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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York • Page 15
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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York • Page 15

Binghamton, New York
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

15 THE BIXGLLAMTOV PRESS, TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY r. 1030. Will Osborne Tomorrow's Radio Programs I -9ft Po-4 IVh-wt of C-xikerr. i The IVnriUfri I Marr an4 CaVrr IS Tti" l-uorh-m I 4-V National Farm and Bom Hour, I jrt'hain P'riiia Trio Vour iuily Mnu -3d-, i and V-W for th Houiwtf. 4.V T.

S- Narv B.inr 4" with tlarrihr I f0 ILtdio (Juiiil "Tfc Bomift'tc Al' Turning the Dial By Louis G. Buisch iri8--TB H'ingTT Tit. 11 ard cuck. OrrhMUa. th rvtfn snrtr't V.bthawka on -Th Trm ShUv i.Sa- UfiN OrrhMrira.

1 Oft tin-nofetraa. 775 I HMOX St. Lout 100 50 Aro Club ft Mu-ical 3'i. brtfrson Br.wn. Eirtrona 7 T'iry I'anowh 8 10- Fast F-f1bt 3ii--Trawl'ra 8 f.

8. Marin Band 9 30' Smoker. 5p n. Hour. 10-30 rand (vr Concrt.

Willi and lullte. 30 -Motiud Country Club Orrhoua, Otv-iuus Orchfsira HOa- Hotel JrffrrMWi l.ou-Biu Sfl'a Nautical Songs Feature Libby Radio Program Marine Orchestra PlaysCom-position by Schad; Mystery Envelops "The Chief" L4RLY fiD(0 FEATURES FOR WEDNESDAY WEAF Naw VrfcS0 Mi T-mr H-al'Q Ein-i-. (in and Jan. I- MiMiiing I no aus. 4 fyi- MnmiH( MtodiM )l VaMpnal HtniT U'PD-Thrw" l.tffif Mt(l9 -Hi 'tin Housfholtl ln.c,l'Ul I'fliiilH- Hjgfrsril snort t-o-if MmU 1 rn i)ir Orrhwr 1 in-- In-rrnaiinal RoUit flub 2 TUtr- sr.

5 Fitrrt'ttji S-iir 1 fft IMn'p. Ifac1: ra rr1n-'(in, 4 1''- -Tf l1 7 WHAM RfK-hMtirMSfl gfW- tin' mim mm Siiniig Prrim i 9 15 ring Trto t.ift Sfl StrT! i IS mln Hmwhniti Trioi. II Pl rnrera i.t S- Hnn COftt'TT iQ Thf r- Nannml Pirm irnl fltm Hour, i.OO -ChUiin'n'i Hour. RrhriBrtady 790 6 (5 I 01. -SCItlllg' UU KAITCiM'8, 8 Hi a tml Jane mini.

Ii.rnilf-H'. US nnii.t: (Iirio. fi Oft--Nji 'uttii I U-vw H.t'0-Trir mln fUrlln HmiwhiiU Iiislitu'. IV i. O'd T.mi' 304.5 WJZ Yort 7M 15 i K- unit NhitJ 7 Moriims Showrra, 5 i'f Aim! J-mmia il, Th' 8 9 I'anias-us Sirliijt TV-V T)i ManhaMi-r 10'1T Vrwl Jfcwntrty fiAd.

SO Kl hi m-oo1 ot40 Rtal in.SO -w! Orrhrrra. 11 Vt- Sliimbfr 1 30 Tom ifmn and Orchtra, 260 7 WHAM RochMtar I tMt 11V-Pranfc Shufp'v unci irchesir, tt-4oIan(lAoap Talk 'n" Andy 7 1 5 Fa! ur Trograjn, 30- The t'hnrnir 'tO-Murtral rrofrim. 8 VoTF.irrs. 9 Kl hC. liio -FM-ur PriNfram.

