The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1933 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 10
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JgjfcE 1SN THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE OOB|UBl NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BA3COCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES. Adverlfelim Manner - Bole NiUoo*! Advenulng Representatives: Arkuuu Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, T Detroit, gf. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Koclu '••-•-.• .-. 1 . j i. -•———•—~ Every Afternoon Except Sunday. BLYTHEVILLE. (ARR.) COURIER NEWS RA. Entered ns second cloxs mailer nl the past office ot niytlicvUlc, Arkansas, under 'act of Coiiurws Oc~~ tober 9, 1017. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATrS By carrier In toe City ot Blythevllle, 15c per ..weelc or KX per ye»f In advance. By mall wltnlu a radius of M miles, $3.00 per ' year, *1.W lot six months, 85o for three months: '.by mail in postal icnei two to blx, inclusive, S6.50 per year, In zones seven nnd eight, MO.CO per year, payable In advance. Will Washington Be Fair or Fascist? if (hero is truth in (he report thai the federal government is proparing lo cruck down hard on strikers whuff .cause ii! labeled "unjustified" by fcd- c-ra! 'investigators, Uiu administration would seem to have bitten oil' a nr-nith- ;fiil which will lake a trreat, deal of -very energetic chewing. In any otlier country on earth, stifli a step would be. taken as prinia I'acii 1 p.videncc of n swing to tin; extrenif- right—toward Kasciiin, to be blunt. ' Thn one thing that would prevent Americans from looking "t H in thai light would be the reputation for fairness anil' liberalism which the UOOMP- veli administration has' btiilt up -thus far, For the implication;; cf tlie program arc clcnr. Labor is warne;! not to strike without governmental pur- v mission, Tho last-resort weapon of the working man i.s to lie used only when Washington believes its use to be justified. By withholding relief j-om so-called "unjustified" striker.-, ie government reserves tin: right In fei'jdc. when n wnlkout niny be railed- :' . * 1 # '•All this livings with il ;• t reimmdous fesponsibility for tlie iicoi'le ai.. \Vnsl\- Jngtui). fv'-If Ihc government tun toil labor iviien nof. lo strike, il logically follows il. i>? up lo the government ti> aee that labor gets the squares! deal in its negotiations with industrial mnn- agement. Washington has lu lig'r' tin- working man's battles for him. A j;ovevn- meiit which underlakfls to break strik;-: ; when it feels such course advisable ," also must undertake to r.i ike them, on occasion. This brings us intn a lirld f-o new and unexplored that no !:viu<: murlal • can say what wt 1 are !.""ing t" set 1 ' when we get to the oth'.r side. '.'. (t also bringf the New Deal lo its '. acid test. Nothing ';oiikl make Mil? ordinaiy , working man swallow a close like this ' 'except the previously me-! 