The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1933 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 12
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(ART(.) NKW.S Austrian Troops Guard frontiers Chicago K x p o s i I i o n Ground* Must PC PYw of Buildings in IB ,\ios. ' CHICACiO *UP> - When tlv building!, of A CViituiy of Vrof,tff-r •xftc boiim |i'..l u,), ChioaKo t.'Jsp- nl ai 11:" ra'piJI'.y of liion 1 con- .•.•tinctloii. r.'.pitlity will bi 1 sna'.fluxl rt:id oven, ^urp.ts'^cch M0 v -vrvf!. \vh(-!i \}-°. buildings firi 1 razed. For ui'cipr th; Pair's contrac'. \vi'.!i tin- South Park Board. I hi' H'winds must lx> cleared In ID ninths, iincJ nil buiklinus. with ion 1 I'xri'pUon. cither \viU be d*' Moliyhcd. or loniovf-rl. The esri-p- Tji;n is the A(hyilmstnUio» Jiiiiki- in-f, wliich v.tll servo as an offiiv t.'uidins for tlie Hoard. Ma.ior Lenox II. Lolir. irt'noml uKuiii^er of the P.iir .slid: "The machinery of demolition 'A]!S bo set in motion tlv instant A OUI'.UIT of ProeivsK rl(V,ra. 'nui' i'v;tant officially Is inklninln Oct. (n. Tlilx must happen wluHbcr we Jrke 1L or rot Ixrjui^r o! financial 1 uringcncy and the ubsotnte mfi\ to conserve all available cash." . The first slei> in the dismantling nrocess will be Ilie dissipation of the personnel which manaiicd Ihc reposition, reducing the oiynniKi- ,t!on ton will come . the prompt removal of nil exhibits from the buildings thnl housed (hem. The- Pair innnni^mcnL bus promised each exhibitor will (ret his property back In i;ood condition. The return of Ihe exhibits will be the. third step in Hit- pio- pram. Tlie fourth and final f,!rn will be the IcarinK down and removal o' the builriuiL's. All th<' Iniiilsciniiiii,'. thousands of trees nrnl thnibs. u million dollars worth a: roads, wharves, nnd nil manner of onia- mentnl lishllng on Ihe uround will 6ei'1«lt''to v '<tnf Sbulh' PsrS Ilni.rd. Gafage Week stork jbny nar- roosted. Hector irtir-d. HIP! Famed Bermuda Grass j l^Z^'lT"M" i^',J" ™ t'^iZT .^'' J 110 auu! Loses 15 Montjis' Battle,"" ' ltvxil:( ''^- Til|t ' to"'" '" l»'>-'i'i--. p i'W! nii-ii «ir, i-smWI; NOfiMAN. Okln. (UP)-Onn u! I the lonjrr.l and-most, unique n'l Nnluro's b.iltles ever witnessed line' Por ifi months, tv.'o rmnrnl CIK- mli-* liavi' tallied i/j wfrvume i-in-ti rir-rinuda Kras.s, which has <>iv(-ii i-ratrtico of ovu-CiimhiK fVirj-y »-:r-, which will ifrov; In Oklahoma soil. Is \ns'm?, to the tall hlue st<-m Bi-asJ planted with ,1L In'an mcnul plot. inucli vftluc it, I,,.,,.,-,,, who have teen Qie' li'orinnda vni-i-1 (-ty crowct othc-r (Jrn.'ici from ihclrj j Washington Determined ! To 'Aid Job Hunters In MII' t;rip of n. war a-aic bcraiiw; of Clmrwny 1 -, Ulh<lr.iw;il from th'j uriH «r Nations iinil Disarmament I'oiifrrciiw. Aiisirlii, learliii; "ti ivpetltton oi IUH. K liurriwlly .strfiiKtticiitnt; IIP/ fronllir defenses by sulking barboil wire alonu tlie frunllor :mil scjicHiig soldiers in wj-Ml nutlets. In lliLs picture Austrian gimril; arc .sliowji qut ; K- tioniiiR n ImveliT on the Irouti'T. Pennsylvania Auto Accidents Total 9,749 ILAimiittiURCi. Pa tUPI—Thorn were n.740 automolillc accidents earned uy ••'cnrelessnew" In E'cnii- sylv^nin dnrlni; Die firM eight inoiuhs of 19X1. accordlnij to the Uepartmcnt of Revenue. So far Llils year 190 iwdesti'ians were killed and 2.417 injured, tin; departnieiu. ri'iwrtoi!. bccaiise. they failed to pay .strict attention while rossing Directs ami hlghu'iij's. "Drii-inc nit automobile requires the driver'^ undivided attention," Ciovernor Pinchot's highway snfe- ty commlttci' wnritcd. ''Walking across u rtr«". c-alte for the pect- cslrlan'H undivided alloiulon. Al- erliicss on the part, of Ixith • will help reduce ucvidt'iils:" Muntrul Tu.\j< LI! War MONlliEAl,. (UP)—A priee war hivolvini; every big ta.xiciib com- pnny In the city has forced rates ciowu to the lOB-or.l level In years. Hates now ranni' from 20 to 30 cents for the lirst milt- and from 20 to :'.i ci-nls for eaeli ensuln;; mile. To increase its senatorial rcprc- tentnllon tn Washington, Texas ha:; the right to divide ttsek into live slnlcs. witlioui asking iwiin sloii from Congress. - LalIiA. Wiish. (UI>>— AlthMiiih delay;;, .