter. KiwinM Valley L»*di>r Hlvthflfllle Hcnld. m,Y'i'Ill-:VlU.K, ARKANSAS,. I'MMllAY. OCTOHUi: 27, l ( ,K!;i SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TELEPHOIECIll Betrothed Word Comes in Nirk o(' Time lo Save Negro j From Electric Chair. WASHINGTON. Ocl. Ti Illl'l- Pres'deni Roo=eveh's execullvc power readied fiom the quiet oval loom of Hi-.' White House to des- ' :otnie condLinncd men's ro'.v in the • District of Columbia jnil tcdav tc ; . c ave from ihe electric chair Cha-| •! es Edw:n-fl \Va l hiriulon, a tremb- '• lin«. fi-lL'hteucd nrero. ronu-nueil j to die fov the alleged shoaiini; o( | a mvi driver. : . The order lo spare WashinEion j came from the executive mansion jiibt four minutes before 10 a. in. At 10 a. m. he was 10 have died. Nn Clemency for Partner Washington's alleged partner !» crime. William Robinson, already had marched out of his cell doo- ilown Ihe dim corridor which led to dr-nih. Superintendent Thomas M.j Rives, pa!e at tlie thouuht of wit-! nc^sing his first execution, was just alNjui to go to the drain rhp'mber when his telephone rang. "This is President Roosevelt." the voice said, and explaining iha:| i>ii -Tenth 1 n"v evidence had been j frnnd in Washington's caw. the] ••'••ire ordered that- he ix? spared a i fc\v davt. Witnesses gasped as they were told of the life and druihl drama they had witnessed. I Kobin'r-.n Gnes Alune . ] The carefully prepared arranee-1 irent-s which Rives had made forj his lirst execution were discarded. Pobinson, already trembling at the thought of death, must be spared the knowledge that ho must. go to thr chair alone. Rives decided. Alone he shuffled between two guards through the high steel-ribbed rotunda, where, to the time of a decrepit upright piano, luckier ni i^rners would sing and dance tonight, to the execution room where- he died, not knowing Wnsli- ir'.'loii was saved. Washington, standing at his ceil door, clung to the bars as the pvo- c'.-ssicn moved by. IA.C.C.A. Asks Loans on Plow-Up Options NEW OKLEANS. Oct. 27 (Ul'l— | 1'roiesl anainM ttu- relvase ol ^ , :. v. -i:p tt-'tlon options unii-ss they-. :dr eligiliie for an advance com-i |.n able (o ihe lO-mii liun plun, • wired to Washiiiiiion author-j ii:;.s ::duy ty utTlci'ir o! i>i-j Am-• nil-dn Cotton Cu-utXTalivc :i«o-1 ciiLlion. I 'I I.:- ;.tiual ui: U advitiiri- on the ^I'tios: y t.'iild I;'- foiir ci'iil^ u '. i Iiounti, .since the otiiious wen 1 ; | Camera Hooords Tough Break for Hitler!Will Prosecute Ford 1 !{ Makes No Report ISHKTB ELECTRIC Conf c s s i o n b v Youthful Nemo. M a c! o Georgia *f ^ *>•• llowa Governor Orders Out Guard lo Keep Highways Open. First finvi'ninr's dau.nhlor lo be »vecl in .Missouri's Cl-ycnr-oid executive niiinsioii at .Ipffcrcou City. Mifr, Ilenrionn l\irk. 21'. above, daughter til Governor Kiiy 1!. Paris am! Mrs. Park, will become tLe inicle nf .1. Marvin Klaus';. 31-year-oliJ ::nvyrr, in Xcrember. DES MO1NKS. Iowa, Ccl. -Farm products moved Mrs. C. A. Guard Dies at Home in Equality^ 111. T.tis. C. 'A. Guard, 12. mothr ot I L. Guard, local jeweler, and Terry Guard of Carutheiliville, V.n., dir<l at 10 o'clock this morn- inn at the family Equality, 111. Mrs. Guard had been iu health for aboiil three weeks preceding her n.ember of Illinois family. She had visitec here on several occasions and many friends here. Members of the Guard families I: Dm here and Caruthcisvillc and Mr-':. E. J. Heaton of this clty.j jifler-in-law of the deceased, will! Stave tonight for Equality. Funeral services wili probably be held Sunday. death. She was a