The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, 7UAUC1I 11 1031 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS PAGEFIVa Blythcville Arkansas Team Remaining In Meet JOE ram PROBLEM PUBELt Yanks Have Plenty of Baiting Strength But Not So Hot On the Fielding. They're Big Guns of Yankees jiV VVU.LIAM SKA ServU'C Sports HdiOr ] ST. PETERSBURG. Ph., Ma:v!l I \l--loe McCarthy is « nica fcllo.v —ai'.d very tough. ••He's really very easy to got along with," big Lou Gohrig to!i me when we fell to discussing Boss 3m here the ether day as we walk-' ed from t're park after a workout. ••All the ball players like him, :i:vJ anyone cnn dc- v.lir.tever b- 'I'.uijtv to do except Eimcthiiis Joe Me- C.irthy doesn't want him ;, uo." There you have McCarthy Th? r.e-v impresario ccnducUii'j ihc diamond affairs of the Manhattan prima donnas known as His Van- kees. is an'amiable and genial chap. [ but lie figli'.s. He is a wonderful fe!- ' low and a stern drivei. He is all ready to smile and laugh with you, and in the next minute he can speak words that sting, without a frown. The Yankees, as I saw them tV.e ether day in the park at St. Petersburg, seem 'to be a learn '.but i-: ready to play baseball—with golf, jlcigh rides and night clubs merely rrcondary considerations. Boss Jc? McCarthy is handling the taam like a fatlur guides the destinies of a large and sometimes unruly family, j As to tccr;niqu2. the chief mechanical feature worrying McCarthy is t'nc pitching. "We have the material to work cut that infield combination. I believe." he told me in the dugout behind the Babe. Tony Lazzeri. Lon Othrig and about 35 other assorted Yankees going about t'r.c annual business of spring perspiring. "Bill I dun'l know jet about the piichrrs. "I guess you know we've got some pret'.y funny pitchers in thai mob out there, and a few good ones, too. "Pip^ras. v.ho was operated on lor appendicitis, isn't, here yet, but he'll te .".hie to start the season, j Such regulars as Wells, Johnson, | Pcnnock, Ruffing and Sher!:l yoa j don't have ID guess about. But thcs: rcokie pitchers of mine NEED A WHOLE LOT OF ATTENTION. ! "I want two more good pitchers. TfTcTC aic about eight candldat—- for' the jots. The roster tells you who they are. There may be two pitchers there and there may not I'm net so sure." Nobody else is so sure. citr.?:'. Veterans among the New York baseball writers. \vho havo s?en lU? Yankees rise and Tall as a powrr in bas?ball, lODk at yoti a litl!? ciuccrly when you ask them if th3rc are any pitchers out there. The candidates are: Paul Andrews, who won four and lost five for Birmingham last- year, If thnt means anything; Frank Barn. 1 ;. \vlio wen 13 anil lost 12 for Toronto, if lhat is important; Wal:;r Brown, who won 10 and lest G for Oklahoma City, if you rare for tint . tcrt of thing; big-foctcd Vcrnr.;) Gomez, who won 8 and lost 4 for St. Paul, if you care for that; George Miner, who won 1 and los'. 