The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1937
Page 3
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NOVratlWR 17, 1037 MfflFWD 1 Typical BLYTHEVIU^. (AKK.) COUIUEIl NEWS Hollow" Gold Mine Hills .Resound With Clank 1 of Miners' Picks; Gold; Fever Mounts ', BY JOHN ACK .N'liA Servicr Speriul CAMPTON. Ky., .\0v. Il.-Oald! ! 'Hi;' inaglc worjl, symbol Dt easy riches tho world around, rtWs Ihroiigh ihp |ott-; eiinyons ami dee]) caves of thi.s uioiititniiioiis soiilli- I'lislern corner of Kentucky. ' Ciolrt! Revivii," a'inia (>. at rnbii- loiis. 206-ycar-oW Legend if Ti"lH Hollow with its t,i!e ol'ks"''or inncsl yellow metal, ea-hed R. v av in some foothill fastness. Gold! Each time III? C ;!ia grows stronger as it bounces Iwck and forth in the rocky cross of Wolfe cmmty's mmmlains. »,»:) j[ i( , ( ,, !ls tliat every resident is touched with the fes'or. Excitotncnt! wtulth! Dreams come true! Ami so the foothills re.<oun:l one- again with [he clnn^ ol iiold minei^ picks, (lie scrnpc 'of shoiels. t.h< boom of dynamil*. Maylie all thi will turn out as before.' Maybe thr leneiKlary S30.000 cnt-he of piire «t.!r will not b P foi!n<l. Mavbe the °-ov ore doesn't conlain B old in payiir auanlitlcs. This isn't the first tini- (bat (jokl fever has run—swift aiu contagious—through Wolfe county But this time the «-oiiM-ijp sour- <lou«hs are more enthusinslic, thr skeptics less skentical. This 1937 revival of the contagion is b.isec on something more taimil^Jc lhar the tale of how John swift burled SM.OOO In "Old and silver as lie fled before hostile Indians back in 1754 T)) C new rush is based on belief at least partly authenticated, that the unbelievers were wron» whei- • '•»»• said that Wolfe county's rock didn't contain enough "old to na- for taking it out. This belief i- bolstered by apparently coiiclusivf evidence that gold mining opera (ions were carried out on an extensive scale at tivo different ] 0 . cations in the distant past. Chief flsurc In Wolfe count' these days is I. H. Kopf, forme' Alaskan sourdough, 1v lia obtains' financial backing and started on' to prove that the skeptics wcrv wrong when they scoffed at UK John Swift legend. Six years ago Kopf heard lh> st.ory of ho w John Swift and sonv French companions discovered »olc n^. southeastern Kenturky midwjr nr-the 18th centurv, mined consi'd- eriyble qnaltiljes of It. and then werr forced to nee after biirvhW thr metal. • - '-<^r^ One version of the legend is tha' Swift went East after slavin.* hi companions,, then became blind nnf never was able to locate the each- when he returned on searching ex [JOditions in later years. Seeks legend's Truth Kopf set lo work to find on' whether there was any truth to th- legend, aided bv two Wolfe mint- men, J. B. Roberts and J. J. Hushes who have been prosnectin^ in thr Tiqhl Hollow area for years. Recently their efforts were re warded when they discovered cavities in the canyon walls that ap peared i o be scenes of minln<* operations. Inside the raves, the iner found worm-eaten tools, includinr spades, trowek. mallets and crudr powder fuses made of river reeds Just a month ago. another important discovery was made bv t\vr uirK Emma and Flossie Adams ip Mill Creek Canvon. a fastness adjoining Ti»ht Hollow. They fonnf Hie inscription "J. c. Blaekbnrr 1825" carved in n rock near a re cess in which they found sever? wood and metal minim tools am 1 the rolling remains of a pair o' £llOf>5. After these discoveries. Kopf call ed a meeting of landowners of (Iv area a I Roscoc Tyler's store ir Camnton and. nfter a conclave vcm