The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 18, 1953 · Page 9
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 9

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1953
Page 9
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Silver Creek Man Passes SILVER CHEEK -- Solomon 8. Hadley, 57, resident of Silver Crec'^ since 1948, passed away in a Van- couyer hospital on Thursday. He wat born December 12, 1895 at Mc- B»ln, Mich. The deceased The Daily Chronicle, FricUy, September 18, 195J NEW YORK W -- Relatively light trading Friday accompanied a declining stock market. Volume came to an estimated 1,100,000 shares, lowest total of the week. Thursday's business amounted to 1,290,000 shares. The decline went to around 2 Prices of Sept. 18, that retail- era pay wholesale except whin other wine noted. medium M-SI; A medium, 57-6$; A, small, 43-45; Cartons 3 cents additional. Live chickens--No. 1 quality, f.o.b. plants--Frycrs, roasters, TM««rf i« survived by two 1 lne ue wme wem 10 arouim 'delivered in Portland, 68-71 lb; : Ti',". Mr, SoSine Ktowa P°ins at the outside, but mostl flrst qimmv 66 . 69 . sccond q u a m y ( L ' v ) 'i .,,:. ,,. P ,ilv, Hartw' changes were fractional. 63-66. " " PORTLAND Uf -- Buttcrfat --|all weights, 29; heavy hens, all Tentative, subject to immediate weights, 18; light hens, all weights, change--Premium quality, maxi- 15; old roosters 14-16. mum to .35 to one per cent acidity,, Rabbits-Average to white, 4-5 growers-9-6 lbs, WEATHER Ethel and Miss Ma , Ajlune' two sons, George, Ethel, I Closing quotations and Delaus, Ajlune; a sister, Mrs, | Admiral Corporatio Linda Bodda, Carson, and 5 grand- Allied Chemical 26'/a · Western Washington -- Considerable cloudiness north half and along coast with scateered showers! tonight, becoming partly cloudy Saturday. Partly cloudy in the Interior south half tonight and Sat., ,.- , · . - io-*«, uiu uuca, 10-12, few higher.jurday. Little temperature change,' Valley routes and country Fresh dressed fryers to retailers,! with the high Saturday 65-75 in P film*,."TM i CSS 'i . v, ,, llr: 57-59;'cut up 61-65. j the interior and 60-65 along the Butter--wholesale, f.o.b. bulk · · '- --' * -- - - children. Funeral services will be at 2 p. m. Saturday in the Mossyrock Assembly of God church with the Allls Chalmers , f c (American Tobacco Light . , . . , - ,, . , . . i Wholesale dressed meats: coast. Low tonight 42-52. Winds off !? JOT « B?°, esa i~ rs ~ Grad l A £'! BTM'. steer, choice 500-780 lbs.!the coast southwest to west 10-20 41Vz[93 score, 66 Ib; 92 score, 65; B, mel . clal 27 .oo-38.00; utility, 23.00 - m.p.h. Friday, becoming west to '41.00-44,00; good 35.00-43.00; com-:northwest tonight and Saturday. ommercial cows 22.00-2S.OO;!cloudy with a few scattered show- 1.00-25.00; canners-cutters !ers in the extreme north, other- ll'i'90 score, C, 89 score, 60. Rev. Geo. Alcorn officiating. I n - i ^ -- » ~ terment w'" follow ! n the Ike! Atchison Railroad cemetery, where there will be mill- Bethlehem steel tary graveside services. I Cheese-- Selling price to Portland TM'nn. mr 153 Vajwholesalers-OreRon singles, 42 ii-l,,,:,:,' ,, 72%;45jb; Oregon 5-lb loaf 48 . W 0 '. 