The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Chickasaw Special Will Leave al 4:45 O'clock Friday Afternoon A Chtc-kasaw football special. Ir-avim here yvWai' afternoon at 4:45 o'clock, will cnrrv Hlvlheville football fans to Jtmesborn for iho annual Blylh?ville-Jmiesbora fool- ball °anio priiUv iiijht. Tlie trair, will be roiile;! ovo' the Cot I on Belt iail v o,irt, lln-nuali para- ?otild. and will 'depart from Ihe Cotton Belt Main street orossfn?. near the Ark-Mo Lumber camji.-iny yard. ^clinn! officials havs i-itaraiit ... that 200 will ride the .snrcinl with round tvio tickets available lit S1.08. at the high school or at (lie Cflit-n> Belt office. The special will retiirr shortly after the !>nme. Th° advance ticket sale liere will Olid Thursday at 8 p.m.. ticket-; nc•• being on sale al the lilah s<>lr-il an-' at drug stou-s in the bu^ino is ;;!•-• lion '<rre. Adult tli-keis arc CO i-onis on the advance sale anil will bf 75 cents at the gate while student tickets are 35 cents on the advance sale and \vill be 50 cents al (lit- gsitc. The undefeated and milled Chick- asiuvs will have tlieir full siroisth for the game with their, principal northeast Arkansas rivals, t h c 1 Golden Hurricane. Tlie return of Dan Warrinston. star wingmnn. lo the line-up after an extended absence due to ai) injury, lias been assured. H- JOHN SIIKA M'l Sirvicc Stun" (;errc<s]:o)iilrnt Miht Men. OL 1 Midlands The ' Dope Bucket By JT. P. WRDNKSDAY, NOVKMHRR 17, 1037 j __ _ '• sparked a rather mediocre llusk- J ei backtield. 1 Henry Mahley ol Missouri and ; Hoivnrd Cleveland of Kansas Stall- D I P P IV ' nve tne bP!il halfbacks in ih c Djg n|U-S|! [Six this fall U I U Ul/l j Fastest and fanciest runner in the league. Mahley will miss All- America notice only becaus; of :i bad knee. Huskers Ki'comini'Liil | Douglass of Kansas A IIP'- M "I''T' shifty and n (;<;«! ttiek- A \V a 1' Cl C Cl riVSlur, is particularly adept at break• Six Corn-i" 1K "" passi;s ' l>l!l >' in '=' • S!lfpt -v , Ji.\ v~uiu jnjjm,i,st Colorado, he tiki most of Chosen V the lacklin^ ol ^ and missed not a one. Cleveland is tlie most <: -usi-MOit • • ...ntv oi.iii Luurnjiiimirni.! iii'ouiul gainer In the conlerenc.-. I.'N'CTI N T . NOV. 17. The 15i'?: Til| l rancv. lightning lie's a f .'iffrencf. exc'-ptinx as ul-;' n "!-'i customer on mint rr-tums, i'; khi'.'pin Nebraska Corn- 1I(I >wrs. and his puulinj is i;x- i i hiisn't .'lio'.vn much I'aot- ' e'n'ional. Nebraska [flavors sn» Kan- llif midlands loop owns r?< hn.-. ITjujilflxx. hit them about ( nr-rs who are among til'.' '-ard us any man ilir>" tacklnrt in the business. They are during the campaign. Tills 203- l.ii 1 '-. Brock of Nebraska, lions- »-nnrl .invhnwker can b? " Iktiv rf Missouri, and Mie'.ay li^'-'d n!or": with (lie 193fi 1 r .>.)"