The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE REPAIRS-IM PROMISE [MODELING Building Permits Total $109,000 Week's Applications Includes $20,000 Home, 16 Others • Applications for building penults filed durinu the past week in the ontce of City Engineer Joe Carney listed an estimated total value »of 5109,000 in planned const) uc- tion. A $20.000 home in North Bly- Iheville nnd 16 additional residences to be built In a housing development in Southwest Blylheville accounted for an estimated $90,000 of the total. An application was filed by Johnny Mar r, Blytheville realtor, for permission to build R seven- room s'tone residence at the intersection of Man- Avenue and North Highway 61 in the Country Club Area. • ''; Estimated cost for this home was listed on tUe application as S20.- 000. Efficient Home Workshop Is Money Saver as Well as Aid (o Hobby Work A bright, clean, well-ordered or cream to reflect light. Cover home workshop Is a Nile Invest- is developing the David Acres Subdivision - west or 21st Street and north of West Highway IB." Of the 16. 14 are scheduled to be four-room frame houses built nt an estimate* cost ol $5,000 each. The other two are to be six- room frame residences with estimated costs of (6,000 each. Other applications were filed by the following: Charles Alford, lor a six-room tenant house at 2000 South Franklin; estimated cost. $3.000. Clara "Brown, for a low-room frame residence on Johnson Street In Wilson Addition; estimated cost. $1,000. J. w. Maloney, for a one-room concrete block building to house a shop; estimated cost, $3,000. —Courier News I'hoto NEW HAMMOCK RESIDENCE—Shown above Is the new liome of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Hammock Jr., and their son, Gregg, at 1010 Holly. This sixroom house includes two bedrooms, a den, a large jiving icon dining room, kitchen, bath and nail. The siding is ol cedar shingles with tile exception ol the center punio of the front, which is covered with wood paneling, tnterior walls are of painted rextone and the den is finished in knotty pine. Flooring !s oi quavter-sawett oak except, in kitchen and bain, where aspnalt me is nsed. Tl]e roof Is of composition shingles me noinc is heated by two oil-burning fiont Ininace.s trom wiucn realtor who the warm air is circulated by oscillating tans. The house also has an attic fan and a 1 ventilating' lun in ment. Savings that result Iroin doing one's own repair work add H|> to an Impressive yearly total, often pay for workroom and tools. For those lalenled. with tools, a well- planned workshop Is the most poplar room in the house. Good work calls for good tools nrt working conditions. Usual loc- tion for a workshop is the base- nent, although ii can he placed In attic, garage or even an ' oversized closet. A corner area of 8 by l( Teet is adequate, even for the largest work .such as doors. The workshop need cost no mor than $100, including lools, work b'.Micu arid finishing off the base ment comer. Select a good location for 6x3 workbench such as beneath a win daw, which is ideal both for and ventilation. Finish the wall ceiling ami floor in the area. Paint the walls with a waterproofing compound in n l!i;lu color wall to pi'tvcnt articles falling down behind it. As most basement Building Columns Make Pair of Lamp Tables he kitchen. At the rear is a concrete patio. Safety Needed In Connecting Garage, Home Most convenient location lor the garage is attached to the house with direct access to the living quarters, although this can Vic a dangerous location unless protcctec agninst explosion and fire. Most building codes require thai the wall between, a'house and attached garage .be of fire-resistant construction. This is - usually provided at low cost "by filling the hollow spnce between the walls with mineral wool Insulation which cannot burn and which has been given a fire-retardant rating of one to 1^2 hours by the National Bureau of Standards. 'A self-closing, tight-fitting, metal- clad door Is another essential. Unless the connecting door la kept closed "there is always the danger that gasoline fumes will enter the living quarters and Ignite on reach- Jng a pilot light. A .tight door and l|Vell-ventilated garage will mini' • niize this hazard. Builders Say Skimping on Roof Foolish Builders agree that a sound, weatherproof roof is one of the most Important parts of a house. It is never good judgment, they say, to attempt to economize by using inferior roofing material.