14 for Jersey City, in case you're interested; Gordon Rhodes, who won 0 and lost 2 for Hollywood: Jim Weaver, who won 19 and lest II for Baltimore, anri Phil Wcinert wl-o in his 29th year, copped 16 winning games for Louisville \vhtb losing 11. Out of that crowd you can pay your money and take your choice. There may be Miithcwscns 311:0113 'em. and again, ap;frarances be most deceiving. "We arc experiment!::' with trr infield. Boss Jce told mV. "and we will be for some lime. You knr.v we can make n r I j , now to keep til ctti c i making a pile of ci o I agreed that In w i T i c. j siraljla bareball ideal. I "Thuo's Jcrt ^c\M icC-u h I wont nn. "and I rmire Jor.'s soin' to help us. H.; had his tonsils out and says he ic;ls better. lie was :;:cK last year. Look at him out there now. He doesn't lo:-t sick, decs he?" Joey, scampering around with I!;D noisy enthusiasm of a high school boy. indeed didn't look sick. "We've got some inflelders," McCarthy continued, "i may switch 'em all around before Icng." lint, the question of w;-.o is going | !r> play second or short, —among :uch candidates as Lazacri. Clrap- juan. Lary. ar.d Bill Werb?r —has become secondary to anolhcr 1 ii:r,azing phcnomencn takinj place Mill; the Yankees. A (ram of somewhat sclf-\vi!lt:I I p:itonalities is being bs.v.ed wilii a ve:i;ca:ice this year, such a bossing as it !'.as not, had since t.isi> I b,ill urilcrs in the south inflame,! j Itfiller Huggins by calling him a I •• mu?u. which took the Miller's tnind entirely olt the fafiinalin; bir.ints BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer Evesi of the baseball fans arc on Leu Gehrigr, Joe McCarthy ii-.icl Babo Itiilh, left (o right, above, the big shots of the Men- York Vankecs. 'I'he fans have a pretty rlefinite Idea, of what to expect from Lou and Babe. They're wondering, luwevor. just what McCarthy, as manager cf the .world's greatest baseball circus, can accomplish in HIE pennant dash this year, Ills first in Ihc American League. The KiDg's Rosses? Neigh, the King's Men Hornersville mid Steelo Favored; Locals Put Holland Out of Running. lllylhcvllle \uis the lone Aikiu:- ?:is tciim remaiiilne In Hit- inde- Ifi'iuti'ni tournament underlay hero Ic-lloivln;! ilio Hist round of play at the Armory mst night, lloiners- vilie, Steele nnd COOUT. Missouri quintc-ls, remain In the running. Tonight in tl:.i semi-linn's niy- liH'Vlllu will play Steel and llor- neiovlUe will cash with Cooler. Oil | U' :lr pc-rfoniinncL'.'. las'. nii.M Ktcele i and Hornc.'svllle rnie to nv.'cl iu ; tlv linals Thursday nlu'n. Th^ lilytueviiif A'jl-i;t:us ik-j'eat- nl :hc Hcl!..,ul ir^^ie^al'on In [lie :::si game last nlBla 31 10 'JO \Vil>'~:i and I'Ujtcclt, the cllicr Avkan- . : :t* entrants, v:ere troiuued by i Hu'nc-rsvllle and Steele, respcctlvc- ' ly. Cooler drew a bye wlitn Off- oia failed to appear. Til? Holland cap?rs slnseil a thrilling rally In the final qimrtcr alter trailing lliu Ulyiucvlllc boys for three nimrlers. At the end of tlie lirsi half Blylhevllle led 24 to 15 and 29 to 20 at tr.: end (if the third quarter. The Mraourluns sprinted to catch the Inenls in the I final quarter but the niythevlllp Lv.skctcers managed lo hold n one point margin at the finish. Kln- i iutham and Michael of nJyttovlile counted cieht iioinU as Old Little el Holland. Srrrmd liame Koush The seccntl game was spirited and fast all the way and exceedingly rough i» the I:"', rait. Tho Ilornersvllc quintet, loomed as probably tourney winners by trimming the formidable Wilson team. | 35 to 25. I Accuracy with siicrf. and long I stict-s