The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 3LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1940 KECTMI Architects' Service Made Widely Available By FHA For Christmas: "Flowers That Bloom in the Spring" ••^ • : '• :—— - - - ' O Investment Impr.o p e r 1 y Protected When Repairs Are-Badly Needed Thousands of' American homes which were eagerly dreamed of and which cost so'sacrifice are of ten neglected and left improperly protected, according to officials of the Federal Housing Administration. The majority oi' American homes are in need of some repair. Al! over-the country neglected and unkempt, homes may be seen, as weh" as those huddling under roofs mat are leaky and out-of-daie, covered ! Tiie architect, by experience and training, is the proper .source of technical advice to builders of both large and small .structures. Tiie architect's services cover a wide and varied field. Examined briefly, they reveal u complete encompassing of preliminary counsel- ling, planning, designing, specification of materials, and supervision of construction. Architects' Duties Here is what the architect does: He visits the proposed site, considers its topography, drainage, on the basis of a fixed fee for coin- i..t- u . .„ ii;oon. Wufre the owner desires, however, to nave competitive price bici.s from contractors, the architect invites bids from competent builders, and, In either case, advises with the owner on ihe preparation and awarding of Jie contrail. The architect supervises the construction of the and from time to time Issues certificates of payment to the owner upon being satisfied that the builder lias met all ooligations pertaining to the fills, ground area, subsoil conditions, i J° b - Whenever change in material prevailing winds, .sun, view, and possibility of property meeting standards, considers its possible, eligibility in meeting the minimum property standards tui established by the Federal Housing Adhimtetrfi- Tlic architect then prepares pre- with paint that is chipped and "niinary skeiches showing the jlro- faded or with no paint at all, those with clumsily planned kitchens and ugly, old-fashioned bathrooms, those with dilapidated and ' out-moded heating- systems and with windows and doors whose inviting charm has long since vanished: Homes with cracked walls, rundown floors, and furnishing and decorations scarred and marred may be easily observed in all sections of the nation. And all the while, FHA officials point out, someone is paying taxes, insurance, and interest to secure and protect the very homes they are neglecting. While expenses are increasing, the values are diminishing. Convenient Way For. this reason, PHA officials explain, everyone who lives in an "older" home will be interested in the PHA repair plan. It provides a convenient way to enjoy more home comfort immediately by paying for repairs and improvements out of monthly income. A wide range of-home improvements may be made with funds ob- .tained from qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the PHA. A new roof may be put on or an old one repaired. Additional rooms may be added. It is easy to make a playroom in-the basement or an extra bedroom in the attic. A sun porch may be added. New floors may be installed : 'or''the;old"pries refinished. Posts arid piers may be replaced and the foundations strengthened where needed. A new stairway can be out in or the old stairs "repaired. The same can be done with windows and doors. ..••". Eligible Items "Construction of built-in closets and cuDboards is eligible for PHA- insured modernization loan proceeds, as well as the installation of •up-to-date fixtures, including a new bathroom or an extra one for the guest room. A 'new central heating; system may be. installed, including . ducts and radiation.' 1 'Planning; ahead for the Winter months, a new fireplace mav be built. New wallpaper is always desirable, as well as minting and decorating inside and out. New ': linoleum,••• when cemented to the floor, and new tiling for the walls are;eligible projects for PHA loans and will make the kitchen and bath more: attractive. ;; By-taking note of the. repairs, remodeline:, and redecorating needed by their homes, American home owners- do not jeoDardize the real value of their prooe.rties or the comfort and safety of their families. Home Value* Guarded By FHA's Policies "Jerry-buildinR"--the hapha'/,»rd, unsa"n<1 method of home building which gave, many home buyers substandard ; values in the oast—has been largely eliminated today, in the oninion of Federal Housing Administration officials. The inexperienced home buyer may now venture into the home market without fear of beincr victimized by unscrupulous dealers. One protection given such buyers is the Federal Housing Administration's insistence that sound materials and building methods be used on the homes built under FHA inspection. FHA representatives ascertain