> of Oklr-hema. ' M-III-BK-. Pain Francis no I'x k prnl'ibiv will lie the All-. "' i'ii middle-nistn. yet mam" l''t cusl riiiers will leil you Kttty, ulio j>uvi' Brock a bad nf|--rno3ii in Octr.bfi, is jiiM And Oor<;c Vcesiker. n State alhlaic director, rates I. 1 - atovc the Kebrii.skan men[•' Six — mean l:rt"V in ;.iiy mim's circuit. Oilier fine backs of the By Six nrc 1'odtl. \i-ho scored Nebraska's '•""I'lHiO'-viis against Indiana and Pill on Innr; runs: Elmer Hackney. ,1 K-Stat" litu 1 bruiser; Al fonoiio of Oklahoma: ncnlo»lc of Kansas: Bill Ciillilian ol Ne- prowt! himself ti»ainst! trasl wi. »"'! Harry Mascn of Mls- itfh (Hvrns ps I'iti, Mlnnkola ] ' lClni and Iiieliaiui. Howncr, Belly ami: Anv r.nks didn't have Hint optmr- lunltv. of Nebraska and An- cf Kansas arc the All-Big I'csiliun Fnd Tack)-! Henry Alalilcy Fred Sliircy Standing out llnoiighotil a season of fierce foolljall warfare, the plavcis pit aii>\l ibove ore awarded positions on the All-Bi:4 Six team. Henry Mahley sparkled ,M >allback for Missouri. I'ete Smith, Oklahoma mil, merits national attuition. Fivd Hou'arit Cleveland Klmcr Dohrniann ^hirey of Nebraska is reeled as the most formidabl- tackle in the midlands Howard Cleveland. rCmisas halfback, was the mosi consistent ground gainer in 'the cir- C "' 1 - L "" C1 ' "<""•'»«''"• "*• Ccrnlmskfi-s- l,i!l wi, l8 :m,n. is a hUhlv popular ,hoi:c It's perfectly all right with us If'the Pine Blulf Zebras don't care for any part ol the Blytlieville Chickasaws . . . It's their privl- ledge to decline, and In any way' they choose. . . . But lo save our dirly neck we fail to see even the slightest inkling of'humor In the press statement that was credited to Coach Allen Dunaway as to why he would not consider n Turkey Day game with the Chicks . j. . He was reported' to have said that last year Pine Blult of- feijed.-..Blytlieville the Thanksgiving date on a 50-50 basis an;! it v;as declined. Only 1-3 of his statement was so laml.wns *o staled tlwt it made Blyfhei'ille appear to be the yont . , : The. inilh of the mutter is Pine Bluff did offer Ihe game on that date . ... But here's the catch: for a enrantce of only $250 (does that sound like "50-501, and only a one year contract 'nine under KiuUo. Rocknc won • Evrarel, James Cobb. I3o Cop)icdi;c. '•>;.. last 12, tied 5 ... JimjJ. W. McNeil, Htintvi' Slim, Jack i "horpc tallied IDS lioinLs for the | Smith and Hurl ISiyant. ' 91S Carlisle Indlnns . . . Some! The Papooses .closed their season •ear fled Weaver, n center, uuiitccl j FjJdaj 1 by lo.sini; to Jmicx-. ) consecutive .goals . . . Redjboio. 28-0. 'they won :t and were Uange is nn exponent of the pro i Iienten by I'nragoultl, in addition mssins rule for colleges mid high' ID the Whirlwinds. Newport, Kor- chools . . . Would permit a pass irtl city ami Kiiirvicw of Mom-' torn any point back of the line : phis were their victims. \ nslcad of live under Ihe current' : cgulntlons. Cape Oirardcuu Teachers Is the nly college team in the nation Jiat Imsn't hud its goal Uncrossed . . . Uou Ilcnvlg, Calif- mtist have accomplished Mockers Iff ,,«•••„„„,. ,,, nvs on the right to meet these crack 1 after weeks of drill Clt ' ftolsp " lcn - j Making an All-America HiSht ciuls and dickies have to! In 1928. Pittsburgh had snards. Mchring, handy .... >^,., all departments, excels at leading! Ouard inteifeirac;. ifehring-s teammates, Center who consirter him an All-America,i r.uai-rt •^ay Andrcson is almost as capable, i Tackle yiuilli and nolirinanii Ellcl Tla.v J'li'iity ,,f Kn,| i ^Nebraska's tackle.s looked great season—even aaainst Pitt. Thnt Qnai lei- Halfback Halfback Fnllhnrk t -.