1 .tinned repu- lation for fm'rness and li-jcralism po?- • sessed by the present, administration. • And nothing could, harm I hat rcpuU- tion as much as a cojiyic yf ill judged UUTOUKWAY certain strikes. The ^success o New Deal easil way this new iwlicy is "justifiability" of iluru of the whole ight hinge on Uu) is i:;uni!t:l. — Uniec Cation. D SIDE GLANCES ' By George Clark & *&• » i ?\ :5SEr f^li fo^'l =~mr ' "' ! (| i XS^'-V • ^ft V 'm^-i ! • - .'<- , ~f&tt BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From the flics of tin- Ulylticvlllf Dally Courier I'riday, (Jel. 'iO. 1'JH- 1. - rw/sc \-^^~ \ , 7A r'iv0S&/ ! £ft0e THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1(133 Hou) the /'Wes/ Army Pays I: ': A glimpse 1 ;ii l!;c jioii-ntiul tisoliil- miss of tlm Fores' f':iin;i imtfil is pro- viik'd by n nrcii! l.ii!l"ti]j fl'OIH Hi* 1 Clinrk-s Liilhrop I'tu'li I'Y.irsli-y l-'uiin- ilation. This huilcliu ;i>-:^i'1s Owl tin- white pint: blister nt.-t, now siireuiJ- iliK through Aini'i'kMii I'oivsls, 1111:11- ;ici$ no los.'i lh;iii half ;: biltiu:) ilul- liirs' worth of liitib'-r. 'I'd Check the MK'II!HT, lili'l'i; MOW illl 1 at work sonic 12,(JOD iiK'iiibiT.i uf Ihi 1 Civilinn CoiisrnMlion ('..n-ps in 22 .slates; and, a.- Mir Inillflin states, "for tin 1 lirst limn ;-im"! a ili'l'i:n:;ivc IjitUlu MgaiiuU this insidious I'oroul ilis- i:;isu Win tlcdaivil in K"H tlioro :iri; 1111:11 nnct money availnljic in a ilegrw roninit'iisurate) wilh ilu 1 valtii! »l lliu sliUKliiitf UitilxT at :;lak<.'." A diminution of !ui!t' a billion dol- lav.s in the value of its t tumor rc-iivvos would be a hard loss I'm- flic nation, fo lake. If Inu C. C. C. am ]ii'cvi;iH such loss, it will pay for itself many limes over. Tlf^Kllp^pllil^?;] [axes cinci Bootlegfjcvs It public official:; coiir:c;.-r iv;:e:il ot tin- IDlll amendment mr-ielj us .1 new MJUIXT nl lax revenue, 1 lor one, will for >.oi;-y thai I supported the rcpcul move-men;. All Indications- joint U) sucli a conilltion. A high tax on lifjiinr wll! r.:ean thai tliObi: able to buy the (axed lif|iior v.-ill do sn nnrt Uiasc nimble will continue to ilrlnk liome-umde corn. An elYorl at prohibrjen failed, but .siu-h a condition would be far than the abuse. 1 ; under prohibition. • John i I'lJiirci lo-Knc'.v tnai n:.s conili-i lion became 10 acu'.c ::•: was re- ir.cived lo ihr '-iiy n i:ijl;:!. His lieiillh has Ijti-n nniiiM.'d lor .".omc. j llinr. but afti-r a 11:11 ::-:i!i he v'iii ! thought to be doln-- :iiix'iy, l:u'. lately liis old enemy n asserted il- , sell. ! Al the- meeting ol ii:c couniy; Itclcratlou ol women": clubs at, j V.'iUtm Thursday Mi- C. M. SI- j moiiLon of I.'.ixo:!! VL elected | resilient, MI-J. R. C K'j.v.'. Osce!a. viec-pre?!uciil. Mr. HcrberL ullivan, Wilson, tu.i-'::'-: 1 . :md | Irs. C. n, Layman. liivir.evil'e. ihn j curing president. '\-.:r n:uned , elecate to Ihe dis'.rioi meeting | t Forrest City. Sank Holiday Enriched Michigan Man $150 HATFLK CREEK, NU.: •i:i 1 '- ).iviri H. Kaliibini. !»::!'