The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ME5EUS5IE LIKELI ID GO 'fflJEIF Small Personal Treasure Of Ill-Fated King Appears Exhausted BY MILTON HKONNKH XEA Seivife SlnfT Corrpspoiidenl LONDON, Nov. 11,—Hailc So- Jii.ssli- tlif Fim. King of Kings of Elliiopin. Conquering Lion of Jiiclali—a frail liule shadow king. thin and dark—has permitted his fiir-uds in England to reveal that lit; supposed treasure box, transported from Ethiopia, is empty. He stands out as the most notable victim of Ulc League of Na- tlcns ond llu> hig powers which control and sway it. Encouraged by Uic League to ir-sist (lie war of uggrc-sKlait waged upon liis country ty Italy, he has lost everything , favc honor. All his once-proud titles today sound derisively: "King ol Kings of Ethiopia"— v.ilh himself in exile an-J nil the Et'Jophm chlrftnlns. wlio acknowledged Ills rule, cither killed by tlie Italians or forced by them Into submission! "Conquering Lion of Judali"— with his armies wiped nut, his capital and country in T~.e hands of Ihe enemy! , Today he lives far from his un- live land, in Die old watering lilace of Bath, simply, modestly us befits one bereft of fortune. At the time he left hit country, much was mode In Ihe report.? concerning Uic vast treasure he was supposed to have carried off ivith him. What It really amounted lo was a few boxes of silver coins and a box or two of silver plate—his own possessions. They have long ngo Been spent to maintain his family, to send his representatives to Geneva to the League of Nations Assembly, and in fees for lawyers looking after his Interests. * Financial Frustration •Sin the desperate attempt to help Himself, the iioor little Emperor lins been blocked at, every turn. He sat down to write his memoirs. There was n London publisher willing to issue the book. There was in England a'nd elsewhere a sympathetic audience ready to buy it. But when he had completed it, he was doomed to disappointment. The manuscript was sent buck to him. Inexperienced In (he art of book-making. Haile Selassie had spent too.much time narrating fr>r distant,, events and had given all loo little space to tlie tragic wnr with Italy—the inside story, as only lie could reveal it. Then he turned lo the French courts lo establish his rights to big blocks of slock In the Fiench- controllcd Addis Abnlia-Djiboutl railway, the only line leading from the Red Sei>{ to the capital Ethiopia. In the same courts .sought to establish his rights lo stock in the Franco-AbyJisininn Salt Co. Had he lieeti successful, he could have soltf these shares and gotten much-needed financial relief. The Flench courts arc still pondering. SSO.OPO Tied tip in Court Next In- turned lo the English courts and filed suit against the Cable and Wireless Co. for $50.0<M he claimed was due him under nn agreement regarding wireless service between Addis AVmbti nnil England.' Tile company did noi deny thai the money was due to somebody, but questioned whether )-eile Selassie was that somebody. This was especially so because Italy claimed the money. The little king's attorney made great play of the fact that he was still recognized as Emperor of Ethiopia by the British government. The wireless people sntd Ihe trouble was that as the King of Jt,ily now claimed to bo the Einperor of Ethiopia, he might sue the company for Ihe money, claiming Haile Selassie hsd no light to it. The English court is .'lumbering over Hie point. So straitened have the circumstances of Haile Selassie now become. Hint, as soon as they think .Uic moment propitious, the Abyssinia Association of Great Britain is going to issue an appeal for n relief fund for him. This association has among its directors a number of prominent members or Parliament Nocturnal > Bird . HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured bird, . -1 It lins a liirgc fi It has ,1 short •—- bill. 13 Falsehoods. 