The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (ARK.) GOtftiEfc' Temple'University Health Clinics More Popular.? oratories here have been swnmped wlih Inquiries, concerning the . The vaccine Js yrcpaiwi from (he 4i)lnal col ' l! ° r i»™k'ys which had en il LPHIA (UP) — Public 4i)lnal col ' l! ° r i»™k'ys which ha here each Saturday lor .succumbMl to Uw disease. alv.l the tion of infantile paraly- i' ''*'"»' w"l> clii-mleuls lo mak> MllJ ainin, In oii- ! lmml?ss l3 ]»"» : »' s - PHILADELPHIA, (UP) — Public clinics, held V the preventto js.'s, fire steadily gaining. In popularity, according to physicians of I "" Temple university Hospital. , tu q WnrnliirW Using a serum, discovered lssl.l" tW 3H " WOrSlll[,eiS August by Dr. John A, Kolniei, Illxlltllfe OH Riviera physicians have Inoculated hundreds of ch!ldr:ii nnd many nd«Ks CANNES <UP>-T)ie Jii-esi »n-l since tin- clinic, was inaugurated |. fst eqtilpp-d • l liistltul"'of A'-tl i f.evern) HEcki n.?o. . lotogy" in Eiilope. 1ms been liiiniz-1 •„ |,,ii«, hn ,. Only UK- . patient—n four-year- \ nraled on' UN- Fri-nch Itlvl-ru. "it t ""•'•'""•'I'/. old Iwy — WAS Inoculaled on the Is known as ti-r- -IVmple to ihe "" ' first day of lha clinic. Sim," mut th-Ye are aVO sun v.w- !>0-Fool Roi)e Saved oflic.'nls also revealed sliliicr sseeklnx Ii?n1tli and liappl- ! ' "'»veu ihat • shipments of the m?\v serum I ness th's "" mc-lho;! of are bsing m ado dally in iufecU-rt treatment, areas am) thai o r . Kolmei's lab- 1 Wor.shln-rs at the .sun u-mple to by n filnrr nf !W) doctors arid nurses, and a revolving .solarium follows Ihe sun throughout the day. The cost of the building nnd equipment aver- ager, about IS.OOO.OW) francs and is nine stores hlijh. containing 210 beds, '{'he director ol Ihe institute Is f)r, .lean Kaldman, who nlso In- \rntecl ami deigned I lie .solarium. U h n replica of those wlilcli lie - om iilrcndy hn.s constructed at Aix Ins ,.j|, The Milrhim in liulla \«is ijnHl ut [„.; or Hi» late Jam !•//•*• l Life Oi Molonst H elen P. pn»)l.ii. 35, |s illve. IW.OIKI Arthur Wmlfln hrr! n f.O-fmt .eer^ nf'ron^. When r.vnllll iftil cm-lrol ">' >i's i'litmnobll'- on Mission Hv> Tii-Id"-- 1'. lor'- lliroutih a I'allln? :>nti i li-ii:<r-ri into tlie water 30 fe?t bo- , low. The miii-hli)" l.-uicl'd nnsldc dnn-ii ,,mi , v as. .submerged. 1 Wnoltln sow the accident.'i' 'iDtl "f Hie roix- lo Ills ear, h:- bed drrwn, .';v.'am to Hie KII'O- a , 1 i ( !"^ n,»«l'ln,-> n,,,l rltf.kd foe juvcrliirnod our. Wonllln extricate:! IHo iniconicini^. rojltll aid .swain jn.shnre wllli him. Now HIP InJniTri 1* rfcov^rji'f in :i liosjiUn! Here. i OCEAN liKACIl. Col. (DP) -l,n- Ooin-lro- New* Want Ads I 'ays Advertisements Ailvvritsc-invnUi 'New. York Cntton NEW VOnK, March Colton claspd steady. (UP) - •\VEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, I9R5 *1 Ormsby's One Up On Daddy Dionno March IIKI 1121 IK,,, ,|,| M»V ' llai IKW noli lli; July s 1I2S Illli; in:; ll;i: OL Kino lion ifiiiu iicjij I'"' HIM IIKI I Mi} I KM fipol;, closed .»Ui«iy ., t |'|j., M id. NOTED-MEMPHIS. BUSINESS FIRMS Frcncii-Slcx'dis Electric Co.