The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1952
Page 6
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MAY B, MM COURIER MEWS River' Keeps Roiling—Carrying Tomato Community Wtt/i /t Year after Year, Mississippi Eats AwayMoreLand By GEORGE CLARK (Courlw News SUH Wrl(er) TOMATO — According to the popular song "Old Jlan river keeps rolling: along,' but the people of Toronto are singing a new verse to thai old familiar refrain. "Old Man River" keeps rolling along, all right, bill with it is gradually carrying away this tiny farming community located on the banks of the Mississippi River on the eastern extremity of Mississippi County. No writer can put into \vords the pitiful plight ~ol these f aiming people, for each year acres upon acres of some of the richest farming land in this area crumble and become Just so much mud in the channel of the mighty Mississippi. But the amazing thing ts (hat If the residents of Tomato are alarmed over the situation. Ihei ' show no signs of it. They tnlk about' it as they would an every day happening. ACCORDING TO the figure! of Mrs. Lorene Mitchersson. who operates a store a scant 50 yards from the fast-crumbling batiks, more than 400 feet of the river bani; nn which Tomato is located has washed away since January. "When we came here srven years ago. it was exactly one mile Irom this store to the river. Now lock at it." she said. Old Man fllvcr is digging away at the hank le: than 50 yards from her store, A building located next to Mil- chereson's Grocery already has been moved further inland and so has the village's tiny post olltce and It's school. And still, slowly but EYircly, the river conies on. And there Is nothing that can be done about It, engineers say. . Nothing practical, that is. cherssoni store Is the remilm of a _„.. .„_!,„.,.,, „ , house that was hurriedly moved in YOU APPROACH Tomato on a 0 rp|rMt (rom , hp crumb ,| n( , bqnk -jravel road that winds it.s way mer planltl . of (hp houee on fthl( . h (h( . river's levee and through tool eU , c ( nc mctcr Wn5 , nstcn< , d „„ i cft areas. Then, as you reach j standing amid the debris propped lEirtsof the town, the pavel, bj , long -two-by-fnurs. And from - -- ^ and ahead lies Milling | ,„,, m <, lcr nm , llf , w c}ccMt . vlns muddy turbulence to tht . new Elt( , o( the house, which Is some 20 or 25 yards to the south.^ 7ou must take - been has been while the river's waters lap furiously at the Jagged sandy loam bank scarcely Jive feet, away from your car And you wonder if that road will be there when you get ready to k'ave. "Sometimes It Isn't." explained ' Mrs. Miteherssnn. "We moved that Toad four times already this year. In fact, that road you came over Just now was made only Thursday morning. 1 The other caved off Wednesday night." "<8)Lgef, LANDMARK GONE—Unttl ft week ago, tht* stump wai a eottonwood tree that stood as a landmark at thfe last turn In the ro*4 •t the edge of the town. The tre« was cut down t week a«o to ke«p It out of the river and now even the stump 1 • gone "rtown the rlv«." To- >! lfc.£ ROAD'S RND—This is what Is left of the mate road. The car Is parked headed in the diieC' lion the road once rail, approximately half of a mile from Tomato. The house In right background is located in the edge of the to\vn. NoUr the jagged edges of the ba;:k (center) where the Mississippi Rjvc-r's current has bit Into It. (Courier New Plmlos) HASTY KKTHEAT—These wall plank* hold Ihp electric meter of the house in the background. The wall section was left standing when the house was moved a little further from the ever-approaching river so as not to disturb the meter until REA linemen can come and move It to Its ne\v location. New wire was strung from the motet to the house's new Location to provide lights for the family ing to no with the river lapping only a few feet from the front door of her place of business? Just what 50 many other Tomato residents have had to rio—move. "I guess we'll move down there where thai little three-room shnck is next week," she said, pointing to a spot about 2nO yards away, "That's the edge of our property. I don't know what we'll do after that. ' At the rate the bank has Iwen crumbling, that little thrrc-room shack is about two or three years away. Across the road from Mrs. Mlt- ANDY HARSIIMAN is one of To- mnto's "oldtliftcrs'." He came to Tomato from lilrd's Point, Mo., in 1897 at the age of sl.v. When Mr. llnrshnian came to Tomato, tho river bank was then approximately a mile and a half or a mile and thrce-n.uarters from its present location. Tho town of Tomato has been moved, through necessity, several times, according to Mr. Harshmnn. "The site of old Tomato Is alwut three-quarters of a mile out In the river now." he said looking off. in WHAT is Mrs, Mitcher&son go- the direction of the river. "The town US3& .. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMEN1>MKN*T NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, a majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto That the following is Hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arfcansa; and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or siRsippi County, Arkansas, rendered February 25. 1951, in the cause wherein Blytheville Federal Savings & Loan Association, was plaintiff, and John W. Fraser, *t-al, were defendants, the undersigned will, between the hours of t* n o'clock in the forenoon and three o'clock in the afternoon, on the 21st day of May, 1052, sell at the front south door of the court house in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, to the highr-st bidder, upon a credit of three motlis, the following prop- EVEN NEARER—Shown hore Js how rapidly the river Is creeping up on the residents of Tomato, The gasoline, pump at right,Is located in front of Mrs- Lcrene Mitchersson's Grocery, Seven years ago, the stove wns an even mile from the river; now it's only a scant "50 yards. rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators. if a majority of the elector: voting thereon In such election adopt such amendment, the sam shall become a part of the Const!- | tut ion of the State of Arkansa to wit SECTION 1. That the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No, 24 of said Constitution, so us to provide for the election of j a County 'Clerk in all of the said ' counties of the State, as follow The provisions for the election of a County Clerk upon a popula ion basis are hereby abolished and here may be elected a County Clerk n like manner as a Circuit Clerk, ind in such cases, the County Clerk may be ex ofTicio Clerk of the Probate Court of such county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly. This Amendment erty: Lots N r o, 4 and No. 5 and No. 6. In bk£k No. 10, of the Ruddle Heights Addition to the City of Blytheville. Arkansa The purchaser at said sale will b« required to give bond with ap proved security to secure the payment of hLs bid. and a lien will al- be retained upon the property therefor. Dated this 19th day of Apr!!. 1962. Harvey Morirs Commissioner In Chancery Marcus Evrard, Attorney for Plaintiff 438 5 S either side of It's one gravel road that winds on around through the back lands. 'Vhen Mr. Harsh in an built his I Driver their town. ] to Osceola, a group of us went down "That was back when W.J. Driver! to ?ep him ond he sai<l thpre wa was in Congress." ho said. (Mr. nothing. that could be done." LONIX5* SKNTINE1. — This po\v er li ne pole not t oo in a ny days a^o carried REA lines that serviced the town of Tomato, but when this photo, was taken it stood a lonrly' r yi!Rll on the brink of the crumbling river hank. The day alter this picture was taken the pole was gone, one more victim of the mighty Mississippi. just moves as the river does." The to^'n Itself, sprawls along on ho satri. was in Congress 20 years. from 1918 to 1938.) home In 1925 It was about a mile and & half from the river, he said. Now. by actual measurement . the river is only a haH a mile away. • • • Jin. HAKSIIMAN said the people , of Tomato once tried to get the ' tt wVien he went back to Washing-] government to do something to Rave i ton. The next time he came back \ So the residents of this tiny farm .HE village just keep working ant "I happened to be on (he train moving and working, with him one day and asked him why something wasn't done about it. He told me he would see about force and effect upon and after it adoption. APPROVED. March 20, 1951. NOTICE ST. LOUIS - SAN FRAHCTSCO RAILWAY COMPANY hereby gives notice that on the 3d day of March 1952 it filed with the Intenrtata Commerce Commission, at Washington. D. C., an application for a ] certificate of public convenience ihall be in full ! and necessity permitting abandonment of that portion of its line of railroad extending from a point 973 .Jeet west of Boston Avenue in Ma- Secretary of State frills, northwesterly to a point 1.978 C. G. HALL COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is eiven that pursuant to a decree of the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mis- fe'et southeast of Main Street in Leachville, 5.98 miles, all In Mississippi County. Arkansas. Finance Docket No. 17.676. ST. LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RAILWAY COMPANY 4121-28-5.5 River Chases Utah Citizens From Homes SALT LAKE CITY l&) — The bulging Weber River in Northern Utah surged out of Its banks Sunday and forced 40 families to evacuate. The flood situation moderated slightly In Salt Lake City and Provo, however. The Weber sent fresh flood lor- ' in several; U.S. Meat Supply Put in Danger by Dreaded Disease WASHINGTON W> —Farm officials said today the nation's meat supply Is In srealej- danger now than at any time in more than an years. Reason: sprearlinc; of the dread foot - and - mouth disease southward toward the U. S.