The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1933 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 9
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THURSDAY. OCTOBER 26, 103 BLVTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER- NEWS Take Place of Proied- re! Traus-Snharan Railroad Line. PAGE NINE '-41 got dandruff, Mart growing prickly •I-!.'-]) Kwsl, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Potato and pars- prars ', .,,.„,. ey soup, tonslrd rhwsp sniiduleti- I A (lol( '8 ntl ' < ln n botanical meet">. npj>!.' sniiiv. molnsses. hnrs, mill:. ln K lifrc recently told tlie tmlver 031 fliy botnnlcnl mntf of a remedy i OINSKR; liarloy oiip rye bicnd coiiroelcd by nn old-Mexican wo- ; ,!>yft'ei potatoes baked _>.. <.._., ...... _^^ IM)(\ flpVUM' man In Texts, made by tlie peeled ctctai leavw In water. ~''\ The rawlt la o thick, whlt« jWtl <l which is death to dandruff. . "^ i i Botany prolfkors are alul •'-• )i:il bulter . ind fluffed, shteildcd morn |!0]i)vr sRhtd. drlf-d Read Coiirlfr News Want A&.' -y'j| Hi 1 SAMl.'IX 1IAS1I1KI.I. l : n!l«d t'rtts Staff 1'ARlfi. iUP>—With only Iio'.ir.*; ['torn the heart uf '.. i hi- !n .u; of ihi- Snharii. I'X'.itM'ts arr drains' p'ans iov a fiiliaran Atr Service liist«iil ol • onceiuratiii!* on the IVana-Sn- liHif.u iliillrofuk. which yo; nuiy ti'.ke years 10 complete. Th't success of several aviation r-.r.'! nuiomoblli' missions lo varl- u.i, i>ojiit.; uS' Uii J lioiil MU.'LK-OO ;lnd AHi'l^. U:is runvimcd the 1 Frt-nch in mitral Afri- lhai t!ii' li.tison :lii> Africa c(j!onir-s ciin ' v >rn[ili.s?:c-d r-aslost by nir. liTO -Vfi Ccnjitiiii.^u:! IKL-; inatic -'tuUlft, Oi tliL- ijrobiiblt; ar-tl pos- ' >.:blc routt-£, Ijtu tehst* \)lans .still \ i'. 1 '" in ilis'.mte bLrans' 1 of Uicr murv j n:' i-n:. und u-ry juyurntt. 1 fiitdings.; TiU" rxiivantngos (jf siutonioWk 1 t antt o.vlai!o:i roiUo.s are appnrpnt [ that sudden tnciica!, | milk, Cliarlcvoix Executed Old Man Depression UHA1U.KVO1X, Mli'h. iiJPi "Old Man Dt-pivsslOi)" sulfivi-d ;i "painful" I'vi-iitlni) In Clinvlovo!/ i-i'iniily. At nn NIJA vek'brfttlon ;',\\ !•!• fiisy. rti'uleiln^ KlMin und Imri! time's. WHS hiniBrtl; tile hotly Hit- died by bull, i.s or n llrinj .s(jn;id; j.nikl iln'ii (he 'Voiiwi'' duiniKd In! to R ni'iirby lake friim an ;ilrpmiu-. Prickly Pear Liquid Used for Dandruff Oklii. iU!>) -11 yon'u' NOTICE OF ELECTION tin; |uii'))<)si> of of ilio Si. rid IH ilfiMKii Mississippi Comuy, iiii one .member of Ui<;~ I.ovee District in each" th<! nlpcfifin commission* elcclkni will hr> hnltl in-' t'ollmvinjr pliu'iy on Monday, November (i, 1033. DiiUlti No. i: i/atlivllii\ Mctnllu und Kt.iwnh. Dlslilrl No. 2: Vnrljro. lilj llinvllle anil Forty-Elgin! *MHrii-i No. a: Di'l Oscrola nil] Pacny WOK. O" heretofore unknown develop-' rieiiLs Sn climalc. or xeoJoeical fts- (K't'l;;, may l« overcome by a Simpi*? clmnge oi Hie route. Fren'-)! civil aviation authoritIo. L t yi.ill arc working on plans for Uie