• crerk. )0tcnlially hits been e:.v.cii-.d foyi 150, a sum which he probably iivfi 1 would have el.ii:'.-.::: til!? to ind II not'been lor l!i- .>;.'.:e and! intional banklni; holi'iay:. ; While compiling Hie .•.•«•..< and] iabililics of llio Citv :aticn of the Battle C'.rok Ma- "If keeps me Initjy thinking of things for him to do." -fhe bo->l!e ; ;tii'r cainiul b: 1 elm^[]:iU ly rcpealiiiL- the 18th anicnduunl. To ilrhr the lKUt!c(.tr-:- ,;iit. of bi:"i:ii - :;s I: \vill be nccebs:iry to teli a>;ed li(;iKiv tru- the -slime price thai (he bootle;:ier .'•ells i'.l:;;al v.-hlrkey. 11 that !•> not- done Ihi- reiicalin^ of Hie lath ainc-nrtni'Mit will just siv. 1 Hie- - -Walter SOUTH-. In Phi" .'Jh:fl ('t'Hiiiii'rci.i!. 1 ]ovo v.Lilcrci'o.'^ --yiut^vicjin. 1 --Khuh! t^yptiiin cliorsu rt'nltairc^ In Hi;' V. '.->. » «• The poltey el i:ourlnt; mo:u-> In ui ihr linf failed iijiiin. This mvuns tlial llv li rr's tliru.a I.s bcliis cut fnmi ray to j-ar. {'hcilc.'- W. Hryrm of N«brii6k:i. T:-.v Minibei'eli kiiinaping case will aeu-r die unlii \ve ^e: imr men —-u. S. Attorney <.i"n- * * v On.- intercom;! dcvelo|!ineut. ui '.'.v., iv'.-ui;:- • tlon of tuduMi-y ajid coininL'i'CM i? lU.- u.-s- lion cit whin Is called the "lebuirri inafs' Instead of Hie old "lc|snrerl claK-." —Sir Pcrei- va! Philliv^, British \Viial any p.ntlen nircd.s now is ir.on \s uui lr»s wort:. — Kwcklyo Tnkohir-1'.i -.iri i 1 ?': liiwp.uc minister , 4V f i i.'''.u' lo?i my failli, bt'fau^c t k:u^'. t ::;I:C<T«!. 1: K. fi-ivitov Jiiinci J. ;>.ivi- It I5|f A ^^ • ecA «i^^ & 6IRDS C^ NOT HAVE TO HOI-D 10 Tr'.EIR PER-CH5S WHIL& THEY SLEEP / AUTOMATIC TENDON ACTION LOCKS TKi FEET SECURELY. SLEEPS A6OUT 8 HOURS EACH NIGHT, HAS S/A7SSV y£4#S Ot-SLEEP AHEAD OF HIM, If 5 HE LIVES TO THZ A6E OF 7O / 111 vest i sate Transmission O of Disease by Airplanes 11V IHI. MOKK1S l-'lSill(KIN ar.:i ir.alarii. Hviice. it is necessary iililor, .lounpl «f tin: Ainerk-an' 10 -.-iibject iiiane-.- travc'ling from Medical Association, ami of Iiy- inftni'il tropical areas Is thorough jeia. tin- Health Mngav.lne ' (iMiiivulinn. iir.-ferub'.y -.vtlh i Whether you already have- leJ'. :.i:cii S'.ib.st3nce as hydrocyanic he cxhllarruicn of U'livcl by air" v.-Jiie]i couipletoly ilev'.roys the rats r nol, you can [eel certain that! anil insects. our air irlps in the future will be- A final problem for Ihe air IE safe froi'i a health viewpoint, j planes from the pohu of view o is are your journeys by rail an:l .-anitary control is the disposal o ,tentn*hi|>. foway e.n route. It Is ini|)OSbibl Cioverninents iealize. lliat travel. to carry enough n;iUr for flush iy air has introduced now factors 1 :nt pnrpc-ses. :i the- U:insmis:ilo:i of,, Most ;ii:pi:';u's. ihcrefore. de- inO l.:-.i ai? luu slow in l-heir! veioii .^y.-toii-.s \e:i?ri-by ;?e\vaijc i-3 iuesli.