—', of Motors & All Electrical Equipment For Saw Mills & Woodworking Plants Who s«|![)lv Retail Stores, Wholesale Ksliililishmcnts, r U-IOIIL-H, msmmmns i Arhimsns willi Supplies, KqiiiiHiicnl, Scrvirt-s iind Com nmlilio.s nf All Moris. iind nlht'r litisincssos in .Nnrlhcasl Wh;re motor i-cpalrhiK receive.! i:xpi_-rt attention i.s at tin- lYench- atevens Electric Co., W3 court Avi., Mempliis. This concern IILT; been eiucrlnis lo electric motor an:! Bcm-rator repairs foi many years, and is held in hlah esteem liy a licst of ;allsli«l customers. Thi.s concern mak?.s a specialty ot cut- criiiy to saw mills and wocd-work- ing incliisiiit!':, where all the plias?.-: of eleclrical cqiilinncia insliillnlion and repain; with reference to wood-working plants, are a specialty of liihj orijanizalion, Inchnl- ing fi-etineney changei-s, etc. Itrr- paUs of motors nnd Benemlor.s and i.'lhcr electric OQiilpmctit require'; the secvier-s of specialists, '.vlto by rea,':on of knov.'ledge and experience lii-e . nfci; in .recondition and re- pair to the EalWacllim of pairenv. Here molors art- rc-u-ouini and [jui in comtitlsn (o i^rfiirm hurd and Ion? scrvlc-,!. Beside, a stocl: of new and used motors Is can-led fully ijnaranlml to perform 'successful .service. Tlie bri-nklnis down of a inoior or lienerutdf often causes .serious Inconvenience! and loss of time and money. This :s n matter Uiat requires prompt am] . efficient, service. Such reliable snr- | vice may be Hjcurcd here, IUK! llils j linn cini be iiepi:nde:l upon In all ! cases of emrrijeht.-y in slait wheels jiuinlnj a!;nin at earliest p»:slb]? j inomeni. and ths trade I.s assured | Hint none but cxiicrl.s lire cni- i ployed. Inciuirles are • :;(i]|clted [ from saw mills, wocicMvorkinu I plant.s and oilier hutnsn-L.-.. Cbttoii Gins Completely Outfitted With Machin«»-y & Equipment by Cen-Tennial Colon Gin Co, The cen-tcnnlal Cotton Gin Co., 374 South 3rd st.. Memphfc, Is probably o;ie of the equipped in Ilic Sfinth lo linndiir all requirements in cotton gin much- Insry and equipment/ This company manufnclurrs cotton Bin ma- cliinerv oiitl cleaning: eqiilpni3nt of- all kinds. Coilon yins may ij; '(.niplelcty o.ufiUed here, rc-sard- ti'is of thc> ste> of'plant tlcsirsd. Wlialcvcr ihc necessities, inay tic. in the line of cotton gin macliln- :.iy and =riu!pment. they may ho satfEflsd hero in a manner that will come up lo nil speclflca! Ims. Those ccntcmplaliiiB .the csiau- lishmt-ht of iisw plants will find it to their itdvantase ito cciiimun'icntc with this eoncci-n. ns well as tlittw v,-lio \v!::ii i,:i make enlariiraienl.s, Valuable advice will be given without any obligation regarding any cotton Bin equipment problems. Tits pi-Ices .will lie fount! reasonable, and tlin service as proiniK, cxjicrt and courteous. This company tnvltcs ii«iuhi!>s Irom northeast Arkansas, and the assurance is given Unit customers v.-ill br ! alforded every satislactlon. Inqiilr- ] ie.s may be made by either mull ! or telephone, or better still, by c [personal visit. The' Ccn-lcnnhl Cotton Gin Co., I.s widely known In the irade ar. a concern of Integrity, reliability ami hf B h slnnd- ! avd inclhods. Tor cotton Bin mnchliici-y| irequireniMUs. the Cen-lehiil!)l Collon" Gin Co., crln- nc( br'.tin-pawi'cl, .mid (lealliis; Ji-rc will eei-lnlnly l : <- riinnrl lo b- n,|- !tu)epmleul Linen Service Co.