The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER tfEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople] PAGE ELEVEN GET AR£ YOU SCW6 TO KEEP IT OrODEE GLR&S —LIKE UW80RG6R? rto, Kio. Mftc^.TXJC'P rr/ (Jo owe SEES-TH& STAT06 M0v«J OhSTIL CHE ONVeiLIKSS/—A CARELESS WORD OF CRITICISM SUBCONSCIOUSLY TO ALTER A WRlhJKlt NO--V#*>g MOO GIT A WEAK, TAKE IT.' rT VAS A BE6AK TO KETCH HIM WITH HIS RIGHT HAND SewEP UF? BUT TK REAL 6HEAK PER ME l& BI& MATHJNK4 HE'S VOWUN 1 PER 5UMP-N W TH 1 STORE 3 SAW THAT- 1 SAW xxi Give THAT KIPASL 1 )! SWIFT KICK PANTS AS THEY wesjT BY.' KINO OF A VMORMV rr? CHUM COUUD you SPOIL THAT VAC WITHOUT fflow WOULD YOU SOYS LIKE A' PUNCH ? Help Wanted Cotton Pickers Wanted. TrucXers. m picking. Call 4848, "' li;4 pH ll|ll|H want & Iftrae family at pickers at my iiiace one mil* weal and one Jiiil« 6ouih of Victoria, Arkansas. Oood picking, Omar Shuliz. Ill* P* 111U for Rent Comfortkbl* bedroom. Ph. 2675. 10J26 pk ll\1t rur STUDIO 4|5-ck-U t'OR BENT: Frozen Bmyloct « ai<bw>: 61 Food Phone locken 3112 ci U Private Rooms Large front bedroom, prlvala tranc«, 622 W. Main; 11|1 pV 1 bedtoomft adjoining b&ch. Men only. Mrs. B. P. Blomeyer, ph. 266S 11|1 p'i 15 Comfortable bedroom, close to town Men ohlj. 310 W. Walnut. !0j29 pk 11[29 tileeplDK room adjoining batn. Work ypg couple or 2 Bkr!». 102 £. Kentucky |!)n. 4027. 10,27 pk 1 Nlc« B«th. 8 bedroom. M«n only. L3 Walnut Phone 2494 6:28 ck Adjol] 11|28 Front bedroom. Ph. 2339. 1113 Pic I2[ Lost LOST: Female black and tan bound nick la one ear. Wearing colhir. nam plnle Walter Barne>, BlytnolHe. Pb 884. . . 11J7 pX 1 Wonted to Rent 3-room. JTur. apt, ph. 3621. Someone By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART c. n ,i,hi.-i»«;:NIA soviet;I We. liuslneis couple need Bmall lurnlsri •en or unfurnished.apartment or house Mil at 1910 W. Main. Mr. Bennlck. 10131 pk 11 for Safe, Cars and Trucks BARHAIN: beautiful > 1949 5 ROftmaster for Bale. Ph. B767: U|7 pk llHa atimeoBier l ton pickup truck All steel long bed. 17.1100 miles total. OTeralie«. 5 speed transmission. Heater. J900.00. Call 3013 BlytheMlIe ^ 11J2 pk lljlO 1948 Studebaker 1 ton pickup truck. All steel long bed. .^7,000 mile total. Oversize ^ires, 5 speed transmission, heater. $900.00. Call 3015 Bly- tlieville. 11-8 pk 15 47 apeclftl deluxe Plymouth 4,-itaar neclan. Low mileage. Perfect condition. Alao 37 Ohryaler 4-door Bednn. cheap, rti. Maa. joj 31 p]E 1116 XXXII I I" IZ looked frightened after she slapped Tod. "I'm sorry, Tod!" He rubbed his cheek, and got up from his train seal. "I'm glad you did it." He went out of the compartment and looked up the porter to see about his bags. He knew DOW that he had had enough ol IJz. He had taken a long, long time and the.path behind him was strewn with'wreck- age. He left the train at Chicago and took a bus back to Capitol City. That was the end of the Conover Agency job, naturally. He got another job. It wasn't a highly paid one, but it wasn't a "bought 1 * )ob. Ma, sick and tired of the nursing home, found some roofns in' her old neighborhood and moved in with him- They were the usual sort ol rooms Ma picked out. A tavern on the ground floor. A narrow stairway with , chipped green plaster walls. A small kitchen with sagging cupboards and an ancient gas stove. In February Harriet '•< showed up unexpectedly.' She'd had an awfu Lime finding, them, she said- She's called Tod's phone number In the book arid Jenny had told her they were divorced. She hadn't heard -1 or she had been living in Chicago "Good grief, what, a place t live," she said, plumping her suit case down on the studio couch Tod was appalled at the change In Harriet. She Looked old and weary She