The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 14, 1935
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Served by ffie United Press BETTHEVIEEE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL, XXXI—NO. SOT Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Dally News \ Blythevillo Herald Mississippi Valley Leader m.YTHRVILLE, ARKANSAS,, THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 1935 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Swirling Waters Surround Northeasl Arkansas Town Water Will Reich 249 al Crest; Situation on Si. Francis All Bui Hopeless While unity engineers have raised their estimate of ihe level at wliieli Ulg Lake will roach Its Orest to ;M9 feet as agftlmt a prediction yeslev- day of 248 feel, confidence (lie levees would hold was si 111 'maintained at the office of Ptnhiagf District 17, Barring such unpredictable mls- liaps as may occur in any fight against high water, there wilTbe no levee break, C. O. Rrdman told the Courier Flews this morning. The level of Hie lake at the Highway IB bridge was tills morn- Ing, a rise of 1.8 feet in 21 hours. The crest. Is expected MoniJay 01 Tuesday nf nsxi . If the lake goes to 2-19 it will be two feet above the crest of .IsniiRry's lilgii water. KEhnetl Paces Flood -At Keimett, Mo., on Ihe St. Francis, the fight to hold the levees appears doomed'to all but certain defeat, U. Irl Jones, levee district commissioner; tolrl the Courier Mews h) telephone. "Even 'should 'the levees hold." he Ettld, "stages predicted by winy en glncers will send the water over the top of thein." he declared The stage at St. Francis, Ark., north of Kennstt, was 23.6 thlsmorn ' Ing, a rise of 2.1 feet in 24 hours. It Is predicted that the river will crest there at about 26 feet. The great flood of 1927 reached a crest of 24.5 fit St. Francis, a foot and a half lielow 'the stage in prospect now. A stage Of,26 feet at. St. Francis •>. will sent! the river ai. least u foo' j twer the. levee lops In Ihe vicinity of ;' Kc.nne.iy Mr; 'Jones.said. The crest -ts eiiJMed' :; at Kerinctt Saturday night or Sunday. Break Might, Give Relief Tile only, thing which could avert the flooding of a large "" Dunkluv county would & a break In'the levep on the Arkansas side, Mr. Jones vsald. Till", is regarded as unlike!)'. Tor tJie.reason thai tile Arkansas levee, to. a point about -10 iplles south of Itennett,"has.recent, iy been rebuilt and strengthened.' Mr. Jonas anticipates that the levee will give, 'way first- north of Kennett anti later at a point further south, In ths vicinity of Cord welt. There may also be a br2t\k 01 SUCCESS, Ai'k., Jifarcli M. (UP) i—This little town of 250 perrons was lru)i)i«l by water at least eight feet epp on all sides today ns flood lenaces Increased on Mississippi rlixilary river;;. In southeast MLs- xiini and eastern-,Arkansas. "Many pmsonx lind to break up "Fnrm land. Including thousands of acres of \vheat. are covered with water at least, four feet deep," he declared, Mayor Cochranc believed the wheat crop would be practically destroyed but some observer.": held hope it . would pui'Ually - recover. -In Son Brings ,Jny to Kidnap Suspect hrough the roofs of their hnine.s la the town 200 refugees were crowtl- ipe the rapidly rising flood wn-1'' 11 . eight to 20 families in a house, er.s antl call the attention of resmi-' us SO homes In the town mid about -is," Mayor E. \V. Coohrnne. told :ino hi the tov.