10 nam OratT OOShjmlwr iu. 11 30 GoTf nmifnt wathr Fowa. 379.5 WCY Sehanectaeiy 7 8 ftfl -Dinner MiLic. 7 Of-HiKhlantcnt. 3' Jtotri-m, 7:40 Health Talk 7 iS -Th rn a 1 Quct inn fi oi4 rtTitrai E'm'trlc rroaram Shiitrt-t Cnrnvrt Orchestra.

0 00- i1(J 9 30 I'aimoltTp Hour, 10 Huniinn thf Hi-adlin wl-h Plm-d Gibbon. P0- Udni'' 428 3 WLW Cmcinoatl 7M fi CO -Hrnry yachts t. 30- Imiiifr Cjinrert. riittrrsitv nf t'lnrtnnatt :l.VTfm"i K-rap Hok 7 30 Hntrl Cib-t-n ltrrhetr. 80-Mnsit'sl lignani.

8 30 Fp.cure lr-srain. i-0 Vijjht flub. 10 30 limit tra. 1 1 iio--oiumhpr H'jur 11 tbf Ht'id tiiltson Ttie Hlimmft Kirniian. 1 Tbtr'wnth H-mr lnwmni'.

280.2 WTAM Cleveland 1070 5 30 Organ Hour, 6 Kiii; Arnold. Siaki-r. 30 H-tpl Sia'ltr frrcbiutrt. 7 01 --f PaMira 1'iogram. 7 30 A in us Art tMs.

ufi a'tiTA I'h'gtarn. shslhrft ont-m Orchcalra. 9 Wtdlr Wl4 0jrier. 9 so Palmoliw Hour. 10 30- Feamre rrograJTi.

1 1 03 Prncrtm from th OyU PUriw. ll.l.v-MidmghL MfkHliw frmn th Gotdpn Phf-aiiaiit. 414.V-CKGW Toronto, Canada W0 8 15 Kffliuro Pribram. 7'0 -Amos 'n' An-ty- 7 15-- F-anirp Piugr.nL Talk. 7 tinrtstfra.

M-Th VagaU.niiA, 9 "0 miiMlor 1 30 inMrumrrt'al Trio. Kintb Hour. 11:00 and His Ori-hMrt 405.4 WSB Atlanta 74 fl Concert, fl BoohliouM Story Tlm. 8 'onrvrt. Nport Talk 7 I.WTho Riss of Ooldtwrp.

7 'aft -nntrf. 8 oi Musiral Program. r-0nirt. Uns llrothfra Program 'Hi- IHd rllia-flT. AT one time dry school books, and plenty of them, was the meaning of education.

Times are changing. JIany a school room has a loud speaker in it these days. Lessons come by radio twice a week to get the close attention of a million or more children rather than the sometimes haphazard effort to be studious, which has been evidenced before. A ncli-Oiimdiaii torres-pi indent of addressing; Hip station at "Clii'iicstady" recently requested a "roee of the sons 'Lessen to Hie Mucking lieai'd." THE Julia Dance, probably the most cini'acteristie number from the suite, "In the liottoms." which gives pictures of scenes peculiar to Negro life in the river bottoms of the old South. Is one of the interesting features to be heard during the "On Wings of Song'' program tonight over WHAM.

One or the darkest eriods of the American Revolution will he recreated tonight when the So. con viand Sketch presents the liHlf-hotir drama, "Valley 1'orge," produced In commemoration of Washington's birthday. This story will lie broad-east over Vk Rl'' and associated stations of MIC at p. in. THE arrival of the Fast Freight tonight is the signal for its musical train crew and passengers to give eight numbers during the half-hour broadcast prior to its departure.

The program consists of old-time and popular tunes. Polish and Irish music will he presented by the concert orchestra under the direction of Victor Wagner over WtiY tonight at 8 and 10 p. m. Hie first half-hour period will lie devoted to I'olisli comHisi-tions, commencing with the Polish national anthem. The second broadcast consists of a group of Irish tunes, includ- No More Gas in Stomach and Bowels If you wfh to pprmaopntly r-lifved of ps.