was out of work arid they ha to let her stay. Ma wouldn't hav turned her away for the worl< Tod reasoned that at least ther would be someone to look afte Ma properly while he was ai work But Harriet wasn't home much, turned out. She used the apart merit for sleeping and th at ibout all. "Ma says you're payin' for Lha Before you - buy,\ see these USED CARS ic house out on Rivcrdale Road ir Jenny .while we live in a dump ke this," Harriet said vin- ictively. "Sure, 1 keep tip payments on ie house, thai was the agreement, pay no alimony or support for he kids." "She don't nefed you to buy that ouse tor her. She's makiii' money and over fist in her dress shop. on ought lo see the way they've ot the place fixed up. Some oint." "It's nice she's doing well," Tod nultered. He had walked by the lop once on the opposite side of he streel, just out ol curiosity. He ould see thai It was a prospering usiness. If it hadn't been, he night have had the courage to a east try to see Jenny. As it was here wasn't,much point In it. tie id sec Nina,'though. ' T was one of those.windy March days, witli papers whirling in. he gutters and stray hais cart wheeling across intersections.- H< was in a hurry, but when he saw 'Jina- he stopped, and called ou o her. He thought for an instant h saw a gleam of malice in her eye •as she "recognized him. Hu kne\ that Nina didn't like htm. but h felt an overwhelming desire to tall to her, because she would sure! speak 6f Jenny. ; 'Ho w'&— how's business, Nina? The wind whipped past them, an the-sidewalk : was crowded at l th intersection, so 'he took her 'arm and drew her over to the shelter o a building. "Fine- The shop is doing eve better than we expected. Yo should see the income tax we ju: got through paying." "Uncle Sam takes quite a bit eh?" He didn't want to kno about the tax. All he wanted wa to hear about Jenny. "Hpw- are you doing, Tod? Nina' eyes caught his m mentary hesitation. "Still with th nov**r 'At^rify, I pr°**mip, H she id. "No. I loft there about the first the year." Her brows went up. "Oh? I cln't heard." "I've got a job with a furniture ore. Pretty, good future i,n it." There was a painful pause, "I've been expecting to see a yout in the rotogravures about ou and Liz," Nina said. "1 sup- ose you'll be getting married ion?" "You haven't heard about that ther? Liz and I are quits." He olild feel his face reddening. 'Well, that's news. Did you now 'that Jenny's made up her aincJ to marry Rick?" "No," Something heavy came nto his chest- "But 1 had an idea scy probably would sometime." e added. "I'm happy about it. All Jenny's riends are." Nina rattled on.- She u'gged pensively ;al,' her gloves. Jenny's such' a goo'd kid. She nooned around so long over you, began to be afraid she was a one-man .gaU But we,aU get over nese things, don't we?" suppost we "dp." .. His voice racked a little but -he couldn't elp it, • •* * VINA went on. "Jenny's thinking of selling out her hall ot he shop 'after Easier, because kick's got that lovely place in Cen- crvi]]c, and his mother says she'll .akt the cottage and let them have he big house." "That's tine." He only wanted Lo escape from Nina now. He pulled up the collar of his overcoat. The wind blew furiously, and. ie couldn't hear what Nina was aying. - ; "Well, i jjucss I'd*better be shoving along; it's iny lunch hour, you l£rip\yl". HeVscar^ely'knew what he was saying '_ • Nina leaned closer, "I said. Is there, any h\'d like me lo take to Jenny?'" "No. Pm just glad to know she's well and happy." They parted. The wind seemed colder to him now. He felt cold all the way through, chilled to the bone, as though he would never be warm again. • (To B« Continued)' Notice ' LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark! ARKANSAS DEAD 'ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 10,21 pit 11121 Wanted to Buy 1947 Kaiser Sedan, has ra- ii : o & heater. The price is low. 1941 Ppntiac 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. Very clean. 