„.. ^. tll (,£„,!!;,! nn. L mu r.llll^^L. plays to perfection. n^s Ihf ruip names of Fred Shi- • f rtvm '"* Kn 'l Ted Doyle on the'Big p"!"" 0 " Six first-string honor roll, and - ' only: swells the Lincoln total to six. Tigers To Feast H | They Can Beat Indians; Kignt CIKIS and dickies have lot In 1928. Pittsburgh had only: swells the Lincoln total to <slv I 1 .he superlative blockers. and when j H'rec tackles, Tully. Corson, and i The ends are casv Pete Smith ' G>mrc • ':e.v are in my opiiilcn. even ,,„ ! Mike Gctto. • i Cklahoma demon, 'is wortliv of C '" le ' U hvhio^n'' C ,oa t 'v, may , fin 1, ini Tl " lV ™* sophomore. Corcon ""tionM alteuion. Elmer Dohr-' ^" I TTT ^le ns ho b-n "'i 11 , J "'' i0 '' ' esm ' C - "' Kl Gett ° nad i L ' nnn ' anollirr Nebraskan. stands 1", fl I I I [ ' " ll lm:> I' 1 *- IJUM. ; ulai'fifl !T li*/Jo Kit ,*,-, H,A r>« 1 «IV fnr* f/\,n. «,v,i i , , . i Jr.JU) Ltrl --- =• , CARUTHERSVILLE. MD.. Nov 17 rnia center, stars in five sports. —The Jiiiiim- chamber of Com-' . . Dii.skctball, sH'lininins. track, | nierce, who is sponsorin" the -b!'! aseball. as well as foolball , . . ; brother" movement here imvnrd 'B just C feet -1 inches tall . . . ( lh c members of the 1937 Timers Harry Elsenstat, declared a free hijli school football squad, last earns Usually Block Best When Moving Toward Rishl Side tl10 tal! ' ! played ii little bit in the Hose 1 *'* feel four and has plenty of- 1 Many clubs run plays lo tho j Bowl tlie year before, but very lit-, fensivcly and defensively nsrt all day because it's so hard ! tie prior lo Hint t'ame. Jchnny Howell passed Ncbriski' • t-o set linemen lo D;I!! out and 1 Octto. however, ramr. In rami.'to its m«pi. .•ivt nr ., ,.:.'...' i Halfback iJlcck to (he left. T, „.„.•... „ It woiks on the sc it's so hard j tie prior lo Hint t'ame. Jchnny Howell passed Nebraska' p:i!l out and: Octto. however, came to camp MO its upset victory over Minne' ' K ' ck Jin perfect shape, and ran and sota and gels Ihe nod at oiiar-! i -1"* (blocked as few linemen have fnr tertnrk T.««.. „, „,.,_;• I lositinn . (blocked as few linemen have for iirincijial i t>'e Panthers , as u right-handed halfback often .nti.1lng it dillinilt to run to the It'll or ultcinptint; lo pass while Ijcarinsj in that direction. It's a matter of muscular nnri mental! PITTSBURGH, Nov. Ki.-some ^^ ^Vm^r"^ "' to '"Bht tackle and a = _. ....^ v >„„„,„,;,,,,„, lnlln lllnl a (octba11 P'i'-vei-riionld icft-fandcd player but how *anv |an A11 - AmCTic:l - and an roil for $0.000 salary and got. a ' squad n Immiucl follovvin,. the Jaine ''",!.'; '|'° .''™ llllc .'" s «"tclitng from £ollt hp BWS rio \. m ' r \ j 1 fo 0 tbalP i ta ^ l:le .' n Pitt histor 5 r ' .