In Btnma'b and howpla, fakp as Tahlts, which ar prt-parcd pprtaHy for (srotnarh gas and all thp bad tff'ts rtsultintr from fias trpRurp. I Thr pmpty, pnawlns fprlint? at thi pit or thf ctonia'ii win disnpppsr thac ansioiiH, nt'rvouH fpplttiK with hpart pal pttation ivilJ vanish, and you will aain bp abb- to take a dtvp im-atU williout di'-'ml'rt. That drowsy, alpppy fprlinp aftpr dln-nf-r will bp. rfplm'til by a delre for en-tprtaintupnf. Moat ing wilt ri-as.

fiii limbs, arms and flnRprs will nn Iniiiccr rob I and "go to slopp" hf ans' ItHHlmn nn's tiaa provpnt Ctis from Intprfprlnn with thp firrula-iioti, tiot thp (j'tiulnc. in the ypllow pat'kaffp, at any wood dniff store. Trloe 1. Always on at K. C.

KAI.LOirs mmm9jk the NBC Network Detroit Baltimore CineinnaM If DK A WHAM CKGW WmbrK Rochstr Toronto air Radio Reception. C. li. RKY.NOI.Ds Reception early last night quite poor. Volume was rtoiToascd, atmospheric conditions seamed to ln very strong and tone quality was poor.

After 10 oYloek conditions i-lianped for better results with Improved volume and tone, hut Ku-k-sround static canned annoyance on the hsa powerful stations. Kadmg K.tve some trouble and distance was poor. JAMS LIMITS I Ji'HS IVb. 2. (I nllol Vioss) Three villages In th S.ivoie valley near here were plunged Into darkness when an cade Hew into the overhead electric catties which serve tho district with power.

Workmen spent a whole ninht trylnH: to locate the cause of the. breakdown and in the morning found the bird eliK'trnouted Just outside the village of which, with Tessens and Macot, had been without pow er. Have You An Acid Stomach? Whon sag. pain and fiinfrpsn follow a jroml moal, it i an filmosl Mire hign of "tno much afict" your sinmarh. ilet rU of it now.

for it is ltingTotia I'lcerg jarp npt to follow. No mailer bow min-h ai hl Is In your Rtoniach. you run pitjny I ami rHinb your nrxt nioal without f'nr of flfirr pffiM'ts. if you hupp so hip BiRijruti'fl MHRiH-nia handy to prevpnl thp irouMp bpfore t-tarts Try it. Kai whatpypr you likp.

in reason, and thpn titkp a little ftisurated Magnpgia lo iipu-j I p.ilizp thp a-ld. swpptpn your 8'onmcb and protfrt thp rtoniarh lining. I'm-tors 5 rtTommond Hihuratpd MajtnpKia thou saiuU Hftp It liprause it pottitivply prp- y-nia piomarh. trouhip or stops tb worsf iattart In Ipks flrp minutes. 4.rt a trial parka pitbpr powder or frim your dniUKist, up dlrwted, and indiffohtion and Kiomarh troubles will go like m.ii(V-AdTpriiscnienU BMtMAh HHSktSiW.

qoes on TONHC.HT AND EVERY TUESDAY EVENING at9.30P.M.wn 8.30 P.M.Srr' over the WIZ N.wYo-li WIZ Ssrinlal Moaa. WIZ. Boal.fl win 8AL 9 30 "Paliiwliv Hour Ki 3v league FolUwi. 1 1 1 :30 Amos 'n' Andy, 1 1 lr oni-rf. I'.

liiltnion-ans. 416 4 WGN Chtcafltt 77fl Ths 3v-At 7 00 and Judy. 7 30 Mu.iraJ Program 7 May ProffTMH- 8 0- Rado Floorwalkfr. 8 3ftConn Rander'a Nnh'hawka. 9 00 VtMlgiins.