—Caters To Stoi'es and Business Firms Prominent umnis ihc i-oal'. : apron, towel .and. linen supply companies cn!?rin!; to Ihe 'trade in ' norlhpast 'Arkhiisns Is (he independent Linen Service Co., S34 Linden : Circle, : Memphis;' telephone 2-4BCO. This' ccmecrii sp-jciali/es in the rentiiif! cf clean coats, apron:, lowsls, lable lind- other linens, butcher, froc-;^, etc.. to restau'i-i nnts, he:;Is, ,'narkels, barber shops, fceauty pariors,. professional p«)- ple and ethers. . The supply service conduced : saves .considerable money to patrons in that it eliminates the necessity of purchasing. f-resh and clean laundry is delivered at regular intervals,' and Uw merchandise furnished is of high futility, sterilise! and spotlessly clean. M'hls ccnccrn is an outstanding one In its line, and pos- ttrees n Tcrr.ilnlion lor- honestv, ipllnblllly and fair (iealinus. ''n\c Ecrvic.e can b? clependea iifsn to be prouipl. eiricicnt and cDurtcotir,. Tliere Is a diversity of store and Institution uniforms that may In; rented here, and there is nothing in the Hue of linens that this company docs not furnish. Business establishments and institutions will do wt-il to get in touch with (his organization, and the assurance is glv=n lhat customers will be entirely satisfied with the service-rendered, Ihe prices chnrgcd and the quality of tlie material .furnished. Dixie;Funeral Supply Co.—Complete Supplies & Equipment for Undertakers . An cutsianriing concern i funeral directors' supply equipmcn! ttrancss is ihe Funeral Supply Co.. S12 11 the j here. - The service" rendered .here an-j will be found prompt, efficient nixii- and . courteous. None but high North j onalily merchandise 'is handled ane ictepnone Uu- products of the mnnufae- .. Main si, Memphis", sa v for ,1 ncces- ! S>«|.ply Co.. will f.ladly quote i . sary for, the preparaUon of bodies | HUM tiny items in tu °ril ? "m U!ial ' '"""" soppltei J pita or equipme,,.. " equipment for 'funeral parlor cf -svrry descripticn. Almost every eoncM'vable - ilnm in funcrrd i(.iioite<l from funeral parlors and (mcierlaker-i everywhere 1 . A vtsl lo this establishment -r-.i ,,.,- , . . , ' lv " n;> i-s-aoiisiimciu \v I nrov£ ..wl equipment ,s hanrilHl to be -,, revelation to many. Cotton Seed Graded for Planting at Five Dollars t'er Ton, by Memphis Bonded Warehouse Co. ihc most reliable ser- tie Tri-Slale territory f of cotton s;sd <t>r > On? of vices in for tlio-S planting \- conducted -by til? Memphis funded Warehciisc Co .20 Adams Ave.. Memphis. Great s may be affected .by the service afforded by company, which separates weights (c^lls) fiom iratured su well as Ih2 removing of reed,, gra«.s seed and other foreign matter.. The most advanced methods arc ns;d, and the "crl> is accurately performed The low cost of this semce will be a revelation to the farmer and plnn- irttlon owner, since great, labor i' eliminated This service Js performed al $5 per ton There llns boll is no. amount too large for tins :rganizntlon to handle. The service vonckrcrt to patrons will iw found pro:i-|it, leliablo ?nrt coiir- lay.B. and [aimers ami plantation owners will certainly And it advantageous IT. have the Memphis Bonded Waivhousc Co.. prado nil cotlon seed ready 'for planting, which will nndoublcdly ronlributc to the success of any crop. This company possesses cverj- facility for grading of cotton seed with quick dispatch, and customers «re assured complete satisfaction. Inquiries are invited-from all points in northeast Arkansas, roi- col- seed grading, which Is reliable a accurate, .'hit o:-gnnfci((on cannot be Fred D. Hauler—High Quality Wood Working Machinery & Equipment for Plants & Mills Where woodworklne inachiii- ry may be purchased advrur.. aucously i.s at (lie firm «f Vied I). Hassler. located in Mie Stei'ic'-t ISullding. In Memphis. Il:-re wui::l- workliiK jiiHclilwry of every nature and (If.scrjptliiii Is haiuild.