0 «1 0( 30 87 1/2 eggs conta 45 % B I R T H S Boeing Airplane Co. Bbrg Warner Burroughs Adding Machine California Packing . '.Canadian Pacific eluded, f.o.b. large 69 i 2 .70 ', 2 A grade si andled g no loss, cases in Portland--A To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ros-jCaterpillar Tractor bach, Chehalis, an 8-pound, 14?i-;0elanese Corporation ounce daughter on Thursday, Sept.! Chrysler Corporation 17, at Lewis County General hos-.Cities Service 38 i/ 2 66 14 |B grade large 59-63 \ 2 . 211k' Eggs-- To retailers-- Grade 22»'BJla_rs?;_7«-77; A large, 71-72; 46 '/a ' m irs, 53.00-57.00; rounds, 80.00- full loins, trimmed, 70.00- "n"7i"i""M jTllS.OO; triangles, 27.00-32.00; f o r e if,,, /2 J '*' quarters, 28.00-34.00; chucks, 35.00. 38.00; ribs, 49.00-55.00. **M Pork cuts--Loins, choice, 8-12 Ib pital, Centralia. A daughter weighing 8 pounds ?4 ounce born Thursday at the St Helen hospital, Chehalis to Mr and Mrs, Gordon Buman, Centralia M A R R I A G E S Consolidated £dison Consolidated Vultee Crown Zellerbach Curtiss Wright Douglas Aircraft dePont de Nemours Eastman Kodak Emerson Radio General Electric Foods Motors --ii^«-- Genera! Applications for marriage h- [General censes have been made in the Lewis i Georgia Pac Plywood county auditor's office by: JGoodyear Tire Velma Luella Packham and Wil-'Homestake Mining Co. liam Henry Hornbuckle, both of international Harvester Winlock. . . International Paper Ross Cathren, Centralia, and : j 0 hns Manville 22 85 72 Vi 39 15 % 28 ?i 67'. 62% 951/4 42 V, II 69 ft 55 54 % 10 7 /s 4 4 % United Airlines United Aircraft United Corporation United States Plywood United States Steel Warner Pictures Western Union Tel Air Brake Westinghouse Electric Woolworth Company Closing curb quotations: Electric Bond Share Ford of Canada A Eiecla Mining kaiser Motor Perinroad 38-48. KIVE-DAV FORECAST Western Washington -- Occasional rain in northwestern Washington. Little or no rain in the southwest. Temperatures near or 59,00-64.00; shoulders, 16 lbs, 39.00r | above normal, with maxfmums «8- ,,,, ,, J13.00; spareribs, 52.00-55.0; fresh i 78 in the interior and 62-72 in coast- ,g (J_ hams, -0-14 lbs. 62.00-66.00; car- al areas. Minimums 44-54. Max. Min, Freclp. 38 y 4 Ts 23'/, 42 % 2 2 % 41 1/2 431/4 choice 120-170 lbs. 39.00- cases, 41.00. Veal and calves--Good-choice, all weights, 30.00-39.00; commercial, 24.00-32.00. Lambs -- choice -prime, 36.0038.00; good, 32.00 - 36.00. Country-dressed meats, f.o.b. Wool--Grease basis, Willamette 35 3 U. S. Foil B Mary Peckham, Winlock. Wreckage of Plane Said Old EVERETT tfl -- The wreckage of an airplane found high on the slope of Sulphur mountain, near Darrington, is that of a Canadian craft and has been there about 10|Packard Motor Car years, Coroner Kenneth Baker smd Penney (J. C.) Co. Friday. (Pennsylvania R. R. Baker said a Sgt. Talbert of thejPepst Cola Co. 444th Air Rescue Squadron tele-jphilco Radio phoned him with the report. The Radio, Corporation sergeant was sent to investigate Kaiser Aluminum Kennecott Copper Libby, McNeill Lockheed Aircraft Loew's Incorporated Long Bell A Montgomery Ward Nash Kelvinator New York Central Northern Pacific Pacific American Fish Pacific Tel. Tel. Fire Damages Chehalis Home Chehalis firemen estimated damages at $3,000 in a Thursday afternoon blaze that gutted the kitchen 13. 