-nship were lloexled. he Unite:! Press loduy. The town, situated on the rasi iiile o/ dim-lit niici I.ittle Black i-iv- TS, which merge nearby, war. Iso- atcd from the outside world except >y host, rait or telephone. "Many oi our people slept cm the Itoor last night," Cocliraiic said. "MVuiy of them did not sleep sit ^ill taut remained awoke in render any relief needed." Fond and mall were brought into I the town by two molorboais, Mayor "The smallest, depth of water over' Cochvaue ritcl. and there had been -iny highway leading hat is. about no acutf > sufi ering. Train service eight tea.' Mayor Coehraue sc.ld. ]-, as been templed since Monday. The rivsrs, comparatively small, An nnestlmated number Gi hvc- wc-re broadened six or eight miles, Elock was tost, with practically all the rich farm- Mayor Ccrtirane said the river ng laud in the tnmiship covered liad Uegnn' to recede today, but >y water, ihe mayor said. slowly. Agricullurc Must Receive More, Sccvctavy. Tells Committee II flPEl Fl Joins Titled Ranks Visiting "in U. S. Counly Agents Recommend Renlal of 35 Per Cent of Cotton Land Signing of 1(135 contracts in the ovcmment's cotton acreage con- ro) program will commence In Mississippi county tomorrow. Friday and Saturday have been Designed as sign-up days for holders of 1D34 acreage contracts In he Chickasawba district. Holders >f 1034 contracts in the Osccola listrict will be given the oppor- untty In sign new- contracts Sal- 'rday. Farmers who did '.-not sign ''' h] 1934 ,wl!l;havc an op-- "' ' ' ioVtiini(.y ; --to ' ' * -'1MB next' . .county' coUoii ffiim- -s will find ft. .to-'their aflvanlage if} rent lo the -government the fill) '5 per cent of baEffis^fregge per' under the IjJBJv^'o^Tim, . Ill ' WASIIINOTOH. Mar. 14 (UP) — Hecietary of Agricuhmo llcnry A. Wallace lielievos ili« farmer's hliarf of national lucotixe, now about,: 10,2 per cent, .should IIP 13 lo 18 pi-i' cent, transcripts of testimony- be-" fore the house appropriations conii inlttee revealed loilay, :'• ph.% he said the historic rela,- tionshlp o! ft 13 to U per cetil share should be restored fand thereafter agrlrulliir'f.s sliare should be ihat "wlileli will bring about ft continuing state of ! -balance and not distort the judgment of the people as to eventual markets." • ——— i Will Spend STOO.OOO.tiOi) i | WASHINGTON, March: H. t'UP) | —The department of agriculture^nd the AAA will spend $100,000,000 flur-. Ing the fiscal ypar beginning July 1, It was Indicated today as. -the department's appropriation bill was reported to the house. •'. The bill Itself carried $122,113;878 j for regular activities of the department. In addition the appropriations committee estimated 5578,452,598 would be spent for automatic ap : oropriatlons which It was- not riec- essary to carry in the bill- Virtually all this amount wll) .go for AAA benefits. ' .'lie opinion' ot' CoSfftv''? Agents j'.s E, iCritz find Joe r Walker. They •Hiihl out. .that a farmer \vho rents 'ess than 35 per cent"Will receive 'io'increase in Bankhead net tax- *<'ompilon certificates to cover the j ,Vva liaTjoin'etl" liii: ,„,.„ .. s . „. •ncreased production and with, a; titled Rrl'.lsliers.xvlio »re cuireiil- To Prolie Ifenaiil Jlemnvali UTTLE ROCK, Mar. 14 (UP)— Sis Arkansas cotton counties will be .eani'nssecJ 'jy the FERA and AAA to determine how many tenant farrnerK have been mteplace'd because -' 6f_ .' U ic t cottor) : ' -\e diib Viof i program it 'was announced; this afternoon from the office of W. R. Dyess, state relief admliilstrator. "Sharecrop Kids" Will Take.^iea to While House ST. TJ31SIS, Wo., March 14. (DP) —Seventeen-year-old Edwin Mitchell', 'known to hundreds of Arkan- "LIUlc Bay" Wiseman Prepares For Collecting Liquor Tax I/lTTl.E liOOK, March H, CUP) Collection of Ihe state lltiuor lax under tiie'Thnrn bill legalising sale of spirits yery likely will bo made through (he , wholesalers, Cominls- slouei- of Revenue Earl ft, WLwm'an told the United pwss today. Ho will use. the same setup Dial already collecl.i ainiw store of stale taxes. Details of llin ndmlnUlnitlon have not'been •completed, Wiseman sntd, but he csj^cts to have Icgallwd 11- iiuor sold under state permits and bearing slate labels at an early date. BIG SHU! Local Officers Aid Federal Ageiils in Campaign Against Moonshiners Arkausas Legislatuie Com- pleles Woik and Acj- journs Sine Die LTTTI,B ROCK, Afarch H (UP) —Protection of the. slates Sie^OOO.