-i. presenllnii tin.- prnducls of the *sl inuiiiilnclurrr.-i In lh^ country. Tijerc IIJY- various .styles of variety saws, hilhes, b;;mi . i :ows winders, etc., to suit the needs of both lai-((o and .small .•Mahllsh- icni-s. Whnleyrr the rciiiiliviusiii', lay lie In the line ol woodworking innclilnery, they niuv b" ndinir- ahly satlsncd lier;. Th? prices arc! rc-a.sonnhlc, conrnrmfni; to tin trend ul the times. Tlip scr'.'h.v lins alwny.s been ch:ini':lerly.:d by promptness, clflclnncy and coin-'- lesy. Nciv e.stiililifthincnts v/ill nn:l equipment here Unit will I'dcl to Ilielr prospccls for si;c- w.ssi* Old i'sliil)llshmei!l.s will nnd niacbinery here Hint will rc-suii. In yrcat <i(;onnjny ruui iicttuj- svorfciiiiin.sliii), 'moftc In [he .market (or woodworking niachlnery or who contemplate ninhiii|> chnnurs, will' find It to their ail- viuitflfjc to communicate with this oi-eanl/iition. or pay 11 a visit. The patronage ol Arkunsu-s and jioulhoasl Missouri is sollcHtil. Euclid Road Machinery Co.—Complete Equipment for Earth & Grave! Waving for Levee & Road Bldg. Firms out llandliiiLi a coiujilelc lino of snrlh anil j;ravel inovini;. inacliln- vry, (he Kuulld itnud Maclilnery "o.. yjl Sotilh Wont SI., Memphis, f(. A. Ti'lpjiccr, Memphis brunch Milker, Is widely known throiigh- liie territory lor integrity, reliability and high .standard bus- ucss rnc'lluxls. Here may IK pro- iin-ed all types of eni-lh moving machinery and cquipineiit, .such as (rnekf, tractors, H-HBOHS, wheel Tempers of every description, as .veil as a complete line of road •nainteiuince equipment for municipalities, counties and road build- In!; and levee contractors. Th« :<l«I|>mcnt furnished ,by the Euclid aoad.Machinery Co., hns proved to te popular with levee contractors and road building orjjaiil/iulons throughout ihc South, since sueh ronfprncnt was found'to be of high quality, well-constructed and nbie HHW OlclJ-IANS. Mar, 13 ,u.'i- Cotlon dosed; stonily: ouen lilgh low elcs- Maifh looa |II7 105;) ui7 M«V DID ma 1102 1127 ''HIV - UK) 1133 ))uo jj;,j Od ' IO!iO 1103 1080 Illj!) ': , 11i)3 HOI)- I09J 1103 •)"» HOI 1101 1101 1I09U Kpit.s closed suudy at no, up 3 Cloning Stock Price* A. T. nnd T. 105 :f-l Anaconda Copper '. a M liullilehcin Stetli... 'M a-8 Chrysler ...'.'.', ~y> ;,. s Cil.'c.v Service I ?-c Coca Cola ..- ; 'J 18 Cicn. American Tank ys O-.-ncrm Electric .' 21 3-S C!;,'jrji-a] Molor.s- 27 ;{.g Int. Harvester x, '1-4 . Montgomery ward New york Contra! Packard I'blSlips Pelroleti in. . Radio- Corp, . ____ Simmons Beds Slnndard of N. J Texas Co. ... U S. Smelling u. S.- Sleel Chicago Wheat .... H 1-8 A l-a '.'." « j-4 37 '_'.[ 1C ;t .., Truk" has met wi.r. pji-tlcnlni favor, and i.s no-r.bJn' c>::ea- sively used by TVA ami roail r.:ul levee coiSractin'.i 'thi'jnj'lii, th. 3 South, .since it- carries 8 yards anrj lias ]>eeri found to be very useful for long gravel or cartli hauls. Tlie products' linndtcd :ir:- the, result of .sound engineer!)