49 »,'« 58 1/2 23 % 61 1/4 22 ' 10% 53 % 17 i/ B ,and scorched part of the dining 10 if,!room in a house owned by Charles 54 i/jiSonnemann at 1181 Center street.l lows ' me 8 i/ 4 1 Fire Chief E. C. Kuehner said the !j d ,, ah ° ,,·!;'?· 19 3/ [Valley medium, 51-53 Ib; Eastern '"(Oregon fine and half blood, 55-62; n ,, Willamette Valley lamb wool, 42; g ,'" 'l2-month wool, 45-50. l[3°! Country-dressed meats, f.o.b. " Portland: Beef--Utility cows, 20-24; canners-cutters, 17-18; shells down to Veal--Top quality, lightweight, 28-30; rough heavies, 20-25. Centralia - Chehalis Anchorage oAstoria Boston Chicago Denver Ellensburg Fairbanks Havre Kansas City Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New Orleans New York Olympia Phoenix i Portland 73 55 66 69 78 83 70 60 63 98 69 85 79 93 72 72 101 Hogs-Lean blockers, 37-39; sows Port"Townsend 65 light, 33-34. Lambs-- Best, 33-35 Ib. Mutton-- Best 10-12 Ib; cull-utility 1-9 Ib. Fresh Produce: Onions-- 60 Ib sacks of Wash. Yel- 40 44 47 51 68 44 51 42 44 75 60 75 60 74 53 41 68 48 2.01 .01 after hunters d i s c o v e r e d the wreckage earlier in the week. There were a few bones in the debris but no complete skeleton, the sergeant told B a k e r . The largest piece of wreckage he could find was a wheel. The .information will be forwarded to the Canadian government. Rayonier Incorp Rayonier Incorp Pfd Republic Steel Reynolds Metals Richfield Oil Safeway Stores Inc. Scott Paper Co. Sears Roebuck Co. Socony - Vacuum Oil Southern Pacific Standard Oil Calif e 1 J J Standard Oil N. J. Sees independence studebaker Corp. BANGKOK, Thailand I* -- Sen.(Sunshine Mining Kniwland R. Calif., Said FrldayjSwift Company he believes France realizes the.Transamerica Corp. age of colonialism is dead and willJTwentieth Century Fox grant full independence to the As: Union Oil Company Bociated States of Indochina. 'Union Pacific 111 j blaze was caused by a kettle of 4 i/ 4 ;grease left to heat on an electric 69 range in the kitchen. 18 % Mary Sonnemann, Sonnemann's H 1/2 sister, said she had left a pan of 28 ?a I grease to warm on the range and 22 1/2 i went next door for a few minuets. 23 1/2 When she returned, the kitchen was blazing. In addition to the 43 kitdien and part of the living 43 ?4j room being burned, firemen said San Francisco 76 Seattle 65 Spokane 65 Tatoosh , 59 Vancouver B.C. 64 Walla Walla 73 Washington 75 Yakima 78 54 44 40 52 53 49 54 43 .06 .06 12.00-17.50; choice fed heifers 23 (Mr 1.75-2.00; white 2.50-3.00. Potatoes--Boardman long whites No. 1A, 2.75-3.00; No. 2, 50 Ib sacks 80-85- Washington gems No. l-A,'good heifers 17.50-19.00; utility and 5- No 2 50 lbs 90-1.00. [commercial 10.00-16.00, cutters y'--r S No 2 green alfalfa, dow n, to 9.00 early; canner and cut- delivered car and truck i ter cows late 7.50-10.00; utility and Seattle and Seattle PORTLAND LIVESTOCK PORTLAND (ffl-(USDA)--Cattle 10.50-12.00; commercial 12.00-13.00 early; utility and commercial bulls 11.00-14.50, few 15.00; medium and good feeder steers 12.00-15.50. Calves for week, salable 735; 45 34 extensive smoke damage was caus-for week, salable 2,965; market market strong-1.00 higher than late 36 %;ed by the blaze and that they hadjactive on moderately increasedjlast week; good and choice veal- 61 Isito chop a hole in the attic of the!supply, fed steers and heifers,fully!ers 18.00-20.00; few 30 '/i I home to extinguish 30'/2 had started there. 