The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 6, 1967 · Page 13
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 13

Centralia, Washington
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Wednesday, September 6, 1967
Page 13
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Thailand Quiet Ambassador Effective BANGKOK, Thailand (AP)-A likely candidate for the "quiet American" title, Graham Anderson Martin is one of Uncle Sam's least-k n o w n ambassadors, But his four years in Thai-, land, ending this month, have had a major impact on the Vietnam war and probably on Thailand's own future. Not yet 55, the man from Mars Hill, N.C., has served 20 years in the U.S. foreign service after earlier stints as a reporter and In such Washington oulfils as Franklin D. Roosevelt's NRA --National Recovery Administration -- and Social Security Board. He turned to diplomacy after winding up as a colonel in World War II. Although Martin's job has been closely tied to the controversial air war in Vietnam, he is little known to the public either in Thailand or the United States. That is the way he likes it. He personally won approval for the U.S. Air Force to bomb North Vietnam from Thai bases. He won fhis cooperation from the Thais by playing down the U.S. military role. He avoided ruffling the Thais by saying nothing in public that could offend them. This meant saying almost nothing at all in public. Martin has never held a news conference and has made only two speeches in four years. Many Americans living in Thailand would not recognize him in the street. This diplomacy without publicity, according [o the men who work for him, accounts in large measure for his record as ambassador. T h e conservative Thais had been accustomed to more ebullient Americans. Fair Awards Listed TOLEDO -- Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bones, owners of a 100-acre dairy farm here, continue to win top prizes at Pacific Northwest fairs. Their latest firsts came at the Oregon State Fair last week in Food Stuffs Received ATLANTA, Ga. ( ( A P ) -- The Department of Agriculture says more than 1.2 million needy persons in nine Southeastern states received food through the department's food commodities and food stamp program in July. Salem. The Bones, who exhibit Brown Swiss cows won both the junior champion heifer and reserve sire classes. They won the same honors at the Southwest Washington Fair in the Twin Cities Aug. 15-20. At the Grays Harbor County Fair, the Bones' Brown Swiss animals copped junior champion heifer, junior champion bull, senior champion and grand champion bull, and senior champion and grand champion cow honors. The Bones have had a farm here for 37 years. They breeding stock. When Martin came to Thai- and American involvement in he kingdom of 32 million people was a 4,000-man military aid group and a declining economic assistance program. On his departure there will be 40,000 U.S. servicemen, about 400 fighteribotnbers, wings of 352 heavy bombers and battalions of civilian advisers spread .hrough the country. Senior members of the embassy staff say Thailand was it a wliUcal crossroads when Mar:in arrived. The Thai government felt Washington had made concessions to the Communists at the 1962 Geneva conference which neutralized Laos. With this in mind they were doubtful that Americans would "go the distance" in the growing Vietnam war. The Thais were surrounded by enemies and facing a Communist insurgency at home. China was threatening a "war of liberation" in support of the terrorist movement in northeast provinces. Martin convinced the Thais that the Unied States intended to stand firm in Asia. He further convinced them that U.S. fighter-bombers should be allowed to use Thai bases. Steaks Stolen RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- A thief broke into a restaurant near Haleigh recently and took $274 worth of sirloin steaks, rib eye steaks, New York steaks and filet mignons. LOOK TO THE WANT ADS FOR IT'S SO EASY TO PLACE A WANT AD Your advertising message goes into nearly 12,000 homes in the Centralia- Cheholis area everyday. 