The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1937
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBKK 16, 1937 '(ARK,)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVER^ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: One time per line ICc IVo limes per line per day .. ,08e Three times per HJIC per day ..Kic Hx times per line per day .,..05c Month rate per line GOc Cards o! Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six lliHe.s and stopped before expiration will he charted for the nuin- fccr of times the adtl appeared and cUuslimnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy «<ibmll(c{l by persons residing out- lidc of the city mvist be accompanied by cash. Rates may be .'aslly comixited from above tnOle. Advertising ordered for irregular i sertions takes the one time rate, A'o responsibility will be lakcn for i.iorc (haii one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Hnvc your Mattress rebuilt, made like Jicw. Our plant lias tlic best equipment and our workmen are experienced. Our prices are reasonable. K'VH.U; MATTKESS FACTORY Phone 589 200 Hycaraerc LOOK- TEXACO GAS lli'/.c Gal. Nice Fresh RKELFOOT CRAIM'IE 35c and 50c COAL l in lilvthevillc for $•1.75 and up. All Coal Guaranteed. HARRY BAILEY'S At the Stale Line Photic 5.1:4 ff sis. Batteries RATTXRY SERVICE J. Ben Clune i'hone 8 at Tom Radio RADIO~SERVICE ~ WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 :, WE PAY CASH J?OR. 2ND HAND FURNITURE HnbbErd 2nrl Hana Furniture Stores Phone 1031 riiuiic 521 Nc.vl (o Goff Holel Main & Lake Tailors TR:\l)i.; YOUR SUIT 1\" U* A NK\V ONI: GKOKGF. r,. aiuin "BlytlievlJIcS Only Tniior" On Railroad soulh of Main St. Furniture New and Used Furniture at Rock liollom Prices. 1VK ISUV, SKt.I, K THAUt: Arian-Morris Furniture Stove 12« E. Main Phone, 17; Shoe .Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain iu shoe rppairiiig is Quality materials o,- T,-ort:nia.i4hip. Rubber Heels. 25c up. Soles 50c it)). Dyes. Polishes, lace.s. Any shoes dyed Wacfc. 35c.' Free Delivery Phouc 120 H. n. Campbell Announcement ALADDIN' LAMP "PART'S «P,\ 25r t'lNlv KliRKt: IIDW. CO. WHY TAiaC A ('HANi:i'"' SKK THKSK HAIUJAINS TODAY W t'urti \'-K ronlor, ttadiii :!3 Chevrolet Coupe. Sew tires, original paint ... S15U.MJ 3:1 Chev. Sedan, city ilrivn $2ltt,UO 35 J'ord Coach, Llailio .t llKil:r l-Vrd Coach, new |miul clean car ............. 3G I'l.vmoiith (.'each, Heal buy ................... iO <.'aer. Coach, liaint Sli Fcnl Coupe, i see this original 35 l''ord out' Koi-dni-, Male Help Wanted ABLB MAN to distribute samples, handle Colfee lioiite. Up (o $45 first week. Automobile tilvcn as bonus, write. Albert Mills, 12M Mcnminith, Cincinnati, O. Personal A land snail travels nt a of about one mile n monlh. cllliciif cl II. * (i. ... !2 Ford V-S Coupe, :\ ivui Ccmc hy Today, \Vi- Trade Remember, We (live You ;i Written .Money Hack Gwir- 1 on all R. cv (.'. Oil's. Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Kollflfri! Mllonanrm, conMli.Mi'm Kill kf>d«elici.. Anl»B l.ivcr I'lll. s,-l it Ihf rrnl rncnii c.( jour ilinijlttinoo nun <n«lo Jon feel I.Lo > no* i.frnnn. Kid •our «j-,(orn 01 Miriifu*>on> «!11i Sold >t »!l FTIrbj'DruV'siotM.'