prominent southern . D. C. 1EEI1 Local Chapter's Invitation for 1934 State Convention Accepted. The Elliott Fletcher chayttr of the United Draiuhters of tile Confederacy will entertain the r tate uroup for the 1934 conven- ion. ii was announced .loday. This organization- voted at a meeting lo exlcnd an invitation Iowa markets today under prolet- lion of naiiomil KuniriMiien cnllctl hy Gov. Clyde Ilerrlnij 10 clear highways of nickels atlemptliu,' lo enforce the milional farm .strike. Governors of other states, where ! pickets have dmnucd milk, closed creameries, and turned back livestock shipments since the strike was called last Saturday by* the National Farm Holiday association, were understood to br considering similar action. National guardsmen, deputized by Sheriff William Deiv.oss under instructions from Governor Herring, patrolled hiyhvays near Glcnwood, Iowa, to kncp them clear of pickets dui'ing the farm holiday. National guard officials siid ihe governor had authorized establishment of camps on highways leading lo principal markets lo kceo UiL'in open to farmers. Sheriffs and deputies escorted truck convoys of livestock to market. Governor A. G. Schtncdeman ol Wisconsin again warned farmers ll.LF.. Ga., Ocl. i a tlll't-Griidy lirooks. 19-year-oUl negro, conies.srd to authorities today Jusi before lie died In the el- ••t- : r- eHi!:- nt 1 he .stale prison | here that he hnii killed 19 persons during his short life. . ! Urooks lolloved George VStilwv. | reiiro. lo the chair at 10:20 a. in.! 'otl'iv. Uoih weie given Ihe death .senience for the ^luyint; of Leo T.indscy. convict guard, in an at- I'.-mnt to escape from Ihe Picki'ns i unity convict camp lust July. Eleven of the person'; Brooks claimed he had killed had made T.ongh of an impression on him so that he remembered something abcul Ihe murders, bill tin? other ght. he said, weie "jusl jobs lluu >>ad been hired lo do for $5 fees and there was not much of p •ciction." ! The confessions were made 19 lianlnii! C. Alkins. Warden W. L. Proctor, and Jere Mcore. ncws- against violence but, snid he hnd 555" made no plans for calling out the Hoth the warden and the clm"- Inin said they believed that Hie story lhat Brooks told was true v fell he actually hud killed that many persons. The confusion came as tlie result of Atkins urging Brooks lo confess his wrong dolnvx hi "preparation ta! rued your Mnker." 'Ihe list of eleven persons he killed contained three negroes and two white men Urooks claimed he murdered in 1927. The bodies of the- three negroes he said he left 0:1 Seventh street in Philadelphia, while the two white men he left dead in an alley. He did not know their names. From one of the white men he obtained $124 and from another i WASHINGTON. Ocl. '27 lUPJ — | llci nvci-.v Administrator Johuso/i ' :i.'<l Uidny he would lucommi'iu; | liiiwi-cullou of the [''OK! Motor if It rulli-d to siihrnll ]ic|nii!.s duo .s<xm uudvr provLslon \ i i Ihe autiMUti^llr- cf.-r:-. i .Vs prmiili'd ill the cotle thu '• Ir.'iilicniil AulonuililU- Cliatnbcr of I !t:nnini-icc has rVlcil for ivpoilsl Ion uj) ; -iali[j:is ft»r (In 1 jjeiiod CJ^-i IIIH: C)iuil:er i:,. a-vcinl liifui-j ' r> •.iilMiiii-s. Incli.iiiiiK , Kurd, hiivi'i t Miiiinlitrd uii'ir rc[iml.s. : l.cvec Board Candidates Must File Affidavits by Midnight. tip laiifitk llycrky, (<i a M . 