ii the methods and materials used in the building of the home conform to the original plans and spccifica- posea new home, incorporating desires «nd needs of the owner, and utilizing to be:st advantage the proposed silt. In accordance ivilh the owner's desire.s and funds available, and upon acceptance of the preliminary sketches by the owner with any suggested changes as may be desired the architect proceeds to develop working- drawings, with scale details and complete specifications. He stipulates in writing the exact performance expected in building the home. . Secures Bids An increasingly large number of homes are being built by choosing the contractor on his reputation alone, and awarding- him the work o/i the working- drawings is desired by the owner, the orders for the changes ure made in writing Lo the biijJrier by thft architect,. This lend.s -to eliminate points of dispute. Upon completion of the job to the .satisfaction of .the owner and ihe architect, u final certificate of payment is issued with the understanding that the builder will be liable lor any faulty workmanship or failure of any material within a period of one year from the -.ate of completion. Federal Housing Administration regulations which permit lenders on homes to udd the architect's fee to the appraised value of the property have increased the use of architects in small home planning, building observers have noted. This provision has largely increased the availability of architectural services io builders of small homes because-the major portion of the cost of the architect's services may be met as a part of the loan charge over n period of time. CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING Setting Aside Small Service Yard !s Aid In planning the lay-out and development, of the lot on which a home is lo be built, Federal Housing-Administration officials suggest , a small servicp yard b e . se j,. aside. I Readily accessible from the street and adjacent to the kitchen, such service yard may be screened by shrubbery where garbage anc| refuse cans may be placed. A space for drying clothes .should be in convenient relation to the .kitchen or basement door. Wood Preservative Wood coming in contact with the soil or within 18 inches of the ground should bo treated with n preservative meeting Federal specifications, according LO the Technical Division of the Federal Hous. iiHi" Administration. • - Waxed Floors i It is noi a wise policy 10 use an | oiled mop on waxed floors, as the oil soften.'; the wax. Waxed floors should be .swept with a mop or .soft brush entirely free from oil. An infectious disease is caused for Any World Crisis *AUDUBQN, N. J. CUP) — This small suburban borough is ready —almost to a man—for any •-international crisis that may develop. One hundred and fifLy men and women have enlisted in the Audubon Home Defense and Auxiliary Movement and are receiving military, first aid and home economics training. A squad of nearly 100 men, ranging in age from 17 to G5, drills once a week on the high school athletic field under a retired -armv sergeant. Dark VVaMs Dark-colored paint used, on the walls behind built-in bookcases will tend to reduce the contrast between tlie color of the book.s ami the back wall. U also harmonizes the appearance of rows of uneven books. Bathroom Doors- One door opening into a small haihvay serving two bedrooms is better planning than a bathroom shared by two bedrooms having direct access .to each bedroom. Two by the entrance, growth, and mul- doors are inconvenient and waste tiplicalion of bacteria in the body, valuable space in the bathroom. c and carnations and red roses make a wonderful centerpiece for a Christmas dinner table. The silver tree ornaments ls of nr " . posed oirtwlgs of nr. adci extra holiday atmosphere. This is the sort of flower prescn to Christmas hostess or to wire to the homes 01 extra special people on vour shopping 1 Farm Properties Are Being Improved Now A number of farm properties in this section are being greatly improved this Fall and Winter. Among^these are .several farmers who have purchased land from the Three States Lumber Company south and east of Dell. Henry Perkins has erected a new house and barn; T. R. Garrett has added two rooms, a porch and a roof to his house; Mrs. Annie Mae A poorly planned house is not a combined that they result in a sat- I Sawver te building a new modern ' isfactory shelter. Federal Housing ' bam nncl Earl Reed has a new . . . . a V-\n v»\ good investment. A house that is net properly constructed may easily become a liability in a few years, requiring repairs and costly maintenance. A poorly built or too- cheaply built House: can be uncomfortable and expensive to heat in the Winter. A home for year-round use must resist warm-weather.con- ditions and continuous usage. In a well-planned house, its various, elements are balanced in quan- titly. quality, and cost and