9 30 Hour, in. 30 Floyd ciibhoiu. On The Radio Tonights Radio Programs ,4 3-WEAF Npw York 60 Oft F'irk and Oild Buiia Orcbar r. with Milt Cross. Tenor.

7 and Turkprman. The gum ion. 0i ff 8 so -hillvw iviMTrt Or-h-sr. flo (rid louiivlor. 9.10-(jve Patintr.

Piul Ww, Rtflrrt Qutr-ift. o.vhiar tnd on. 11 (r4-bp'r. Kfi-nun rchsfr 394 V-WJZ Nw Vorh rCO fl Ofl Bemie rummms' UrchMtrt. 7 00 Ami 'n' nf th 7 'SI 'llie rborUtfrt wnb S'lleen Voir.

Ksnn thchfain. --rttrfMers g-iartet. 9 Romany ILsad, 9 'SO Kl hi'. Iff 00(rran Rr-iul. man iiM8 iiinc Ofbrrri.

SiumrnT Musi' by I. liner' En'f(b. 34R.6WABC Hi" York 860 fiSil-Orf-ht'sfra. 7 T-iin. Vortl iiid Piano.

8 (( Kat KiPiuht. The Ttawlr. 9 Oii-A'auoiml Education Aofiafion rvrfn. 9 Smoker. Proiirsm 10.

su imd-np i.I Niiioni. 27i.6 WPG Atlantic City It 00 fi Twiiiiihi Orfirin Bt'i'lmi. IHliner MtJtr. Sung Harmonies. 5 MuMi-al J'rtmrarn.

9 "0 Nattoiial silica! Ion Ajisoclitlon Ptnsrm. 3 sjlvtr Jult.iea Uuirfft. fl The SitiBing 0y. I no- no I Hiirp I I i4tni rr.K'm 270.1 WRVA Rtchmond MIO fl nn-Trfo. 6 Trail Tulk li Kfajurp I'lufcTim.

7 -Mi Anw 'a' Amiy, Ha ri tou Timeiv Tin OUi i'outiselor. Corn toll tp Cluh. 1 1 aitn-hfrft Hour. l.iJO Ttm-rs Jolliflrinon. 422.3 WOR Newark 718 5 Sport Talk, fl Ortrnrld nn.

6- 30 Hotrl Ator Tonrrt Orchwri. 1-M) ijivpTtw in gapopr. SOadcs of Pod Juan. Harbizfin Hfd'al. If RfrltaJ.

HI nn Four PmMt I I -fti Ia la is H.i aJ Orcb r. Moonbeams. 282 8 WTIC Hurttord (OfiO 7 00- ghJomirrs. 7 H.jthiigli-b in Rrort. 7 M.

lodle PUvtr. 5 no i unrfTt OprhMtr. -i'i Mnbiioit C(inf-pn. fl ofi Mf-ny M.Mlrar-s, Fl lar. 10 Flovrl liiUlKmt.

110-Thfa're irrgrtn. 11 :3 5 I'lckwu'k Anns Or 302.8 B2 Spriogtlfld 9O0 (i ft B'Won ch-imbr tf rortirnrrp. 6 riminil I-aw. it Amo 'n' Anly. 7 iw r.tUv Hrrpnadfri.

T'lwnpra. 8 no Ma-n'-al J'rogrim. 8:30 FOfffaUrs. 9 Of.) Kri Ooss Arlsiorrai. Hit of Ul Week.

III in -Sfatler Orhtr. 11:3 Sport TMcwt. 502.8 WEEt Boston 9M Ameri'-aji Horn BaaQUM. Btg Brorner Club. 7 'J5 Cap'n Brainy and the Drfr.

7:30 MuMnal lrograra. (j Ott F''( ur J'rugram. Concert. 9 .00 Little Symphony OrrbMtr. 9 30 PatmoUve iTueram.