*" " Sister Keeps Shoes Of 8 Ft., IJn. Giantess THUnO, N. 3. (UP)—'Hie IniBc niSlitdress and the .size )3' s shOM worn by a Canadian glantoss who was 8 feet. 1 inch tall and weighed MO pounds are uehig preicrycd by licr sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Ulsvvan- gcr, who is only 5 feet, 3 inches tall. Annie swan, Ihe giantess, was married to Capt. Martin Van litiren Bates, an American giant. They hail a child which weighed 22!;. pound 1 , at birth, but it lived only a short time, After exhibiting themselves in many countries, the couple sel- tled down in a house In Ohio with doors nine feet high. Mrs. Bates died there many years ago. Half Hidden Revolver ' Ti "' m<i i»wi«cii<>n "f s-o/tonni I AiiJs Defendant's Case °"" u '•" "' lho Most llsh Hint swim down dc;'p, | i "'here (here Is little daylight, are i'«l, but Hie |»le Unlit at that. ^li-pHi niakes Ilieni look gray. ~ Ambulance Service Used Trucks &Cars 19M Chevrolet pick-up ..$375,00 Ciood TJre.s. 1831 Hi ton Chevrolet 155" W.B. BUk-e body $3^5.00 This truck Is n good buy I9'iM 1 l i ton Chevrolet 133" W. 11. stake Body $250.tW A-l Mechanical condition. AU, TIIUCKS GUARANTEED TO PASS STATE INSPIiCTION Delta Implements, Inc. BUFl'AUX N. Y. tUI')-Tlio bull of « revolver siivod Claylon Hi'ck? 3!. from a lomlh felony conviction unrter the New York i Slate Untunes lu\v culls foi' man- dnlory Imprisonment of from 15 years to life. The supreme court jury found ijivk ; utility of a misdemeanor Im.teail ! of n felony in possessing » rovolKT. I when tlie arresting oflker teslllU\-l Hint (lie ItiiU of the K un was pin- ti'mlliiK Imm HIP mnn'.s belt, 'ibr court hud directed lh L . Jury to do- (ermliic the question of n' mi«lc- nicanor or felony on whether tlir ' gun was concealed. i 'I'lii 1 maximum penalty for n ! misdemeanor ronvli'tlun Is one VIMI- | imprisonment and u $50(1 fine. As Heck previously had been convided of felonies three limes, a Iclony verdict by the 'Jury would have resulted in (lie mandatory Hiumtes law sentence. cc<;ini tin- llusml oilmeai proilui OAV ft NICiJIT CALL 661 |i m ,.. 1 Ml Funeral Homt SAVE MONEY mi t:si:t) TIHUS ami UATTKIUKS K. M. LARKtN fhuilc IDS t:i.i:<;TUU! .!. C. EVANS Ho\ cut Hlylhcvllli-. Ark. nhlrtet )liin:iiit>r IHAIM.TON T1IUST I UN I) SpoiiMircd lly UaiulllOH Di'iwsltors, Ctirp. AT TKOMl'T EKRVICK Barksdaic ifg. Co. i & Walnut Phone UIO Roy Calvin Mgr. tfscil Car Oepl. For Sale 1930 Dciuge Deluxe coach. Personal car. First class condition. Will take trade and finance balance. Call Stone, at 329. JG-ck-19 Grcd leallur bed at a bargiiin. Mrs. B. F. Pott?r. call 245. IC-ck-U Eingain. 2 wicklfss oil burner hfatcre.; Phone 277-J. 625 W. Main. . . . i6-pk-16 Cheap, 1930 ll-j ton iong wheel base Chevrolet. Inicfc, with high stock ruck. Hill tiirpiinlin cover. A-l condition. Phone 127, Blythe- villc. 3- Stren inline COAL •I by 2 (•<•<} SC.OO per ton fi by -I Jump SB.25 per to Kini Trinttham Phcnc 47 WALLPAPER Kcw 1D:)S patterns. Somo bargains in 1S;17 still left.' ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 M'c Specialize In ^ PRESCRIPTIONS-^Phone 141 FOWLER DRUG STORE N. W. TRANTHAM COAL CO. COAL PHONE 964 when 'till: Why l(uy a riiofo-Coupon from Iliuaaiit crews SOUTHWORTH STUDIO will Issue V^i, nllo A.. ntF.H, Rtvhls you UETTKll I'llUTOCiKAVIIS, QU1CKHU Xi;it- Vlt'K AND iHCMVIiKV anil uu absence of UKIll-ritUSSVUti: to increase your order, I'ATitoNiZH vouu noun: INSTITUTIONS SOiriiUVOKTfl, maker' Or Hue l'!ialo<.raj>li«. Soybeans - WANTED - Soybeans ^Ve I'uy Highest Mavlict 1'rices l-'or All V:irJel!rs MALDEN GRAIN CO. W. O. Reeves, AIJCIH So. It. It. St., Next to Magnolia Hum—lilyiiu'vim- Ail;. DAV I-HONK S55 NK;nT Alt'lVliaills I'llilc I.unt'h Used Car Balsies ? 'M Diiirk coac-li (10 Serifs) $«35.t»'r< "it (Md'inr.blu- ijcilaii .... JliW.Uli' "M < licv. .Maslii- c'oaili .. SI7S.UU "II riymimtti Coach ...... WK.'J'l TKUOKSi Mere li-iicl:',; <;.M.C., f.