*; a little extra money spent heie will puy big dividends over the years. Among the materials frequently recommended for long life and resistance to severe weather anJ'cIE- inaiic conditions are asbestos cement shiiigtes. Made of two noncombustible ingredients, asbestos fibers and portland cement, they are ihimune to rot and decay. In addition to being fireproof, they are unharmed by long exposure to salt air. ice, snow and rain. Asbestos roofing shingles -nay considered a form of reinforced excrete, with the asbestos .fibers serving as the reinforcing agent They are available in a number ol patterns nnd colors. Because of th.'ii attractive lexlurings and deep shadow lines they make roofs o: outstanding beauty. A number of companies n:i\v nri making asbestos shingles of the multiple-unit type. Each shh covers the area of several ordinary shingles. When applied, however they give the appearance of stand ard sized shingles Individually laid Asbestos shingles can be. used on lew roofs or for re-roofing over ol shingles. Vapor Barrier Protects Paint From Moisture Too nuicli moisture inside a house sometimes causes paint on the outside to blister and peel, according to American Builder magazine. The explanation Is that moisture penetrates the waits and ts trapped behind the layer of paint Then the colder outside air condenses the moisture into drops of water which push the paint out to form blisters American Builder, building magazine, snys the way to prevent this kind of condensation is to lower humidity by ventilating the house Billy the Kid .most notorious out law of the old west, is buried nea Fort Sumner, New Mexico. thoroughly or to install a vapor bar rier within the walls. Problems caused by high humic ity are found more frequently 1 modern houses than In older dwel ings. The reason for this is tha modern houses are constructed nior tightly and have few, U any, crack through which moisture can escape. Ed Real Estate Transfers Clilckasnn-bn District) H. H. and Lucy Houchins to Rusell K. and Marguerite Mavr, all f Lois 7 and 10 in Block 5 of the Country Club Drive. S1.500. Susan Moore to Blake Polly, Lot 1 and the North hall of Lot ft I Block "B" of the Hearn Sec- rid Addition. -SIO and other con- irieration ' H. H and Lucy Htmcliins to R 1. Terry, Lot 13 of Block 6 of tile Replat 01 the North Half of the Jhicago Mill and Lumber Com- lany Second Addition, SI and other 'onsiderMlon. Graves ami Sarah Perkins to oi- ie S. Barnes, Lot 1 of Block 3 nf he Maybelle Subdivision, $415. Mary Lou Merrith^to D. C. and iallle Earline Freeman, all of Lot 8. Black 27 of the Blythe Addition, .6.000. W. A. and Lucille Pickard to H. A. Lynch. East 25 feet of Lot 2 and West live feet of Lot 3 of Block 1 of the Sunrise Addition. 58,000. Graves and Surah Perkins to J . and Gertrude Stevens. Lots ft. and 7 of Block 2 of the Maybelle Subdivision, $750. Maurice and Louie Lutlrefl -to James M. and Preeda Snow, Lot'12 of Block S of the Highland Place Addition. $10.100. Charles W. and Mattic Mite GeoT-ge to Cleveland and Emma Johnson, West 50 feet of one acre ill NWJ4 of NW;j of Section I-15N- 10E, 5125. . Langston and Eva Mae Ashford to Sanford G. and Kathryn J Shelton. Lot 12 of Block 2 of the Chickasawbfl Gardens. 52,650. Elvie and John Cook to Max out! Bertha Jackson. BO acres in Section 7-15N-8E, $1,500. 'Nellie and Dave Willie to. Max and Bertha Jackson. 80 acres in Section 7-15N-8E, S1.500. O. S. and Eula Rollinson to Bra trice and Jeffie Hall. Lot 10 ol tin replat of the O. S. Rollinson Sub division, S500. George and Mary Wheeler to Ei B. Cook, Lot 10 of Block "A" of tin B Cook Subdivision. SI anf olher consideration. E.. d. and Rovene C. David to Philip t. and Juanita L. Snalaro Lot 2 of Hlock 7 of the David Acres Subdivision, $800. Tile Detroit River is the busiest inland waterway ol the world, according to the Encyclopedia Drit- aiuiica. tf the celling is unfinished, cover the joists with fire-resistant, light- colored bililding-bonrri; if already ic floor In Die areu with nspliall le, using a light color for high isibility if articles arc dropped n it. Because this flooring is resilient t Is comfortable to stand on. It annot be damaged by ordinary weeping; adds a note of chccr- ul color (o the work space, and iocs not orglnatc dusl. IL is ix' 0 install greaseproof lllc to avoid loor damage .by oil. The workbench Is built of hravy lumber, Three 12" planks. 