The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB Heisman Trophy Winner Does Want To Play Pro Game By JACK CUDDY United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, Dec. 10.—With the Heisman trophy tuckecl under his arm, Tommy Harmon of Michigan, the year's outstanding college football player, returns today to his home town, Gary, Ind., in good- natured disagreement with his father, Louis, about turning professional. At the ceremonious ' presentation of the game's most coveted award last night, Tommy's dad told reporters he believed his son should play as a professional for at least two seasons. Tommy does not share this belief, apparently. He still insists that he will not turn pro "regardless of the inducement." He says lie's determined to go into radio, as sports announcer or commentator, that he already has "two very good offers" under consideration. Most experts among the 1,000 spectators at the presentation believe the Wolverines' great halfback is merely playing "hard to get," and that he will *oe galloping for gold with the Chicago Bears next season, following his purchase from Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. This opinion was bolstered by the mamma-and-pappa-knows-best refrain of Tommy's trophy-acceptance speech, in which the all-time campus touchdown king emphasized that his parents had been the major inspiration of his athletic career and would continue-to inspire him as he strove to uphold the ideals of the Heisman trophy. At the conclusion of his speech, Tommy kicked a field goal in every heart _by bending down from the platform and handing the trophy— a running, straight-arming figure in bronze—to his gray-haired mother, Rose. He said, "Here's a girl who will always keep the trophy and myself—right." Among the speakers, Ted Husing, veteran sports announcer, "kidded" ; 21-year-old Harmon agout- his radio ambitions. Husing offered himself as the "horrible example," pointing out to Tommy that work on the air waves had thinned out his hair and caused him to wear glasses. • ••: ; T,he, -Fritz Cris-' ler, lauded .Tommy for his great all-round play and took the blame for the Wolverines' defeat by Minnesota. Crisler said he had permitted Harmon to use short cleats, instead of long ones, on a soggy field. This caused Tommy to slip in the mud on his touchdown attempts. Harmon won the Downtown A. C.'s sixth annual award for the year's outstanding player in a national poll of sports writers and broadcasters. Previously the Heisman ..trophy went to Nile Kinnick of Iowa, Davey O'Brien of Texas Christian, Clintoji Prank of Yale, Larry Kelly of Yale and Jay Berwanger of Chicago. MIR TO Pipes Coast Officials Will Compensate Rose Bowl Players For Lost Employment DEL MONTE, Cal.. Dec. 10 (UP) —-Pacific Coast Conference officials admittedly awaited today a storm of protest but stood by their decision to recompense Rose Bowl football players who lose holiday employment by participating in the Look Westward, And See Comet That May Rival Famed Halley's New Years game. The conference decided last night that players who already have jobs lined up for the Christmas .holidays' but who mast drop them will be mid, for their losses •up to $50. The decision affects only the West Coast participant which, this year, is Stanford. Nebraska University is its opponent! "We are hoping for the best and fearing for the worst," said Edwin NT. Atherton,.Pacific Coast Athletic Commissioner who suggested the plan. He said the plan undoubted- BV J. HUGH FRUETT Pacific Director, American Meteor Society Any night now. probably by Dec. 10, what may prove the most spectacular comet since Halley's comet of 1910 will become visible to the naked eye. Cunningham's comet, discovered Sept. 15 last as a faint, object on a photograph made at Harvard University, cpuld be seen with strong prism binoculars by Nov. 1, and by Nov. 25 could be viewed with ordinary field glasses. Practically everyone can soon have a look on clear nights by just glancing westward. In the deep twilight of Dec. 12 the head of Cunningham's comet will be high in the wast, by- Dec. 28 it will be well up in the west, Jan. 5 low and slightly south of west. Jan. 9 almost on the . hori/.on considerably south of west. Best views can be obtained right after darkness falls. At its nearest approach to earth, 55 million miles away in mid-January, the comet may possibly become as bright as the planet Jupiter. A well-ordered comet consists of nucleus, coma and tail. The nucleus is the bright centra) part of ly woulud invite a charge of "pro- the head, probably a swarm of fnoirintiaiiom " iiiptpni-itPK—fhiuilcc nf motnl imrt fessionalism. It's a whale of a jump and seems to have a porpoise. Pudgy, latest aquisition to the porpoise