-., ;.. i cl , Nj/- louj.'".Src Him , «'*. toll liliori In fun- you liny. UV ai'.: ciinlpr.i-d ( 0 service any <"'''. "Let u* wlnlerlzi! your car." lee liic. - ECONOMICAL HAULING! POWER FOR SALt 'Iliv Inidis tistcd Men' arc' ri'tidy I'or .vonr ttuii'Ji winlfr'. jtilw. " \V. I!, dm InifU.., l''<ii'(l V-S l.'il'." \\ ! . H. !V-i Ion I nidi—I', e w m s:t51; AI. C. Iruck . , ¥'175 ; 5 room moderti house at 1500 \V. Ash, for sale or trade. Sec J. w. Maloney, Clark and Railroad Sts. Gtandard Reference Books. Complete io volume set with Loose Leaf Binder. Call 239 or 792. 20. ooo For Rent Lovely tmriijhed bedroom. Men preferred. Mrs. M. T. Moon. G13 Walnut. ;n-ck-aO Two room house, unfurnished. 804 ! •'wjibhr-fl house on Holly. Call! Mrs. S. S. Sternberg at D84. , 12-ck-tf Nicely furnished bedrooms. Steam heat. Gil W. Main. Phone 280. 1-ck-tf Small :;|oro on A.sli Street near railroad. Reasonable rent. Apply Goldstein Hide and Pur Co. !0-ck-tf Wo Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1011 Chickasawha Phone CT3 i Well located stone business builcl- I inf. living charters included, on highway south of Manila. Rent reasonable. See owner. O. M. Bish. jWanila star Route. Kxpcrt Glass Cutting Room adjoining bath. For couple. Auto glass, desk tops, bath- I CM 636 . 813 Chickasawba. room shelves cut to order, cir- ' 25-MD-tf cles & piclure frame glass |*i .,, " " - — \\E DELIVER ' Builchng on Railroad near co'.:rt- Rlylheville Paint & w!ir' b remotfcT W for I %i<'ht irel arr Wallpaper Co. (Pliono Mrs. S. S. Sternbcre at 931 _TIionc 8SO 111 So. 2ml ) before 10 a.m. n-ck-12-0 Modern Beauty SilOD ' 2 cr 3 /llrnlshf(l npartmcnts rea- , .,, • ,, • ™ llaW o. QH Ileatn St. from (ihw«c Ifolcl (o i\lain. 1'honc 21!!. _^lr, W. For Trade i TVrraplmie 4 door srrisn. Nice car. • Lost ____________ - ....... _ j IJrinrile Bull Terrier, white nrarh- hiss, colliir with lap im Named . Good condition. ao<xl tire.^. 'lYadc, for lot or small Thomas i Toby. Reward. Phono «9-W. WELDINCi Delia Implements, (AC. ^1S-CK-20| liiflian .setter, t! months old. Re-i -ward for icturn. Call %5. lfipk23 , P i Key VIM* with several ke.ys. Re>«,,.,. ' i ward for return to W. M. Burns. i J;rscy Cow. Phone 245. , 16-pk-23 FARM LOANS luiil Arkansas nn ,l Mls,s.iin-| .nwesl rnli-i Alvo cllv |'Ki|, m lr, l'(?N H. KASSKJW1AN ' Co. oiricr I'. O • r 'H W. AMi '.'• C. C. terms imiilnlili 1 . 1 \niii- pvi'sonl Irtii'li will "lily malic Hie down tnl. Sue or eiiil Now Located al 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EinvAKUS. Proprietor All makes oj Rebuilt Typewriters. Adding Machines and Calculators—Repairing—I'aris—ltlbbnns BERNARD GOOCH A .SLIGHT OVKHSHJUT WOW TD S(T MVSELF TH'IHROWE-AH WAITED A LONG /SMALL 1 A55EMbi.c ] " I SUPPOSE SO - IF WE POM'T WAMTA LOSE JOBS. WHAT AM AWFUL THW6 8LO ALL ASOUT COPR.lM?"DynE« SERVICE. IWC. 1.'„. RE0 . BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES COOv.0 VOO OLD MAW CMtfT VET Voo PONT SHOOT, wouu HI? n j HE 6AS, PULL A FAST ONE » HE WAY HAVE SOLD US OUT^ COACH BUT HE JUST BOUGHT US BACK TMAT HJTSSCEpnoM oF A SUP POSED SURPRISE PASS. LCOKED BAD FOR FRECKLES.' DID HET1P OUR HXkID? I'LL vVfTHKOLD JUD6- A1EW7 UM7IL r 5EE VWWT • "Praying Colonel*," of iitiln fenire Coll-ge, Danville , v-" $*• "»''i>iwl fame by tlcfcalinff Harvard in 1921, they met lVivgiiiii, at Charleston, Wwt.Va. "Uncle Ciiarlcv" Moran letter 'ii as a wg-lcjR-uo baseball umpiro. was coach " '''form, but in ;i t)im..y track suit a;;.] it^clc sl-o^ \M*h repfacnig spibes. Oiw play vascaiSeci and Jlin-phy ciwr^l in with U:T-r>n.|Dc!e') iea^ma!o;. On the ««r:l phv. h«> v;M^,-,| ,i rt -, vil n- liultcHURiil. a fort.v-y;ir,| p H ;-5 rtO);il>oM,-Milli!i;.j;,|g H l!or.:<i,..o-n^ Hie goal .for tlic touchdown tl.iut gavo Centre a U-6 victory . '

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