Ti-ans-SMiP ?:n Air line. Tn f;wt.j tho 1934 tiudgtt conLnliis cm iippro- ;>i laiiun of ton million frunw; for I Trims-African studies, which would . provide for on air route joining • France and the down w!ih other ! '•••u'.itsuous lines over North Af- • rk'a, i",-Zit MARYS KITCHEN dietary without .sucrific- ! IIIK tht essential food values, j The amourxt. of money the aver-- Eije family ordinarily spends for food is influenced by several fac- , tors. Individual lustes, nutrition ! requirements, avoidance of waste ] and economical planning control . the food budget as definitely as ! does the si/fr of our pockctbook. It frequently has been estimated G. G. CaudiU (ien(y-iiL liuunncr 100 N. Ilruaelwuy Phono :797. lifili.s am! this slcnple, workable i-ivLs into iipjK-tl^inK Innclicun or tesis for llii> division of foods was snpjier dishes Hint nre mast inex- worked out: iKnslvc and nourishing. "One-fifth, more or less, for Dried fniits und dried vsife- fruits and veReinbles. tables iiro eheup sources of enerBj 1 ••Or.c-flfih. or more, . for mlllc ima niineral silts. and cheese. . ' 'I'lie root, vegetable am! cabbage "Oiie-fifth. or lesr., for mealB, have a long season and uri> very lo'A' In cost, 'limy supply u inax- bread Inunn of vulnuble iiuirlenLs for the minimum outlay . No. -1; Wilson niul Kelfter. ! Nu. 5: Jolin'r iiml WIHUoli ttli'ition ComniissiouerR of Mississippi County By: W. P. M. tYrgiison, Chairman-, E. R. Thrclkelrt. fjTrclury. \V. W. Slmvi-r. fish and fggfi. "One-flflh, or moro, for and cereals. i tlmt nut more than one-fourth of I the Income should be allowed for I fowl. But. when the income falls Ixikm' whut mlKlit be cunsldered! -'One-lifth, or less, for fatlK, su- •,'Chc-<\* s)io!ik\ not bf lorfc'oUi'n ir and other groceries and food us :i meuns lownnl wonomy. A Ijuncte." concentrated fowl. It. contniits no i uciow wnui nni-m OK cuiu>iaere«i If you will tiy Uils an-aimemcnt wa *l<-' » 11cl ls r| di I" calories. It's Ior| even a. iuodenit« sum. the nllorr- i for a week or two yon will find n " excellent source of vilnmln A theUlmlyou uri- nerving wellbnlixncwt nm '- » good source of vltftuiln II. the '• nicnls wliith furnish protein, fat,! There ni'e also many varieties „ , - fact that food is of first imix>:--1 cnrbu-hydmtes, mineral cunslitu- I ol lish Hint lenil themselves lo •""Tfcnjo><:a Guessinif Game problem. She must have some n „ u , ICCCS5JUM . ! citts and vitamins. , | low-cost nieuls. SEATTLE IUP)—Laughter from knowlertye of both food values and. . . . , • » * i jury room dismrbed Hie court I hmnnn needs, coupled with Ingen- Division of Foods i Don t m-erlooR L«mis T ,,.n..r«,«-. M,,,,, »in of Superior Judge Robert S. : nity anil patience, If ehe would When the World War enforced j In your inenl plannlns. don't : lumnmm s .«cnu Macfarlanc. \vlillc \raitlnf for a' spent the food allowance wisely a combination of economy und overlook the cereals. Tlie germ BY SIBTKlt MARY SEA Service Wriltr To prtn'ide nourisliinu food a family is never a simple task,; .