infsccnt of lusty minim davs of th( •west, he leased mineral rights on G348 acres of mountain land. Part of the land is owned liy Roberts and Hughes, who have been aiding Konf in the subsequent minin-r operations. ° "High" Gold Conlcnl Kopf refuses to reveal what hir prciimniarv- operations have shown other than to sav that, ore taken from mines in the T|.?ht Hollow area lias an "exceedingly high" "old content. Outside estimates of'thr value of the ore have ranged as liish as S160 and $180 per ton. Kopf and his aides have been dynamiting large portions of rock from the mountain sides am) sending it by truck to Cincinnati for refining. Operations will be enlarged immediately, he savs. if new assays bear out the preliminary estimates. Prof. D. G. Demoresl. Ohio state metallurgist, recently accompanied Kopf (o the scene of operations and made tests of many samples of ore rock. H2 described the deposits as being "sedimentary." meaning that they are flaked through the rock and are not In nugget form. Excited Wolfe county residents (Students Not Only Ones ! R. A. Nelson Attends Who Study These Days Bottlers' Convention •v im l, r ' ' """ eS '* U ' C a ° OVC '" • K Mlh US „>„*], t,,Ck fcr lmul|ng out , hc ore . ,. i!c «n pro^clmg In T,,l,t Hollo* for , M «. ever ho rrtul . >v tnnna. teft „„,, Flossio Adms Khln , SO;TO , f „„ . n OH,, buwtn na , w wal . tn n| (!u , inli(c ,„ , lwir mo »n,,un home nc rbv ns „ , ^. Tight H oltow. The too.s R re mul,:. often ..UKl.mulo. I,, ,1,, be scon (lie l).im!-|),ipeivri wall? of (he Adams home. 0 -» i i Wilson Attends Meeting Of State Police Board Clarence II, Wilson'Is n i mrctU>3 ct the slate police commissioners, ol \yhlch ho Is n mi'mlHT, in Little Rock Id dnv. 13th Kidnaper, | Old-Time Campaigner Police Declare i Loses on Both Tickets 1 PHILADELPHIA (UP)— Tile old- i lime cciniuaign— speeches, prctwls (mid liar— is a method ,i<li-ocate<l I by nnynrd L. Buckley who ran on i Hie Republican anil Democratii; I liel.Tts for a common pleas judgc- ! ship. Buckley's campaign expense account, submilcd to the county j beard ol elections, included: Half barrel ot beer. SB; pretzels, 90 cents; box of cigars. SJ.75; Dialer luncheons, $7.25. Jiuckley lost the nomination. Moose NiKlill.i- Vlslliir EMERALD LAKE. Mont. (UP) A wandering moose comes each night lo graze on 'Die lawn of Hie Emerald Lnke residence ol Ray inoncl Kellcy, a Montana Power company employe. More than to.OOO cows In Call- I'ornln nrc known to !,nvc produced 40 pounds or more ol butter ench in n moiiili. A CASE OF NERVES! come mothers, will fi ' snfTei IllOIltll — have sideaclic or headache, nervous'; ness, irritability, Jind ollu'r clisroiii forts w i ( h function:! disturbances, also those alxnit in hc- '! Dr. J'ime-s Y: i'rrsr r ipl i mi i dcfx ml, l,l c '",„„'"' " ta j 1 '","',' ,', '<y\*Z<> ' siilltral fioni mivoosnrM .J liuiljiJiM a ««iakcl will, ( I , i' I loot , ? tl ^. d1 /'" Micl M ', ?"' ft -' Olljliunu Cilv. Okb. 1-icKt's Fivoiiic I'trwtipl Sra. .My " infreasfd Read Courier News Want Ads. Of tin: 13 men involved in the J.W3 kidiiiipiiiff of John J. O'Conncll, of Albany. N. Y., t^'o have committed suicide and I" others have been sentenced to terms of from three to 77 years in federal penitentiaries and here, police say, is Jamej Sweeney, bst member of thn t-ing. shown above nfter liis capture in I.os Angeles. The prisoner denied his Built, gave the name of James Sanders. A $!,"),000 ransom was paid for O'ConneU's release. • don't care what kind of gold it is | so long as il'.i gold. They have i visions that resources underneath ! the ground will make np lor lack j of wealth on top of the rocky soil • on which they have labored for so many years to eke out a precar- ous existence by farming. FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS Given Away Until Christmas Only a Shorl Time Leff ( 0 Prepare for (he STATE flOTO TEST Save Money On Auto Parts and Accessories flRIAN AUTO PARTS TAXPAYERS IN DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 17 1937 Taxes are past due, however no penalty will be charged if paid before December 1st. After that date we will be required to charge penalty and all costs. Board of Commissioners Drainage District No. 17 It Is not only tlw slmlnils al .the !L „ I".' 1 "..:"''""" wll ° st'K'V- Tin-re Ki'<ui|> whirl) •'"il i»«'ii>s"iip,,.Vr<'ml's In ti'Iu'hl'!!!-- ^1 l»;y Ink.Mlu-ir .stu s from •.•!•),;. | <Jl KiliH'atkin In '.'>'. UK- ttlm-ullonril !i "iiiitaloii «r tl,,. Nullmml are Hit- U'lws mid dilldivn of Etlii- i' I'lun iii'liim us veil us widows of soini! (if the rnsps wlio fell | t , Hie i wnr. ' H. A, M'l-on is ntlfitdhm tlu-. TJuiy iuv In llmuidnl strain In- ii'linml l?lllei,s raivnitUni in <'l<i(llii ;{ Hi,. Iiiiully of thr pmnrror "'«• Orli'iiDs iliis ivvrt- lifter linv-!»'!«> JilmscK Is ljeln B compelled to' soil iK'i'sonnl belonslnxs In l.onilnn. v, on i||, nil) In u I'onlMt (.|.i.n..'<ii'(.<I In- th ( . imtiuimi N ( |. Cirnpt'' ™iii|mii.v. Tin' jil.-int H»re Slld'M'll llm |.|T!lll' S | 1)|>IV(.'I11H[!C »| Ini'ii'iisi; i:[ uny uvjiunliciUim In -Mlfsl.^||,j.| „„() Ai'ktinsns, unln.! 111.. ir|;i t«i' Mr. Aiilniyru Lands Mke 'Clmle llliK'Mt-.'N. Gci-iiiuny i(JP)-_A nt'w iiiilDuyri) wlileli stiinds Kill) ID me "If. starts mid Innds vi'rtlcnlly, and h <leMvll;i>d ii.s ciasli-prnor. litit lieeii irled out by the Hirke-Wnlf Alronill coiuiiany here. It Is suld THRtfi Fire in Meat Plant; I Bologna "Well Done", I'HILADELPHIA (Up)-Tlic say- Ing Unit "\vhcre there's smok> there's nrc," wus borne oul ol a mcnt i)iicklii(j plant here, ' Plremcii were summoned to the lloynllst, Provision company to ex- tliiBiilsh n bla/c. Several Inntdred |)oiiiul.! of bologna were well cooked by the fire that started (roin a fniilly oven In the xmoke room. Ueml r.'oiirter News wanl Ails. •s' Smull llt'i'l Cjips iric Huiilicr Ileds Par Men, \Vnmeti /i Chililren 2w. Wln'ii ik'ltiT I.tnllifi' i^ 'I'aiino.d, Will liny It, SMITH SHOE SHOP "Mir. Ethiopian Nobility Faces Poverty in Jerusalem $1.25 PERM ICc Razor Blades, 2 for Gem Razor Blades Double Edge Blades 39c 40c Size Fletcher's Casloria IAD SALTS 6-oz. Cond. 49c 3-at. Sltt MARY LAKES LAVENDER LOTION 28cSi«> Phillip's Tooth Pasla 19' 60c Size Mar-o-Oil Shampoo 4&c n Hi; CASCARA QUININE TABLETS ^^S» Palmolive BEAUTY SOAP FL TOILET TISSUE U. f «n»»»Hot Water Bottle or Fountain Syringe Bottle of 100 HINKLE PILLS 17 BUBBLE BOTTLE Stainless Steel Rechargeable SODA SYPHON GEM RAZOR 5 Blade . 3Sp Size Pyramldon Tablets 24 LUCKY TIGER Hair Tonic HEAVYGRAD Mineral Oil Face Creams SOc •%** Si le O«J 35° Pond's FaceCreams Large J»i MOUTH WASH KELLER'S Analgesic Balm Generous BREADTOASTER r«J 93 C BISODOL POWDER 37 FRESH" CIGARS N '";'""""" ll5 cHALF Garcia Sublime HALFi p . A _ 5f°'23 C 0X or VELVET Old North SlUi _i 3c iscoUz Milk of Magnesia 29 40c Size Pepsodenl Toothpaste 33 500 ^O°l Soft.s™.oii,.t,- \IRRADOL"A" USTERINE Antiseptic 59 O!af,,n ABDG Capasfes Borof 25's Ooxof 1 Pint Rubbing Alcohol 19 KIRBY BROS. MAINAWOBROADWAY BLYTHEVILLE S2.00 Shiek Razor 35c Life Buoy Shave Cream Both 59c Slop That Cough Creosoled Emulsion 49c-79c

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