-in fonstrnctlon of • the Clranif Coulee Dam are unavoidable. Kinle officials are determln- |'d lliat workers iyho thronged here In warch or Pinploynitnl, shall no' '• ' 'Hit 1 .Male is offc-rine inun the oiilloii uf wurktni; in Ihe Ury 1-vll.s slate jxirk for room. Ijoard and tobacco, ix-ndiiig employment of nidi on Wiishlnvtoii'i, Mlif.intir IJOW.T Michigan Oil Fields To Set New Record MT. PLEASANT, ,\!lch. (UP)_ A new record for crude oil outpul In Michigan during I9n5 has been predicted by operators in the Mt. Pleasant fluids, the largest pro- chiclng area In the Matf. Tht-y cMlniiitc that npproxlmntr- ly 7,800,000 ban-els will have been .sent to the refineries by (he end of this year. 1.000,000 more barrels limn die 1932 yjc-ld. An nll- We Can Now Sell Belonging to the AMERICAN BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION CHEAP Morse & Kirshner AGENTS HE.MOHKI10TDS (Plka) cured wiihuut Ihc knife. Skin cancer, varirosed veins, ton- •fti|s removed non-KurrlcaUy. I)KS. NIKS and NIES Offlre. 514 Main Phone 98 didn't yisit'JiW.-Il. A. ; uge Ix)fc|:'-Ii .flew in^.aii On W.ctfeesdny,-" Byi'w. ....^.^ stocknxmv'fgremtin,. appeared uftei a (inv's ufec'nce • from i-6rk. "Six IKriind. bo<.:' .lu-.-sold: • his race wrc.".thi!d Iji smlh's.' ' • • Thursday. Jlmmle Mnssoy, used mechanic, Rrinniiii! bioadly, •',! pluriitcV after a one-da;' truancy. .' rEtght- pound girl." he inrorined •'the workers. . ( Tlie entire cm-Hire staff yelled , 7 for \vatcr Snlurdav when Jcvi-y : \.£ookspv. sliO'> mcchnnlc. proudly * i niuinuncertj "Six and n half pound !, \boy," and went back to work after : \j'elnF off Friday. SwpflUV Port Kfrs. J40,nmi GOTHENBURG. Rwedm (UP) — Sn-edish ships tolaiing 275 in number vlsiled various ports in the United Slates In J932. p:iying some .. 440,000 in porl ices. etc. No Fnd To The Gly-Os Praise In Blytheville Mr. Hii"( Kiiul* In Two Knxea of Glv-C?s .Tust the Results HP. H:>H Rccn Wanting for Many Years II is a 5t.rikhii; fact thnt In ninny imtanccs of awful fufter- in^ u-herc all kinds of medicinps und treatmeutK had fntkd, thi^ .- It Will Pay Yon To Attend COURIER NEWS Cooking School It Is Being Conducted For Tour Benefit MRS. GEORGE THURN will give you valuable information on home ' ccono mics and the products she uses in her worlu Be sure and notice her demonstrations using the economical and eficient MR. J!. G. Hl'XT i of rheunmtlsm. neuritis, stomtch.j kidney, bowel troubles. Read tile, following praising statement made recently by Mr. H. G. Hunt. 423 N, 9lh St.. Blytheville, well known local man: • "I had tried all kinds of med- j idnes before but never one to' equal Gly-Cas," he said. "I was I miserable years wilh stomaclij bowel troubles. Would become .sick at my stomach nfter eatin?. foods soured, bloated so. Always had to take strong laxatives to get any action. I was in this condition for years, then since I had the .fiti. last winter my whole system seemed ! to go back on me. Was worn-out all the time, tired, • dragjy and hsd no pep. But Gly- Ces wasted no time In helping me, why by the time I finished my second box I was feeling like a new mail. Gaining' tn weight and strength, eat and sleep good and feei fine. It is wonderful to be so well again—and I ove ail my : present good h«a»h to this one. mfd Iclnfr—Oiy- Cas." Oly-Cdi is Bold by Kirby Bros. Drug Co., and by all leitiing drug stores In surrounding towns, - ' POWDER 25 Ounces for 25* SAME PRICE TODAY as 42 Years Ago The demonstrator will show you how in using this double- riuti'd — ilouhlc-iiciinn baking powder you get Fine Tenure Jnd Large Volume in your bak- ings— why K C is economical aiici e/jicient, requiring only one leivl tcaspoonful to a cup of (lour It is not necessary to pay high prices for baking powder to get best results. After seeing the demonstrations use KC in <he same way in your own home. Give it the oven »e«t and judge by results. - Known of PoomUUMd by Oar C«T«T mmnt SKK THE ' Westinghouse Range Oemonstritled ;it The • (looking School This Week By , Mrs. George Thurn €L QUICK-COOK Unit ^0 i,-* 30 r o Itukr rT.itf.xm eootoft rrflh 10 In "(-'r i!.tn:cnicicf«;y. 'ITils W* nail pir» - m>d frying beat with » *p«ed ...THAT MEANS THAN MONEY TO YOU The saving you make in money when von buy a Wos I ing house Flavor Zone Range under the lei ins of our spccitil offer is only the bcginnin;; of many other savings to come. Once you have tins vfunderful range in your kitchen, you'll save yourself hours and [loin's of the lime yon uo\v spend in Looking. And you'llsnvc yourself'll. save all the tedious waiting and watching while yxmr meals are cooking. The Flavor '/.one Range is economical, too, so your food bills will l>e lower and you'll find thai you arc actually spending less after you have this range in your kitchen. Come in and lei us tell ytin more about this real bargain in copyeniijuce and belter ooakiiig for your home, Cook Electrically The tct fold pc's till V FREE This l?o;iutifiil With Flnvtr Zone Oven will he tttvoii nvray Free al tlu> ('onkiiit; School this work. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI At Your Service

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