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Amount Enclosed If you would like someone to assist you in writing your ad CALL THE DIRECT PERSON-TO-PERSON NUMBERS 736-3311 748-3311 785-3802 Centralia ' Chehalis Winlock After 5 p.m. or Weekends Holidays -- Phone "Metal Myrtle" 736-33)3 Th« Daily Chronicle, Wednesday, September 6,1967 13 Ujat N«Hc« ' NOTICK Of HEAB1XO ON FBOrOSED BUDGET OF PUBLIC UTILITT DISTBICT SO. t OF LEWIS COUNTY notice li hereby jlven Ui»t punuint to the Revked Coae of WMhtafton, 8«tIM M.14.0H, · prapDKi) bud jet tar Public UMUtr DIltTlct No. 1 of Lcwta County for the ensuLnc ;ur h«Oeen prepirtd by the CommlnLon of "Id District tixl filed In the rMordi of the Commission hereof: thtt uld co*n* million will hold » public heirlaf on ime oa October 1, 1MT tr* flrtt Uon- dty In October) it the nour of 1:30 a'eloek P.M.. In lie Public UUIillr Dlf- Irlct'i olllce it Ml Pielflc Avenue. CnthiUs, Lewli County. Wuhlnilon. «t which tltne tny Uiptytr mty ap- peir »nd be heard mlnil the vhole or »ny ptrl of the proposed budiel. Upon the conclusion of «ld heirlni the com* mission shill idopt the budget » finally determined and (15 the final amount of expenditure* for the year January 1 lo December 31, 1944. Au«. 30; Bept. e. 1M7. L*g«l Notice JESS LINGENFELTER sits outside his Duncannon, Pa. home surveying the dam»s« after a tractor-trailer crashed through the living room of his home near the Clark's Ferry Bridge. No one was Injured. The tractor-frailer driver, Bill Zlegler, Allenrown, Pa., said he swerved to avoid a truck approaching him In his lane last week. -- AP -WIREPHOTO IN THE aupeniOR COURT or THE STATE OP WASHINGTON TOR LEWIS COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MINNA M. JIUNKE, Deceased. No. 13873 NOTICE TO CftCDtTOkft .NOTICE Is given thai lh« under- slaned h»i been appointed and nai auatlflcd as pcrcontl r*pr»«n(atlve el this titate. Persons having claims a gain it the deceased arc required lo serve Ihe same, duly verified, on Ihe undersigned or his attorneys of record al Ihe address itated below and flta the same with the Cleric of Oils Court, together wlib, proof ol such service wlihln four months alter Aujusl 30, 1M7, or the j a m e wl)) be f o r e v e r bar. ""' P.OYAL K. LAM30N Personal Representative c'o M u r r a y , Armstrong b Vnnder Stoep 1111 Uolslfort Street CiieluHs. Washington 9B53J M U R R A Y , ARMSTRONG Si VANDER fiTOEP Attorney* For E s t a t e 1111 nolstloit Street Chehali. Washington »833 Aug. 301 Sept. 6, 13, 1M1. CALL FOB BID!) KOTICE 13. HEREBY OIVEN, trr. the Board of County commlsslone of Lewie County, Washington, will i celve sealed bids up lo 11:00 a, on Thursday, September 14, 1947, their office la the Courthouse In cl halls, Washington, at which lime i bldj will be opened and publicly rei: aloud for the Improvement of 0.15 mile;, of the Brim Road In Section ,30, Teara- ahlp II North. Range : East. W.M., by trading. Each bid shall be In accordance with the plant, specifications aod other ton. tract documents now on file with the County Ro«d Engineer, whcrt copies may be obtained at no charge. Bid forms may be obtained from the Counljr Road EHflneer. Each bid shall be accompanied by · certified check, cashier's check or bid bond payable to the Treasurer of Lewis County In the sum of !, of the Wd, to be forfeited to LewU County by the successful bidder In case he falls 14 e n t e r Into