^al:ons of liow best to ceil-. droiJi>c-d into closed tanks or cans Uol this filuatlon. j eontuinhij; dlsinfeetants and this a:nce spctd Is one of the rai-' material i:, disposed of suitably ions-tor traveling by airplani! rath-1 by biimini; -nr hy Ihe usual (llse: lliiin by land or ^e:i. it is highly, poual methcds aher. li.n airplanes cashable tl:.:'. I'.ie :.anltary contic! j arrive al [lici: te:uuiial6. «j should !)<• nrrangcd as not to wailc lime. II also Is 'necessun lliat airplanes always arrive and Icavo at certain ports where suit- ib!e facilities are available antii wlieiu bo'.h passengers and p!an • I n:ay ii? u'ildPr ]:ropor control [ "I'lili 15 iin exceedingly dllIU'ul'..[ niislicr to handle. U no cloub'^ u;ll i be neci-fsary to hava very .strh)s;e:i: laws, adi'tiuate police turn's umi rc:pectab!e pennltics lo brin= ,i /-acharv Tuyiar lived in the days when the .-"ceiver of ,1 teller iounj Bank, olliciaif. fo-nui Hath- paid the }-.<is:r^e. and Taylor prew lire;! of \>a\-'ms out money on : had 5150 dep:>sit«: nsai:. When the letter of notincauon cair.s,' lie thcu?hl i'.' was known donor wilh S50: Accrued m- : ° !licn n '- :et "• bm il ha<l ^- 11 'eturned 10 Wellington, n did cncst trebled Ihe .sum. - llot reach him luitil almost a inonih later. Excavations near"lakv.irr. Wy- ' J*™^. _"'^ CU '° ri :ir ^ »'^_^™_™'f^d in colur Wnito^r ):nin«. Imvc imearlhed t(v*ilizcd- " ~ """ " Jones of 11 lour-tocd hor.-e nisil it HL'NTiNGTON, Vt. tUHi—Mrs.' las b:o=ijii!5. nils plant *•• a sh-i ruryiiliodoii, an animal whlrli re-. Tiniilrleiss Fuller's pride is n 10-1 from a iilant which she 'kept' :ft iciubks a hippopotamus'.d geranium p'.ant sporting years. C71 y 1 ,-i™r o ,i"iloiV uni'rjv ^r!. 1 ! 1 ',! j i»B newspaper for her. Mrs. Bakor CHURCH EXCUSES By Oo. W. Ilarham cciiiii'.iaiiM' u-itli resiilations ;uui j ' theieby suitabie control ot ahpl.iii 5 trjtllc.' 1'r.i- pr'jlilvui io ii-:i s(> di!lu-ii!' :i-j\v a? i! v,ill be in ll:e [utuvc. l-'o: ll:i. pve-eii;, \h: cost ol travel b" :i:r|ilaiu: 1.-. tueh l ! 'a( Ihe. Haf^n- ?ers Involvod 'Dually an: or a fairly vve'l-!i;-d:i type who arc likely tu b-' clean and well and civilized. Uonsvcv, there is nothing I" in event even the eleanesl piop'.e li'oin Ir.ivellni: from nil area ii: Soulli A:iierlc:i v; Afncu. in which Klluvv ic'.-er or plague may exitt. "11:0 Mich co-.m'.ries us the Eura- pr,;ip. nations ;in:| the United Slatef. It will b:: nete^iiry always- I. ::,VL. |i-.o;rj; surveillaisre of't.'. pjsstweis. both at lh? port :i:pjiim< and ;n tin- port "i The pastor ;-.'• v.e thought from '""\ clvn-cii c: ::cd on Mother the othev diiy iinii us she hud Just biirely efeapul coiiiv; ur.dcr lile surgeons kiiilc hiv another tiiicra- tion, t ii^V.ed him :I. L . a special Cav- ^r no; lo nrsnc. (1-e nuestion of baptism -.vuh her for I was :,urc sin: would Mnri the argument just the inhiuio hi: pol in her rc»m lor she IKK uflen wished for just such in oppuiiUKily tor si'.c luis said thai if -lie nvcr mel up with ono of .Joe's kind, especially if he was a preacher. Uiat, had" the iensi liil of fcnsc, she. coulil convince, him Hut the. method of baptism iiicd by Joe's church was wrong and the one uteri by our church is right. H;id I known it. nn.l the M- :i\»nj It ,ee,:n,r rxtraiiKr,!. IM'I- \\.