family at the Marine Studios in Marineland, Fla., seems anxious to be free again. Does he like being on exhibition? No, tanks! It was so -delicious I was tempted to remind them that I-had a wife and son at home who were especially fond of ham in the hope they would offer to let me take them some. When they passed the dessert the idea was completely lost in its deliciousness. • Here's a tip to bachelors seeking Banquet Monday Night To Honor •Kasaws The annual Chickasaw Athletic Club football banquet honoring prospective brides who know how the Blytheville Chicks, • 1940 Arkansas High School conference champions, will be held at Hotel Noble. Monday night, December 16, President William J. Wunderlich announced today. Paul (Bear) Bryant of Pordyce. former University of Alabama grid star and chief scout who joined to use utensils other than the frying pan and can opener: get acquainted with Miss Lindvall and her home economics class. I give them DOUBLE-A-1 rating in the culinary art. I ought to know, too. Captain N. R. Kosey,. long, tall end, and a real college prospect if I ever saw one, made the response. He praised the fine work of the team and his coach and expressed regret that his four years were completed. He hopes to continue his work on the gridiron and in agriculture at some college or university. He prefers the University of 'Arkansas. "This new rule is a legal, way of j stone. The coma is the hazy por- " tion surrounding the nucleus and is probably dust and gases. The tail—which may be 100 million doing something which heretofore has been done in an undercover manner." Atherton added. "As to professionalism, we will pass that bridge when we come to it," said Prof. William. B. Owens, faculty representative of Stanford University. Atherton emphasized that hot every player on the western team would be paid. He said athletes who could show that they already were working at jobs or had promises of jobs (for the Christmas holidays, would be repaid for their lost time. The financial condition of the athletes, too, will be taken into consideration, and those- -who accept holiday employment without actually being in need of funds, will not share in the bounty, -he added. The "under-cover manner" , to which Atherton referred, .appaj'f ently was the practice of players "scalping" tickets to the game to friendly alumni for thumping sums. FUNNY BUSINESS Diarnun thowi position of comet when at perihelion (nearest IUD) on Jan. 16, 1941. Orbit it is traveling hu not been determined. miles Ions—is u spray of extremely rarefied gnj> and dust constantly forced out from the hend by tho sun's light pressure and eventually lost to the comet, Don't be afnild, b.\ . the way, Unit the earth will become .entangled In the comet's tni) with dire results for us all. That, cataclysm Is merely something dreamed up by our more sen.sixtlomxl writers. Actually, both In 1801 and 1910 our planet wus engulfed for a short, period in Just such a celestial stream, with no noticeable effect aside from a slight auroral glow in the sky. "You lock me in my room ami I'll start habeas corpus,], proceedings!" Today's Sport Parade •? HKNKY McLEMOU he desired. Back in Reno, he enlisted In the Nevada National Guard. A few months later. Short again obtained i\ transfer lo the Fort WinUeld Scott preparatory school. Again lie took West Point examinations. This time he made It. Vanderbilt coaching staff last year. The Athletes will continue-,lo has, accepted an invitation to appear as principal speaker. It is probable he will be accompanied by Henry (Red) Sanders, head coach of the Commodores, anri Freddy Russell, sports editor of the Nashville Banner. [ The program has not been com;•';!£ you "are" looking for an excellent f extemporaneous after-dinner 'and that is important) speaker, may I offer the "name of John Burnett, superintendent of schools. Originally I pleted but Charles W : .--> Afflick will The Dope Bucket By J. P. FRIEND SPIRIT—The grand old southern hospitality is tradition. A hotbed is to be found :it Joiner, home of Shawnee High -School, one of the most modern and completely equipped in the nation. They hung the latch outside the cloor and brightened up the "Welcome" mat to this traveler for the annual Booster Club banquet honoring their football heroes. Coach James Ace Puckett and his fighting band of Shawnee Indians, last week. It was the fourth successive year they have tendered the invitation —the fourth t.ime I have accepted— and. as I told them, their "hospitality gets wanner and more cordial and the girls better looking" .each time I come. < I hope my wife doesn't get hold of this or I'l likely lose the two remaining hairs.