^ f() , foO(] m bc , lbm . e and when the income Ls small the • n]lolU , ( , onc . ro ,, rll!- <luo ,„ vrnilci. Tns taililf opened the door and well. A study of the properties food conservation, the U. S. Pood part of grains especially Is of grenU sun! fo-.mtl [he Jury amusing them-1 of natura,! fodstuffs makes ii quite Administration advocated the di- value an is classed with the "pro- wives with n guessing guaic, 'possible to maintain a chenp but vision of the food allowance Into! teetlve foods." You can work ccr-, ....: H.ow tost) •nil liHEAKFAST:. Chilletl loiniun pnlce. whole Evulnrai cereal cookcti with dRtes, top milk or cream, Pie's okay for your stomach if you use Crisco... ..'••-•' • at digests quickly! Pie whenever yon want il? Sure, IF the pie-crust is made with Crisco. Crisco pie-crust doesn't work the. stomach overtime— Crisco is a creamy, light shortening that digests quickly. ' . Many folks who've had to-watch their 'diets have written letters to tell us what a change Crisco has made in their lives. They're eating pie like regular-healthy people now that the shortening used for pie-crust is Criscol . ' Turnoutalovely flaky pietonight— made by atested Crisco recipe. No other shortening will do — Crisco is . made from pure, wholesome oils by Crisco's own process. That's why it'ssocreamy — andwhyitkeepssweet- tasting and "quick-digesting" for weeks and months! Look for the blue-and-white label when you buy Crisco — the wholesome shortening that's vacuum- sealed in a sanitary can for your health protection. DIGESTIBLE CRISCO PASTRY \Master Recife) 2 c;i[M !kn:r U to 8 trtljkviWHms roUl iv.ltcr i Clip (.'ri?co SiFi tloiir ami salt. Tlieii rut in Cri.ico [Hip rivaniy. Ituffy slwrteninK that's wliOltiSOlnCK Cul la Crisco CM/jrfu It you Hku a Jlal'i criul — cm hi Cmro lirrrtv if yo-.i like a rc.r<i;y rru^t. -\tld only enough water totiold miMiu-t? loselbcr. iti)H >; Inch thick oil ll^litly floured Ixwrtl. b'f,r tinted sltfll. cover nn Envcrlcil (ite-plato vpry closely. Trim <loiiK>" so you L-ctn fn'.il it ijonhlc av f dso. Crimp prise. Trick bottom anil skltw nc-ll. UaVc in liut ovru (W b'.J 15 imnuu*. >'cr iic.t-frjfii |ift. bntti lower cniTi with inelicil Crl^oo lo prevent nllinc rro.-n soukim: in'. ItoKe [n lint oven (JiiO 3 (•'.> foi 10 infinites— I-&ILKV to mfxtcriuqW'O' !•'.). ll;ikc urilll I'.llinK I?' flone. CRISCO ' R*i.u,-s. r«ir>ff. digests CiJLLCA •*^r - P E A.C H E R 1 N O TARTS 121jalvc.-»of ranuc-il pj»:ir!ic-i ] f r'.ip II11 Hy cl :«>!»] xxl ntnnicnt3 U IPS-^IXMIIH IvIV.tlll JiliiV I T1Z« V\JlllL> -^ -SpriuLIp (Iri-LiiPd i-r>:-.-t:f--i \\it\\ ii-r.on jniro ftml lei Rinnil. Make Di^f.stirilo (Virco I'asu-y ILI-P sinpli i -cru<l pTO(vorlIons iit Masic-r K(M-ipc — »i lift). Ho!I mil i-viry mid cm inio J-J inllarl jt.'nis. l-'iirltwoly. 1'ilck well. Itakrin IHH ovi-n (•I'tO'lM .'itio'.il ID tiihitiU'x. \VthTi c'i»nl. lirit-'i ti:n-> uf [i:i>;iry si id Is will I Sllnhlly U-.ilHl (VK hUli- — <]:t'ti <U[i iiHu f,liliiiC3l». TIlCO till rnt'h IJn sh.