contract and file an acceptable ftuiety bond In the full amount of the bid to fill conditions at said contract within live dayi of the date of the award, The Board of County commissioners reserves the right lo reject any or all bids and to waive all Informalities In the bidding. Dated this 5th day of Beptember, ROBERT I. VENEMON Auditor and Clerk of lha Board of County Commissioners, Lewis County, Washington September 6, 13, 1967. NEW SUPREME Court Justice Thurgood Marshall poses with his family outside the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. latt week following ceremonies that put him on Hie high court bench. With Justice and Mrs. Marshall are sons John, t, foreground, and Thurgood Jr., 11. -- AP WIREPHOTO STATE OF WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OP WATER RESOURCES OLYMP1A NOTICE OK OROUND WATEK BIGHT APPLICATION NO. M2I TAKE NOTICE: That DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC UTILITIES. CITY OP TACOJfA of Ta. coma. Washington on June 30, 1H7, tiled application lor p e r m i t to withdraw public ground waters through 15 wells situated within Government Lots 1 and 1 of Section S4, Township 13 N., Range I E, W.M., In Lewis county, In the amount of 30BO gallons per minute, subject to existing rights continuously, each year for Ihe purpose of fish propagation. Any objecllons must be accompanied by a two dollar ItJ.OOl recordlni fee and filed with the Department of Water Resources wllhln thirty (30) days from Sept. 6, 1M7. Witness my hand and official leal this nth day o! August. IM7. (SEAL) H, W. POLLOCK Assistant Director Division of Water Mnagemenl Department of Waler Resources Aug. 30: Sept. 6. 1M7. Walkout Avoided .MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP{ i threatened strike by 3,000 roadcast employes was averted, at least for several days, ihen union negotiators reached greement Tuesday with the National Broadcasting Co., on a ew contract and greed to submit to union members a proposal from the American Broad- asting Co. Tim O'Sullivan of Los An- jeles, spokesman for negotia- ars of the National Association f Broadcast Employes and 'echnicians, AFL-CIO, said ABC's proposal would be turned ver to the union's members without a recommendation. The union committee, recommending acceptance of the NBC ettlement, said a vote on both iroposals is expected in a mater of days. O'Sullivan said the mechanics Production Mark Set A four-year-old Registered lolstein cow owned by Matthew J. Rakoz, Centralia, has roduced a noteworthy record of 17,250 pounds of milk and 601 pounds of butterfat in 300 days. Washington State University iuperyised t h e p r o d u c t i o n weighing and testing operations, n cooperation with (he official breed improvement programs of the Holstein - Friesian Association of America. This level of production may )«. compared to the average U.S. dairy cow's estimated annual output of 8,513 pounds oi nilk contaning 315 pounds of lutterfat. Centralia Gets Post Page Steelhammer of Centralia has been appointed by Arthur Garton, State Director of the Farmers Home Administration as a member of the three- man Lewis County FHA Committee, the agency's county supervisor, Ron Kalberg announced this week. The appointment is for three years and began on July 1. Other members are Charles Shafer and James Blakemorc. The local FHA County Committee reviews applications, by farmers and other rural families for various types of agricultural land purchase, housing, recreation*! and water loans made in Lewis County. In addition, the committee advises with the county supervisor regarding the adapting of national loan policies to local conditions. Steelhammer is a farmer in the Fords Prairie area and is active in community affairs, of the union vole