- '• COO bond refunding piogram by tha governor's veto power, If necessary, was asked by the leslslaturo U| A resolution passed at the closing session of the fiftieth general assembly today. ' Tlic action came nfter protest oi bondhoWets tlmt the state was breaking 'faith gn an agreement reached under Act 11 of the soecial 'esslon pf 1934 The\ ha\e threatened to withhold bond's for further refunding unless two bills passed by 'he fiftieth general assembly are, "' The nlr of freedom and the company of her 5-year-oM ton,. Jimmy, shown here on his cycle, bring Joy to Mrs. Frances Robinson as she spends n few weekp or liberty at, her Nashville, Twin., : home free on 5S.OQO bond to await hsv March 18 ttlal In Louisville on a charge, of complicity In the kidnaping nf Mrs. Alice Sloll. Mrs Robinson v;as In jail for four months. Her husband, Thomas >1. Hobln con, Jr., still Is the target of n nation-wide search ns the. kidnaper A raiding party of 10 men, Including federal agents nnd local of- cers, heaylly armed, swooped down n Island 20, in the Mississippi liv- off Asliport /crry, yesterday and estroyed two Illicit distilleries and large quanllty of riiash and moonshtnlnj" equipment. No prisoners were taken by the aiding r>atty although one distillery nust have Uc,en hurriedly abaudon- d ns officers found 11 operating ill blast, ; The .Island htts been a hot-bed I moonshiners who have openly cfiei persons claiming ownership f Island land and have allegedly nslntalncd a "shot-gun" patrol tc :cep people off the island. yield Is almost certain to '"il himself ffseed with the neees- •Itv of paving a BanV.hc-ail -law tax i*VJi, j. *>^7jc umy LH3U ur & ui -ttr. \ji „ .-• . ,.—: the Arkansas side- further south, in I "Sides • losing the rental payments 'he nilalil have had from the nov- •"liiiricht. ' • - . The Importance of signing con- 'I'acts .prqmpily is ..emphasized by ^ie county agent.'!, who- point out, '"xat, delav in slgiilna.-inav -result 'vi delay In the receipt of i-ertlijl -ivmcnls. They ask that those de- to sign split contracts come his opinion. KenrieH's -Greatest Flood MEMPHIS,' March \4. '.UP)— The linlglh!; St. :' Francis; river, 'which heads ih southern : Missouri, . Ihreal- enc-cl "tlic grcates|. flood in years" at Kennelt, Mo/.-triday and rumbled a similar threat'- throughout its course in northeastern' Arkansas. Citizens of Kennel!.' were "work- Ing on the levee"'at their city today, aided by three companies of national guardsmen In an effort heat, nature in its course. to . Iv vjsitinj; In tire United She's pic'Hrcrt as 5be arrived in Mew VtjvU for n prrvrrrsCtecl stay with friends in the Carollnun. sas sharecrop peri 1 IB fiPPLI fho c^iuitv s' office, where Water was within foiir feel of the levee lop and U. S. army engineers predicted it would rise at least that much more. "Kenned is having the greatest flood In Its history'," Maj. W. M. Hoge, u. S. district engineer here, said today after n visit there. The engineers office here reported the river will' crest Sunday. Should' the levee break it would cut the town off from the outside world, except eastward toward Hay- II. Mo. Even If It breaks, however, no acute danger Is expected. It would overflow thousands of acres of low farm land and cause hundreds, or more families to seek refuge on . higher ground. The stage at si. Francis, Ark. above- Kennstt, was 23,6 to:lay The river was expected to crest' l!v>re tomorrow. "roper forms for Insuring an nc- "Urate division Trtll .be avallaoie. Cotton growers of the Chlcfca- •nwba district of the county may -leu their 1935 contracts .Friday ir Saturday nl the following com- ••ninltv centers: Chicknsawba