The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1935
Page 3
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'WEDNESDAY,. MARCH 13, 1935 LIE! LILI BiVrfl5B?rLLE, (AB&); COTJSIER for AW ^ Will Receive Recess Ap- poinlmpni to I !«ul New Utilities Body lly TBl) li. SMf.OV IJiillwl l'1'.'ss Stall' Ciim-.s]inlicU-lll UTTI.E ROCK, Art:.. March 13. IUP>—Retention of P. A. Lnsley HK head of Uie slate utility- regulatory Ixxly Hppenred certain as the close of the 50lh [;t-nernl n.swmhly neurud. A recess iippolntmcnl seemed a.s- aireil. Tliut outlook for retention, however, did noi coins about easily. Utility lobbyists In-ought pressure in :in iinsiiccowfiil ituciiipL 10 huvc Senator A. J. Johnson's new pi.Wic scvvlcfl corimrallons ijill siixrossed niul slijiwd More tin- lc«lslalurc ml- journed. Under provisions or thai measiiro UN: senate must confirm the three commissioner.'! of the department of public utilities, which it crcat'.'d in the corporation com- minsion. Johnson's bill was passed atler the senate Imd approved the P.igun- Tuylor ini'iUiiirc Hint would abolish Ihn Fuel Finding Tribunal, of which Lasic-y is chairmni). The utilities wanted Lastey ousted US head of their regulatory body. There was little chance of the Faijan-Taylor hill getting through 'he house. Johnson's mL'asuro offered a compromise between a slrln- Beul bill lu< 'hid written earlier In the .session nnd abolishing the Tribunal; it gave the senate rHit to confirm tile members of the ir-w commission. Lasley's confirmation if appointed by the rjovernov, would [ail by the Mime majority j,y which the Pagan-Taylor bill p.usc-l. it was Generally acceded. Wlten the passed the Johnson lull .sponsors averts:! immediate engrossing of the measure auii its delivery to Hie »orernor for si»na- Uire. Indications are that it "will not be delivered until after (he legislature adjourns. . In that event the govmior could sign the bill and mnfee recess a., jxmitmcnts of (he Uiree commfs- »T?' ?? l ° " nn '™»tiP" could not. be asked until ihe next session of the legislature. La.sJcy has siid' he will not allow his name to be submitted as cliMr- nmu or Hie new commission if there is any doubt, about, his confirmation H« confirmation by the senate j«< : r'°L l !.' ! ''f"" d ?™ riltcn ^ y* "ut t/r^T i, M1 ' JS tel!evo lle «'<»"<! accept the rc-cess us.Mintmenl If «»e new department I s formed that way, . the most militant .strikers were evicted. Authorities threatened to use as strikers continued Imstile. Mi.nnosoia Jobless Pui. Wislalors "On Sool." '„',*,.•• l.$..n-M,sj!:. ,l(U- -L'.^v^m,...... ii ' I In Held, lor Forgery '«' "'ill w : as" o'rdei-ed held to 'Brand jury ,,,,,1^. S5( , 0 (ra(]d '1 •""; "'"'' v - °- Holland in "i-ipal court yeslcfrtay. Sues for Damages Frank L. Sanders ha |.i,n Nu-Gra in eomme.,, lMf! $12S for s filed field. Kvrni-d and Henderson nre counsel for Sander's.' Negro's Home Burns A three-room house in Die llol- ipelcr-Shonyo addition, occupied by Jn hu Cr,, sc , negro, and owned by I'carl Matthews, Mississippi .ncgress, was 1 destroyed by f, •<atom 12:30 o'clock lliis .mornin" " The low wns estimated at $500. Boston Has Problem On Money Standard BOSTON mP)-Chavity ofnclal- licic ar= wondcrin-; what. the v an eomn; todo with tf.s.iHlKt B iu ,•,: C ° V>ric • Sh " h fr ° m th " So "" 1 ofp - uoii of a r.-tonia,, in Tahiti, and r-n- Af M $3 ~1. in th? '"""I'ciirrmJv. As Massachusetts went oil the uamrjim standard .some 300 yoars • to ihnrc i, ,| 3ubt as to wh j m "* n " redeemable. Sinbboil t.oyal F)oj{ C'U!VKl,ANI) (UP) ...lilixiil .'libed frail element Ki'innl-s tour h | ; ii> wounds, bin ,..»(.