1 c. <: Joe I'rldf, II. G. J. I,. Wll'f.ims and .ovr.tnce, Jr., lud fll«l i alTliUvlts lei Ilii* ownership nt ' -'0 -jrrty cf 1,'ir.U, rrcrssary lo ; iiiialify Ilirm as cahiltd'itrs for thr SI. Kfjucls Lever Hoard 31 . Uu- c.lrctEint N'nvcjiihcr C. o(,sis Price of $31.76 auj Ounce as Actual Purchasing Commences, which was accepted by the state national guard. He will depend np- rciiventloii in (he final seisior. of oti loenl enforcement ngencie.s to his yrr.i-'.s meeting last night at Russellville. maintain order, he said. With action by Governor Hcrr- His other confessed murders that he listed occurred in Georgia and four of them were ncsroes whtlCj Itlic other two were white persons. Mrs. James B. Clark, president, I ing to hail picketing in Iowa and announcement by the Wisconsin and Mrs. M. !• itzsimmons, who attended ^the convention, will return home- today. . ^ , - Mrs.'-Clark was elected registrar, having been given a state office lo'r second consecutive year. Oihcr officers named were: Mrs. C. S. l.ovrthorp, Hope, president: Mrs. Earl Cunningham. Prairie Grove, first vice president; Mrs. Paul Hccrwagon. Fayetteville. second vice president: Mrs. J. • P. Bowman. Little Rock, third vice president; Mrs. Jess Martin. Russellville, historian: Mrs. John Pruniski. North Little Rock, recording secretary; Mrs. John Carter, El Dorado. recorder of crosses. Coopc-.ative Milk Pool of support of the farm strike, principal acliv- of farm, strikers .shifted Iowa to Wisconsin. Hcciiifc Nazis regarded llu' .situation I'epklcd heiv .is an evil omen publication o! ink icmiirkiiblr plfl'ir^ was iorb:.ldeu in Germany-. The picture, smuggled out of German/, slim's Hitler turning away with apparent disappointment fiom the cornerstone of n WASHINGTON. Oct. 27 lUI'J — 'I lie I'.ovi'innienl today laiset! It:; i.riei 1 mi nrwly mined American •,<'U t<: s:j|.Ttj MI ounce fiom ihe r-:i!.51 ('.'lit li-vi'l of yfsti'iday. The pilce was an overnight ad- jv.:i!i'2 of '.'.2 wnls an ounce, j Today's Washington prlre ^aa 'v; iTHts uhovr the world price :.(•! n I.ondwi tmiiiy. Tlie iiit'-RoosL-vi'l,! vulue of gold :•- the United States was $'20.07 L'L'I (iiniCL 1 . A iccnrtl flow of gold tolhecoun- tiy's mints was expected as the government started actual gold purchase.! [odny In cnvrylncr oui President Ucoscvclt's new managed ciiricncy program to rnlso prices. Jesse Jones, cliiiirinim of t ii e board of the Reconstrtiellcii Finance CorpoY.itlon, said that 550,Munich art museum aflcr brc.iklni! the silver at the dedication. Note the broken hammer on Ihe stone and (he crestfallen expression of dlynitaries who iiilne&sed the ceremony. Work of School Instructor Received With Warm Praise Fjuubt us to mialincatlon o( J. | !' nn Williams, president of Ihe .; ! St. Francis l>:vce Board. us" u ; .itliitr for Ihe board al the Nuvi'nil.-er ti election, when the : bourn, becomes an elective bcdy. ' 101 tin- Hist time, led the Mis- : cl^lppl (-omity election commix- : ^Icn Unliiy lo issue an ortier tliat ',. all nindidntes In this county flls \an nifidiwtt scltine forth owner- s. ship of r.'nl propeity before their j name^i will be Mlaccd on the bal- f '.at. '.' '_ Tun • camlldiitiv have filed-, for ! the five illslrlot directorship.; !n ) Mississippi county, providing con- ," tests In four, but their names will • ; '.e listed on the ballot only if ihoy lilc lilt; reciulreil oflldnvlt • Ix'iort 1 uildnigh'. tonight, Ot v *. ] •iindittnlc:; nitty also ille before. } miitnljlu,. when the ballot will ; l;c- closed. i Mint Own -W Acres ; The possibility Hint Mr. Wil- ir,m:;. president of Hie levee boayd, CCO.OOO in 00-day H. P. C. notes had been authorized for ifc> In p'.irchas- liitS Uio metal. Scllci's were required to swear Ihclr inelnl had Just been ukcn fiom natural deposits within Die Untied states. Stsry H '>med Roll Call Chairman at Lepanto Ark. — T. E. Story, cdtor ci the Lepanto Press, has been appointed chairman ot the Annual Red Cross Roll Call. Mr. Story will start the Roll Call Saturday. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 27 (UP) - Cot'.cn closed barely steady. Oi DEILER IS A New Playmate For 'Buzzie' Dec Jan March May July O.'l open 054 060 975 98!) 1031 1027 high 972 979 894 IOCS 1019 1027 low 951 900 975 039 loot 1020 close Oti-i 972 085 998 10! 1 1026 Spots closed steady at 985. up o. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLliAN'S, Oct. 21 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. ojy^n hi?Ii low clf>3^ 952 969 fHO 9fll Dec .Tan March 971 9C9 1001 992 IOCS 1010 051 973 980 1000 968 985 1000 1000 Government's Problem ComplicatecJ bv Facl He Flics Blue Eagle. WASHINGTON. Oct. 27. iUP> — The tiuest-on of whether Honrv I-'ord may participate in government : contracts for millions of dollars I v.orth of automobiles, irucks and '. airplanes without .signing .1 r-erti-1 ficnte of rotnnliancc- wilh the auto- j mobile code was complicated loday . by the low bid of a .Washington j Blue Eagle Ford dealer on 15901 trucks. The forestry division of the department of agriculture received the ! bins on the trucks which ar.t intended for use by the Civilian Con- Awakes After 5 e c r e Landing to Fine) Great Crowd Around Hotel. "spots cIoscdTleady"nt'<!57. up" 5.1 icrvatlon c °'^. I Officials of the division were tin-' \Vhf>fli 1 ccrta ' n u'hctTicr they would liave rr IIClll ; sin legal right under an executive I order of President Roosevelt b.ui- . low close j nm g purchases from N. R. A. hold- j Dec Mav o;>en 65 87 3--! high 89 1-4 92 1-8 85 39 87 3-4 91 3-4 Chicago Corn high open high loiv Doc 47 1-4 48 3-8 45 3-4 Mav 52 5-3 54 3-8 52 closa 48 1-2 SI 1-4 Closing Stock Prices outs to reject the local dealer's bid since he dors not ccmc within the proscribed class. Officials of the war department, who have held that Ford must si»n a certlflcit; of compliance bofov; he is elicible linger the executive order tc- 1;:3 on $10.000000 worth of ^iny motorization enuipaient. were not expected to run this coni- piicalion. t>. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chryslor Cities Service 116 1-1 14 3-S 29 1--' 41 5-R 2 1-4 Coca Cola 95 1-2 General American Tank 30 General Electric 10 3--1 General Motor.-, International Harvester Middlewcst Utilities Montgomery Ward ...... New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Kadio Corp Simmons Beds • St. Lc'.iis-San Francirco Standard of N. J Tex?s Co U. S. Steel IS 3-8 S««»'"i to Home o{ Pres. McKinley CANTON. O. (UP)—Appliration will bo made to the federal government for financial aid in restoring the homestead of the late President William McKinley. Congressman William R. Thorn j PARIS. Oct. 27 <UP1 — Col. Charles A. Lindbergh was back at the scene of his world triumph today, struggling vainly to be private citizen instead'of a hero worshipped by excitable Parisians who had not forgotlcn his New York- Paris night, of 1927. Missing for many hours in a storm that raged aion? the British and French Coasts. Lindbcrph and liis wife flew from fverne. r -s. Scotland, to land secretly at the _ naval seaplane testing station neir ! Paris and i;o unobseiTcd to the Crillon hotel. While they slept airport attaches all over Great Britain Prtiise for Mrs. George Thurn, j.ievious years when she made her find her assistant. Mrs. L. T.'l'.nme in imir.'.>villc. A .'lorg. 