played an important part in the HornersviUe triumph while Ihe Wilson boys w.:re oft form in their : goal shooting. At tin- half the Hor! nersville team led 17 to 15. Keniiclt, Horurrsville forward. \vas high point- scorer with 18 points to his credit. Durnetl of V.'ilson had 13 points. The 3lee!j quintet sliced a run- THE CHICMO cues 6EAT ifie Puiuies, ribo, 9,0 JMIWG GW IN U>Hict\ NEITHER "fcAM no overt Re.sturcs tcunrd the Great Hint the Kid wicUis is kindly, after Orovi 1 . but I'.n slyly passes arc broad enough to Humor Holds Him away £t cif its game ; spree hi the first half Figgott. The it isn't to be blamed weakness -of a few Even that was a lot fur the Kid to say. Ile'.s KUl (o i;vmboily And. by the way, they all call him "the kid" from one camp lo another lhrout;hout the i-oulh. Mention of "the Kid" mentis Instantly only ons man. He lias whip be to established that cannol baseball Ultntlly l:o mistaken. Carry- !nU'ii>rcted as applying southpa'. 1 ..! In general. The Kid fio?s about his business efficiently. uaUl'.i;; t'.msoc: lo-lhe ccirsidcrs, af nn age Slcele offense slowed down in thf b=t half wlih two aces O'.U of the game until the last lew minutes.' The final score was 46 to 3i). Sicele started its rapid fire scoring soon after the game began. i Conn, lonsnted Steele cenler, ran j up a total of 17 points (luring the ! f.rst half. Conn and Tolbert, crack forward, were kept on the sidelines when the second half opened. In the fourth period they, w,jro agftn put into the game und Conn added a couple of field ccals | to give him 2! points for the night, j i Waken of the l'igp>tt team was- I ieadinB scorer with 12 points. Ing on, in his courageous way. he is listed merely as "a coach of the j j, c;us hllt 1,1., CJ . C5 Et ni rhinc He can rebuke with a smile— but it Is a rebuke that is remembered. , Rookies who have felt the tartness of his tongue are llinnktul. Tho K'..1 knows how to one etui lines* nccunUely. iiis [drive home ti lasting lesson. ' • hair is riimv while and Ihln, his In iuoking back upon the suc- fac? Is ceamed and wrluktad. h!s j cesses »t tlie Athletics lor the last ttep i.i slow by reason of hlsiluo years, the Kid cannot be for- A'E," but. lie remains one (jl the oiits-lnndlng llsurcs ol the gam;. fie takes kidding constantly' from his fellow?. Eddie Collins calis him "Claude," "Chester," "Algernon." But he returns the jcking wilh a laugh. Those Crazy Southpaws On» oi his favorite diversions is picking on Icri-hunders. lie mtikcs iic zeal of n bnse- ball ruokle. His sciiue of liumor is Irrepres- diule. He can Inke a joke tipun himself a'j well as I.i.- can hand n i a baseball player — from swift jibe tu ha mates. He moves] to star to manager to youon. He remains to me the mils old wizard of baseball, with a. verbal lasl\ that leaves no bit-.'