15.Smell. 17 In this place. IS Making into :i drama. 21 Brooch, 22 To prepare for publication. 23 Branching figures. 24 Native of Crete. 25.Sana for one voice. 27 Insurgent. 29 Corded cloth. 3d South Carolina. 32 Cut with a saw. 34 Southeast. Assessment umomils. <!.'! Algerian cavalry corps, 45 Prong. 4li Metric unit u{ weight. 50 Judicial decrees.- 53 Prophet. 54 Note in scale. 501/iltl. 35 To innke l;ice. 5V Councils ot 37 Lawful. elders. Answer to Previous l'ii;;lc 11 deal hike. H.Strikes. Ifi Smaller. 19 Kettledrum. SO.SciT.'moid lish. U Price. 25 More moik'i'Ji. 28 Knvoy. 31 To Pud fiiitll, 33 Miifkini; (he dale. ; .10 Afternoon mciils. ":i8 Small lanci-. 40 Greater chloric. 42 Ogles. Stcele-Cooter Holland j Clilpman-Moijri! ] Of Interest here Is the wcddln" ; of Miss Virginia Moore, daughter ol Mr and Mrs. f.on Moore, to j Mr. Moody Chlpman, son of Mr ! and Mrs. A. I, Chlpman ol Bragga: dodo, which occurred on'out, 27 | In Hayli with Justice Hedge per; forming (hp ceremony. 'Iliclr at- I tr-ndants «rrt> Miss Helen Oarrard j of .S'teelt'. and Cussil I'lcklns, ol as a Kuril! ise to thefr mnny friends. The Hev. J. w. Cunnlnghum, paslor of the Baptist cluu'ch of Stcelo performed lh c ceremony in |)) C presence of a few intimate friends and relatives. •Hie bride is We proprietress of the new beauty shop a I tlie Rcxnll DriiS store. The bridegroom, formerly of St. Louis, is employed by On. 1 Ark-Mo power company of Ca- riHlK-rsvllle. Tlif-y will make ihcir horn,, in fitwio mid tin- ),,-|i| ( . W in comimie ]»••• u-rk. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1C, 1937 ami other living ItlilljJS. COMusciil (lies. VKKT1CAI, 1 Ancient. 'J. Wircman. 3 Commander. 5 To dim-. C Dry. 7 Naps. J) Touches. !) Sound of surprise. 39 To soak flax. 59 It eats small 1C Relumed. hair. 4-1 Cctiict-an, coins. 48 Wlnfts-. 49 To fail In tiit. 51 Palmyra. 52 To bring 55 Within Mr. and Mrs. Jack Yaiicv :in- iKiuncc the arrival of a Ijuby girl nl their home in coatw Ihr latter navt of 'he w/ick. Mrs. Yuncpy is Tho bride', who is ,, member ol i "^ f ' m T ^ Nora mur «>the senior class of Sleeif. hlri ' , ' Illoyd noot hvvii<i Ii1k< '" <o sflxiol. i, a phiyer ,„> Ihe baskc- b-i ' 1 "' M ' : ' n ' )h1 '' Bii > )Lisl l'»splla! in a team, she will" rmllnue ], c ,.' seliooll ',""*", ; "" bll!l " K; ' 1 fYI ' ia ' "'-f'l work. , """""! ai'd i"irl»m-cnt an :ipi)eii'li>"lomv : ar(i I'firl^i\g-ej)t an : liici-ly. i I-'ricnds were hostess lo u mis- Cf-llannoiis .s-lioww «t (he. | liomi! of Mrs. S. L. Wagster for i Mrs. Howard Ozment, the former ) Miss Helen Fiiiulerlnirk, when there In India. In 1897, lhc Assam carthqimke dul serious diimagi: lo buildings over an ami of ItJO.OOO square miles, or more than twice the size of Great Britain. The government of Cuba awards a BOW medal to each primary school teacher whose record shows 25 successive years of acceptable service in lhc public schools. i The bridegroom and his family , formerly lived near stcclc and «r- I'-Y llnishitig school he has hecn ( Hsslstfnv Ills father farm. 1 * « 4 [ Itoivell-Uni'ljcrry .IBft of Mis*. Clara Ruth i pleiisant evt-ning at various uami-s , lo Arnold iroivell wliicli wHIi Mrs. Sidney Miller if Mrs occurred ,„, Qrt :,, ,„ Canithers- | <•,„,> white and' Mrs. Eil'i," Hunt v