'ientschlcr. was hoard everywiicu group ot Leachvllle women and today as the. ati'.H'ttl cooking school, | vis.eis trom other -nearby towns ccnducteil by the Courier News; urn: also present Ipdtiy. and lending local firms, came to| 'Mor; ilmti 500 women who at- a' close after a. 'fnur-dny sssslon. I tended tlie iciinol were c.siwcially The cc-QiJeration of the women i;Je;:scd with ihe rcdiies prepared, wns a. leauiri: i,l tin- schtHtl. One v.hich, in iiddilion lo beinn pli;:uj- ijik' to the eje alid palate, were f:onuml(.al so liml eieryonc may srne them In Uiclr home wllh- mit mining their Broeery budgets Odors of the baked beans on today's program penetrated the halls and all the women do in- Died for a glim|ise of the ulsn, v.'hlch Is one of the most popular torvcd on any table In tin United States. The steamed brown bread ! was equally as good as were the . ether dish?s which wore distilbul- I ;'d to Hie winners after llu: limit Seeks Youths for Theft of G. G. Police loduy were seeking two youths believed lo have been in. thieves who removed G. G. Cau- rilll's car from a street In ihe business section here and left It, Irlupcd uf all removable, parts, in nr ;!ed near Colto'iikvood Point, Me.' The local Insurance man's small .'.edan was slolc-n Wi 1 Foi'tV-i'Olir Sounds of] Yesterday's Eiph* Men E=ich Posted \'., Slralegic Points. style shew was a revue of winter dresses, hats, shoes :uui coats \vith M'.s.scs Manorie Slev.arl, Irma Lama Barnes nntl Mnuriiic; BransTn and Mr.s. Anne : Slovens Potter as models. Winners of yesterday's gifts were: Mrs. Hubert Potter, salnd; Mrs. M. R. Sieger, steak; Mrs. ,'iiahl nol be iiuallllcd, was raised this mornltis' while ilLsciisslon of qiialidcalloai wna underway. One of ihi! rtiiallncalloni U own- c i sliip of 40 acres or more : of land lor more than a year prior lo UK election, nnd it was this' piovLsion thai- it, way sucgestetl Mr. Williams mlflit not he aVf! ... to meet. Later it was suggested H'c f. r 'that possibly Charles colcmnn. the tll S V-ar otncr D | SU .I C (, -rtrree candidate, nilghl alfo not be qualified as i\ property o*-ner. and the commission then decided, lo mate a gei nil order applicable to all i •!:nut noon Iron a parking space. iiiccrK bclltve they have a del- Inile- clue ns to the Identity of Ihe thieves. Memphis May Apply for Muscle Shoal: Power 1NOIANAPOLIS. On. 27 lUPl—. The Indiana national I'.imrd was! moliill7. n il todav In an effort to: ed friininnls v-ho have ki France watched anxiously for!slieriff. rohh-d at least two bnnks. R KoiUcrs. Frances them. They awoke today to find; ""'I raided Iwo police ni-«cnals. ! r!run( , s amj s j McDMrman thousands of Parisians, dcsertlivs | Srvonlv officers n'"l v-n 'nliriKd LL!S J. C , S their jobs, massed outside their =;^ m : 1 i.. w ^.,°: <lc . 1 '. n l.:!! 1 , to j: t! . r ; i Tcday's wlnnrrs will te announced in the Courier News to- MEMPHIS, Oct. 27 CUP)—Mayor Wntkins Oveiion said today tlmt :• city ordinance will be passed Tiirsday authorizing filing of tin ;ppllcation for Muscle Khonls electric power. The application wnl ask the authority to make a survey to determine feasibility of constructing 3 power line from Wlbon dam (o Memphis without cast to the city. ;,.„„,. j c. Buchanan. Emma I.ou • hotel in the historic Concord? square where Louis XVI. was Ruil- lotined. Dismayed, the Lindberghs al once changed to a room facing 0:1 a side street and seemed at a loss as to what to do. Spventv officers p ' cim r dsmr l n were ordereil .into scr- . vlr< bv Gov. Paul B. McNnir. Thcv ,'.vill aid stale pili'T and fr<3'' r f i t |a?enl.