2" Uikik and o' long, make a good lop. The boards should fit tightly together For an absolutely smooth .surface sheet of heavy ; plywood caJ cover the planks. Inexpensive steel legs are avail able for making one's own workbench. If wooden tegs arc used, 1 hey should be 4-by-4-lnch material, surmounted by 2sV.s to \viilch the lop of the bench . Is united. Holts should be deeply countersunk and holes lilted with plastic suits In belter work. Pit the bench tightly against the Effective at either end of a sof* Is a lamp table made of 30" length* floors slope slightly away from the o | fjmcri building columns of plas- wali, have the front lees of the t er or wood. Up-ended on a wood bench longer than the rear legs I tasc an( | topped with » slab ol to fit tbls and insure bench beiny Mod ,„ ,„ , hc (rib|c ,,. complete _ The lamp used should be of prop- i er proportions to balance, not overbalance, the table. This means i rather slender base, with shade to scale. The table may be painted wlille or painted the same color as absolutely level. Fasten 2x4 uprights to the wall it each end of the bench. To hcse nail boards Io form a solid wall panlel running the length of the bench and extending 30 inches up the wall. On this panel screw -spring clips In various sizes, to hold frequently-used lools In easy rench. i the wall. !'\H example, shrimp pink i walls and table may be set off by a clcnr glass lamp topped with a white 01 shrimp pink shade. worvd to avoid dmnagc to tools Top of the bench should be at least 3fi" above the flooi. This finished, paint the ceiling while pic-vents stooping and fatigue, Don't forget SCHEXLEY for the weekend! RARt BUNDED WHISKY.86 PROOF t5» GR»» NEUTR«l SPIRITS SCHENIEY DIS1.. INC..N.V. ( Spotlight your home by painting il now. Keep it young and bright looking, prevent premature aging. Let it stnnd out radiant, colorful — like new. Make it one of the prettiest on your street. You can do it too. with our 2-Coat Painting System. For first coat use Primercote, an outside undercoat. Finish with Exterior House Paint. : E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Call 551 SK;...CONCRETE FLOORS RESISTS WAIE*. MOISIUHI, SOAf RESISTS AlCOKOL AND CORROSIVES NOI AFFECTED BY TEM?CBATUR£ CHANCES Where ordinary pahit fails . . , I^y-Tile ixibbor'bago coating aliuka with bulldog tenacity. Il' dons nol chip, ciack, fado or scull. Highly resistant to acids, alcohol, oil and grease. Simple washing with coap And water restores oiiginal luitcr. Easy Io apply on floors in basements, ruinpua ioott\s, nhowiaoms, filling stations, offices , ,. Idoal wherever ihofti Is heavy traffic. Lay-Tito costs loss because it outweaii ordinary ^enamels as much aa 3 Io l..Mado in 8 serviceable colora, also Black ( Whifo, Cloar foi linoleums. Made by Slavlcolo Manufacturing Co., St. Louis 3, Missouri. d bv all good Pain), HafdtYvi onii Lumber Dealt ft Coll 2434 BUILDER'S SUPPS.Y, Co., Inc. 100% LOANS | W. H. Pease Highway 61 South J. Wilson Henry Phone 2434 FOR Whatever your requirements i plumbing fixtures may be— ^,-heiher yon want to replace *n W>ld fixture, remodel your present bathroom, or select the plumbing Snares (or your new rrame — we can help you. Here is one of the many new Crane fixtures now available— the Oxford toilet. Styled to pleas* you. Modern close-coupled lank and bowl. Sturdily built. Quiet, effective whirlpool jet flushing action. White sheet covered seat and cover. The Plumber 109 North ls(. VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Just think, for a small earnest-money deposit yon maj now secure one of Ihese new modern two bed room homes, now r under construction. Many are making their selection M come while you may choose. Beautifully deigned, sturdily built, some have picture wla~ dnws. In new subdivision, Call or See MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or Holly Development Corp. 1801 West Alain Phott« 4445 SHEET METAL WORK. -OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, iiralfa mills, oil milt*. Cuslon Shearing up to 1/4 inch th'lckiww Frank Simmons Tin Shop J17 South Broadway ' ' ' ' Phone 2SS1 WATER is your Cheapest Commodity • - - Use il FREELY! Blytheville Water Co, Blytheville, Ark. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE RQkDS r- ' :. OR ANY^- v r EXCAV/^ION U ff GT~ ; S.J.GOHEN C«!*M*«'• LYNCH BL06. BLYtHi«ll.t"EARK. LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 4474 BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS We offer new bags, nevci used, at abuut Die price ol used bags, heavy 10 ounce burlap, no patches, no bad seams and no rotten bags. Also No 1 used foaj;s as lo,\v as 20c each. The bags nre stored at Gay & Billings warehouse across the street from the Krisco depot. See the samples there and buy bags that will last you thru the season. Phone 3418-3152 PAUL D. FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR .,. lilythcvillc.'Ark: Phone 2723-2700

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