37 49 22 . . _ __ . ! . prime 21.00 flames that-steady, commercial arid good grass iwith one at 22.00; good and choice steers and heifers closed 1.00 orjgrass calves 15.50-17.00, few to more higher but early strong to 118.00; good and choice 325-375 Ib 1.00 up; cows 50-1.00 higher, some stackers 17.00; culls downward to _ _. canners and cutters up more; bulls 5.00... HONG KONG I* -- A typhoon fullj 1.00 higher; stocker and feed-l Hogs for week, salable 1,275' 7 '/a [W'ith 100-mile-an-hour winds ripped'er cattle poorly tested; good_ and [market 50-75 higher; late bulk; 24 V, 15% 40 i/ 2 j killed and two injured when a shop'and supplementary fed steers! 22.00-24.00; lighter weights to 24.50; 100%[was blown down. il8.50-21.00; utility and commercial]extreme weights down to 20.50. ! I Typhoon Damaging up trees, collapsed buildings and'choics fed steers 22.00-26.00, latter choice 180-235 Ib butchers 27 50- caused landslides Friday in thisjfor load 1.106 Ib high choice are 28.00; heavier and lighter weights . British crown colony. One man was|prime 975 Ib steer 26.50; good grassi25.50-26.50; choice 300-500 Ib sows 1 Several % bed* with mattresses and springs complete, some as low as $15.50, real bargain. Some double beds, these are clean and in good condition. Six dozen sheets. Six dozen pillow cases. Several dozen blankets. A number of towels, these are all clean and in good condition. Two dining room tables and chairs. Two large coffee urns, 49 cup. One large kitchen range complete. 300 gallon oil tank, first class condition. A number of small stands. Several commodes, and dressers. Five oil stoves. Numerous articles such as dishes, silverware, etc. One large refrigerator 6Vz feet high, 33 inches wide, five feet !orr?, fully equipped, new motor and belts. Two oil tanks, one 400 gallon and one 550 gallon with stands and valves in good condition. ·*, One hot water tank (electric) Five fire extinguishers. EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD. YOU WILL FIND SOME REAL BARGAINS BUT YOU Will. HAVE TO HURRY. INQUIRE: S. H. JOHNSON i One and one-half miles West of Pe Ell on Main State Highway, or phone 5-5341, or 5-5840, South Bend. BUSINESS DIRECTORY CAT WORK «( mn.T kind. "No Job too big." By contract or day work. Log- flnf, land clearing, ditch dig- Flnr, and road bulletins. Free Phone 6-6792 Collect. UK ROWLAND FOR TOVB BUILDING NB6DS · LUMBER · SHINGLES · PAINTS · PLUMBING · HARDWARE · WINDOWS · ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES --At Prim Tbit Fleuef-- ROWLAND LUMBER CO. MI B. M»pl« St. CentmHk SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED--Reasonable Price* Qiitk Sirriee. Your *M Standby F»r the tail H yean. JOHN GRAY. Dial 6-SS96. Centralia RE-WEAVING H»let, Tears, Bam, EU. ED POOLE 111 N*. Phone 1-1131 CealraH* C. D. ROBERTS Well Drilling Pho«e Chehali. 