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Centralia, Washington
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Bullfrog Drug Problem Too Much For Sheriff ST. HELENS, Ore. (AP) Hist. Atty. Lou Williams of Columbia County said alter last weekend's Bullfrog 3 Rock Festival that the sheriff was unable to cope with the drug problem.

Williams said Sunday he was offered marijuana and LSD while visiting the musical event. "It is not adequate just to arrest people," Williams said. a enforcement officials must maintain a climate of law and He said the sheriff would not have had enough men to handle the crowd if he had tried to make drug arrests. 'The county sheriff, lacking enough men of his own, should have requested assistance from the state po'ice and neighboring counties," Williams said. Other county officials said it would have taken a small army (o control the dru? traffic.

"It was one of the worst situations we've been confronted with," one official said. Dr. J. B. Steward, county health officer, said he treated two persons who suffered problems with LSD, wine, and speed (methamphetamlae).

The sheriffs office said it made 10 drug-related arrests. But a sheriffs deputy said Sunday: 3 was about as smooth as could have been expected and now they're leaving orderly and quietly." The arrival of hippie types and others interested in the music, or in watching the crowd, caused a massive traffic jam in the area Friday and Saturday. The festival was held on the farm cf Mrs. Melvina Pelletier, in rural Columbia County. She said she didn't see any drug abuse, but admitted, "I wouldn't recognize a cigarette with marijuana in it if I tripped over it." Mrs.

PeUelier, a 55-year-old mother of three, said the music wasn't bad. "My old lady's bones have limbered up a little bit--in my mind that is," she said. Assessors Get Order To Hike Assessments OLYMPIA (AP)-County assessors have been ordered by the State Department of Revenue to assess property at 50 per cent of its value for tax purposes. However, most taxpayers will feel little, if any, immediate increase in taxes, officials said. The assessment ration is the percentage of the value of property upon which the millage is levied to determine the tax.

"Freeze" laws, enacted as early as the 1965 Legislature, limit the dollar amounts cf taxes to be paid. The move, made Monday, resulted from a King County Superior Court decision upholding the constitutional requirement of assessing property at 50 per cent of its value. The ruling has been appealed to the State Supreme Court. Previously, Revenue Director George Kinnear said he would increase the assessment ratio no matter what the court decided. The Department of Revenue said no exceptions would be allowed at that it would monitor the program by assessors lo make the change.

"In those cases where the department determines that the requirements of this rule are not being complied with, appropriate legal action wil be taken by the department so as (o assure compliance," the order said. Moscow Paints Vivid Mao Tse-fung Porfrai'f BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) Solemnly, Moscow pumps propaganda into Asia picturing Red China's Mao Tse-tung as, among other things, a drug peddler, brothel keeper, brainwasher of children and inventor of a thing called "the antirevisionist dance." Not only that, says Moscow, but Mao is against love. Ever since the Chinese-Russian border clashes, Moscow has been sending reams of news re'eases to its Asian embassies for distribution. "Corrupter of Souls," one such article is entitled. Accord- in? to this, Mao's minions, "fighting revisionism in the kin- require children to relate their "positive experiences" in the fight.

"My revolutionary conscience tormented me for a long time." it quotes a Chinese 4-year-old. "I wasn't able to perform the antirevisionist a well enough, but I remembered Damages Sought LOS ANGELES (AP) Alleging he was unlawfully arrested in connection with the slaying of actress Sharon Tale and four other persons, a young phioan is demanding million damages from Los Angeles police. William Garrctson, 20, who had been employed as a caretaker at the estate where the killings occurred was arrested for investigation of murder booked, questioned for nearlj three days and released. The damage claim was filed with the city clerk by Garret son's attorneys Monday. They raid if it is not paid within 45 days, a suit will be filed.

GarreUon. who has returnee to hU hometown of Lancaster Ohio, has indicated he exoccts lo enroll in college this fall. Students Did Work OLYMPIA (AP)- The stales summer job program for youth put more than 3,000 students to work, Gov. Dan Evans sai" Monday. The jobs covered assignments from law clerk to gardener Part of the program include! the "swinger" project on Stale Department of Public As fistanw which employed 71' children of welfare recipients the 16-20 age bracket in task helping the disadvantaged.

The State Parks and Recrea lion commission hired 31 youths, including 110 boys day camps across the state; th Neighborhood Youth Corps hire 43, with more in a colleg work-study program. About half of the students applying for summer jobs wer hired, Evans said, and every state government agerc was involved in the program I The Daily Chronicle, Tuesday, August 26, 1969 I Senior Citizens May Not Be Bad Drivers WASHINGTON (AP) A researcher says senior citizens may not be the highway hazard I everyone from younger drivers i to insurance companies claims separately--the over-5's have the best records cf any cf six age-groups sturtai The ether groups ranged from ages 556! do-jra to fges 23 ar.d under. Fire Puts Power Out they are. A Denver jurist reported to- day that a study of automobile I driving records of folks aged 65 1 and over has disclosed ''the sen- i ior driver is not the universal i risk he has been assumed to bo. "And." added the report by Judge Sherman G.