^ ^r f-mn t. „ ^, ,~ ,. „., , . . ^- • .. ii-ii lo LCIL end or from 1'iulit to .' ' ' ! In the 13 years that Uansn at left to put Getto at tertack over Baer of Oklahoma and Kisclier of Iowa State. Howell, for two seasons a conference standout nt kicking, passing, and KV .IOCK SliTHEItlAN'n PITTSBURGH, Nov. 13.- Eacklc G tl ;> rd |^,.v ^...vvu III. -• - - .....1V,,,(^, |Ja^3Lll^ tVnll f-" r . * tackle to run ahead of Toby j defensive play, came up with some ^ i reverses, but Mike simply "'co ball carrying this year and T 11, coma not jiiay left tackle He went! • T - IKCM- " End slimed a contract with DC- night otcd to ive ela , t ,? t V:™l sea f»- « believe that he . make a better end. He had all-time ;omis of SljSOO . . . Keniwtl Thankssiviii!; Uiiy, if ?, , °. ' " m 1IBIU to ; "' l ™ I asn'l .scored n coulerencc victory! lhc 'risers win froni" Ihelr nnei'cui . lllcWc - Niiturnlly, a player is not top- ijoicVed ince (ho aoinVaslem wns m - B an-•' rival, should the Tiwrs will the ., ^ ? 01 ™ , , '"" mj " • " ct!> " if " c «»'"<" ™n to the if ft °f. >3«t 7M snrtn in-r, ni,i ntniimi- innn, u-ui i.<i ^1,0,,,,;^,,, „,•' ,i,,. '" cl( ' l )!l 'V slio»l:l l»c ntaoiit the , (is well as to the richt. The mil* i P'avcrs . i the L..... i tt , lltiu LI 1C speed, nnd has picted up an ad- -j-n--., .. j, M uc.j ]jimKl •*"""" ••"•" ^ 11JIVB riJtlOJIfll fiV'P nnnnrtc Niiturnlly. a player is not top- i™«c-ed TUUburgh, only five ofi Pounas. ...... Sorta like old Mother, team will be champion.* of the '-.ubbard's cupboard . . . Claimed Southern Division at the Southenst Thorn u rrnr>r •moral victory" over Miss. State Missouri Athletic Confere.nce. noli.,,,,, lt ;„ „„, J ,,„" ll\tn rt IO_n .l n f^.,4 IMoV llnipiti™ Irvct n /innfn..^,,"!, „.,.„.. I "^ llJLU M ^es|>ite ft 12-0 defeat nc on cither side. Them is ti dill Dick having lost a conference game. respite ft 12-1) (telcat . . . UICK iiavnig losi a conicrenic cnme. n,,,, n r ,„„..( i >. ™ . ,,, ;, V, , .,'"•"•'• " u "'"•" <•«" .nun Tlpton blew in from Fnvcltevillc Mrs. R. L. Ward spoke before f''f H , ,-^w , ', "' , ! °n lmd " aS5 »B hl -"a»^tl i jut didn't cot to sec the Razor- the club, stressing the need of a W 1!h lhat |)10tobly has ;l l'»''.t will, ease unless he « ambidex-' jut didn't eel to sec the Rnzor- .inwfjs play . . . Had a date with i biiwboncs . . . Injured fool is him .some trouble but the club, stressing the need of a -" lit"'iirv buildiiv; more ade- to house the equipment, lhc - ,. .„,. Lv , n.i; i vlv , . ^ - ^— came to school as, about the i us well as to the right. The only • P' av ' r s of that position. ' I 'exception is in Ihe backfield'when i Four of tllcl " were Honey; :. however,:.-) player runs l-j the left and at- i Rijarino, Joe Do u chess Ted' «' a qucs-; tempts lo pass. No back cniv run I Daile 5', and Muggsy Ekladany. The' <iiihnr oi-ii/i thn infi .,,,j ..:..,., ,__ i, .'other is our cun-ent and brilliant' Tills season, the ^HlsburKh has, or rather ends, and only I Irons. Otherwise, he stop bc- -iet I.? nmbiciex- ' Frank Souchak. University of More he throws, unless he chucks otllcr Positions. P a ss to the left flat. This . l "'s year's four, three played Bill Dadaio had teen a fullback. » .