* Despite the glorious and refreshing youthful enthusiasm, there was . a pathetic note. They were subjected to some of the choicest of my stale jokes while I hungrily devoured two, or was it three, -plates of that home cooked ham. the Shawnee scheduled for the invocation and the introduction of the toastmaster, he fo'und himself in the principal speaker's shoes at the last minute. To be exact, it was less than that. Anyway, he carried on and in great style, using the subject: "It's a Great Game. 7 He did so swell that it was whispered about that he must have had a tip ahead .of time that the chief speaker could not appear and prepared the effective address. At any rate, it was swell-elegant.,, . Another of the program highlights was the vocal duet featuring the Johnson sisters. Frances and Cara. They sang Brahms "Lullaby" so well they were called back, for an encore. Coach Puckett brought the evening's proceedings to a close with a survey of the season. He praised his youngsters just as highly, if lot more, for the magnificent spirit and fight, during the' two losses, incidentally the first and the last of a 11-game schedule, than the nine victories.. There was a distinct moistness. about his eyes as he told of instances during the year serve as toastmaster. Sylvester (.Pop) Mosley will present pictures of the brilliant 25-21 game between Alabama and Vanderbilt. Ben Epstein, sports editor of the Arkansas Gazette, has been invited to present a trophy emblematic of the - Big 15 championship to Captain Norman (Monk) Mosley. receive six complimentary' tickets each to the Rose Bowl game, and faculty representatives instructed graduate managers to "make arrangements" to prevent these com- plimentaries from being scalped. Invitations have been mailed to James A. Puckett, Shawnee mentor who first coached the touchdown twins fMonk) Mosley and Mayfield (Sonny) Lloyd. John Oliver (Bo) Coppedge, and several other important cogs in the great Chick, machine, and sports editors of the Jonesboro Sun and Tribune. Arkansas Democrat. Commercial Appeal. Press Scimitar. Paragould Press and Pine Bluff Commercial Cat Falls 75 Feet; Unhurt READING. Pa. (UP)—Labby. a six-week-old kitten. was uninjured in a 75-foot fall from a 'window ledge after a charwoman unknowingly locked her out. Labby. a technician's pet whose name stands for Laboratory, showed no ill effects from the fall. when his boys battled against, overwhelming odds and finished ahead. He said this year's team may not go down in the records as the most successful in wins and losses, but to him they were the "best bunch of boys he had ever coached and he was proud of them; just as proud of them as if they had won the conference championship, instead of .second place." Yep, this Shawnee place has something: in school spirit that gets you. I'll be watching the mails tor a chance to be back in 1941 Read Courier ixews want WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF COUNTY, AR- MISSISSIPPI KANSAS. John C. Lassen, Plaintiff. vs. No. 7380 Elsie Lassen, Defendant. The defendant Elsie Lassen. ii warned to appear within thirtj ;1ays in the court namsd in the -aption hereof and answer the :rmp!aint of the plaintiff. John C. Lassen. Dated this 2nd day of Decem- oer. 1940. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. r\tty. for Pltf. C. F. Cooper. Lott Wins Bout With Von Zuppi Jimmy Lott displayed all of ;hfs class in a whirlwind victory 'over Karl Von Zup'pi in one of two feature mat bouts at the Legion arena here last night, winning two straight falls to triumph in a convincing fashion over the stockj German grappler. Lott used flying tackles freely ir his match, downing Von Zuppi in four seconds to take the first fall, then came back to flatten his opponent a second time with flying tackles and body pin. The time ot the second and deciding fall was 12 minutes. "Wild Red" Roberts, the hard rock from Little Rock T became the victim of Bob Montgomery in thd other contest via the foul route. Roberts succeeded in taking the first fall against Montgomery with a stamping hammerlock in 15 minutes. Montgomery retaliated by taking the second in ten minutes with flying tackles and the Strang- !er Lewis headlock. Then when the two returned to the ring to settle the issue. Roberts repeated his fouls too often and was- disqualified, the referee awarding the final fall and the match ,to Montgomery. HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 10. XUP) — lothcs do not make the man, but lo they make the golfer? This question will be settled once UK! for all today on the course of he Lakeside Club. A match .has been arranged between the world's > dressed man and the world's vorst dressed mnn. One of them in Adolphe Menjou, vho has been listed in the big ten by the tailors of the country as often and as long as Tommy Hitchcock has been placed in the big ten by the polo association. Menjou Ls the Babe Ruth of the haberdashers, the Ty Cobb of the cravats, the Harmon of the shirt- makers, the Tlldcn of the cutaways, the Bob Jones of the waistcoats, and the Louis of, the vests, stocks, and Prince Alberts.