Daily Record from Morristown, New Jersey on April 17, 1977 · 15
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Daily Record from Morristown, New Jersey · 15

Morristown, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 17, 1977
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This Man Author Says NASA Forced To Fake It According to a study released last summer by the Gallup Poll of Princeton, 28 per cent of the American public doubts that the United States ever landed men on the moon. Bill Kaysing, author of We Never Went to the Moon, recently published by Eden Press of Fountain Valley, Calif., maintains the entire National Aeronautics and Space Administration moon landing program was nothing but a gigantic hoax. In his book, Kaysing weaves a net of circumstantial evidence that he claims proves we never put men on the moon. "I have more evidence that we never went to the moon," Kaysing states, "than NASA has that we did." The author is a former aerospace industry technical writer, once assigned to Rocketdyne's Propulsion Field Laboratory, near Los Angeles. At that facility, engines to power missiles were tested in various stages of design. During the period Kaysing was at the laboratory the major work on the engine system and related components of the Apollo project were being done. Kaysing theorizes that the moon "landings," which were televised around the world via satellite, were actually done right here on earth, utilizing super-sophisticated motion picture and television special effects techniques. "They probably did the whole thing at the Nevada test site, outside Las Vegas," Kaysing says. "That's one of the most secret U.S. Military Installations in the world, perfect for this kind of cover-up. It's so secret, you can't even fly over it. It's well guarded, large and looks just like the 'moon' surface in the NASA picture. With a couple of sound stages, the whole moon 'landing' could have been done right there." Kaysing maintains that a parallel program to the NASA moon landing effort was conducted by space scientists who knew they wouldn't be able to get a man to the moon. "The political and economic ramifications of scrubbing the Apollo project forced NASA officials to fake it," he says. The author says the most damaging evidence of a cover-up is the actual photographs NASA released. "There are no stars in any of their pictures," Kaysing remarked. "If they were taken on the moon, there would have been some stars in evidence." In addition, none of the NASA photos show any distrurbance of the lunar surface. "If they had fired rockets to lower the lunar module to the moon's surface, the dust that recorded Aldrin's footprints in the famous flag photo would have been blown up into a giant cloud," he says.."The lunar lander would have landed on bedrock."' ?; Various scientists and photographers have told him that there is no way 'pictures as perfect as NASA released could have, been taken with the light and equipment available 6f the moon. "In the desert maybe," Kaysing says, "but not on the moon." Kaysing has drawn up a list of 20 question that he has been asking NASA to respond to for some time. ..-. . He says, "It's been over a year now that I've asked them for answers, and so far their only reply has been a deafening silence." Kaysing has offered to make a public apology to NASA if they can prove they actually landed men on the moon. The book was turned down by more than 20 publishers before Barry Reid, president of Eden Press decided to bring the book to the American public. "Eden Press is dedicated to finding and publishing the truth," Reid says, "on almost any subject you can name. " For too many years the publishing industry in the country has been afraid to release anything that might raise some thought-provoking questions about what the U.S. Government tells us." Calls The Moon Sh Daily Record, Morris County, N.J., Sunday, April 17, 1977 B 1 ot A Hoax U If; Bill Kaysing am .i.n. ..,.,..... .... "M '" 'mm .iiii.mu miujujiii i i miiiii.ii wmiiwiJviimii'wwujjniiiiiwwaiw Strange Light Col. Edwin Aldrin on the "moon" is brightly illuminated although the sun is at his back. What accounts for this lighting? It is not shown in the reflection in his face plate. If Armstrong, who supposedly took the picture, provided the light source, it would have been visible near the image of Armstrong in Aldrin's faceplate. ip ... ft. '.(' ;j 71 ! a teres-.-. . -Mj ji : 4i t Composite Photo? Lunar module engines have thousands of pounds of thrust. In this photo the moon dust has not been disturbed despite the tremendous force of the jet blast. Also, just above the shadow there appears to be a separation in the photo as if it was a composite. Is It Faked? Col. Aldrin steps off the lunar module onto the surface of the "moon." The sun is on the opposite side of the module. What accounts for the intense lighting on Aldrin's back? 20 0 uestions The Author Wants NASA To Answer 1. Why didn't the astronauts make some visible signal from the moon to show people on earth they had actually landed? They could have carried 600 pounds of aluminized mylar and created an enormous concave mirror in one of the moon's craters that would have reflected the sun's rays back to earth like a spotlight. 2. Why did the Dutch newspapers, circa 1969, question the authenticity of the moon landing, and why did the American press ignore this otherwise interesting sidelight? 