« usually has no more than six or seven finished performers capable :ll , (li i — was a high school tackle, but as lie weighed only 175 pounds last one of tlie line; All-Bi;; fi\ If a ins would go a Ion;; nay in any kind of competition. First Tf.lln Smith. Oklahoma Phirev. Nebraska Mehrinji, Nebra.ska Brock. Nebraska Andre-son. Kansas Uoyle, Nebraska Doiirinann. Nebraska Howell, Nebraska Mahley, Missouri Claveland. K.-SMate DaiiElass. Kansas Second Team Nelson. Missouri Short, Oklahoma Kiik. Missouri Betty, Missouri Hock. lawa Slate , Hcidel. Missouri Ellis, Kansas State liner. Oklahoma Dodd. Ncbrnskii Hackney, Kansas Sin. Al Corrotlo, Oklahoma Third Team Rushmore. Iowa State Dug^an, Oklahoma English. Nebraska Parks. Oklahoma Dec, Io\va Stale Ran, Missouri Shirk. Kansas Kischer, Iowa Slate Callihan, Nebraska Replogle, Kansas Mason-qMJsfouH.'i : u.' Quarter Halfback 'Halfback Fullback Sewer District Number 2 tax will be delinquent if nol paid before Dccemlicr 1st, 1!)37. I'ny hefove that <fa(e mid save penally. Tax honk at office of Holland and liiirham. Commissioners Sewer District No. 2. Dec. 10th. Stewart, Saliba Will Head Papooses in 1938 Co oter Cage Schedule For Season Released Claude Stewart and Elliott K:i- llba. qiiiiitevbnck and fullback, re- boundary . . . Maybe he's gun shy . . . Blytlieville has suggested that they name the place ami the terms, but no soap.' * • o . Down memory lane: Can you recall the personnel of Ulytlie- ville's 1915 team, the third In their history . . .. Give up . . Here it is. according to the best available information based on memory . . . Backlleld was composed of Babe Proctor. Bill Envin Thompson, joe Craig and Garner Hicks . . . Jesse Taylor and Cap- enlls Bra "^ a r^r«ro,i^ L.^leV' ^"""^ ^ • *'" ^ ^ ^^'^ McGaueiiey. Jim Saliba.held do w n '"Sa^Monr Mosl.v and I^ 'f 'i ^,,^'TcWr- I the tackles . . . Ham Little. Sonny Lloycf. (he two lending of- n" 7 Stece at Color Uecio' ! niTci^trr C °, 1MUS M Slmm01 ! S fCnslVe ««** hl HlU >™ rt «'"= Cmnaf Snn. ^ U Wo "• and Clyde McGaueley, the Kiiarcls „,„„. % v crc nllmix . Captain and • at Caruthrrsville: l>c. 17, Cooler „ . . , , ,, ,— -- M.'ir mill ouucnaK now is reat v Christmas Parade, which the club ! tn play at either side, allboUBh •< sponsoring here Fiiday ni ? ht, naturally he Is » great right cud. Why should lhc right side be lasier to piny? Defensively, ii] misl't be because most of the' loiijiis Piltfburgh has met this year have blocked better when running to 'their right against our left. i -~.. ,. .,^. , ,, v v.^.v^i ,j,..,- Tims, despite lhc incrcaslni' dl- ville Jiiinors in '38. the Pjpooses kcjbr.ll .season opens Dec. «rct'vmity of attack in modern foot- recently voted, onicinl announce- when the fasl Cooler Wildcats will j bull, we usually find the fmesl de- ment will be innde tonight at an meet th: lirasgadodo teams in a ' fi-nsivc men on the left tide of appreciation supper s lvcn by .Mar- r'ouble feader on (lie Cooter' d'e line. CHS Evrard. local ullorney nnil 1 Court. Possibly an Alumni unme i '""'kt-rs on Ibc liiRht Mwcllvely, will u-iul (he lilylhc-j COOTKR. Mo.