Finesilvor. i may be among the best OLIVER, B.C. AP) Some i drivers on the highway. I 6.0(0 residents of the Similka- should raise a beacon cf Valley ia southcentral i hope for senior drivers whose i British Columbia face a critical i abilities have been demeaned. shortage until the end cf the week as the of a fire that destroyed the charged." said Finesiiver.

a re- cn ')' power line into tho area. searcher at the University The fire, which threatened licenses jeopardized arJ insur- ance threatened or sur- hairman Mao's instructions for the sake of revolution ne must overcome himself. 1, a tile soldier of Mao Tse-tung's linking, overcame myself. I dancing now to spite the re isionist." Love and marriage are out, ays one Russian release, quot- ng Peking radio as saying such hings are used only "by class nemies to distract youth from roletarian politics." Another release says the Chinese people starve while lao and associates grow fat on rug traffic and gold smuggling The "gambling dens an rothels of Macao," it says, are managed by Mao's persona apitalist, Ho Yin, a high-rank ng Communist. Weather 4 hours to 4 a.m.

Tuesday, 'acific Northwest High Low Pi iellingham 67 45 .03 Boise 82 53 Centralia Chehalis 74 43 .03 loquiam 67 43 Olympia 74 42 Omak 85 44 Portland 75 54 Seattle 74 52 ipokane 75 45 Vancouver, B.C. 67 79 Walla Walla 73 56 Venalchee 78 55 Yakima 78 43 Alaska: Anchorage 67 48 .0 Fairbanks 55 42 .0 Juneau 53 42 .0 THE ELSEWHERE High Low Pr Albuquerque, clear. 90 66 Atlanta, clear 86 63 Jismarck, 93 67 Boston, clear 93 64 Buffalo, clear 82 57 Charlotte, clear 86 64 Chicago, clear 79 72 C'ncinnati, clear 88 64 Cleveland, 87 66 Denver, cloudy 85 53 Des Moines, 84 61 Detroit, clear 90 63 Fort Worth; cloudy. 80 74 Helena, clear 87 60 Indianapolis, clear. 87 60 Jacksonville, clear.

87 69 Kansas City, cloudy 85 70 Los Angeles, cloudy 9066 Louisville, 95 63 Memphis, 88 71 Miami, rain 88 74 Milwaukee, 84 63 clear. 88 61 New Orleans, cloudy 86 71 New York, cloudy. 94 67 Okla. City, 74 63 Omaha, clear 83 64 cloudy 91 63 Phoenix, 105 83 Pittsburgh, cloudy. 86 62 93 56 Rapid City, 91 60 Richmond, 90 67 St.

Louis, 65 63 Salt Lk. City, clear. 97 63 San Diego, cloudy. 84 64 San 72 54 Tampa, fog SO 78 Washington, 92 73 Winnipeg, 89 71 National extremes, excludin Alaska, in 24 hours to 4 a.m. High 112 at Palm Springs, Calif.

Low 35 at Kalispell, Monl. PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON from left with, efl to right. Dr. Henry Kijsingjr, special assistant lo the President; Secrelaiy cf Stale William P. Roger! and Henry Cabo! Ledge, ch'ef It.

S. negotiator at the Vietnam peace talks in Paris, they Unded Friday at El Tore Marine Corps Air Sta'ifn. Nixon held a conference abcard Air Force One from San Francisco is El Toro. AP WIREPHOTO Fugitive Organized Manhunt Ends LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) officers have dissolved the ganized manhunt for Leonard Ortega, 32, an Idaho Prison capee who reportedly is armed nd highly dangerous. Ortega slipped a Jrthern Idaho dragnet that re- It ed in the separate and dra- alic captures Sunday night of other escapees, murderer rank William Grooms, 23, and ruman Watson, 27.

Pcrce County Sheriff L. A. uddlcston said Ortega "told rooms and Watson he wouldn't taken alive." fie Feared And Paul Bright, Ada County leriff, said Ortega is thought to have a 3006 rifle and an estimated 250 rounds of ammunition. Deputies in two counties continued checking today a flood of unconfirmed reportes relating to Ortega's whereabouts. But officers said they were without a solid lead.

The search centered in the Orofino area Monday, and most officers think Oretega still is somewhere in the pine laden mountains of Xez Pcrce of Idaho counties. Ortega had been serving time for a previous escape, in June of last year. On that occasion he was caught the same day--in Idaho County, at Grangeville. 8 Migrant Workers File Farm Lawsuit 1 PORTLAND (AP) A U.S. 'istrict Court suit filed Monday eight migrant farm wokers ccused a farmer of luring them Oregon with false promises.