would be mapped at a meeting in Miami Beach today. The union has bargaining units in five cities--New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washinglon-r- invplved in the negotiations, which started Aug. 7. Terms of the networks' final offer were not disclosed, but the tentative NBC contract was re- orted to cover a three-year period and was to be retroactive to the expiration five months ago of NABET's old contract. The union had been working under an extension that expired last Friday. A major difference in the two proposals, a union spokesman said, was the networks' policies on staffing color facilities. O'Sullivan said NABET had demanded a four-day work week and pay raises from the present $218 to $300 a week for most of its members. Employes of the Columbia Broadcasting System, represented by a different union, were nol affected by the negotiations. Funds Told For Cities Centralia and Chehaliswere al- ocated a total of almost $18,000 is part of the $22 million stale id voted by the legislature to lie cities for the 1967-69 bien- lium. According to State Treasurer tobert O'Brien, Centralia was awarded $11,521 and Chehalis was given $6,397. The funds are o be distributed to the cities ater in the month after local of- icials have had an opportunity o challenge the allocations, O'Brien said. The allocation was to be spilt our ways among all cities and owns, among cities with a pppu- ation over 20,000; among cities with five or more fulltime firemen and among cities with five or more fulltime policemen, O'Brien said. He added that distribution of the first eighth of the $3 mil- ion earmarked for counties vould be announced next month. Pilots Escape OAK HARBOR (AP) - Two Navy officers escaped with scratches and bruises when they bailed cut of a twin - engined A6A jet plane near the end of a runway at Whidbcy Naval Air Station Monday night. The two were the pilot, LI. (j.g.) David W. Driver, whose home town is Marcellus, N.Y., and the bombardier-navigator, Lt. j.g.) James D. Hunt, who lives at Oak Harbor and whose home town is Billings, Mont. Driver and Hunt were practicing landings when both engines failed about 800 feet off the ground during a takeoff The plane crashed about 500 yards from a group of houses used by service personnel. Firemen Depleted PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP)-Idaho forest fires have just abou wiped out Arizona's supply o Indian firefighters. Robert Whltaker ot the U.S Bureau cf Land Managemen estimates there won't be rnor than 25 Indian firefighters lef in the state by Wednesday. Three airplanes loaded wit 325 Indians were scheduled t leave Tuesday for Idaho to hel battle the Sundance forest fire In the group were 125 Sa Carlos Apaches, 100 Whit Mountain Apaches and 100 Pa pagos, BTATB or WASHINGTON DEPAHTMENT OF WATER RESOURCES OLYMPIA NOTICE OF G K O U N D RIGHT APPLICATON NO. TAKE NOTICE! Th»t DEPARTMENT OT PUBLIC UTiLrriES. CITY or TACOMA ot T«eom»,W«sMtiglon on Jun« 30, 1«7, tiled «jipllc»t!on tor permit U) *llh- dmw public ground waters through 5 veils sltuiled vlthln Oovernmenl Lot* 1 and 1 ot Section ?, Township 1? N.. Range 1 E. W.M., In Lewis Counlj. In me amount ot 2,MO fallens per minute, subject to existing rights continuously, each year tor the purpo** of (lah propagation. Any objections must n« accompanied by a two dollar 113 001 recording fee and tiled with the Department ot Water Resources within Wily IM) days from Bept. 6. IM1. Witness my hand and odlclal Mil this 11th day of August, 1M7. (SEAL) H. W. POLLOCK Assistant Director Division of Waler Management Department ol Water Resources AUg. 30: Sept. 8, IM7. BTATE OP 1 WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT Of N A T U R A L RESOURCES Bert L. Colt, commlaifoaer of Public Lindf NOTICE Or SAUS OF VALUABLE MATERIAL ON STATE LAND Kotlct t* h«eby f l v e n that on TUM* day. the 13th day of ept«mb«r, 1WT, commencing al ten o'clock In Un fort- noon ot tald day, at thi K*lio Dla- trkt Headquarter!, loetttd at Kaiao, County of , m«t« t Ferries Loaded , by Ihfl DliUtcl AdmlnlaLrator of »ald District, th« timber on th (ollowlnj described a l a t e land will be lold al public auction lo the hl|htit bidder, Application X«. 