!; prin- i clples reaching u ni:{li s mte cT perfection in performanic. Equip, mem purchased IILM-C can be depended upon to Bh'e loi, g nn ,i , m - inlerupted service. Thrj service rendered has alv.'ays been known «,s prompt, efr/cient nml courteous. No contracting nrm or municipality would do justice to itsell without first making Inquiries Ime. Mr. R..A. TrlpjMcr, Ihe Menisiii'-' hrancii mitnager, will be Bind confer • with any one on jnrtli and .gravel moving problems. ;m lo , recommend ' the. most, .sui'aU . ' -.... , , - - —• cqiiipinenl, and 10 qiiotu price-; n lo wilksland heavy duly work any equipment The i';il, m-i wilhom lessor llmo through hrciik- of norlhenst Arkansas .and sWtt' s. . I lie new I'.uclld "Trnc- cast. Mfamirl Is mUcHeii open Mny m 1-2 July 118 7-8 lid 3-4 ] ow ' close 93 ;j. 4 ES 1M ,-;:i :,-n Cart i VjpcM : high s ] riw ( .; (KC May 70 1-2 CO 18 7-8 7!l 7-1, July 75.3-8 75 7-8 71 V-iJ 75 3.4 leilo. Johnson's Island, the one s.. :g - ae.sed ,„„!,>, Governor Das-ey's p!n, was used as a prison for Con" SC ™' iU '" m " re " SANDUSKY, O. (UP(-Proposals for using Johnson's Island, near here in Lake Erie, for prison purposes, arc being protested by members of Ihc. United Daughters of the Confederacy. The island lia-s Iran mentioned s on: of i ho possible sites in Oov. Martin .L. pjvoy's pro;ioK(l ton- Tt-i-Statc fiarber Supply Co.—Compleie Equipment & Siipph'es for Beauty & Barber Shop; an emporium for brau- ly |ini-lor and barber .shop equipment and sii!)|>lir-.s is llu> Tri-smt- liarber Supply co.l ail Soiilh Mahi St.. Memphis. This concern carries one of Hie, largest, .slocks of beauty and barber shop cniilpnii<iu and supiilies in this part of Ihc country. it cllslributes makes of permanent waving machines, as well as supplies. This company aho handles chairs. ;ix- ttires and other equipment. There nre many other Items handled lierc' that a first class beauty or barter shop mlghl need. In fact, Ihe stock Is so complete and' widely diversified that there is scarcely anything that one might mentlcm Hint tliis ' estnbllslimcnl doss not carry. Only high qual- .ity equipment and .<su|)|>li?s are eavi-led, iltoso lhat ..hnvr r,too:l Ihe aeld test of long iind elfiei-n.: use. D-atitv. parloi.s :>n;| t:u-l);.|- shojis; mny.' tu .'cojnhlcfrly' ciiltiltec. here, and It e.-c.leiuk .every: eo- opcintion to those abDin. • to cm- bark ' in now . ventiire.s. There i.s n lIuiE payment plan lillei-ed'wbrre complete- equipment aiicl supplies may to procured upon very nv; terms. The Tri-suue Barber Sup. ply Co., Ls In fact one ol tit; outstanding concerns in this tusines;. It Is noted tor honesty, integrity, ft ml reliability. Us standard o! dealings has always bjcn high. The service rendered It ciislomcrs is prompl. elTicicnl and courteous. Those in the market lei- 'joanty shop 'equipment Snd sujipliep should not . fail to se! !u touch with this establishment' Ben-Jep Tire & Battery Co.—Completely Equipped Frame, Axle & Wheel Specialists — Wrecks Rebuilt Tlu Bcn-Jep Ti-e & Battery Co.. ] able, and the service as prompt i49 tlnin'i Avu \Tnm-ii,;^- ;,,».. ( ^^i;^t,i_. .._ j _ . * ! ' V| Club Women Kit Use Of Island for Prison "Powder River Kid" Recalls Buffalo Bill- >Bulfa!o mil. He used to ride the nony express (lurini! tin time of General Ouster's massacre. !;cat on tiie Wisconsin vivci- nm\ clalins' lie was taught to shoot by Wild mi] Hickok Pittsbur?h Loses ••• |*."