-Cana- dlan border. An outbreak or the disease In this Clnurte F. Cooper. Attorney Art Utcm Harvey Morris, Clerk By Lave-rne Ball. D. C. 421-28-5,5-12 TROPOSKI) CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of. Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate of the State of Arkansas, a Majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Cnn- country. Agriculture Department j ptitution of the State of Arkansas, oftirials saicl, might well prcally and upon being submitted to tile rents over land in Weber and [ reduce the movement of cattle and ' electors of the State for approval Morgan Counties and rolled across! ho^s to market and cause a quirk inr rejection at the next general Find critical shortage of moat in | election for Representatives and many areas. j senators. If a majority of the rlcr- j tors vntins thereon, at such an rice| tion. alopt such amendment, the s?.me shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to-wit: welfare of Its inhabitants, an annual! SECTION 2. When petitioned by tax of not. exceeding one per cent of [ not less than ten per cent of the the assessed valuation of all taxable ', qualified electors residing therein, property within the corporate boun- ' the City Council or other governing daries thereof may be levied by ; boriy of any .such city shall call for cities of the first and second class \ an election to be held not more for the purpose of providing funds | than ninety days thereafter for to be used for the acquisition of sites ' the purpose of having the qualified \vithinorwithoutsuclicillesandforieleclors vote on the propoJition. the construction of such sites of j SECTION 3. 'Hie General Assem- bulldings and other facilities, [or ; bly shall enact such enabling legis- lease or sale, for the aforesaid pur- j lation as shs'.ll be required to ef- poses, or for the amortization of ! fectimte the purposes hereof U, S. highways 30 and places. The Utah highway patrol turned back Salt Lake City-bound cars tm U. S. 89. The i»-ater covered the highway two feet deep iu places. Along the Osden Fiver, which has been flooding, the situation \va.~ about the same. bonds bearing Interest nt. not more than four ;wr cent per annum issued for such purposes. APPROVED: March 20. 1951. Secretary of Stnte C. G. HALL WARNING ORDER In thf Chancery Court. Chickasawba District. Mississippi County. Arkansas Jerry Williams, Plaintiff, No Lost Luster The Interior of (he dome of thf famous Convent of the Conrcptlon at Toledo. Spain, is lined with decorative ceramic tiles, still bhcnt and colorfi:! more than 500 years after they were installed. Amendment. No, Ifl to the Constitution nf the State of Arkansas. No. 1C031 artop^ti by thr electors of this State eon Williams. Drfrnrtcnt. [at * nc General Election held and The rtffendent. Loon Williams, ts conducted on the 6th day of \*o- vrmber, 19-3. ts hereby amended to read as follows: SECTION 1. U being most appar- : out that privately oix-r^tcd factories, \ IncUi.-tiics and transpoi-t.ilion fartli- Dalfri this IDtli day of April. 1952.'ties ire necessary f" v lne flcvclop- Grno Bradley, Attorney lor Plain-' ment of a community and for the hrrt'ljy warned to appear wlfhm thir;y riiy.s in the rourt. named in the caption hereof and ni\5\ver the orinipUmt of the. plaintiff, Jerry UP TO YOUit NECK IN B111S Free Picture Of Your Catch Just hrins your string of fish lo our store and we'll take a picture for you any lime of day or night. No charge at ill. Good lurk to yon »n your O&hln?. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 2W6 W. Main Phon« 361T PLANTING SEED SOYBEAN SEED \Ve have Ogiien and Dortch Xo. 2 Cleaned and Sacked. Ready for immediate delivery. 00 PER BUSHKL COTTON SEED Empire Cotton Seed, ff first year fiom breeder. H* , Discounts on large lots. 50 PER HUNDRED RED TOP GIN CO. N. 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