The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1935
Page 8
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PAGE EKirTT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) OOtfRrM NF.tfS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1R, 1M5 Connie Mack Depends On These.Pkyers to Come Through '^itW^'s^fff'^Kf' flFWHLETICS Dieliich and Marcum May Be Standouts; Average Team Age 25 NOTK: Tills Is an- ollu'i- of a series' of :tr(l<li-s- from hlg league (raining camps and! s.-ooiul of livu xlnrlis mi the' Miil.iilelplib Athletics. BY IIAIIRY fiHAVSON Sports Kdltor, N'lIA Servlec FORT . MYHIS. 'Ma.. .March 13.— There is a gleam In Ihr pale blue eyes o! 12-yetvr-oUl Cmmle Muck us he prepares the Philadelphia Ath- Jc-tic.-i tor [holr 35th sen son In Ills American League. You do not suspect that Muck has something up his ,s!eove. Yon only have lo look out over Terry Field lo know that he 1ms. The current crop of Athletics brings happy memories lo Muck til a team that reported to him a quarter century ago—Plank, llen- dcr, anil Coombs: Ird Thomas: Me-, Innls, Collins, Hun*', nnd Baker; and Olilring, Stvimk. ami D:\nny Murphy. - The squad that Has buckled down I to work here also reminds Mack' of the band he assembled in 1!)25, which went on to Oic first of three pennants anil two vaii-ltl chainpiruv ships four years Inter — Grove, Earnshnsv. and Wulbera: G'ocbrane; J.'mnty Foxx, Bishop, and Dykes; Simmons, and Unas. The • current Athletics may not ' attain the heights of the. .two creal arrays that preceded tlinm before they arc torn apart, but there is talent galore. In the 2S athletes uo- Sng through the paces here. And what pleases Mack most is the fact that the average a^c: of the band l.s only 25 years, "With Jimmy Foxx falchliv; nnrt hamlltas the young pilchM".;. the Athletics have a chance to win (ho pennant in n wiiie-oij,''i) r.tre," smiles Mack. rilciitnj; Prospects Uosv Mack Is banking on Uin bock- slopping o; Fox';: jind thn natural imorGvenienl of hh youn-j pitcher 1 to swceo ths outfit from fifth pines. v,-here-it finished hi 1984, to n contending position. He has a half -(teen exceptional pitcliin? prostreci.'; In Johnny Marcum. Bill Dietrich, Alton Bpnton •Chartev Uglier. Ocor^o Caster, an<i Viirno'n Wilsherc. ft southpaw. Marcum copped H (James and lost 11 in 193-1. The b'SD5Ctac!!> Dietrich won 11 and dropped v Both won most of their vlclorjo durits the las! half of U;r> cam paimi. Dnrin? the doshiT wet:s. nl" I rich trimmed the 'flns-nathcrln Detroit, Timers, l-Q.-befoi": n\\ over 'flow.SuUtiay crowd at Knvin Pleltl with' an' ordinary fly gobi? /or two'-bas* ,hit. Mnck calkd It on .of the finest pitchln.. pci-fornianc: for a youngster on the roaj thai 1 .cvfr ivltiu>Ks«l. Liebcr, who siln?s a il5cc|)!I\ shiVer. was drafted from in? Francisco Missions, tnv \\-\\am 1 prabbcit 19 decisions while losin 13 Cosier, purchased frcm land Coaslcrs, iron 3 panics ant' lost ^. after frcpovtinc: in- Scntmv. her. S.Tills former Urilvrpltv 'o' Soiitrjerri Califoriii:i all-round star i>il the sterling athletes attacking' victuals nt thi Bidtonl Hotel lure. Cflstcr Is a • pitcher ivltliout ?. vvitidup. He throws Ilic ball with n sirielc' sldeann motion, it is a ,sorl of lesal quick wtch. He has rc- - mnrkaUe control. SuBnr Cain 1= a ripht-hnnder o 1 estoblished worth, and tjsnoy Ma- ht'.ffey ha 1 ! been around loin; cnou';!'. lo know how lo pitch. UtUe Jo? Cascsrella. the croonsr, met with some success In 1931. Sammy Fox*. 17, and Bill Bennett, 18, soutboaivs. v.-lll be sen' out. Sn will Ed»ar Smith, a semiprofessional of Columbus, N. J. .Charley Berry is oack to warm no pltcbsrj: p_nd to h 1 ; nvailablo in the event Jimmy Foxx is hurt. Bill Conroy and Charlay Moss nr- ; youngsters who require ssasjninj. InfleW llns Youiif Talent -Alex Hioks a f-iiKv fisiill'm kti- handor. tsct:l3s th« robust aRs'.en- I': of the lamous Poxv nl'first bis- ThH former aU-round luminary o' Southern Methodist University hit •MO in the Texas- Lc-ajuc last season. , i D}b • Williams,ft X 1p starti'nt we- Mlrt ,fe\l^ *Ont^U 1 .flro nre three of the youngsters nil whom Connie Mack counts to hnlld his Athletics Into a p?n- iimit contender. Left is Wallace Moses, .