..v,l >..II»YU for thea- cleanliness." Farra recalled a visit h;> ina;ie h2re ten years aco. and rccollcclcrt the great pall of .smakc vjhich bung over the city at (hat liin,?. "That really w as smoke" he said. , . Calif. (UP) — The ' Powder River Kid" is hack In jail again and with hint he has the 'key-wound, watch he savs Buffalo otherwise kiiD\vn as ccasions—rlrimkennes.s. "I ^ could take a dozen of them Smoky City * * PITTSBURGH (UP) — No lo: : will Pittsburgh b3 referred It- vrsilors can hi-taken l!u-rai;y, a smoky, dirty metropolis, br_-c known wh?n E!wood Farra, ci--s methods of smoke re'tili o no srs Body for $427 LANCASTER, l>a. <UP)—Unable to find employment, a man hero inserted an advertisement In a newspaper and offered himself "I need $427—and refuse to rjo on the dole," Die ad said. "I will do anything honest. Any hospital may have my body after my death loi the above figure." rcliablo- and eoui-lcous. The Jep Tire & Hatlefy Co.. dcs>rtvi Ihc patronage of Uie Irnde, llecr owners and others who'are assured workmanship that can b? depended ui:on. Prices will gladly t:e sub- ... Memphis, ._..- ihone- 7-5151. possess-.'s one of Ihe ucst complete and modern plants u Ihc South for frame and axle tralghlcuing. wheel aligning, c-lc., vhero all workmanship is perform- «.« m:un. 1-1-10-5 win giattiy v c sub d wuli the greatest faclory pre- milled upon application, nml <h- •isiMi ulili?.lna th^ most artvsinccd assurance, is given that purnv eiriHific methods. Wheel "shim- will be afforded Ihc services Vi ny" and mis-alignment of all recognized spjcklists ' crls are corrected by Ihe aid of ] — . he • most modern and complete A milk boltlc" makes only 2 irins •pjitiraltis. Hero cxpm craftsmen before being broken on nrTaveraj- vilh many years' experience ar= t h 's breakage cost adds $I2000'''"X) -t the disposal of patrons who .are " Ka'r to lha American mill- bill iranrcd (vorkmansliip with Lire ~ ' ' ' ilghcst degree of accuracy. This •ctnvany enters to garages, repair heps, service stations and others vtoo desire specialized service mnr- ':ed by imustial skill. Frames and ixles of all sorts, for nil makes of ?ars. trucks and bus?s,arestraighl- jicd. and wheels are perfectly illt.ned. Wood, \vlvc. t\\sc and steel vheels arc repaired, strnightr-nc:! nirt accurately nligned. emial in 'lew cur performnncp. The matter •if wheel repairing is a serious one. since it Involves safely of life irnl none bur experts should be employed to perform ihis work Tn fact, there Is nolhlng in the line of frame, nx!c and wheel repairing and alignment that this organization cannot do with great credit. This company also repairs todies and 'fenders, and com- plclely rc-bullds wrecks as well no as Installing glass. Aulo palming •"' is also done in an expert manner The prices Mil be found reason- Tliere Are MOKE GOOD GUI'S Of Coflce In Every Pound Of Four Ix-af Are These One blond ant! one bnmd, one fair of skin and Ihc outlier dark —could Millicenl Graves, niissin s stenographer, possibly 'be the mysterious Pltyllis Faulconcr, sought hy police in coiinec- lion with (he sfrangc events in the home of wealthy, prominent Jaryis JIapp? What was Mill! cent's secret? Why had S | 1C disappeared? You'll find the answers in Ihc Ihrilline new serial, "The Dark Blond," h .Beginning Tomorrow in Courier News

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