The workers asked $10,820 ach for themselves and others the 35 migrant worker force the farm of Ronald ley in the North Plains district Washington County. The suit also asked 58,000 each punitive damages. They said Tsnkersley promised them 3110 a day per family they worked 14 weeks, 8 to 0 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tankersley agreed last spring when he brought them to his arm from Texas and New Mex- co, the workers said, to provide medical care, a furnished home good condition, a bed and be ding for each person, clothing, for a week, free laundry 'abilities, free nurseries for children loo young to work and roundtrip transportation. The suit said Tankersley had paid them each less than when he ended their employment Saturday.

He didn't provide any of the extra benefit they said. A spokesman for the U.S. Department of Labor in Seattle said Tankcrsley's labor prac- ices were under investigation to see if they complied with regu- ations covering a labor contractor. Representatives of VISTA, the Volunteers in Service to America the domestic Peace Corps, have charged Tankersley with violating their civil rights by not allowing them to enter his property and talk to workers. U.

S. Atty. Sid Lczak said last week he was looking into that charge. He criginally had been re ceived at the prison in 1963 for a robberj- in Owayhee County. In June, his robberj- sentence was discharged and he began serving a two-year term for last year's escape.

Prison officials said that he might have been released by July of next year with time for good behavior. Others Jailed Bright and seven of his Ada County deputies Monday transferred Grooms and Watson, both of whom were injured moments before their capture, to a jai in Boise. The Nez Perce County prose cutor said he would not file charges against the two men this time." Grooms was in high spirits. but both he and Watson 1 1 aali-pollution deuces, Wastes Useful PORTLAND (AP) A Portland consulting engineer sai Monday many and paper mill wastes could be useful. W.

S. Hamilton, who spke a the national meeting cf lh American Institute of Chemica Engineers, said aluminum hyd roxide, a pollutant, could transformed into another chem ical that would purify watc used in the paper making process. He said other wastes could be used as fuel for pjwer plants mulches for gardeners and ra materials. One mill is capable of produc ing enough artificial vanilla ex tract to supply the nation, Ham ilton said. The biggest problem is th of remodeling old plained of their treatment by deputies as they were manacled for the trip to Boise.

Watson remained generally subdued, however. Watson said he had from a small cliff as he at- tempted to elude officers and i a dramatically reduce driving i between European capitals. Motorists can go all the way from Vienna through Germany to Amsterdam a distance cf 800 miles in 15 lours. suffered neck and back injuries. Grooms hurt his ankle when a car, driven by a a crashed during a chase.

At Boise, officials said said. "It's like having a 1950 ca and spending $1,000 on it," said. War Msy Intensify TOKYO (AP) The Vi Cong said today that Presiden Nixon's decision to postpone fur hther U.S troop withdrawa from Vietnam will intensify th war and selection of Gen. Tr theiThien Khicm as premier won pair likely would be returned to help solve the Vietnam proble the prison sometime today. either.

Denver College of Law. In a report to the Eiehth International Congress of Gerontology. said the conclusions were drawn from a recently-competed statistical study of the driving accident rates--of senior motor- ts in 30 states and the District Columbia. Declaring the federally-sup- orted study was the first or its in the United Slates, the udge listed these findings: --Although over-65 drivers an average of 7.6 per nt cf all licensed drivers, they ccount for an average of only 8 per cent of all accidents-iri- luding fatalities, injury-produc- ng, and propcrty-damage-cnly mishaps. --They average 37 per cent ewer accidents totally than pro- ectable from their proportion of he driver population.

And the'r record is even better when only njury-producing accidents are considered. --In both categories--that is all tyjpes of accidents combined and injury-producers considered Overdue Book Back ST. LOUIS (AP) A withdrawn from the St. Louis Library' more than 83 years ag recently turned up in Texas, bu was no trace of the crran borrower. "Parlor Dramas" by Fowle was given to the library in 1E6o and was withdrawn before 1830 a spokesman said.

The volume was recently spotted at a book fair in San Antonio, sponsored by the local chapter of Brandeis University women. The chapter forwarded the book to the St. Louis chapter, which returned it to the library. The spokesman said the fine, if computed at two cents a day, would amount to more than SCOO. But the library lacks the Nirrower's name and fines can- no', exceed the missing bock's value.

this to'jn cf l.ft'O and caused some residents to from their homes Sunday, was brought under control Monday. A Forest Service spokesman said the fire was contained by ICO men ar.d nine bulldozers All lumbering ar.d mining operations in the area have shut down and several ed persons will be out of fork until 9.0CO feet of the XC-vo't transmission Use has rebuilt west of Oliver. The first of several emergency generators was installed in the area Monday night tut Dauglas UcMynn, general manager of iVcst Kootenay Power and Light Co. said' it will be Friday or Saturday at tte earliest before full power is restored. The fire destroyed a ranch home three miles west of here, as well as a shack at a geology field camp operated by the University of British Columbia.

It also destroyed 30 power poles, cutting power to fie nearby towns of Kcremeos. Ilcd'ey and Princeton. Telephones Cut Off EVERETT (AP) Telephone service to several hundred residents of Die Silver I-ake area southeast of Everett wa; cut off for a short time Monday when a construction crew drilled through a cable with an auger. General Telephone Co. said lines were sheared.

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