=: alreatlv engaged in the • statewide soaich. j Adjutant General Elinor Strnus ; Tiijirerl the uuardsmrn. all expert '. marksmen, at the disi?osal of Al iFcenv. slate iwlice chief. He di! reeled ihe eunrricmen be sworn in deputv slieriffs. Feonv sairt the punrdsmen would i • Firms who assisted Ihe Courier • N'i-v s in .sjM)ii5Criir^ Ihe school v-ere: Arkansas-Missouii Power company. The Boosrry. Craig's I U:ilry, The Craflon company, Ccn- ; tral Coffee company. Guard Jew:C.:y slore. E. B. Gee Sales com' puny, Hubbard Hardware company, Hubbard Furniture comiiany, In- Hubert Doyle Opens Photo Studio Here i he stationed at 44 slralrnic paints ( ,j ( . Tfil Growers. .laquos Manu- Hubert .Doyic, formerly connect-i'n the sl-Uc in squads o! eioht nn- , JncUirlng company, McMuliin Cnsn (d with Undervood and Under- <Ier immediate direction nf cap- .-rtcory. New York store and Proc- v,cod. of New York city, and '<>-!<;).»« ^," (i , .j 11 ™ 01 ', .l vltll _ lnalchi " 1 - 1 j tor and Gamble company, rentlv of Jacks ' • —•-- "•-• 17 Children Freed Him coudldates as the only lair method to follow. T he eiictlon cranmisrion. met 1'cre lyllli W..P. M. Ferjitun...oL . Miiilc,"clialrninu. Reed Thrclteltl uf fJiov/ni Spur, secretary, ant! W. W. Shaver if Blytlievlllc, third mrmber, all 111 attendance. The board named Judges and clerks mid interpreted rules governing the election for" the benefit "of election officials, Ten Men in Ract Of the 10 candidates who have fl'ed, all of whom must yet submit property ownership- affidavits Ufore beins ofllclally listed, three arc in District Five, composed' oE section of the county from mile belo'.v Wilson to the loulhern county line. The three who have filed IX'X Nicholson ot Whltlon, John E. Uzzell of Pe- Salman of A contest l/ns been provided In District Two, K hich Includes Blythevillc, with the filing of Jcc Pride os a can- cidate opposiiiR C. G. Langston, i an Point and G. L. I tcnchman's Bayou. DENVER. Colo. (UP) -Michael "•'••<) »l«.l earlier. District One, Widhalm. of Hutjo. Col., freed on a liquor offense after he told \-vst of Bl? Uikc and extending a short, distance below the Red Line rorvrt. has two candidates In 'ecternl Judge J. Fester Symcs he '- md 17 children and tad to soil p °- Byerley of L?achvil!c-nnd booze in order to feed his flock. ?. !lmo ! 1 ...? )!d " re11 ? f J^-™ _^ aillla Symes lectured him. advlre:! him to apply for federal nd discharged him. ravin relief. Sees Peril in Farm Strike Mr. Williams and Mr. Cotenan candtti.r.cs in Di'trlct Thtae. j v.hicli IncVides Osceola. Charles . [lOwrancc, Jr., lias no opposition i'.- yet fov llu District Ft>ur dl- will be ke'H secret. In addition American I.erinn Arab Mobsmen Battle Police in Palestine lus own studio was located, has [r.enctl a studio here. He is located in Ihe building adjoining ! posts lliroiiirnout Ihe r.Intc rrcniit- Ihc Western Union office on Norlhjed several hundred men lo lx> den- Broadway. | utl7cri and armed with shotguns. Mr. Doyle, who specialized in j An oliHinrnte communication'; sys- JERUSALEM. Ocl. 27 (UPI—Ten child photography, will he per-; ;c "i will enable cor.cer.'ration of /i rn b mohsmeii'a.nd one Arab po- Lonally in clm^e. ; "" slB ' (1 forces al any point where i< cc man were kiiicti in rlotinz to- j the bandit gang is encountered. .jay at Jaffa. In addition to" four Seek Man Believed i M, nin . 1^, *„,„, i !f "1* "S... 0 "^*' '^-^ !S received a letter from Secretary of I A pipln.e new bark swells lh>< - . . TI I > II 11 32 1-4 I Interior Ickes suggest.!,);, the city cllo , n>s . " ' *>*'. 