10:30 Floyrt iihton. Hotel OrctMVra. 11 .30 Catino OrDic-u. 305.9 DK A Pirtuburflh ttf Pituburgb IyKSure. 6 Mukal Pmftram.

fl Jame-wat Prosrajn. 7 fli Am' 'n' Anl. 7 Twenty Finsrrs rf Siwui. Wnmpo'i Club. 8 fiO Musical Program.

When Toes Itch Underneath and Between WATCH OUT Tlipy may bp. infected will, thai ge table parasite, called Tinea Trichophyton if besides ttchinst, the skin Is rrarked and blistered, Jou may be pretty sure they are. This new disease is called ATHLETE'S FOOT because, this jrerm flourishes In the dressing and bath rooms of clubs and gymnasiums and even In hotel hath rooms. Over ten million people, ar Infected according to medical authoritiesget rid of it before It spreads to the bottom and sides of foot and brings more itching and distress. After bathing, apply Moone's Emerald Oil to toes and foot pharma.

cists everywhere In America dis pense It It Is powerfully and soothing and stops Itching I a bottle ill last a long tlm. Hewlts I'harmacy tan supply you. i A'lvrt'scnicnt. THE RADIO HOSPITAL Itt-partmrnl of PEARIS RADIO SERVICE uurt stre-t "Where Radio 111 Are Banished" Whatever the Make or Type of Your Set, if It Does Not Work Well Call Bingham 991 ml Ak fur the- Radio Doctor "He Operates Successfully" The Business Bank and the Community "A Spring Morning Srpn.ndi1" by Waltf-r C. Si-had, member of the NBC musiral staff, is the featured selection on the Savannah Liners' pro gram which radio listeners will hear over a National Broadcasting com pany network, tonight at 6:30 o'clock.

The traditional American gathering of rural neighbors for the husking of the rorn harvest is celebrated in Arthur Pryor's humorous orches tral sketch, the "Arkansas Husking Bee." Harold Sanford directs the orchestra. The complete program follows: Dance of the Brigands. A Spring Morning Serenade I'm Sailing on a Sunbeam Berlin Oriental? Cui Just Can't Be Bothered Pilgrimage to Hoknabad, from "Persian Suite" Rubinstein Entr'acte, from "Miss Dolly Ho'lars" Herbert Doughboy's Lullaby Arkansas Husking Pryor Memory Moon Feist "The Chief" has disappeared again How, where and when are the questions that are perplexing Jimmy Otis and his companions in the episode of tho Johnson and Johnson jnusical melodrama to be heard over a National Broadcasting company network, tonight at 9 o'clock. Advancing on San Muradeo, capital of Parador, the mythical Central American republic where they have gone to end a revolution, Jimmy Otis, Secret Service Agent McCarthy and -Rowley Rawson surround "The Chief" in a tower room of the President's palace. But not for long.

By the time they get the doors open he is gone, and other than assurance that he will show up again, his whereabouts are a complete mystery to every one. Rollicking sailor chanties redolent of the salt tang of the sea, as well as selections from the famous M. S. Pinafore" and "The Pirates of Penzance," will sung by tho International Singers, a male quartet, when th Around the World with Libby program goes on the air over on NBC network, tonight at 8:30 o'clock. The orchestra, under the direction of Josef Pasternack, will contribute "Barcarolle," from Offenbach's "Tales of Hoffman." and "Fingal's Cave" by Mendelssohn to the following program: Hornpipe Orchestra Blow the Man Down Bound for Rio Male quartet Barcarolle, from "Tales of Hoffman" Offenbach Orchestra Three for Jack Squirs Duna McGill Rolling Down to Rio German Male quartet Fingal's Cave Mendelssohn Orchestra Selections from M.