8-3131 feat* . Bai 45» Oo Newaokun Hill Next tn Snb Station I f . . . . You Need Printing LETTERHEADS... ENVELOPES... BUSINESS CARDS . . . PAMPHLETS... MANIFOLD FORMS... CALL US t l 6-3311 · 8-3311 MOBIL HEAT STOVE OIL DIESEL OIL Cent. -«ll4 Chehaui I-7IU CARE I Ml'RKAI Agent--General PttrolgBM C»ra. WRECKER SERVICE SEIP and HANSEN Nights Holidays, Weekend) PHONE 6-4245 Paint Now Brush or Spray FREE ESTIMATES CUSTOM DECORATORS Ph. S-7269 Centralia Ph. 8-3597 Chehalis LEE BOLL HAT, GRAIX, FEED FBKTILIZBRI, SEEDS Oar ·"* brud poultry md d»irj fe*d. Orttoi u* 8e*4 Ctaininf. little «ni Poiltr; ipnyi CENTRALIA FEED CO. lilt N». Purl Phoni (-4MC FLOOR SANDERS FOR RENT Sa4 Y*or Own Ptowt DIAL (-tin ROWLAND LUMBER CO. Cfnlrallm E L ELECTRIC OppciHe Ford Prairie 8«ho«l ·LECTKICAL CONTRACTING Fra EMfanateo Bonded, Uoooted Wtofef N* Job too Big or to* 8ot»0 PhoM Contrail* t-UH McCULLOCH CHAIN SAWS CALEt--IIBTICB--RENTALS PACIFIC EQUIPMENT CO. R» North Tower Ceatnlki LEWYT The world's most modem Vacuum Cleaner at CAGLET'8 rnnltnri ud Vpholotny 1ST Ch«b»)ll 4H» CkokMll nraltur« ppholototy li our »o»»; EXCAVATING BULLDOZING iMiint -- T*JM*U Trenching t«t Irrigation, Oltehlnc utd Seven. WALT KATYRYNIUK PRONE S-S1M CHEBAUI ROOFING Applied to wKhitud 8«lfcwe»» · Waihlngtoa TTwtner fEtperieneed Craftann Free lnrn«tt«» and Ertha*M M/IION * BALTH *. Himnia. Cent. Ph. ttttt NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT · SHEETROCK FINISHING A SPECIALTY · Faperhanging Paintlnf C. POLLOCK Dial 6-6415 Centralia LOCAL FULLER BRUSH Dealers BOB OLIVES Phone 6-3768 Centralia Chehalis BOB PETRIE ' Ph. M73«, Ontr.fU WISCONSIN AIR-COOLED ENGINE · SALES · SERVICE Wt Make All Type Ken PACIFIC EQUIPMENT Itl N. Tower CentnHa FOR RENT HOMEUTE CHAIN SAWS COLEMAN EQUIPMENT CO. 1028 North St., ChehUi Phone 8-4451 Interior or Exterior REMODELING For Free Estimate Call 8-725* Chehalli Well Drilling OSCAR KETO 1411 So. Cold, CoatnHa Plume «-tsn PLANNED PRINTING PRODUCES PROFIT Commercial Printing Division Cltamtcl* NORM'S MEAT CUTTING AND CURING WHOLESALE MEATS FOR FREEZERS Neil Door Ti loe DtUitn IN N*. Tower Pfcoiw MNI FOUNDATION CONTRACTORS Continuous concrete Mock foundations, Repostlng, resitting and ferelin; All tjpes el bulldUnn, Coiioret« work. For fr« estimate* can Twin City Houie LeTeting Company Om Tew Street, Centralia, Wn. Phone 6-7121 w C-SiSI K. D. and E. R. Benthfrn WATERPROOFING Roof or Sidewall. Siding--Sand Blaiting, Commercial--Re*identi*L 40-1 tar Insulated Shingle*, Beautiful Colon. SHAMP ROOFING CO. 415 South King Centralia Plione 8-6924 TWIN CITV CHIMNEY SWEEP FURNACE CLEANING Oil Rangn, Heateri, Chlmnryi, Firtplaeei Cleaned A Repaired. Portable Steam Cleaner Service. DON KATE, Phone 6-5273 Centralia. Wain. APARTMENTS-- For Rent FUHNISHED Apts., Porter Apts. 816 Adams, Chehalis. phone 8-7278. 3 BOOMS and bath, furnace hcit, upitairs. Chehtlix t- ISM. REDECORATED furnished apartments, single person or couple, utilities furnished. Call Chehalis 8-8363. NEWLY furnished apartment. Call after 6 p.m. or Saturday. 6-6063, Centralia. AUTOMOBILES-- Uted 1951 POED V-8 custom, 4 -door, AUTOMOBILES-- U«d AUTOMOBILES-- U»ed 1941 FORD TUDOR, radio heat- loaded with accessories. Must sell er -- good tires. $175 cash. 423 N. quick. $1245. Phone 6-4368, Cent. Buckner St., Centralia. FOR SALE: '42 Ford jeep, good condition. Phone 4474 Toledo. '51 HUDSON sedan, like new, must sell. Phone 6-3908 Centralia or call 505 N. Hock. 1949 STUDEBAKER % ton pickup THJS MARVELOU S caMs ready to $795. TWIN CITY MOTORS be sold to the lucky buyer. See ii MR W M»ln fntr,Hn and drlve "· and iTM' 11 * sold on 805 W. Main Oentralla.