0[ " s , 1 " al .' nml "H«».ie • D.ill. 3-year-old in the old, shown above, has been "• 3-1 j proximatcly $15.000. Thi- structure ' 5-akvas moved several vrais ago from -''"Pprd from a nucyrus. O.. 25 l-»|lt5 downlown location to a silc . fnrnl l * tl>e Wnll ° n " use 40 S-X'near Meyers Lake Park. ' "I3u:zlo," slio.vo below. Officials facilities nt their command in nil to get in touch with a man lheyj an ri streams of the widen state. M vc «„»:» CI,,,,!,^,, unwittingly is traveling un- j '-There Isn't an idle man In ""*• Maftm SinglCtOil der the shadow o! death. [Grass Valley or Nevada City," Pet-; n;,. a* Huffman Home The man was W. Andy Kelly of !(.,• Hajgnrly, superintendent of the| UleS al nullman no " le Belton, who left here Sunday nurs-1 united States mint here, reported. ,, ,, . , , ,,, ., ^ ;ng a wound inflicted by a r.ibidJTwo thousand men have found Mrs ' MMlhn Singleton. GO, uied (•og. •• employment recently in the goiti las - T nl 3«l «t ner home It was believed Kelly was head- j mining industry ! HulTman community. cil toward Memphis. Tenn. Funeral services will be hcM to: ' morrow morning at 11 o'clock at ' No Women in Bc?r Tool HalU , the home with the Rev. Mr. Sad- Mountains Lured German ] BOISE, Idiiho. (UP)—A city or- \ Her officiating. Interment will 01 DENVER. Colo. (UP)—Paul Max ; dinancc has been passed lo pr;-; r,-ade at Mount Zion cemetery, Weber, 23. of Berlin. Germany, vent women from enterlns p-iol The L. O. Moss UnOertaklnj com- trf.veled 6.000 miles to attend D:n-j!ialls in noise where beer is ss'.ci. pnny is in chaivn of funtral ar |vei University this year. It was li.e.Thc law was presented by City At- i lapgen-.ents. jtaountalns that lured him. ••T!:ey'i!, tornsy Cltirence Waid b?:a'.i^ The deceased is survived by a I be grand for gliding and I'm more; |x>cl hall proprietors complained naughier. Mrs. K E. Simpson ot |intcreslcd In gliding than anything;women-"lined up at the bar tor Tylsr, Mo., and n son, Andrew else." iheei and Intrrtercrt wltli business."•Singleton of Huffman. ]onisssed Robber and Attacker Dies in Chair MONTGOMERY. Ala., Oct. 21 iUl')—lii the presence of the man Ire confessed robbing several weeks 310. Gcor?c Madov.-s, 27-year-old regro, died today in the electric chair at. Kiiby prison. M^odows, charged with robbing Robert Wetb and attempting lo attack Webb's voting <rcinan compan'on. confes- .•-.od and implicated 'Frank John- 1 •en. another nejro, who-e dealh ceutc::ce was a'ayed by an appeal lo a liighei 1 court. Freight Car Loadings Still Above Last Year WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 (UK— The American Railway association j loday reported 650,682 cars loaded. with revenue freight for the week. ended October 21. This was a decrease of IS.S'fl cars under the preceding wesk but ,sn increase of 8.497 cars over tils i corresponding week tn 1932. The farm strike will Increps? Instead of relieve distress, declaies Keith .Vevllle. above, ox-governor of Nebraska, who resigned as NR.\ organizer for that state because bo disagreed with any policy that did not exempt husi- i>.'sses employing fewer tli'an ten WEATHER persona from code wag hour prori«lon3. and ARKANSAS—Fair, colder, with Irort In north portion tonight. j Saturday fair. Memphis and Vicinity-Cloudy ond colder . tcnijht. Ssturday niirnicr. | Ti:c niasimum temperature h°re | yesterday was 63, ininlmuns 37, port!y cloudy, wltli .05 of an Inch I'Jinfall. according to Samuel P. Norrts, omdtl weather oljserter,

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