|r., a .310 hitter from Oalvcston, who may gel an outfield berth II l):id-ncllHK Bob Johnson misbehaves. Above Is Alex Hooks, who lilt .340 In the Texas League lust year, nml who lio)»s to lit inio Jimmy Foxx's shoes at first. George Caster, right, the rookte hurlcr from Poiilund, pitf.'hcs without a u/iiKtup. sl a stone wall in trying to take Eric McNair's job at, shortstop. Bob Fi\nr,elt, wlto hel|wd Galvcs- ton win the Texas Leslie gonfiilon whit n j left-handed balling nVcrngo of .v.02, laces the same Xlnd of conipctltlon In I'Vank !ll(((ilns at third base." ' •• OiiUlelder I/iu I'lnney will step In Rl first base If Hooks fulls down. Bob .-Johnson, 'wovkliwf with n od behavior clause in his coiitract, d ColcivtMi, and noser Cr'niner rm an outfield that (s quite good tough, and Wallace Moses, ,)r,, n. It-hnncl hitter who swatter .310 CiBlvcston, Is on hand tn help solemnity of Htilish scholarship comes to lUjht a siatemcnl. by Dr. By Harry Grayson il.iy.s jiic.-inl i?vll omens (o the slar- eiiBast," ho dually eonles-scil. (Ol- liotird side pluycrs, and the siipt'r- lie was ht.s battery mate nnd shar- slitlons ball hnwks would don their ed the .same room wilh Rube.) lucky shirts, carry copious qimn- > ") mint a clause" In my con- lilies of tuck, pieces, nnd prepare tract thai he won't rat crackers Sn to battle a jinx they felt sure bed any more,'' would ride with him in the per-1 Muck stifled the urge to guffaw, .son o! the porlslder. Cloaked In the profundity mid led .piod^ed'a ^ u,,d B pa er'ihere- ~W ^ ^ »»f ^»™ l.ett-l,anders have been accept-, with, and with plenty of lechnl- J™«f*l to ««««*«:,"» ™™<* Bill Terry's Nightmare ... By Kren/- Kid" or matter of fuel 'since, but cal and lecal phraseology, fixed up their idiosyncrasies linger oh. Mi)liils Culpln, a loyal subject of j wadilril Was Wony contract which .prevcntpd Ollic from eating crackers In bed. Rube the fellow lo whom he's tnlking! Lefty Gomez, (lie Ynnks 1 smoke- artist, Is another who dls- ball artist, Is another who ,, - .signed, threw away his bar apron. iP 1 , oves ,, I)r - c ; 1 ' l P ill ' ii . d«<*™«°n- his majesty the kliiB. to the, cf- if ym remember mine Wandell. land nccompnnlefl. Mack lo train-!, I11B si ra Cnsilian is so nervous feet that': I Connie Mock's old southpaw who lug ™,.m " c cant be calm. Everj' game he camp. "Left-handers arc calm mid tin-1 wns one of his greatest 'pitchers, Another example of "dcmand- llbcrate, dcmiind Justice for' them-' you probably can recall his "dc- ini; justice for themselves" is nabc .selves nnd. others, nnd nenerally Iltjerate obstinacy,", and demands nulh. Witness his prolonged con- , sort of ' delibernU: otetl- , for justice for himself. | tract battles with One of the best Illustrations of pert— aim If S&O.OQQ isn't show n nncy.". . We have no means of knowing lllis * clmrncicrlstlcs cnmc to light for one year of ball playing, what whether the learned doctor ever °» c yen'' when Rube failed to re- : j«? delved into (he tomes of bnsebnll P° rl - '" tlln sprint'. pitches he works himself into such ,u sweal he loses ;x) like u duck sheds water, nnd the only rnl ink/, mm- thlnff deliberate, about him is the Col. Jnkc Bii»-! way , le pl|sh(!s thH pellet 1>asL justice batters _ -i l ancient and modern, but It seems Connie, knowing Waddell's .tern- l.liln Alrjmrt Nearly Heady' VENICE, Italy. (UP)— Doth land planes, .shortly will iise I Kxrcplion Proves- Rnle, |,n,scb:ill 'spurt. Buck in Unit his .statement, Is applicable to perumcnlal wavs. stattei! sc'tvrch- But the Ram ftlso refutes the more than lo any oilier i»s In vmloiis saloons. Ife .knew good doctor's statement us to be^; . the petulant sonlhpaw \voiild be ing "cairn and dellberalc."