The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1937
Page 5
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WliDNKSDAV, NOVKiMBUK 17, 1937 BLYTHEVILLIS. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Mobile Machine Gun Another Step In Putting Army on Wheels ft} 1 ,VEA Service FORT SAM HOOSTON. Tox., Nov. 13.—An ingenious, queer-looking contraption appears to have .solved one of the army's major tactical problems—llmt, of moving machine guns without putting them temporarily out oi action. •icij new low-slung, streamlined carrier, developed by Cunt. Robert O. Howie and Srgt. M. c. Wile}ill the infnntry School, Fort Ben- nmg, Ga., transports a machine gun, a gunner anil a driver over almost any sort, of terrain, swiftly and with a minimum of danger. Although Die carrier still is in Ihe experimental stage, army ofti- ,-ials hailed it as n yreat step toward Ilicir goal of complete motorization and modernization of the nation's •'••fit."-' forces. The'machine is being tested under mock battle conditions by officers and men of Ihe proposed new infantry division here. Even more enthusiastic than (he "Ulcers arc the machine gunners themselves—the men in the ranks to whose lot will fall the task of operating the rapid-fire guns in any future war. Space for Two Men To flieiii, the new carrier meanr an end to the back-breaking toi' of lugging lieavy machine gun; across country, with the attendant delay in maneuvering and (lit danger to gun crews from enemy bullets. Tlie carrier looks like u doublj imdcrslung automobile chassis, witr motor mounted in the rear and I hi ugly snout of a machine gun flicking out In front. Overhanging fen r dcrs of lieavy steel protect the sides ot Ilic carrier and the oversui pneumatic tires. The carrier lias space for two men, both lying prone and facinf the front. On one side lies thr driver, clutching a lever-like steering apparatus near his shoulder. All engine controls isuch as gean and accelerator are at the rear, and (Jie drivei' operates them by £ "touch system" with his feet. Always in Operation Lying on his stomach on the other side of the carrier, a little to 111' rear of the driver, is (he gunner During maneuvers, lie has no thin to worry about except keeping hi weapon iiy trim for battle, becaus' the driver Is'able to take over ful responsibility Ton maneuvering th carrier. - '•• . • Whether the 'machine is movitr forward or backward. Hie gumie' is always able to keep his weapor in operation. There is ample spac' at the front of the carrier for scv cral cases of ammunition. Tiic machine gmi is mounted st . that it has a forward sweep of 18' degrees, a complete half circle k Uic front. By ducking lite head, thr driver can allow the gunner f swing the weapon over his back f permit iiring to the extreme lef The same water system whlct cools the engine is connected s that it also cools the machine gur eliminating the possibility of over healing:. The gun is placed on c fixed mount on the carrier, but car lie removed cpiickly for use on In ground ivhcn necessary. Machine Is Liglil With its broad, heavily trcade- tires, the carrier can travel ovei rough ground almost as easily as r lank. Because of its undeislinv construction, it is almost impossible to overturn the machine, whic' is light enough to be righted by two men even if it did tip over. '" - sh'n? construction also enables the driver and gunner t< -'• • •' themselves almost, entirely in grass or bushes which grow r loot, or two off the ground. Thi? army officials point out. is of tremendous advantage in open-conn-' try warfare where it would be almost imoossiblc to advance or retreat while carrying a gun by hand. A strong front bumper breaks down small trees or bushes in the jiath of (he carrier. The machine was brought to Fort Sam Houston for tests in open country. Present as an official observer was Brig.