touTishlp: Blythc- •'Ille coiirthiiise. Varbro, Number Nine. Promised Land, Dogwood idgc. Canadian township: Armore! niul omato. ' HicVman township: Huffman nd 40 and 8. Bowen lowmshlp: Onsnell. Half Monn township: Half Moon. Clear Lake, township: Clear <xte clnircli, Home Oin Co.. Sandy Treasury Issues Call . for First Liberty Bonds WASHINGTON, March 14. (UP) —All outstanding Liberty loan bonds, amounting to nearly S2.WO,- 000,000, were called for redemption today by Secretary ot .Treasury Henry Morgentlmii jr. The bonds were called for redemption on June 15, before which time the treasury probably will offer lower interest bearing securities In exchange, .saving the government more than 514.000,000 annually in interest charges. Mitoliell, said today he would . head a delegation of four "sliarecrop kids" to Washington In behalf ot-.'-he plight, of theiv parents, nelghhars. and" kin. "• One of Ihe 600 Arkansas you 111; afilllaled with the" Southern Tenant Farmers union, Mitchell, here tc make- an address, sa'.d .he would bring to" the attention of President Roosevelt the. "pltignl" condition of the sharecroppers. FERA Sends AM LITTLE ROCK, Mar. n (Up)— The FuRA sent aid to [he float! ed areas in northeastern Arkansas today. W. R. Dyeis. state relief ad mlnistrator. announced a. spscia grant of Sl.O'W for levee wort; i .lackson, Qnant and clay conn lies. !te sent field representatives in lo [lie nffectcd arc-as lo co-opj'rate vvllli Mi Red Cross. Barges \verc ordered to remove nisreoned farn- Hector township: Dell Gin Co., Stevens Ota Co., and OHo Brad- gin. Fuller Warns Against Third Party Movement WASHINGTON, March H. <UP) —Representative Claude Puller (Dem., Ark.), speaking for the house Democratic leadership, today attacked the attempt to form a house liberal bloc, as an undercover movement toward promoting n third party In 1936. "Tills bloc will lead you to ruin and destruction," Puller shouted a.5 Bil| for Processing Tax on Rice Adopted WASHINGTON, March 14. (UP) —The house today approved, senate amendments to the bill placing a processing . tax on rice. The bill now goes to the White House. Rice already Is a basic commodity under the" AAA but the bill will permit imposition of a tax of one cent a pound on rough rice, beginning April t, in order to provide funds for payment of benefits to growers. Some of the money may also be used to subsidize exports. Friday Is Deadline for Cov- Tect Lab el in g, Dr. Waslihuvn Announces •Friday is Ihe "deadline" for the labeling of milk among Blytheville cialrynicn, according to Dr. A, M. \yashlnirn, dlreclor.of the Mississippi County Health.'Unit: After Friday all dairymen must rrtark their milk its proper grade, Anyone failing to do so will I* arrested, m. Woshburn has announced, Under the present city ordinance any grade of milk can be sold in Blythevllle but it must be labeled piopetly. - In the past tills has not been done by some, It is said. It is planned to publicly announce the grades sold by • all dairymei here Friday. D. Webster Jones, of Little Rock state director of milk-control, has been assisting Dr. Washburn in Services at Oscepla Today for W. t. Moor .OSCEbtiA, Ark. — Filnornl ser vices were -held this aflcniiwn fo \V.'-f.L.j Moore, 03, longUlme,,- res dent 'of Osccola, who 'tiled at th familj'' .residence late" yes'terda following a lang Illrless'-tettlell bd came 'serious ChriStlrlaS'.''.' - ' V, \fr. Moore Is sti'rvlvetl'^by , h wife,- Mrs.