^ Co5ts fis litt , e w operat( , t as many 1950 CHEV DickUD truck A-l con-l'' 8 ' lt " we ' ht car! - ^ Iu " P ro .°f 01 FOR furnished apartments $20 to /jition heater snotlteht' air con i'he only owner's 37,000 miles with it $45 call 6-4252, Centralia. |,m ( ,, n in« ,,,,*',,£»,,, r.n «.«ns! ne . w Goodyear W. W. Jjres and fine _jditioning, und FURNISHED 4 rooms, bath, private, after 5 p.m. entrance, upstairs. 613 K St., phone 6-6939, Centralia. Call a-B FURNISHED apts, private bath, refrigeration. S'S'i N. Tower, Cent. NICE 2-bedroom unfurnished down. stairs apartment. Phone Centralia 6-3567 or 6-7602. APTS. for rent. 401 N. Tower. Cent. 3 ROOM furnished downstairs apartment. Overstuffed furniture and refrigeration. Washing facilities. Inquire Apt. 3, 701 So. Tower, Centralia. RILEY MOTORS 1950 CHRYSLER A beautiful low mileage one owner 4-door sedan, light blue outside with contrasting blue and gray upholstery that is clean. 1950 CHEVROLET Septic Tanks Cleaned Anrwhrr. Withta IS milei ·( C*ntra!ia at anj time. Dial 6-I.TJ3, Centnlte R. Lerine CHUCK JOHNSON'S FUEL OIL SERVICE Stove Oil--Forna** Ofl 107 W. Main Telephrae 6-4M1 If fit Aniwor Phone -4ftl F L O O R S Laid--Sanded--Finished WILLIS BROTHERS Dial (-HIS. CentralU STANDARD HEATING OILS EARNER - SWENSON FUEL CO. Verified OcHrer? Centralia Dial t-Mtl I* lour CUomef A FIRE HAZARD? CHIMHITi CLCANKD and REPAIRED FnrmaoM ad SUtw HAWKINS CLBANING 8»T. Phone I-491J. ChehaVt LARGE 2-roonr furnished apt. San Juan Arms, Chehalis, 8-3619. This is one of the finest Chevro- 4 ROOMS, furnished, private bath,! ] ets we've ever had. It's ttie de- laundry facilities. Phone 6-5165 or i uxe four door model with large 6-6095, 111 W. 3rd, Centralia. i ra jio, air conditioner, and plastic seat covers. 1949 FORD Custom 4 door sedan -- radio J 3 ROOM, furnished apt., downstairs; ] electric range, refrigerator. Inquire; 703 So. Pearl, Centralia. I this '51 Packard 4 door a great buy by calling 8-8354 Chehalis. AUTOMOBILES--Ued heater clean inside and out. Has a new clutch completely checked over. 1952 DODGE 1948 PACKARD station tedan, ra- "' T ° n picku P ~ MUM Cab ~ dio, heater, overdrive, 212 W. 3rd,; Airfoam seats -- large heater -- 4 WHKKL drire Inept BURNBSS, ilain it Pearl, Cent Centralia. 42 BUICK specll, four door sedan, radio and heater. Motor good. Only $250.00. Call 8-7927 Chehalis after 5 p.m. 4 speed fluid drive transmission A like new pickup at a used price Many Good Prewar Models --Reasonable Price*-- SACEIFICE: 1948 Ford 4 door, good! f? 11 FV MOTORS m o ^ V i n n l ^ l /.nnrfOlnr, n.m ^ I n f ^ ' M l -- 1- I I Y I S./ I W I \ J BE SURE TO CHECK THESE QUALITY USED CARS BEFORE YOU BUY 51 NASH AMBASSADOR 4 DOOR Hydramatic, Weather-eye, Radio, Bed. 51-WILLYS STATION WAGON, Overdrive, Heater. Very clean, top condition. 50 STUDEBAKER CHAMPION « DOOR, Overdrive, Heater, Sun visor. Very nice. 49 NASH AMBASSADOR 4 DOOR Overdrive, Weather-eye, Radio, Bed, New Seat Covers. 47 NASH 600, 4 Door Sedan. $545. 151 NASH RAMBLER COUNTRY CLUB, Low Mileage, Radio, Weather-eye, Direction Signals, Slip Covers. 47 HUDSON 4 DOOR SEDAN. Radio, Heater, Over-drive. 49 FORD TWO DOOR SEDAN. 41 DODGE 4 DOOR SEDAN, VERY CLEAN. 