- ; The other.. contestant * in this novel golf match is Henry McLc- more. He is the Pnychek of the hand-me-down panLs, the black sox of the Norfolk jackets, and the Knox College football team of slacks. His sports pants arc cut strictly from Butterick patterns, and his .sweaters are those turned down by the bundlcs-for-Britain committee as not smart enough for mine sweeper workers. Menjou is said to have a clothes closet that covers two acres. One acre is devoted to sports clothes; According to. Directors Leo Mc- Carcy and Dave Butler, who arranged the match, Menjou consults the thermometer before dressing for a game of golf. If the reading is 76 he puts on his 1$ outfit. If it- is 77 he slips on his 77 outfit, which is a wisp lighter. If the day is cloudy he selects, a pair of knickers which blends gray of the sky. and If the day Is sunny he chooses an ensemble which will show to the best effect under a bright sun. 1 His club covers are chosen with just as much care as his clothes. He would no more .go out on the course wearing an outfit which didn't match or blend with his club covers than lie would give a stroke a side to n hundred shooter. The general belief Is tlmt he has a color stylist, design the covers for the hojicls of his wooden clubs. McLemore, I have it on good authority, will meet Menjou on the first tec wearing the following outfit; A sweater he got with 89 Octagon soap wrappers; a play suit he earned by smoking enough Ralelghs to get 126 coupons and tobacco heart, and a pair of shoes he stole from a missionary barrel and put spikes in. As for his club- head covers, McLemore doesn't have any; he uses irons and just lets 'cm rust. Betting on the match Is heavy. The morning -line is 5 to 8 on Menjou. He -has ben ten in recent weeks such golfers iis Butler, Mo Carey, Joe Schcnck, Jimmy Kern Duke Wellington, Johnny Wcls- mucller and Biiig Crosby. Not one of his victims gave him more than two strokes a hole. Tn tomorrow's dispatch, full de- Big Antelope Roundup Starts in West Texas FORT DAVIS. Tex. I UP)—Texas game officials have the not-so-easy job on their hands of rounding up all antelope loose .on the sprawling • of West Texas. The antelope roundup, being: held for the second time .in history, Is the result of requests by ranchers. Most cattlemen have applied to the state to have the animals removed from their land, although a few have asked that the antelope be placed on their ranches. Game officials have decided make plantings of not fewer than 25 animals to each herd, because inspectors have found that herds of this slr.e settled down and become accustomed to new ranges better than small groups. Rend Courier News want ads tails, of the match 'will carried. Road to West Point Holds Many Detours RENO, Nev. (UP) — James H. Short of Reno finally is going to West Point, but. it took him a' long time to get. there. Short started his campaign for an appointment to West Point by enlisting in the coast artillery at San Francisco, 'where he stayed long enough to obtain n transfer to the West Point preparatory school at Fort Winfield Scott. . Short went to the preparatory school for a year—but failed to rc- •. AMATEUR..-.BOXING FRIDAY NIGHT LEGION ARENA JIMMY LUNSFORD vs. LARRY BODINE OF CHICAGO 5 5 ADMISSION — 20c SO QUICK, WITHOUT BtOWING OR SPILLING SMOKES POCKET TIM! Read Courier News want ads. LOOK! Superintendent Burnett. Don't dis- <Uty. ad Litem, Percy Wright. appoint me! 3-10-17-24 ONLY FOR A AND YOUR OtD TIRE SIZE 6.00 x 16 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Besl Kirby Drug Stores BUY YOUR HOLIDAY LIQUORS & WINES BY THE CASE AND SAVE MONEY. Complete Stock BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR SHOP 107 S. 2nd STANDARD TIRE Try Our "Warm-Morning" Sentry Coal, For the New Warm Morning Stoves GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. PHONE'76 •UY NOWI PAY lATERI BUDGET PLAN TUB as tow at • • k ceive the West Point appointment DOUBLE-RICH E® 11 like the way You» |l|ce * TRY IT, 50 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lb & Walnut pbuuc 810 There's "DOUBLE.RICK" pleasure in the handsome holiday box that contains the largest- selling straight Bourbon whiskey in the ^ world... Cream of Kentucky. Make .your gift "DOUBLE-RICH"! Make it Cream of Kentucky! i*> 90 PROOF...SCHENLEY DISTILLERS CORP., N.Y.C. Inc.} Agent Sinclair Refining Company (7ncJ v B. J.ALLEN Phone 200 AGENT BlythefiBe, Ark.

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