\ni\f^. j iinn:iiic. IIK.-I iii ! tad Eceiac-d iiratci'u! because Tat nn entire month's rent .loan, clivj .r-i louncer V.-il. , ber laoilbdy, who Eavcd tho morn- iu^n practice! h mi don the flutter- I us puke. Joan was alltitic; beside tlio window, prayiin; tcrvcti-Jy. ;Mio had refused to leave Pat o\cn lor a fhort lime. And Ihcu toward moruin;: ;i suiilo liglilened tha Brave faco of the physician. The Icaulcu was lifted. "You umsl sec sumo .sleeii now,"..tko uur'soritOld •loan. "Your sister is bettor. K'ac's b' lo get well." ii) culvauce. | Bad; ia h-:r room. T 1 :!-, turned to the "Help U';nited—I-'cinulo'' tol- uuin. The firti ntlvertiseuieut causlil licr eye: "Wanted..'youhs Sirl of neat appearance ami pleas- a::J Jttan lu'.lii^ls. tn jr:i;> iircii:» " M-:iri-:i i»r i"-r -K- • ^-euraie In shorthand. Good job irr mtil nttd c hp:iri:h twi ius terioaality. Swift lyrisl and j Joall wt , ut Mro ,... lhc n!llTOW ,-.,„ to ihrow herself acrosa the dud Ir. llj HARNKV IILAKK. for parly." lili Pat ti^d been cojiilOeie'J a goud . bteiii.^rripber and an accurate and rapl'.l tyjilsl. "I cdii'i n:is? tbai." urr (^!i'j ir-.ei'.ied. "I'll s--t rca'iy early. ^- JTi:o rarly bird laud:; the job." 'n!-n- ' ^ u ' ^ l --- n ^ at - I 11 ' ltr dam]) eo^l ... ' .'i!:d ;C-;ikctl bat. rt-::Ci:ed Hie m J her. . ilrc-F!-. -j!ie fouud Ibe oi;lside hall them, opened i lKt!M::ioi-l with ^Irla. ihoayli a sign and iveep her heart out. ilmtikliitly. But rigilauce was not relascd. Joau staj-od ou at the diugy rciiiu- Ing liouse and Barney speui mucli of !iis tiniu lliere. ready 10 , u£ ], oil in his car if tliorc were en:irnls. Ou (lie turn-lit day I'afy iiluo eyes, deep uo'.v In a v.-liiic lac" wtiicli swjincd liiucll lou sniull lor :.i>-.\ <;<> ».\ WITH Til u STiiin Cll.-M'1'F.It XXV i •| J 'j, < .'. OATH illutsj climaxed two v,e.ek» nu,,!.- i »! luiutins for a ;ob v.itbuiit A .-irl with 'd;:i!.. ctaka) eye: i,. . -M .."iiintnl -^"> the il a y fc lco!:e:l li^rd at Pat anil rai.l in ati D.!rlius.-darlias! You're iK-Ucr. .-iiously posted ou You are golsij; lu SCI well .TIKI doer, "Placu has been ] slroay now." Joan was holJiu^ IMI close. "Sid: 10:1;; ;" "It has seemed a l.jiix inne. .-L-iiiihKj voice to uuotHer Ehl. "Tho Bv William ? VMERE M.LTHRU SUPPER j . -ruivrfe JUST vrl Eft<lKi<a, AiKS' N'CU'RE AtMOST THRU -THE pisues? VOU'LU Bt OUT Vi I'(A JUST GtOiU TO HMJ& A S^WnClA .... A, . , i, .i:r. .;LVII nijiAVifd tiiiu il,;e..:> in roinim.nilics in iv =;;r!. ;>-• •••.•r.jer? arrive I:K';I :r;i:. ol the IUSSCIMCI.- mini .imr '.vlii'ii thv ineiibiitinn i: Ilioie wp.i uo r.ecd to woriy. By tin: (line .--he £['1 through tciluiy him jn detail ahou'. her liu'ec nui- j jor ojx::- { )tiou.:. lie ;en^ more than . iin l-.our !a!e. Mutl-.i-r invited him jback as MIC said J:i- was the most r.M::h ;; i.t.eiiti\e llslrner KliL- had talked to in a long time. Wr lati-r found . out. _ that he v.