-Gen. Walter C. short, who supervised construction of the currier. Army officers held as a closely guarded .secret the mechanical details of the carrier, which is exoccled to be altered in n number of respect- 1 , before it is manufactured for general USD in the army. They'd Be Hard for a Regiment to Handle Bf*' «< ••:,• ',;'•','•!• • >'• fWfi&y^KXi^vK i ws'«-sM;m^Mi&^fii;; The army's new experimental machine gun carrier lurrows ink. (all gross like a "emwIlilB cftfcrpll. •nr, giving driver and eunncr innxltnuin opportunity to conceal themselves whlb firing The weapon ;an be .swung in a complete hall-eircl,- lo the foiv. A sluvily bumper on Ihe front break.-i oil snnll ree.'; and bushes In (he path. PAGE FIVfc Former Treasury Chief Mi ssssippi NOTICB TO HOLDERS OP BONDS OF , I.. E A C H V I L L E S P E C 1 1\ L SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 40 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notice Is hereby given pursuant to the provision of the deed ot trust securing these bonds that fhl.5 district, will receive sealed lenders of Us bends on or before Hie I5th day ol December; 1337. Tim tondhaldcr.s desiring to tender their bonds lo Ihc district must, submit Ihcir offcr.s in dtipll- <'ato, one copy being addre.sscd to the undersigned, nnd cue copy mailed to Ihe Commercial Na- Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Robinson STEWART-ROBINSON Succeeds C'ily Drug store We Sued all ze In PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine J; Liquors 2014 W. Main Phone 2 , a rrier in Rough ground la ,, 0 obstacle lo (lie n™ mncliltic = U11 •hown here as it ciimbu a rock-strewn ledge. Note the maniirr luch the driver, p rol ,e at Ulc left, operates th ? renr jneclimil • ith his feet, leaving his companion free to man the gun which I, .n the T.-ady" EVCIT moment. ICKypthu {ilaiil tlcls Sulisldy CAIRO IUI-M—snid Mohamccl Gliiizl, 0 feel, a indies lull, was of- fcndwl when he rcii:! (hat Robert Wndlow, who Is only tl feel, 0 indies nud lives in Illinois, clnlm- crt lo lie Ihn lullcal, man in the wcrltl. The KliiR of Egypt l ms guiinnileed Siild » bed for life. 3C',000 lionks Trims [erred LCNDON (OP)-nic Krent (ask of moving London University's library from south Kensington Ic (lie new lirariquarlcrs In niooiiw- bury lius stiirtwl. In oil, the lib- my conlnins MO.tOO volumes, tn- eluiilng c:lilicins EO rare as lo uc pricele.w. Sliiimi Ki'.ti- as Air Hull MIAMI, Flu.' (Ul'i—Air express •ihiiuni'iits In and out cf Minim list yc«r ttliiled 250,498 pounds as compared with 112.C20 In 1931: Pan American Airways and Eastern Air Lines have reported to ths city department of finance. Valley Group Be Asked To Measure , ST. 1,OUJS. Nov. n (Upi—j/i-!). '"X M.u-leav. cwiillvo vice presl- «-"t nl Ihe Mississippi viiilov As-odndoii, |, na unnoimec;! Ihn't fleesnios lo (], P roiivenilon ^ |,o new ] W io NOV. -J3 and as would bv "sited (,i npoose the \vnw-hour bill on liroinids |Dnl II woulil ercnlc ,ui »nilic.iii! tnido burrler in Hie Middle Wi-sl itnd south. _'""" re:)l obli'ellve of (lie bill," Muelmy fr>( d. -la < M t . rcil , 8 lt lmv i-jKlenil Authority .whlcl) will have ' . wrtuitry aiH elhnliinlc differential.'! In wnic scutes between Hie mi<lilli>- «'««IP,-,, s> ,, )05 whf!tc ,, v| cos(s are low and transporlntlon linndl- caps are hlijli. In favor of the liigh- ly industriiill7=d East where trans- ,'.',?-. la ^ lC " ™ sls ni ' c '""' " ll(l ">'!"