3)311 DevlU Creek No, * localed approx- i m a t e l y 2t miles by road «aal of Ca*U« UTATE OF* WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT Or NATURAL RESOURCES . Bert L. Cole, Commissioner nf Public Lands NOTICE OF SALE Of VALUABLE ·MATERIAL ON STATE L A N D Notice h hereby given that on Tuei* day. the 121h day of September. 1MT, commencing «t ten o'clock fn ths forenoon of tald day, at the ChehaHs rili- trlcl Headfiuirteri, located at cheha. Us. County ol tfwli. Slate of Washington. by Ihe District Administrator o( ia!d Dlilrlct. ths timber on th« follow- Ing described state land will ba sold at public auction to the highest bidder. lo wit: Application No. 3I3?7 CUrrird Creek Thinning and Alder located approximately 7 mile* by road louth of OftkvllJe, Thn aala Is composed ot all timber bounded by clear cut area boundary lags and property llnej In Unit No. 1 on pail Wa NEV; and all U m b e r marked with yellow paint, plui all hardwoods wUhln sale area boundary UBS nnd property tinea In Unit No, 7 on pan wtt NE5'« of Section U, Township 15 North. Range 5 West. W.M.. containing 12 acrei, more or leis, comprising approximately 870.000 bd. ft, of Douglas fir, 310.000 bd ft. of alder anct maple. 40,000 bd. ft. of hemlock and 20.000 bd. (t. of cedar, or i total of 1,240.000 bd. fl. Minimum acceptable Md: HJ.CTO.PO. Timber will bit sold on a cash or Installment plan basis. Timber must bi removed prior to September 30, 1910. On or before September 13, 1M7, at 10;00 a.m. each bidder must maVe a m i n i m u m deposit, of I3.M7.QQ In the form of cash, money order or certified check. Said deposit shall constitute an opening bid at Ih* appraised price, Upon award of Ihli sale, trie respective depoalU aha!* be returned to the unsuccessful bidders. On Ina day of sale. Iht purchaser muit pay the balance between tha bid deposit and the hill bid price plua a 15.00 bill ot ·*!· fee. or may, If the puichaier *o elects at Ihe lime of sale, pay an additional amount, to bring the total amount of the deposit, exclusive of fees, to equal 3! r ' r of the full bid price based on the cruUe estimate. This balance may be paid by personal check. Purchaser must ado furnUh within 30 dayi of date ot surely bond of tJ.000.00 to guarantee compliance wllh all terms of the bill of sale. All checks, money order*, etc. nr« lo be made- payable lo the commlisioner of Public Lands. Accessibility: via private access. Furchater muit enter Into a toad use permit with Weyfihaeustr Co, and Port Blakely Mil) Co. CompUts contract and specification! may tie examined at Chehalis District Headquarter*, County Audltor'a olflce. and offlct of Ihe Commlasloner of Public Lands, OlyTnpU. To b« sold at Chehalis District Headquarters, on Tuesday, September 13, 1KT. at 10 o'clock a.m. Any iale which hai been offered, and for which no bids are received shall not be rcoffered until II has been readvertlied. If all sales cannot be offered within the specified time oo the advertl»ed t«te p Iht iale (halt continue on the following day between the hours of ten o'clock a.m. and four o'clock p.m. Said Umber on laid land will bl ao[d for not less than Die appraised value. as appraised by Ihe Commissioner of Public Lands In the manner provided by law. a notice of which \t now on flit la tft* c.'fke of thi Auditor of aald