|, ( i, m . d<ic(o['.s i,t heii' hi- wus irtlii'n him in:,, the u m 'K'»i rix'in. lli\«vii!i'. lie. ,10;', Wllllll'll l||l<lll ;(Wli.V «illl iKIlTd faily.s. ''''I' 1 dOK ilMl rllilll'll '.Mill Ids hi.', roc/niji;; lions." -il «ilil nil , .sill,. I mill '''I"' Ili't lOllDWI'd (he Klll-ldi-.T iut" Ilic busi'inciit room, wlicie eiui'iKi.ney cuses nri' tuki'ii, nml «fl up waldi ovor tlu> laxly, iv- fnslni; to pfimit anyiiuc lo'movi' finally, it wns neco.ssnij' lo rc- mov.' Kelciir.s clothi'.s. The ductor.s (Irnugpd the i-lollus down (lie cor- rlnor and Mie du« lolluwrd his miiMPi's Kcent. Quk-kly Mini they rolled tin' seriously \voumiiirl mail Imo Hie niH'iTjcncy nuiin. called tlie <loa ealclicr mid liail tin- iin(- imi! niki'ti nwny. Aviatrix-Poetcss To Get Memorial NKVERS, Pi-iiiice. lUf'j — 'J'lle Auifiican Hvliiti'lx-|x»<t«ss, Kvelyn Omliain I-VHSI, who was killed wlieu In- rplnuc crashed here last Jamim-}', is to have a .slatne ejected to her memory mill plm-ed In Hie Cuthedral of Nevcrs. Tlie slaliitf is beln K mudi; by tin- rtmtrlran sculptress, Hosamiind •Frost. The base- nml Iwckiiiiiiiiid we btlii B construcli'd by M. .lean Georges, "depailUH'nlul arclilteet, of Historic Monumeiits nnd sites," and place .s mer. I jtbe iniiiBiiratlun is expocled to taku "ilic during ilic ,smn- ciimc from the Aero iraliim, rJuaert («s«inst slate lawmakers ihis winter „ how |ln» Miiiiir.sntn M ],itol 1,1. si. Paul, loreed n house roll mil the steps or slatcliouse. Handsome Lad Is •Fiermonte, 'Jr. *-| Marcfi i statesjnavi. born- becomes Ci&\* of Russia. ^W-'Staundard time adopted iatheUS., Ji \ K . i A ' g iet confused •^ times while -„,.... compiled i> y r4l VS; n^e-mu's^^To'''^^ sr^." 1 " univ " Kiiy •" co) - - >K T- i * n '••"«•"»"- '»•" ' »- r iw I , ' ! " 1(l wort: of u ™ 1:1(lr ^ «»(! •ilciuir- 1'or ISO sludfius now in school ; raphers. And all over , ' ,, , '' are sous. diuiBhtcrs, nieces, or soiii? ! j"i'"-i .1 p.nn.\. other relative, ot alumni. Twentynine have fathers v.ho still talk (if their turtle-necked lams; 25 liavc [ mothers who have intended Ihc' university. Boll, parents or nine j students lire graduates. | Positive Relief For Itchy Skin CoolinK and soolliinu Rlue Slur Ointnicni nit'Hs o/i Ilic skin, seadine Icslcil medicines deeply into imri-'s wnc'i-c ii ipiickly kills" |[ c li, leticr, rash, cr/ema, foot ilch, rinuwimn '.-If. Money hack if first jar fails. ' Error Over "Error" J s Costly to State, County ZANESVILLE, O. (OP)-An exchange of letters beta-eon the Stale of Ohio and Mnskinguni County .rerenli yovev a non-exisl- i nit error cost both Governments si'v- j fi'.'U limes that amonnl. : Tlie stale sent a stalement lo | Chiles W . Bradshaw. eonntyTiU? f.. a ' „ r'' trcr, informing him he was one cent ^'W» FfOlll Eft This New Cream Separator : Mottle (lives You About. One-Half Pint of e should have remitted $n.snC23 ; Hradshau- undo a raoum. He •/omul tl,.u the slate, instead r-' s .in eiror. So lir tow the state about i « -n a letter. The error about (he : ADVIGE TO~WOiYiEN of Craig Milk U Kiw. . AilciniK. finds ii )i;,,,i | 0 •lii^ tn'y attmiiniis injii^ v.oaiiliv wife, the former Mrs' Madrlriu'c. VMt.e. ,\s=(or niek. ihi, ],;„.,!. SIIDC l:n). Kmn-g K ,,,, '"!»