- Erjima Blac'k'.vood Mojlr two daughters, Mrs. \Valter.Haw Ihqrne and \frs. Roscoe' Hayde of Cariilhersvllje, Mo., . one con, niackwood Moore,-of Detroit,--who arrived Monday, antl two: sisters, who reside at, ilumboldt, Term. Mrs. T. A. Boylcs, sister.of Mrs, Moore, her nieces, Mrs. .Ethel Miller and Mrs. a. B. Keck, and Mr. Keek attended Oie services. Uncertainty as to whether the 1s- and or certain sections of It :are n Tennessee or Arkansas' liavo'.fu- 'ored liquor niaker^ because law 'cn- lorccmeiit' officera, -or Arkansas n least, have, beert reluctant to at said this morning -that his offic' High School Building Ransacked. Last Night The. senior high school building was entered some Umc last night and ransacked but apparently no articles were removed; H was Die third time that a school bulld|ng here liad been entered In less than a week. The Lange grade milk and other Inspection 5crmol , VH en t c ' r ed 'several nights - could "clean It up In 24 hours" i It was certttln .that.the island ts 1 Sever"ai ' Mississippi county res de')its; ( have,. "bought" land on' 1 th island-by deed from the state o Arkanaas.biit their efforts'to assum control of .the land have met with defies of- persons on the Island, in fact tlie.Island residents by threats, and-|ti some cases by force, hav r prevented the so-called "landowners" from making use of their property. Whether the "landowners' really have actual title to the Ian-" remains to be seen and probably wilt be the basis of civil court actions to determine title. One of the stills found yesterday was of 500 gallon capacity and the 'other 'of 760 gallons capacity. Both were destroyed and a number ol vats and tanks were also rcnderec useless. It Is understood that the federal government plans to follow up the. raid made, by - federal officer! and their aides yesterday with further action. One of the bills provides a turn- ack pr ^^> per cent of the highway veiute over'$10,000,000 .to counties'. ' other .would take over bonded ndebtedness ol bridges on state Ighways. , Representative Hendr'cks Ronell, "Pine Bluff anlhor of the sscomj 111. cltilins the maximum exoendl- ] ure of the state under his bill •ouia not exceed $229000 Tor any oav during a five-year period' " Tlie" i-e.'oUitton passed li\ both ' OUECS said: "We here and now deny any In- entloh to attempt to vary terms f the refunding act and by this ' leans assure our creditors ny Rctlon on out mrt Is so con-< ' trued that oui action thereon Is advised; we now^deploro t' 1 " ante and hereby respectively 'urgo our governor to scrutinize _.wl(h •:nre ench and every enactment Imt Is trtotcstel 05 a violation of 'hn', terms, bt y-w oled^e end tlitvt i ,ro'w6r o v< fiV'-rtipoxS- 1 •ny-act ivlilch In his Judgnl^nl; *1» N violation 'of our pledge" * •», , < Session Ends - t The general asso-nWy adjourned ;|i\c • die : at noon vflth mucli lies written on the»,statutes the GO-day Session With a bit of fanfare in elo- work under the standard milk ordinance. ngo and a amount of money Big Lnke (owis)ilp: Manila city som( . members of ll:e \\O\KS roared all. i with laughter. Real township- Leachvllle bank, ^ sa y -jx-mocratlc hbjrals who Pawheen school, Cannl store. Skid- {attended the, .organisation meeting way. Box Elder, and the Riling 0 ( n le hloc laat Saturday nppar- ••tallon on rock rood. enlly had for gotten "they were elected by hanging onto President Centers for the signing of con- Tacts in the Osceola district will j Roosevelt's coat-tails." ".e annoirnced tomorrow. Non-slgnevs of 1934 conlvocts >vho desire to participate In the 1035 program should report at one •>f these same, community centers next week and he prepared to furnish information covering 1534 production. Labor Chief Threatens More Militant Attitude iuey Fails to Win Aid for College Students WASHINGTON, March U, (UP) —Senator Hucy P. Long (Dem., La.) ,oday failed iu an effort to write Into' (.He work relief bill a provi- Specdway Tolls High MILAN, Italy. (UP)-Tolls col- WASHINGTON. March M. (UP) lected on the recently constructed -Organised labor will assume a ipMdray from here to tne takes more militant attitude unless the has averaged $10.000 a month for Wagner labo.