S. Tina-fore" and "The Pirates of Penzance" Sullivan Vocal interludes by male quartet 11:451. Miller, tac 12:00 Coaotrt. 4H4WGN Cltlcut 720 ft fin Rook Worm. 3ft Air 7 :00 tnrt' Uuln'B Pwwh tn4 JuitT.

7:21 Ur.ka cocn Ennb. 7 45 Kuuile ljiy Prof nm. fl oo Radio Kloorwiik.r. Kloibr1m Profrtm. 9 no Hour.

8.3ri saynr Orviwftrt, Ryin's BltorW lUttMM. 10:30 Old Tim Ridlo Program. II Uilte's Hiinsry floltikftw's W'lV Orchfftr. 114ft Ntgbthawlu. 13 fvTTix Pram ship.

275 1 KMOX St. Unit lOM 30 Aero 7 Oft Hiking PmcTUB. 7:30 Howard Wlny, Tmiot; RVh'rln Innr. violiniat. d'ftl Diamond Ollrra.

a 3ft Ttillf. fl oft Old (iold; Paul ffhllfman Hnir. Mr. and Mrs. conclave of Nalloni.

11 0ft Willie and Uiiit il.lft of St. lyiuii; Oi- aWlowan, Kotirano. 1 3ft MnuM, Coiin'-T Club O-'llM'ra Ulinlcsale tXslrlbuton Southern Tier Electrical Supply Co. BliiKhanilon, S. V.

lllllrsHlc 1 MM rllmton of Cunningham Tubes Morris Distributing Co. 25 Henry 1'lmm- IT Wholesale! Distributor for CUNNINGHAM TUBES Elliott Radi3 Sales Corp. 21.1 Washington street l'liono 1017 on nuiy IxJ 'Llf behind I -f- the dial RADIO TUBEJ? Will Osborne, who leads his orchestra in slow rhythm and who sings in the same tempo. Is now a chain entertainer. He conies to the t'ISS microphone each evening.

ins "Mother Mnchree" anil "When Irish Kyes Are timiling." TONIGHT will initiate another series of programs over the NBC networks. It is to he known as the "Sunoco Show," in which radio's most glittering stars will form a parade before the microphones of WJZ. Elsie Baker, Oltla Erstinn and Theodore Webb will supplement offerings by the Ramblers Trio and a 35 piece orchestra under the baton of Harold Sanford in the premiere. Each broadcast in the new series will continue a half hour, beginning at 9:30 o'clock. Today's definition of broadcasting studio terms: Hot (or live) mike A microphone in operation or in readiness to pick up a sound.

:30 8un OU Program. 10 on Sa lure. 10 .307 1 la Dsn- Bnd. 11 :00 The Owl Cih. 12 :00 Gorernnient Weather Forecast.

379. 5 Schenectady 790 6:00 Dinner Music. 7:00 oncral Eliirlc Concert Orchestra. 7:30 Soconyland Hhetuh. 00 General bierlc Poncwt Orchestra, fi 30 Flnrsht-im Program.

8 00 Drtready Hour. 9 Ba king Program. 10:60 Harbor Lighrs. 10:30 Radio KeJ'b Orjiheum Hour. Otgan Beatal, Wsrner Brothers Theatre.

428.3 WLW Cincinnati 700 HTjry Tbias Orchestra. 30 Dinirs. 7:00 Hotel Gibson Orcheatra. 7:15 Tony's Scrap Book. 7:.10 Parker's Old Fashioned Singing School 8.00 Bubble Blowers.

.30 A round the World. 9 Johnson and Johnson Pmgram. 30 Nunn-Buh-WVldon Program. 10.00 Armco Band. 11.00 Chime KeTeries.

12:0 Hft el ib-on Orrhutra. 12 -3fta Variety Hour. 1,00 Thirteenth Hour lnaomnllCi. 2B0.2 WTAM Cleveland 1070 5 45 Organ Processional Hour. 6.