3. Why is it that NASA's Apollo project records are not classified, but are also not available to the general public. James McAfferty verified that fact in a letter which is in Bill Kays-ing's possession. 4. Why did some astronauts die in accidents, others suffer brain damage, and still others have nervous breakdowns? Could this have been a rate of attrition higher than should be expected for this type of carefully selected and trained individual? Does It . relate to the high incidence of death ' I: among witnesses to the murder of President John F. Kennedy? All together, eight astronauts died in non-space accidents. Were they all acci- ,t dents? Were Grissom, Chafee and White murdered because of Grissom's outspoken criticism of the Apollo project? 5. Why did so many astronauts wind up as executives of large corporations? Was this their real reward for-, the moon "trip." Shepard is a millionaire, while Betty Grissom is suing the government for enough money to live on. 6. What has happened to the Baron Report a 500-page compilation of errors, instances of mismanagement of malfeasance, written by Thomas Baron prior to the death of the three astronauts on Pad 34 in 1967? Was Baron's death, a few months later with his wife and step-daughter at a railroad crossing really an accident? Why is it no one can find any copies of the Baron report in any government files? Is it coincidental that the small Florida print shop that printed the re-prot went out of business shortly afterward? Even Walter Mondale was unable to find the report, and this is documented in a letter. .7. .Why did the relatives of aSUVH(iU19 W UllCll l tici w iiiv Mill v- ( lty of the events? Was It because'the events were unreal? What did Pat Collins mean by her remark on July 20, 1969, 4:05 p.m. Houston time, when ' she declared "It's about as real as anything about this whole thing is...," when she was asked if a simulation docking (as seen on TV) looked real? 8. Why was the fact that the astronauts were training in the Las Vegas area not publicized? Every other aspect of their lives was examined in close detail. Was it because part of the Nevada desert (specifically the Nevada Test Site at Mercury) was being groomed as a "moon" set? Dave Jackson, a government public relations man, revealed to Bill Kaysing that the astronauts were often there, and he was advised not to tell the press of their presence. 9. Why were the first astronauts held in quarantine so long after their "trip" when most scientists agree that the moon is sterile and there was virtually no chance of disease transmission? Was it because the astronauts needed a period of reconditioning after the spurious trip? Was it because they simply could not bear to face hordes of cheering people so soon after playing roles in a show on earth? 10. Why was Apollo 6, a total fiasco, ''s followed by six perfect moon missions, which in turn were followed by the manned orbiting lab debacle? Doesn't this cause a credibility gap among both statisticians and laymen? NASA said in )ts own press releases that this would have been a statistical impos-siblity, .that they were experiencing a 35 per cent failure rate, and that would have meant at least two of the moon missions should have failed. This should have been particularly true since the Apollo space vehicle was far more complex and the mission far more sophisticated than anything NASA had attempted up to that time. 11. Why was there a rigid requirement that all data for public release be cleared through the Public Relations office of NASA? 12. Why were all transmissions to the public via radio and TV, media of communication that are easily faked? Why was there nothing to see other than the launch and some fuzzy pictures allegedly coming from the moon? 13. Is there any real assurance that astronauts were actually aboard the Apollo vehicles? Is there any proof that it really flew with a full load of fuel? Did it maek it off the pad because it was lightly and safely loaded, with engines running at reduced power? 14. Why did Wernher Von Braun leave NASA to become a Fairchild executive? His whole life until then was devoted to space travel. In fact, he was obsessed. Did he finally realize the folly of trying to each the moon with eauipment built by the lowets bidder and firms with the most skilled lobbyists? 15. Why were the moon rocks rushed to Switzerland right after they landed? What proof do we have that they were actually rocks from the moon? 16. Why did the landing of all Apollo return capsules take place out of the sight of the public, and even of the pickup carrier crews? 17. Why was there never a mention of gold, silver, diamonds or other precious metals and minerals on the moon? Wasn't this a viable consideration? Why was this fact never discussed in the press or by the astronauts? 18. Why was the fact that the moon mission was really a military project concealed from the public? Are other military projects hidden from the public to avoid loss of prestige in case of failure? David Wise cited this cover-up in his book, The Politics of Lying. 19. Why did the University of Illinois build robots resembling astronauts and keep this fact from the general public? The robots, built at a cost of millions of dollars, were authorized and funded by NASA. Were these robots designed to be used in the moon landings in place of live astronauts? Would the public have been told? 20. Why have NASA projects become less sophisticated? For instance, the space shuttle, which uses a prosaic airplane as its "booster." 1

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