nre so Home Payments Must Not Be Burdensome Enthusiasm cannot compensate for monthly income under the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration, as it was frequently allowed to do under Administration officials say that the of well-balanced design is especially important in the small house of low cost, where a maximum amount of usable space, with. -as much comfort, convenience,:and' privacy as ppssible, must be obtained for a minimum amount of money. In a soundly constructed house, the foundations, floors, i'-oof, walls, and ceilings must meet the test of time and wear. But as a rule, the average home builder does not have the technical knowledge necessary to check on structural details. For example, methods used in constructing the frame of a house usually are not understood by the layman or if they are the framing is soon cover- and only by peking around f . t older forms of mortgage lendin* J ! Sl1 S ln the basemen t ™... . — . . ° ° «v-"u»n & , , i) nr l«v onvac nn/^ flnn*^ i.- ii,~ „- barn. Two new bains have been completed in. the vicinity of Cooter. Mo. They are owned by T. T. Biggs and W. C. Coleman". Kitchen Color Harmony Makes Cheerful Room Color harmony in a kitchen, carried out in counter material with floor covering of the same color, will go a long way toward taking the dreariness chores. Counters can out of kitchen be finished in enamel, metal, steel, linoleum, rubber tile, porcelain enamel, and wood. Edges of these securely Tree, Shrub Planting Helps Smaller Homes Too much emphasis cannot, bs placed upon the usefulness of planting as an adjunct to the design of the small house, according to the Federal Housing Administration. Trees and shrubbery may be used to enhance the architectural character, it is saici, and are frequently f , . , - m0re effective than the decorative astened tops may be made water, use of material in providing the r 1 u r\ i rs»¥ m r\ I /-< rt *3 •»-».-» si *- n i L. ! . _ .J :•_.__ _ * - .. * ^ :• Jesse Wiclner, who lives a short ; boards, distance west of Blytheville, has '•'•• a new barn. tight by molded metal binding, according to the FHA. This covering for the one continuous work- level .surface can continue into a seamless bactcsplash of three inches or more all the way up the wall to the base of the overhanging cup- Bath Or Fireplace? Builders Say Bath 1 Manila Residence j Remodeled, Improved. D. White, of Manila, has remodeled his residence there by. Many builders are now urging! adding three rooms and a porch home planners to place an extra ' " bath ahead of a 'fireplace in importance when building. Conceding improvements, the desirability of a fireplace, they believe a second bathroom to be of greater utilitarian value. Either may be added later as an improvement project untie; the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal repainting these and the exterior and" making various other minor FHA officials say. In rating the risk involved in a •mortgage loan submitted for insurance, the FHA ascertains the portion of monthly income that must be absorbed by mortgage payments. If this figure is found to be too burdensome, the loan is rejected. As Administrator Stewart McDonald once put it. "The FHA seeks to encourage home ownership, but at the same time it seeks to encourage only such mortgage loans i under floors in the attic,' H ° u -sing Administration. idea of how well the work has been done. A family building its home under the FHA-insurcd mortgage plan has better assurance that its home will be wtll constructed., for during the course of construction of the home several compliance inspections are made" by FHA representatives to ascertain whether or not the methods and materials used conform to the original plans and as will result in debt-free home ™"™" 1 ™ uie ongmai pians ana ownP«hin •• specifications and to the standards ownership. Funds Swinging obtained Door from qualified Three Factors Affect Light Fixture Choice set by the FHA. lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration may be used to replace an okl- fashioned door between the kitchen and the dining room with a convenient swinging door that will bo in keeping with the general trim of the room. The swinging door may be of a style identical with the other doors of the House ami equipped with suitable hardware. Lilly Street House Has Been Modernized Work of modernizing the O. A. ] Roush residence at 700 South Lilly street has been ocmpleted. A new bath room was made and the kitchen rebuilt with modern built-in features. Three fsxctois must be considered ! in the selection of lighting fixtures i for a horns—design, location, and number. In the selection and location of lighting fixtures, proper light distribution and the elimination of glare should be sought. Federal Housing Administration experts advise. This can best be accomplished, they say. by considering the use of indirect and diffused