_ Imii- the Dnik Ages of HIP tending bar in one of Iheiii... sjine a guy who cats .so many hot Finally Mack ran across : iitibc dogs imu ilrliiks so 1 mlich'pop that slouiiini! suds over the InalioKaHy: he nets a tummy ache that ciuis- ".Wlmt's wrotiB, Hiibft,? Aren'i es a nation to weep salty tears, the terms right this year?" he being calm arid deliberate! • • , ; " Or imagine a guy like Babe, id ic Haw im-ptirt constructed on dinmond pastime, soothpaws VJNC ic Lido here. Principal airlines rcgnrdiitl ;is 'beings from another om Western ISuro[>c • nm] • the world, livery time an unorthodox nlkrnis will cull here cotinccllhg nilcher would wulk to the iiiound. ith Internal airlines of Italy, butters would stick their tommies asked. T facilities for both land In their cheeks and mumble music The 1 lelty ml sea planes have been greatly plmiscs to-ward oft evil splrtus. assumed a rlBhtcous martyrdom. look ot svho can't remember fellow's first or last name to save his ex- over the nresenl atoort. . Slgninu of n .soutliaaa. In those : "It's about that Ollie Scl^r.tck- pansive hide, and who addresses Max Miller turns In j Skeet Card of 22. W. L. Dsivls of Texarkana, Ark.,] pro, scored hits out of 25 shots in j shoot, at the BlyUievillc skcet! There arc 'numerous other southpaws hi baseball; some bear out the British savant's contention, laud others belie it. To avoid any possibUity ot nii-Uj tioas rising 10 arms over sucli a* club'yesterday afternoon. stupetKloiis statement. Dr. Culphii - N!ax Miller, club mcmhcv, led' WQiild hlive done-well to temper ihc ani!l tcuit; with 22 out, of, 25.. his bulletin to re.'Hl: . ' ! - JBo'one Hall made 30 hits, Joe Keii^'[• "Bighl-lianders arc lucky pen-1 [el - fcol . C(1 ,j tm-gcts and. G,- E..I pie—lucky they nren'l left." Keck 18. ' T A cup of sugar weighs seven c - ' u Elliolt ' ° s Joncshoro was •• ounces; a cup of honey 12 ounces. Read Courier News Want Ads, Sunday. visitor. A -regular shoot will held 'piopw Yeedinq, Kefp -- r yotr doq iteaffKy. AcJcf y 86 '* fo fr*« |[fe by f e<! d ing Wflef 'i bio^kiHy fHN d Focdi cn?& A diy. '-, HURUARD- HARDWARE GO. jr. r ^'^t^^'^V RN w\^w Oharley English rcadv t« reVcvr him in the event (lint his Ihrowiiw (lojs not improve. En»ten !iit .328 and wr.s \otc- 1 tte most valuablt- play,->r in th" TCXES Lsague l&m*r N'ewsomc. who come from Tulsa r.lth Hooks nn-J a .28 average, is butting his . AVE DELIVER ,' ANY AMOUNT OK COAL as llltle as 301) His - Try ...X-CEI. from Atnbaira i Ccsi to lioW fire, full of hMt i ! THE SUPERIOR "fy Truck owners know economy THAT'S WHY THEY BUY CHEVROLET ,*•' Ifuilratecf, j'/rlon Panel Truck 031' Wheellxm) •> -^s^S;-., Men who Htiuly haulage costs know that Chcviolel trucks are as outstanding in economy and durability as they are in price. Chevrolet trucks handle tough hauling johs day after t!ay at small operating cost, because they are built to Chevrolet's own high standards ot quality in every part. The powerful sis-cylinder vnlve-in-head engines are truck motors,'especially designed to give sustained pulling power. Features that assure stamina and long lifc economy and quality- largKt Zini/iJcr ot trucks. ClfKVTiOf.KT MOTOK COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN Cotnpivf Chnrolet's ton' iWhrmf/>riV« anil rn<y Ci. M,A.C- terms A General Mvttirs Vattrr SEDAN DBUVERV.. HALF-TO.N' ^r'ffC CANOVTEXPRKSS.. t)Dt> (112' WKttllmc) HALF-TON *,4£r PICK.UP ............ 4'O5 (112'«'brtHai.) - ji.«.v.Toxncj:.up $i«r WTTfl CANO?V ...... ^"O (112'Tlitttl.iw) ^DJ.TON'CHASSIS f, A.sncin ( (1ST Tht.llj«) STAKE ( '1K-TOX Jf IlIRIfRACK (1ST Wl.ttlb.x) •IH-TON STAKE •••• ,"•' '.{«?' 1 MM TON I'UTKOHM'.. t Hit prlf^y p/ cfmmrrfiaj r at fTinr, . ant lift! )2f! txtm. Fritti JI^-J'PCI ta tt^ntt Sftcial vpif J .PUONE TOO CHEVROLET TRUCKS World's Lowest Prices SMOUSE'LITTLE CHEVROLET CO, • • . - BlythevUle, Ark.

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