lie. n,,. ,rkle s the (lauHhtor ul | rei-dvintf prl,es. The house was Mi. and Mrs. Hob Lineljen-y niul: dn-orulwl In •> ThankSHivlm'scheme the hrldeBioom is lhc S0ll „,' M) , A ,, it , ytlo d «, 01 . alK , ',„ re ^ 1IllJl(V a nd Mrs. Henry Ilowell. Both are unkey was ridden by Nonna Lee decorated \va!?oii helnu presented popular memlX'rs of the younger, wll ,,., u sot. They will make DIP!,- home In I loaded v/itli Mfts hlc ' p|(: ' i (.;, tin- bride. Hayti Society — Persona! while eiiroule to Keiinett to visit! his parents. He resided here nine I S'cars ago with his parents and at-' tended sciiool here. ; Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCoy were i In Keiinett Friday afternoon visiting their daughter, Mrs. a rover Oarvls, who is 111. . Of unusual interest is the marriage of Dr. J. It. McDanicl sr., to i Mrs. Arteia Robertson which oc- j curred in the home of the official- I ins minister, the Rev, J. w. Cun- niivham, on Nov. 7. The bride came here several months ago from Sikcston. ^ Dr. McDanicl has practiced "medicine here for a number of years. They are making their jioine at the McDanicl home on Walunt Ave. Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. William Rut! of Gatc-s, Tcnn.. veiled relative! hei'e Sunday. Mrs. K. H, Green and sons, Mr.s Jclmnic Webb and Charles Moore attended church services in StcHe Sunday. Miss Velma Lcffin is in Lit 111 Hock for n few days. „,, ,,. A bridge over the Zambesi river The wedding of Miss Iletllc Me- in South Africa, n one of lhc lii^ii- Crackm to Mr. Harry Charles Gib- | est in the world, beiny 400 feet son wliicli occurred on Nov. 7 comes I above the water. GRABER'S STORES PLYMOUTH BUILDS Small Heel Cap* Uc Huhber Heels For i\lcn. Women & Children 25c When Better Lfalher Is Tanned. Smilh Will Buy It. SMITH SHOE SHOP GlenccHi Mrs. Arnold Tucker has leased! tile L. A. Blnckard home and will ' jiut. her beauty .shni) there. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Johnson and Judge J. E. Johnson returned home ibf latter pan of the week from llt-H City. Mo., v.'lit-rc they visited with Judge Johnson's nephews, C'lms. ami will Johnson. Mr. ;incl Mrs. Guy Clilllon of Sandy Kidge, Ore., announcr the in-rival of nn 8"; pound bubv (buahter burn Nov. 5. The Chillon;, ur.» icriner je.sidf-nt.s of (his fity. Mr. und Mrs. XVilson Chapman and children rr : turned to tlieir lioin^ al ,st. Louis Saturday afier n visit hi'ro with Mr. Chapman's parents. MI. and Mrs. Ixmnie Cbapitjan. Mr, und Mrs. ,J. E. WaLser spent j Hit week end in Poplur niuff at- i temliny lo bu^i[H-ss. [ Mr. and Mrs. Orville McCord of Korncr.sville. ,\fo.. .spi-ril the wcoK mil here with Mrs. McOord's parents. Mr. and Mis. II. K. Haynle. MKs lluitif ilcirej! und Cletis Bldwoll of Kcnnelt spent the v,eek end at Columbia, attending the .Missoiiii-Okliihonia football game. H. N. Rider of Charleston, .S. C., was here Priclay visilini; friends Lcachville Youth Grows Huge 77-Pound Pumpkin What Is believed to be one of tin- largest pumpkins ever grown in Mississippi county was raised by Maxie Oauif, of near Leachville. U weighed 77 pounds. The pumpkin created so mu«i! i-xcitf-jnem every where it was iihoun lliul its oilier planned to keep it lor n ions. Ions Hint', but a tourist irom Illinois wanted to take ii "back home" as a sample cl Arkansas products and he sold It. ^ll;r.