1940 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 19<19 Kaistr DeLuxe 4-door. only 12.000 miles, has all accessories. Big discount! Be sure to see this car. Several older model cars at give-away prices ?IOO to $200. Several otQer cicellBnl ouya to C&OOM from 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 8-5 ck tf Oht type McKashey drop leaf filing cabinet. Notify Heathcock Grocery, Rt. J_ Caruthersvllle. Mo. Hj5 pk 8 Used com picker, Fh 41M- 10,31 pic 11)7 THE Real Estate - Mortqaqc Loan* - Insurance OSCEOLA ' ,BLYTHL\1LL Phone 3075 lftntJt price paid tor UHIUKENB- us Asn dtre«T Git>c«n at Market w Ann 6|7 ck ti found t round wheel on property. 118 So. jinXlm St. Inquire alter 5:00 p.m. 1117 pk 11|10 The halibut sometimes attains R size of nine feet and a weight of 700 pounds. FOR SALE Concrete cnlTer(». lz Inch lo M Inch, plain or Kcntorced Ate* Cnnrrrte BaMdlnj Blocks cht«»- ei than Inmher f« barm ehkken htiusM pump (looses, tenant tiiiiisr* tool shed* W> drlivct Call as f«t tnt nlUnat* . . . Phone S91. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Wood stoves still are widely used in certain parts of the country for home heating. Tills is particularly true in heavily wooded areas. In England It's the Chemist Shop. In France it's the Apothecary Shop In Biytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service WE INVITE YOU 'Your Friendly Studebaker Deafer" Railroad & Ash Blytheville FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOB8EB Ah, Joyoiu Day! "Every time I blow, the people upstair* start stomping— do you suppose they're dancing?" Two wwxe SAHOINES APIECE/ TWtYMUST THWK NOT MAYONNAISE I ITS FATTENIN&.' l&t ATHUTES PROT6IWS / THAT REiVHNOS MC' EVBRY- TMIfte- YtXI vwtr, Uooes M, CUSTODIANS PROTEINS/ PKISCll.l.A'S POP She Started Karly BY AL VERMEER to drive the 1950 STUDEB/KER, the "next look" and ."next ride" in fine automobiles. Come by or phone for our salesmen to demonstrate this fine car tor you. NOW ISN'T THAT f.. ALWAVS DOING SOMETHING NICE FOR PEOPLE JUST LIKE ME... WERE YOU HAPPY WHEN ' I WAS VIC FLINT Vcra Is Suspicious BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY «nd RALPH LANE . GOOD.' NOivN rTHEBE IS SAFElY/lf THAT OVfR THt 5UMK-I TlU. ME AGAIN AND WERE IS FUU / DISCH AC6E5 EN SUBMARINE V WOVV THIS L AUIOA1ATIC. 1 THE FUU LOAD, WITHIN II/UF /\ GUN WORKS.I AN HOUR. / '^S ^ ,- O--.^ 'II WOULD FIRE WET/ YOU WHOLE CUP IN LESS' f XPECT THAN tWO SECONDS./] TROUBLE TONIGHT?.' BUCK'S VISIT "T THAT RfMINDS ME. IN THE ROWBOAT/ HANS THOUGHT HE TOHI6HT BOTHERS I HEARD A SUSPICIOUS /At. WHY DID KE \ SOUND ON DtCK... COME OUT HERE? CAPTAIN EASY She Is? BY LESLIE TURNER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. •••jt Ca}f 888 QUICK! S66 IF YOU CAM C».TCH TH&T EVER' WUUG MAM BIG CAR.! rve GOT TO TALK TO THE WITH THE MOST BEAUTIfUU SEWORIT* I. IM SAN DIABLO...DWJGHTEE. Of JUAREZ. 6IIMEST LAltO OWNER. M THE COUWTK.V 1 t MEET SAW HIM CHATTING WITH BUGS BUNNV $3= Drop Something? .ALLEY OOP I'utting Oscar Hep BY V. T. HAML1N iiio ) OH; THAT •. ER X E x pl -* IN s 'IM.. ) THE SKEW A.K.1 / (' VER-TO EVE(?y- 0ME BUT THE . MY STA.125. / THEY DIDN'T HOW'D TH&Y EVEE / PAVE MUCH PULL YOU OUT Of ( TO DO WTH IT SACK IN ; OOOLA ENSINEERE MCO? < IT._SHE Hi>sD HOW , 1 GANG SNACTCH THAT STPANGE \ DOC..IT JUST WOKE STIRRED UP AN AVFUL ROOTS-ANT) HKR mmi)IKS BY BDGAR MARTIN

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