lighting. Along with lighting efficiency, fixtures must be structurally sound and attractive in appearance. FHA officials caution that extreme styles cf lighting fixtures decline, rapidly in value, due to the whims j in design the FHA. In this way, the FHA j should be soim'ht insures; the soundness of the basic i ._ construction and reduces the like- j ry i - p. . hood, of future deterioration and 1 u *CKin$on Dairy Has bli8ht — j Modern New Milk House! Shower Fixtures i The shower head, if placed on A ncw modern milk house has '' the wall, should be located so that been erec ted by Mrs. Eugene Dick- the lowest part of the head is an-l* nstm - for her dairy at her su- proximately 5 feet 5 inches from i buroa " residence a mile south of i the Hoor. If an overhead shower j Bly ^ levUle on Highway 61. 1^ ncar3 +-Virt TrtWTQe-*- Tt«tv*. s\C j.1-.^ t^ - t ' -A. COnPT*f*tf* flnri»- »»~1 »»v. is used, the lowest part of the head should be at least 6 feet 6 inches from the floor. Mixing faucets are •usually placed so that the faucets -are about .4 feet 6 inches from the floor. • Combined ' or separate so»p tray and,hand grip may be placed about 5 ' fc«t above the floor. If the -shower enclosure is not to be equipped with a door, locate the rod;for the shower cur- taih at' a hcfght of about 6 feet 6 ' up- A concrete floor and other up- , to-date ieatures are- included. | Ben White Erecting Negro Tenant Houses Ben White has started work on erection of several more ne^ro tenant houses on his suburban property on North Tenth street. Read Courier News want aos. THE FINEST GIFT OF ANY SEASON . . . A New Home t This gift will mean so much io your family r.o\v and in the years to come. It is a gifl within the means of the average family living in Klytheville, thanks to FHA financing which makes it possible for you to build and pay for a new house in easy monthly payments, just like rent. Why don't you make this gift to your family at this season? We will gladly help you with ail ihe details. Let's talk it over. FHA Financing THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Proper Drainage Proper drainage should be provided under concrete floors and porch slabs and around wall footings and foundation "walls, it is suggested by FHA officials. Small homes which have- no basements should have the under-floor spaces well drained if a dry condition is :o be maintained. charm essential to a satisfactory home. Planting may also add directly to the living quality of a property. Installs Heating Plant In Dr. S. P. Martin House Dr. S. P. Martin played Santa Clans to his family a little early this year. He has installed an automatic heating plant in their large brick residence remodeled several years ago. The Martins live at : 800 West Main street. Preservation of Brass Luster To preserve the luster of brass, polish the brass with a good metal polish that is recommended for use on brass and. while the brass is still bright, wipe off the greasy residue with benzine. When this has' evaporated apply a coat of clear lacquer. PH1LCO Shoulder-Strap PORTABLE RADIO MODEL 89C. Plays its own power. Amazing perform-, arice. Unbreakable plastic case. Sift.95 Sleeping- Porch In considering the needs of additional space for a growing family, home-owning families might give thought to the possibilities of a sleeping porch. The sleeping porch of today is usable the year round, and its construction may be financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing: Administration. Conner News want ads \Ve can ho thankful for living in a land of plenty, where modern utilities such as your water company .will bring a bountiful supply of fresh, pure water right to your home for only a few cents a day. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. .Bernard Allen, MIT. "Wat«r Is Tour Cheapest Commodity 1 19 Look at these features! > BRAND NEW AC-DC CIRCUIT... powerful and selective. 1 NEW BUfLT-tN AERIAL SYSTEM... just plug in and play. NEW OVERSIZE SPEAKER brings finer tone. 1 IARGE, ILLUMINATED DIAL ... . easier to read. | BIG CABINET of highly figured Walnut woods. Built by th» World'* Largest Radio Manufacturer! liberal trade-in Allowance CHRISTMAS 7fftMS FURNITURE CO. A Certain-teed ROOF LIVES ON THROUGH RAIN-WIND-SNOW-SUN AND FIRE A Certain-teed ROOF LIVES ON THROUGH RAIN, WIND, SNOW, SUN AND FIRE Enjoy lasting protection with a new roof of Cer- lainteecl Asphalt Shingles. These are the all- weather shingles which are "Millerized" for longer life, given a patented super asphalt treatment which adds years to a roofs service. Hut Certain-teed shingles offer you more than extra protection and fire-resistance. They provide sparkling blends and rich colors for you to choose from. \Vhy not stop in and see these Certain-teed shingles for yourself? E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Blytheville, Ark. ' • A 11

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