-I ter scar." '" The Kid represents Ihe cycle of rookie. coach,. about among tha recruits, mlvls- j Through it rH his humor has ins and criticizing. Sometimes ! ;«••&' him, jn.5t as it will save hi; word:, .uv harsh and his I others to whom he speaks the bit- criticism carries the still? of aj ter word. B'villc (31) '. Burge 0 i Tatum 5 Kinningham 8 Raydcr Stewart First Oaji Pos. F F C G G Holland (3011 Sanfcni 1 lligdon Little Zolmcr Oi Jackson rv^u.i i Substltutons — Blytlioville \Var-l rington 4. Michael 8; llollaiul Northern 2. Sccoml Game If the Kin-j's Guard were vrcrui'.iir; husky six-tool- ers, U's more Ihan !i'::e!y that the, enTire pllchine stall. cf Ihe Cleveland Indians would be offered uniforms. Kot a man;* ths 13 pitchers T>'orkinq out in! the tribal wigwam at r:cw Orlear.s measures less llir.n six feet, and 10 of Uftm stand one. two and three j inches over that mark. Fr.y Thomas and Ovol Hilrtehrnnd are tiiu mosi ercwn-up lads of the lot. They're i ^each 0 feet 3. In the C-foo;-2 class one may count Kov;anl Craghead. the younj Oakland giant; \Vcs Fer- | ma! jrcll. ace ol the Indian ir.oundimen; Ko:;ic Lanson. Ihe termer Three-Eye Lenguer, and I^fty Lee, former i New Orleans southpaw. Walt .Miller. UHvc liean, Cliut Bro-vr. and Lcfiy Ehaffner rjghter in the G-foo:-l diviEicn. v:hilc the "ir.i<l<;eis" of the h:irlin:; corps are Mel Karcler. Willis Kurilin and Pete Jablonoujki. V,'il«en '251 Burnett 13 fflrrt -1 Romnson i Fineher 'J res. F F C G G Subsli-.utions -Hornersville Jeson. H'ville (351 mc'.L 18 Cr.iiii k Challian Hauls -1 Bur- CapahaS; ONE WIFE'S ,^ »is!;f,rp &&> Wii^r- _3.£ C;,-.t;i-. :.:-,. Marc:i 10. —Ralph' Tut'lyi l.'cstnng. 20. considered i :--' <j! tho test, short-stops in' uiiiiie.i^t j:i--sonri r.nrt Korlhcus*. j lir-s jus; tiynod i;p to, poJ' wiiii the c.i|«- j TO l '-aseb:.ll lenin o[ Cnne- ' MiF.'cui!, the coinin:; Arkansis. Him ! - OT lA_li l ^^J iX'S Elif sj A _ i "l'i;If\" spcn! a vhile !ast sr.i-; fc:: with i:i~ Osceola. Ar:<., Indian.' or ^ cl U:e s'.iDr.qcs!. rr:v.i-pro base-! l;a!I trair.j of tlin South anci v.on ! ov-.ri :ir. a hoiue-rnn hit-: . c ovLi-;il pioiuinenl Jrainsj :i aiul-Aikant-as, as well | [^ikiir::vri!3'^ i'.nl!ce in IV.r !:',;-lv.o hardball team ih:*t •r:--,-;} r^ \',',i~ c:;:t perfert. ! Cu-1- .ili \'c lo 'I'eria Hante. Tnrli- an^. and pby \vith Ihc Three E>cd ]Mqnc. I!- 1 rcrently refused a Iry- out \v ith tl:r .Memphis Chicks. ichnntrcd n n ir.-.i; 's iu!o a of town lo: trading and turned his | te ai ii"'in's'n-Arte himself liomina'.H drivin;,' scniu> to the direction of I ,, lnon , r ,,;, „.,,-„ n c i s p u ;ti:-.i a tall team. | aeros-i li'.e icie.i thai fp:::iT ;/a;.i- Tl:e Yankec.-i arc takiii!; lo il lik^ 'ing K r.r.'. a pcriocl lor ti:c briisain" '. ^,'.'.',7.^.' tl:e herons of the Everglades lake jnp cJ one's i;.V.f ganif or lui.'voviR-.' ,-" !;; .,', to ttuid puddles. ,the minii with c!;;:r'.<-;i-]uck. ' ii K 4; 11)s McCarll'iy, with a baseball r.lnri Will Jce L-B surcejsful? tr.,U cre^v (ml of ihc str-in rtv.h- The ar..s\ur to tli.i.'. one. if lor a reply, is, -i BcautL-icatlor, Program iov U. S. Highways !O VOV IvVdVV THAT— :u'.ci. dc a'; tin; p!o'.vi::g on Vilcy Mcore's farm nl Hclli-. Okla. . . . Cy bo'.mhl 'em \Mih 3tX) lie 'i'on from the Babe in Q2R. . . . Ruth put -jp S200 >SSinst. Cy's $15 that Cy vouldn't net three hits all si-i- cn. . . . "licckry is aerial wr.r- are trr.nsfcn-cd to ic.? and v.ith r.aehine gun .bullets omitted." ays Connie Smythe. manager of lie Toronto Mr>pie Leafs. . . • For instance, a three-plane patrol meeting a numerically superior enemy squadron and a three-man forward line trying tc pierce a five-man hockey defense. . . . The Rlrhthofcn of ! ir.? is Howie