-a:; rot lire pastor •- 1 ' ; , troth Je-c's church. He w;is not C'-' oven a preacher foul was taking - iu'dcvs lor .'iirubbr-iy nnd [mil ! :- I i!:i-n Icr i-i.i :iii ;| i -!.' v.i;i hi- MiUnW.- iiis;i!Tli<.!: 1 ]).i>:.rn;r-r before lv -< ; s o:, r.c und thai u!l Hie IMI;I] • ^ vaceinailuiv. :it:d lyphciii [-vir Men- IJi'.trc5s ^i;; SANDWICH. Mass (tll'i — :\ pair ' o'. (•"•eckcrcfl piiaim^ was u'.rj as n iK-'.ri.v; :-i; by (lu- cn-\i ef !i :if,-rr.u: M'h:>Dnci- t;i:ni).i to at- t 1 ..:". t- .vc-?n:lv. ll .\!!rr McNarv I bAU;M. OU-. iUf>—.\ l!i I is lu'.tievway i..i ];*••[ t'::.- r'.oj-.OiC^ S^U.W.O.fXK) dr.m a! Bonr.eviiis- C<1 "itcN'nry n.iii-.." :n heiior ot U. S. Ke:;titcr Cl-.i:r:;-, t, McNm-. j-.ou- r,:ay niostjul'.os may ;p:eaii .w'.lov. ,— •/'<, ) V vv ..- ' >'p .'.•,.',''/{y/SF-^K' J A \ <m*&' J^r / irm-Firs ,ConU- upaUxi Conv^fs Lj^L.^.-iy s an. indc- paired, lilt! lollcliaci-s llnl Ll-sliu to ^ i;:?;tvj her. anil l'8 r aupctile ; „.- :ailod. .0;'ttu slii; had ursa tr.o I ( ;.j::'i ^i jolis Lheia dayt." tired lo piepuie (coil -nnl licr • I'at !cfl. feeling very bfch and ltiu tauil b5 ti*rd u:i a lot , wjvcs! Evtn iljc prcttlost „,; me ; ,t weiild be vniy :i can ;;;';;• - ;;c eaii s ;lit il-.c surface car dearest." "Tht "iiis. stro::;; ma "JUlt C.ll-1) ,y. I'.il." A I'AIN'l 1 vniilc on i'V -xieoV It was n lung, liriai; riile 1 "Wonderful!" • aaf - ' aiie was bhaMuy \<l:en slio sut • "abc's^ ovcr-rali-i".- -jid Al ll:c eud ut c,.-.,./U:- 5'iu was L:; lhe Ciir . I j, at _ a ^^ g[ ^ „,,,".,.,,.,.,.. irt a little more illscoiirasci! Ibuu | In her cascrn'j.ib to rcnch her smile playing over her IMC. ;:uro. "H?lii:u Hi" lii'it u; ncr.; ! r " ::i r! 'e passed lhc dm:; store', "dim's well." Itirney said. la<:;:li- '• U: -i'"" Ull| 1 '-' i c\e"tt 1 i\i;o l 'v,-c-c n |c<- J -i !i! ' !: ! ' :r! il!L ' 1 ' c;:i -'' 11 " u/1 v '-' ( S ot 1a ! "DuiTt tatt now, darliu;,-." Pild C - In-' S-jriL-cr ll-«" -j|j i 1 " 1 "- 1 ''' i: '"S a' 1 H'O covcri slit toul'J I Jcaa. Aud Pat. wearily, obedi'-nlly. r^alvc/iimr lobUok'^.H.^r''' 1 ' a '<-' llcr " l[ ' ;! ' lcl ni!l!iD f h «:»*= a child, turued Her f«. v ,. ... j^.,.. ^.-..^ ci-.-}< \-ir| .jn " '•' vj: -'- io:^;ihi?l the pillow ami sic;;;. , \''" " " '"- 1 ------ . ;;.,_ , _ . |, ; ,.-,,,- L . tljiH. H liad i The iiiirso c::l::c in and .lu::-: enul "I'll I'.cl a jcli it liivre'., i-:i-: lu iliiniKtii. Her imlnine sijiri; «u; ;l:e-, had l:ol Hi- :riiac inr-:.t;i-_ ',' =!-,-'h:.:l. ^ S!:<: ctilllllu'l ^u I'.".!- It .' ft!:eiL cveryu'uiy - u .,i. Anil there .j IJarucy slipped rro::i 'C'.a .-n.:,;,! to wns ii.i iLiedloti'.c. reiliai':t she i roum. WHIM leol better alter a -.vliilc. j "(Jet yoi;r" Uarii'.-y ' i:;;,;: tlie rain v.-onlit ilop and "I'm ^oiua lo lake yon lo- ;. intie l^illd fiu to dnis ^lore. rid". Yoii'i'- worn 0111.' n ^l <* !>L:4:iTi to ftei !iol. tcrr]! 1 !;. ; IIILV dlove liv r!ie .!: • -i v-i:c !:•-.. : VYIir.i w;r, liie l;.