(.' '"Hie immcdliilc eltect would bo lo crpiite nn artllieial Iradc tarrlcr which would ininoso a serious handicap on liuliistvy in the Wesl mid SoiiMi." To lie juth fomciill 'Hie Mississippi Vnllcv KolUn Truck Car, !).'ivrr (oiling over and over this huge (ruck van. loaded with potatoes inaJly stopped' almost, on top or the auto, crushing in one side ot lie car and killing rjclancl A. Wolgamol, 50-ycar-okt insurance alesman of Albert Lea, Mini... whose Iredy is still in the ^«t in he above picture. The unusual acclricnl occurred as cor and I ruck collided near St. Paul, The truck cliiv:r escaped injury icnal Bank, of Little Rock. Ark-; The district reserves the rich "^Trustee for said bond issue. (0 reject nil tenders at a Sec aid tsnder shall state the price (not- acceptable to the district which the bonds will be soldi Oivrn this and day of Novcin- Vole l)lys lip "ISUi Hole" YOUNOSTOWN, O. <UP>—Bnl- lots totals showed the nearby township of Canfield would be-' ccme dry. Also drying up | s the IStii hole rendezvous fit the cxCIl- tivc Soiltlicrn Hill Country Chill located in Canfield. Visible writing was the next improvement, after the .shift key on typewriters. First appearing in" 1803, it enabled the writer to sec plainly the lypcd letters on the paper. The famous actress,- Julia Marlowe, was bom In Caldeck, Ciirn- beilamlshire, England, on Aug. n. 1870, under the name of Sarah .dances Frost. Her parents brought icr to America in 1815. Canal street, Nj\v Orleans, derives its name from Ihe canal liich formerly traversed it, 'Hie waterway, intended to unite Lake Ponclinrtraln with the Mississippi, was abandoned and Illlcd in by The Emperor Claudius was saluted with tho phrase, "We who are about to die. salute thcc," by the —uuiiors \vno entered the riii" as participants in contests. It is said that girls worry more over (heir school home work than noys. who usually stop when lliey feel they have done enough. - cf (he Inlnnd wiilarwiiv.' Indusli-lcs. IU purpose. Micl-»- is lo uroti'ii OIK ::cnoml' * "f the Mlss-lssliiul Vullc- will be the 19th nnnunl con vcnlion. i! other iironosuls whlc vltnlly iidoei, [i,^ CCDMOIHC wi>U«'-' of the bn.sin. Mne- JP.'IV j;«l:l. Is (|^ tio«;lonn| Aiilhn-i ties iiii-nMiro, Bolh that bill and th' wiwe-huurs pronnvul will lie up fn- 09(1 tide nil ion when cotisrcsji convenes No. ia. ; I'C;M« tnt Slate's Ilichls bills. If cnactutl, wiiul-' -.. Invade Iho »xlsUn<r rl»i" I and functions ot sltilo n lu | [ 0=n ' eovernmeiUs and restrict the power of C'oiiaress nn<l oxlstlm' Federp' ocimrtmcnls." Macleny snkl. i -"Ini'v make, no nrnvhiou fr- .oiiliimln? the u. S. Armv Enul j lo»n (riiliiln» nnd demonstrate-' ability, nascd ou (he cost of th- Tennessee Valley Authority f date, it i s estiuiHted [lint n woui' 1 vctiuire more than Slo.OOO,flO».(V" lo extend the authorities to other parts of the country. The anmir : interest charge alone mi this sun' Is more than $300,080.01)1)." '' vrhe Mississippi Valley Associs-' lioji reprcsniiUi shiimln?. iiidiiSlrtt' ncrlcultural and consuiucr intprtsls in two vallev stixles. Advance rn» istration for the convention thf year Indicates It will lio one of Hi largest in Ihe AN»ciidion'.s history Maclcny mid Drer JlatU of .Suits Wvn. i UP) .. Here'- a new one in nccidanls and dam a»o rJnim.s. A (leer rdllidcrl with an automobile driven by Q. L,. .mcaer of Southgnlc. Calif., ncnr Evans- fon, Wvo. The (leer wns killed and Jaeger's car was damaged. Jaeger sent the stal c p,amc dcparlmcnl a bill for $.59.63, (he cost of repairing his car. American boys prefer rn.l as their favorite color for marbles. '.ml shall give the number and lenonilnaticn of the bonds. All ;onds so purchased must, be dc- Ivercd lo the Trustee for |)a y- ncnt and cimceltatlon on or Ir- torc January \, 1933. ber. 1937. Lcachvillc Special School District No, 40 of Mississippi County, Arkansas. By E. E. Byrd, Secretary. 12-10-26-3-1 938,000,000 PASSENGERS TRAVEUO 40,925,557,66? MIIES ON AMIRICAH RAILROADS- ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. Life Insurance . . \t\ K insurance Investment, Sccurilie? OSCEOLA, ARK. WHHS THIS WHISKgy IN OAKEN CASKS! HORIZONTAL 1. 7 Ex-scc- reliiry of Ilic treasury of Ihe U. S. A. 11 Native metal. 12 Silly. 15 To help. IliTo fuse Aniwer to Prcvlou* Funl* ,-.._. . II Packer. 