\i<? didn't start cut lo make any money growing pumpkins this year but lie will next year, ne- causc the few pumpkin seed be sewed in a patch of corn ne'i' his house netted him tl.50 in cash, a first prize at the recent county fair, enoiisli pumpkins for his mother to can a lar^^ quantity, make all this pics the family could eat and lo feed the MOJJS for a long time. This was two large wasmi loads. The pumpkins- took up no space, required no care and nothing as he saved the seed from u lust year's pumpkin. Maxle, who is 19. is a member of the ixacliville Boys and ojrls 4-H club. Hi-rliii City or Blcyilfs Ht'RUN IU!>)~A total of more than 115,000 cyclists pass through Berlin's streets every day. accord- Ins; lo details of a traffic census taken over a period of 12 months On Sundays the number swells to between 110,000 and 112000 Harvey Stewart Dr. F. A. Robinson STEWART-ROBINSON Succeeds Cily Drug Store We Specialize In PRESCUIPTIONS Mcdlcilnal Wine & Liquors 2014 W. Main Phone 20 'ists - Prepare for Winter U'o Install Prestone & Ford Anti-Freeze Winter is coming—Prepare your car for cold weather now. ].',-ee tc.stinjr of Rrakc-s, Hose Connexions, HaUery, Etc. OPEN DAY, NKiHT & SUNDAY l-O.MK IN T NOW—DON'T DELAY. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Plume Sin RABER' STORES Sale of THIS WEEK ONL Y Values Silks and Wools J- and 2'Piece Styles Now Only . . FEATURES THAT MAKE PLYMOUTH "BEST BUY" Double-acting liydrnu- lic brakes...nll-stecl Jbocly...bigairplanc-lypc shock-absorbers..."live" rubber body mountings ..»Floating Power engine mountings, (Bight) GASOMETER TEST proves Plymouth's amazing economy. See It at dealers. i*5 M AKE IT A POINT lo go sec the new 1938Plymouth— today! Us value will astound you.. .its price will thrill you! /Vo otherlow-pticcd car offers so much! Great features give you more luxury. ..outstanding economy... greater protection for your family. And the new Plymouth isa joy to handle...with amazing extra room Town Orchestra Being Formed At Leachville • LEACHVILLE, Ark.—Under tlie direction o f Conway Cruze o f Vestersburg, Ind., a municipal orchestra Is being formed in Leach-' vi'le wlUi the following members: Uonway Crnze. Orlj- stires jr.. Melvil Neighbors. J. O. stires. Jot Wheeler, mights Howard and Friedman Weinbere. . Urad Courier News Wanl Ads. Pecans Wanted WE WILL PAY YOU Highest Market Prices ANY QUANTITY Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 265 Blytheville, Ark. Gel Our Prlres Before Selling SEE THE NEW for your legs, shoulders, elbows! Drive the big new Plymouth yourself. Get the facts...note the price. You'llbedelightcd! PLYMOUTH DIVISION OF CHRYSLER CORPORATION, Detroit, Michigan. The Commercial Credit Company offers low pa yin cut terms through Do<lgc, DeSoto and" Chrysler dealers. Tune hi MojorBowcs' Amateur Hour, Columbia Network, Thurs., 9 io 10 P. M., E. S.T. The Colors: * White Green Kust Wine Koil Sizes 11 to 47 Sizes 14 to 20 38 to 50 Beautiful crepes anil other silk fabrics, also light weiglil wools in Tailored ind Dressy styles, long and short sleevci many wllli iliijier fronts and pockets, 2-tone roniuinatlons and solltl colors. S'lirclal for tills week only at S5. .03 Pi a tn H O S3 ie of Suede Shoes Starting Wednesday Morning Straps - Pumps - Ties - Oxfords INVEST IN "THE CAR THAT STANDS U Itish sore Pumps, Cross Kih,^. Patent Trims and nil ol the other latest style trends. If yon are looking for Suede Shoos you are certain to find just what you want in one of Ilicsc srH-chit sale groups. $4.45 Suedes $3.50 Suedes $2.98 Suedes $544 $284 $O34 The Colors: Green Burgundy Krouii lllack Multi-Colors High Heels Boulevard Hctls Cuban Heel Flat Heels $2.45 Suedes $1.98. Suedes $194 $144 \ Sizes 3 to 9 » Widths AAA to C IGRABER'S STOUESI

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