county, and district AdmlnUlrator of aald district. (BEAD BERT L. COLE Commissioner of Public tandi AUf. 18, 33, 30; Sept. 6, 1M7. Rock. The ompoied of . timber bounded by aaU area boundary and property line* on part - * ·· · '-· -· --plus all rlghl of w»y d will, orange paint " timber pan W.M., containing 29 ttrti, Eeil, more SEATTLE CAP)-- Puget Sound 'erries carried a record 79,965 vehicles over the Labor Day weekend -- almost 5,000 more Iian during last year's holiday period, Stale ferry system officials ' said the Bremcr ton-Seattle run, with (re, big now Hyak in serv- ce, carried 6,803 vehicles, compared win 5,362 a year ago. The Fauntleroy - Southworth run was down, from 4,684 ve- ilclcs a year ago to 4,132 this year, and the Edmonds - Kingston run fell off from 11,300 a year ago to 11,232 this 'yea r, But the Mukilteo - Columbia Beach run jumped from 11,596 last year to 13,302. The Seattle- Winslow run was up from 10.-I17 to 11,401 and Fauntleroy-Vashon from 6,191 to 6,812. The Point Defiance-Tanlequah run, where another new ferry-- the is in service, also was up from 1,628 to 1,739. Legal Netict NOTICE: Cm sept. Jlh. 1M7, the CenlraUa School Dlttilct No. «M mal« application to Uit Federal Communkillons Commfsilon 'or « Tclevfiton Bro«dctn Translator Station Llcrnse. This U*ns- later broaden us on UHF Channel 83 Tith an e f f e c t i v e rated peak vliual par- er of 2400 watts and is located on Crcgo HIM near Chthills. Tti« purpoa* of this IrantUtor la (o rebiMdcaat educational television programs, from KPEC-TV Channel S6, Lale· wood Center, Wash Inglon. tor Iht* C«?ntr«Jla/Chfhaj|j com- munlllei. JAMES KENT. Superintendent , Cenlralla School DJitrkL No, 401 . Centralia, WaihltiKloa Kpt. «, IM7. lets, comprising approximately 1,1 IS,000 bd. tl. ot fir, 2i3,OW W. fl of hemlock, while fir and othen and 9*.000 bd. (t. of cedar, or a loUl ol 1,196.000 bd. It. M i n i m u m acceptable bid per thou- iind bd. ft.; KT.00 for Dour." fir. 130.60 for tiemlock, white fir and other* and J31.W for cedar. Bidding wilt be permitted on Douglas fir only. Timber will be sold oti a lOff scale bajli. Timber muit be removed prior to December 31, IMS. On or before September 13, W7, at tO:00 a.m., e«ch bidder must make a minimum deposit ot W.J18.W In the form of cash, money otdtr or certified cheek, Bald depoilt ih»H cnnilltute an opening bid at the appralied pike. Upon award of this iale, the reipttltve deposits thill b« relumed lo Iht un- ·ucceufut blddcra. The purchaser mud, on the day of Gale, mafce in additional otymenl so that Ihe tola) amount df- jostled, exclusive of fees, will efiu»I 10^ of tlie fuil bid price based on the crulit eillmale, plus a (33.00 deposit on a branding hammer and a |3.W bill of iale fee. This additional payment may be Vy p e r s o n a l check. Pur- chater must alio furnish within 10 dayi ot dite of ule a surety bond of J6.WO.M to yuaranlee compliance with all [e/mi ot the bill of nit- All check i. money orders, etc. are to be m i d f payable to the commUtloner of Public Landi. ACCESS ROAD REVOLVING T(»ND; $325.00 to be paid on day ol ial«. Acceulblllty: via prlvaU acceit. Furchii*r mun enter lct« a ro*d use permit with Weyerhaeuser Co. Complete contract and specifications may bt examined at Ketio Dlitilcl Htudquarlers, County Audllor'i office, and office of the Commlnloa«r of Public Landi, OlympU. To be sold at K«l*o District Htad ouarteri, oo Tu*«jay, aept«mb«r U IHT, at 10 o'clock a.m. Any tile which hat beta offered, and for which no bids ara rccclvid shall not b* reotttrtd until U baa bitn r»- advertlud. If all talei cannot b« offered within the ipeclfted llmi on t h e idv*rtl«*d d«tc. th iale ab«U coo- tlnue on the following day b«tveen the hours of ten o'clock a.m. and four o'clock