15 Hotel Cleveland Orcheatra. 6 4a s-bonl of the Air. 7.00 William Edwards Ensembla. 7 30 Standard Program, ft twi iif-oe and Olenn. a 30 imrd1an Heipfuineaa Hour, a 00 Kereadjr Hour.

30 HappT Bakers. 10:00 Pa rfumuer. 10:15 The, Mlnuts Men. 10:30 Radio Keith Orpheum. 11 :3.v Httihb? Gordno from tha Ufl.U Miflnight Melodies with Petay Ori 13 30 Lee Ro'h from Fenway Ball Jade Room.

4.34.5-CKGW Toronta. Canada 890 B-45 The Booh House iorr Time. Canadian Department Storea. H5-Punip Program. 7 dn Amoa Andr.

715 Pump Program. 30 -rw White Organ Recital. no (nri of the Seasona, 30 i KHW Etisemhle. 9 (10 Musical Melodrama. 9 30 The Ktuioco Pbfw i'anadian N't'lonal Rativarg Ne'work.

11 00 Slumber Muwc. 12 00 Final Hot kpv H-nrr 406.4 WSB Atlanta 74 Toncert. 6 30 Tnar'ment of Coounerr. Hirr M'trhelJ. 4S Fog Tbeatro Proaram.

J- W. ller Company Program. 7 30 Cable Mn--tc Boi. sjKMisored by ttie Ptano 1 oirimnv, OBPure Oil 10 Around the World with TMit a no Brrreadv Hour. A Hanpv Wonder Bak'r Boys, jo 00-Wf--tinghmie Salye.

ll-oo -Amis "n' An ly. "Just a few wot Jsof praise of your medicine. Nothing gave me relief and health as Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound did. I am a practical nurse and was so rundown that I was unable to work.

I used to suffer agonies at times and would have to lie down the biggest part of the day. After two bottles of Vegetable Compound I felt better. Now I have used ten bottles and feel fine. I recommend it to many of my patients." Mb, Florence John-son, R. R.

3, Chctopa, Kansas. Progrims In Easffru SunUrd Urn. All time P. unWi othrirl indicrc4. VneimliB 00 Wt 0 rail letters, kllorydt-a on (99 9 BinflhamtoR WNBF 1500 1" Of) 1 m.

Morning Melodies. JMO Studio. 6( KastiiOD Mi! Wry. Huth Chilton. H.13 Front A.

Main Meruhinti. 45 Max Nate. 7:00 Itoad Report- Shopping Hour. hM bctumiy Furniture Co. S.3J CalmJe Warren Umrm ttanlrt.

BlMitt Square Lianca. 10. OS Cut Nov Troubadours. Ii4.3 WEAF New York WO 00 Black and Gold Room Orchestra. 7 SO Voters' Srrir Discussion.

7.30 Historical Sketch. 00 rjOUgft. 8-30 FniUr. it Feature and Orcbeatr. 9 3ft Happy Bakers.

)A fKiHrrmp Lights. 10.30 Radio VaudelllA. wth stag atari and RMviin Orchestra U.Sfr Phil Spfaliiv's Musle. 394.5 WJZ New York 7M i fWV-B A. Rolfe Dance Orchestra.

fi Harold Sanford Orchestra. 7 .00 Amos 'n' Andy. 7 .15 fia nleners. 43 PrJon. 8 no vinwnt Loir Paw Orcheatra.

8:30 Around the World. 9 00 Melodrama. 30 Hadio Khfw. 10 00 Th Salute. 30 3ft National Eduratlno Afwetatlm.

11 00 Slumber Mump, 348 WABC New Yert 30 Paul TremaJne's OrchMtra. Hour from Niagara Fail. 8 00 Julia Sanderson and Frank On mm It, HotninfM. WhttemiD'a Bind, 10- 00 Dr. Julim Klein.

10 30 park Association Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. 11:30 Rad'o Vue, 772.8 WP0 A1lantl Ctty MM 9 0 Hotel Chflsea Otooart OrcOMtra. a Minute Mn.