-ll «iil. u h.ilt*|i>TLfli. C!;l if/f up. Top with ttlU[»Ikxlrrc:iinor vnriilln \i~c rrrafn. tiii-nUb ivlih marxschioo Cllffrii 1 .^ nr frrxli IH'M!^-. AFFINITY i! 5 t'-orxninLilj, Atl-l Pif>: Iniv IkV.t (Or hi (LtMlliSiJ . .\(M knioii rind. l(c- Mi\ siuat. ilrmr.!i :.! fxiilCT) until it-rv [liii - l> »:ul J-H ino\vrtrtr.i tirnt. Chill. ! « 1'Anl slit-It u( Di«^lH> hUo'J l»:iti:in;is. J'our in I'n-kui Llllii:>;. Covi-r H>]> \ s[rt"'ins Miiitir :ii:cl ' ', (iT,-i»cx>r; li-finui jni*v. r'l^n- j:i o'.i'ii iii 1 .'.*!' r.j. IS'ilvr uniil inrniiKUt* in rfuUli'ti Itrnv, O K A N G E ;K I'ASTUY: BLOSSOM PIE RniK-il dint •:^s (nMIuin) i jruiislirviMfil cwroanul f I'vttrij: Sift nil dry In^rcrlkMiIa. Aild rii-^i' Jufro (-"' taMiv-ihXjns shtmld lilnrt . Hull ou! tin [i^Inly tlou:rd l>oaTd. an- UTV-Hos<'ly with ;tt«ry. Prick hol- -<l All bftosuremtnis Latl— Rccipos tested and njv rxovcd l»y Goal Koxvl.roping fn^inur. C'rivo w'lhc. rTFLSterrrt tradr-mnrk of ^ sliorteJiInBinanu- factu«<l liy tho Procicr .t tlanihlc Co, Orjrir C'lHttrit: M«-jl milk in duuWo Iwilur. Mix tapioca. M«:.r ami »jlt. Siir inio milk. Cook until niixinru l^idr.s 10 lllkkcn. AiMorYnw i i:-«t. Cuok Iii iniiiiUc-;. run! stir + .o pro- xcni lumping, -\i3ii (xatcti t-Kg yolks and cook one minute IfinuiT. Cwl. 'L'lifn f"' 1 ' i'» wiiHy beaten ret white*. Pour into j»a«try slirll. MuJ'ikK- top with cocoacul. lirowu UgtiL- ly ln"voji'or«m!«T NroLUT flauie. ChUJMborauehly. Mrs. George Thurn Where's John? Oh, he's dosing himself up with soda as usual- he's always fussing over his tummy. Cnsco recipe ge Blossom ItmaKes a hit! Even if'tt ii' a jok* to'the fellows, indigestion isn't funny to me. John, I'm going to try cooking with Crisco—Mabel tells me that it makes even pie digestibt You haven't had any troubl^ with gas, John, since I've followed that Crisco recipe. I guess it's true that Crisco digests Quickly! Anolhet piece of (hat Orange Blossom Pie, Juan. Famoux Lecturer Praised Sweet & Pure Flour Before a Large Crowd of Housewives C at the City Hall Auditorium Yesterday! Mrs. Thurn had this to say regarding Sweet & Pure uniformity: "I have used Sweet & Pure Flour many times for all baking purposes and have found it always ,the same-. . . you get t;he same results ev- •- ery time, you bake. — .no uncertainty, no guesswork. Sweet & ?ure ^lour offers the '. surest, easiest way to baking- success . . . never, a failure when tested recipes are used." - Better Cookies and Fancy Pastries m a d e from SWEET & PURE Flour Better Angle Food and Sponge Cakes made from SWEET & PURE Flour Belter Roils and Hot Breads are made from SWEET & PURE Flour Better Pies are made from SWEET & PURE Flour At ttte Courier News Cooking School, Mr,4. George Thurn uses and recommends CRISCO, the modern, quick-digesting shortening. At.All Grocers THE CRAFTON CO. Distributors

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