The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1950
Page 7
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•ATOM)AY, MAT «T, 19W , (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams • OF SEVENTEEN 1 ^ PtFFERENT CARS SUV IT'S A '3O FORP MOTOR, A '27 CHEWY TRANSMISSION, AW" WHY, I'LL VOUALL AMY LAST WORD BEFORE YOU WMX THE PUVJK, BURKE ? STILL TIME TO COME, BURKE.' KWORt THEIR PBATTLE.' I , MOST B««P PULSE.'I'LL TIE THAT ESKIMO INTO A DAISY CHAIfJi •SHUTTER TO BRING THW A STEWA ROLLER BACKED OVER YOU/ HEROES ARE MAPE-MQT BORM Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FAGB WMCT Television on Saturday 1:10 p.m.—Baseball Interview 1:25—Browns-Tigers 3:15— Baseball Scoreboard 3:45—Western Feature 4:15—Nature of Things 5:00— Young America 5:30—New Horr/ons 5:55—Commercial Appeal Preview 6:00— Ken Murray 7:30—Ed AVynn 7:10—Behind Your Radio Dial 8:00— Ra nger 8:30—Buck Rogers »:»0— Wrestling- 10:f)0—News Summary We offer complete Television service., supplying and installing' General Electric, Motorola, and Cape hart models. FORFREeE&TIMATES T£VISIONS RADIO I •alES AND SERVICE J BlYTHEVIUESALEsCoS )8€ MAIN ST. SIYTHEVIUE, ARK Rent A Car ... 'Drive-It-Yourself - Frtsh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywheri Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones 4948 - 937 Corrugated Metal Culverts Sixes up to 84 in. Automatic Flood Gatei Concrete Culvert Tile Slzei op to 36 In. Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Price. We Delirei A. H.WEBB Highway SI »t State Line Phone 714 XXX [II 1 J^HEN Louilie set down the tray beside her lied. Clemency awoke and sat up with a start. "Baha?"Nurs« says sne Is still sleeping. She has had a wonderful night. Praise be to Allah, she will get well," said Louilie joyously. "The lectors both have gone." "What time Is it?" Clemency glanced at her clock. "I^ouilie! I should have been called before this!" "No, Sitt. The Sidi Amberley's orders. And you are u> cat your breakfast in bed." Clemency sank back on her pillows, still drowsy from the effects of the sleeping tablet she had been given last night. The sunlight flooded the room like a benediction—Baba was going to get well. And then she remembered why this heavy ache lay at her heart, why ft would be worse before it ever eased. Nothing of what had happened during this last 18 hour« had changed her own problem. She still had to give Piers back his ring, and tell him she was going away. K was useless to think things could ever be the same between them again—loving him so desperately only made them worse. She might forgive what be had don* to her—but nothing could undo what be had done to Jon. What Syrie had made aim dot She clenched her hands until the nails dug into the palms. Last night when she came to bed she had wept, but the tears were out of her utter weariness, and her relief over Baba. Her own tragedy was too deep for tears. Luncheon was over when at last she emerged from her roora to go in search of Piers, but he did not seem to be anywhere about, 'and it wa« Syrie she found. This morning only tb* shadows around Syrie's eyes which her make-up did not quite succeed In hiding, betrayed anything of what she bad gone through. When Clemency found her. standing looking out on to the veranda, she appeared as exquisitely groomed as ever. In one at Uie thick white silk dresses she was so fond of. her shining hair piled high, lipstick and nail varnish perfectly matched. How much real feeling is there in her? Clemency wondered with a bitterness that would not be repressed. JHEN Syrie glanced around, and. seeing her. came back into the room, there was an embarrassment that was quit* new In her manner. 'T was waiting for Piers,- she said. "I think—he is with Jon." It's dreadful to hate anybody after what we have a!) lust been through, thought Clemencj. But the human heart has its passions, end there are Umits to human endurance; it was perhaps a little unfair to blame' herself. She controlled her voice with an eilort, "Then 1 will leave you. I was looking for him. but—what I have to say can wait* But as she turned to go, Syrie spoke. "It's wonderful about Baba." "Very wonderful.* "Jon and 1 are planning to take her to the sea as soon as she ii well enough. Perhaps—over to Southern France, it's an ideal part of the world to live. And ii 1 can get someone reliable lo look after her—" Though she tried to hide It, some of the surprise Clemency telt showed la her face. Then: "She will need a lot of love," she said. "She will be a long lime getting better and convalescing, and—she is bound to get spoiled. I hope you will and someone who—loves her a lot." *! shant get anyone ^he loves as much as she loves you." said Syrie frankly. "Or who manages her as well.' She paused and added alter a moment: "You will think i am very impertinent U I ask you wtiai you were M-aHing t/ say to Piers—" j Clemency felt herself freeze up "II you dont mind, 1 would rathei not discuss It." i "There is no need to,- said Syrie "Here U Piers, ard—1 think—) know he will navel jrxneUiins to say lo you." And then n Clemency moved swiftly towards the second exit from the room she en- claimed sharply: "Fieri! Don't iei Clemency go." j T.TE reached out, j and taking Clemency's ami drew her back. And so she stotd. Syrie facing her. Piers on th« other tide, her heart beating firlously, but determined to save htrsell the indignity of a further, attempt lo escape. \ "Piers," Syrie toldl him, -you have something to teUlClemency." "He has nothing to fell me that 1 don't already know."liaid Clemency. I "Oh yes. he has—a Jot." Syrie assured her. and with her eyes on Piers: "Has Jon spoken to you?" "Yes." \ "Then tell Clemency the trutb You shouldn't have trusted me al all." Syrie shrugged. 'Tni a born liar when it suits. Go oi. Piers Tell her what 1 did to you 1 and all Uie rest of it. Shell believe you now. Jon will have told y'»u thai I let her think what be Bid lo her was true." \ She turned her glance to Clemency's white, s t r i c k e D \ face "There's one truth 1 can till. 1 loved Piers—1 wouldn't 'have stopped at anything to make Whal, I wanted you to believe come tue. But he loathes me! 1 wanted, to punish him for making me stay here. Months ago 1 made Jon believe what you believed. I sij pose I wan led lo punish Jon Uxi "But something odd bappcn«) to me when Baba fell ill 1 proia- ised myseU that ii she got better I'd tell the truth—make It all rigti between you and Pier*."" Ai she spoke Clemency realize that Syrie Amberley was un changed. She was not repentant only keeping a bargain with Fate. 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HAMI.IN LAU6H Mi V WANT. BUT HEBES NOTHIN' VEEV SILLV ABOUT A DCEAM THAT JUST V;NTU i MY DUKES DOWN IN THEM GLITTER1N' DOUBLOONS BOOTS AND HER BUnniKS F5Y BT)GAR MAK'HN so Guvvvsvt fs=,

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