• lie <,ne of (lie vc:i*oii3. '•iH-nioiitc's rcceiil rcuninn ;imt reconciliation with lit* ,);. j-nmi,! fi «, ,,.,,„ „„„,:„„ .,_ ^^•ks revived run,..,, ,,{ :l ;" : wMi Ills l,ri,io i,r ,. year »"" " hair. nilt Mio'iiftVa.s Children Follow Footsteps of Parent •w - C0l °' <WP)-H YOU 50-yard runs for tou'ch- ' " laycd fn (l!e batld ' Or wo " in oratory for V«ir "good M " lcr> " 5 ' our son nnd probably will iollow your onc 'ifroc's Prescripiion. .iiupj \vnnimi w!l11 sutlers from moritiilji pains, i|i e CJ >'P cc '«nl ni 61 h e r JOHN BUCHANAN Wood & Coal Club du Nivcnmis, he land whore th u names. Permission to plac iicmoriiil- In (he cathedral hi- in net of 'coinlesy nml aiiu 'ioii on the part of tlrj ••nire les Beaux-Arts" and the Kcv. Patric Plyiin, nisliop ol . out mm, violent when Jnn,™ C'oyner, niiiut N,' ( ;ro Khoul. inns imide .certuin (hat Ihe law's sentence was enrrlcd out, wlth- lo the iwllows in Clcvchiid M ' i com-ih»,,«,.. Wea,,,m.s were named on lh« rourlliouse and .sticeLs leading to the |,,,lldi,, g 'as the cnwil shown hi'ic ,;allieml, i,,,i. ihe,,. H , M „„ rJotou.s <l«.,i,(Mi.str<iH< m . Coyner th- "inutih lion" miinlei.; ,,t » chnrbiul couple and i,U,, »,,., ,,,. c , lso ,| ,„ ,. u |, h , 11K smnt ^ Dveam Books Blamed E'or Martial Troubfes LOS ANCiKMjS (UP) '- nrcaic tanks, hoi'Dseopi'.s niul MII:]> wwo loo much for '.(""filbert M. I'rai'.son. pruduee nii-iTliiniL. lie .said M, in superior n,jsv;e, ,n I,!, wife's di,,,,,,, 1 """"' Safecraekers Do a Litlle Butchering Witli Robbery AKIION, O. (Ui>)~.The |>ryJi)|- eye;; of a painted cow and a- loiiu' row of liuiiBiiiK chickens disturbed jthe workings of n band of safe- nowl in muckers here. ' com-i fio they threw a case of CUBS titi 11 ho painted cow nnd.oil, the heads loi imdo-sl ruck. Store~offlcinls saiii tlie dilumue exceeded tlie loss, of miney .from the safe. Courier Nnws Wtint Ads Pays - n cu e ictis Penrsin irscrtid iil-i wife's he- 1 "II Hie ehiekens. Then they drills- -'f In drc.'uii fcc(i):.'i nml rhlr- ,'iod Ihe safe Intn the ice hox to ' caliwd him i;i.-.;it mnital lief voyants KiiiriTlnsr. Mr:i. IVursim „ „,,. licr Imsliiind with being Jeiilons, snic.islfc ami MiJIcn. noise, nnd opened It.) police Milil. They eut up uiciia anil it abrjiil the .store, over- boxes Hint llllskCls of fi>l><t-1 Diabetics Seattle Man [.'Inds Complete Itclicf In severe case with .simple iiniimi! method nfter- «|:ecialls(s lulled. No ncedlc.i —no starvation, VViltc today for ihterssttnif fact.1. N H iiole. 1 .'. 3«6 Unyvlcw UldB, Seattle, Wiisli. S IT! -n Tonight's J\lilk Delivered i Time for Your lircalifasl. CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 ' BACK in the rear scat of the 1935 Ford V-8 -and change your idea of what an automobile ride is like! A way has been fowul to give rear seat pas. seogers the comfort of ";i front scat ride!" Ford has done this with a new engineering development—Full-floatingSpringbase with Com- (oit Zone Seating. Von might have been satisfied with nothing more ?han Comfort Zone Kjciing and the proved Ford V-8. engine together in one car. But the 1935 Ford V-8 offers you many other features almost as important. . It is a roomlet car—with more leg room— , ; ^ ; W<:l(?r,'deeper scats. : It 'strikes a new note in streamlined beauty. Interior fittings are almost AND UP 1'. 0. B. Detroit Easy terms through Vnirerul Credit Co., the Aitltmitcti tonl Finance Plan, FOR W 1935 _OM THE AIR-FOKD SVM1-IIONV ORCWSTRA. y.uuUy nvcning^-rRED V7ARINO, Thursday nTCBings-COLUMBFA NP.TOORK limit-ions. Large, soft-pressure tires ace standard; Safety glass all around comes at no extra cost. Antf, in addition to low purchase price, the new Ford V-8 gives you traditional Ford economy; It uses no more gas than a 4-cylinder car—has low oil consumption—seldom needs va[ye grinding or carbon removed. Sec this 1935 I'ord V-8 today. It's a new automobile i'n Ine! ~' AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS The Comfort Engineered Phone 811 Todvy for Demonstration Authorized Ford Dealers

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