-;iie ot I ijiflrurtlvii.i (or l:la b- ••• :; : • - ami v.-;;i; ( j.. , cli ti . !--...i—rr^ ,.-..... r .i:-;-. ::.- v.. ;;!•: ( . ; ;i :i. ; I-, li^.'iiiii'n-- .'-. |>.-r. i! -riilif:: Hie gill W!K i,.,: v. :i;. ,. ... ". ....... v;i]| , t , L .. Ji-ny Kn; re^icr v.l.i" ! killi'l. Yir.-y'd hern !-l . . . .. . IlL-ii ::—" . " * ... t'.:l-.- liiiv..'! K|-. .-i"t ill a ,'::i. ; :.- 5J.MJM.V .-jr.'l Jo.::. lier.:i!I P. liltle barller. t'!.. \'.L:J [. ; -.j. : . -.,.; ; ;: l ~ 1;^.- -^.i; lhi:-iKT Li::d s::c li:ul li.-'.Tii-; Li! :. 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S'io ahuutt gave up lie Idea i.i nelin: oul while tlio was i-aliiiu her t 1 !!. t-cl-, "H.iel: In a mhiiil 1 .,- t< .-.••.. ;i...-r n;.<: ; Jean t^im.-;! l!,e tn,:", ;•...:•. ! l>l Icily. Iiar.-H!:; i|iiiekly cner i:-.:•:• lilu.i 0:1 uUier |i;iye... \Vliin .-1 <- ni-J li'.e i-:.;i- ( i n lc -lueiely |iaso bei I..JH I'nl !;;:-.l ciu::iacted sutliieuly. I'lu-u v:;.. .1 !,;. NI)-.V:JMO eolu'.un ti!ctu;c of I5.i.-t:'i;i irat_- c:; sailed that ibc Urs,'. of a :.u:e- c i:r'..i;i^- plulii.L'J fur Ibt ^o.;l;.t.;-j i:i:'-..' .L . vi;::c ; - v.-.)ii:d be a hjase nan.- 3: d. ' s'::c- Wjtti:i Hill, ti-.- l-t:.ali:ul c;. :.:::• lie s.liil. . ettnlc ol Mr. l;u!>---ll VVesIuu. s-'r. hours." | Ttt ue-wtiiayer s>!ie.oVr i.i.i^r BiVic: ' Joaa'E trciubllus Uaafij. Pan. - .:b- \Vhcii -Ie:;n ueil.lcu. tlio: bins ber. Tiic old i: : i-M you and Ij'jb were IJari:c;' .H'I ;.i' ilio h&tc.;. .'j;'i; (ell liV.C «;.; " ' i 1 :.- enreliL-snc;; in ii'-l Itaviui; ^i lorn ndiut addroi.b—vualr-lic'l : ;:ay bj:itcr. r-ere. limn slio ce:i!d I'.'^r. : .• t: : tnr :-. l ; arjcy lelt Hie n-'JU [ » >.i" ! a , IL:: dill.:. l'.-;-iilii<;:e. Ha callcJ n Imr-pitrii. [ \vbcre was htr i-rltic. JI..ID a "II'.. i':i-:::!\ol'i-.:. I v -H-l I'ae "*i! , l:ei .;c:r. Ho-,.- loi.ld t!;u tel fce *-'i;o: 30:' I"- &*•'•" i:i «i'l'J j lu'U atlcr ;:ll this tiuic7 I'litlly. | And then Uaruey'a vckc. ;i 'Hitu anutlier call, rcllcl In bis j uiifleaOy will] emotion and | briakiuct. Slic fell cbillcd aaii leae. ",\s fatl'as sou e.iu t"-l hcie. I Itndtr. ".loan, dear. I have;i'i ; tli-rrl. HIT head w;n .icblui drea-t- iledur. Am) I'riua your oast i uican! lo n,?Ii )m . rjnl > enn'l - , _ ; /"-. v, . ' Tilly. If iHcio ncio no advcrllrc- inr.-i-. 11 ; I'ear fecin; ;<-,.! noubtal UXe ?;::«. .i.l '- '"''. ' j | inenii Ibiil looked cucoiir.igini; ' ;\ y nlglit r,il'-« room Iml It Ken j I lose you. VS'ou'l you lei me ->M . -^'S;,'^ •'"';'. •' • -„','* j 'uai!«: (-ho would slay al hcir.c. M;I a diftereut asvcct. A uutforr»d caro of you nr.d Tal ahvaj:,'.'" , .,.,.. '.r -,.'., -, v '"' I after all. \i:irss .was movies capaWy nhout. |!c slopiicd Hie car. Siidilt: ij r'.-=1 ..v.-u .1 i.\ . .„• \v i . . , (h]i , 0 | f; cif York 1 ' :••"•' fainon^ J.'au crjin;; in lie. C'jintuHii'i; (Arswcrs on H'Mk I'ajc) ng . I'.v Hie hnl. -elreic ct Isamcy's .ir iig tbc still, ffilH 11 !iicc > u ' a£ - I (To lie ContluuiJ}

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