- relations bill Is en- tr.e past eight inonlhs highway | acted into law— "and unless It report. Revenue is ox- pect«d to increase sharply during the summer months tensan. and tourist enforced"—William Or'eon, president of the American Federation ot LuboT, warned the senate labor committee today. Embryonic Chick May Be Honored by Hobart GENEVA, N. Y. (UP'—Sluilenta nt Kobart college are planning to erect a bronze plaque to the memory of "Oscar," an embryo chick which gave.-its, life to the study of science .before it was born. .'Toe egg confining Oscar ar flv'etl nt flic-" college a lew hnur after t)is "shell was laid. A Iialf Inch hole was cut Inlo the shel and covered wit hthin glass am for 23 days scientific studenl j studied every stage in the process of hatching. Twenty-four ho'jrs before ha was scheduled to emerge from his jiiel Oscar died. According to the stu dents "embarrassment resulttn from his nudity under scrutiny contributed to his death, but professors say Oscar probably died Sacramento Hopeful i Mather Field Will Boom! SACRAMENTO, Gal. (UP)—Tile ope that the new delense pro- rani of the U. S. War Depart- nent under the Increased federal ppropriallon for this purpose nay menu rehabilitation of Maher Field, spurred state and local officials to action on behalf of the ige training field here. Mather Field was one of the argest air corps training bases on lie Pacific Coast during the World War. The army air maneuvers were held here In 1930. taken. The negro school building has since been entered, although no articles tvere removed. A first floor vault was forced open and records were scattered about the vault. ,S?veral class rooms were also broken open and books and other articles scattered over the rooms but nothing of value taken. Police said the Intruders apparently were seeking money. KKK Robes in Demand For Long Underwear TULLAHOMA, Tenvi. (UP)—Demands from all over the nation lere lo train army reserves. Village's A-l- Finances Get Unexpected Boost CINCINNATf (UP)—Olendale, a suburban village, has been In such good financial condition throughout, the depression that It hardly knew what to do 9,-itfi 56,426 coming to It unexpectedly from Its al-, !olm«)i of Ohio saies tax receipts. Villagers own so much In stocks ion that $100,000,000 might be used|brro to provide college educations for needy youths. from lack of moisture in the em- "De Lawd" Is Dead NEW VORK, March 14 (UP) — Richard B. Harrison, the kindly negro Mho won national fame through his Interpretation of "Do Lawri" in the play,. "The Gvcsn Pastures," died today, robes as souvenirs. . One of the latest Inquiries came from a woman In Baltimore, a widow, who sent a receipt for dues Issued lo her husband. The writer wanted several of ttie robes with which to make long underwear. Other requests came from Hartford, Conn., and a man In Canada. The KKK robes, being held In the lodge rooms of a fraternal organization here for storage charges, were advertised for sale recently at 50 cents each. The ward- Local Action on Liquor Awaits Receipt of Acf No action will be taken by the city council to Impose a license fee on whisky dealers here until after Governor Futrell signs the liquor bill and a certified copy of the act Is received here. Such an answer was made to al! Inquiries as to possible council action received at the city liall oday. If liQuor dealers secure the necessary federal and state permits before the city has acted on a liquor dealers ordinance it Is hardy possible that they will be molested should they open tlielr doors ere, Council action to place a substantial privilege license fee on whlsfc'y dealers here Is already regarded as certain. luent serenity legislates said -•oodbye io colleagues with whom 'hey had fought on legalization •»f liquor and hor-e mclng, en- ' ••ctmeiit of a two per cant Giles '.ix, creation of a state police I -Vftem, -setting up - of a public I "'elfare commission, and •; prorid- ; Ing for an old age pension fund A last minute move to ,ena,ct ' 'he Qcoch setlitlon bill, dlrecten •! •>t suppression of commons ealth i •ollei?e, near Mena, failed whstTtlio -enale defeated the measure,:: 24 'o Q. Senator J L Shaver^ of 'Vvnne, colled the bill out of the 'udlclary committee where it had ''"en more than three weeks, and -ftcr brief argument a roll , call -ote was taken. The dooch bill was'the last: of hre" unsuccessful legislative moves •aalnst tlie labor school, nc'JvItles 'f which have figured In str.te -la:or controversies. Cigarette Tax C«( Beaton Over In the house a filibuster ty Rep. Marcus Proctor, of 'Cal- 'loun county, killed the bill .of 'enator Clyde T. Ellis, Benton- 'llle, to reduce the state cigarette 'nx from five to three cents_ n ->ackage. School lobbyists were -troll? against the bill, charging ( t would decrease their revenue, said the lower tax would and bonds that the town levies no; 0 ' 5 - held since the Klan dlsbana- Missouri Firm Recovers Stolen Whisky Truck COPJNTH, Miss,—Officers here believe a truck load of whisky, stolen by hijackers about two ireeks ago near Nashville while ehroute robe still contains about 15 out- t 0 the Southern Distributing com- Stove Ignites Wall Paper Fire caused damage estimated nt $250 to rental property, owned by O. E. Keck and occupied by Mrs, Sarah G. Miller, this morning. An over-heated stove Ignited wall paper, starting the flre. The Kre was halted by city fire- real estate tax. Income from the intangible tax meets all requirements. Village officials decided lo mo their sales lax moneys to Improve streets and extend sewers. ed about eight years ago. Masons Meet Tonight The local.. Masonic chapter* will have regular communication In a meeting this evening, at the hall. Visiting Masons are welcome. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair and warmer to night and Friday. pany of Herniondale, Mo,, near Bly- thevillo, Ark., was brought Into Corinth and disposed ot to local bootleggers. A truck, belonging to the Hermondale company, was found abandoned In a remote section of Corinth. discourage bootleggln? of clgar- "Ues from las free state? and lii- iresse actual tax collections. ; . Discount of the stale tax 1 oft -•aEollne" that evaporates from dls- 'rlbutors' tanks was allowed In'.the ''ouse'-i rassaee of a bill by-Senator J. W. Livingston, of Camden. Distributors will be. allowed to oU- want tax returns In the amount of actual loss by evaporation," hot i to exceed three per cent. Annual audit- of levee districts was defeated when senate -bill number one was lost in the :' ricuse. Chairman I. N. Moare*,,'pf ; the house commlttea considevtog the bill, said It was given .yes-J 'erday to some member of the : house ^hom he could - not re- • member, He was unable to : fi%i f file bill wiien a v^ote was called : today. '• .' Gov. J. M. Futnil appeared h.e- ; fore the house in the closing .o'ay > exercises following adjournmsnt to compllmer/e legislators on their v<-orl:. , . Memphis and vicinity—Fair and! Ix)cal officers contacted the-Her- warmer tonight and Friday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 65, minimum 40, mondale company and a representative came lo Corinth and Identified the truck, stating, that the whisky was enroute from Kentucky to Her- clcar, according to Samuel F. Nor-jmondale when the robbery -took rls, official weather observer, Iplice near ROXSE (UP)—Bars to serve HghJ refreshments and drinks added to many trains this srjrin?, officials of the Italian slesnirts Car Company has announced. Ona of these bsr coaches has been used on trains running betsre n Vsn- limlglla and Oulux and has boen \> especially nopiilar with winter sports tenthuslasfv.

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