Morciu. : center of Lcs Canadian: . . • MOicnz lays bark tcmporn'.i,y aiul tiien ict.s !oo«e bliiidin? spi-ed \iilh a brilliant swoop into the fightiiiK. ... So did Hie Hed Knight. . . . Bill Clark. Ihc Brooklyn flinger. t:eps his ir.en- ey iu a strong box. . . . Bill was thrown for a less oi 44000 las', year in three bank crashes. S(.?e:e (4GJ Tolbcn 8 A=lin 7 Conn 21 i Earls u Ccpi-land 4 Third Game Pos. Piggott ISO) F Tolcr 10 F Hamilton 5 C Crews D C; Uniicrwcc;! Ci Sliced Siib-titulions — S'cc'.c, Harper, I Bishop; P::;s n u. Waison I't.. i Kefcrec-'Oamrr. Wo and thr:c. Kramer and Cross: Game three. Bird ?iul Ivy. Scorer—Sidbury. I : Timekeeper, Kyle. VI I. \NT1C CITY. N. J.. lUPl — De.ii;lif;ca:'.c.:i of the roads of tlv of the r.t t','.e An Impression Kid (llcason Cf all (he baseball eharac'.crs in the ?o-.:!:i thi« ye.-.r. there! Is cr.e- -Kid Clcatnn—whoac iir.r j j shines above the ics!. Baseball] . wiiters are aln:os'. unanimo'.isly I ' ncrccd that ths team put together ; ' liii- him to miide in l01D--!hej Blark Ko\—war, the grcaten l-all team the wcr!d ever has known. j Yet '.ha Kid. as manager ot that ; learn, saw his players kick away ' the -,iorld orrics deliberately ior , the sake cf i;o!d. Kid" had been olTerrd of dollars lo publicise ties ot minor league manhuiidlluc. .look at his Jaw 1 and with a driving force thai • tainly." can be dene in improving a iii^h- way whrn the entire refo-.irrr.- cf; tha'.isand> Ihr co'.mtv are placed l-chiiv! was me of the main! acnvitier of the citizens. r.-:r... ':i dL'Ciis^irn r. 1 . L'r.e leooiil] 'If? Rose Highway, rui'iiiiiv: meeliHS ol the Association ot , i cnss tii 0 ; ji-. c co-.miy. is said t Hni" V s".a°"' Ci "' 15 Cf lh ° NOVl " At '' C "° ot !ilc 1 ''°- t aUiaCt1 ' T ' "The esan-.ple of Cape May Cour.-1'" «'= country. Beth sides ly, N. J., wos cited to show what ! ln:cd with uimblcr rests. 'the story of that world scries I | fr(;m his own point ot view. But; his lip;, remain cioi-cd. i he !&".d me Ihc other d,iy, "fcrj i Cciinn; Matk—and v.hal i'.in Ij i add to uhat nircady is \veli known? | ! Baseball is a wonderful (tame, andi Chtysler Imperial Eight now holds all A. A. A. C ontest Boa?4 Stock Cat Speed. Records in its Class for 'one to fiv^ TP'" At Dayiem IksJi, Tlotida—Fcbrucrv 13. i,», f 15—3 ChryiUr fitipcrial Eight oipturcd all twelve s.txk Cur AJKCJ records in i~5 cf-iss titstarc rcco-jnizixi by the A.A.A. Contest IJoattl i f cr ons to five miter, <-.Iosca car and Oj-ctiiur record;— new rccorcs for one to f:vc mifcj fciiLi «i sMndiiij; iMrt - lew records for one to five miles from a (lying start—under strict supervision ^nJ electrically titncd by A. A. A, v^onccsc BoarJ officials. The cars were rclec:«l, checked and ccc:ificd b)* A.A.A. rcpr»entauves « being stock models iri ever)' Detail— ar.d tfc ruas were made fully equipped, even to sp.irc iiru, vilh jiothing rctnovf<f t nothing zddcdf nothing changed whatsoever, Twelve othcial records, Ljtusmill )v-_ - r>!.' 4l . &r --*,igr'u'I Jctaibof tlicse records, or tell you the story in oar showroom. Drive a Chrysler and learn ihc difference between Chtysler performance and the performance of alt other motor cars. \ \ FOWLER MOTOR CO. Blythsville,'Ark.

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