4Ktriti-wood Eaeembla. IV-Dual Trio. 10 Ortroimn Mtnnr Botal tteaemW. in Nationil Education iociUon. 11 OO rgso Rental.

11 :30 Camno Utnr OrchMrtri, 270.1 WRVA Btfihmand lilt 5 30-Orheairas (1 hr on w.ix (15 mln TMo. 7 -fr hw Rz-tiew: RportA gnn-wja and WRAP tl fcM no Cfnrrt Trogrim. 13ft heap and WJZ (t hra 11 SO Tbetre Org in 422 3 W0 Hwwark 7lt VI Bprrt Ta Ik. 00 rnri iton. so Hmei Awor Cnwtrt Orchw'ra.

3ft Marathon PhgtTt. noMin R'ret PaefrhM 00 1'ifniler M'JElfal Program, 0 30 (h-'-hesi ra and Singer 10 00 Wiiiard Bcblson and B.t Ifp fft V- PheMti 10 30 Will Oakland Terra Orchestra 11-W Pstili Joy Orrbeatra. 11 30 Moonrx-sms 2A2 ft WTIC Hirtford tOW) iMtle Hwhhgh's. IS-Vnh Flafces 20 HiRhltgh'j in Ppnr. 304niftn'kn Hme Bann 302 ft WBZ Sgrlngfletd 4A 8 20 Rport IMgeat.

Kafinoiri Lmert OrchWfg. 7 rtflAmoi Andy. .1 Jester. H'mr FsmllT, "0 Around the WnrM. ooMtiMrai MeiMram.

a 30fttinot'o Pbow. 10 00 Ralu'e. 10 Vwjhe Ntrht Owla. 11:63 eport Vift 2 WFKI ButAS HAA 7 0ft R't Brother rtub 7 25 rap'n Bailer trd tae Ier, 7 3o Horv)nland a Hour. t-f non N'ght Hawks.

00 rredv Hour. 1HiiT Baker. 10 noHarbor 10:30 Leo Herman and Wis Ofteir'a VIV OK Plttiburah ftM 00 TtniferMr of Pi'tsburgh Actdre. li Baritone. 30 ikj-o Mane.

7 0" Anmi -n' Ardr-? IS 7 0 TV Evening Altar. wHind VV-ground the World and Johoon Tertod, NMpolltan Mgb'j. If 4 TtJfr 1" iftNBf Prog-am 11 Muif 21.39Tm Denm and IT 0-beirtfg jftO HAM Roeheitar 1 50 1 15 fain P'or OrcJtemra. 30 Hvmnah fjnera tld'brairt. 7 10-Amo 'n And 7 lv4randall Hwai an 7 SO on Wings tl -I's I trt hire Prot'an.

I 30-A-mind tho Wnr Id. "0 Melodrama, Constipated tnttnilsf bibit-forralnt phvilc 'orminf pbyicmj nttnr vifrw I REMXOT I -wT IMI er trotif. trritatlnr I thMfe.dpftftM rfthl huth. Uild, tTTOMOHr to Mnpnnw mlriKht. TO MOPnoW John C.

Clark, Vice President of the Peoples Trust Company, Says: 1VT ANY business men are so close to their problems that they can not see them in perspective. A competent outsider sometimes can see, and possibly remedy, a fault that has passed entirely unnoticed by you. That is why your banker's advice on business matters is often so valuable. He not only has the detached view which gives proper perspective, but he faces so many other similar problems in the course of a year that yours may seem fairly simple to him. Your banker is keenly interested in your business success.

He will gladly be your silent partner if you wish. Are you taking him fully into your confidence and making full use of this service one of the most important of the many rendered by the business banks? pirst in quick reception il Peoples Trust Company State Batik, Binghamton State Bank, Endicott First National Bank City National Bank Union Trust Endicott Workers Trust J. C. Citizens Bank Endicott National Bank.

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