-'Hic Cooler ba.s- this, of course, center , L. P.. "Monk" Matthews. . That year they got. t-o-r.iptain of t!: c 'J7 eleven. Uoth at Dccrini:: Dec 21 Cooler at ••uplownish^nd liadTcoach wlm "von 1 ''' '° '*" '"*"' ""^ m * . vt »^ •>?"' !; I!olh »' 1 « Coot-, ss a rxv' f - :.--^^.:-™..- -.«": ^r^c^-r • But Sam Caston was the ..... „ recommended the awarding of 15 25, Bragg City at Coot IT litters behind the gun . . . Had a pretty fair team, loo ... Divided a pair with paragould . . . Battled , T v . ^ Jonesboro to a 1-1 tie on Thanks- • giving . . . Beat Camthciovillc ~~~ 78-0 here . . . About, n month later went up there, minus four! or: five regulars, and they went ( down, 20-6 . . . Also played Kcn- netl, Osccola. Corning, but no ketchum records. lo the following: Mosloy.' Jan. 28," Cooler al Slorlc: Fcb.'lst'i Lloyd. Stewart. S.iliba. Jimmy Cooler at Senath iGlrlsi Feb s'I Morsan. Charles Caldwell. Holand : Caruthersvillc al Cootei- Keb ll'• Rounsaville. GCOII,C Joe Cooler al BrasBaclofio. SMPORTAHI MOTICE Beaumont High of St. Louis recently wrote for a game here on Thanksgiving . , . Already had Forrest City booked . . . Two more Tinslcys arc on the way «p . . . James, back, and Conrad, tackle, arc members ot the Hayncsvilie, La., prep eleven . . . That is where twice All-Amcrican Gaynell first got his start . . . Byrd High, who beat Hope and tied Ultle Rock, and Fair Park arc to battle it out for the North Louisiana championship . . . Thc winner plays the Southern titllst lor the state bunting . . . Notre Wanted Pecans '' highest Prices Paid WOLF ARIAN Its E. M>ln Phone 178 City Paving and Sewer Taxes For Paving Districts 1-2-3 For Sewer Districts 1 and 3 All sewer and paving taxes arc now clue and payable at lhc office of the City Clerk in the City Hall. Please pay these taxes without delay and save penally and extra costs. RUTH BLYTHE City Improvement Collector Good Whiskey Made Keller I T is hard to improve upon the extra quality of (lie 3 year old Kentucky straight Bourbon and the 3 year old Maryland straight Rye. But, when \vc blend these two fine whiskies with spirits into one LEWIS 66 \Vhis- key, you get two line whiskies made even better. Our expert blending gives it liqucr quality and emphasizes lite smoolhness, enhances the richness and improves the flavor. Rltalti anil Rallied by The Western Rrsmr Co. Cincinnati Th» llrlllM vMttlr* In IHH tr't 3 )tin till. ?j% llrtlqht «hi t i 7bV» coin ntutial \plri:, $1.00 Pint i«s TP IT'S somethingnevvand J- modern —if it adds to safety, comfort or convenience—if it makes action more thrilling, more enjoyable or more economical, you'll find it in the 1938 Oldsmobiles. Again Oldsmobile's dashing new Six 'and dynamic new Eight are tops in styling, in fine- car features and in value. Comparison will convince you that nowhere else can money buy so much! STEP AHEAD AND '5 MONEY AHEAD DRIVE AN-

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