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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York • Page 20

Binghamton, New York
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TUE MNGIIAMTOX PRESS, FRIDAY OCTOBER 10, 1941. 20 3 ANNOUNCING THE HZ to which children might be evacuated. "We're going; to take steps to acquaint the people of Pennsylvania with the proper methods of combating fire and incendiary attacks so that if a real emergency should develop they can proceed effectively with pre-arranged PENIM SATURDAY, Oct. lHh Nazis Use Film to Back Their 'Mercy Killing' i at 128 State Street Through to Commercial Avsnaa (Sex-ond Door From Sullivan Bros, furniture Store) of the'- plans, Dr. Marts said.

Newspaper advertising builds good will for the advertiser as well us sales. -A Death for 'Unproductives' Put in Spotlight in the Reich The Prrm Sitcctol Service Store Liquor Wine Guard Against War Hysteria, Pa. Is Warned Defense Leaders Give Data on Preventing Industrial Sabotage Hnrrlsuurir, Ott. 10 (INS) State defense leaders today urged the public to guard against "invasion hysteria" and to bend every effort to prevent Industrial sabotage. Residents of communities having defense-vital industries wer Importuned by Dr.

A. C. Marts, executive director of the state council of defense, to redouble their vigilance against saboteurs. Dr. Marts added that while extensive plans were under way for air raid warnings, "we don't anticipate any immediate enemy aircraft overhead." One county in eastern Pennsylvania had reported on plan for a survey of homes Ilcrllu, Oct.

JO The spreading practice of "mercy quietly advocated by certain Nazi ouarters, has come Into the spot light in Germany. An officially nnuroved film, "Ioh Back Pain and Kidney Strain Wrong foods and drinks, worry, colds tnd overwork often put a strain on the Kidneys. Backache, Getting Up Nights, Burning Passages, Swollen Ankles, Rheumatic Pains, Nervousness, Diamines, Circles Under Eyes and feeling wora-out, often are caused by non-organic and non-systemic Kldnay and Bladder troubles. Usually, in such cases, the very first dose of Cyst! goes right to work helping the Kidneys flush out excess aeids and wastes. And this cleansing, purifying kidney action, in Just a day or so, may easily make you feel younger, stronger find better than In years, A printed guarantee wrapped around each package of Cystea Insures an Immediate refund of the full cost unless you are completely satisfied.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose under this positive money back guarantee, so get Cystex from your druggist today for only 35c A rert isomer, t. Aii-xliti'd i'rcai Paula Formerly Located at 53 Court Street A Larger Store to Serve You Better Plus EASIER PARKING FACILITIES We Feature at All Times a Full Selection of Fine Quality Liquors, Wines and Cordials Klape An," C'l has made the question of killing mental defectives, invalids and the In-rurablv sick, because they are "unproductive" under the Nussi concept, one of public debate. At the name time the outspoken Ulshon of Muenster, Count MR. ASD .1 J10BERT REYNOLDS OFF ON WEDDING TRIP, Senator Reynolds, 57, of North Carolina and his bride, the former Kvalyn McLean, 19, leave "Friendsiiip," the bride's home at Washington, for Florida and Cuba following their marriage. It was his fifth marriase and the bride's first.

Clemen Auirnst von Galen, has 3 WE INVITE YOUR Binghamton Society News (Continued From l'u( Four) lins of 64 Bennftt avenue, also wn formally inducted into tne senior class at this time. Mrs. Frank Preston of S8 Haw- ley street 1b visiting her son, Franklin H. Preston, a senior in Amherst college, Amherst, Mass, Mr. and Mrs.

Merle Townsend of -BssMss! made an expose of Nazi "mercy deaths" and denounced the practice. Pome months nno the Lutheran bishop, Theophll Wurm, of Vuerttemberff also attacked "mercy death" teaching In a letter (tddressed to Adolf Hitler. Ilishop von Galen, who unhesitatingly speaks his mind and of Jute has even defied the Gestapo (secret police), warned that if the principle of "killing unproductive fellow creatures" is recognized, then even the lives of crippled war veterans and the aged aren't safe. "I have been assured that in the ministry of the Interior and In the office of the Keich's leader of phvsicians (health director) Dr. Lenardo Conti, no secret is made of the fact that a great number of insane in Germany already have been deliberately killed and in the future are to be killed," he declared as recently as Aug.

3 in a sermon at St. J-amberti's church, Muenster, Westphalia. The film, which received widespread and extensive press notice, had its premiere in the presence of Dr. Conti. Jt is a story of a doctor and his youni? wife who is wracked by an incurable disease.

Vnable to find means to check her Illness, the doctor takes the life of his suffering wife with an overdose of poison upon learning she has only two months to live. The film deals at length with the court trial of the doctor on a charge of murder but ends without the verdict, leaving that to the audience. The course of the evidence is an appeal made to the human side of the case and a suggestion of a change in the present German law which would, for example, permit medical commissions to deciil; whether a person should legally be given a jnercy death. The film undoubtedly was designed to do the necessary spade work. There Is no reliable Information 31 Jutlson atreet have returned from Chicago and Milwaukee, Literary Club A "SURE-FIRE" Hll MEN'S FINE SPECIAL BARGAINS Begins Season The Literary club of Bingham A Smart Approach to Winter! LADIES' FUR TRIMMED ton Central High school began the term's activities with a meeting Tuesday night at the home of Mlwi Nancy Randall.

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Miss Barbara Harris. Miss Ruby Jabo, Miss Dorothy Sherba. Miss Ruth Burnett. Miss Betty Brown, MIrb Ha Giolanella, Miss Mary Rellhan, Miss Florence Bronsky, Miss Caro MaKierfnl tallorlnir beautiful rich fabric a the now smooth lines of modified fthfiifUter and deeper urmholep! Everything that tnnkeM gropd roatM better has rone into thi collection. Smartly trimmed in just the right places with soft, luxurious fur.

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1 1V Plain or trimmed styles all the Fail colors. bishop said, "we have heard reports that patients who have been 111 for a long time and perhaps appear to be incurable have been forcefully removed from sanator-lums and asylums for the insane Rerlin. This Season's Best Sellers! "Regularly then, after a short time, a relative received notice that the person had died, the heen cremated, and tne MEN'S In their very newness! hoft riih I'l KK SI FIK In a wide variety colors lneludlns; bright Fall shail'H as well as the ever popular Illaek! hmartly styled for nil-occasion wear. 13 to 4fl. irniiM he delivered.

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Alt the smart style to make your selections easy. cripples Incurably ill and those weakened with old According to reliable information, lists are now made up In sanatoriums and asylums In the province of Westphalia of such who as so-called -unpro-ductive are to De taken away and in a short time deprived of their lives. The first transport left the institution at Marienthal near Muenster the course of this week (July 31). "No '11 of the Reich's penal ode stUl ha force of the law whirK prescribes: 'Whoever Inten- intiallv kill" a person shall, li carried out th. act deliberation, be punished with death because of In rier to protect those who premeditatively kill those poor sick persons, members of our families, from this lepral punishment, the sick who are intended for death are transported from their homeland to a distant institution.

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