41 CHEV. TUDOR. ELMER JOHNSON NASH 1167 Market. Chehalis GOOD USED CARS 1948 FORD 5 door 1947 DODGE 4 door 1947 OLDSMOB1LE 4 door 1949 PACKARD 2 door 1948 STUDEBAKER Commander 4 door 1951 STUDEBAKES Champion 4 door 1948 STUDEBAKER K ton pickup 1947 FORD 1 ton stake LITERAL MOTOR CO. 1025 Chehalis Ave., Chehalis Phone S-3388 mechanical condition, new paint. Vou can't buy a better one for 1425. See at 424 So. Tower or call 69089 Centralia. Phone 6-4383 301 W. Main, Cent After 6 P.M. Phone 6-5513 1946 BUICK Super 4 door sedan, ·ebuilt motor, radio and heater, 2 lew tires. Bargain tor cash or will :rade for equity in a smaller car. 8-7284 Chehalis. WHY NOT SHOP WHERE YOU HAVE A CHOICE? COURTESY CARS: SAFETY CHECKED CARS BUY WITH SAFETY 1951 CHRYSLER Windsor 4 door, one owner car. fully equipped, 17,000 miles $1895 1950 CHRYSLER Windsor 4 door, very clean inside and out. Fully equipped $1585 1949 FORD 5 pass, coupe, overdrive, radio, and heater $ 895 1947 BUICK 4 door, this car runs good, looks good and we'll make you a good price $ 645 1942 HUDSON 4 door, clean $ 145 1941 CHEV. 2 door, new- motor, clean car $ 395 1939 CMC Panel with glass windows in sides _.... S 265 CHEHALIS GARAGE 962 Market, Chehalis Ph. 8-4181 Chrysler-Plymouth Dealers 940 CHEV. tudor, 1840 PLYMOUTH ,udor $195, 1940 PACKARD $95. TWIN CITY MOTORS 805 W. Main Centralia 1952 DODGE \i ton pickup. 1953 DODGE Coronet V-8 sedan 1953 DODGE Coronet V-8 club coupe. 40 CHEV. good condition. 1150 cash. 33 Plym. good motor. 145. Route 1, Box 683, Centr»li». (Michigan Hill). APARTMENTS--For Rent DEPENDABLE USED CARS 1950 CHEVROLET Deluxe tudor lm PLYMOUTH sedan .953 OLDS 98 sedan, radio, heater,' 1MO DODGE !i-ton pickup lydramatic, power steering, power) 1948 KAISER sedan brakes, white sidewall tires, tinted 1948 INTERNATIONAL »i-ton glass, red bl»ck. everything but st alce FURNISHED 1 * 1 room Apta. with 805 W. Main or without bath Prtgidaire. Dal Centralia: 19 ** FORD t tudor. -- . 1 1946 NASH sedan Hotel._108_E_li»giioUt, Central.* MUST SELL equity in 1946 Hudson] ... M ,, , t , . CENTRAUA APARTMiNT HOTEL 4 door sedan, 1200. Excellent con-i lOoIder cars and trucks to Under new -i»n»gement. Rates idition, re-tuned. Call 8-4088 Che *U.OO .nd up. Phone .-MO. ' .__,, . . . . . . . . FORCED TO SELL -- Nothing for ,ARGE 3 room furnished ipt., re- mv eouitv -- 1948 Paclcurd *«l«n rigerator. lights, heat, laundry fa- ml Y L* ·* /rv£ p«.^' cilities. Adults *45. It Mac Apt.TM','ii. 'Eckerson Road), 06 E. First, Cent. ,Centralia. from beginning at $88.00. FURNISHED apartment for couple. 1M6 FORD c l" coupe, pipes, skirts, Automatic washer and dryer. Call "·*., lowered, other aceeiwrles. 1183 ·I4-4128 aiMr « p. m. 603 Penn., Che.,Market, Chtbtll! ot phoo* 1-4347. AND DEAL YOUR WAY SHATTUCK MOTORS Cbtlulia 4th aad Market FIRST YEAR'3 DEPRECIATION SAVED ON THESE CARS! Low Miles -- New Car Warranty--Never Licensed Better Hurry, ONLY 3 more left. One went last week. DON'T Wait. These New 1953 Oldsmobile Cars have been driven by the Sales Staff of SEIP HANSEN. (Chas. Anderson, Don Hempel, Curt Hansen, Nort Seip). 1--"88" Super Holiday Coup* I--"88" Super 4-door Sedan I--"88" Super 4-door Sedan Ail Cart Fully Equipped With Such Aoxewories as Power Steering, Power Brakes, etc. SEIP 6- HANSEN ECL.US1VE OLDSMOBILE DEALER FOR LEWIS COUNTY. 208 So. Pearl and 226 So. Tower ' Central!* Phone 6-3348 and 6-7670.

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