p.m. £ald timber on laid land will b* sold for not less than the appraised value, ai appralied by the Commliiloner ot Public Lands In the m a n n e r provided by law, a notice of which li now on /lie In the of/lea of the Auditor oJ Lewli 'county, and District Administrator of iald dlJlrlet, BERT L. COLE Commliiloner of Public Lands (SEAL) AU|. IS, n, 39; itpt t, INT. Watching Th« WANT ADS Can Bring "TOP GRADE" RESULTS STATE OF WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES Bert I/. Co, Com m LSI loner of Public Lands XOTJCE OF SALE OF VALUABLE MATEftlAL ON STATE LAND Notice Is h e r e b y given that on Monday, the llth day of September. 1M7. commencing at leu o'clock In th« forenoon of nid day, at tta Elbe LMitiict H e a d q u a r t e r s , located a.L Alder. County of Pierce, BUle at Washington, by Inc District Administrator of mid Dli- ttfct, the Umber on the following described slate land will be gold at public auction to tha highest bidder, to wit: Application No. -31UI Swimon Htti text ted approxlnutelr T mllet by road southeast of Morton. The aalc Is composed of all tlmfcer bounded by ial« area, fcoundaty tag* and property lines, pliu all timber marked with blun paint on parts of the following: NE?'« NEV't, Sfc NE'.', and N!-i SEVi of Section 16, Townihlp 12 North. Range 5 East. W.M,. containing 137 acres, more or less, comprlaJcg approximately 5.990,000 bd. It. ol Douglas fir. 130,000 bd. ft. of hemlock. W,«0 bd. fl, of cedar and ethers and 160,000 bd, ft. of hardwoods, or A total ol 5,900.000 bd. ft. Minimum acceptable bid per thou* land bd. It.: $40.SO (or DougUs fir, 437.00 for hemlock, 127.00 for cedar and other* and $11.00 for hardwoods. Bidding will be permitted on DougUi fir only. Timber will be sold on i log icaU but*. Timber mint be removed prior to September 33. 1970. On or before September It, 19ST, it 10:00 a.m.. each, bidder mual mtXe a, minimum depoilt of *23,2IO.EO In the form of c*ih, money order or certified check. Bild deposit shall commute an opening bid at the appralJed price. Upon award of this «le, thi rtip«c- 11 VB deposits i tun be relumed to the untuccMifrl bidders. The purchaser must, on the day of tale, mike ta id- d It local payment so thit me toi*l · mount deposited, exclusive of lees, will equal lOt of the full bid price based on the crulae ciljmile. plui a. (35.00 c*epo4lt on a brindlng hammer and a $5.00 bin of iale fee. Thl« additional payment may be by personal ehtcfc. Purcbaitr must if*o furn!f?i wfttita 30 clay* of date of «l« i surety bocd; of i30.000.00 to guarantee complUnct with all Kraii of the bill of ia!e, AU checfci, money orders, etc. tie to b« made payable to the Commlu!oti*r of Public Lands. ACCrsa ROAD REVOLVING FUHD: $700.00 to be paid on day of sale. Accessibility: vJ» 5VAXUOO H1U A*r»«- meat No. U. Complete contract »ad ip«c!/!:*tlooj may b examined at Elbf District Headquarters, County Auditor's office, ·n4 office of (he commluloatr rf fuo- lie Lands. OlympU. To be 10Id at Elbe District Headquarters, on Monday, Septinbir 11. 1MT, *t 10 o'clock *,m, Any sile which has been offered, tad for which no bids are r*«lvtd ih*Jl not be remind until It bai b«eo c*- ·dTirUicd. II all sales cannot b« of. (erect witMn the jpecf/t*! tima oa thi advertised date, the salt shall cooUnu? on tbe following day between the hcurr of ten, o'clock a.m. and four o'cloc' p.m. Said t l m b i r . o n laid, land will sold for not less Uun ta« ftpprtlu vtlue, M tpprtUtd by tb«'Commit tloner oi Public Ludi fa th« m»r n«r prorlded fey Jaw, * nottc* at vUch U now on flli m th« offtct of tb* Aodl- tor «f .Lawl* County, and AJm)nUtr»l*r of *ald dlairtet (SEAL) BERT L. COLE ComcnUsloner.of Fublte Aug. U, 21, M: Mpti I, INT.' '

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