18 Victuals. -'0 Little devil. 21 Refunded, XB Age, 2'1 Morlar (ray 25 Piiid pttb- llcily. 'it Performed '•to Ethical. .M Clirislmiis enrol, •M Tlie hub. 85 To Immpcr. 3Y Planter. 38 Call for heip "I sea. 4 DM ensure of aren. •II Moolcy apple •!•! P - tltio acid. 40 Before, M File. M Challenged. M Honeybee. • r )5 Meadow. r>t> Cherub. M insect's eij£. 58 He was appointed by Pros. —. 59 Ho |), 0 nnilotinl <lebl. VERTICAL Kl'iillcrn. 3 To leak. •1 To io.ilc .flux, 5 Telegraphed, li Mulberry bark. V Nothing )n«i« than. 8 To drink 9 Italian coins. 10 Smell, 13 Blow cm )ho head. M Mesh of Incc. JCIlc was a successful In Industry. 10 Ho donated n nn I Ion nl arl to his country (Pi.). 21 Wnml. n Stream obstruction. 24 Tillers. 20 Giver. 20 Heart. 20 Beverage. 31 Uncooked. 32 Farowelll 30 Skillet. 37 Mcmbrnnoiu bag 39 Aulo body. •12 Evils. •13 Consumer. 45 Pealed. 48 Unit of work 47 Ale. 48 Unoccupied. • 40 Nnrrnlivc poem. 50 Ceremony, 53 Wrllliijf lablel. D'l Ooil ot iky. , ALBANY. N. Y. <UP) - slxtecm ucel Innks. the largest weighing '30,000 pcmuls and extending 35 'cet longer limn a rnllrond (Int car, live been lloatixl from Jersey Oily, '. J.. In Whltlnit. Ind., viix tin: 'rtiije cnnal. The Inuks serve:! as 'icii- own barges awl were Imvcil by tinjs. Social Security In lin!:tli'.ill OLYMP1A, Wash. (UP! — 'llif. Seattle const league baseball rfub ays unemployment insurance Is Hie state, which will enlltlo'any ot the plays to si to $16 n week aid when they B <ji oul of'work. Head Conner Rows Want Ada To Head U. S. Fleet After February. I the Uiitect Males fleet will bo under :om, mnnrt o( Admiral CJaudii C. liloel), above, w!io lias been In chargo ot the battle forco. President Roosevelt named Illoch naval chief to succeed Admiral Arthur J, Hepburn, Park in Hockles Sets Record OKNVEH (UP)-Dnvld ir. c«ii- IH'ld, Miporlnlcndcnt of Hooky Mountain Nnllonnl park, north of hero, announced that fisi.Bso 'par- tons visited tho park during tho year ending sept. 30. Tliij was tho (ircalest number of visitors in (he history of tho resort, showing an 18.4 per ccnl, Increase over lust year. America producer, approxtamle- ly aiG.000,000 poimils of toilet soaps nmnuilly. WAKFUHOUR LIVER BILE- ffilfiwl Citoctl-AnJ You'll Jump Out c( ttj il lWH«niojKirin'li)Cii II Tl'.'i?''!' I 1 ""' 1 ' 1 l ',° Ur ? ul lwo OTI"«1» •>* Undid bllo Into your (jowels ilnlly. If this l>lla itnotllnwIpirfn.Yly.yaurfooiiiloom'tiUKat. It Ju«l J.-can In (lielxiwdL <!M blonl^ up your nUimncti. You tcl conitlpalvil. iuur wltnlfl Hyutfni li nofson^I nnrt you f«I BOUT. • uiitt anil ilia \vartil tao!<9 mink. Liixitlvn nro unljr m:itfslil(l.i. A mere bowel inovi-incnliloesTi'twttat UicCBiiso. It UKcrt llio«fl irood, olil CnruVu I.UUc Liver rlllj U) «tl llu'so two iiounil* ol lillo nowlnii freely nnil mnkcyod f«l ''up nnil up". Harm- Icii. nctillB, j'UlnuiBilnKlniinldruhllcnow trcrlr, Aah for Co.rlcr'81,Ht[c r,tvcrl'[tla b? ciini^. 'Uulibortily rt:f,iac anythiau die- Ua. (lilies' Smull Heel Cups 16c Ituhhcr Hccis For Men, Womuti &. Children ., .^5c Whi'ji ucllcr Ltnther Is Tunned, Smith Will Buy U. .SMITH SHOE SHOP 'Cilchcoc Blilg. ' '"'" STOOP, LOOK & LISTEN DAYS GONE FOREVER} Wllh Thilco's new Inclined f'wilrof Pand, n !*ho»a tlin von want . . . uiih u flick "f your finger, J'lillro Automatic TmiinR Firings it io, tnncil prrrislon. Come ill anil ir>- n new 1938 Boulilc-X I'llilco iOO/C AT WHAT YOU GET IN THIS PHILCO 3XX I'hilco Inrlincrf Cntilrol Toncl I'lillro Aaionmiic Tuning Magnetic Tun- • I'liiico Foreign Tuning Sfstan I'liilen Inclined Sjoiinriing Hoard -1-1'ninl Tnnc Control S SprCT.Minn.i Tnnins li Concert O'ranil Kfcclro-Dj-naniic Speaker v other famous I'hilco fca- OTHER DOUBLE- only wftA-PAtfcfl Hl r »-Sfffhaey Atrlalto Intvr* fTpetttt forsifn r*f*plitrn, BIG TRADE - f^f. ALLOWANCE ' • LONG

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